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The View From the Tower


 February 23, '04   The Passion of the 'Antichrist'
It's like the 'stargate window' all over again...

On Sunday one of the top news stories in the US was this:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, making his Sunday talk show debut as governor, said that he and other foreign-born citizens should be eligible to run for the White House and that President Bush can carry California in November if he does more to help the state.

Boy... He's certainly wasting no time, is he? In case you're new to Etemenanki, Arnie has been a major topic here since last summer (since Aug. 6) - as surrounding symbolism strongly suggests that he is someone 'playing' an 'antichristic' figure in the 'endgame'. (This interpretation was made here as early as Aug. 20, '03). There is a very thick 'prophetic' aura about him, and of course we already discussed here, first on Sept. 17 ('03), the potentiality ('fate'?) of Arnie becoming President. If you haven't already, I recommend going through all the past posts since August '03... as it's quite a wild ride. :)

Now, this weekend also saw the opening of the very controversial film seemingly everyone is talking about - The Passion of the Christ. [Correction: Actually the movie will be released this week on Feb. 25.] It's an intense movie made by Mel Gibson about the final 12 hours of Jesus. In other words, it's about the death and the 'resurrection' of the Messiah. This - Jesus being a Christianized version of the ancient Egyptian god Osiris/Horus - is yet another 'echo' of our 'stargate window' theme, i.e. the Osirian resurrection.

The 'window' was initially attached to the year 2003 (see Endgame series for more detail) but we are definitely still seeing its continuation this year so far - starting with all the Mars/space stuff ('stargate window' is 'Mars window') that made a big impact the past two months, and now we have this big film about the death/resurrection of Christ, i.e. the story of the death-god Osiris and his resurrection through his son Horus.

The punch line here is that here on Etemenanki, Arnold Schwarzenegger has long been viewed as representing 'Horus' on the rise (being born) just as his father/predecessor 'Osiris', represented by Bush, is falling (dying). In mythology the fall of Osiris coincides with the rise of Horus. Put another way, Arnie is in a sense a 'Christ' (as Christ/Messiah = Horus/Osiris), symbolically speaking.

The following passage from my Sept. 17 ('03) post should supplement these views nicely:

First, Osiris/Horus is often compared to Jesus (a 'version' of Osiris). And as I noted in the Aug. 26 entry: "The 'Messiah' can be quite easily interpreted as the 'Antichrist', since the distinction can be quite blurry depending on the context." Because the resurrection of Osiris also traditionally entails the birth of his son Horus (considered a reincarnated Osiris), it was actually easy to infer that the 'stargate window' might have something to do with the birth of a 'messianic' figure - symbolically fulfilled by the 'rise of Schwarzenegger', the Terminator/Destroyer (a biblical epithet of the Antichrist). [...]

The message was clear: Horus, or a messianic figure, was born. And somehow - as strange as it sounds - it corresponds to the 'rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger'. And all the clues suggest that he is to be seen (at least symbolically) as an Antichristic figure, i.e. the figure called in the Book of Revelation the 'Destroyer' or Terminator (which Arnie is, via the movies by the same name).

So the current situation is incredibly synchronistic and confirmatory. Just as Bush is at this time (since early January) going through the darkest PR period of his presidency by all accounts ('near-death'), Arnie, i.e. Horus, 'rises' higher by alluding for the the first time to the possibility of him running for President of the United States sometime in the - likely not so distant - future. (Frankly my thinking has been that Arnold would be a fitting guy to become the final president of the US...)

So right now we have: 1) the 'fall of Osiris' enacted by Bush (at least for now); 2) the continuing 'rise of Horus' represented by the political ambition of Schwarzenegger; 3) a controversial film (The Passion of the Christ) opening which is about the story of the fall and resurrection/rise of Christ/Horus/Osiris; and 4) Mars in the spotlight as Mars Express, Spirit, and Opportunity are revealing more secrets of the Red Planet, which the ancient Egyptians called 'Horus the Red'.

