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February 2005



 February 24, '05   Orange Revolution Continuing?
So, the Pope is back in the hospital. [Update: He underwent an operation to relieve his breathing problems.] I'm not at all surprised by this. As you know the exit of the Pope was something rather loudly signaled by the 'Great Flood' in southeast Asia last December and the surrounding 'super torch ritual'-driven web of symbolism extensively discussed here most of last year. And so it was the day before the Pope's first hospitalization earlier this month (Feb 1) - when he was reportedly '10 minutes from death' - that I was able to bring up (again) just such an anticipated development (see my Feb 4 entry for more).

Not unexpectedly he was able to recover enough to return home on Feb 10, and since then I've said little about the situation. The implication there was not that I considered that particular manifestation of the pattern over. Actually, I've been very busy the last couple of weeks doing a lot of research, analysis, synthesis, and writing as you know and I've been hinting that the new findings and the synthesized big picture are pretty heavy stuff and on a 'different level'. Turns out, and I'm talking about this here only because of its timelines now, that one of the many implications derived from the updated 'big picture' continues to emphasize or reinforce the original projection that the exit of the current Pope is a major theme that the 'ritual complex' is counting down to. And all the clues collectively suggest, strongly, that it's (still) scheduled to happen soon.

By 'soon', I mean, first of all, this year and I wouldn't even be surprised if the Pope's exit begins in a realistic way with his readmission to the hospital, quite possibly interacting with the upcoming important window in March anchored by March 11. That this window represents the 'time of birth' stemming from Venus-Mary's impregnation by the Sun (-king/stone) celestially expressed by the rare 'Transit of Venus' last year on June 8 encourages this line of thinking since John Paul II is 'prophetically', in terms of the eerily accurate list of popes supposedly composed by St. Malachy centuries ago, a pope called 'De Labore Solis' or 'of the Labor of the Sun'. The messianic 'Son of the Sun' being born can easily be expressed by the exit of JPII which would be symbolic of the Sun going into 'labor'. (The 'water broke' already in a sense when the 'great flood' took place.) Having said that June also represents a very significant window, so we'll have to see how the time element works out.

In the comments and forum, the theme of the color orange has already been a hot topic since... I guess last November or so - and I certainly share the view that it's a valid pattern carrying meaningful symbolism and part of the ritual/omen system. I mean, the enigmatic orange/saffron 'Gates' erected this February in NYC Central Park, a massive 23-mile art project, was the exclamation mark put on the observed pattern, coming only a month after the Huygens probe successfully landing on Saturn's moon Titan gave us a glimpse of an alien world that is all orange. Before that we also had among other events the 'Orange Revolution' in Ukraine where two 'Viktors' - Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovych - bitterly fought each other in a series of elections for the presidency (starting on Oct 31 and ending late December). The third and final run-off election that decided the 'victor' at last was held on December 26 - yes, the same day as the Asian 'Great Flood'.

That the election produced in effect two 'victors', that it overlapped the US presidential election (US presidents are also a form of the 'Sun king' in my model) which also had some serious voting irregularities that could've easily led to a similar situation as Ukraine, and that both the Pope situation and the Orange Revolution are linked to the modern 'Great Flood' together make it a very potent symbolic theme that can do much to help flesh out the underlying pattern as relates to what's likely coming in the near future.

The 'two victors' concept is particularly intriguing as it brings to mind Quatrain II-41 (the 'Sirius Quatrain' as I call it) of Nostradamus which I discussed many times in the past seeing it as very relevant to the coming papal changes, in that it mentions the appearance of 'two suns' (line 2) in conjunction with the pope changing 'his abode' (line 4) which I've always interpreted as there being two Popes or at least contenders via an unsuccessful papal election, traditionally signified by the black smoke coming out of the chimney (ballots being burnt) as opposed to a white smoke that would signal a successful election. This process is seemingly suggested in line 2 of the quatrain. (U2's 'Vertigo' video is a major piece of clue here too but we won't go into that here.)

Quatrain II - 41
The great star will burn for seven days,
The (black) cloud will make two suns appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes his abode.

