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August 2004

 August 27, '04   'Revolution In 80 Days'

Before I finish writing my new article, let me do a 'quick' interim report on the developments emerging in the current August-Sept window. This 'window' is a composite of two closely overlapping periods - the Athens Olympics representing the climax of the 'super torch ritual' and Tricesimum the original 'Mary/Lady Month'. The former is Aug 13-29 and the latter Aug 15-Sept 14. Both closely interact with the 'star of 2004', Venus, in that archaic 'as above, so below' way.

Based on various symbolic interpretations/projections discussed here before, the focus basically has been placed on the themes of: 1) life on Mars; 2) fall of Babylon/Sun King (Pope, Cheney/Bush, Rumsfeld, Blair, etc.); 3) the Abu Ghraib and Plame leak scandals; and 4) the continuing rise of Schwarzenegger.

The Olympics began on August 13 with a bang in various ways. On a very physical level, it coincided with the monster hurricane Charley hitting Florida. This was more than just a happy coincidence as will be shown in my upcoming article. Here, let me briefly comment mostly for amusement that I suspected the metaphoric title of my July 21 post, 'Into Firestorm', would turn into some kind of literal manifestation. The post began with the line 'In this post I will present some of my thoughts on what we may be facing during the coming weeks'. I somehow came up with 'Into Firestorm' as the title which didn't make much sense at the time but it 'felt' right. From experience, I could sort of tell that there was a good chance this cryptic phrase was going to appear 'prophetic' in hindsight. So when the hurricane - the big 'storm' - ravaged Florida to overshadow the big Olympic fire ritual in the US media, I couldn't help but chuckle. (Later on my amusement would turn into something more...)

Anyway, next day gave us the symbolically intriguing but not widely publicized event of the Olympic flame temporarily going out (Aug 14).


I had to chuckle again - as the title of my post written just a day or so before it was 'Darkness of the Torch'... There is more to the symbolism of course - such as the coincidence of last year's August 14 (same date) giving us the historic 'Total Blackout' (power outage) hitting the northeastern part of the US/Canada... etc. etc.

The next day (Aug 15) was the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, kicking off Tricesimum or 'Thirty Day Devotion to Mary'. Mary being a version of Isis-Venus, this was a notable day in the ritual scheme. Accordingly, the Pope was in Lourdes, France, participating in a mass held at the 'miracle shrine' built over the grotto where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared in 1858. This was the first time in many months - probably the first this year - that we heard the news that the Pope's health was quite bad and that he struggled through the mass. The very next day came this news:

Pope John Paul's health has deteriorated and the head of the Roman Catholic Church may be near the end of his life, a Belgian cardinal was quoted as saying on Monday.

Because the exit of the Pope is a prominent theme associated with the current window as part of the 'fall of king' theme, this was a remarkable development. I didn't find myself jumping up and down over this however. Instead my reaction was quite reserved, as I commented in the forum on Aug 17:

...But it's JPII, he's been here many times before and like the Energizer Bunny he always recovered enough to continue on. This time the signs I've been discussing are particularly strong, so it may well be that this one is it... but I'd still not rule out his surviving this window. We'll see.

And that's still pretty much my position. This is a window during which the Pope can easily make his exit to fit the underlying symbolic pattern, but its timing is not firmly fixed so it may be that the recent news about his failing health constituted the entirety of the projected theme manifestation in this period - for now. I do feel that the theme has to intensify further, though this does not have to manifest through the Pope himself. The 'fall of king' theme is equally applicable to other 'Babylon-leader' figures like Cheney/Bush, Rumsfeld, etc. As I wrote on July 21: early as 2000 I have been putting forward the idea that there is a parallel existing between papacy and American presidency. [...] So it is intriguing that Election Day is coming up soon in November, which may well interact conceptually or timing-wise with the projected Pope event. [...]

What I will be closely monitoring in the coming weeks and months, however, is the possibility of the exit of Vice President of Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and some/many of their neoconservative minions...

...I continue to closely monitor the Plame (CIA operative) outing investigation (for Cheney et al) and the Iraq prison torture scandal (particularly Abu Ghraib) for Rumsfeld.

The Abu Ghraib scandal erupted in May, the traditional Mary Month. So it was quite natural to project, as I did, an 'echo' manifestation coming during the Tricesimum period originally dedicated to Mary (Aug 15-Sept 14). And this is indeed turning out to be the case as the US mainstream media is again being forced to go back to the dark, embarrassing issue at this time due to official military reports now coming out. As expected, the blame is moving up the chain of command into the highest offices of the Pentagon. While the reports are too 'polite' to condemn Defense Secretary Rumsfeld directly, the pressure is increasingly on him to take responsibility for the war crimes. His resignation would fit the projected pattern very well.

8/20 Abu Ghraib Probe Points to Top Brass
8/24 Report: Iraqi Teens Abused at Abu Ghraib
8/24 Report: Abu Ghraib blame extends to top Pentagon officials
8/25 Trail of 'Major Failures' Leads to Defense Secretary's Office
8/25 Kerry calls for Rumsfeld to resign
8/26 General: Some Abu Ghraib abuse was torture
8/26 Blame for Abu Ghraib should spread up chain of command

As for the Plame leak case which likely involves Cheney, it too is now showing sings of entering the final phase as reports are coming out this month indicating that subpoenas are being used to force journalists involved in the leak to talk.

8/09 Reporter Held in Contempt in Plame Leak Case
8/17 NY Times gets 2 more subpoenas in Plame case
8/24 Time Reporter answers questions re Plame leak

Indeed, special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald probing this case must be working like hell trying to complete his investigation within weeks because of intense political ramifications attached to its timing. If he announced his findings close to Election Day (Nov. 2), and chances are the findings will be damaging to the White House, he would be accused of influencing the election by Republicans. If he delayed it until after the election he would be accused of helping the White House by Democrats. So, for him to stay clear of these ugly prospects Fitzgerald has only a small window of few weeks to wrap up his investigation. And when it happens, it is very likely that one or more officials in the Office of Vice President will be indicted - in particular Libby, Cheney's chief of staff. But was Cheney involved also? Rove? Bush himself? How is the Bush-Cheney campaign trying to deal with this problem?

While the picture is still quite blurry, the Republican National Convention is coming up next week in New York City and it will likely yield a lot of clues as to what's going on. In fact, I'm already finding it rather strange that the campaign decided to put McCain and Giuliani - two popular moderates who would be appealing to swing voters - together into the Monday lineup which the network TV stations will not broadcast. Tuesday will feature Arnold Schwarzenegger - the hidden/occult star of the 'super torch ritual'; Wednesday Cheney; Thursday Bush. Hmm...

In any case, all this has to be viewed in the bigger context of the 'super torch ritual' which as we've discussed before appears to be essentially about 'birth of Horus, birth of Antichrist' so to speak. It's also about the rise of the next New World, and prominent sub-themes in this include the rise of Schwarzenegger and 'life on Mars'. Arnold's presence at the Republican National Convention next week will be yet another major step toward the 'New World Order', this year's election being just a stepping stone for that eventuality.

