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July 2004

 July 28, '04   Glimpse of Future: Arnold vs. Obama?

A star was born yesterday, and his name is Barack Obama. This guy just may be the future of the United States. Well, at least that's what you would have found yourself thinking after witnessing his key note speech on Day Two of the Democratic National Convention. This guy was amazing. Both inspired and inspiring. Hell, it was almost enough to make Cheney want to vote for Kerry! If the speech were carried by all the broadcast networks, it could have been all but over for Bush-Cheney. Obama was that good - and this was his first speech on a national stage. I know for myself I almost felt hopeful for America for the first time in a long time after hearing him.

The buzz is already starting: people, after one speech, are already seriously envisioning 'President Obama'... Indeed, I too find myself wondering if, in a way, we just witnessed the birth of an 'anti-Schwarzenegger'. Both have that great, natural charismatic leadership aura; only Arnold appeals to the 'beast' part of of us and Obama to the 'soul' part of us. Within ten years - 2012? 2008? - we just may be looking at a 'Black Election' (both Arnold and Obama are 'black' though in different ways) that will be set up to determine how the US will end. But, although it may be a little too early for this, I already fear for Obama's life... because he has that rare ability to inspire people as did JFK and MLK. I know the elite will be watching him very closely.

At the convention, Teresa Heinz Kerry (Kerry's wife) coming after Obama also did surprisingly well, and I'm sure she got his husband many female votes with her somewhat woman-power speech.

So while Kerry is now accompanied by eloquent rising stars like Edwards and Obama appealing to young/swing voters and Teresa appealing to woman/swing voters, Bush has his robotic wife and his old, ugly and nasty Vice President Dick 'Go F**k Yourself' Cheney as his running mate. I think it's safe to say that the Republican officials now have their nervous fingers on the panic button. (Not pushing it yet, but it's getting there.) And this should mean that Cheney is now even more likely to be dumped.

The year 1999 seven months,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to reign by good luck

Recently in The Lucifer Time Code (Part 2) I talked about the remerging relevance of Nostradamus' Quatrain X-72 - timing-wise anchored by the space probe Cassini's arrival at Saturn earlier this month. Here I just want to point out that the quatrain's third line is rather suggestive of Rudolph Giuliani, former Mayor of NYC and a perceived 'hero' of 9/11, being picked to replace Cheney on the Republican ticket because 'Algolmois' can relate to NYC. Once, in the early days, the region of NYC/Manhattan was called 'Angoulême'. So the 'great King of Angolmois' that is said to be brought 'back to life' would be a very fitting title for Giuliani. The potential implication here is not hard to see. And I've been viewing the Cheney-Giuliani switch as likely since last winter.

There is of course another increasing possibility (which may offset the dump-Cheney scenario) - that of a terror event that will conveniently strike the US just in time to get that fear-driven pro-Bush nationalistic sentiment going again among the populace. X-72's line 2 mentioning a 'great king of terror' may be relevant here. It's important to realize that the US is not Spain. The mass psychology involved is very different. A horrific terror event will help Bush's reelection chances, not the other way around. So, knowing this, will the fanatics and/or financier-type Bush backers be able to refrain from staging such an event?

Recently there was a controversy over the news that the Bush administration was trying to put together a plan to postpone/cancel the election in the event of a big terrorist attack/threat in the US close to Election Day. Most people couldn't help but wonder if this was Team Bush trying to stay in power by exploiting the whole post-9/11 terrorism fear. But to me this speculation seemed a little too simplistic and perhaps misleading - because terrorism would actually be Bush-Cheney's best friend close to Election Day. It's more natural to think that they will want to go through the election process without any delay while the resultant sentiment of nationalism is still hot. So could it actually be that the 'possible election postponement' news was a piece of disinformation designed to establish a psychological climate that will ensure later on the non-postponement of the election even immediately after a 'shock & awe' terror event? Well, something to think about...



 July 21, '04   Into Firestorm
In this post I will present some of my thoughts on what we may be facing during the coming weeks.

First, as expected the news about present 'life on Mars' is beginning to leak out as the COSPAR conference is now underway in Paris (July 18-25) where such an 'official' announcement is anticipated as discussed before. We should be hearing more about it in the coming days. The conference will conclude on the same day as the final day of the Tour de France, also set to take place in Paris which is ritualistically very meaningful as we know.

For instance:

  • Paris and Mars currently share the prevalent 'Meridian' theme as Paris has the Gnostically important Zero Meridian/'Rose Line' and NASA's Mars rover Opportunity has landed in and is currently exploring a region called 'Meridiani Planum' near the Martian Meridian.

  • The reigning champion of 'Le Tour' is Lance Armstrong. The name 'Lance' evokes the 'Spear of Destiny' of St. Longinus which/whom we have already associated with the Meridian theme. The name 'Longinus' alludes to longitude/meridian, and the Spear being comparable to the Holy Grail (= 'Blood Royal', messianic bloodline/'Rose Line') makes it analogous to the Paris Zero Meridian

  • The Tour officially began on July 4/Independence Day, symbolically embodied by the Statue of Liberty holding the torch of freedom.

  • On the same day Venus, the 'light-bearer' star representing Mary-Isis as is the torch-bearing Lady Liberty, crossed the Galactic Meridian very near yet another 'Torch-Bearer' star, Aldebaran. The name Paris is said to allude to Par-Isis ('near Isis') thus analogous to Venus-Sirius (Sirius = Isis-Mary = Venus). In Greek mythology 'Paris' was a figure associated with the torch.

And of course 2004 being the year of the Athens Olympic Games, the persistent 'torch' theme has brought our attention to the Olympic torch being carried around the world. We have observed that:

  • On July 4 (the 'torch' day), the national soccer team of Greece (the capital of which is Athens) won the European Championship in a historic upset.

  • The science-mission side of NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers - Opportunity and Spirit - is called Athena, a goddess from whom the name 'Athens' derives.

