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September 2005



 September 27, '05   Energy Hits Iceberg
So it now seems to have become 'official', after two major hurricanes struck the Gulf Coast and seriously damaged many of the oil rigs there, that the United States is facing a looming energy crisis...

News links:

8/30: Another Storm Casualty: Oil Prices
8/31: White House to tap Strategic Petroleum Reserve
8/31: Gasoline Sets Record on Hurricane Katrina Damage
9/02: Katrina and Peak Oil
9/07: Gulf Oil Production Faces High Hurdles
9/09: Airline losses could reach $10 billion in '05 due to fuel cost
9/15: Delta and Northwest File for Bankruptcy
9/21: Rita may be 'national d
isaster': oil CEO
9/22: Rita could equal $5 gas
9/26: Bush prepared to tap oil reserve
9/26: Bush Urges Motorists to Conserve Gas
9/26: Rita Sinks Offshore Rigs; Capsizes Tension Leg Platform
9/27: White House Press Briefing: Save Energy
9/27: After hurricanes, Bush pushes conservation
9/27: Rita causes record damage to oil rigs

I've been saying for months on this website, before the hurricanes, that we are looking at a 'Deep Impact situation' around November of this year. And increasingly I have indicated that it had to do with energy, particularly the 'Peak Oil' situation. The 'omens' were there, quite insistent on the symbolic level, to let us know that this crisis was on the horizon... By mid-August I inferred that it was somehow associated with the air.

From 8/18: Now, let's put those together with 'bending in air', midpoint, and such. Notice that air is a form of gas, and gas is also a colloquial term for gasoline. 'Bending in air/gas' is therefore also 'bending in/of oil. Add the notion of midpoint, and we'd have 'midpoint of the bending of oil' - or in other words... Peak Oil.

Chances are, world oil production is peaking this year, right now. (If not, it will by 2012.) [...]

Low-level signals individually, but collectively there was a remarkable consistency. The bottom line here, as indicated by symbolism, is that things are moving toward Peak Oil. This might as well be considered an 'omens'.

Potentially related to this, I'll state again... is that I'm already looking ahead at the November-December timeframe, and particularly mid to late-November, as a likely window for THE midpoint event. Deep impact indeed.

By mid-August was also made clear that we were looking at a major 'crossing'/'Judgment' event around the end of the month and Katrina bringing a 'Great Flood' to New Orleans could not have been a more dramatic manifestation of the projected pattern. And, via various time codes such as the 'Equation of Time', it was to be viewed as a prefiguration of things to come later this year... particularly around November.

With this context in mind, here is a couple of reports just sent in (yesterday) from our 'correspondent' Bernard G. in Houston who works in the oil industry (he doesn't subscribe to the Peak Oil theory but it doesn't really matter):


[...] Now, the part you ain't getting in the mainstream news is that there are four refineries that were very hard-hit. The BP, Shell, Murphy and Total refineries got whallopped. They probably won't be back online for more than a month. They all stocked up on gasoline before the storm, but it is taking all of the stores to refill every gas station in the region, drained by the "Texodus."

There is also significant damage offshore. I have not be able to confirm, but the Petronium Tower may be listing heavily [link]. There are a lot of badly damaged platforms, as well. Still no authoritative word on pipelines from either Rita or Katrina. At this time, ALL oil and 80% of gas is shut in from the GOM. No wonder Bush is running around telling everyone to conserve gasoline [link] They just aren't telling us why there is a shortage.

Rita hit 175 mph (I called it Cat6) out over the deepwater oil fields. My bet is that most of that oil will not be back online for some time to come.

There are four counties around Houston that are having rolling blackouts to conserve juice. My bet is that it's a function of power plants around here being fired primarily by natural gas. Texas is normally a net producer of electricity. Look for outages in the west. That would be a sure sign of trouble.

If I had to make a couple of predictions, look for gasoline to hit close to $5 in the next month or so. Also, look for a strange disconnect between oil and refined product, which started after Katrina, where oil goes down, but gasoline goes up. This is a function of greatly reduced refining capacity. Nearly a third of US refining is offline and may not be back for a bit. Also, look for home heating prices to soar, both for natural gas and for heating oil. If this is a particularly cold winter, and they usually are after a heavy storm season like the one we are in, then things could get much worse.

More as I get the info in. Ain't pretty. Keep the tank full at all times! You may think that is stupid, but then you probably haven't sat in gas lines for a long time. I did Sunday afternoon. Get used to them.


OK, it's bad. There are dozens of rigs and platforms damaged, missing or sunk. Katrina put the whammy on production platforms, and Rita slammed the drilling rigs. I've got some pix to forward to you tomorrow. Some of the rigs are upside down, others are twisted and destroyed, still others are just plain gone...either sunk or drifting.

As I have been telling anyone willing to listen, there really is no such thing as Peak Oil, as far as I can tell. The real problem is a complete lack of infrastructure for moving and refining oil and gas, as well as a serious shortage of drilling rigs, tankers and refineries. The situation was close to dire before the storms. It is critical now.

Over the past couple of decades, there has been little investment in tankers, new drilling rigs and refineries. As a consequence, we may be running out of gasoline while drowning in oil. This is the cause of the disconnect recently between pump price and barrel cost. All the storage areas are full of oil, the problem is there is no scalable means to refine it and/or ship it. Even starting this minute, the supply can not be increased by even one for the next three to five years.