As for Mars, there is a pretty good chance that some kind of revelation will come in September. Initially it seemed as though an announcement might come through the COSPAR assembly in Paris late July, but apparently due to some political interference it was cancelled/delayed and now we're looking at September, International Mars Conference on Ischia Island, for the potential announcement.

8/03 Life on Mars Likely, Scientist Claims
8/06 Scientists make case that there could be life on Red Planet
8/09 NASA Scientist Sees Possible Mat of Martian Microbes
8/18 Announcement of 'Life on Mars' in September?
8/18 Mars Rover Spirit Hints at Past Water

Let me point out again that the issues of 'life on Mars' and Cheney (or more generally 'Babylon king') have long been linked together as can be seen in The West Wing Cipher (9/29/03) and my recent comment (Aug 2) '...did the 'cancellation' of the Mars announcement [at COSPAR] hint at the 'cancellation' of Cheney's exit as well? Or will these events made to coincide? We'll see...' The upcoming International Mars Conference will be held Sept 19-23. The timing is very interesting.

Indeed, ~September 23 happens to be a date of great symbolic and astronomical significance this year, and I have been aware of this for many months now. For starters, there will be a very tight gathering of the Sun, Jupiter, and Mars at/near the autumnal equinox point which also implies that the rise of these stars in the morning on the due-east horizon will be in alignment with the eternal gaze of the Great Sphinx at Giza, Egypt. Recall that the autumn equinox has been called a 'Mars day' on this website. You may also recall that I recently declared Aug. 10 to be a key date. I will explain in a future article (probably The Lucifer Time Code: Part 3) how it closely interacts with ~September 23 to convey a quite serious 'message'. I feel quite sure that I have now cracked the code enough to understand the gestalt of the 'message'. Suffice it to say here that revolution is coming...

A remaining big question is the issue of timing and the level of manifestation. I have unearthed an elegant celestial and symbolical design - which I will be discussing in the coming weeks - but how and when the implied theme will be reflected here on earth as per 'as above, so below' is not too clear yet. Normally I would give it a flexible timeframe and expression level. Given, however, that this August-September window was clearly referenced by the Super-Bowl 'omen' in February (see LTC pt. 2) and that the previous 'super omens' were followed by high-impact events (9/11 and the disastrous outcome of the Iraq invasion), I'd still have to say we are in for a bona fide 'big event', the general nature of which I have already discussed. Iraq and the upcoming election are key factors in this of course.

While the specific timing of these things remains blurry, there is at least one time-fixed event with ritualistic/prophetic implications coming up shortly - the Republican National Convention, and more specifically the speech Schwarzenegger - aka 'The Olympian' - is scheduled to give Tuesday next week.

As explained in The Lucifer Time Code: Pt. 2, there was a dramatic 'torch-passing' ritual on June 11 when occultic 'kingship' was symbolically passed from Ronald Reagan to Arnold at the former's California funeral. (The week-long funerary proceedings coincided with the rare Transit of Venus which took place on June 8.) Just like the anagrammed names - 'Ronald' and 'Arnold' - the 'spirit' of Reagan was apparently meant to be transfigured and 'become' Schwarzenegger that day.

After witnessing this 'ritual' it was brought to my attention that the Olympic torch, going around the world at the time, was moving through Giza/Cairo on June 11. Then I discovered that the moment of sunset greatly emphasized by the Reagan burial proceedings attended by Arnold precisely coincided with the moment of sunrise at Giza/Cairo - almost certainly designed to signify the 'passing of the torch', the sunset representing Reagan and the sunrise Schwarzenegger. As the regular readers here know, through 'coincidences' like this the Olympic torch along with other major torches like the one held by the Statue of Liberty has emerged as a prominent symbol used in the 'super ritual' which is climaxing at this time with the Olympic Games in Athens.

There was one particular 'coincidence' in mid-June that greatly reinforce the Arnold-torch connection, as I wrote in LCT Pt. 2:

  • On June 16, the Olympic torch came to Los Angeles, a prominent city in Arnold's state, California, and approximately where Reagan's funeral was held
  • On the same day, a film called Around the World in 80 Days opened in which Schwarzenegger makes an appearance
  • The title 'Around the World in 80 Days' evokes the Olympic torch 'going around the world'
  • In the film, Arnold's character - a Turkish prince - is called 'Hapi'. In ancient Egypt, Hapi was the god of the Nile! [The Olympic torch was moving southward along the Nile on the 'torch-passing day' June 11-12 after visiting Giza/Cairo.] More specifically Hapi personified the annual inundation of the Nile which in turn signified the revitalization of Osiris (also a Nile god), i.e. the birth of Horus!

Naturally I wondered what the '80 days' reference was hinting at. At the time I couldn't come up with an answer. Well, now an answer has emerged. Adding 80 days to June 11 - the date of Arnie symbolically receiving the 'spirit of kingship' - brings us to August 30. Adding 80 days to June 16 - when the torch came to Los Angeles and when the film opened - gives us September 4. The period of Aug. 30 through Sept. 4 (i.e. next week) matches the period of the Republican National Convention at which Arnold is slated to become a 'rising star' - like Obama did in the Democratic National Convention in late July!

True, Arnie's speech itself is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 31, thus 81 days from June 11. But this is not really a problem. In light of the ritualistic emphasis placed on the Giza sunrise (embodying Arnold) that actually came on June 12 local time, and on the Nile along which the Olympic torch was traveling between June 11 and 12, we can add '80 days' to June 12 instead of June 11, which then gives us none other than August 31.

'81 days' is also fitting since it 'acknowledges' the fact that adding 81 days to August 13, the opening day of the Olympics, brings us to November 2 - Election Day...

Now, on June 11 was also born an 'alter ego' of Arnold - Ron Reagan, the actual son of Ronald Reagan. Not only is he genetically carrying the 'torch' of his father, his eulogy on June 11 was memorable; and this combination earned him an iconic, if temporary, aura. And partly because of this, Ron Reagan was invited to speak at the Democratic National Convention (unlike his father he is a progressive). What was his speech about? Stem cell research - and nothing else.

Stem cell research is closely linked to genetic engineering. And what was my main interpretation of the Olympic opening ceremony discussed in my previous post? Mars, eugenics - a form of genetic engineering - and how these relate to Arnold...

So, one (genuine) Reagan progeny alludes to genetic engineering in a political convention days before the Olympic opening ceremony, during which a huge DNA double-helix was projected. Then just days after the closing ceremony of the Olympics, another Reagan progeny (a 'false progeny' perhaps), symbolically or literally embodying a Nazi-driven eugenically-engineered master-race blueprint, gives a speech at the Republican National Convention...

Well, can you sense - or continue to sense - the 'grand design' unfolding here? All this is a 'super ritual' foreshadowing and initiating the great 'endgame' that's about to be unleashed.


More in my upcoming articles...




 August 14, '04   Game of Love... Eugenics

I just watched the pre-taped Olympics opening ceremony on NBC. Really beautiful. Great stuff Greece put together...

