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 September 07, '06   Bigger Bang

'It happened before. It will happen again...'
- from 'Armageddon' (1998)

Written by Sunking & Goro

On July 8th, 2006 in Wayland's Smithy, Nr Uffington, Oxfordshire, UK, an remarkable crop circle was discovered. This mysterious and fun creation, with different aspects and meanings entirely dependent on one’s focus, has been arguably the most dramatic crop circle of the 2006 season.

[Image source: Crop Circle Connector]

Crop circles are 'fun' to look at and interact with, and we've played with them a number of times before on this website. But there is often also a serious side to the playful 'puzzle' that can have an ominous and 'prophetic' quality to it that, in this latest case, seemingly acknowledges/confirms the multicontextual framework we've already established for this 'Atlantean Gate' period, adding more weight to the view that we are headed for a major 'Damage/Kamikaze Event' that would express the concept of the 'Destruction of Atlantis'. It's not all about 'doom', but the storyline is there.

Basic Design:

At the center of the crop circle is a 12-pointed star or 'explosion', surrounded by 12 elongated 'cubes'; 4 sizes repeating 3 times. Starting at the 12 o’clock position and, curiously, proceeding counter-clockwise (a perception based on the 'explosion' implying outward motion), one each of the 4 sizes of rectangular boxes with square tops are placed in ascending order, progressing around the central feature 3 times.

There are three key themes being communicated in this glyph.  


For the purposes of this discussion let’s label this glyph the ‘Big Bang Crop Circle’ since it can stylistically be seen as an explosion emanating from a central point and expanding outward in all directions, bringing to mind the concept of the Big Bang Theory, the scientific theory about the explosive creation, or ‘Genesis’, of the Universe. Seen from above, the glyph's articulate 3-dimensional nature combined with the sense of progression, motion and revolution, the whole design can be seen as an expression of ‘space and time’ a la the ‘Big Bang’, the Genesis event that gave birth to space-time’.

[Big Bang]

In a manner somewhat consistent with the geometric patterns evident in past crop circles that demonstrated ‘Hawkins Theorems’, an equilateral triangle can be drawn around the central circle by joining the tops of the 3 largest pillars. These merit attention not only because of their size, but because they are enigmatically adorned with a grid-like pattern on the top. This triangle, superimposed over the expanding 'spokes of light', results in an allusion to the All-Seeing Eye capstone which is also expressive of ‘panspermia’ (exogenesis), the Ben-Ben or ‘Genesis Stone’ that was the ‘seed that began life’.

So the familiar 'Genesis' theme central to the current 'Atlantean Gate window' around the beginning of September '06 seems very much embedded in the Big Bang Crop Circle.

Now please keep in mind that underlying this particular 'window' is the 'Timeline C' of the 'US Golden Transit Line' discussed in Atlantean Terror, Genesis Revelation, and earlier articles.  This Transit Line terminates in San Francisco (Golden Gate) marking on the encoded timeline early September or... right now.


NASA's Atlantis STS-115 set for launch on Friday September 8 as of this writing has been the signature event of this window and after a series of delays we're finally at the point now where NASA has to either launch Atlantis on the second anniversary of the Genesis probe crash (9/8/04) or wait until late October! It goes without saying that Genesis crashed right on that Transit Line, highlighting a key 'crossroads' point corresponding on Timeline C to July 9-12, which almost precisely coincides with the creation of the Big Bang/'Genesis' Crop Circle!

Transit Strike:

Although reported on July 8th, in all likelihood the crop circle was created on July 7th - conspicuously marking the 1-year anniversary of the 7/7/05 London Transit bombings.

The first impression many people had when first seeing the Big Bang Crop Circle had to be that of an explosion in the midst of a cityscape, with towering skyscrapers and other lesser buildings recoiling from the explosion. The proximity and angle of the 2 larger building-like pillars standing side by side indeed evoke the WTC ‘Twin Towers’ in New York City. This relates to the US Golden Transit Line which has its starting point in Manhattan.

[Image source: Crop Circle Connector]


On 7/11/06, 4 days after the creation of the crop circle, the Mumbai (India) Suburban Railway suffered a series of 7 bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes on the western line forming the backbone of the city’s transport network. This attack was major expression of the 'Transit Strike' theme and there was indeed a universal, automatic mental response that equated this event with the 7/7/05 London ‘transit strike’.

Since the French word for 7 is ‘sept’, '7/11' in a way encodes ‘Sept. 11’ (9/11). This guides our attention to another curious 'coincidence': the date attached to the Timeline C starting point, Manhattan ('Ground Zero'), is November 9 - i.e. 11 and 9 again.

It is also kind of interesting to note that the Big Bang Crop Circle is imbued with square/cubic geometry, numerically highlighting the number 4 and, by extension, perhaps, to that 4-day gap between the creation of the glyph and the ‘transit strike’ in Mumbai (7/7 & 7/11).

Boxing Day/Deep Impact:

The ‘boxes’ arrayed around the 'explosion' at the center can be thought of as the ‘impact’ point of our Big ‘Bang’. These concepts, merged, give rise to another familiar theme, that of Boxing Day and also that of Deep Impact... for it was on Boxing Day in 2003 that a major earthquake devastated the Iranian city of 'Bam' (a word onomatopoeically describing an ‘impact’ like ‘bang’). And it was also on Boxing Day in 2004, a year later (seemingly acknowledged by Boxing Day being the 360th day of the year signifying a full circle), that another even more powerful 9.3 magnitude earthquake spawned the tsunami that devastated Indonesia, Sri Lanka and several other countries on the rim of the Indian Ocean. Like 9/11, this was a major 'Damage' event that shocked the world. These were 'Ground Zero' or 'Genesis' events.

