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Archive: 2003 (August)

The View from the Watchtower

Special Note: Current Focus at Etemenanki

1. By projecting forward the 2-year cycle pattern first discussed in The Message of Cycle 23 (May '02), followed by the Endgame series (I, II, III, IV, V), we have determined that summer/fall of 2003 is to be considered an 'echo window' of 9/11 ('01).

2. The same 'window' has also been dubbed the 'stargate window' (described as such here since Feb. 18). In the Endgame series (especially Endgame IV and V), we have detected various themes attached to the window. The major ones are: 'stargate', virus, 'false gift', Osirian/Messianic resurrection, nuclear event, Mars/Cydonia, sun, Nazis, 'New World Order', the 2002 'alien disk' crop glyph, ' Babylon leader' falling (e.g. Bush, Blair, Sharon, Pope, etc.), and such.

3. The recent 'Blackout 2003' and Shwarzenegger/California recall election are being considered very much part of the 'stargate'/'echo' scheme.

The highly symbolic, dark, and multi-leveled situation presently developing are being closely monitored and analyzed in the update/log section below (from the Aug. 6 entry).


August 29, '03   Finding Echoes
In the August 23 update was discussed remarkable information sent to me by 'Gary'. Well, he has now shared with me more of his findings, which I'd like to discuss in this update.

Gary first referred to the '2-year offset scheme' discussed in my articles (see, for example, The Labour of the Sun) and went on to say:

A lot has been written on the subject over the years and various dates proposed. My own thinking is that the 9/11/3BC birth date has the highest probability with a conception date then being in the Dec. 5-19, 4BC timeframe, which includes a Jewish/Hebrew Hanukkah celebration. The crucifixion date in my work is most probable on the April 3rd, 30 AD date with resurrection on April 6th, 30 AD and Pentecost on May 28-29th,30 AD (JDN 1732164). This last date typically marks the last day of Christ on Earth and the birth of the Church in fundamental Christian beliefs.

In my past articles, I pointed out that Nostradamus' infamous '1999'/'King of terror' quatrain would be very much applicable to the events of 9-11 if we took into account the idea that Jesus' birth took place in 3 BC (Sept. 11). Because there was no year '0' AD/BC, this would shift back the calendar 2 to 3 years. The year AD 1999 would therefore become 2001 [I initially wrote 2001 would become 1999, which was not necessarily incorrect but perhaps confusing...] - i.e. the very year specified in Nosty's X-72 quatrain. According to a popular theory, September 11, 3 BC is the day when the 'star of Bethlehem' appeared and Jesus was born, which certainly adds considerable weight to this 2-year shift scheme.

At any rate, Gary continues:

When the events of 9/11/2001 (JDN 2452164) occurred, I realized that the timeline was an exact 2000 years of what is called the biblical prophetic year of 360 days, i.e. a total of 720,000 days to the day from the first day after the Pentecost date if it was 5/29/30 AD.

In other words, assuming that Jesus' crucifixion/resurrection can be placed at AD 30, calculations show that '9-11' occurred precisely 720,000 days from the supposed first day of the world without Christ! (You can check the number here.)

Now, that's some remarkable coincidence - especially considering that '72' is well known for being a key astro-mythological number. (This can be traced back to the fact that precessional movement of the stars takes 72 years to shift 1 degree.) Indeed, even the aforementioned '1999' quatrain is inseparable from the number, as it is 'Quatrain X-72'.

Gary then points out:

We are now approaching the 720,720 anniversary day timeline of 2 prophetic years (360 day) past 9/11/2001 which will be Sept. 1st, 2003 (Labor Day), followed by 2 calendar years anniversary on 9/11/2003...

The 'twinned' nature of the number '720,720' and the underlying (modified) 2-year cycle pattern makes September 1 a key date to watch.

That the date coincides with Labor Day (Sept. 1) intensifies the significance, as 'labor' has been a major symbolic theme attached to 9-11 (and thus the title of my Feb. '02 article 'The Labour of the Sun'). Here is what I wrote in the Rex Deux article (March 11, '02):

...just as the date '9-11' numerically had the implication of emergency ('911' being the emergency phone number), 'May Day' is similarly the international radiotelephone code used for indicating trouble and requesting help. Second, in Europe May Day is Labor Day which in the United States is celebrated in September...

What's more, this year's 'May Day' was commemorated by Bush's shameless 'Top Gun' landing on the Lincoln and announcing (prematurely) the end of the US's major mission in Iraq.

And of course, we're currently in the 'stargate window', which is an 'echo window' of 9-11 in the 2-year cycle pattern we've detected. This means the ominous quatrain X-72 becomes relevant again (1999+2+2 = 2003). How relevant? Well, very relevant.

Here is what Quatrain X-72 (10,72) says:

The year 1999 seven months,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To resurrect the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to reign by good luck

The key here is the historic Earth-Mars close encounter taking place right now in the sky (peaked on Aug. 27). With that in mind, let me just quote what I wrote in Endgame IV:

Notice how eerily applicable these four lines are to the 'Endgame' issues we've been discussing. Besides the first line, there is: 1) an allusion to the (Osirian) resurrection theme in line 3; 2) line 4 specifically mentioning Mars; 3) the same line's 'good luck' alluding to the swastika (symbolic of peace/good luck) which in turn is now linked with Project Prometheus (associated with Mars); 4) the term 'Angolmois' in line 3 relatable to Angoulême, a name given to the NYC region in the early days of the New World (i.e. the target of the 9/11 attacks); and 5) line 4's 'before after Mars' evoking the 2-year 'Martian' cycle (Sept. 1999 + 2 yrs = Sept. 2001)...

Most intriguing, however, is the phrase 'king of terror' appearing in line 2. As discussed in my Labour of the Sun article, we can view it as an allusion to Osiris, called 'Lord of Terror' in the Egyptian 'Book of the Dead'. But there is also a clear connection to the Great Sphinx: this 'Martian'/'Osirian' monument has the Arabic name Abul-Hol, meaning 'Father of Terror'.

And since the Sphinx is an embodiment of Mars, the whole line - 'from the sky will come a great king of terror' - can be transformed into 'from the sky will come Mars', which is a perfect description of what will take place this summer [2003] during the '9/11 echo window'!

Let me also add that the newly emerging 'Antichrist' theme (see previous entries below) seems to reinforce the connection. First, the Osirian Resurrection theme inseparable from Mars' close approach is analogous to the resurrection or 'second coming' of Christ (since Jesus is clearly a Christian version of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead). And 9-11 happens to be a date often associated with the Messianic 'second coming'.