  • The Athens Olympics begins on August 13 - the 225th day [from the first day of] 2004. Venus' orbit around the Sun takes 225 days.

We've gone through all this before. Now let's get into the new findings...

First, we've had a terrestrial version of the Meridian crossing (a la Venus), enacted through the Tour:

  • Tour-de-France cyclists crossed the Paris Meridian on July 15, the same day the BBC news story on current 'life on Mars' came out. They crossed the Meridian again on July 18, the day the COSPAR assembly began in Paris.

  • The cyclists crossed the Greenwich Meridian on July 9 and July 11/12. These dates closely coincide with Schwarzenegger visiting his home country to represent the US for the funeral of Austrian president Thomas Klestil who passed away ~July 7. The funeral - a ritualistic 'echo' of the Reagan one which also involved Arnold - was held July 10 (Arnie was still in Austria the next day). Schwarzenegger, 'The Olympian', is the central star of the global 'torch ritual' currently underway as has been discussed here for many weeks now.

It is also interesting that this coming July 30 will be Arnie's 57th birthday, meaning he will enter the 58th year of his life. '58', as explained in The Lucifer Time Code: Part 1, is a Venus-connected key number in the 'super ritual'.

Now, Venus is traditionally the star signifying the Mary-Isis-Venus goddess complex and particularly Mary Magdalene the supposed wife/lover of Jesus with whom she is said to have had children to perpetuate the messianic bloodline, i.e. the Holy Grail/Spear/Lance. The name Magdalene, as 'Magdala', denotes 'tower'. The WTC twin towers were destroyed in 2001, which was 225 years ('225' = Venus number) from the birth of the US in 1776. And the 'torch day' this year (July 4) witnessed the laying of the cornerstone for the 'Freedom Tower' at the site of the WTC towers. The Freedom Tower was reportedly designed to evoke the Statue of Liberty, i.e. the torch-bearing Venus-Isis-Mary.

Given the prominence of the Tour de France in the 'ritual', we wonder how the 'tower' theme applies to the sporting event held in France, the very land of Mary Magdalene (post-crucifixion). Well, a regular Etemenanki reader/poster 'Alfredo' - who gave us useful information before - again came up with an intriguing observation recently (July 11). He commented:

Tour de France can be seen as the Tower of France, and we have three interpretations here: the tower of France is 1) the Eiffel Tower 2) The Goddess Isis/Mary/Marianne 3) Both

While I knew the symbolic significance of the Eiffel Tower, I found his 'Tower of France' interpretation quite thought-provoking. At first, however, I was not quite ready to endorse this interpretation because I wasn't sure just how solid the Tour-Tower comparison was.

Did he mean that they just look and sound alike? I decided to do a little research on this. Well, soon I learned that the interchangeability was indeed there. The word 'tower' derives from Middle English 'tur, tour, towr', and the term 'tour' in French actually does include the meaning of 'tower'. So 'Tour of France' could in fact easily turn into 'Tower of France'! No wonder it was incorporated into the 'super ritual'...

And of course the 'Tower of France' would be a rather obvious reference to one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world, the Eiffel tower standing in Paris near the Champs Elysees where the Tour racing will conclude on July 25. What's more, the tower even stands in a park called Champ de Mars - that is, 'Field of Mars'... to acknowledge the intertwined Martian connection!

All these links are pushing us more and more toward one of the Nostradamus quatrains that I have discussed before. I recently wrote that today's events are bringing 'my' Nosty quatrains from years ago back to the surface and that I was preparing to discuss them again. This, labeled II-48, is one such quatrain:

La grand copie qui passera les monts.
Saturne en l'Arq tournant du poisson Mars:
Venins cachez soubs testes de saumons,
Leurs chief pendu a` fil de polemars. 

The great army which will pass the mounts.
Saturn in the Arc turning of the fish Mars:
Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,
Their chief hung with cord of polemars.

Since 1999 I've been calling this the 'Paris quatrain' as I found it to be essentially a 'word map' describing the heart of Paris, the region around the Champs Elysees, the 'historical axis of Paris', closely associated with Sirius-Isis, Schwarzenegger, etc. Now that it's become a key feature of the ongoing 'super ritual', this quatrain too is increasing, or regaining, its significance.

First of all, the quatrain # '2-48' is already an allusion to Paris as it corresponds to the city's coordinates: 2.3 deg. E, 48.8 deg. N! As for the rest, let me go through my interpretation again which I first presented in the 1999: The Ark of Sirius article (1999).

Line 1: The great army which will pass the mounts

The 'great army' is the very name given to one of the 12 streets extending from the famous circular road that surrounds the Arc de Triomphe ('Place Charles de Gaulle'). In French the street is called 'Grande Armee'.  Not only is Grand Armee one of the 12 streets, it is the direct extension of the main street, Champs Elysees (Elysian Fields). The 'mounts' would be an allusion to the Arc de Triomphe which stands in between Champs Elysees and Grande Armee.

Line 2: Saturn in the Arc turning of the fish Mars

The 'Arc' is obviously a reference to the Arc de Triomphe. The is supported by the word 'turning' coming right after 'Arc' as it suggests a circular movement/shape - perfectly applicable to the famous circular road going around the Arc de Triomphe. The mention of 'Saturn' further reinforces this interpretation since the planet is most notable for its beautiful circular ring. Saturn is symbolically coherent also in that as the planet/god of death it relates to the fact that the Arc marks the 'Tomb of the Unknown Soldier' and that the Elysian Fields (Champs Elysees) is mythologically a realm of the dead, analogous to the 'duat' underworld ruled by Osiris in ancient Egyptian mythology.

As for 'turning of the fish Mars', it is a very clever allusion to the Eiffel Tower (which didn't exist in Nostradamus' time of course) standing in the Champ de Mars (marked by a red rectangle in the map below).

As you can see, the tower in the 'Martian' park is located on the opposite side of the Seine river from the Champs Elysees/Arc. The key hers is that the term 'Seine' means 'fishing net' - thus making the Champ de Mars park metaphorically comparable to a fish trapped in the 'net' represented by the river.