Should the next storm [link] hit shipping, I can almost guarantee the pump lines we recently saw in Houston will be nationwide. I am fairly sure that we will see them by Christmas, as it is. A cold winter will virtually ensure radical price hikes in natural gas, electricity and heating oil.

While this may sound alarmist, I assure you that I am taking the best information from offshore interests, as well as what I know about the industry into account. The outcome will most likely not be pleasant, and the time frame for the unpleasantness to start is about one month, maybe slightly more. When you hear Bush taking steps to limit gasoline usage in the White House and encouraging people to conserve, you can bet that he knows what's coming.

Your readers should begin to take reasonable and prudent steps, if they have not already. Try to have at least 3/4 of a tank full in your car at all times. Anyone who lives in a city should have several alternative routes out of town that DO NOT utilize the freeways (I tried four of my routes during the Texodus and found them virtually empty). Consider purchasing a good water filter (Big Berkey, for instance) and a small generator to run a deep freeze or refrigerator (never operate one indoors). Keep a good supply of non-perishable food on hand.

These are just prudent suggestions. I see no reason to panic about the situation. It will progress quickly, but those who are looking for the signs will know when things start to go down hill. Until you have spent days looking for a gas station, or gone grocery shopping when nothing was on the shelves, or gone five days without electricity during a heat wave, you can not appreciate the situation. I was well prepared for the storm, but even that would get me through a month or so, with serious rationing.

To summarize, the GOM (Gulf of Mexico) oil and gas industry has been hit pretty hard. ALL oil and 80% of natural gas production is shut in. Four refineries are seriously damaged, needing about a month or more to repair. Dozens of rigs and platforms are sunk, missing or damaged. There is currently about a month's supply of refined petroleum products in storage, and they are decreasing rapidly. Your readers would do well to consider prudent preparations for a severe disruption in energy by year's end.

Sorry to bear bad news, but I don't even have the whole picture yet, and it already ain't pretty. More as things develop.

I'm no alarmist either, nor am I even a survivalist - but I must agree that it is a good idea to start preparing for emergency situations now.

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 September 26, '05   'Face on Mars' - Lore No More?
This is subtle stuff to be sure... and yet quite baffling if you think about it.

Check out this new article posted on

Mars: A History of False Impressions

It's their top story today as you can see in this screenshot:

092605-1.gif (271548 bytes)

What is striking here is the inference that the so-called 'Face on Mars' is no 'false impression'. The main-page graphic for the article clearly shows the 'Face' and yet within the article itself (written by a 'Senior Science Writer') - which is all about the history of mankind seeing things on Mars that are actually only products of our imagination - does NOT include in its list the 'Face on Mars'. It doesn't even bring it up. Given the front-page acknowledgement of the 'Face', this awkward disconnect just might be subtly communicating something (even if not consciously intended). If you know the history of the Establishment response to the 'Face' and Cydonia, this glaring omission should strike you as highly anomalous and perhaps on some level a quiet concession... that the 'Face' is something other than a mere 'false impression'. I mean, it's just strange...

This is an intriguing little 'development' particularly in light of the surrounding symbolic 'Super Torch Ritual' context being manifested through the recent hurricanes and such... as discussed in my previous post below in which the 'Face on Mars' was indeed brought up as a major component in the emerging pattern.

I have emailed the 'Senior Science Writer' and asked him about this curious omission. I will let you guys know when/if I hear back from him...

(If you're unfamiliar with the whole Face/Cydonia saga, see here.)

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 September 20, '05   Crossroads: Truth or Flood

I can easily imagine that the multicontextual approach taken to an unprecedented level on this website may seem like free association on steroids to new visitors. But as I wrote before, there is a big difference between just banging on the piano and playing harmonious music on the piano. It is the latter that enables one to resonate with the future or probabilities - in a tangible enough manner. Tangible, like anticipating the timing and conceptual theme of Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans 'Great Flood' which was a major 'Sun-king Judgment' event. (Just the latest example.) By being 'multicontextual', it becomes possible to flesh out trans-temporal threads that may be traced from the past, through the present, and into the future, thereby the shape of the future may be made more defined. We are normally driving a car looking only at the rear-view mirror... which is quite unnatural and dangerous. Strange if you think about it, but such is the nature of being a biological creature inhabiting a physical world.

Multicontextual thinking may seem 'out there' but, as I see it, it's actually a path to becoming more natural in terms of reducing the area of our blind spot that is biologically programmed into our being. The 'normal' perspective is a functional but contextually-trapped way of operating in this reality putting much more emphasis on the past (i.e. empirical) than the future which is basically wide open spaces literally full of possibilities. Multicontextuality is basically the reverse in its intrinsic emphasis; it resists the formulation of any rigid context as much as possible instead of upholding a (theoretical) context as long as possible as is the case when in the former/'normal' mode.

Most people are culturally 'trained' to mentally operate in that contextually-fixed, past-driven mode, and for them to 'go multicontextual' is like suddenly having gravity turned off under their feet, which would quickly confuse and frustrate them. They want to feel they are in control and that they know what's going on, even if it's an illusion. As biological beings existing in a harsh physical world with its own seemingly unbending rules, we are naturally wired to adapt to the surrounding environment and make assumptions that would speed up the mind reaching a plausible conclusion which in turn would aid us in our physical survival. But by accepting this 'force of evolution' without putting up any sort of conscious resistance, we become more and more 'programmed'... thus we in effect become more and more like a machine.