But I can't hardly contain my utter disgust at the extremely deplorable way NBC covered the event. Those moronic commentators, Bob Costas and Katie Couric, with their moronic comments, chatting away over the very profound and meaningful opening show. So many commercials interrupting the flow... Terrible camerawork... Un-freaking-believable. They were spitting and stepping on someone's precious artwork. Because of those idiots' pukingly disrespectful - under the scheming guidance of the NBC corporatists/propagandists of course - American viewers were denied to chance to be inspired by the painstakingly and creatively produced program. The sheer mindlessness displayed by NBC is beyond words. As I was watching the show I couldn't help but keep thinking how those corporate tools should be bitchslapped right then and there. They totally trashed a beautiful artwork.

Seeds of inspiration wasted. Winner: the corporate elite. Loser: America.

Oh well... I guess it just accurately reflects where things are. The general public of the US is kept in the 'Matrix'. No inspiration allowed. No imagination allowed. No hope allowed. Only greed, arrogance, and hate. The United States is deliberately being set up to be out of step with the rest of the world through media manipulations. It's no coincidence that there was no push to hype the Athens Olympics in the US by the mainstream media leading up to its opening day. Or that there was a big tabloid story of a gay governor coming out of the closet just a day before the Olympics, stealing people's attention from other stories. Or that big hurricanes hit Florida, receiving nearly wall-to-wall breaking news coverage on the day of the opening ceremony... Well, okay, hurricanes are a natural phenomenon... (Or are they this time? Hmm. :) )

The Olympics Games are a powerful message of world peace. And obviously that is not something the elite, the puppet masters behind the scenes, don't want their lowly subjects (i.e. the American people) to be thinking about at this time. They want war, hate, fear, ignorance, arrogance, greed, and yes, the destruction of America and what it was meant to represent.

Let me say this: unless we rise up against the corporate media complex, in bed with the elite and government, and replace it with one that actually does its job properly very soon, it's bye bye America. It's really the media that's allowing the transformation of the US into a tyrannical 'Matrix' regime. Fixing the media system is a crucial step that has to be taken in order to defeat the dark future. And it is coming... fast. I don't know we even have two years before we should start abandoning ship - before it's too late. The Titanic. This thing can collapse into darkness very quickly.

Alright, now that I got my anger and frustration out of my system, at least for now, let me quickly address a few issues.

First, you may be wondering how the above sentiment concerning the beauty of the show is compatible with the Nazi imagery conjured up in my previous post.


Let me remind you that we are dealing with different levels. What something is on one level can be the very opposite on another. And that's how we've been treating the 'super torch ritual'. It's comparable to how the events of 9/11 came on the International Peace Day (no longer on that day). So far in the 21st century, the more 'peace' is emphasized, the more the opposite is likely to manifest. That's the pattern.

The Athens Olympics certainly stressed world peace more than usual. Did you see the huge olive tree behind the head organizers as they declared the Games open? The olive tree is course a peace symbol, but it also happens to be sacred to Athena. And the whole extravaganza was powerful both visually and symbolically. This therefore yields rather unsettling implications (re-cuing the Nazi imagery...). (The olive reference is also relevant to the projected exit of the pope.)

Even the American athletes - along with those from Iraq and Afghanistan - were warmly welcomed there, in keeping with the message of peace. And you can now see that the media people were indeed very worried about the possibility of the Americans being booed. (By the way, those with trained ears could have noticed that NBC seemed to have mixed and EQed the sounds so that the crowd reaction would be unclear. Crafty bastards. But that's our corporate media.) Now, at first I too thought the crowd attitude could be hostile to the US as expressed in my August 5 post. But let me point out that soon afterwards on Aug. 9 I added this note:

While it is true that the Bush administration is unpopular overseas, the people tend to view the American public as quite separate from the government and so it may well be that they will treat American athletes in a perfectly cordial manner in Athens.

And I'm glad that this was indeed the case. Those athletes don't deserve to be jeered for something the out-of-control Bush administration has done.

Moving on to the symbolism of the ceremony, we saw that the leaked information was very accurate. All the elements, including a comet, lake, pregnant woman, and DNA projection, were there - thus making my 'Martian seed' interpretation put forward previously indeed relevant. As I wrote:

I'd say that would have be considered an allusion to the scientifically plausible and increasingly popular theory that life here on earth was seeded by rocks from Mars.

This notion was also subtly encouraged by the fact that a bizarre story coming out just prior to the Olympics, picked up even by the mainstream press, stated that fragments of an alien ship was found at the site of the famous Tunguska explosion (1908) widely thought to have been cause by a meteorite. The story certainly 'seeded' the idea of a linkage between a space rock and ET life in people's subconscious mind.

As the Athens show progressed from the comet strike scene, we were shown the god of love Eros overseeing the evolution of man and human civilization, sometimes giving a helping hand. Of course, Eros was a replacement for Venus the goddess of love, the main symbolic theme of 2004. Using Venus here would have made it all too obvious.

But the idea of Eros/Venus watching over mankind is an odd one - not really supported in terms of mythology. So what would the message here be? Well, since Eros/Venus is the god/goddess of love or sex, his/her assistance would have involved... well, breeding. Using breeding to better mankind - this is called 'eugenics'. And the field of eugenics was pioneered by, you guessed it, the Nazis.

Near the end of the show's storytelling, the progress of mankind finally leads to the pregnancy of a single woman. This would be the 'perfect child' created through the careful eugenics program known as 'history'. A gigantic DNA double-helix is then projected above the lake - the perfected DNA... It's a 'messianic' child - the Holy Grail. Fittingly, in addition to being Mary's womb, the Grail - as 'lapsit exillis' - is a form of 'stone fallen from heaven'.


This form of perfection is where the divine fire given to mankind by Prometheus naturally strives to achieve. And, of course, this fire is what is represented by the Olympic flame.

Prometheus is considered very much comparable to Lucifer. And Lucifer is Venus... Eros. Bingo.

At this point, the underlying message of this year's 'super torch ritual' - heavily involving Venus-Isis-Paris, 'Rose Line' (messianic bloodline), and Schwarzenegger - has become clearer... or more like confirmed. The passing of the torch is the passing of the Promethean genetic material. It's the process of eugenics. In the 20th century, this originally 'divine' process was mimicked or 'hijacked' by the dark forces of the Third Reich, later absorbed by the US (via Operation Paperclip etc.), in an attempt to realize their own vision of a 'master race'.

The 'messianic child', then, would be an 'anti-messianic', or 'anti-Christic', child in the Nazi scenario.

Enter Arnold Schwarzenegger - 'Mr. Olympia'.

You know, I've been actually trying not to take it too literally. But the repeated hints are becoming quite insistent that we now begin to wonder...

We know about Arnold's familial Nazi background and his admiration for Hitler (recorded on video). Arnie, a legendary bodybuilder supposedly having a 'perfect' body, is also a genetically-engineered advanced human in the film 'Twins'. And of course we don't have to go over again how he becomes associated with Mars (Total Recall), the Antichrist/Beast (Apollyon = 'Destroyer' = 'Terminator'), etc. through movies.