But what about the 'turning' part? Well, I couldn't quite figure it out back in 1999 but now the meaning has become quite clear, and it certainly corroborates the Paris-map interpretation.

The term 'tower' as well as 'tour' etymologically derives from a root word denoting 'spinning' or 'turning'. So 'turning of the fish Mars' would become 'tower of the fish Mars'. And since the 'fish Mars' has already been identified as the Champ de Mars, its tower would obviously be none other than the Eiffel Tower standing in the Martian park!

Line 3: Poison hidden under the heads of salmon
The first word, 'poison', seems to interact with the previous line in that the French word for 'fish' is 'poisson' which is nearly identical, both in spelling and pronunciation, to 'poison'. ('Poison' has the same meaning in French.) The original term used for 'poison' in the quatrain is 'Venins' which resembles Venus - a connection strengthened by the fact that Venus is a planet notable for having a poisonous atmosphere. And because 'salmon' subsequently mentioned in the line is a type of fish and fish in the previous line was associated with turning/tower, we can now link Venus with the notion of turning/tower.

This is symbolically very coherent since both Venus and tower are closely identified with Mary Magdalene, the biblical version of the Egyptian goddess Isis. And of course Paris is a 'city of Isis' (Par-Isis) whose 'historical axis', the Champs Elysees, is designed to align with the rising of Sirius, the Isis star.

Further, the concept of 'turning' and 'salmon' attached to Venus invokes the idea of the planet going retrograde, i.e. moving in the opposite direction a la salmon which is known for swimming against the current. As it happens, Venus was in retrograde from mid-May through early July this year (overlapping the Transit of Venus on June 8) and it was around July 4 that Venus turned around to go direct again. July 4, the 'torch day' already associated with Venus-Mary-Isis, was when the Tour de France began. The race ends when the cyclists rides through... yes, the Champ Elysees (July 25).

Line 4: Their chief hung with cord of polemars
'Polemars' appears to be a made-up/coded word.  Decoding here is not that difficult. We can split it into two words, 'pole' and 'Mars'; and we can easily infer that the 'pole' signifies the 'Eiffel Tower' in the Champ de 'Mars'. In other words, the Eiffel Tower is a 'Mars pole', or 'pole-Mars'.

It is also interesting to note that the polar regions of the planet Mars are where there is a lot of frozen water, and Earth's polar regions are where some Martian rocks have been found including one that was claimed in 1997 to contain fossils of microbial life forms. This connection is intensified by a NASA announcement made just hours ago on July 20 - a well known NASA 'ritual' date - saying that a meteorite found near the South Pole last year came from Mars.

As for 'their chief hung with cord', well, this is probably relevant to what is about to take place in the very near future and likely has much to do with the 'Babylon leader falling' theme we have going with the 'super ritual' (see the 'Time Code' articles).

In particular, I'd have to say, we're probably looking at here the exit of Pope John Paul II. Notice, for starters, that the reference to fish/salmon in the quatrain relates to the Papacy in that the pope is traditionally considered a 'fisher of men' and the strange head piece that the popes wear represents the head of fish. Correlate this with 'heads of salmon' and 'their chief/head hung with cord'...

This papal event is mixed with the Paris and the Tour via the quatrain probably because of the Paris-Isis-Mary association (Mary represents the female counterpart/opposition to the papal patriarchy) as well as the timing issue. While it is not clear the pope's exit will directly coincide with the Tour de France and/or the 'life on Mars' announcement in Paris, all the indications are that the anticipated high-impact event is to heavily interact with the Paris-Isis/Sirius-Venus/Mary complex. So the Athens Olympics in August is also a period we should carefully monitor for this. Indeed, it happens that there is a very old tradition known as Tricesimum (Thirty Day Devotion to Mary, also called Lady Month) which was originally held from August 15 through September 14...

In 1999: The Ark of Sirius, I put forward the view that the above quatrain (II-48) is to be seen together with Quatrain II-41 (as first intuitively suggested by a hypnotized subject in Dolores Cannon's Conversations With Nostradamus). In fact, II-41 is what I've been calling the 'Sirius quatrain'. Here it is:

La grand' estoille par sept jours bruslera,
Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir:
Le gros mastin toute nuit hurlera,
Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.

The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make two suns appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes his abode.

The first line alone is more than enough to make this a 'Sirius quatrain'. Sirius is a 'great star' (the brightest star, excluding the planets, in the night sky); its name is etymologically related to the notion of scorching/'burning'; and in ancient Egypt Sirius was called 'Sept' (Spd/Spdt) thus is relatable to 'seven' in that the term 'sept' does mean 'seven' as can be seen from the fact that Sept-ember was originally the seventh month.

The 'two suns' in line 2 relates to Sirius actually being a binary star system composed of Sirius A and Sirius B. And Sirius is traditionally the 'Dog Star', as alluded to by the 'mastiff' reference in line 3.

And then we have the final line which quite clearly refers to a major shift involving papacy. As explained above and in the Lucifer Time Code series, 2004 is a special year highlighted by the Venus-Sirius-Mars complex. The combination of Quatrains II-48 and II-41 therefore strongly suggests the exit of the Pope this year.

That 2004 is the year is also hinted (consciously or subconsciously) by this graphic displayed on what appears to be an official Vatican website, commemorating the '25th anniversary of Pontificate'.

As you can see, the metaphoric timeline of Pope JPII depicted in the image reaches the summit of the rocky hill after the year 2003. The year 2004 is apparently signified by the cross sounded by a cloud... as if to say that this is where he goes up into 'heaven'. I mean, it's pretty bizarre how nearly 'in your face' this encoded 'message' is.