Secondly, the Gregorian 9-11 almost always marks the New Year's Day for the Ethiopian and Coptic/Christian-Egyptian calendars. And the Egyptian New Year's Day traditionally (originally) marked the heliacal rising of Sirius. And as I quoted Bauval in The Labour of the Sun:

This special day was called 1st day of the 1st month of Thoth. But because of the ¼ day difference as well as a small variance the sidereal year and the tropical year, this after all man-made calendar slowly ‘drifted’ away from both the heliacal rising of Sirius and the summer solstice, such that by the early Christian times the 1st of the month of Thoth had drifted to the 11th September Gregorian, which is why the Egyptian-Coptic ‘New Year’ i.e. 1st of Thoth, starts on that date.

For the ancient Egyptians, the Sirius heliacal rising signaled the coming annual flood of the Nile which in turn symbolized the revitalization of Osiris, or the Osirian 'resurrection'. As I pointed out in earlier updates, this year's (real) Sirian heliacal rising day (Aug. 6) was marked by the 'Rise of Shwarzenegger' whom I identified as an 'Antichristic' figure (symbolically so anyway) who is also very 'Martian' (see Aug. 20 entry).

The apparent emphasis symbolically placed on that date therefore seems to foreshadow a coming 'flood', i.e. Osirian/Messianic resurrection. Celestially this is already being expressed by the close approach of Mars. But down here, the climax of an counterpart event, the resurrection of the 'king of terror/Angolmois', may be just ahead of us... And in light of the great symbolic depth seen attached to the Sept. 1 date, I would carefully monitor events of/around that day. It may produce a big event or useful clues (perhaps having to do with the 'Babylon leader falling' theme).

August 28, '03   Portents
As expected, the Mars 'climax day' - Aug. 27 - was relatively calm. But of course Mars itself was/is awesome in the night sky.

And as anticipated, the key day gave us subtle clues to acknowledge the familiar underlying 'pattern' and hint at what may be coming in the near future.

First, the US and North Korea, along with Japan, China, and South Korea, began major nuke talks on Aug. 27 - an attempt to deal with N. Korea's growing nuclear threat. This clearly echoes what I wrote in Endgame IV back in May:

Nukes and Mars... Something about this combination that is somehow relevant to our immediate future... What does all this mean for the coming 'stargate window'? Obviously, one of the possible interpretations is that we're looking at some kind of 'nuclear event'. Metaphorical or literal - we don't know.

We thus have a 'hit' here. But so far it is more metaphorical (or at least tamer) than a real 'nuclear event'. Still, the nuclear talks taking place in Beijing may be a signal telling that the possibility of such a destructive event is very real and perhaps even imminent. The pattern is continuing, after all.

Another interesting event, which took place on Aug. 26 (just a day before the 'Mars day'), was the release of the final report on the Shuttle Columbia disaster. The combination of NASA and Mars here is obviously too fitting to be mere coincidence.

And this leads to the point I made in the Aug. 23 update, i.e. the prospect of mankind visiting and colonizing the Red Planet, the next New World. What is happening today - or what the Osirian Resurrection means - is essentially the activation of the Age of Horus/Osiris, that is, the 'Age of Mars' for human civilization. This is the 'game' of the 21st century.

The 'activation' does not come about easily because of the inertia of what our space program has become (i.e. no vision) and people's general lack of interest. The system has to be shaken and shocked into changing its course. It takes something big to accomplish that - like the Columbia disaster, and the subsequent report blaming the dysfunctional culture of NASA for the disaster.

Because of Columbia and the scathing report, there is now indeed a building pressure on NASA to change. And in the mainstream news media we're beginning to see comments like this:

NASA needs an inspiring leader, not just a competent manager, to guide it out of this wilderness and set a course for the next decade and beyond.

And because of the timing of the release of the Columbia report, we inevitably look at the sky and say to each other: 'Why don't we go to Mars? Kennedy was a great leader and he pretty much took us to the Moon. Why not again try something inspiring like that?'

And so psychologically we are definitely being pushed to pay attention to the new New World, now shining brilliantly in the night sky. It is of course no coincidence 'Columbia' is another name for the United States, the New World. Because for the next New World to rise, the old one must fall, which the space shuttle Columbia did symbolically. It's all very poetic really (and there is more to this story).

Now of course, heavily related to this is the issue of the 'monument of Mars' in the Cydonia region, championed by Richard Hoagland. And he didn't miss a beat here: he just posted a new article (early Aug. 28) discussing his new findings. Although I'm a little disappointed that he didn't give us a long-overdue update on the 'blockies' (see Endgame I), based on the underlying 'pattern', this new thing may lead to something important... (though I'm not sure about that from just reading it today). [Update: It turns out that Hoagland's article linked above was only a partial version; the whole thing was posted later here.]

Okay, more later...

August 26, '03   Déjà Vu in the Matrix
In term of celestial configurations, we have finally walked through the 'Gateway' into 'the other side' or the 'Otherworld', so to speak. And of course the 'ceremony' continues. Next up is Mars' closest approach to Earth on Aug. 27. The Red Planet signifies the Osirian 'Otherworld' as well as the new 'New World'... Ah yes, let the games begin! :)

But let me say just say this. Now that Mars is a mainstream story and its climax so close, a lot of people are beginning to 'predict' war and doom, saying 'because Mars is the god of war!'. Frankly, this is a pretty strong sign that the climax will stay symbolic and/or low key. Reality is very fluid in nature and not quite as simple-minded as these folks. :) Reality generally doesn't like to be predictable. If you hold a soap too firmly, it'll just slip way.

That said, there is no question that the close encounter of the red kind is a significant event - which has been my declared position on this website since January. But there is no reason to focus on one specific date, August 27. At least here at the Etemenanki website, the focus is  on a more general timeframe dubbed the 'stargate window', which isn't really dependent on Mars.

Basically, key dates such as 8/27 are useful in terms of yielding 'clues'. A good example of this is the 'December window' of 2002. See Endgame IV and V for a demonstration of an initially obscure occurrence observed during the time window eventually turning into a very important clue.

At any rate, let us discuss the computer virus situation briefly mentioned in the previous update. This may well develop into something serious. For starters, the notion of a 'virus' is one of the key themes attached to the 'stargate window'. In Endgame II (Oct. '02) I wrote:

Then it hit me. Could the... warning be about, at least on one level, some kind of computer virus, particularly the type known as 'Trojans'... like the mythical Trojan Horse...? Could this perhaps be how the terrorists might attack the United States or its allies next?