We've gone through all this before and I don't want to repeat everything, but let me just add here again, to #4 above, that one of Schwarzenegger's most popular movies is Total Recall, which is all about, yes, Mars (as well as controlling energy resources). And of course Arnie became governor of California through the circus-like (total) recall election last August... when Mars was at its closest point to Earth in recorded history...

So the symbolism is very thick at this point. Well, let's make it even thicker. :) How can we ignore the 'rebellion'/Mary theme emanating from this year's Super Bowl game (especially Janet Jackson's halftime show stunt), which took place right in the middle of the current 'echo window', on Feb. 1? We 'passionately' looked into this in the Feb. 3 and Feb. 17 posts here. Note that I detected the involvement of Mary Magdalene - Jesus' supposed wife who plays a significant role during his death and resurrection events - in the symbolism; as I wrote:

Janet Jackson, via exposing her right breast and her juxtaposition with Beyonce (representing the American spirit), was 'designed' to embody Lady Justice/Liberty - signifying or prompting the rebirth of the spirit of 'Columbia'. The prevalent 'blackness' additionally alludes to the pertinence of another related figure Mary Magdalene, recently made popular by the huge success of the book The Da Vinci Code, as this biblical/esoteric 'wife' of Jesus - embodying the feminine and sexuality - was sometimes portrayed as the 'Black Madonna'.

Well, certainly the Mary Magdalene connection makes it very much relevant to the Osirian resurrection theme!

I followed up on the Mary link in the Feb. 17 update, which dealt with the latest Pepsi commercial first aired during the Super Bowl game (if I'm not mistaken). The main thrust of the update was that the Pepsi ad was part of the same symbolic 'message' that was expressed via Janet's 'nipplegate'.

And here is an intriguing development emerging in conjunction with the Arnie thing. The commercial features three young woman (singers), Beyonce, Pink, and Britney Spears as main characters who rebel against the 'king'. They are 'three goddesses' - especially since Mary Magdalene is esoterically a version of Osiris' sister-wife Isis (the mother of Horus), the Egyptian goddess par excellence. Just as Osiris impregnates Isis when he dies, it is said that Mary Magdalene gave birth to Jesus' child after the crucifixion (or around that time anyway) - a story just recently re-popularized by the book The Da Vinci Code.

The idea of 'three goddesses' in turn inevitably evokes the 'three goddesses of fate' called Norne in Norse mythology. Believe it or not, I already associated Norne with none other than Schwarzenegger back in the Oct. 6 post last year. I wrote:

As pointed out to me by a fellow thinker, reversing the name 'Norne' will give us 'Enron' - the force behind Arnie's political adventure! It was also pointed out that Enron's trademark featuring three distinctive columns (i.e. the big 'E') suggests the reverse-spelling of 'Norne' (three goddesses) is likely by design.

So the implication would be that Schwarzenegger is a man on a big mission facilitated by Enron. And the reversal of the spelling seems to allude to the anti-christic nature of his messianic destiny.

The shadowy Arnie-Enron connection was discussed here on Aug. 16 last year. (Also check out this and this.)

Now the coincidences just keep piling up: Just last Friday, Enron was suddenly back in the news as it was reported:

Former Enron chief executive Jeff Skilling was charged yesterday with fraud, insider trading and lying about Enron's finances before its collapse.

It's thought that Enron's Ken Lay - Arnie's political ally/patron - is not far behind... So one week, three coincidences (i.e. The Passion, Arnie alluding to his desire to become President on TV, and Enron back in the news) - all related symbolically. Furthermore, notice that Enron was based in Houston (Texas), the very city where this year's Super Bowl was held.