The depicted juxtaposition of the cross/death, the cloud, and the Sun is even compatible with the second line of Quatrain II-41: 'The cloud will make two suns appear' because John Paul II is identified in St Malachi's famous prophetic list of popes as 'De Labore Solis' meaning 'of the Labor of the Sun' or 'of the Eclipse of the Sun'. John Paul II is therefore a 'Sun Pope' - a form of a 'Sun king' which is interchangeable with 'Babylon king'. Upon death, as he ascends to (let's just assume) heaven, he metaphorically becomes a Sun. So the cross in the picture also represents a Sun, thus producing the second Sun sounded by the cloud, a la the second line of II-41 - 'The cloud will make two suns appear'...

Intentional? Coincidence? Who knows...

Now, as early as 2000 I have been putting forward the idea that there is a parallel existing between papacy and American presidency. This is reflected in our 'Babylon leader falling' theme which involves both the Pope and the President along with some other characters. Bush, as a figure comparable to the radical ancient Egyptian 'Sun king' Akhenaten who tried to revolutionize the prosperous ancient Egyptian culture (18th Dynasty), is also a 'Sun king'. So it is intriguing that Election Day is coming up soon in November, which may well interact conceptually or timing-wise with the projected Pope event.

This spells trouble. As explained in 1999: The Ark of Sirius, the line 'the cloud will make two suns appear' can easily imply an inconclusive election, a theme already manifested through the 2000 US election which failed to decisively determine the winner. As I wrote in 1999:

To see the connection, we need to first look at the process of the [papal] election. The most common way to elect a pope is by ballot... Two votes are taken every morning and two every afternoon until a two-thirds plus one majority is obtained. The crowd in St. Peter's Square follow the bolloting by watching the smoke that comes from the chimney on the palace roof. The smoke is from burning all the ballots. If the necessary majority is not reached, the ballots are burned in a way that creates black smoke. When the majority is reached, the ballots are burned in a manner that creates white smoke to signal the election.

Now, the word Nostradamus used for 'cloud' was 'nuee' which actually implies a big/black cloud rather than a nice/white cloud. Therefore a more fitting translation would be:

     'Black cloud will make double sun appear'

Next, the 'sun' appearing is symbolic of the successor to Pope John Paul II, because he is the 'pope of the solar eclipse' (JPII was born during a solar eclipse May 18, 1920...). [So] the 'sun appearing' would metaphorically refer to the pope who follows the 'eclipse pope', John Paul II.

But the line says there would be 'two' suns. When combined with the 'black cloud' part (which means unsuccessful vote), it's not that difficult to derive the meaning of the whole line; it would refer to a situation of 'pope vs. antipope'  (i.e. one elected or claiming to be pope in opposition to the pope canonically chosen).  And the indications are that those two 'popes' will be the last popes. At least there are no more popes after them in Malachy's prophetic list of popes.

The coming of the final pope resonates with the Etemenanki interpretation that Schwarzenegger may well become the final US president in the near future. What does this 'two suns' interpretation mean for upcoming election and the potential exit of the Pope? Well, for papacy it may be quite literal - i.e. an imperfect election creating a pope vs. anti-pope situation. For the US presidency... well, it's not difficult to see that we will have a messy election process since the Bush White House is not the type to go down quietly. The already illegitimate presidency will do almost anything for survival. It's a really scary situation.

What I will be closely monitoring in the coming weeks and months, however, is the possibility of the exit of Vice President of Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and some/many of their neoconservative minions who were behind the deceptive push for the Iraq invasion. As you probably know, this is something I've been projecting for quite a long time now - Cheney since last summer ('03), and Rumsfeld since spring.

These guys would effectively represent the 'war chief' who is to be (metaphorically) 'hung with cord' as per Quatrain II-48. After all Cheney is the real 'president' making all key foreign policy decisions and Rumsfeld is the head of the US military (the Pentagon). Rumsfeld is particularly intriguing in that the 'pentagon' is closely related to a pentagram (five-pointed star) which in turn happens to be a traditional symbol for Venus-Sirius. And the 'war' aspect of the Pentagon relates to Mars the planet/god of war.

There are so many scandals/wrongdoings surrounding these 'chiefs' at this point that it's becoming difficult to figure out which one would be directly responsible for their fall. (It is indeed absolutely ridiculous that they still haven't been put in jail, and I'm not exaggerating.) But I continue to closely monitor the Plame (CIA operative) outing investigation (for Cheney et al) and the Iraq prison torture scandal (particularly Abu Ghraib) for Rumsfeld.

In terms of timing, we should pay attention to the fact that we are apparently about to have a 'life on Mars' announcement coming from the Paris COSPAR conference. The regular Etemenanki readers will recall that Cheney's potential exit and the issue of life on Mars have been closely linked together from the very beginning, as demonstrated in my article The West Wing Cipher (Sept. 29, '03). And the latest news stories/rumors coming out on the Plame leak matter are suggesting that the investigation is getting ready to announce its conclusions within the coming weeks... An at the same time, the 'dump Cheney' rumor has recently gone mainstream (mid-July).

We may be dealing with a similar timetable for the Rumsfeld/Pentagon case. As we all know, the shocking Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse pictures that came out in April/May nearly brought the Bush administration to its knees. The scandal shattered the credibility of the United States in the eyes of the international community. Well, if you think it's no longer news, you're mistaken. The worst is yet to come on this horrific war-crime scandal. As the legendary journalist Seymour Hersh recently revealed at an ACLU convention, there is evidence - tapes - of Iraqi children being sodomized in US prisons there and this biggest story of the Iraq war has not yet been reported by the US mainstream news media. But when they do - and they will soon enough, they have to - this thing should prove quite deadly. We are talking bona fide war crimes here that almost certainly will be traced back to the highest leadership level. And I'd say Rumsfeld would rather quickly step down or be removed from his position. Hersh, along with others I'm sure, will be reporting on the story in the coming weeks...

To complicate the matter, however, it's uncomfortably likely that we'll have a 'shock & awe' event, perhaps even comparable in impact to 9/11, designed to distract people's attention away from the extremely damaging revelation...