The 'warning' mentioned here refers to the enigmatic message decoded from the 2002 'alien disk' crop glyph created in England. (It has been a major part of the Endgame discussion). As noted before, the recent massive blackout in the US came exactly one year after the appearance of the glyph (Aug. 14).

What intensifies the potential link here is the fact that the blackout coincided with the outbreak of three major Internet viruses/worms. (The blackout was even possibly caused by a cyber attack.)

Next, let's look back at what I wrote in the August 20 update:

...it is certainly intriguing that the term 'matrix' is synonymous with 'grid', as in 'power grid' that we heard so much about since last week's blackout. And could it be just coincidence that the storyline of Matrix Reloaded released early this year involves 'Trinity' having to cause a major blackout in a major city? 

Since the Internet (Web) is similarly a 'grid', i.e. a 'matrix', we are seemingly encouraged to make the blackout-cyber virus/attack connection.

The Matrix Reloaded give us a further clue - seemingly shedding some light on the purpose of the blackout, or at least what may come next. We find that, in the film, a character named 'Trinity' causes a blackout so that 'Neo' ('the One') can slip into the secret and heavily protected 'source' room inside a building where the creator/architect of the Matrix resides. After the architect gives Neo two choices represented by two doors, Neo chooses the door leading back to the Matrix. And as soon as he leaves the building explodes.

The choice Neo made there also signaled the coming annihilation of 'Zion', the only human city left. Zion is the place of true freedom, and its very existence is now in question. (Sounds familiar?)

If we extend the blackout parallel, we'd get the scenario where 'Black Thursday' in the US (Aug. 14) was more of a precursor to something bigger. This then leads us to one of the recent computer viruses, fittingly called 'Sobig.f'.

Appearing almost concurrently with the blackout, Sobig.f became the fastest-growing email virus of all time. And as reported:

Evidence gathered by Microsoft, the FBI, and the Secret Service on the worldwide attacks made against computers running the Windows operating system fits the profile of "terrorist activity." [It shows] signs of a coordinated attack by an entity wanting to disrupt world commerce.

Ominously, the Sobig worm is expected to reemerge soon to wreck havoc again. The mid-August outbreak could have been just a preparation phase - comparable to the Matrix's blackout allowing Neo into the 'source' and subsequently leading to a major destruction.

We even detect a threatening 'message' in the fact that Sobig.f is programmed to deactivate on Sept. 10, i.e. a day before the second anniversary of 9-11. We are told:

The computer virus wreaking havoc across the Internet is set to destroy itself on September 10 — but not before spawning a DEADLIER new strain, experts believe.

That could be timed to create meltdown on September 11, shaking the world again on the anniversary of the terror blitz.

This certainly fits right into the 'pattern' behind our 'stargate window'. The window is, after all, considered an 'echo window' of 9-11. (See the Endgame series.) Accordingly, some sources are already seeing indications of a serious cyber terror attack:

...the real story lies in the details that are NOT being reported. Based on the findings of computer security experts, the SoBig "virus" was written with an inherent predictable pattern of activity. That activity, according to an analysis of past experience, will culminate on September 11, 2003, the second anniversary of the terrorist attacks against the United States...

It is the position of Douglas Hagmann, Director of the Northeast Intelligence Network [note: not a governmental organization] that this has all of the indications of a planned, coordinated and sophisticated cyber-attack specifically designed to disrupt the economic stability of the United States and possibly cause damage to critical operational systems. Further, it is no coincidence that the latest and perhaps final stage of "SoBig" will execute on the second anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks. This cyber event has been in the planning and execution stage for a significant period of time.

Another curious point is that Sobig is currently in its sixth version (that's what the 'f' in Sobig.f signifies). Now let me quote from The Matrix Reloaded where the architect talks to Neo about his role (the 'anomaly in the Matrix') in the big scheme: 

The matrix is older than you know. I prefer to count from the emergence of one integral anomaly to emergence of the next, in which case, this [i.e. Neo] is the 6th version.

Sobig.f, the '6th version', is also an 'anomaly' in the 'matrix' called the Internet. The next incarnation, presumably to be unleashed on Sept. 11, will be the 7th version.

Now, in The Matrix the scenes dealing with the blackout and the architect have to do with the end of 'the 6th' and the annihilation of Zion (to be followed by the 7th version). So in other words the scenes would correspond precisely to the situation we have right now in terms of the US blackout, Sobig.f, and the anticipated emergence of its next version, (probably) on the 'destruction day', 9-11.

This future projection is quite speculative, of course. But to those who think finding 'prophetic' clues in movies is silly, let me point out that The Matrix series has quite consistently demonstrated its predictive nature so far. The first Matrix, for example, alluded to 9/11. As I wrote here back then (Sept. 21, '01):

As many people have noticed, there is a strong messianic and seemingly prophetic undercurrent to the movie... For me, one of the most intriguing subtle symbols, or 'clues', in The Matrix was... where... Morpheus, is rescued by Neo and Trinity from a tall building in a drastic - almost terrorist-like - manner. If you recall, immediately after the rescue, the helicopter piloted by Trinity dramatically crashes into a [tall], glassy building [a la the 9/11 attacks]... But what really caught my attention was that there appeared to be a not-so-subtle clue as to the timing...: [within that sequence], you clearly see a building, the very building on top of which Morpheus is to be dropped, labeled 'MMI'... [i.e.] Roman numerals for '2001'.

The film was released in March '99 - which is about two years before 9-11. Interestingly enough, because the second Matrix (Reloaded) was released in May '03, i.e. roughly two years after 9-11, we find that the day of terror in the US came right at the center of the period separating Matrix 1 and 2. And this becomes a pattern when we add that the third installment, The Matrix Revolutions, is scheduled to be released later this year on November 5 - thus placing the Aug. 14 blackout almost exactly right at the mid-point of the period from Matrix 2 to Matrix 3.

Further, we detect a striking conceptual similarity between the 'prophetic' portions of Matrix 1 and 2. In both, the pertinent scenes happen to involve Neo/Trinity moving into the heart of the enemy territory, and Neo and Trinity saving each other.

So, there is actually pretty good reason to look for and utilize prophetic clues in The Matrix. Accordingly we are encouraged to carefully monitor the developing situation stemming from the blackout and the computer viruses/worms. (Let me also note that the Matrix 'prophecies' corroborate the '9-11 echo' concept attached to the current 'stargate window'.)

There is of course another major development associated with the 'stargate window' - i.e. the Shwarzenegger/recall election situation. As discussed in the Aug. 20 update, Arnie seems to be playing the role of the 'Antichrist' at this time. And this certainly works well with the esoteric theme of The Matrix - the 'second coming' of the 'Messiah'... 'the One'. (The 'Messiah' can be quite easily interpreted as the 'Antichrist, since the distinction can be quite blurry depending on the context.)