Finally, let me conclude this update by pointing out the following. While so much has already been said about Janet Jackson 'nipplegate', there is still an important symbolism that no one as far as I know has really detected in the whole thing. This has to do with the 'nipple ring' or whatever it's called that partially covered Janet's exposed right breast. As has been commented in many places, it's in the shape of a 8-pointed star - or the Sun. The interpretation of this is not that difficult as we apply our esoteric context - especially that Janet represented Lady Justice/Mary Magdalene.

As already explained, Jesus Christ is very much comparable to Horus-Osiris. And it happens that Horus is a prominent sun-god. And the Jesus-Horus connection is most recognized through the almost identical traditional depictions of Mary/Isis suckling the baby Jesus/Horus. (The Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene are sometimes considered interchangeable, especially in the esoteric/Grail context.) So, the 'Sun' on Janet's breast would quite easily relate to Horus-Jesus; and mythologically the baby's birth implies the death of Christ/Osiris - the very same theme we discussed above!

So there is a unifying theme, a 'big picture', running through all of the seemingly unrelated events mentioned. There is much more to all this symbolic pattern - how it relates to the future, etc. And I'll go into all that in future updates, or even a full-length article if necessary.

 February 17, '04   'Rebellion' Message Continues
There are already some speculations emerging concerning a new Pepsi TV commercial being aired in the UK. [Update: Actually it was also shown during the Super Bowl game, if I'm not mistaken.] It features Beyonce, Pink, and Britney Spears. In the Rumor Mill News forum, for example, some posters are interpreting it (quite naturally) as a declaration of challenge to the Establishment, the NWO. [Note: Yes, I know this is pretty ironic since it is an ad by a big corporation... But the point here is not that Pepsi represents the 'challenger' per se.] You can see the TV ad on the Pepsi website.

To me, it represents an interesting continuation of the Janet and Justin's notorious Super Bowl halftime-show stunt. More specifically, the ad seems to back up my interpretation of the Super Bowl symbolic theme posted here on Feb. 3. Back then I discussed the subtly embedded message of anti-injustice, anti-Patriot Act, anti-Establishment, anti-Bush administration and such, as well as that of pro-femininity. As you watch the Pepsi commercial, you'll find encoded into it the very same themes - and it's not even subtle.

In the Feb. 3 post, it was pointed out: 1) the significance of Beyonce in the 'message' (more or less equatable with Janet in terms of symbolism), 2) the relevance of Mary Magdalene (or 'Black Madonna'), and 3) the idea of the younger generation being the big key to the 'rebellion'. Well, we find more than enough acknowledgement of these associations in the Pepsi ad...

First of all, Beyonce is featured in it as one of the female gladiators who refuse to fight each other for the 'king'. They are for peace, not meaningless staged war - as also suggested by the doves (universal symbol of peace) shown released near the beginning of the commercial. Beyonce's performance in the recent Grammy show also involved a dove, strengthening the link. The dove not only represents peace, it is traditionally associated with Mary Magdalene.

Another well-known esoteric shorthand for Mary Magdalene is the letter 'M' (as her initials are MM, for instance). And you'll clearly see a row of 'M's on the inner walls of the coliseum surrounding the female gladiators.

The fact that the theme song to which the gladiators (Beyonce, Pink, and Britney) sing is 'We Will Rock You' by Queen reiterates the point, as MM is widely considered to be a version of Isis, the ancient Egyptian Queen-goddess.

As for the 'young generation' theme detected in the Super Bowl show, we not only have three young singers banded together to rebel against the cruel and greedy establishment/king, Pepsi's long-running catch phrase has been 'The Choice of A New Generation'. Can't be clearer than that. :) [Again, this is only symbolism. The point here is not that Pepsi itself is the force fighting against the oppressive establishment.]

So, all the themes and general message discussed in my Feb. 3 post now seem to be confirmed as present and meaningful. Quite a few people seemed to have detected and talked about the Janet-Lady Liberty symbolism in the SB halftime show, but the further themes were discussed here on Etemenanki.