The 'great star' Sirius aka the 'Dog Star', the 'large mastiff', does 'howl all night' during Dec-Feb or so, fittingly enough. But Sirius is also closely associated with the summer solstice so June again comes up here to inject an alternate scenario timing- wise.

Actually I can almost foresee a situation where the current Pope steps down due to his physical ailment making him unable to perform his duties and thus allowing a new Pope to come in while JPII is still alive, in effect creating two popes, or 'two suns'. This scenario may give rise to a prolonged transition phase and won't require an unsuccessful election - a theme already prominently expressed through the Orange Revolution of the Ukraine election that involved two Viktors/victors.

The 'orange' association has also caused me to look at President Bush, symbolically an alter ego of the Pope (a long-running theme on Etemenanki), a 'Sun/Babylon king' figure. First, the combination of the color and the bizarre twist in the Ukraine saga of Viktor Yushchenko getting poisoned apparently by someone supporting the other side in the election, visibly disfiguring Yushchenko's face, makes us think of 'Agent Orange' - a herbicide, plant-killing poison, notoriously used by the US military in Vietnam (1961-1970). Second, as mentioned, the period of the Orange Revolution overlapped the US presidential election (Nov 2). And third, Agent Orange, a defoliant, was used to get rid of bushes so that the guerrilla fighters wouldn't be able to hide. So... you know, getting rid of 'bushes' or... well, Bush. Perhaps a scenario that may be running in parallel with the Pope situation.

These are just quick comments in response to the re-hospitalization of JPII today - basically just thinking out loud. Nothing in-depth... just few relevant points. They're related to the big piece (hopefully not too lengthy) I'm working on now but actually not too directly. I'll probably do one or more 'casual' posts containing this level of information before 'the piece' comes online. So much information, so little time... I'll be working like crazy the coming days, that's for sure.


 February 22, '05   Progress Report
I don't like to keep talking about an upcoming piece (to be posted... let's say/hope this month) but just to keep you guys abreast of the progress, it has expanded its scope greatly and I must say that it's going to be something like 'the next level'. It's both so real and surreal at the same time that it makes you go 'whoa'... like Neo. :) Now as you may recall, I opened the Stargate Cipher 2012 article with this statement:

'Contact' is taking place... right now. SETI radio telescopes can't detect it, UFO enthusiasts won't see it, Sci-fi fans don't realize it, the general public doesn't have a clue - because it's coming like a thief in the night. It's designed to be a stealth process and a riddle. There is a built-in screening mechanism that makes it a gateway, through which advanced knowledge can be transmitted to those who pass the 'test'. But those who fail it are to face 'Judgment'. Sounds cliché, but the emerging 'Contact' situation does, artificially or not, seem to carry the essence of the 'Judgment Day' storyline.

I would say that this is really starting to sound more and more realistic. So much so, it's actually... creepy. As pieces of the puzzle keep getting unearthed and the outline of the jigsaw itself begins to become clearer, the concept that keeps coming to my mind is - 'Contact'. Contact from some 'higher intelligence' whether it's human or, maybe, something else, doesn't really matter... it has to do with higher intelligence... or higher knowledge. Perhaps terms like 'Enki' or 'Watchers' would be non-descriptive enough to be properly applicable to this 'intelligence' that's quite clearly transmitting certain information through widespread media like pop culture, TV programs, sporting events, and such in a very discrete way so as to be a 'coded message', or 'riddle', that seems to be 'testing' us (or maybe just having some twisted fun...). To put it another way, the higher knowledge is being placed in front of us, by a 'trickster'-like agency/system, and it's up to us to recognize it, solve it, harness it, and... maybe, survive what may be coming. Or, quite plausibly, that may be just the way this 'reality' matrix has been set up to one degree or another all through 'history'.

