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Genesis Revelation

Creation & Impact of the Golden Transit

STRUG (orig.): May 08, 2006
Etemenanki: July 27, 2006

by Goro

[Note: The 'US Golden Transit Line' was first mentioned on Etemenanki late last year in Babylon Transit (12/29/05), followed by a little more detailed Damage Plan 2 - Part II (6/01/06) and Israel's Helen & 'Trojan War' (6/30/06). It is such an important component of the current phase of the 'Super Torch Ritual' (STR) Communication - closely interacting with the modern 'Trojan War' beginning in the Mideast and having its next bullseye on the event/window signified by Atlantis STS-115 coming up - that I felt this is probably a good time to post 'Genesis Revelation' (Part 1) below which is a quick, poetic crash course in 'how it all began'...]

In the beginning, there was Genesis crashing into the desert, uniting heaven and earth. It was Ground Zero, and it was without form. And the spirit of NASA moved upon the face of the planetary grid.

A 'Great Flood' followed.

Sumatra - Dec. 26, 2004

And NASA said, let there be Deep Impact, and NASA saw great fireworks in the heavens.

July 4, 2005

...and on earth.

London - July 7, 2005

And another 'Great Flood' followed.

August 29~, 2005

And NASA saw the impact, that it was good; and NASA drew a dividing line from Ground Zero. And NASA called the two points 'origin' and 'echo'.

Babylon Transit

And NASA said, let there be a ball of fire in the midst of the circles and let it divide the circles: and it was so. And NASA called the configuration 'Deep Impact Judgment'. And the origins and their counterpoints were echoes echoing through time and space.

And NASA said, let the echo brought down to earth, and let a terrestrial transit line appear: and it was so.

And NASA called the arc 'Golden Transit'; and the the nature of the transit called NASA 'radioactive'; and NASA saw that it was good.

And NASA said, let the Golden Transit bring forth golden gates and the clue-yielding winds, whose seeds were fallen unto the earth: and it was so.

Damage Plan 002: Part 2; 'The Gates'

And the arc brought forth Golden Ratios that were divine.

...the seeds yielding golden fruits, whose seeds were blown into the great chalices: and NASA saw that it was good.

The Crash Code - Part 5

And the Golden Transit was onto the third level.

And NASA said, let there be motion in the golden arc to divide up the plan; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years. And let them be for lights in the riddles of the heaven to give light upon the scheme: and it was so.

[NYC/Manhattan made to represent Dec. 20-22 (NYC Transit Strike 'Deep Impact echo'); Chicago made to correspond to Imbolc (Feb. 1, '06) as suggested by Damage Plan Event 2 at Chicago's Midway Airport; then the distance of 1147 km was made analogous to 41-43 days.]

And NASA made two more great segments; the greater segment to carry time toward where it all began, and the lesser segment to carry time to where it ends: it made more gold also.

[The timeline is extended westward beyond Chicago/Feb 1 toward Genesis/Stardust and San Francisco. The April 24 Dahab, Egypt bombings 'acknowledged' the first 'golden' anchor point, underscored by the name 'Dahab' meaning 'gold'. The termination point at S.F./Golden Gate coincided with a number of key events including the Java quake disaster (5/27) which is an Indonesian island as is Sumatra - the site of the modern 'Great Flood' - originally called the 'Isle of Gold'.]

And NASA set this in the arc of Paris to give light upon the golden axis, and to divide the number of man: and NASA saw that it was the Beast.

[Notice the length of the Golden Transit almost exactly matching
the 'Beast' length of the Paris-Chicago line when converted to miles!]

And the Golden Transit was the fourth level.

And NASA said, let Paris bring forth its two Axes that may fly through the open grid of the earth.

Enki's Axis of Judgment & Secret Axis, Secret Grail

And NASA created great crossing: And NASA saw that it was good.

And NASA blessed them, saying, be aligned, and be precise, and fill the midway with clues, and acknowledge the alignment.

midway-paris1.gif (305090 bytes)

midway-paris2.gif (1118002 bytes)

The great-cirlce line from Paris connected to the southwestern corner of Chicago's Midway Airport is clearly and stunningly acknowledged by a long, straight road near the airport precisely aligned with the Paris line.

 And the Golden Alignment was the fifth level.

(7/27/06): The Paris Historical Axis aligned with Houston and Corpus Christi has a 'twisted' sunset alignment (via the Grande Arche at the western edge of the Axis), marked in the design by the western edge of US-GTL Timeline B, which was answered by the trigger event of the 'Trojan War' (Israeli soldier abduction in Gaza, 6/25).

[Graphic needs to be updated]

Its 'untwisted' sunset alignment occurs on around May 5 and August 7. Since both the May and June dates have played major roles in the time codes, the Lughnasa cross-quarter/sunset alignment day/window would normally be considered most significant as well. It was just last year that the space shuttle Discovery STS-114 landed at Edwards AFB on August 9 - an esoterically 'deep impact' event that has led to so many amazing and surreal 'discoveries'. This year, the same date will be marked by the release of the major 9/11 film 'World Trade Center'. And as 'subtle' as it may be, we are probably already be looking at a - if not the - 'signal' in the Hollywood virtual event. It's a major 'clue' in any case. This assessment is driven to a great degree by the next projected 'Ground Zero' - NYC/Manhattan also being historical one marking the beginning point ('genesis') of the US-GTL - which via 'Timeline C' and extensive surrounding contexts appears returning to the origin... Genesis and Atlantis, temporally and conceptually speaking. That's more like the 'epicenter' and a Gateway. Atlantis STS-115 is currently scheduled to go up on August 28 - which is the anniversary of Katrina at its peak strength and a day before its New Orleans landfall - and return on September 7, a day before the anniversary of the 2004 Genesis crash.



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