The increasingly relevant question now is: Who is behind this consistent 'message'? Since there seems to be a very conscious effort to push the 'message' from behind the scenes, it becomes prudent to factor in the possibility of psychological manipulation. I mean, even rebellions can and do come about as a result of 'mind control'... The 'game' has much to do with making a 'script' come alive in reality. Still, it's ultimately up to the receiver to decide how to use such 'clues'.

And then there is the issue of the 'timetable'. There are many levels to this. But on an exoteric level, perhaps the single biggest factor involved would be 'Peak Oil'... (This may even have been the driving force behind 9/11.)

The emerging reality is that on various levels the 'Titanic' has already hit the iceberg, and this thing is going down. To preview the likely upcoming drama... I'd say you can pretty much just watch the film Titanic and get the general idea...

 February 9, '04   Bush/Rove vs. Cheney/neocons

A lot happening right now; things are shifting. And there seems to be a short timetable for certain significant events to potentially take place.

What's interesting here is that even now in 2004 we may still be experiencing some 'echoes' of the 'stargate' theme closely associated with Mars, the brightest planet in the night sky during the summer/fall of 2003. Even though the Red Planet is presently moving away from us, the past two months (and continuing) have been a period filled with Mars-related news thanks to Mars Express, Sprit, Opportunity, and Bush announcing plans to send man to the Moon and Mars. So it may well be said that we're now (or still) in one of those Mars-related 'stargate windows' - meaning there could be another dramatic manifestation of the key themes underlying the 'stargate time matrix'.

If you have read my last two articles Endgame V (6/22/03) and The West Wing Cipher (9/29/03), you know that I increasingly viewed the affairs of the White House and neo-conservatives as a key issue in the context of the 'stargate window'. More specifically, I put forward the idea that there would likely be some form of 'decapitation' event - or the fall of the 'Babylon leader/Sun-king'. The literal 'Babylon king' Saddam Hussein has 'fallen' in mid-December just as it was anticipated here for that particular 'echo window'. And the other more symbolic 'Babylon leaders'/'Sun kings' - i.e. Bush, Blair, Pope, Sharon, etc. - are all currently facing big problems that are serious enough to potentially end their reigns. For Bush and Blair, it is largely the Iraq pre-war intelligence controversy that's finally coming back to haunt them.

More and more (and it was quite remarkable to watch the development), the mainstream press - thus also the general public - is pointing their finger at Cheney, the patron of the neocon chickenhawks, as the man responsible for many of the most unreasonable and unethical moves made by the Bush administration, including the inexplicable and deceptive push for the pre-emptive attack on Iraq. So much so that there is now an increasing view even inside the Republican party and the White House that Cheney should step down, to help Bush' chances of getting reelected. Bush's poll numbers are plummeting fast; even his State of the Union speech was no help (which is a big sign); and clearly people are excited about selecting the Democratic presidential candidate to go against Shrub.

Given this situation and the mentality of 'Bush's brain', Rove, I'd say it's a no-brainer... Rove (and thus Bush in effect) must be thinking about getting rid of Cheney.

My view is actually that Rove deliberately set up the continuous bad-news period (starting early January or so) for the White House. The original 'master plan' almost certainly was depending on the eventual discovery of Iraqi WMDs or anything remotely resembling them. The way I see it, when that plan was moving forward, the 'twin towers' of the White House, Rove and Cheney, were in a sort of 'arranged marriage'. No real love, but a strategic alliance. And when that master plan collapsed, Rove had to come up with an emergency plan. Unlike the Cheney/neocon camp obsessed with their insane ideology, Bush's top political adviser is - while equally ruthless and unethical - a more practical political animal, his main goal being the reelection of his boss.