At any rate, I have the following strange but thought-provoking stuff that will correlate the disturbing prisoner-abuse scandal issue with the 'two suns' prophetic theme.

Turns out, there is a site called 'Abu Ghurob' in Egypt occupying the northern region of Abusir known for its crude but almost Giza-like pyramid complex. The picture below shows Abusir pyramids with Giza pyramids seen in the background.

The name 'Abu Ghurob' caught my attention first because of its similarity to 'Abu Ghraib', i.e. the Iraq prison-abuse central. Then I was intrigued further  by the name 'Abusir' as it evoked 'abuser' as in 'prisoner-abuser'. It was almost as if I was detecting some kind of word-play 'game' set up just beneath the surface of the Abu Ghraib scandal.

Next, I found that Abu Ghurob is known primarily for its two 'Sun Temples'.

[In this illustration Abu Ghurob is spelt 'Abu Ghauob']

Two Sun temples... 'two Suns'. As implausible as all this was, my curiosity was definitely piqued. And it seemed the more I explored this angle the more 'coincidences' I would find, pulling me deeper in the rabbit hole... I'll be reporting on these findings along with other stuff in the near future.

Coincidence or not, synchronicity does usually seem to signify a 'nod'/'wink' from the 'reality matrix program', so for now I'll just state my view that Iraq prisoner abuse matter is indeed part of the 'script' signified by the 'two suns' theme and that I expect the 'war chief' like Rumsfeld responsible for the war crimes to be publicly 'hung' (so to speak).

It should be noted that the Abu-Ghraib torture scandal blew wide open and persisted during May, the 'Month of Mary'. May's traditional association with Mary derives from Tricesimum - Thirty Day Devotion to Mary (Lady Month) - which was originally observed from August 15 through September 14 as noted earlier. So this gives us more reason to suspect that the prison-abuse issue is to be 'echoed' in August/September, closely coinciding with the Olympics.

But for the more immediate future, we can look forward to the 'destined' winning of Tour de France by Lance Armstrong (and he's almost there). And here is something that directly links together the race/Lance and the star of the 'super ritual', Arnold Schwarzenegger. As 'Rick', an Etemenanki reader, has informed me, Arnie and Lance are already linked via last year's Tour. We learn:

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is following part of the Tour, returned the overall leader's yellow jersey to Armstrong when the 31-year-old Texan ascended the podium.

This meeting of the two champions took place last summer when Arnie's Terminator 3 film was in theaters and his rise in politics was just beginning in California...

Okay, let's see... Let me just note that tomorrow, July 22, is the Mary Magdalene day. Three days after that (July 25) comes the finale of Tour de France. July 30 coming after that will be Arnold's birthday which will coincide with the opening of the new film, The Manchurian Candidate, a story about a mind-controlled sleeper put into the White House (hmm...). And August 6 is of course an important Arnie/Paris/Antichristic day, followed closely by the opening of the Athens Olympics on August 13... etc. etc.

More later...

 July 13, '04   Ritual Pattern Confirmed
This is a quick update to address the matter of the forecast made in my July 1 post being confirmed. Here is what I wrote near the end of that post after a lot of multicontextual examination:

So I cannot help but infer that we're in for some event(s) comparable in impact or at least in concept to the Reagan [passing/funeral] ('Osirian resurrection' theme) around July 4. The window would be something like July 1 through July 7.

July 7 was significant in that it was a 'transposed' John the Baptist day (June 24) based on the fact that July 7 Gregorian (calender) corresponds to June 24 Julian. And the John Day was traditionally meant to mark the summer solstice (now ~June 21) which is historically inseparable from Sirius and the Osirian resurrection (= birth of Horus).

And the resurrection, signifying the rise of Horus, who is the son of Osiris and Isis-Sirius, has symbolically been embodied by the rise of Schwarzenegger since last summer - now one of the main themes tracked on this website. (See The LTC Part 2 for instance.) And just recently in June we witnessed a striking 'ritual' involving Arnold and Reagan's funeral that reinforced this notion.

It was this presidential funerary ritual that I pointed out as something that was about to be 'echoed' during the window of early July.

Near midnight on July 7 local time, i.e. the beginning of the transposed John the Baptist day, the president of Austria passed away. After I heard the news, I quickly posted a link in the 'New Watch' section as I could not help but smell symbolic 'echoes' in the event, even if subtle at the time. I noted that: 1) like Reagan, Thomas Klestil was the president, 2) Austria is Schwarzenegger's home country, and 3) Klestil himself was a friend of Arnold.

Then came the next development... Schwarzenegger was selected to go to Austria and represent the United States in Klestil's presidential funeral! And just like his last one in California for Reagan, Arnold received a lot of media attention there (~July 10).

This was a rather sneaky sequence of events since it wasn't given much media coverage in the United States. But if this wasn't an echo of the Reagan 'Osirian resurrection' ritual, I don't know what is!

A 'super ritual' was detected; it was closely examined; it was projected forward; and an anticipated 'echo' did come during the specified 'early July' window. This makes it harder to deny that the ritual pattern is... real.

There is much more to talk about regarding the 'super ritual'. It's still continuing as we speak - especially the Tour de France presently being held in France as discussed previously.

Stay tuned...

 July 09, '04   Follow the Torch
There is much to talk about regarding the 'early July window' discussed in the previous update and The LTC Part 2. I'm not sure where to begin, but I guess in this update I'll focus on events associated specifically with July 4 - i.e. Independence Day, representing a calendrically 'transposed' summer-solstice day (as there is a 13-day difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars) as well as the day when Venus, the star of Lucifer ('light bearer'), was crossing the Galactic Meridian (at the 'hyperdimensional' latitude of -19.5°) near the star Aldebaran ('Torch-Bearer').

This year's Independence Day was the ultimate 'torch bearer' day especially since, as discussed previously, the summer solstice - June 21, calendrically analogous to July 4 - is when the Sun becomes the 'torch' held up by the celestial figure - Osiris - represented by the Orion constellation a la the Statue of Liberty (the symbol highlighted on Independence Day).