Machines operate in a contextually inflexible mode; they are context-dependent and they are incapable of going beyond that programmed frame of reference. They need to have a fixed context - or an 'operating system' - otherwise all the applications running on it will stop working. So just as Microsoft releasing a new version of the 'Windows' operating system can annoy users whose favorite computer programs may stop working in the new 'paradigm', the machine people - the 'Borg' - also resist change ( the shifting of the context/paradigm) like their lives depend on it. Their mind has made a set of assumptions to feel comfortable and not think; their programmed thinking process, and in effect their existence itself, became dependent on that model; and in so doing they have set themselves up for an eventual and inevitable ' system crash'. Their survival would come to mean protecting the context, or the paradigm, or ultimately their assumptions. It is anti-truth. But when it comes to the force of truth, ironically, 'resistance is futile'. The more you resist, the more you suffer and ultimately, as the 'dam' collapses, perish in a 'Great Flood' that is the 'system crash'.

The multicontextual approach is the opposite. It always looks for a way to get out of a fixed context, because to be fixed in a context is to assume the omnipotence of the context and thereby limit one's perspective. Any conclusions derived from a data set that ignores any set of variables because of contextual compatibility issues (or 'ego') are inherently defective and a 'time bomb' just waiting to go off and bring things back into equilibrium.

To ignore possibilities in order to formulate a comfortable conclusion is to disrespect truth, and that is what ultimately sets up the storyline of 'Judgment Day'. The more we fight and reject possibilities, the more severely we'll be 'judged'; or, in a sense, we bring the Judgment to ourselves by siding with our biologically-driven, survivalistic, and pleasure-seeking 'ego' rather than truth. As long as our primary concern in life is our physical survival, we are screwed. Simple as that. It's sometimes unavoidable, but to get stuck in that mode without fighting it is a sure way to become functionally insane. A serious psychological disease that should be treated that way and hopefully we will in the not-so distant future.

Physicality or physical existence itself is a form of imbalance on a fundamental level, as the constant 'flow' of gravity and time is always gently reminding us. Therefore to assume that we are, or can be, in balance in this physical realm is to deny the very nature of our existence. We are always out of balance here, hence the existence of 'time', and knowingly or not we are in a continuous battle with a 'force' that is attempting to restore that balance. Or, at least, we are caught between two sides in a great war - i.e. between the biological, 'survival of the fittest' force (aka 'nature') and the 'spiritual' force always seeking balance/ truth (which is multi-contextual/dimensional).

We have both in our being and can choose to align with one, consciously or not. Most are just going back and forth between them like the tides of the ocean, not even realizing that there are these opposing forces operating just below the threshold of consciousness. The great battle is in effect 'invisible', but we certainly see its reflections or ripples getting expressed in our physical reality one way or another... everyday, every moment. It's the 'as above, so below' principle permeating the whole space-time matrix.

By becoming conscious of the 'battle' and by choosing to become an active participant in it, instead of staying an unwitting pawn in the great game, we can cause a great shift to take place in the matrix, or perhaps even end it. The 'end of time'. It's how 'time' can snap back into superposition, into the sea of pure possibilities, instead of a directionally fixed river of time.

Multicontextuality, a philosophically expressed multi-dimensionality, is in a way a form of an attempt to bring about this 'revolution' in the 'matrix'... the Time River. By reversing our biologically and socially induced thought patterns, in effect 'reversing time', we would have ourselves aligned with the side of balance/truth, or the force of 'Maat'. We'd align ourselves with 'heaven', i.e. that which is greater than our biological being. A 'Star Child' is thus born.


You're either with heaven, or you're with the Terra-ist. Terra/Earth here being an expression of the contextually-challenged perspective of physicality.

Of course, there is beauty in the marriage of heaven and earth. The beauty of the Holy Grail - the product of the sacred marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, to use biblical terminology. And as can be inferred from the nature of the Grail, a holy relic representing the ultimate secret and the ultimate exit door or the ultimate bridge through which we can enter the 'other side' or the 'next level', it is hidden and a form of initiation that vigorously tests those who come its way before its power may be allowed to be harnessed.

It just quietly sits there - which is somehow enough for it to set into motion a great 'revolution'. The Grail does not seek publicity or advertise itself because it knows it is what it is, with or without recognition, which is truth regardless of the level of acceptance. It is there and won't go away because truth permeates the whole of the fabric of all dimensions of which our physical reality is but a small part. The Grail just is, and waits.

It comes into the room, bows its head, sits, and meditates without making any noise. When asked a question, it responds in riddles, because it knows there is no answer to be given except that which lurks within each of us waiting to be recognized. Thus causing one to question is the beginning of the Initiation. The Grail, the Monolith, the Giza monuments, are the mystery placed in our realm designed to generate questions, and that is the greatest gift ever given to mankind. The magical potential lies dormant but was given. It was seeded and we were given the potential to give birth to the Star Child.

It just sits there quietly - but omnipotently generating and guiding the path of the river of time...

The power is great and everything powerful in this realm of imbalance begets corruption. Thus Babylon the Gate of God turns into Babylon the source of great corruption. It's a universal theme.

A man curious enough comes and asks the Grail a question and he is led to uncover a great secret himself. He then begins to share the insights with others. People begin to become his 'followers' and he grows powerful. He then begins to use the knowledge and power to serve himself - instead of truth. Drunk with power, he wishes to control the world and satisfy his ego. Some people see this and equate his knowledge of the hidden - the 'occult' - with his dark human nature. They conclude this is what the hidden knowledge is all about. They create a society to oppose any such initiatory knowledge that causes corruption. And the source of it all, the Grail, the Monolith, Lucifer, or by any other name, comes to be viewed as the embodiment of 'evil'.