By November, Rove probably knew he had to devise a special new scheme to overcome the enormous mess created by Cheney's PNAC/Pax Americana crowd. And this he is apparently now implementing. In my view, his plan is to 'preemptively' get all the bad stuff out into the open right at the beginning of the election year and then tough it out for a while. He knows how people's mind works. Scandalous revelations close to the election (November) can be a killer; it's better to deal with those early on so you will be able to say later (during the presidential debates for instance) 'this is old news, why are we still talking about it?', and such. With skillful propaganda techniques employed for a period of several months, this psychological tactic has a chance of succeeding.

But Rove also needs a fall guy. And the selection here likely depends on the reaction of the public and the media to the embarrassing and appalling revelations/admissions. If the result was just a little dip in the polls, he could choose one of the little guys or none at all. However, it appears that the negative reaction was more ominous than hoped; and consequently Rove may decide to go with his 'final solution' - i.e. dump Cheney and blame everything on him. By getting Giuliani or McCain to join Bush on the '04 Republican ticket - seducing many voters - his boss could be reelected quite easily.

And by now Cheney probably knows about this (likely) 'treacherous' scheme moving forward around him. And so he of course had to come out of his cave and act all friendly and reasonable, as reported in the news late last month:

Vice President Cheney, administration man of mystery, is suddenly everywhere.

After two years of barely speaking to reporters aside from rare appearances on NBC's "Meet the Press," Cheney has given eight interviews in the past month.

...Sunday morning, the reclusive vice president even allowed journalists to photograph him sightseeing. Instead of Cheney's usual silence, he remarked on his "beautiful walk through Rome" as he breezed past the press pack at the Villa Borghese, a 17th-century estate that is now an art museum.

Republican officials said Cheney's new visibility, which is likely to increase as his reelection race heats up, is partly the result of strategists' determination that his long silences had helped make him a punching bag for Democrats and a lightning rod for criticism of President Bush over secrecy, corporate connections and reliance on unproven intelligence.

He even met with the Pope and gave him a dove made of glass, as if to convince the pontiff that deep down he is really a man of peace...

Now, of course the prevalent view is that Cheney is trying to improve his public image for Bush and/or just to help himself stay on the ticket. But could it actually be that Cheney's recent world tour was more of a preparation for his imminent take over of the presidency? Could Cheney be scheming to counter the 'dump Cheney' movement by pushing Bush out of the way in some fashion and then crowning himself? While a seemingly farfetched scenario, given the insanity already amply displayed by his neocon faction so far this is a possibility worth considering. Given his personality and what's at stake not just for him but also for the increasingly desperate oil/energy corporations (the world is quickly running out of oil) behind him, it's hard to see Cheney going out quietly. He needs the power. He has to have his 'my precious'.

So, this would create two fiercely opposing factions within the Bush administration. The situation would essentially be Bush/Rove/'realists' vs. Cheney/neocons. As you may recall, this is the exact scenario I entertained in The West Wing Cipher last September. I wrote:

we can infer conservatively that the real White House is in for a big 'earthquake'. And the central figures involved will be the President and the Vice President. It will be interesting to see their interaction, especially now that George W. Bush is beginning to move away from the neo-con/Pax Americana war strategy championed by Cheney. It's almost as if the existing situation is that either Bush or Cheney will have to go, i.e. President vs. Vice President/neo-cons...

The 'West Wing Cipher' article is largely an interpretation of a West Wing episode aired on NBC last spring titled 'Life On Mars'... Yes, 'Mars'. The timing of all this development is certainly fitting then, isn't it?

And before the 'West Wing' article, I discussed a scenario in Endgame V that is now emerging as one of potential outcomes of the development:

...it is even possible to view the administration as reenacting the story of Jesus, the 'king of the Jews'. And we know how this story ends: the Jews along with Romans crucified the rebel leader.

This then makes us wonder about the nature of Bush's relationship with the neo-cons [mostly Jewish]. Will Bush be 'sacrificed' by his own people in some way? [...] Is it possible that [the neo-con faction] will 'crucify' Bush for his potential 'betrayal'?