Further, this July 4th was immediately preceded by the arrival of Cassini at Saturn and the ISS spacewalk around July 1. Saturn is a version of Osiris, both being the 'once and future king' god. And the ISS (International Space Station) evokes the sister-wife of Osiris, 'ISIS', the Egyptian goddess par excellence who is interchangeable with Venus the 'torch/light bearer' star. Isis-Venus is embodied by Lady Liberty holding the torch of freedom.

And as we have already seen, this is all neatly incorporated into the 'super ritual' going on right now involving the Olympic torch presently being carried around the world before arriving in Athens, Greece in mid-August. Indeed, the torch on July 4/5 was at the city of Kiev, directly to the north of Giza/Cairo/Nile, thus was crossing the esoteric Meridian, mirroring Venus' meridian-crossing above.

This 'super ritual' was highlighted by the 'foreshadowing event' of 2004 discussed in Part 2 of The Lucifer Time Code - i.e. the symbolic 'Black Madonna'/'Lady Liberty' role-playing done by Janet Jackson and Beyonce Knowles during the Super Bowl earlier this year. For Beyonce, it was the singing of the national anthem at the event and her appearance in a Pepsi commercial that debuted during the game. The theme of the Pepsi ad was three rebellious female gladiators in a Greek-looking coliseum overthrowing a Caesar-like 'king'. So we now realize that the ad certainly included among other things an allusion to the upcoming Athens Olympic Games in Greece, the homeland of the big sporting event.

So is it just a coincidence that Greece just made big news on July 4th as its national soccer team won the European Championship in what is called 'one of the biggest upsets in soccer history'? This was quite clearly one of the ritualistic events leading up to the Olympics in Greece next month. As far as the year 2004 is concerned, 'all roads lead to Athens'...

As for the depicted fall of the 'king', it directly correlates to our long-running 'Babylon leader falling' theme. I'd particularly watch for the fall of Team Bush/Cheney and the Pope. It will be interesting see if this 'fall' will directly coincide with the period of the Olympics.

On July 4, '04, another big sporting event (officially) began - the Tour de France. Not only does France represent the land of Mary Magdalene/Black Madonna, a biblical version of Isis-Venus, the biggest bicycle racing event in the world traditionally ends in Paris, the city of Isis-Sirius ('Par-Isis'), which has the esoterically important Paris Zero Meridian! In fact, the race will end at the Champs Elysees - none other than the 'historic axis of Paris' that pinpoints 1) the 'Antichristic' sunset of August 6 (associated with Schwarzenegger) and 2) the rising of Sirius, the star of Isis. (See Part 1 of The LTC for more detail.) Oh, and in Greco-Roman mythology, 'Paris' is a figure whom the pregnant mother foresaw as... a torch!

It will be interesting to see if Lance Armstrong will win the race again on July 25 at the 'axis of Paris'. Certainly the name 'Lance' is fitting for instance as it evokes the 'Spear of Destiny' of St. Longinus. We've already discussed how the spear and the name 'Longinus' (=> longitude) relate to the Meridian. In light of the ongoing 'super ritual', I'd say Armstrong is 'destined' to become the champion.

Now, Paris also happens to be the site of the 35th COSPAR Scientific Assembly that will be held July 18 through 25, closely overlapping the Tour de France. The significance here is that the 'life on Mars' announcement I projected in the LTC series (and before that) may be realized to some extent there based on the interview Linda Howe did with Vittorio Formisano, Ph.D., Principal Investigator of Planetary Fourier Spectrometer (PFS) which detected methane in the Martian atmosphere. Based on the methane detection on Mars, he's getting ready to more or less declare that there is present life on the Red Planet. Here are excerpts from the interview:


Absolutely, yes, and I hope in the future to be able to say something more.


I don't know. Possibly at COSPAR which is at the end of July in Paris." [...]

We agree with Dr. Mumma and Dr. Krasnopolsky on the average value of methane in the Martian atmosphere... [T]hanks to the spectral resolution sensitivity of the PFS instrument that I have produced, the data we are collecting are the best available to search for other molecules and to give an answer to the question that you were also raising previously.


Which is obviously the most important, interesting question: Is life present on Mars today?


You want me to give an answer now? I prefer to give an answer in September.


Or July maybe, yes.

'Life on Mars', as expounded many times before, is symbolic of the 'birth of Horus' (Mars was 'Horus the Red' in ancient Egypt) which in turn signifies the 'resurrection of Osiris' - the biggest symbolic theme going in this '9/11' epoch. Indeed, the heliacal/dawn rising of Sirius - 'rebirth' of Isis - in ancient Egypt signaled the beginning of the annual inundation of the Nile, symbolizing the resurrection of Osiris/birth of Horus. So Paris, the city of Sirius-Isis, would be a very fitting place for the revelation of life on Mars.

And of course Mars is even very much part of the 'Meridian' symbolism. As I wrote on March 26 (also in The LTC Pt. 2):

...I saw the name of the area where [NASA's latest Mars rover] Opportunity landed - 'Meridiani Planum'. That is, 'Meridian Plane' - so called because the site is near the Prime Meridian, or longitude zero, of Mars! Very unexpected, but this certainly seems to confirm my symbolic interpretation regarding Longinus, i.e. the relevance of longitude zero/Prime Meridian/Rose Line.

It seems that this idea is subtly detectable in the logo of COSPAR conference. As you can see, there is a prominent vertical/meridional line and along which is written 'Paris, France' as if to allude to 'the Paris Meridian/Rose Line'. Curiously though, the line does not go through Pars; instead the 'meridian' together with a latitudinal line pinpoints... Israel.

It could have emphasized the Nile/Giza meridian nearby. After all, the esoteric Egyptian Prime Meridian is directly linked to the Osirian resurrection theme through the Sirius/Nile connection. (The Nile embodies Osiris.) We've detected the Martian meridian association, so why not a ritualistic allusion to the Nile here?