I have more to say about the Shwarzenegger/'Total Recall'/energy situation later...

August 23, '03   Time Is Up...
I just recently received the following email from 'Gary' and I thought I'd share it with you all as what he has found is quite amazing. It strongly confirms the special significance of this moment in history right now, especially for America:

The approaching conjunction of the Sun/Venus/Jupiter and King star Regulus in Leo the Lion constellation has an approximately 510 year cycle having last occurred (in this close a grouping) on August 6-7, 1493 (JDN 2266594-95) near the time of Columbus' discovery of America. The date on the Julian and British calendars is known as the "Transfiguration". [...] Calculating forward to August 22-23, 2003 (JDN 2452874-75) will be 186,280 days (like the speed of Light in miles per second).

The Regulus-Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction is of course something discussed in Endgame IV; it's part of the 'stargate celestial configuration' that initiates the 'birth of Horus' or 'death of Osiris' (occurring right now.)

Although its symbolic significance was already clear, Gary has now found that - and I checked it myself - the same conjunction occurred on August 6-7, 1493. Well, first of all, 'August 6' is the key Sirius/nuclear date we have been discussing here since two weeks ago (see previous updates). Second, the year 1493 coinciding with Columbus' first voyage to America (1492-3) reinforces my interpretation that the 'Endgame' is chiefly about (the 'end' of) the United States, the New World.

So what is taking place in the sky today is an 'echo' of the celestial occurrence observed right at the beginning of the American New World. Are we, then, currently in the process of discovering the next New World? That would indeed imply the end of the United States, at least conceptually.

But where is the next New World? Well, look around. Something is unusually bright in the night sky. Yes, Mars - presently closest to Earth in recorded history. As I wrote in the August 6 update:

It's almost as if Mars is saying 'hello' to us in anticipation of mankind's migration to that planet - the biggest event coming in the 21st century.

Yep, say hello to the new New World (Order). :) (This concept should already be familiar to those who read my book or The Adachi Report.)

Another discovery made by Gary is also correct. The time between the two grand Regulus-Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunctions indeed numerically matches the speed of light! From Aug. 6, 1493 to August 23, 2003 is 186,281 days, and the speed of light is 186,282 miles/second! (You can check the former number here.)

Since the perception of time is ruled by the speed of light, we again get the implication that the 'message' concerns time - here, specifically the time of the United States. And even more specifically, the 'message' would be that the US is now 'out of time' - which has long been my position (as strongly indicated by the 'Time River' system.)

More later... Oh hey, those recent computer viruses ('Sobig.f', 'Blaster', and 'Nachi') - interesting timing, eh? 'Virus' is one the key 'Endgame' themes, if you recall. As I wrote back in 2002 (Endgame II):

Then it hit me. Could the... warning be about, at least on one level, some kind of computer virus, particularly the type known as 'Trojans'... like the mythical Trojan Horse...? Could this perhaps be how the terrorists might attack the United States or its allies next?


August 22, '03   The Matrix Prophecy II?
Currently working on various updates... But in the meantime here is a transcript from key parts of The Matrix Reloaded ('03) seemingly anticipating the recent massive power outage, as mentioned in the previous update:

Keymaker: There is a building, inside this building, there is a level, where no elevator can go, where no stair can reach. This level is filled with doors. These doors lead to many places, hidden places, but one door is special, one door leads to the source. This building is protected by a very secure system. Every alarm triggers the b*mb.
Man: B*mb? Did he say b*mb?
Keymaker: But like all systems, it has a weakness. The system is based on the rules of a building, one system built on another.
Morpheus: Electricity.
Keymaker: If one fails, so must the other.
Niobe: No electricity, no alarms.
Ghost: But you'd have to take out a whole city block to kill the power to a building like that.
Keymaker: Not 1, 27.
Man: 27 blocks?
Keymaker: There's a power station. It must be destroyed.
Niobe: There must be some kind of failsafe.
Keymaker: Yes, there is an emergency system. The core network of the grid must be accessed. The emergency system must be deactivated.
Soren: Then what do you need us for? Neo can take them both out easier than we could.
Keymaker: There's no time.
Niobe: Why?
Keymaker: Once the door is unprotected, the connection will be severed, but another connection must first be made.
Soren: How long will that take?
Keymaker: Exactly 314 seconds.
Ghost: Just over 5 minutes.
Keymaker: That is the length and breath of the window. Only the One can open the door, and only during that window can the door be opened.
Niobe: How do you know all this?
Keymaker: I know because I must know. It is my purpose; it is the reason I'm here. The same reason we're all here.


Trinity: Call Neo, now.
Link: I lost him, they're inside the portal.
Trinity: What about the grid?
Link: Everything's still operational, the emergency system is already rerouting power...Jesus, as soon as they open that door, it's all over.
Trinity: The h*** it is.
Link: What are you...Trinity!
Trinity: I will not stand here and do nothing; I will not wait here to watch them die.
Link: Trinity, we're talking less than 5 minutes here.
Trinity: In 5 minutes I'll tear that whole G**d*** building down.


Morpheus: I don't understand it, everything was done as it was supposed to be done. Once the One reaches the source, the war should be over.
Neo: In 24 hours it will be.
Morpheus: What?
Neo: If we don't so something, in 24 hours, Zion will be destroyed.
Link: What?
Trinity: How do you know that?
Neo: I was told it would happen.
Morpheus: By whom?
Neo: It doesn't matter. I believed him.
Morpheus: That's impossible, the prophecy tells us...
Neo: It was a lie, Morpheus. The prophecy was a lie. The One was never meant to end anything. It was all another system of control.
Morpheus: I don't believe that.
Neo: But you said it yourself, how can the prophecy be true if the war isn't be over...I'm sorry. I know it isn't easy to hear, but I swear to you it's the truth.
Trinity: What are we going to do?
Neo: I don't know.
Link: Oh no...what are they doing?
Trinity: They're just out of EMP range.
Neo: It's a b*mb, we have to get out of here, now.

August 20, '03   Rise of the Antichrist

There is so much to discuss and so little time...

Where to begin?

Well, first of all, yesterday was a very bloody day: the suicide bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad and another suicide bombing in Jerusalem, each killing about 20 people. You can feel that something is up, especially considering that we're currently in the 'stargate window'.

But let me go back to the issue of Arnie and the California 'Total Recall' election. While I had known for quite some time about the thick symbolism surrounding Shwarzenegger, relevant to the themes discussed here (see Aug. 6 update), I'm now finding more 'clues' that are quite ominous.