Further, I can't help but mention at this point the coincidence of Arnold's birthday nearly coinciding with the legendary alleged UFO crash at Roswell in July 1947. Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947. Not necessarily literal, but we have a lot of dots to connect here.

As discussed in my previous post (Aug. 12), the date August 13 chosen for the opening of the Games makes it relatable to the key issues dealt with in my Endgame II article (Oct. '02) - namely ET/Contact, Martian rock/seeding, Nazis/Hitler, Berlin Olympics, 'ultra-tech', stargate technology, Grail, etc. All of it. Aside from eugenics, the Nazis are closely associated with the 'Holy Grail' technology of antigravity - if not time manipulation - that can be viewed as a form of 'stargate', a hyperdimensional gateway. You would easily recall that Arnie's Terminator character comes from the future through a stargate machine.

As popularized by researcher Richard Hoagland, hyperdimensional physics (inseparable from the Cydonia investigation of Mars) prominently involves the tetrahedral angle/latitude of 19.5 degrees, or more accurately 19.47 degrees. The coincidence of the number '19.47' and Arnold's birth year '1947' is certainly amusing. And if you take a look at the image right showing the 'stargate' machine from the film Contact, you may be struck by its similarity to the strange structure that appeared in the Olympic show during the 'pregnant woman given birth' segment. [Correction: Actually it appeared much later in the program.]

So... what are we to think? While these connections don't have to be taken so literally, I think the gestalt of the suggested context can be taken quite seriously - not that that wasn't the case already.

One thing is for sure: there is no question that the 'super torch ritual' involves Arnold, as a Nazi legacy, prominently. A 'false gift' from the Third Reich... The Manchurian Candidate opening on Arnie's birthday (July 30)... A 'life on Mars' announcement likely coming soon... Well, pretty heavy stuff to wonder about.

It's not just about Schwarzenegger of course. But the climax of the 'torch ritual' - or the beginning of the climax at least - did greatly reinforce the significance of 'Mr. Olympia' in the big picture. Arnold is scheduled to give his televised primetime speech at the Republican National Convention on August 31, just two days after the conclusion of the Olympic Games. He will probably give a memorable speech and place himself on the national political map more firmly. That alone would be significant enough. But I can't help but wonder: Is a big earthquake secretly planned to occur between now and then, or soon after it, to change the nature of the convention, making it something more dramatic?

More on this and other issues later...


 August 12, '04   Darkness of the Torch

I thought I should do an update before the Olympics begin tomorrow... so here it is.

As discussed previously, Athens is the climax of the 'super torch ritual' we've been tracking for months now, stemming from the big Super-Bowl 'omen'/'ritual' (Janet Jackson, etc. ) inseparable from the 'Lucifer Time Code' of Venus - undoubtedly the 'Star of 2004'. There is a symbolic emphasis placed on the Statue of Liberty as well as Paris in the 'ritual', both associated with Venus and the torch. (Paris is a city of goddess Sirius-Isis-Venus, and in Greek mythology the character named Paris was foreseen by his mother as a torch.) All leading up to the grand Olympic ceremonies centered around the Torch in Athens, the very land that gave birth to the torch ritual a long time ago. The ceremony tomorrow (Aug. 13) will mark the 225th day from the first day of the year, numerically pointing at Venus whose orbital period is 225 earth-days, and Athens' patron goddess Athena is an alter ego of Venus-Isis...

Heavily intertwined with the torch theme is Arnold Schwarzenegger - 'Mr. Olympia' - as extensively discussed here already, whose rise as 'Horus', the new beast-king, is a key component of the 'super ritual'. This year's Olympic Torch relay was found to be carefully coordinated with major 'rituals' involving Arnie (see LTC Part 2), whose rise in politics we've interpreted as something akin to an 'Antichritic' figure in the making, comparable to Hitler, Napoleon, and such that cannot be separated from the rise of the next 'New World', Mars, coming in conjunction with Peak Oil.

The dark shadow of the Nazis that Schwarzenegger's background casts behind him is also a foreshadowing of what's apparently planned ahead. He could easily become the Nazi 'superman'. This forecast is now chillingly echoed by the fact that the Olympic Torch relay was something invented by the Nazis at the Berlin Olympics in 1936 - just 3 years before the start of WW2...

Interestingly, 2004 marks the 68th year since 1936 - thus subtly resonating with the date of this year's Transit of Venus on June 8 (also a reverse of the Sirius-Paris-Arnie day, August 6). Going further, we find that the first modern Olympic Games held in 1896 [in Athens] was 108 years ago, which happens to be a pentagram number as it corresponds to one of the base angles made by the geometry. The pentagram traditionally symbolizes Venus-Sirius.

The pentagram is also popularly associated with 'witchcraft'. And the archetypal 'witch' is the Greek goddess of darkness, Hecate. As an observant reader pointed out to me some time ago, Hecate is prominently associated with torches AND she is traditionally celebrated on August 13/14, the very same date chosen for the opening of the Athens Olympics! (The Hecate-Olympics association is also relevant to Quatrain X-74 of Nostradamus but we won't go into that.)

Back to the Nazis, the Berlin Olympics were the first to be televised and this is something incorporated into the storyline of the book/film, Contact. In the story a blueprint of a 'stargate' machine sent from outer space is found encoded in the video of Hitler giving his speech at the Olympics.

In Endgame II (2002) I put forward the view that this is linked to the remarkable 'alien' crop glyph found in England (see image). It was created in 2002 on/around... August 14. Close but not necessarily August 13. Only, in 2002, it was August 14, not 13, that marked the 225th day (i.e. the Venus number) from the first day of the year. So we come right back to the opening day of the Athens Olympics...

The following year (2003) saw the historic Blackout 2003 on August 14 (also a '225' day), the largest power outage in US history, just days after Schwarzenegger made his 'Total Recall' election announcement on August 6. This meshes nicely with the darkness aspect of Hecate and the Olympic torch relay ritual.

In any case, notice that the 'Contact' theme is conceptually applicable to the smoldering situation of 'life on Mars' - which is a big part of the 'super ritual' of 2004. The momentous announcement was almost realized late last month but apparently there is some political arm-twisting going on behind the scenes to suppress/delay the revelation. But the signs are that it will come soon enough.

Now, this Mars connection brings us to the key pre-Olympics dates - August 6 & 10 (+/-1 day) mentioned in my previous post. While rather subtle, there was a sudden flurry of mainstream news stories endorsing the likelihood of finding life on Mars:

8/03 Life on Mars Likely, Scientist Claims
8/06 Scientists make case that there could be life on Red Planet
8/09 NASA Scientist Sees Possible Mat of Martian Microbes

Those who have been following the development closely can easily discern that this represents a major step forward toward the big revelation/announcement. At this point it's about psychologically prepping the general public for the news coming in the near future...