Then that corrupt leader along with those he helped initiate into the mystery goes underground - not all of them are corrupt. The anti-Mystery group goes on to inflate the 'evilness' of their perceived enemy who is now less visible. The anti-Mystery group, now powerful but confused and incapable of discerning the true source of corruption, also becomes corrupt themselves. Seeing this, some of the next generation express their rebellious spirit by going to the other side - that is, the imaginary 'occult' culture of 'Satanists' and 'Luciferians'. Through this misguided group the imaginary 'Satanic' culture actually, however lame, comes into existence. Some would call themselves the 'Illuminati' and congratulate themselves for being so mysterious and dark. Seeing this, the anti-Mystery group goes 'Ah ha! There they are - blood-drinking, human-sacrificing followers of Satan!'. And the lame cycle goes on and on...

All the while the Grail sits quietly deep in meditation, fully aware of the power of its knowledge and what it does when mixed with predictable human nature...

So it just sit there quietly... until a 'stargate' is to be activated at the 'end of time'... to turn base metal into gold. The alchemical transformation from the Iron Age into the Golden Age.


Now, I happen to have this 'river of time' scheme all mapped out in my 'Time River Theory' which treats the world's longest river (arguably), the Nile, as the literal 'river time' that encodes the timeline of human history (and more) into its geodetic design, part of which are the Giza monuments... standing at the northern edge of this alchemical Time River at 30°N where the river splits into many channels.

The 'end of time' point in the encoded timeline is the 21 century... or this century. This is where time goes through a 'stargate' and jumps to another ancient Time River in Mesopotamia, the Tigris-Euphrates whose mouth is at the 'stargate latitude' of 30°N. The Tigris-Euphrates flows southward - the opposite of the Nile's water that flows directly northward. Time, in effect, is 'turned back' here and goes back to the 'Golden Age' - an idea magically expressed by the overlay scheme of the Time River design which we won't go into here.

As far as the Time River Theory is concerned, it is no coincidence that the Great Sphinx's gaze is eternally fixed due east toward the mouth/ 'stargate' of the Tigris-Euphrates. It is quietly telling us where 'time' jumps to after reaching that magical latitude... guarded by this mysterious monument time itself fears.

The Great Sphinx is traditionally considered a form of Horus (Horatkhi or 'Horus in the Horizon') and according to Greek tradition the sphinx was a combination of Leo's body (lion) and Virgo's head (virgin) or, to use ancient Egyptian terminology, a mixture of Horus/Osiris and Isis; and more biblically, Jesus and Mary. The Sphinx, then, can easily be considered a from of... the Grail.

Mars is another form of Horus - 'Horus the Red' - and it cannot be mere coincidence that Cairo, the present capital of Egypt right next to Giza, was given a name that basically means 'Mars'. But more specifically, there is the so-called 'Face on Mars' in the Cydonia region.

Recent photographs of the 'Face' taken by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor (I think it was) revealed the enigmatic landform to be less face-like than first thought from Viking images. The sharper image, however, actually did much to reinforce Richard C. Hoagland's theory that the 'Face' might be a combination of a hominid and leonine heads, split vertically at the center.

Even going beyond that, it was then revealed on this Etemenanki website years ago that the mirrored 'hominid head' was more like a headless 'human torso'... not just a torso but a pregnant one!

Thus mirroring each side of the 'Face' gave us a lion head and a pregnant body - or a combination of Leo's head and Virgo's body (expressing the 'messianic' virgin impregnation) just like the (reverse of the) traditional form of the Greek sphinx.

That there was this Earth-Mars connection was corroborated by the encoded proportional design... well as by the fact that the tangent of the Cydonia monuments' latitude equals the cosine of Giza's latitude - both being e/pi.

The 'Face on Mars', then, is a Sphinx... and a Grail!

Another key factor here is this legend famously attached to the Greek sphinx:

Hera or Ares sent the Sphinx from her Ethiopian homeland (for the Greeks remembered the Sphinx's foreign origins) to sit outside Thebes and ask all passersby history's most famous riddle: "Which creature in the morning goes on four feet, at noon on two, and in the evening upon three?" She strangled anyone unable to answer. The word "sphinx" comes from the Greek Σφιγξ, Sphinx, apparently from the verb σφιγγω, sphingo, meaning "to strangle". Oedipus solved the riddle: man – he crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two feet as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age. Bested at last, the Sphinx then threw herself from her high rock and died.

As discussed in Stargate Cipher 2012: On August 13, '04, we detected in the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics a surprisingly clear reference to the Sphinx/Face; and at the same time there was Hurricane Charley making landfall in Florida... a hurricane whose name means 'man' - as if to give the 'right answer' to the 'Sphinx riddle' being asked in Athens!


Not only that, the same opening show also prominently featured a pregnant woman who near the end 'gave birth' to a 'messianic child' in the form of a 'enlightened' DNA double-helix

All these were also collectively a clear enough allusion to Mission To Mars - the only major Hollywood film to directly deal with the issue of... the 'Face on Mars' and a genetic connection between Mars and Earth.