I'm still not sure how literal this concept really is at this point, but I detect that this storyline itself is there and playing itself out... right now, as the Mayan calendar's infamous end date '2012' rapidly approaches us, now only 7 years away. It's almost as if the challenge for us (artificial or not) is to recognize the covertly set up 'end-time storyline' and then step out of it by way of simply becoming aware of the patterns so that it becomes a metaphorical story, not something so literal. Maybe it's just time for us to end this 'game' called reality, at least the current level, by simply realizing that it is a game... an illusion, the whole thing. And some 'agency', almost certainly having many compartmentalized levels (both physical/biological and metaphysical, including our sub/unconscious mind), is setting things up so that the Bell is now beginning to ring around us loud enough for (some of) us to 'wake up' from 'reality', and in the end the choice to do so is ultimately up to each of us.

Well anyway, I'm already beginning to regret that I wrote the above as it sounds... well, they are just a lot of words and a little too New-Agey for Etemenanki. :) But you'll see that the actual findings are actually very not New Age. I would describe them as 'Etemenanki squared' or something like that. :)

I guess I also wanted to give a different spin to the nature of the findings than the very dark one given in the previous post. While I'm still of the same view that the dark cloud of danger is looming in front of us to an unnerving degree, and it is obviously important, but my focus has shifted somewhat and I'm now more fascinated by the apparent 'Contact' aspect of the whole development. (It would still be analogous to the famous sphinx legend from ancient Greece, i.e. the 'riddle' and the judgment of the gatekeeper sphinx.) There is something about the nature of the transmission that gives me excitement rather than fear (but this could be simply due to me not being a 'survivalist' type). In any case I'm personally somehow less focused on the dark and still plausible near-future storyline involving the use of some form of WMD (the theme of 'nuclear'/'atomic' is very prominent) which is both symbolic and surprisingly specific. And I suspect that the manifestation of the storyline could be 'metaphorized' in effect by solving the 'riddles'. How the 'game' works, it seems... or at least I hope so in this case. We'll see.

Well, I originally wanted to discuss in this post some of the more introductory dot-connecting findings to move things forward a little but something came up and there is enough time for that now so I'll try to get into these tomorrow or so.


 February 14, '05   Race Against Time
I've been kind of quiet since the Super Bowl two Sundays ago, but this doesn't mean I have little to say. On the contrary, I'm getting a little worried that I may not have enough time to put all the new findings out before... well, a highly significant window is coming up soon. There is so much to discuss now, it's pretty ridiculous. And I must say it's quite startling stuff... perhaps the most serious information to be presented on Etemenanki in terms of real-world urgency. The findings are practically screaming that we're about to move right into a 'big dark cloud', represented by a bona fide high-impact event or events. There seems to be several alternate or overlaid scenarios and I'm increasingly getting the sense, based on the quantity and quality of the findings, that at least one of those scenarios will play out in reality quite soon.

There is one emerging scenario that is particularly disturbing, which may well involve some type of bio-chemical agent [or even radioactive material] being released in a certain American city. (Yes, it's a potential scenario, but I'm seeing it as an unnervingly realistic one at this point.) I will name this city in my upcoming piece and discuss the time element involved. This is to be done in that unique Etemenanki style of aggressively pursuing multicontextual coherence (i.e. a lot of symbolism) but as you may be able tell from this little note it will get unusually specific in some areas.

Well, I might as well just state here that the 'window' coming up related to all this - thought it's not the only window - is the days around March 11 (something like March 5-15). Regular visitors here should already be familiar with it as this is the projected 'birth day' stemming from - and 9 months from - the 'Mayan' Transit of Venus last year, June 8, along with associated events (Reagan, Schwarzenegger, etc.), and it's also the second date pinpointed by the 'Terminator Code 311'... and so on.

It appears Horus is about to be born... Osiris coming out of the tomb.

What that will end up representing, the way I see it, depends largely on how 'aware' the/some people are of the underlying patterns. Here is again how I would put it (conceptually): The 'sphinx' is currently presenting us with a riddle, a 'test', a la the Greek legend, and we must solve it to be allowed to go through the gate - a 'timegate' - at the beginning of the 21st century. Of course the first big challenge is to just realize that this 'game' is now taking place just under the surface of what is normally considered 'reality'.