'Coincidentally', there is a big controversy surrounding a film that has not even been released yet because of the sensitive subject matter - Jews crucifying Jesus. It's called The Passion of the Christ, and is coming to theaters later this month. Hmm...

Another quite probable outcome is that Cheney will indeed be forced to bow out, citing as reason, quote unquote, 'heart problems'. (Interestingly, my recent quick psi session seemingly suggested that this was a potential future event...)

Now, for those who have not been following the recent developments relevant to all these speculations, here is a list of links that should get you up to speed. :)

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This should be an election year (in US) with many surprises...

 February 3, '04   Take That, Ashcroft!
Everyone is talking about it - the surprising stunt pulled by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake during the Super Bowl halftime show. And it did the unthinkable, its impact outdid the football game itself!

I'm of course talking about the 'Tivo moment' at the end of the performance when Timberlake 'accidentally' ripped a portion of Janet's costume off, fully exposing her right breast. Doing this not only on national television but during the biggest American TV event is... well, it's definitely something... (like her stuffed breast!).

At first, I didn't think too much about the show and the controversy. I only wondered a little about the youthful and rebellious tone of the entire extravaganza, thinking it might be on some level a voice of dissent directed at the Bush administration. (Note that most musical performers in the halftime show, as well as Beyoncé who sang the national anthem right before the game, were black; and generally speaking blacks and the current administration don't mix well.) While the breast thing was perhaps a little too much, on some level I felt slightly hopeful seeing the subtly underlying spirit of rebellion.

Then I saw a couple of posters in the Etemenanki forum observantly comparing Janet Jackson's stunt to the national lady of France, Marianne, who is also comparable to Lady Justice (as well as the Statue of Liberty). She represents the true spirit of the United States - liberty and justice. As it happens, Marianne/Lady Justice/Liberty is traditionally depicted with her right breast exposed. It was also her right breast that Jackson graciously put on display for us.


There were two big female black singers featured in the Super Bowl event, Janet Jackson (the main attraction of the halftime show) and Beyoncé Knowles who sang the national anthem. This creates a conceptual overlap between them and thus would attach the notion of 'American spirit' (represented by the anthem) to Janet as well, reinforcing the Lady Justice/Liberty connection. [UPDATE: Janet prominently performed the song 'Rhythm Nation' from her 1989 album 'Rhythm Nation 1814'. The number '1814' is said to be a reference to none other than the year that Francis Scott Key wrote the 'Star Spangled Banner', i.e. the words to the national anthem!]

The pre-game show, which featured Beyonce, focused on the theme of space/NASA because of the location and timing. This year's Super Bowl was held in Houston (as in 'Houston, you have a problem') and coincided with the anniversary of the Columbia disaster. It turns out, the name 'Columbia' has sometimes been considered to refer to a symbolic figure who could be seen as 'Lady America' i.e. another version of Lady Justice/Liberty Lady. As we learn:

Who is Columbia? Several years before the Revolutionary War many of the people living in the thirteen colonies felt that our country should have been named Columbia after its discoverer, Christopher Columbus. Throughout the war, poets used the name "Columbia" to describe their new nation which was to become the United States. The name continued to become popularized after the war, and a symbolic figure of a woman dressed in flowing garnents and holding an American flag emerged from the pens of artists. It become a familiar figure for statues and pageants to depict America.

So this makes it rather clear that Janet Jackson, via exposing her right breast and her juxtaposition with Beyonce (representing the American spirit), was 'designed' to embody Lady Justice/Liberty - signifying or prompting the rebirth of the spirit of 'Columbia'. The prevalent 'blackness' additionally alludes to the pertinence of another related figure Mary Magdalene, recently made popular by the huge success of the book The Da Vinci Code, as this biblical/esoteric 'wife' of Jesus - embodying the feminine and sexuality - was sometimes portrayed as the 'Black Madonna'.