Mission To Mars even gives the Face a sphinx-like nature as the monument is shown to test the approaching human explores with a 'riddle', the answer to which turns out to be the DNA makeup of human beings, or in other words... man - just like in the Greek legend of the sphinx!

But before the right answer is given, the Face/Sphinx kills many of the astronauts by unleashing a violent twister - which of course was mimicked by Hurricane Charley ('Man') striking Florida on the day of the Olympic show.


This may be labeled 'Judgment at the Threshold', the threshold being analogous to the 'end of time' latitude marked by the Great Sphinx, 30° North. We are being asked 'who are you?', and unless we know who we are... well, you know the story. 'Know thy self' is then not a mere oracular advice... it seems to be a demand at this critical time in human history.

And who are we indeed? Where did we come from? Where is our Genesis? And where do we end up going through the stargate of the Grail?

Certainly there were enough hints transmitted during the Olympic 'ritual' in Athens.

Mars and the Grail (Mary Magdalene/'MM') - this is where the 'game' is going. Doesn't matter no one else is talking about this yet... That won't be the case in five years.

In the mean time, with another hurricane coming to the forefront and destroying New Orleans just weeks ago, we sense that the Questioning is definitely continuing and that we are collectively failing the test so far. We are at a crossroads now. Just as August 13 highlighted by the Olympics and Hurricane Charley was a feast day of the witchcraft goddess Hecate closely identified with crossroads, the name 'Katrina' has been theorized to derive from... Hecate. (And there are more crossroads association attached to Katrina.) Not only that, the day of Katrina's landfall (8/29) was the anniversary of the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympics that featured a big 'Wizard of Oz' spiral which would certainly be associated with a twister/hurricane...

...And, as pointed out by an Etemenankian, Linnie, August 29 is also... none other than 'Judgment Day' itself in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

The Terminator connection even extends to cover the time reversal/time travel aspect of the latitude of the Great Sphinx in the Time River Theory. And where is New Orleans relative to that stargate latitude?

There is nothing relative about it: New Orleans IS on that stargate latitude (30°N)! The gaze of the Great Sphinx, in other words, passes directly through the site of the American Great Flood! (New Orleans is also on 90°W longitude, the 'anchor meridian' of the Mississippi River.)

What's more, New Orleans is known as 'the Crescent City', making it comparable to a crescent moon. The line on the Moon separating the dark side and the illuminated side is astronomically known as the terminator. Add to that the fact that the American 'Great Flood' began not on 8/29 but 8/30 and the emergency peak situation continued through 9/2 - August 31 particularly being a key number based on various time codes. August 31 was the eighth anniversary of Princess Diana's death - 'Diana' being the name of a Roman Moon goddess; and the same was also the anniversary of Arnold Schwarzenegger - i.e. the Terminator himself - making his career-making speech at the pre-election Republican National Convention in NYC. The climax of the RNC came on 9/2 when Bush gave a speech inside the eye of the 'hurricane', becoming a Dorothy in a 'stargate' twister... On 9/2 this year, Bush flew into the hurricane-stricken Gulf-Coast areas for the first time, or in a sense, 'into the eye of the hurricane'...

Finally, let me conclude this post with the following ominous set of data-points...

New Orleans sits near the mouth of the Mississippi River - which happens to be the American 'Time River' in my theory that encodes the history of the United States.

It was largely thanks to this that I was able to predict in 2000 - after the Y2K non-event and before 9/11 - that we were about to see (before 2002) the biggest event the US has ever experienced that might spell the end for the nation. Back then this was a near-unthinkable scenario for most. Not so after 9/11/01 and especially in 2005, now is it? I saw it in the Mississippi timeline - the US timeline - which terminates around the beginning of the 21st century. Or, in other words, the US has essentially already ended with 9/11. It was the beginning of the end at least.

The termination point is at latitude 28.93°N. New Orleans is at 30°N which corresponds to the year ~1970 - when mankind reached the Moon for the first time (Apollo 11, 1969). The Moon again...

The event of a monster hurricane/ Great Flood striking the mouth of the Mississippi River sent a clear signal - at least to those familiar with the hidden design underlying the biggest river of North America. The United States is ending; a Great Flood is befalling the corrupt Babylon that it has become. It is being terminated. The Torch of Liberty is to be extinguished like Diana's life snuffed out in a car crash. It's hard to interpret the sign in any other way - though perhaps we could still view it as a warming... a serious warning.

I have been very insistent on the importance of the 'Great Flood' theme ever since Sumatra last December. But that was not really the beginning. I had already propounded the theme in The Time Rivers (2003) - expounded in Prologue and then repeated in Epilogue. Here is from the former:

[...] The longer it takes for the truth to come out, the more powerful and dangerous it becomes. This is because by the time the truth is disclosed, there would be a massive bubble produced upon the incomplete model of reality which would be forced to burst by the new revelation. This would be a destructive event especially if the neglected truth directly affects the fundamental levels of the existing belief system.

Truth or Flood

At this time in history, we have this precarious situation, and the inevitable is fast approaching. The dam will not hold back water much longer.

There is, however, still time to arrange a controlled release of water to alleviate the pressure. Although it may cause some disturbance, it is surely better than to block the rising water as long as possible and pave the way for the inevitable, a catastrophic ‘flood’. Sadly, human civilization today seems to be moving toward the latter ending. And unless some ‘extraordinary’ breakthrough is introduced, the trend is likely to continue.