Well, the Nile has already been incorporated into the 'super ritual' ltc2-torch-nile.gif (32789 bytes)in conjunction with the Reagan/Schwarzenegger event on June 11, as the torch traveled southward along the Nile just as Arnold was ritualistically receiving the 'torch of kingship' from the former president. (See LTC Pt. 2 for detail.) And as already mentioned, 'Paris' is mythologically analogous to 'torch'.

But there is more to the Paris-Nile link, a link that those not familiar with my Time River Theory may be finding strange - as the underlying 'Nile code' stuff is still a 'big secret', so much so that I'm practically the only one talking about it so far. In any case, turn out that the length of the Tour de France racing course going around France, ending in Paris, is 3390 km - which is very close to the latitudinal length of the Nile. Taking the Nile as flowing directly northward from the equator to 30°N latitude (which it essentially does), it can be calculated that the length between the river's two extreme latitudes (i.e. southernmost and northernmost points) is 3330 km (2050 miles)! The difference is mere 60 km (37 miles)... Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. It warrants further examination...

So what's the relationship between Paris and Athens? Seemingly there should be one since both cities figure prominently in the 'super torch ritual'. Well, sure enough we find that the goddess 'Athena', from whom the name 'Athens' derives, is a version of Isis-Sirius! As Robert Bauval recently noted:

Minerva was, of course, the Athena of the Greeks. Both these goddess are traditionally associated to the more ancient goddess Neith of the Egyptians, and some scholars even suggesting that the name 'Neith' was the root for 'Athena'. But also in the Neith=Athena=Minerva equation comes the goddess Isis.

So both Paris and Athens are a 'city of Isis'!

As if this weren't enough, we find next that the scientific instruments/mission attached to NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers (Spirit and Opportunity) are collectively called... yes, Athena! And of course, Opportunity is at the Martian Meridian ('Meridiani Planum') to mirror the Paris Zero Meridian.

Finally, there was another significant event on July 4th last Saturday - the laying of the cornerstone for the 'Freedom Tower' at Ground Zero, the site of the WTC towers.

First of all, the notion of a 'tower' is inseparable from Mary Magdalene (= Isis-Venus) as the name/title 'Magdalene', as 'Magdala', denotes 'tower'. Secondly, the other building attacked on 9/11, the Pentagon, the five-sided structure, quite directly relates to the traditional symbol for Sirius-Venus, i.e. the five-pointed star. Thirdly, 2001 was the 225th year since the birth of the United States (1776) - '225' matches the orbital period (in earth days) of Venus around the Sun.

Curiously, the groundbreaking day for the construction of the Pentagon was September 11 (1941). And calendrically 'September 11' corresponds to the day of Sirius' heliacal rising signifying the resurrection of Osiris:

The date September 11 in the Gregorian calendar used today almost always coincides with the New Year's Day for the Ethiopian and Coptic or Christian-Egyptian calendars. The ancient Egyptian New Year's Day ('1st of Thoth') was originally set to mark the heliacal rising of Sirius which today takes place around August 6 Gregorian (as viewed from Giza/Cairo). So it can easily be said that August 6 is September 11!

At the time of ancient Egypt, the Sirius heliacal rising and New Year's Day also coincided with the summer solstice. Recall that July 4th is calendrically interchangeable with June 21, i.e. summer-solstice day!

Okay, so when was the groundbreaking day for the twin towers? The answer is: August 5, 1966. The date Aug. 5/6 is when the Sirius heliacal rising takes place today at Giza/Cairo! (Note that Aug. 5 US time largely overlaps Aug. 6 Egyptian time.)

As you can see, July 4th was a perfect day, in terms of the continuation of the symbolic pattern, for laying the cornerstone of the next incarnation of the 'Isis-Venus' tower. (Remember: Venus was crossing the Galactic Meridian on July 4', '04 very near Aldebaran, the 'torch-bearer' star.)

The Sirius/Isis-Venus connection is reinforced by the fact that the new Freedom Tower is designed to reflect the essence of the Statue of Liberty, the torch-holding Isis-Venus-Mary. We learn that:

The unique geometrical torque of the building's tower, located on the northwest corner of the site, gives the tower its asymmetrical form meant to evoke the Statue of Liberty. Its soaring offset spire echoes the profile of the Statue of Liberty's arm holding the Torch of Freedom, and the top of the spire, reaching to 1,776 feet, is symbolic of America's freedom and the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

So the beginning of the 'resurrection' of the twin towers on Independence Day this year signified the resurrection of Osiris (through the 'womb of Isis'). Horus, Osiris' son by Isis, is being born. This notion was also astronomically expressed by the Sun - embodying Horus the sun-god - being positioned right at the center of the constellation of Gemini, The Twin, on July 4th.

The catch here is that the Freedom Tower likely doesn't represent 'freedom' - but the very opposite... i.e. tyranny/oppression... or the establishment of the 'New World Order'. As you know, in the post-9/11 world, peace means war, patriotism means treason, etc. etc. Freedom would therefore mean enslavement.

This is where figures like Schwarzenegger - aka 'The Olympian' - come in. As I've been saying for nearly a year now, Arnold is a form of Horus and this was ritualistically demonstrated again recently on June 11 at the presidential funeral ceremony (see LTC Part 2). It should also be noted that Arnie played a genetically-engineered guy in the movie 'Twins'. (Shades of the Nazi 'superman'... Could this be literally true for Arnold?)

Schwarzenegger, along with the 'NWO Tower', is rising... The Tower is scheduled to be finished in 2008 - an election year in the US.

It may well be that the period around the Athens Olympics this summer/fall, emphasized by the 'super ritual', is to give rise to something dramatic that will pave the way for the further rise of 'The Olympian'. And chances are that it will involve in some way, if not directly, the US presidential election coming up in November. This year's election should probably be viewed as a key stepping stone set up for what's coming next. Bush is already old news. And Kerry might as well be. The next leader will only function as a temporary 'bridge'... between the old order and the coming new world order.