We have already discussed the significance of Arnie's Terminator movie (released just this summer) involving the key 'stargate'/time-machine theme. I have now come to realize that there is more depth to the symbolism.

As I noted on the day of the event, Shwarzenegger's dramatic election announcement on Aug. 6 was probably - consciously or subconsciously - meant to coincide with the heliacal rising of the star Sirius - an event that signaled for ancient Egyptians the beginning of the annual life-giving flood of the Nile (signifying the resurrection of Osiris, i.e. one of our key themes). Notice the conceptual parallel here: Sirius announcing the coming of the flood/Osirian resurrection and Arnie announcing his intention to become the governor of California. (The name 'Shwarzenegger' being very 'black' resonates with Osiris being the god of death/blackness.) It was therefore a strong signal to us that the projected 'resurrection of Osiris' is indeed coming... soon, along with Mars. (See Endgame IV and V.)

And here is an ominous set of new observations. It turns out that Sirius, along with the eagle, was closely associated with Napoleon. As Robert Bauval writes in Secret Chamber [p.341, emphasis added]:

Napoleon had acquired two nicknames, one being 'L'Aigle' (the Eagle) and the other being 'L'Etoile' (the Star). That 'his star' was Sirius, the star of Isis, is not only made obvious by the coat-of-arms which he chose for Paris but, in a more arcane manner, it seems to have been linked to Napoleon's most famous monument, the Arc de Triomphe, also known as the the Place de L'Etoile (the Place of the Star), located on the western side of the so-called Historical Axis of Paris, better known as the Champs-Elysees, [which is oriented twenty-six degrees north of west]... The star Sirius, as seen from the latitude of Paris, rises twenty-six degrees south of east.

The same Paris 'axis' was also designed to precisely align with the sunset on August 6, i.e. Sirius' heliacal rising day.

This hints at some kind of connection between Napoleon and Shwarzenegger's present situation - especially considering that his first name, 'Arnold', means 'the eagle rules' - i.e. both Arnie and Napoleon are closely identified with Sirius and the eagle! And there is more to this parallel.

The sun is one of the key themes pertinent to the 'stargate window' and we recall that Bush is symbolically Phaëthon (the fallen son of the sun in myth; see Endgame V) as well as the 'rebel king' of ancient Egypt, Akhenaten (Moses), often called the 'sun king' because of his heretical worship of the sun-god Aten. Akhenaten was practically the ancient Egyptian 'antichrist'. What's remarkable here is the fact that the 'axis' of Paris mentioned above is also a legacy of a 'Sun King', as Bauval notes:

King Louis XIV of France was known as the le Roi Soleil i.e. the 'Sun King', and often was depicted as 'Apollo'. In 1663 his landscape architect, Andre Le Notre, defined the axis of the Champs Elysees with an orientation of 26 degrees north of west. This was purposefully done to have the sun set along the axis on two specific days:

[One is Aug. 6, as mentioned; and the other is] 8 May: The Spring Feast of St. Michael [who] was, of course, a Christian 'solar' angel of whom it was said would appear on a mound on this day to herald the Second Coming of Christ.

The messianic 'Second Coming' being analogous to the resurrection of Osiris (a concept frequently employed in my articles), we have here additional confirmation that the 'rise' of Shwarzenegger on Aug. 6 was indeed a foreshadow of the coming Osirian event. But there is also a clue here hinting at the event's sinister nature. As Bauval writes in Secret Chamber:

Interestingly, St Michael, in Masonic lore, is associated with the notion of a New Order for the Ages.

Or in other words, the New World Order - yet another key theme of the 'stargate window' (see Endgame IV and V).

What seems to solidify the antichristic overtones emerging here is Napoleon widely being considered the 'first' antichrist - especially in terms of the prophecies of Nostradamus, which are said to predict three antichrists in total.

The 'second antichrist' is usually said to have been Hitler. And the 'third', of course, has yet to materialize; but his imminent emergence is widely anticipated these days. Given the parallel observed between Shwarzenegger and Napoleon, as well as Shwarzenegger's various Nazi connections (his father was a member of the [Nazi party]), it's almost as if we are to view the Hollywood star as the 'third antichrist'. Hmm... yes, this is strange. :)

That the 'stargate window' represents an 'echo window' of 9/11 also adds more weight to this rather bizarre interpretation. It turns out that there is an allusion to the emergence of an antichrist in the Book of Revelation 9:11 (yes, 9-11):

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

The two names given here, 'Abaddon' and 'Apollyon', both mean the same thing - 'Destroyer'. And 'destroyer', or 'terminator', is exactly what the name 'Napoleon' has been interpreted by some to mean. And of course... Shwarzenegger is none other than the 'Terminator'! Not just a Terminator, in fact, but because of the third installment of the 'stargate' movie series currently played in theaters, he is the 'Terminator 3' - that is, 'Destroyer 3' or, indeed, the 'third antichrist'! [I was just told that Arnie also starred in a movie called Conan the Destroyer (1984).] (Note, too, that 'Apollyon' is most likely related to 'Apollo', i.e. the sun.)

Again, it is of course kind of funny to view Arnie as an antichristic figure. So we find ourselves asking just how much of this is just symbolism. How seriously should we take the interpretation?

My personal position on this at this time is that what we are seeing is a sort of 'real life' movie deliberately set up by a small group of elite versed in esoteric matters. And we are presently watching a dramatic scene labeled 'Enter Antichrist 3'. :)

Just beneath the comicalness, however, is detected a serious and dark undercurrent. For example, the recent East Coast Blackout in the US (largest in history) brought our attention to the fact that the California 'Total Recall' election now underway is really about controlling energy: i.e. Enron-type corporations (deregulation) vs. the people (regulation).

California's current mess largely stems from the energy crisis (blackouts) of 2000/2001 there that was engineered by the greedy and corrupt 'Enron' people who were and still are pushing for deregulation that would allow them to operate in a more irresponsible and greedy fashion. It is known that Shwarzenegger got together with Ken Lay (former Enron CEO/Chairman) in a private meaning 3-4 months before 9/11 in which Lay 'presented his vision of solving the state's energy deregulation crisis by, absurd as it sounds, expanding deregulation'.

All the indications, therefore, are that Shwarzenegger's current political move actually has to do with helping the psychotically greedy energy corporations. The apparent White House backing of Arnie behind the scenes is also in keeping with the close relationship Bush, Cheney, etc. had with Enron.