In my view, this is what 'Judgment Day' is ultimately about. The more you disrespect truth, the more you will be 'judged'... or the more you set yourself up for a fall. It's only natural. Imbalance creates stress; stress becomes a force that seeks to snap things back to a state of equilibrium; and in that 'snap' is the 'Judgment Day' energy capable of uncontrollable destruction.

So it all comes back to how we need to align ourselves with 'Maàt', i.e. the force of balance/truth, as much as we can in our physical existence to minimize the distortion in the matrix and its inevitable consequences. And that means consciously rebelling against our genetically and socially programmed focus on self-preservation/protection/promotion or the primitive 'survival of the fittest' paradigm, either as an individual or as a race, which is a biological condition that inevitably leads to the mind having to adapt to the mostly sensory-based environment/context and having to treat conventional assumptions as givens not open for further examination.

The more solid foundations you have (or think you have), the more quickly you are able to come up with useful conclusions, which in turn is an essential factor in the 'survival of the fittest' scheme. (For example, when you see a fast car coming straight at you, you don't have time to question if the car you see is real or perhaps some kind of illusion. To survive, you'll need to make a quick judgment, and to make that judgment your mind will have to have been programmed to simply accept certain assumptions to speed up the conclusion-making process.) But by doing this unquestioningly, you incrementally start to mistake these assumptions for unbending facts. The brain functions differently when something is accepted as facts rather than theories or hypotheses. When you stop questioning, you're inevitably creating imbalance/distortion in the matrix or the fabric of reality itself which inherently favors the state of equilibrium, Maàt.

The multicontextual perspective exhibited on this website is a way of circumventing the all-too-human trap - i.e. removing assumptions and fixed contexts as much as possible. The only 'guides' in this 'reversed' thinking mode are 'coincidences' whose causality is shrouded in the mystery of synchronicity. In a sense, it's a 'future-based mode' of the mind where the 'why' and 'how' questions are left unanswered until we reach 'Ground Zero', the capstone of the pyramid, somewhere in the future at which point all the different contexts stitched together by symbolic and synchronistic connections get truly unified and give birth to a universal context capable of illuminating the causality of many things that had been hidden beneath the threshold of awareness. In a normal thinking mode, which is 'past-based' (empirical), one would first look for any sign of tangible/linear causality (which means searching for a comparable experience in the memory bank) upon which a simple, linearly-extended future projection can be based. If you hear a loud thunder and then see rain coming down 5 minutes later (you get wet and feel miserable), the next time you hear a thunder your mind will likely remember the negative experience and let you theorize that you're going to see rain soon and you'll start looking for a shelter. A monkey or even a mouse can behave like that. A freaking robot can be programmed to do that. It requires very little intelligence. A mindset driven by the duality of physiological pleasure and pain is Neanderthal stuff. Again, machines can mimic this behavior.

School treats people like machines but that doesn't mean we have to give up the potential we have for higher intelligence - a future-based perspective. And 'future' is but a quantum sea of possibilities not yet actualized. A realm in superposition - quantum waves not yet collapsed. These days we often hear the phrase 'failure of imagination' but we still tend to look at imagination as something extra or additional and not something of critical importance. Imagination, the future, the matrix of unactualized possibilities, IS the hidden part of who we are and thus the ultimate Grail. The 'stargate' is in the present, through which we can move beyond the threshold - protected by the 'Sphinx' - into 'the other side' that is the future where 'time is reversed' and called the 'Golden Age'. The 'great battle' is then between the past and the future, expressed biologically in us in the form of a left-right brain dichotomy.

To lessen the impact of 'Judgment Day', therefore, we need to embrace possibilities - i.e. we need to become creative. Creativity is the essential ingredient of the 'stargate'. Creativity is about actively seeking and actualizing possibilities; the more possibilities taken into account, the truer the resultant conclusion. The truer a thing is, the less distortion in the matrix it creates. The less distortion there is in the matrix, the less impact 'Judgment Day' will have. Anything that does not encourage harnessing creativity - like organized religions demanding no deviations from the authorized way of thinking regardless of the soundness of logic involved - contributes to the corruption of the world and the intensification of the eventual 'Judgment Day' event. A stargate corrupted - a la the scripturally perceived 'Babylon' - is a tower that the lightening strikes.

Becoming creative alone won't get the job done, however. We need to be able to navigate in the sea of possibilities to get to anywhere meaningful. (Without this, one might easily 'lose it' psychologically.) And the ladder to be used for this is logic. How to combine the two is the critical stage in opening the 'stargate'. We insert any amount of that past-driven and/or self-interest 'ego' and the whole process is contaminated and 'quarantined'; it is prevented from going anywhere beyond the threshold.

Coherence and universality would be the key gauge to be used here. Getting stuck in a context is the last thing we want to do because it is a sure way to make our mind start filtering out possibilities. In a primitive thinking mode, context rules. In a mode of higher intelligence, possibilities rule over context. This is not to say that context is unimportant, but that it has such a big impact on how the mind interacts with possibilities/future that we need to be VERY careful about the soundness of any given context. You settle on a context and your fate is dependent on its validity/universality. If the context is faulty, you're going down with it sooner or later. So, yes, context is a powerful tool, therefore, like 'fire', it needs to be treated with as much as care as you can muster.

To want an answer is not the same as to want the truth...