Going with this model, it could be said that the more people are aware of certain scenarios the less they are likely to manifest in a literal way. Nothing too mysterious about it, really. I mean, the more you're aware that there is a wall right ahead of you, the less chance there is that you'll walk into it. :)

So anyway, it's in this spirit that I will be presenting the upcoming piece... and I'll try to post it as soon as possible. Hope the the above didn't sound too alarming :) - I actually just wanted to let  you guys know that I've been very busily working on this stuff, thus my relative quietness after the big 'ritual'.


 February 08, '05   Super-Bowl Sunday Manifestations
Here are quick comments on the Sunday events that were closely monitored here, namely the Super Bowl and the Pope situation. (See the previous post.)

As far as John Paul II is concerned, Sunday was his first public 'appearance' since his sudden hospitalization last week... and it was revealed there that he could barely speak. It is even rumored that his short 'blessing' speech was quickly switched to a taped recording. Interesting - on various levels. Even, slowly but surely, Vatican officials are beginning to hint that it is actually possible for the Pope to decide to step down, surprising many observers. It was also reported around the same time that he was actually '10minuites form death' when he was rushed to the hospital. So that's only a 10 minutes cushion that saved him from becoming a dramatic fulfillment of the 'dove bringing back the olive branch' symbolism, interpreted to signify the rise of the next Pope, presented here the day before his hospitalization... Pretty freaky.

2/07 Sick JP2 makes public appearance
2/07 Pontiff's blessing 'probably recorded'
2/07 Vatican insists pontiff gave address
2/07 John Paul to Stay in Hospital; Aide Talks of Retirement
2/07 Pope was '10 minutes from death'
2/08 Vatican cardinal raises possibility of Pope resigning

As for the Super Bowl, specifically the halftime show that was projected to function as part of the ongoing 'super torch ritual', I saw that 'contact' was indeed made there, so to speak. Discussions on this will be presented in another (big) post later on but for now you might find intriguing the following.

Paul McCartney, the sole performer of the halftime show, started his set with the song 'Drive My Car', which was a pretty strange choice. Why open the big show with a relatively unremarkable song? Could it have something to do with the fact that U2's latest CD 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb' - already a key component of the underlying pattern tracked here - has a 'hidden' 12th track titled 'Fast Cars'? It is certainly curious that U2's songs were played repeatedly at key points during the Super Bowl, and U2 themselves performed during the halftime show in 2002 soon after 9/11.) Here is very timely information 'Jed' sent me via email:

U2 has a bonus 12th song available on the non-US releases of their current album called Fast Cars, which has a lyric referring to the LP title. The song itself has a middle-eastern flavor...

It is in fact in the lyrics of this song that Bono/U2 makes an explicit reference to 'dismantling an atomic bomb', which in turn is very likely what was behind the desert setting in their 'Vertigo' video (first single off the album released late last year).

Here is a key piece of the lyrics:

I’m going nowhere
Where I am it is a lot of fun
They’re in the desert to dismantle an atomic bomb
I watch them channel hop
Check the stocks
I’m in detox
I want the lot of what you’ve got
If what you’ve got can make this stop 

And 'car' is an anagram of 'arc' (ark), i.e. the Flood/Noah's Ark theme driving the current pattern we see as underlying key world events. I don't know about you, but I detected some intriguing allusions to the Flood/Ark during the whole Super Bowl show...

But of course, it was in the special episode of The Simpsons immediately following the game that the anticipated symbolism/pattern emerged and it was in your face!

This Simpson episode was heavily promoted before and during the Super Bowl and its storyline itself had to do with the Super Bowl, or more specifically the halftime show. In a sense, there were two halftime shows this year - one 'real' and one 'fake', back to back. And as those who watched the episode already know, it was during the 'fake' halftime show that the 'magic', or 'contact', took place in terms of 'communicating' the underlying pattern, the pattern that has been closely tracked on this website.