The 'American Spirit' (rover) recently sent by NASA to Mars would also hint at a certain interplanetary link here, but... that's for another time. Suffice it to say here that there is now an 'Opportunity' for the true American 'Spirit' to rise up and move against her enemy... her rapist, currently represented by the Bush administration.

Certainly, this year's presidential election is a big - and perhaps the final - 'opportunity' for the common people to effectively push back the imperial regime and Corporate America behind it, the enemy within. This year's election may well be the most important one in American history - because it is likely to end up being a decision between life and death for the American spirit. Yes, this is it. This is the time to declare, perhaps for the first and last time, 'Give me liberty or give me death!'

During his pathetic State of the Union speech last month, George W. Bush shamelessly declared that the Patriot Act, scheduled to expire later this year, needs to be renewed. The Patriot Act is of course anti-freedom, anti-justice, and yes, unpatriotic. It is indeed a big step toward a police-state New World Order. If permitted to renewed and expand, it will end the US as we know it, quickly, and that's exactly what Cheney and the rest of the neo-conservative camp (along with corporate/banking groups behind them) want. Bush is just a puppet monkey who is clearly too dumb to know what he's doing - exactly why he was installed in the White House via the election theft of 2000.

It's certainly curious that one of the teams in this year's Super Bowl held in the Bush/Cheney state of Texas was the Patriots, who won the game. So the sport event was a 'Patriot Act' of some sort. This link is strengthened further by the fact that the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was somehow invited to attend Bush's State of the Union speech...

And of course the big supporter/ enforcer of the un-American Patriot Act is Attorney General John Ashcroft. He famously covered up the right breast of the lady justice statue (named 'Spirit of Justice') in the Justice Department's ornate Great Hall. The department spent $8,000 on curtains to hide the statue - it's so symbolic, it's beyond funny... Well, it goes without saying that this is the exact opposite of what Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake did. (It's unlikely the performers themselves were aware of the symbolic significance, however.) Hence the message of the performance becomes even clearer: it screams 'Fuck you Ashcroft, your Patriot Act, and your fascist buddies in the administration'.

Furthermore, the fact that it was the young singer Timberlake who actually made Janet's 'breast of justice and liberty' come out sends the symbolic message that it is largely up to the rebellious spirit of the younger generation to rise up against the oppressive force now in power. This idea is strongly echoed by the main song performed by Jackson during the halftime show, 'Rhythm Nation'. Check out the lyrics:

'Rhythm Nation' (by Janet Jackson)

With music by our side
To break the color lines
Let's work together
To improve our way of life
Join voices in protest
To social injustice
A generation full of courage
Come forth with me
People of the world today
Are we looking for a better way of life
We are a part of the rhythm nation
People of the world unite
Strength in numbers we can get it right
One time
We are a part of the rhythm nation

This is the test
No struggle no progress
Lend a hand to help
Your brother do his best
Things are getting worse
We have to make them better
It's time to give a damn
Let's work together come on

People of the world today
Are we looking for a better way of life
We are a part of the rhythm nation
People of the world unite
Strength in numbers we can get it right
One time
We are a part of the rhythm nation

Right now there is an Opportunity, probably for the last time, for the true American Spirit to rise up again - just as the Spirit rover on Mars is trying to recover from its near-death condition. This is the time to stand up and push back. The young spirit is rebellious by nature and it often doesn't find the right outlet, bogged down by the system that blinds you. Well, today we have it right in front of us - we have the enemy right there in our sight. And this matters. Are we gonna be in the land of the brave or the land of the timid? Is the fire of freedom and justice still burning inside us? 'If so, then this is the time to get on our feet, speak up, and fight. It's coming. Get ready.

 January 26, '04   Planet of War Profiteering
A quick follow-up to the previous post. As you know I've been closely following the 'Hidden Colors of Mars' and other anomalous Martian developments since NASA's Spirit Mars rover successfully landed on the Red Planet early this month (its twin rover Opportunity has just landed there as well), and this was motivated particularly by my interest in the hidden driving force now pushing all things Mars and space, i.e. the Bush administration's political and ideological agenda championed by Vice President Cheney and his neo-conservative/PNAC minions.