There is an intriguing further potential connection between life on Mars and the Athens Olympics. If the rumor is correct that the open ceremony will feature a simulated comet striking a lake, a pregnant woman, and a DNA projection, I'd say that would have be considered an allusion to the scientifically plausible and increasingly popular theory that life here on earth was seeded by rocks from Mars. Turns out, Athena (also known as 'Pallas Athena') is associated with 'a stone fallen from heaven' - as we learn:

The epithet Pallas applied to Athena is commonly explained as meaning “young woman, wirgin”, by quoting pallax, “young man” and pallakis, “ concubine” (pileges in Hebrew); but it is significant that the Greeks did not feel that the name Pallas had such a meaning and looked for other explanations . Pallas is associated with the palladion which is a stone fallen from heaven.

And of course, NASA's 'Athena' rovers are exploring - where else? - Mars right now! I'd say the message would be quite clear.

One of the pre-Olympics key dates, August 10, becomes very fitting in this context. As pointed out by Alfredo (who's becoming a regular contributor), 8/10 happens to when a goddess called 'Ops' is celebrated who is identified with Rhea, the mother of the Olympian gods. Greek myth tells us:

Cronus became very jealous of his children (as did his father), and so made Rhea give him each one to swallow as soon as they were born. Rhea (same as Gaea) was not happy with this, and managed to sneak the god Zeus away after his birth. She managed to fool Cronus by wrapping a rock in a blanket and giving it to him to swallow. Zeus went to grow up and later came back to overthrow his father and become ruler (ironically like his father before him).

Zeus (= Jupiter) is the very god honored by the Olympic Games. And this rock swallowed by Cronus was later disgorged and landed on earth, becoming a sacred stone known as the omphalos ('navel'), a form of a 'stone fallen from heaven'...

Okay, moving on, I find it interesting that the news coming out during that same period included stories directly and indirectly related to the CIA/Plame leak case which I've been viewing as potentially important in this year of the super ritual:

8/07 U.S. Screwed Pooch By Outing Its Own al Qaeda Mole
8/09 Reporter Held in Contempt in CIA Leak Case
8/10 Bush nominates Goss to head CIA

This may be viewed as a subtle prelude to what's about to unfold, perhaps.

Well, there is actually much more, especially concerning August 10, but I'll go into that another time.

Lastly I should mention that the modern Olympics were meant to promote world peace. If you recall, the 'big omens' of the 21st century began with the Mir space station plunging down to the earth in spring 2001, just months before 9/11. The Russian term 'Mir' means 'world' and 'peace', thus the demise of Mir symbolized, or foreshadowed, the coming end of 'world peace' - which was indeed to become the case soon on 9/11, an International Peace Day. The second 'omen' was the destruction of the Columbia space shuttle on Feb. 1, 2003 that foreshadowed the disastrous outcome of the Iraq invasion driven by the neoconservative dream of creating a global empire referred to as 'Pax Americana' ('American Peace'), echoing the term 'Columbia' denoting 'America' and peace (via Columba the dove). The neoconservatives in the Bush administration are mostly Jewish and seemingly more pro-Israel than pro-US. The shuttle Columbia was notable for carrying the first Israeli onboard...

The third omen, the Super Bowl, came this year on Feb. 1, the anniversary of the Columbia disaster. Its symbolism appeared to prominently point to the Olympics. And through the Olympics we encounter the 'world peace' theme again... This combined with the Nazi theme - well, what can I say, it paints a pretty dark picture.

 August 5, '04   Let the Games Begin...

The Statue of Liberty finally reopened the other day on August 3 - obviously a very symbolic event, but especially so for Etemenanki.

Let the games begin...

As you know, here at Etemenanki we have been treating Lady Liberty (= Venus) and its torch as the main theme underlying the year 2004 ever since witnessing the 'omen' event of the Super Bowl back on February 1. 

All the indications were that the highly symbolic Super Bowl 'ritual' involving Janet Jackson (halftime show), Beyonce (opening ceremony), and a Pepsi commercial (debuted during the game) was the latest of the major 'omens' designed to foreshadow an important high-impact event coming in the near future. Celestially the climax came with the Venus Transit of June 8 that coincided with Reagan's death (symbolically designed to pass the torch of 'kingship' to the next Sun king - our 'Horus' - Arnold Schwarzenegger). But the 'theme' has not at all peaked yet down here on earth. It's about to.

As summarized in The Lucifer Time Code: Part 2, the first major 'omen' of the 21st century was the fiery descent of the Russian space station Mir in the spring of 2001, and the second was the fiery fall of the space shuttle Columbia on Feb. 1, 2003. The former symbolically signaled the 'end of world peace' ('Mir' means peace and world) which was to be dramatically fulfilled months later on 9/11, fittingly a UN-sanctioned International Peace Day. The latter foretold the disastrous 'end of American peace/Pax Americana' ('Columbia' denotes America and peace) which was to be fulfilled in the subsequent months as the American invasion of Iraq - driven by the neoconservative agenda called 'Pax America' - collapsed into total chaos. I did most of the interpretations before the big events took place - just as I'm now doing with the Super Bowl 'omen' this year.

And it is my view that the earthly 'fulfillment' - the 'big' one - is on the verge of becoming reality at this time... starting this month.

The Athens Olympic Games, the biggest sporting event in the world, clearly have to be considered a large portion of what was foreshadowed by the symbolic/ritualistic aspects of the Super Bowl, the biggest American sporting event. The Pepsi ad was especially clear in its Olympic references.

The Olympics, set to begin on August 13, function as a key time marker. And the 'big' event/development should mainly involve the United States or the 'New World' (as the New-World 'torch' is now in the process being passed to the next, Mars) which also has some parallels with the papacy. For America, the key issue here is the Patriot Act (police state) and how it interacts with the upcoming election. For Mars, the issue is the question of life on that planet. For papacy, the issue is the Pope's exit.

Leading up to the Olympics in Greece, we've had Greece's soccer team winning the European Championship to everyone's shock on July 4, a very special 'torch/Lady Liberty/Venus day'. The same day saw the laying of the cornerstone for Freedom Tower that is to be built at the WTC twin tower site ('tower' = Magdala/Magdalene = Venus = Lady Liberty). Freedom Tower is even intentionally designed to mimic the Statue of Liberty. The same day also saw the starting of the Tour de France which Lance Armstrong would win (as projected here beforehand). The phrase 'Tour de France' can mean 'Tower of France'. And France is the post-crucifixion land of Mary Magdalene (as tradition has it that the Magdalene went to southern France carrying with her the 'messianic' bloodline or the Grail). And Paris, where the cycling race would conclude, is 'Par-Isis', the land of Isis-Sirius, an alter ego of Venus/Lady Liberty/Magdalene.

The period of the Tour very closely overlapped that of the COSPAR assembly held in Paris at which was to be announced the discovery of strong evidence for life on Mars. But the announcement was mysteriously 'cancelled' (we can easily imagine some serious arm-twisting going on behind the scenes). The scientific assembly ended the same day as the Tour, July 25, on which Lance Armstrong made history by becoming the cycling champion six times in a row. This big sporting event very much associated with Venus/Sirius underscored its symbolic potency through the fact that Lance is from Texas, the land where the Super Bowl was held (Houston) this year.