Here is from the episode guide of The Simpsons:

"Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass"
1608 GABF02 SI-1602
Original Airdate: 2/6/05

After Homer inadvertently performs a wild crowd-pleasing dance at a local carnival, he is hired by several sports figures including Tom Brady, LeBron James, Yao Ming, Warren Sapp and Michelle Kwan to choreograph their victory dances. After his dances prove successful, Homer is soon tapped to choreograph the big show – the Superbowl Half-time Show. Meanwhile, Flanders, is disgusted by the filth on television, decides to start making Bible movies; ultra-violent, ultra-gory Bible movies à la Passion of the Christ. The movies are very disturbing, but nonetheless a hit; until the violence becomes too gratuitous and the audience turns on him. Homer panics during planning the show and the night before Superbowl XXXVIII still has nothing – so he teams up with Flanders and they put on a nonviolent and deeply meaningful Biblical half-time show which America chastises for it’s blatant display of decency.

This 'Biblical halftime show' theme was... all about the 'sons of God'/Nephilim and the Great Flood/Ark! I mean, the show began with a scene showing 'sons/children of God' in corruption (who gets terminated by a 'flood') and ended more or less with the 'dove' (played by a winged dog) signaling the end of the Flood. The narration even included the phrase '40 days and 40 nights', which is none other than the title of my previous post discussing the upcoming Super Bowl/halftime show.

Here are a couple of comments posted in the comments/forum by those who watched The Simpsons, giving some more detail which I missed (I wasn't watching it too closely at first):

That was the strangest Simpsons' episode I've ever seen. Besides the Noah/flood halftime show, Homer (planning out post touchdown dance moves) draws a pyramid on the wall, and adorns it with a sun ala US dollar bill. Also, Flanders makes a movie where Jonah is being eaten by the whale and Solomon cuts the baby in half. I also thought it was strange that a plane flies out during the halftime show and "chemtrails" the people to death. It was certainly more intriguing than the original halftime show. FSTV | 02.07.05 - 1:00 am | # 

I don't know how many of you also noticed this but at one point in the episode Homer was constructing a chart based on the pyramid and after filling in information in the capstone part of the pyramid he had an idea and needed to add more information but the "cap" was filled. Where else could he add the pinnacle of his thoughts? Of course! The Sun! - [posted by 'Obatalah']

Well, let me put it this way: no Etemenankians could have missed the obviousness of the symbolism... well, it was not even symbolism, it was just right there without any cover at all. The content of the 'fake' halftime show constituted a pattern manifestation even an unimaginative reader could have easily thought up beforehand after going through all the pattern/symbolism discussions here. Of course, it was okay to be so obvious because there was already the big twist of it being a secondary halftime show... in a cartoon world. :) For most, that's enough of a twist to evade full-conscious detection.

But, again, this is not to say that the 'real' halftime show was not amazing in its own way, and I'm not just talking about Paul McCartney's performance which actually was kind of refreshing - you know, seeing real and talented musicians playing real instruments and signing without lip-syncing on network TV - but the great depth of the 'encoded symbolism'... which was of course much more difficult to detect and decipher than The Simpsons... but more meaningful. I'll be discussing all this here soon.

With the apparent emphasis on the notion of 'halftime' - continuing from last year - we begin to wonder about that term/concept itself (as 'annemarie j' was doing in the forum). Indeed, it also occurred to me that last year's Super Bowl that gave us Janet Jackson's nipplegate fiasco (more or less kick-starting the 'super torch ritual'), was the 'halftime' - or midway point - between 1998 and 2010, 6 years on each side of 2003. As discussed in Stargate Cipher 2012, it was the year 1998 that the precise 'Mayan' alignment involving the solar solstice points and the Galactic Equator took place and 2010 is conceptually the sequel year to '2001', the year of 9/11, in that '2010' was the sequel to the film/novel written by Arthur C. Clarke, '2001'. In my model 2010 is as significant as the popular Mayan calendar 'end date' of 2012.

This year's Super Bowl, in fact, marked the midway point between 1998 and 2012, 7 years on each side. In this light, it is eerily fitting that the score of the football game at the halftime point was 7-7, as if to say 7 years before and 7 years after...

Anyway, a much more substantial examination of all this coming soon.