So it is almost too synchronistic that the 'Total Recall' circus election, which Shwarzenegger will likely win because of his powerful backers (remember how Bush got into the White House?), coincided with the historic Blackout 2003 on August 14 last week. The conceptual coherence was quite amazing.

As mentioned in the Aug. 16 update, I was quick to sense the importance of the blackout in the context of the grand 'pattern' attached to the 'stargate window'. Since then, I noticed something new that further confirmed this view. As those who have been reading the Endgame series know, it is the 'alien disk' crop glyph found in England last year that has been largely driving and guiding the Endgame discussion. And when exactly did this crop glyph suddenly appear in 2002? The answer is August 14 - the same date as the 2003 Blackout!

Let me also point out that Arnie's movie Total Recall, which is largely about Mars (needless to say, very much relevant to the present time), involves in its storyline a powerful company ('Rekall, Inc.') cutting off the air/water (or energy) supply to the Martian colony. Well, do you see a curious parallel emerging here?

The Total Recall storyline also deals with the question of what is real and what is illusion. This very same question is explored in the popular movie series, The Matrix - the second and third installments of which are released this year. So it is certainly intriguing that the term 'matrix' is synonymous with 'grid', as in 'power grid' that we heard so much about since last week's blackout. And could it be just coincidence that the storyline of Matrix Reloaded released early this year involves 'Trinity' having to cause a major blackout in a major city? (The first Matrix was also prophetic in that it seems to have predicted '9/11', as I mentioned soon after the terror event.)

Okay, this is enough for this update. Much more to come in the coming days. We are now very close to the 'stargate' celestial configuration that will be formed around August 23.

August 16, '03 [updated]   Blackout: Who Dunnit?
[Note (8/17):  I've revised this update a little as my position has changed somewhat. And I expect it to shift more in the coming days. It's a Pandora's Box...]

We are now in the 'stargate window' (Aug-Oct) discussed in Endgame IV & V, which is an 'echo window' of 9/11 in the 2-year cycle we've been following. As noted in the updates of August 6 and 14 below, the 'trigger event' appears to have been - amusingly - Arnold Schwarzenegger entering the California recall election. The symbolism involved was quite striking, but it is also true that the 'Total Recall' seemed too minor to be part of the projected 'stargate' event.

I was therefore in a 'let's wait and see' mode - when the historic power blackout struck the northeastern part of the United States (and part of Canada). I was immediately intrigued because back in May or June, I did a quick 'psi session' (solo & frontloaded) using  'the biggest event associated with the stargate window' as the target, and the predictive data I got was none other than 'power outage'. I felt at the time there was something to the impression because I certainly did not expect to come up with such psi info.

So that was my first thought. Of course this doesn't mean much here since I didn't disclose the data before the blackout.

In any case I subsequently wondered about the severity and significance of what was taking place. As expected, its impact proved to be historic; the power outage is reported to be the biggest one in US history. The fact that it struck NYC - the heart of the US news media industry - aided this view, visually and psychologically. For many people, especially the New Yorkers, the incident was initially reminiscent of 9/11. This was in line with our '9-11 echo' theme.

Still, I was a little puzzled as to the symbolic meaning and coherence of the '2003 Blackout'. It was a major inconvenience for millions of people; but was that all there was to it? There had to be more depth.

The first trigger to get the ball rolling was an email from an Etemenanki reader.  She said:

I can’t help but associate it with the recall election. I can see a metaphor here. Think about it. We’re all basically in the dark and someone/thing wants us to recall our memories. This is a very powerful message indeed.

This brought my attention to the curious symmetry produced by the two overlapping events - the 'Total Recall' election on the West Coast and the 'Total Blackout' on the East Coast. 'Recall' as in 'regaining awareness', and 'blackout' as in 'losing awareness'. California even happens to be the place of the previous massive US power outage and energy crisis.

Now I was beginning to detect more symbolic depth and coherence.

The next key piece of the puzzle was the White House, especially Cheney. Check out this information from July, for instance:

Here is the smoking gun pointing directly to Vice President Richard Cheney's secret energy company meetings held at the White House in early 2001. Some of the documents of the meetings reveal charts of "Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts" and a "map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals" ... Congress and the press should immediately and thoroughly investigate the any linkage between the secret White House deals, the fake California energy crisis, the Enron collapse, and the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. The question to ask is: Did the White House sell US foreign policy to the highest energy company bidder? ...

It is indeed no secret that Cheney was deeply involved in the California power shortage (a hoax).

Here is more on this, as reported by IPA (Institute for Public Accuracy) [emphasis added]:

Consumer advocates with the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, Heller and Balber said today: "The California energy crisis was the culmination of a decade-long push to remove consumer protections and regulatory oversight of California's electric power system... Leading the charge was Ken Lay, the former CEO and Chairman of Enron, whose close ties with the Bush family were supplemented by campaign contributions both in Washington and across the country, notably including more than $100,000 to California Governor Gray Davis. It was, of course, no surprise that Governor Davis failed to meaningfully take on the power industry's manipulation of the California energy market during the crisis, opting instead to sign overpriced power contracts and force consumers and taxpayers to pay for the miserable failure of deregulation..."

Gray Davis, of course, is the governor at the center of the current recall election circus involving Schwarzenegger.


"In order to counter the virtual public consensus that deregulation ought to be dumped, Ken Lay, during the spring of 2001, began a series of high-powered meetings to salvage the deteriorating argument for his energy scheme.... He met privately with Vice President Cheney in the days leading up to the administration's publication of what became an extremely Enron-friendly National Energy Plan..."

Ugly stuff, but not surprising. What comes next, however, is quite striking:

[Then] Lay hoped to regain his footing in California by forging ties with prominent Republicans in the state. In May of 2001, Lay convened a private meeting with junk bond king Michael Milken, Los Angeles' then-Mayor Richard Riordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, at which Lay reportedly presented his vision of solving the state's energy deregulation crisis by, absurd as it sounds, expanding deregulation. The meeting, about which the public still knows very little, may become a major issue now that Schwarzenegger is no longer just a Republican movie star..."

Well, what kind of 'coincidence' is this? Here we are learning that, through Cheney/Lay (i.e. White House/Enron), Schwarzenegger is intimately linked to the major US energy crisis in California; and now we have just seen the latest major blackout coinciding with the California recall election in which the same actor is running!

There is certainly a shadowy scheme taking place here. Indeed, as noted by Buzzflash, behind Schwarzenegger's recent political move is detected the presence of the White House: 

  • Bush Guru Karl Rove Met With Schwarzenegger in April.

  • Karl Rove: Possibility of a Governor Schwarzenegger "Would Be Really, Really Nice."