 July 1, '04   Celestial Fire Sequence 

On Monday, 'Gary' gave me the following information in email:

The Sun will align along the meridian with Sirius on Thursday (July 1)...

His astronomical observations have proven useful before, as has this one. It opened up a path to a new string of significant 'signs'.

As explained in Part 2 of the Time Code series, the notion of a meridian (i.e. a longitudinal line) has emerged as a key part of the 'ritual' currently underway, symbolically linked to the 'foreshadowing event' represented by Janet Jackson's Super Bowl stunt earlier this year (Feb. 1). It has much to do with the recent Transit of Venus which coincided with the week-long funerary proceedings following Ronald Reagan's passing. The transit took place on June 8 at the edge of the Milky Way and very close to the Galactic Meridian (i.e. longitude 0°/180°).

Few days later on June 11 Venus actually crossed the Meridian, coinciding with the funeral/burying of Reagan down on earth which also simultaneously signaled the 'rise of Schwarzenegger'.

Thanks to Gary's observation, I have now found additionally that Venus' position in the galactic grid on the day of Reagan's demise, June 5, was also meaningfully aligned... with Sirius - an 'alter ego' of Venus (both embodying the Isis-Mary-Venus goddess complex). Sirius' galactic latitude is -8° 53' and that's exactly where Venus was found on June 5.

Now fast forward to July 1... today. Here is what we find:

  • The Sun's galactic latitude, approximately 5 pm EDT July 1, is +8° 53', thus numerically matching Sirius' (-8° 53'). (The difference is Sirius is south of the galactic equator/Milky Way while the Sun is to the north.)

  • The Sun at the same time is meridionally aligned with Sirius in the equatorial grid (RA 6h 45m).

Added to these are: 1) the original date for the so-called Iraq handover being June 30 (a day before July 1), 2) NASA's Cassini probe arriving at Saturn on July 1, 3) which is immediately preceded by a spacewalk by the ISS astronauts (International Space Station). Saturn is analogous to Osiris the god of the dead, who in turn was symbolically embodied by Reagan as discussed before. The ISS on the other hand would be 'Isis', the sister-wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus (embodied by Schwarzenegger). Not only do the names look and sound very close, the ISS is already symbolically intertwined with the Venus transit, as was pointed out at

SPACE STATION TRANSIT: Transits of Venus are rare, but this is unprecedented: The International Space Station (ISS) will cross the Sun four times during the 6-hour transit of Venus on June 8th. The double transit, Venus + the ISS, can only be seen from inside a narrow corridor about one mile wide. Four of these corridors criss-cross Europe, Africa and Asia.

So this tells me that the 'ritual' is continuing with the same underlying 'Lucifer' (Venus) themes. But it is July 4 or so that may see some unexpected fireworks. First, here is what I wrote in The LTC Part 2:

...Venus will be crossing the galactic meridian in early July again. (Venus is going back and forth in that region during this period.) The meridian crossing will occur on July 4 - Independence Day. This could be viewed as a key date especially when added that the crossing point's galactic latitude will be -19.5 degrees, an angle said to be the 'Holy Grail' message found geometrically encoded on the surface of Mars (Cydonia).

And here are further clues found since then:

  • The Sun and Sirius will be meridionally aligned (104° 8') in the ecliptic grid the next day (July 5). [Not noted in the illustration.]

  • Venus' crossing of the Galactic Meridian will take place very near the star Aldebaran, the brightest star of Taurus known as 'Bull's/God's Eye'. The star was also the 'Torch-Bearer' (according to Ptolemy) as well as the 'Messenger of Light' (Akkadian 'Dil-gan'). Aldebaran in other words can be viewed as an alter ego of Venus since Venus is traditionally Lucifer the 'light bearer'.

  • Independence Day (July 4) would be most fittingly symbolized by the Statue of Liberty - which is a form of Isis-Mary-Venus and obviously a 'torch-bearer'!

And of course there is a Olympic torch currently going around the world and it was passing through Giza/Cairo on June 11 when Venus was crossing the Galactic Meridian and the day of Reagan's funeral, moving on southward along the Nile tracing the esoteric/ancient 'Prime Meridian'. Indeed the Nile has often been considered the terrestrial Milky Way (i.e. the galaxy). And as discussed in the LTC Part 2, the Olympic torch is a significant part of the 'ritual' and closely linked to the 'rise of Horus/'Antichrist'/Schwarzenegger'.

On July 4/5, in fact, the Olympic torch will be at Kiev, a city situated directly to the north of Giza/Cairo. (Those who have read The Time Rivers would know that Kiev is the 'transposed' Giza/Cairo.) In other words, the torch will again be marking the esoteric Prime Meridian.

What's more, the Athens Olympic Games itself, the destination of the torch, will begin on the 225th day of the year 2004 (August 13), designed to numerically match the orbital period of Venus which takes 225 earth-days.

Finally, July 4 is 13 days away from June 21, the summer-solstice day. As repeatedly stressed in the Time Code series, Sirius and summer solstice are calendrically inseparable: in ancient Egypt Sirius' heliacal rising coincided with midsummer, with the beginning of the annual Nile flood (symbolic of the Osirian resurrection), and marked the New Year. The Julian calendar had derived from this Sirius-based calendar system of ancient Egypt, and it is now 13 days behind the modern Gregorian calendar. This means July 4 is calendrically analogous to June 21/summer solstice! And it should also be noted that subtracting 13 days from June 21 gives us June 8, the very date of the Transit of Venus.

Notice that the position of the Sun on the summer solstice makes Orion, the constellation representing Osiris, look like the Statue of Liberty holding a bright torch (see image right).

So I cannot help but infer that we're in for some event(s) comparable in impact or at least in concept to the Reagan death ('Osirian resurrection' theme) around July 4. The window would be something like July 1 through July 7.

There is other stuff like Mars, Paris, etc.... but that's for later.




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