 February 04, '05   After 40 Days & 40 Nights...

Today, February 4, 2005, marks exactly 40 days after the Asian 'Great Flood' (Dec. 26). This is symbolically significant because, as already mentioned in the comments/forum, the expression '40 days and 40 nights' found in the Book of Genesis cannot be separated from the story of Noah's Flood, or more generally the notion of the 'Ark' - Noah's and Moses'. Just as the rain of the Great Flood continued for 'forty days and forty nights' (Genesis 7:4, 12, 17, 8:6), Moses is said to have stayed with 'God' on Mount Sinai for 'forty days and forty nights' (Exodus 24:18, 34:28) receiving the Ten Commandments for which the Ark of the Covenant would be constructed.

This closely interacts with what I previously discussed regarding how the 'Great Flood' symbolism has now set the stage for Noah's dove coming back after the deluge with an olive branch to signal the end of the flood. It was at dawn on January 31 that my last, lengthy piece was posted here in which I associated the olive with among other things the coming of the next Pope - and this was only hours before we started hearing about the Pope's illness in the news. I wrote (emphasis added):

There are some interesting time references in Genesis regarding the Flood that we can probably use for decoding the time code involved here... But for now we can expect the month of February to produce significant developments around the world that'll give us more clarity as to what that 'olive branch' presumably on its way would represent. [...]

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention the continuing relevance of the Pope situation. I have been quite consistent in my position from the beginning that the grand ritual sequence now underway has much to do with the exit of the current pope, John Paul II. It is one of the big events to which the 'ritual clock' is counting down, the way I see it. And the key symbolism here apparently involves the prophetic list of popes supposedly written down centuries ago by one St. Malachy which identifies John Paul II as 'De labore Solis' or 'of the labor/eclipse of the Sun' and the next pope as 'Gloria olivae' or 'Glory of the olive'. Yes... olive. So within the context we have going here, the potential implication is quite self-explanatory. The olive branch that is to be brought to us after the Flood [i.e recent tsunamis] may well be represented by the rise of the next pope.

And the following, from an earlier December 22 post titled 'Damage Plan - Paul Is Dead?' that dealt with the apparent 'prophetic' implications of the concert shooting incident in Columbus killing the famous metal guitarist of Damageplan/Pantera - an event coinciding with the Sun's crossing of the Galactic Meridian, and an event I had interpreted as a foreshadowing of things to come later that month (and beyond) which turned out to be the 'Great Flood':

So what could be the 'plan' covertly telegraphed through the Columbus shooting [early December]? This is very speculative stuff to be sure but I did a bit of research and thinking on this, and all the clues kept yielding a surprisingly consistent 'message' and it was none other than the 'exit of the Sun-king' theme with particular emphasis on the Pope. [...]

That the Pope's hospitalization came on February 1 is also highly significant because of the following, from the same piece:

Through the city's name 'Columbus' [= Columba = dove] we are also guided back to the starting point of the 2004 'omen', the Super Bowl on the anniversary [Feb 1] of the space shuttle Columbia disaster... [...]

In closing let me bring to your attention yet another remarkably 'ritualistic' coincidence: it was announced just last month that the next year's Super Bowl coming up on Feb 6 will feature Paul McCartney during the halftime show where Janet Jackson previously kick-started the Venusian ritual scheme! The 'Paul Is Dead' theme relevant to the Pope is certainly coming alive now.

The 'Babylon/Sun-king falling' theme of which the 'exit of Pope' is a sub-theme has been around for a long time here at Etemenanki and I have been particularly determined not to miss the exit of John Paul II event in terms of identifying any potential windows beforehand. And following the Columbus/Damageplan event, I have been pushing this theme hard, probably the hardest in years, due to what were interpreted as insisting 'clues' coming out in early December within the larger context of our 'super torch ritual' complex which we've been closely monitoring in effect since the 2004 Super Bowl that gave us the highly 'ritualistic' so-called 'nipplegate' of Janet Jackson at the halftime (as well as Pepsi's Super Bowl commercial, etc.). And an important component there was the fact that the Super Bowl took place on the anniversary of the space shuttle Columbia disaster (Feb 1) which had already been identified as a major 'omen' event (the major omen before that was the fall of the Russian space station Mir in 2001 foreshadowing 9/11).