Without missing a beat, the very next day (July 26) saw the opening of the Democratic National Convention in Boston at which John Kerry was officially declared the Democratic presidential candidate. (The second day of the conventions produced a star, Barack Obama, who may potentially become an 'anti-Schwarzenegger' figure in the future.) It concluded on July 29 - immediately followed by Schwarzenegger's birthday.

The month of the Olympics, August, then began with the Bush administration raising the terror alert level to orange for New York and Washington DC as if to set the tone for the pre-election period. On a strictly political level, this was a wholly predictable move from the Bush gang to counter the momentum created by their opponents' near-perfect convention in Boston. Amusingly, it took only one day for the media to find out the so-called terror 'threat' was largely based on old pre-9/11 information obtained from an al-Qaeda suspect captured in Pakistan last month.

A dark cloud of fear was successfully cast over the American populace nonetheless.

Then just two days later (Aug. 3) came the reopening of the Statue of Liberty which had been closed to the public since 9/11. (This was treated as a big news story in the US.) A serious terror warning accompanied by an event symbolizing the end of the terror threat to liberty? Well, the cognitive dissonance created here sets the stage for the 'main event'...

The Olympics are still about a week away, but to me the opening of Lady Liberty was an unmistakable signal that the games - the 'main event' - are now on.

Intensifying this notion was the 'coincidence' of two space-related stories coming out on that same day. One was about - what else? - the likelihood of life on Mars. This was the leading story on The other one was the launch of NASA's MESSENGER probe to Mercury. Why is this one significant? Because Aldebaran, the star marking the position of Venus crossing the Galactic Meridian on the key 'torch day' of July 4, is not only sometimes called the 'Torch-Bearer' (thus making it an alter ego of Venus/Lady Liberty) but also 'Messenger of Light'. Recall also that Nostradamus' Quatrain IV-28 which I have already correlated with the rare Venus Transit (June 8; Venus crossing the Sun disk) mentions 'Mercury':

When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form:
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
Through warlike noise it will be insulted.

We have already associated this 'Mercury' with the death/funeral event of Ronald Reagan that coincided with the Transit of Venus. Reagan's nickname was 'the Great Communicator' (i.e. a great 'messenger' that is the mythological figure named Mercury). The Osirian funeral of Reagan was also found to be an amazingly choreographed occultic ritual celebrating the rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger, currently the governor of California just as Reagan was before becoming president. ('Ronald' is even an anagram of 'Arnold'.) And the rise of Arnie cannot be separated from the Red Planet not only because of his popular film dealing with Mars, Total Recall, but also because the period of the 2003 California 'Total Recall' election that made him governor coincided with the historic close encounter between Earth and Mars.

Let me also add that line 2 of IV-28, 'Under the splendor will be a hidden form', is quite evocative of the COSPAR situation in Paris where evidence of Martian life apparently got suppressed by someone behind the scenes. Paris is widely known as the 'City of Light', hence making the suppressed information something of a 'hidden form under the splendor' - especially since the subsequent lines mentions 'fire' and 'warlike', both of which relate to Mars, traditionally the 'fire planet' and a planet/god of war. Following this line of thinking then leads us to the view that, based on line 3, the information will come out in some way soon.

In any case, at first I couldn't quite figure out why the 'start signal' of the 'main event' signified by the 'rebirth of the Statue should come on August 3. But I knew there had to be something underlying it. Eventually I decided it was time to examine the configuration of the stars above. The first place I looked for was of course Venus and I found it inside the band of the Milky Way very close to the 'torch' region of the celestial Orion-Osiris figure. 

Let me remind you that this is where the Sun comes on the summer solstice (~6/21) to become Orion's 'torch' (see image right); and July 4/Independence Day calendrically corresponds to the summer solstice day as the Julian calendar is currently 13 days behind the modern Gregorian calendar. (There is a 13-day difference between July 24 and June 21.) Indeed it may well be that the prevalent conceptual link between the torch-holding Lady Liberty and Independence Day has its origin in this celestial configuration.

So finding Venus, the planet of Mary Magdalene/Lady Liberty, in this region of the sky was highly meaningful. And it should be recalled that Janet Jackson's infamous Super-Bowl halftime stunt relates to Lady Liberty largely through its right-breast connection with the national lady of France, Marianne, who in turn is embodied by the Statue of Liberty. Breasts and milk are inseparable - thus the clear symbolic significance attached to Venus crossing the Milky Way and becoming the liberty 'torch' in early August.

I also found it noteworthy that on August 3 Venus transited the sky meridian (or due south) at the same time (or at least very close) as Orion's Al Nitak which in Robert Bauval's popular 'Orion Correlation Theory' represents the Great Pyramid.

Using the Orion Correlation Theory, in fact, the meridian becomes a heavenly version of the ancient Prime Meridian that we have talked a lot about since and in connection with the Super-Bowl omen (see LTC Pt 2). For instance, Paris, the city of Isis-Venus-Mary where the Tour/Tower of France ended and where the COSPAR assembly was held, anchors an historically and esoterically important Paris Zero Meridian (or 'Rose Line'), and one of NASA's rovers currently exploring the surface of Mars landed in a region called Meridiani Planum ('Meridian Plane') near the Martian Meridian. And attached to those Mars rovers - Spirit and Opportunity -  are scientific instruments/mission collectively called 'Athena'. Athena, a goddess in Greek mythology, is naturally the patron of Athens, the site of the upcoming Olympics.

Intriguing coincidences like these certainly encouraged me to 'go' to Athens in my astronomy program and project the sky of August 3 as seen from there.

What I found was remarkable. It finally satisfied me that the choice of August 3 for the Statue of Liberty's reopening was not without careful esoteric consideration. Turns out in Athens' dawn time on August 4, which overlaps New York's August 3 (6-7 hours behind Greece), Venus crossed the due-east line in the sky exactly when Sirius - a star largely interchangeable with Venus in symbology - was rising right at the horizon! What's more, Venus at this moment happened to be approximately 33 degrees (32.67 degrees) above the local horizon - '33' being a well known Masonic 'ritual' number.

We cannot help but infer that Lady Liberty's 'rebirth' was designed to interact with this celestial configuration that was coming up within hours in Athens.

Now, here I was highly intrigued by the Statue ritual coinciding with the Bush administration's massive terror-alert propaganda that has made NYC and the US capital look almost like police-state cities. Let's quickly review what I wrote just two days after the Super Bowl:

  • "During his pathetic State of the Union speech last month [Jan. '04], George W. Bush shamelessly declared that the Patriot Act, scheduled to expire [next year], needs to be renewed. The Patriot Act is of course anti-freedom, anti-justice, and yes, unpatriotic. It is indeed a big step toward a police-state New World Order."
  • "It's certainly curious that one of the teams in this year's Super Bowl held in the Bush/Cheney state of Texas was the Patriots, who won the game. So the sport event was a 'Patriot Act' of some sort. This link is strengthened further by the fact that the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was somehow invited to attend Bush's State of the Union speech..."
  • "And of course the big supporter/enforcer of the... Patriot Act is Attorney General John Ashcroft. He famously covered up the right breast of the lady justice statue (named 'Spirit of Justice') in the Justice Department's ornate Great Hall. [...] Well, it goes without saying that this is the exact opposite of what Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake did. [...] Hence the message of the performance becomes even clearer: it screams 'F--k you Ashcroft, your Patriot Act, and your fascist buddies in the administration'. [...] This idea is strongly echoed by the [lyrics of], 'Rhythm Nation' [performed by Janet Jackson during halftime]"

We are certainly seeing this 'rebellion' aspect of the 'omen' message unfolding at this time, exemplified by the very successful Democratic National Convention held late July. Young people, and blacks (I mention them because Super Bowl ritual clearly emphasized blackness, particularly through its 'Black Madonna'/Mary Magdalene symbolism), are rising up against the Bush regime.