Sumatra - Dec. 26, 2004

Now, a 'box' is based on the shape of a square/rectangle which has four sides. This is re-emphasized by the four ‘growing boxes’.

This in turn can be conceptually expressed as 4+4+4+4 equaling 16 or, perhaps more significantly, as 44 which equals 256. Adding 256 days to Boxing Day gives us... September 8th - none other than the date of the Genesis crash!

Box => 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 256
Boxing Day (December 26) + 256 days = September 8

Additional note: The crop circle has 3 sets of 4 boxes, so we could multiply 256 by three, yielding 768. Added to Boxing Day 2004, we arrive at 2/2/07.... Groundhog Day which is a traditional cross-quarter day. Its alter ego 'Imbolc' is February 1 which is of course the date that anchors the US Golden Transit Line at Chicago. It's also the date of the shuttle Columbia disaster (2003).

Strangely enough, we've encountered '256' before this in connection with another crop circle discussed in our earlier articles. It was the 'Packman' glyph from last summer, one of the season's 'arcade game' crop circle series...

[Picture source:]

Our comment was that:

PacMan has a program bug that makes the 256th stage the 'final level'. On this level the right side of the screen is ‘corrupted’ making it unplayable.

This means we now have the beginning (Genesis) and the end 'magically' converged on the date 'September 8'.

This potentially interacts with one of the apparent Discovery STS-121 'signals'...

[Discovery STS-121 - July '06]

...a 'signal' amplified by a certain purported rule followed the 'Priory of Sion', an organization popularized by The Da Vinci Code (the issue of authenticity is irrelevant here), the movie version of which was just released this year:

The membership must never exceed 121 (although it does not say whether there were or are that number), a much more reasonable tally than the nearly 10,000 of the other statutes. [...] (Picknett & Prince, The Sion Revelation, pp. 96-7; emphasis added)

Discovery STS-121 being the immediate predecessor of Atlantis STS-115, this has an ominous implication for Atlantis - the space shuttle itself or otherwise. Combined with many other data points, it seems as if a major reenactment of the destruction of the mythical antediluvian civilization Atlantis is set to unfold again. As always, however, this need not be literally destructive though the storyline seems quite intense at this time. In any case, we're going through an 'Atlantean Gate' in this period... where the beginning and the end meet.

'...It's just a question of when.'
- 'Armageddon' (1998)


 July 04, '06   STS-121/Gaza Super Torch Ritual

Very much like the last space shuttle mission (Discovery STS-114), we are again seeing a huge amount of 'Communication' being transmitted through Discovery STS-121 set to blast into space today assuming no more delays. Independence Day is of course a major 'Torch Day' - Lady Liberty being the ultimate Torch Bearer - and it's inevitably used in the 'Super Torch Ritual' which often involves NASA.

While the 'codes' emerging now are very extensive and I can't go into all of them right now, here is a little tip of the iceberg or I should say the tip of the pyramid...

Now that's one illuminated All-Seeing Eye...

There is also this connection:

Gaza crisis
Israeli armoured vehicles drive towards the Gaza Strip

The intense conflict in Gaza unfolding at this time was triggered when an Israeli solider was abducted by Palestinian militants on June 25 - precisely coinciding with one of our contact/impact windows that was being discussed by April.

It was considered an echo point from around May 5 which in turn would produce volcanic events most notably that of Mount St. Helens - a volcano representing a big piece of the puzzle for this 'Damage Plan 2' season.

'Helen' means 'torch' and/or 'moon' - celestially echoed on June 24/25 by the Moon along with the Sun occupying the 'torch' area of Orion...

  • In Greek myth it was the abduction of Helen by Paris that triggered the Trojan War or the ancient 'World War'.

  • Like Helen, Paris is a figure identified with a 'torch' (that burnt Troy).

  • Around June 24 was when the Historical Axis of Paris via the 'twist' of the Grande Arche 'hypercube' aligned with sunset (which was a major driving force behind the window).

  • Without the 'twist', the alignment annually takes place on ~May 5 (Beltane cross-quarter day).

Thus we have a 'torch sequence' of ~May 5 Helen (Mt. St. Helens) + Paris => ~June 25/25 abduction + Paris, eerily expressing the beginning storyline of the Trojan War.

This is not a new theme, as I wrote in Babylon Transit - Part 2 posted on January 12, '06:

A bigger context would be the 'Trojan War' or World War III. [...] For months I have been hinting and mentioning that the key theme active in this period seems to be that of 'Judgment of Paris' and other related events in mythology that precede the great Trojan War or the ancient 'World War'. Again, it could be said that 'seeds' are being sown.

So the context was already there before the current Gaza situation began repeating the Helen/Paris storyline. If it goes ahead, today's STS-121 launch will become the ultimate Independence Day 'fireworks' and will add yet another 'torch' to the pattern.

Space shuttles have been a major part of the Super Torch Ritual (since the Columbia disaster) and so it's not really a 'coincidence' that the last mission ended ('magically encoded' landing at Edwards AFB) during the Lughnasa (astronomical) cross-quarter window around August 7 (actual landing on Aug. 9) which, like ~May 5, was a day/window highlighted by the sunset alignment of the Historical Axis of... Paris.

'Enki's STR Communication' is becoming very active this summer and the above is only a little sample of the codes being transmitted on an 'open channel' at this time.



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