Okay, that's enough babbling for now... :)

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 September 08, '05   Foreseeing Hurricane Nibiru

Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath - one of the worst disasters in US history. No doubt about that... We all saw it, and still seeing it, on TV. The 'Great Flood' of New Orleans was particularly catastrophic, creating a truly 'hell on earth'-type condition that seemed almost surreal. An entire city was rendered uninhabitable, at least temporarily, and the human suffering there was made so much worse by the federal government's criminally slow response which inexplicably waited 4 days before it finally decided it was probably a good idea to help those literally dying, helpless, poor people trapped in the flooded city. I know I won't forget what I saw. The Titanic is going down, and the 'preview' in New Orleans - which the disaster was in a way - has shown us that the poor really do get left to die on the doomed ship.

At any rate, the most intense 'State of Emergency' period was 8/29-9/2, the final day marked by President Bush's visit to the affected areas... It was a catastrophe of the first magnitude and quite literally a 'Great Flood'. To say that it was a 'high-impact event' would be an understatement.

In light of the inconceivable level of suffering and deaths witnessed, it almost seems trivial to point this out, but yes, the multicontextual pattern detected prior to the event had suggested that an event of this nature was very possible, and yes, the timing in particular was pinpointed beforehand with indisputable precision (around 8/30-31). Yes, there was a pattern - though too obscure for most - and thus it was possible to project it forward and anticipate the next big event, as was done here. We could say, Enki was making 'Contact' by 'talking to a wall' quietly telling us about the coming Flood, and it was a matter of how much of the 'ethereal' information we could process before the stuff hit the fan.

Great Flood & Sun-King Judgment

Since the Sumatran 'Great Flood' last December, I have closely tracked the theme of the Flood/Judgment seemingly driving key world events on both symbolic and literal levels. In my previous posts on 8/18 and 8/26 (both before Katrina) I made it abundantly clear that we were approaching a point on the 'Super Torch Ritual' timeline where an intense manifestation of the 'Sun-king judgment' theme was to be expected. This, apparently, was to interact with the Sumatra/Flood theme, as was suggested most notably in the 'Equation of Time' code (see below). Two major STR motifs, in other words, were combining their forces to produce 'Event X' around the end of August.

The American 'Great Flood' dramatically fulfilled the projected pattern, and right on time.

Note: Louis XIV was a French monarch and was/is widely known as 'The Sun King'. He was literally a 'Sun King'. The state of Louisiana, where New Orleans resides, took its name from this guy. Louisiana is thus in effect a 'Sun-king State'. (Thanks to readers 'Andrew' and 'Denis' for pointing this out to me.)

Hurricane Nibiru

As you may recall, in late July we heard the news that astronomers had found a new planet, the '10th planet', in our solar system positioned about three times as far from the Sun as is Pluto. While its planethood is still debated, it is bigger than Pluto which made the discovery an important development regardless. And I quickly 'sensed' a 'hidden design' lurking under the surface... Symbolism stuff.

For instance, the idea of the '10th planet' or 'Planet X' cannot be divorced from the 'mythology' of Nibiru - or the 'crossing place' - interpreted (rather subjectively) by Zecharia Sitchin to be the '12th Planet' (counting the Sun and Moon) mentioned in ancient Sumerian records... supposedly the home planet of the 'Anunnaki' gods (usually too far away to be seen) - at least according to Sitchin's interpretation.

By mid-August, I was of the view that the 10th planet 'Nibiru', a name literally meaning 'crossing place', was to be associated with: 1) the crossing point of the '8'-shape figure of the analemma pinpointing August 30-31, and 2) Hecate the witchcraft goddess closely associated with torches and crossroads. Hecate's feast days include August 13, which last year coincided with the beginning of the Athens Olympics, a major 'torch ritual'. August 13 is also 'Diana's Feast of Torches', visually expressed by the 'Flame of Liberty' monument in Paris marking the site of the tragic car crash that killed Princess Diana in 1997. Her death came on August 31... eight years ago.

Through Diana and surrounding symbolism, therefore, the 'crossroads' goddess Hecate had become conceptually attached to the date 8/31, reinforcing the significance of the analemma crossing.

As you may recall, one of the subheadings I used in my 8/18 posts was 'Crossroads At the End of August'. A poetic expression I used to describe the pattern I was seeing... that has turned into something alarmingly real. Why? Because the hurricane's name, 'Katrina', is a variant of 'Catriona', a Gaelic form of Katherine, which in turn has been theorized to derive from, among others, 'Hecate'! 'Hurricane Katrina at the end of August' was quite literally 'Crossroads at the end of August'! (Also... 'Nibiru at the end of August'.)

Let me also quickly mention that there is a balanced or 'equalized' time code involving 1) the '10th planet', 2) the Madrid Windsor Tower fire (most prominent STR 'midpoint' anchor event), and 3) Schwarzenegger aka 'the Olympian', a major STR torch-carrier, pinpointing the 'crossing' date August 31 ('04). ('Windsor' incidentally relates to the House of Windsor into which Princess Diana married.)

Wizard of Oz

Schwarzenegger's 'crossing day' speech at the Republican National Convention came just two days after the Olympic closing ceremony. The RNC itself began immediately following the last day of the Olympics as if to signal some form of continuation. These were two 'ritualistic' events that were apparently designed to work together to convey a certain 'message', as discussed many times before.

It goes without saying that the closing ceremony has been a major point of reference for the STR for more than a year now, and the main visual theme there - and you couldn't possibly miss it - was a big, enigmatic, yellow... spiral.