  • Laura Bush’s Press Secretary Helped GOP Candidate Strategize for Recall Campaign.

  • Top Bush CA Adviser Playing Major Roll in Recall.

  • High Level Bush Re-Election Strategist Involved in Recall Effort.

  • Tucker Has Denied White House Involvement, But Alludes to Bush Strategy.

Also, isn't it curious that Bush happened to be safely in California doing what he does best, fundraising? (We recall that he was also safely in Florida, a state governed by his own brother, during the 9/11 attacks on NYC and DC.)

And of course, Bush is spewing out lies like he always does. Check this:

BUSH'S CLAIM: "We'll have time to look at it and determine whether or not our grid needs to be modernized. I happen to think it does, and have said so all along." - George Bush, 8/14/03 [LINK]

FACT: In June of 2001, Bush opposed and the congressional GOP voted down legislation to provide $350 million worth of loans to modernize the nation's power grid because of known weaknesses in reliability and capacity... [T]he Bush Administration lobbied against it and the Republicans voted it down three separate times...

What can we infer from all this? Did the corporate White House want to keep the grid weak so they could pull another 'Enron' on us?

Certainly the 'West Coast Total Recall'-'East Coast Total Blackout' symmetry is a significant sign hinting at the power failure's relevance to California's corporate power scheme.

More later... Digging and brainstorming...

August 15, '03 [revised later]   On LaRouche
Before I do updates on the blackout and such, let me make this comment on Lyndon LaRouche. Because I recently related his ideas a number of times, I feel I should make clear my position regarding him - especially because he's a controversial figure.

Well, first it is clear that he's a very intelligent man and he has a good (international) network of intelligence sources. So he could be seen as a valuable conduit between the insiders and those on the outside. But it is also true that there is a cultish aura surrounding his group, and that his organization actively recruit members on college campuses and such. This I may find just a little suspicious. I don't like any 'cults' - including most religions and the 'cult' of modern science.

[...] But The bottom line is that while I don't endorse him or his group per se, I do find his ideas very useful and often insightful. I just find him to be someone worth monitoring, from a distance, at the present time.

August 14, '03 [before blackout]   Prometheus Rising
Before I forget, let me quickly comment on a key event of August 6 last week. As discussed in the 8/6 update, it was a significant day associated with Sirius (helical rising) and nukes (Hiroshima) - both relevant to our 'stargate window' of this summer/fall. (See the Endgame series.) Besides the big news of Arnold Schwarzenegger announcing his decision to run in the California's bizarre recall election - a subject still dominating the news media in the US today - there was also another quite important announcement in Italy:

Italian scientists said Wednesday [Aug. 6] they had created the world's first cloned horse from an adult cell taken from the horse who gave birth to her... Prometea is the first animal known to be carried and born by the mother from which she was cloned.

Named after Prometheus, who in Greek mythology was punished for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humans, the foal was created through nuclear transfer -- the same technique used for Dolly the sheep, the world's first cloned mammal.

Now, this is uncanny. cloning and Prometheus happen to be the very two things that I pointed out as closely linked earlier this year. In the Feb. 5 update, for example, I wrote:

...important developing stories taking place right now are the issues of cloning (began with Clonaid' controversial announcement in Dec. '02) and Mars (Project Prometheus revealed in Jan. '03).

Project Prometheus, revealed on Jan. 17 this year, is a NASA project to create a nuclear propulsion system that is hoped to lead to sending man to Mars. And Mars is of course a major theme of the 'stargate window' we're now entering, marked by the historic close approach of the Red Planet late August.

In Endgame IV (May 19), furthermore, was discussed a curious connection existing between Mars and nukes - also supported by Project Prometheus having to do with nuclear power. This then relates right back to the Aug. 6 date, i.e. the day Hiroshima was unnecessarily nuked by the US (an operation supervised by members of Skull & Bones, an influential Yale secret society to which George W. Bush belongs). Note also that the cloning technique used for the Prometea horse is called 'nuclear transfer'.

Cloning, Prometheus, Mars, nuclear... So the Prometea announcement of Aug. 6 was a very clever amalgamation of many themes we have attached to the 'stargate window' - and it's right on time.

In the Feb. 5 update, I also wrote:

Mars, genetic engineering, Mesopotamia, the Flood... This is the story of Genesis. And it's occurring again right now.

Hence even Iraq (Mesopotamia), being the historical land of 'Genesis', becomes relevant here. The Genesis connection arises from, for instance, the story of the creation of Adam (the first man) as told in the Book of Genesis:

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness... So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him... [Gen. 1:26-7]

I mean, there is no question that this description sounds like the process of cloning. And the name 'Adam' can denote something like 'red earth' as if to allude to Mars.

Also, what was that recent big political controversy in the US about? Iraq's (falsely) alleged attempt to obtain nuclear material from Africa. Indeed, the chickenhawks - the neo-cons - (mis-)led the nation to war using primarily the imaginary Iraqi nuclear threat.

Now, the neo-cons (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Libby. etc.) are a psychotic group who came to dominate the Bush administration after 9/11. The 'Straussian' philosophy adopted by these Zionist chickenhawks (which demands the shameless use of big lies in controlling the 'lowly' general public) can be traced back to the the Third Reich - the Nazis. They have a fascist mentality - and we have seen it in broad daylight already. And behind these pseudo-intellectual architects of the administration war policies (I mean, they're ruthless but not very bright) are said to be the bankers of the 'Synarchist International', a greedy and fascist group conducting their own 'preemptive (economical) attack' on the US and the world. According to Lyndon LaRouche these guys know that a financial collapse is coming very soon, and they are using the neo-cons to shift things so that their wealth and elite status won't be negatively affected by it. And:

What they've now done, is they've dropped the Federal discount rate toward as close to zero as they can get; and they're about to drop it further. The reason for this dropping of the discount rate, is to try to pump sucker-money into financial markets, by saying “the markets are going up, therefore, please, suckers, come invest your money in this wonderful future, which is being created by Alan Greenspan.”

What will happen? In a short period ahead, this financial bubble will collapse. Bankruptcy will spread. Alan Greenspan will run the discount rate up to, maybe, between 7% and 10%, and all the suckers will be wiped out. Mortgage owners will be wiped out; businesses will be wiped out; pensions will be wiped out; insurance plans will be wiped out, and so forth.

This is the kind of people we are dealing with. These are the kinds of people who want world war. And these are the people who own and are using, a group of people, who are Synarchists, who are called in this country, “neo-conservatives,” or something else.