But the worrisome aspect of the 'omen' is the role of the Patriot Act. It's a prelude to a police-state America, a scheme to use terror as an excuse to take away human rights and civil liberties.

The combined message points to a situation of 'Rebellion Movement vs. Police-State Movement'. And this is exactly what we're beginning to see around us as we enter the month of August.

Both sides can be labeled 'patriot act', though in completely opposite ways. And we can recall that it was the 'Patriots' that won the Super Bowl game. Thus a key question arises: Which 'patriot act' did the Patriots' triumph represent?

I've been thinking about this question for months and I keep coming back to the same 2 points: 1) the Super Bowl was held in the Bush/Cheney state of Texas; and 2) the New England Patriot quarterback Tome Brady attended Bush's State of the Union address where Bush pushed for the renewal of the Patriot Act while no player from the other team (Carolina Panthers) was invited.

These lead me to the grim view that the ultimate winner is going to be the oppressive Patriot Act. And in this context the current terror-alert fiasco is only the beginning of the projected spiral downward toward a Patriot Act-driven police state.

But based on the 'super-omen' symbolism we can also infer that the anti-Patriot Act rebellion camp headed by Kerry-Edwards [at least symbolically so] will appear to successfully unseat the oppressive king on the throne. This was suggested particularly by the content of the Pepsi ad that ran during the game - already considered big part of the 'super omen'. In it, a Caesar-like king sitting inside a Greek coliseum - an obvious allusion to the Athens Olympic Games - is dethroned by rebellious female gladiators ('Mary Magdalenes'/'goddesses').

Additional points: 1) Pepsi's slogan 'choice of the new generation' reinforces our interpretation of the ritual; 2) Athena is a warrior goddess (think 'Xena') as well as one of the three Virgin Goddesses on Mount Olympus; 3) the 'king' was played by Enrique Inglesias whose first name means 'home ruler' and the last name 'church', thus bringing in the fate of the Pope into the picture; and 4) Caesar claimed descent from Venus herself.

Based on these clues, we will likely see the fall of a 'king' in some form during the period of or near the Olympics, i.e. August-September. This should be when the 'rebellion' camp has the upper hand in the epic battle.

After this, the force of the 'Patriot Act' is likely to resurge and win the 'game'. It is instructive to see the aftermath of Janet Jackson's halftime-show stunt. Not only did the Patriots go on to win the Super Bowl, Janet's life was to become hellish for the following weeks as she had to deal with public outrage. Even the FCC stepped in to implement a more aggressive censorship standard as a result (Howard Stern, who had recently turned anti-Bush, became the first major victim) - i.e. shades of the Patriot Act.

Does this mean Bush-Cheney will win the election? Well, that's hard to determine as there are still a lot of variables involved in the projected 'main event'. For instance it is not clear who the 'fallen king' is in this story. I mean, the 'king' - the 'Sun/Babylon King' - might even be Bush himself, which could potentially mean Bush wouldn't even be around for the November election. It could also be Cheney, Rumsfeld, the Pope, Tony Blair, etc. etc. It is also unclear whether the 'fall' is to come before or through the election.

Perhaps it's not that important who actually wins the election. The foreshadowed 'winner' is not a figure but the 'Patriot Act' itself, after all.

So here is a list of what I see as the essential elements of upcoming political events based on the 'omen':

  1. The anti-Patriot Act/Bush (or pro-Lady Liberty) camp gains momentum.

  2. A 'king' associated with the oppressive side is dethroned.

  3. The Patriot Act will be the ultimate winner.

And based on the great emphasis symbolically placed on the Athens Olympics, it can be inferred that the above event sequence is to be activated in the August-September period.

There are key dates coming up very shortly. Tomorrow, August 6 (+/- a day), signifies the time that started it all for Schwarzenegger, a key figure in all this (though not yet so apparent). It was August 6 last year that Arnold began his political career as he made a dramatic announcement on The Tonight Show (Jay Leno). It can even be said that the 'super ritual' began on that day.

Accordingly the date August 6 is immortalized by the celestial alignment of the Champs Elysees in Paris with the Sun and Sirius. This is of course where the highly symbolic Tour de France ended just the other day on July 25. This demonstrates that the Champs Elysees has become an important part of the post-summer '03 symbology game.

So there is good reason to carefully monitor the August 6 'window', starting today. I should also mention that 8/6 is the reversal 6/8 (i.e. June 8), the very date of the Transit of Venus...

More than August 6, however, I'm increasingly focusing on the window of August 10 (+/- a day). There is just something looming there, just three days before the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Here is what I found in the sky of August 10...

  • First of all, Venus will be crossing the Galactic Equator (i.e. the center line of the Milky Way, or galactic latitude zero). There, Venus becomes the 'torch' of Orion. This has to have a great deal of relevance to the breast-baring ritual of Janet the 'Black Madonna' (= Venus, Lady Liberty). The breast alludes to the Milky Way (i.e. the galaxy) and her being an embodiment of Venus relates to the planet Venus crossing the galactic equator/Milky Way.

    Until now we've talked a lot about Venus crossing the Galactic Meridian (= longitude zero) which happened a number of times the past several months because Venus was going back and forth in that region of sky. August 10 will be the first and last time (in this orbit) that the planet will cross the galactic equator here. Venus came very close to crossing it mid-May when the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal was raging. It almost brought down Defense Secretary Rumsfeld... Will this process finally be completed this time in mid-August?

  • August 10 will also witness Mars joining Regulus, the heart star of Leo the celestial Sphinx. Recall that Regulus played a key role in last summer's celestial 'stargate' configuration as it united with the Sun on August 23 just four days before the historic Mars-Earth close encounter. Not only do we have all Leo/Sphinx, the Sun, and Mars traditionally embodying Horus the Egyptian royal sun-god, but we also have the conjunction of Regulus and the Sun as something said to denote the birth of Horus - which of course I associated with the rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger occurring at the time. This year's Regulus-Mars conjunction coinciding with Venus' Milky Way/equator-crossing has to be considered very meaningful especially in this context. There seems to be another 'echo' effect taking place here.

  • As if the above wasn't enough, we find next that when Venus, rising in the morning, is situated precisely due east as viewed at Giza, it will coincide exactly with the moment of sunrise (altitude 0 on the horizon)! (Sunrise azimuth = 72 deg.)