Regarding my use of the term 'omen', here is how I put it in The Lucifer Time Code: Part 2 (June 24, '04):

To many, the earthshaking events of 9/11, 2001 came without any warning. And to many, the disastrous outcome of the US invasion/occupation of Iraq was unforeseeable. Major events and developments such as these, they would readily surmise, are not predictable. True, the more informed segment of the population could easily discern the danger inherent in the imperial US adventure, but even many of those were surprised by just how badly the occupation phase in Iraq went as the whole thing just steadily collapsed into a total nightmare.

From the multicontextual perspective of Etemenanki, however, these were predictable developments and they were fully [or generally at least] anticipated beforehand - because the 'signs' were clearly there. While the key to 'reading the signs' is contextual superimposition - i.e. finding symbolic parallels and coherence - which involves numerous observations coming from different angles (that get unified), sometimes we'd encounter a single event whose symbolism alone can constitute an 'omen' that is powerful/resonant enough to give us pretty good glimpse of what's coming.

In 2004, the first 'omen' recognized as such was the Super Bowl, primarily through the 'nipplegate' fiasco. But this time there was not one but a 'complex' of omens that was successively identified as the year went on. It was as if one omen pointed ahead to the next and then that one to the next, and so on. And I started calling the whole process the 'super torch ritual', at the center of which was the Athens Olympics (see Stargate Cipher 2012).

As explained in depth previously, following the 'rituals'/'omens' closely enabled us to anticipate not only the key 'ritual' of the Columbus shooting but the Asian 'Great Flood' (tsunamis) to a great degree. The main interpretation derived from the Damageplan event in Ohio, however, concerned the fall of the Sun-king with emphasis on the Pope. This view did not diminish even after the 'Great Flood' had taken place which should be apparent in my writings since that day of catastrophe, especially the Jan 31 post in which I suggested equating the rise of the next Pope - St. Malachy's 'Glory of the olives' - with the olive branch that Noah's dove, Columba, brings back at the end of the Flood.

And now we all saw what happened to the Pope - he suddenly fell ill on Jan 31 and was rushed to the hospital the next day, February 1... which is, if you recall, the second anniversary of the Columbia disaster and the first anniversary of the nipplegate Super Bowl. In other words, the Pope's hospitalization, a big international news story, came on the very day already identified as a big 'ritual date', and not only that the date had already been considered to carry the dove/Columba theme (because of the space shuttle 'Columbia' connection) thus in effect 'acknowledging' the 'olive branch of the dove' projection presented here just hours before news about the Pope's illness started coming out!

More freaky is the fact that the Pope was in the news for a different reason immediately (likely less than 24 hours) before he fell sick - involving... doves! This is why most of the Pope pictures used on mainstream news websites on Feb 1 showed him with a flying dove.

Here is what the Associated Press reported on Jan 31:

VATICAN CITY (AP) -- Pope John Paul II shooed a dove - a symbol of peace - out his apartment window Sunday, chuckling with children who watched in delight as the bird flew back into his room overlooking St. Peter's Square.

The pontiff was addressing thousands of young people from an Italian Catholic organization who marked January as a month to promote peace. [...]

Each of the children at his side sent a dove flying, but the white birds, perhaps alarmed by Rome's unusual cold spell, almost immediately darted back into his studio.

Laughing, the 84-year-old ailing pontiff seemed determined to set the symbol free. He grabbed one of the doves as an aide returned the birds to the window sill, and he shooed it out the window and playfully patted the boy on the head.

After a quick flight over the square, the bird quickly fluttered inside again as the pope grinned.

You can't make this stuff up! On the day I posted a big piece in which the Pope's fate was linked to Noah's dove that returns to the Ark carrying an olive branch (both the dove and olive are symbols of peace) and to the month of February, the Pope was making news because the doves he released from his window came back to him! And the very next day - the Columba/Columbia/dove day - the Pope is hospitalized, forcing people to think about the next Pope... our 'Glory of the olives'!