The 'Yellow Brick Road' this was - famously featured in the movie The Wizard of Oz. There have been additional clues since then that let us know that this connection is very real and was clearly 'intended'.

Now, as many of the readers probably know, there is a pivotal 'stargate' event that transports the main character 'Dorothy' out of Kansas into the magical Land of Oz, or the 'other world'. What's the event? A twister! Can you say... Katrina? The hurricane that almost brought America to its knees made landfall on the anniversary of the Athens closing ceremony! (Both on August 29.)

Another 'cute' hint (if we can call it that...) in this regard was the news coming out just before the hurricane informing us that Dorothy's ruby slippers were stolen... on 8/27 or two days before Katrina came ashore. Hmm...

And of course, the climax of the RNC was Bush showing up on 9/2/04... inside the 'eye of the hurricane' (the platform used only by Bush).

There was also a real hurricane named 'Frances' roaring toward Florida at the time (making landfall three days later on 9/5) reinforcing the underlying 'message'...

There is also a 'French connection' to all this. Diana died in Paris, New Orleans is 'Paris of America', Frances is... well, France... the country that gave America its Torch of Liberty, and... there was an Air France pIane crash (after leaving Paris) which is 'balanced' in one of the '8-8'-based time codes with a Greek Helios Airways pIane crashing near Athens.

Next, exactly one year after Bush became a 'Dorothy' at the RNC, we saw him fly into the hurricane disaster areas or into the 'eye of the hurricane' so to speak, which was a much-anticipated event that signaled the end of the 'peak emergency' period (8/29-9/2). There was certainly an 'echo' effect there.

The timing was also found to interact with a more short-term time code. And we find that the reelection of Bush (a 'Sun-king' figure himself) and the death of another 'Sun-king' figure, Pope JPII, would create a balanced timeline pinpointing the 'crossing date' August 31.

Can we perhaps infer from this that the American 'Sun king' is about to be severely 'judged'... in connection with New Orleans? How? I guess we'll see...

Orange Alignment

There was a special 'Orange Alignment' observed around the end of August that intensified our anticipation that a 'Sun-king judgment' event was coming. 'Orange Alignments', signified by Venus, the Sun, and Mercury coming into alignment, constitute a 'event-maker' configuration in the Super Torch Ritual scheme that is particularly associated with 'Sun-king judgment'. The recent alignment around 8/30 was extra-special in fact, that it seemed quite certain that we were in for a major manifestation of the theme... And we were. 

Energy Refraction

The most famous section of New Orleans is called 'French Quarter' and that brings to mind 'cross-quarter' i.e. one of the key themes from the Discovery mission 'ritual' extensively discussed in August.

We recall that Discovery's planned and actual dates for reentry (August 7, 8, 9) were 'designed' to coincide with the 'cross-quarter day', or the midpoint between the equinox and the solstice (in this case ~8/7). I also pointed out that the same date (+/-1) is highlighted by the Champs-Elysees, or 'the Historical Axis of Paris', which is designed to align with the sunset on August 6-8. We might then call it... 'French cross-quarter'.

Well, New Orleans' French Quarter is also a 'Cross Quarter' in that the city was 'judged' around the 'crossing day' (~8/31). French Quarter + crossing = French-Quarter crossing, or French cross-quarter... so to speak. :)

The apparent continuation of the STR theme is not at all unexpected.

Now, we further recall that the key concept derived from the cross-quarter-related symbolism was the concept of atmospheric refraction or the bending of light passing through the air which in turn was interpreted to signify 'bending in/of gas' or 'bending of oil' (air => gas => gasoline/oil). This combined with the 'midpoint' theme, it could be considered an allusion to Peak Oil (i.e. midpoint of world oil production).

So air/wind and oil became interchangeable in this communication and by August 18 I was inferring that the 'encoded message' had to do with, though not at all news to me, things rapidly 'moving toward Peak Oil', or the end of cheap oil. Only at the time I didn't quite realize how direct or literal the air-oil connection was actually going to be...

Katrina was a system of violently spinning air that did serious damage to US oil production and gas prices. Indeed, some even speculated that Katrina could end up being a 'trigger' that would usher in the grim reality of Peak Oil... which is basically the beginning of the collapse of the industrial civilization as we know it...

8/30 More than 95 percent of Gulf oil production shut
8/30 Another Storm Casualty: Oil Prices
8/31 White House to tap Strategic Petroleum Reserve
8/31 Oil Rises, Gasoline Sets Record on Hurricane Katrina Damage
9/02 Katrina and Peak Oil

Let's take another look at this graph:

Here is what I stated on 8/26:

There is certainly an ominous sense of 'climax' attached to the big peak, and let me remind the reader that for sometime now I have been bringing up the November-December timeframe as something of a 'deep impact' period, with emphasis more on November. [...]

The last key point before the Equation-of-Time crescendo [i.e. around the end of August] toward that big climax [i.e. around the beginning of November] should give us a clearer idea as to the level of seriousness and nature of what we're seeing here. So it's going to be interesting to monitor the events of the coming days (including Labor Day).

In other words, the end of August/beginning of September was a window that would probably give us a glimpse of what's to come later this year.

Katrina and the 'Great Flood' were this 'glimpse'. To say that it was 'serious' would be an understatement. And yet this was not really the 'peak event' if we're reading the 'time wave' right. So... you know, it's not quite over yet.

'A series of unfortunate events', is it? That somehow seems like an fitting phrase to describe the situation.

I'll go more into all this soon.

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