He also points out that these Synarchists were the ones behind the rise of the Third Reich in Germany. This time, apparently, they picked the US to create a form of dictatorship and push for world war. It may be said that the Nazis hijacked the US and are now flying it into the nation's heart to destroy it - i.e. it's a '9/11'.

At any rate, I wanted to point out here that, as mentioned before, Prometheus (via 'pramantha') can be represented by the swastika, the Nazi symbol. Traditionally, however, the swastika signifies peace. And even this is fitting in that the very un-American neo-con doctrine of preemptive war is really about creating a global empire which they (PNAC) call a 'Pax Americana', meaning American Peace. Peace and the swastika being practically interchangeable, we can also interpret it as 'American Nazis', which the neo-cons indeed are!

This Nazi association also brings to mind the fact that, as mentioned in the Aug. 6 update, Schwarzenegger's father was a big Nazi (he has other Nazi connections as well). And to underscore the deep symbolism of the events of Aug. 6, Schwarzenegger starred in the popular movie Twins (1988) which is about genetically engineered twin brothers. Needless to say, this strongly resonates with the other news of Aug. 6, the announcement of a successfully cloned (i.e. 'twinned') horse.

So the 'pattern' we've been following is clearly continuing. And what it entails for the 'stargate window' (Aug.-Oct.) is... Well, more on this later. :)

August 9, '03   'The Nile Decoded'
Okay, so the 'major presentation' is finally here, and it is the paper The Nile Decoded that discusses a key element of the 'Time River Theory' revealed in my book The Time Rivers. (This is not directly related to the 'Endgame' issues, by the way. I'm not 'one dimensional', you know. :))

For those who haven't read the book, the paper should tell you a lot about the theory. And like I forewarned, be prepared to be catapulted into the next dimension. :) It's quite different from the usual Etemenanki stuff in that the presentation is much more focused, detailed, and strives to prove an 'extraordinary claim' that totally violates what is considered 'reality' today.

Even for those who have already read the book, the paper should help you comprehend the key aspect of the theory better because of its compressed nature and additional illustrations. (It includes some important revisions as well.)

As I strongly feel it is important to spread the word about this 'impossible' discovery, and because I kind of want to keep it more or less separate from Etemenanki, I have also created an area dedicated to the subject - located here.

Comments are welcome; email me your thoughts.

Other more 'normal' updates on their way.

August 6, '03   Total Recall
So August 6 turned out to be a very busy news day in the US, and I'm not surprised. I mean, it is no coincidence that I picked the date for my 'major presentation', as was noted in the 'What's New' box (now pushed back just a little). 'August 6' is, after all, the day of the great star Sirius' heliacal rising (as seen from Giza/Cairo), an astronomical event that signified for the ancient Egyptians the beginning of a new year, accompanied by the annual, life-giving flooding of the Nile. This event was considered symbolic of the revitalization/resurrection of Osiris, the god of the dead. (Aug. 6 is also the date of the unnecessary 'shock & awe' nuking of Hiroshima by the US.)

As those who have followed the Endgame series here should know, the Osirian resurrection is the key theme attached to the projected 'stargate window' (summer/fall, '03) which we're now entering as we speak. The climax - at least in terms of astronomical configurations - is late August, to be marked most notably by the earth's historic close encounter with the Red Planet.

It's almost as if Mars is saying 'hello' to us in anticipation of mankind's migration to that planet - the biggest event coming in the 21st century. And Hollywood has been steadily preparing us for the big interplanetary adventure for many years now. We can recall, for instance, the big SF movie about Mars, Total Recall (1990) featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Incidentally, we have another Schwarzenegger film, Terminator 3, presently playing in theaters. The popular series is about certain people and robots of the future coming back in time through what might be called a 'stargate' machine. A very fitting theme to overlap the 'stargate window' this summer/fall.

But to further intensify the symbolic pattern, Schwarzenegger, who also appeared in The Running Man (1987), announced today that he had decided to run for California governor in the coming 'recall' election (Oct. 7), an attempt to replace current California Gov. Gray Davis.

So, Schwarzenegger, an Hollywood actor inseparable from Mars and 'stargates', thus also from the Osirian resurrection theme attached to this particular period (acknowledged by the timing of Terminator 3), announced his big political decision on the Sirius heliacal day, associated with the same resurrection theme, to run in the (Total) Recall election!

Whew... the thick symbolism is making me dizzy. :) But I have to add one more thing. As those who have read my recent articles know, the 'stargate window' now being activated is an 'echo window' stemming from 9/11 two years ago. The very first article I wrote after 9/11 was Mystery, Babylon the Great (Oct. 25, '01). Now, check out what I wrote at the very end of the piece:

Mars is Osiris. And Osiris is being resurrected like a rising Morning Star [= Sirius/Venus]. It is time for a Total Recall.

Poetically prophetic, isn't it? I mean, I could have written this very 'poem' today to describe what was in the news. But it was written almost exactly 2 years ago.

The Terminator theme that inevitably comes along with Arnold Schwarzenegger is also a useful tool in terms of symbology. From the basic scenario of the trilogy, the implication we'd get is that a dark future awaits us, and that the present time is the critical stage where two opposing camps fight for the future. Well, actually it's more specifically about the future of the United States.

As I've been saying for some time, the US is now in the process of 'ending', literally and/or symbolically. And this is by design; evidence strongly suggests that this was the plan all along. In that sense, the 'game' - the Endgame - is not really about the threat of the termination of America, but it's more about how it will end. Even a 'happy ending' is a possibility (though increasingly unlikely).

It is quite clear that the growing neo-conservative shadow in American politics today is a major part of this Endgame. Needless to say, they represent the 'machine' camp in the battle. As Lyndon LaRouche warns, the same greedy 'soul-less' Synarchist banker-types who gave rise to the terror regime of Hitler are now apparently behind the neo-con policy makers in and around the Bush administration. (Incidentally, Schwarzenegger's father was a Nazi.) So the situation is more serious than most Americans realize. The present leadership installed by the right-wing supreme court is not really waging wars to protect the United States; it's more about bringing about the destruction of the US as it exists today.

'9/11' was the real 'Shock and Awe'. It was when the 'Titanic', pushed by arrogant and greedy financiers, hit the iceberg. (The typical 'Lucifer' scenario.) How the rest of the story unfolds is vividly depicted in the movie Titanic by James Cameron, the original director of Terminator (1 & 2).

This is the 'gate' that we have to go through to get to the Osirian age of Mars. The 'Flood' is coming, and Mars is the Ark.

Stay tuned for more updates and the 'major presentation' in the coming days. There is much more to discuss.

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