An amazing sequence of events... lost on most people but not those who visit Etemenanki. :) Now, the Pope may recover from this latest health scare like he always seems to do, but it's probably safe to say that it's already been demonstrated that the 'patterns' discussed in this strange underground place called Etemenanki are real enough to allow tangible future projections.

Here is something the Pope may not want to hear, posted by 'Jennie' in the comments (attached to the previous post):

Re: The Pope being unnerved on Sunday when he released the doves and they flew back at him (into the bldg.). It's an old superstition that a bird flying into a house signals a death. No wonder he was unnerved!
Jennie | 02.02.05 - 6:27 pm | # 

So... well, that's pretty self-explanatory.

In any case, it's in this ominous context that I will be monitoring today's events, 'forty days and forty nights' after the 'Great Flood'. We may well be in for more remarkable 'coincidences' that fit the ongoing pattern.

I'm also looking slightly ahead to the time of this year's Super Bowl coming this Sunday, February 6, the Patriots vs. the Eagles. First, the Super Bowl as a sporting event is already heavily embedded in the whole 'ritual complex'; second, this year's halftime show will feature Paul McCartney whom I have already interpreted as having a lot to do with the current pattern and particularly relevant to the Pope situation. This interpretation was first presented in my pre-Flood Dec 22 post 'Damage Plan - Paul Is Dead?'.

Thirdly, we have celestial 'signs'. Mars will be crossing the Galactic Equator near the Galactic Center on Feb 6. The Galactic Center/Meridian/Equator has already been shown to be a vital component of the 'super torch ritual' (treated as such in most of my posts/articles in the last several months), which is why we were closely monitoring the time around Dec 29 because that was when Venus was crossing the Galactic Meridian (centerline of the Milky Way) following the Sun doing the same earlier in the same month when the Columbus shooting event took place. Of course the Asian 'Great Flood' came 3 days earlier on Dec 26 but I have already explained in depth why this was something that should have been anticipated - most significantly because the rare Transit of Venus event last year, an event that anchors the whole 'super torch ritual', came on June 8 - which was three days before Venus previously crossed the Galactic Meridian on June 11, a day ritualistically marked on earth by Reagan's burial ceremony that ritualistically passed the 'torch of kingship' to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As it happens, as was pointed out in the comments by 'Haven', Feb 6/7 will be 40 days from Dec 29, Venus' GM-crossing day.

I should also mention that Mars' current general position, moving across the celestial flooding river, the Milky Way, and near the Galactic Center, marks Mars' second return to its '9/11' position. Its first return coincided with the start of the Iraq war - March '03. So I see a lot of potential for a significant development in this period to continue the 'echo' effect.

Finally, it's a little too fitting that Genesis 6:2, corresponding to Feb 6 (written European style as is the norm for this type of correlation for some reason), happens to be a verse talking about the deeds of the 'sons of God', or 'fallen angels', whose actions on earth directly led to the Great Flood!

That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. [Gen 6:2]

I have already showed in my previous post how this particular tale is a key component of the symbolic pattern presently followed by world events. It was also a version of this story that the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics portrayed in a highly artistic way.

And it may also be relevant that 'NFL' (National Football League), of which the Super Bowl is the championship game, resembles 'Nephilim', sometimes written Nefilim - the offspring of the 'sons of God' and 'daughters of men'... or another form of the 'fallen angels. (This 'NFL' interpretation was mentioned to me months ago by 'Glenn'.) [Additional note: It was also discussed how football is a sport of fighting over an egg-shaped ball or a 'seed'/'bloodline', very much evocative of the Nephilim/Grail story.]

So... it seems plausible that 'contact' will be made in some way during the coming days that may take the form of another major 'omen', 'acknowledgment', or 'fulfillment'. It will be interesting to see how, or if, the Pope situation and the Super Bowl (with its 'Paul Is Dead' symbolism) will interact.

Stay tuned...


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