  • Finally, when viewed from Athens, Venus will cross the due-east line at exactly 33 degrees above the horizon.

I'd have to say there is enough here to anticipate something important - high-impact or not - to emerge around August 10 that will move the super-ritual themes forward.

On a political level, it could perhaps be hypothesized that this pre-Olympic window is when the US will suffer an apparent 'attack' in some fashion so that America will receive some sympathy from the rest of the world. This is a plausible enough scenario in light of the quite realistic likelihood that the United States will not be received too warmly at the Olympics. If this kind of sentiment is overtly expressed during the opening ceremony by the crowd, for example, it will be a PR disaster for the Bush administration as this will make it so clear to countless American viewers that Bush's America is generally hated around the world. Those who understand mass psychology can easily discern the great influence this could have on American voters.

The Olympics cannot be stopped and there is not much the Rovian propagandists of Team Bush can do to control events in Athens. Will they just sit back and pray that the international crowd will be cordial, or will they try to preempt the possibility of a PR disaster by setting up a 'shock & awe' event that'll make the US look like a victim deserving of international support... around August 10?

I'd say it's a realistic enough scenario given the beastly nature of the pro-Patriot Act crowd and also because such an event is already needed to generate mass fear and keep the Bush-Cheney campaign afloat.

[Update 8/10: I'm now wondering if it's really plausible to think there are serious Olympics PR concerns in the office of propaganda. While it is true that the Bush administration is unpopular overseas, the people tend to view the American public as quite separate from the government and so it may well be that they will treat American athletes cordially - if unenthusiastic - in Athens. I'm not sure... But of course there are still other significant factors surrounding the Olympics and the window around August 10 - some mentioned above and below - to make it a key time to watch.]

The 'real' terrorists behind the scenes, it appears to me, greatly value efficiency. They'd like to kill as many birds as possible with a single rock. And they should be able to see that a martial law-like condition resulting from a terror event/threat would be an ideal excuse for: 1) suppressing or drowning out impending seriously bad news dealing with the Plame/CIA outing investigation, the Iraq prison abuse case, etc., and 2) having the Republican National Convention that will not tolerate any protesting on the streets in the politically hostile environment of New York City scheduled to begin late August.

So it's pretty much 'terror = beneficial' for the pro-Patriot Act crowd headed/represented by Bush-Cheney. There is a multi-layered opportunity and motive. And one of the logical windows for 'throwing the rock' would be the days immediately preceding the opening of the Olympics, with August 10 being a celestially underlined date.

But how would this interact with the associated 'fall of king' scenario? It's hard to say; there are many possibilities. And the grim scenario expounded above itself is only one of many possible scenarios... I would actually say that chances are, especially now that this particular possibility has been discussed openly, we are in for something related but different, which is the norm for future projections like this. Well, we'll see... It's going to be an eventful month one way or another.

There is still much more to discuss but this post is getting quite long, so I'll stop here for now.


 August 02, '04   August Prelude
August is here... Since I expect things to get quite intense this month - and I will have much to say on this soon - let me just briefly mention several recent developments that are likely relevant to what's coming this month and beyond:
  • In accordance with our projection (7/09 & 7/21), Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France. While this wasn't a difficult thing to predict as Lance had won five straight before this year, it's still a fulfillment that is symbolically significant. That this was Lance's sixth Tour win resonates with Schwarzenegger famously winning the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition six times. And the 'Olympics' are about to begin this month... As I noted on July 9:

It may well be that the period around the Athens Olympics this summer/fall, emphasized by the 'super ritual', is to give rise to something dramatic that will pave the way for the further rise of 'The Olympian'. And chances are that it will involve in some way, if not directly, the US presidential election coming up in November. This year's election should probably be viewed as a key stepping stone set up for what's coming next.

  • The anticipated 'life on Mars' announcement at the COSPAR conference held in Paris last month, very much intertwined with the Tour de France symbolism, developed into a very strange situation... It appears the whole thing got mysteriously shut down. This was surprising, but not totally unanticipated either. For instance, the situation can be correlated with this line, 'Through warlike noise it will be insulted', from Quatrain IV-28 which I associated with the 'life on Mars' issue back on June 8. The discovery got suppressed, or 'insulted'. But it's still likely that the Mars announcement is on its way. The big underlying theme this year (continuing from last year) has been the 'birth of Horus', and Mars traditionally being a form of Horus and the discovery of life there being analogous to the notion of 'birth', it's just natural to have this revelation at this time.

  • The 'life on Mars' issue is symbolically tied to the projection of Cheney's exit, and we continue to hear chatter on this matter. Since the Republican National Convention is scheduled to begin on August 30 in New York City (of all places), August has to be considered a potent window for this potential event. But did the 'cancellation' of the Mars announcement hint at the 'cancellation' of Cheney's exit as well? Or will these events made to coincide? We'll see...

  • Connected to the above is the anticipated completion of the investigation into the White House outing of a CIA spy (Valerie Plame) which I have been following closely since last summer. The latest on this front is the report that Secretary of State Colin Powel was called to testify before a grand jury, which is very curious. It's practically a given that the Vice President's Office was involved in the treasonous outing, but could Bush himself be a target of the probe? Will he even survive until November for the election? When will the indictments come (if at all), before or after the election? (Timing here makes a big difference obviously.) A potentially big development associated with this is the new revelation now coming out concerning the forged Niger 'yellowcake' (uranium) documents that the Bush administration used in 2002/2003 to help their push for the Iraq war.

  • Another projected (or alternate) event belonging to the same 'Babylon leader falling' theme is the fall of Secretary of Defense Ronald Rumsfeld. This one involves the Iraq/Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal which exploded in May, the 'Month of Mary'. And as I noted before:

May's traditional association with Mary derives from Tricesimum - Thirty Day Devotion to Mary (Lady Month) - which was originally observed from August 15 through September 14 as noted earlier. So this gives us more reason to suspect that the prison-abuse issue is to be 'echoed' in August/September, closely coinciding with the Olympics.

August 15 in particular is the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (and even related to our 'Endgame' discussion). Through Mary we have the Venus-Sirius 'goddess' theme which anchors the underlying 'Lucifer Time Code'.

Remarkably, the latest on this front is this news from Newsweek:

In mid-August, the commission that Schlesinger chairs—handpicked by Rumsfeld from members of his own Defense Policy Board—is expected to issue its final report on abuses by U.S. interrogators stemming from the Abu Ghraib Prison scandal. NEWSWEEK has learned the Schlesinger panel is leaning toward the view that failures of command and control at the Pentagon helped create the climate in which the abuses occurred.

Well, August 15 is certainly 'mid-August'... So it seems things are moving along very much in accordance with our projected timetable so far.

  • The exit of the Pope is another potential event projected for the upcoming window, but there is not much to report at this time.

I have much more - new findings - that I will be discussing soon before the Olympics, likely later this week. But let me just quickly mention that even before the opening of the Olympic Games (August 13) we'll have August 6 and August 10-11 as potentially significant dates.

Okay, more later...




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