The 'conspiratorial' take on the current non-stop space developments expressed in my previous post (Jan. 7) - and I was not alone in having a serious suspicion - may have sounded a little farfetched to some around the time of Spirit's landing (January 3), but it seems more and more people are beginning to sense they are not being told the truth and something rather sinister is actually taking place just beneath the surface. And of course by mid-January when Bush officially vowed to revitalize the nation's space program (Jan. 14) it had hit the mainstream press (e.g. New York Times) that Cheney/PNAC was pushing the space/Mars ambition in the administration and that militarization of space was an undeniable but unmentionable goal. For instance, on Jan. 18 Reuters reported:

President Bush's plan to expand the exploration of space parallels U.S. efforts to control the heavens for military, economic and strategic gain. [...]

Bush's schedule for a U.S. return to the moon matches what experts say may be a dramatic militarization of space over the next two decades, even if the current ban on weapons holds.

Among other things, the Pentagon expects to spend at least $50 billion over the next five years to develop and field a multi-layered shield against incoming missiles that could deliver nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

In a way more disturbing, it was also revealed that - get this - Halliburton, the notorious and corrupt oil company formerly headed by Cheney has also been a fan of space/Mars! (Go ahead, shake your head...) Increasingly Mars is looking like the next 'Iraq'. And you may recall that I have already discussed this Iraq-Mars parallel theme in my New Years Day post.

Here is a good piece from the Center for American Progress discussing the Cheney/PNAC/Halliburton agenda lurking behind the Martian curtain:

HALLIBURTON ACTIVELY PUSHING FOR MARS FUNDING: In the 4/24/00 edition of Oil & Gas Journal, Halliburton scientist Steve Streich pointed out why a Mars program would be so lucrative for Halliburton. He says a "Mars exploration program presents an unprecedented opportunity" for the industry and that it "warrants the support of both government and industry leaders." [...] Specifically, benefits for "the oil and gas industry may lie in technology that NASA will use for drilling into the surface of Mars." He says there is "great potential for a happy synergy between space researchers" on a Mars project and "the oil and gas industry."

HALLIBURTON ALREADY INVOLVED IN MARS PLANS: The 4/24/00 edition of Oil & Gas Journal also reported that Halliburton is already involved in a preliminary consortium of industry and academia "organized to support the development of new technology required for the Mars mission." A 2/28/01 report in Petroleum News confirmed that "NASA has been working with Halliburton and others to identify drilling technologies that might work on Mars." [...]

THE MILITARY MOTIVATION: On top of the Halliburton factor, USA Today reports that Cheney "persuaded Bush that there could be military benefits, such as space-based defense systems." This motivation was echoed by U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL) who said on the 1/9/04 edition of "Scarborough Country" that, "Somebody is going to dominate space.  When they do, just like when the British dominated the naval part of our globe, established their empire, just like the United States has dominated the air superiority, ultimately, whoever is able to dominate space will be able to control the destiny of the entire Earth."

Defense secretary Rumsfeld is a prominent member of Cheney's shadowy neocon PNAC network that has successfully hijacked the Bush administration (especially after 9/11), and as the following excerpt from The Daily MisLead shows Feeney above was only repeating a PNAC motto:

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld chaired the Commission to Assess United States National Security Space Management and Organization four years ago. Rumsfeld was announced as Bush's choice for DoD Secretary weeks before the commission releasing its findings in January 2001. Rumsfeld's report found that "we know from history that every medium -- air, land and sea -- has seen conflict. Reality indicates that space will be no different." The panel also concluded that "given this virtual certainty, the [United States] must develop the means both to deter and to defend against hostile acts in and from space."

But this grand neocon plan to militarize and dominate space won't mean much if Bush/Cheney got ousted in the coming presidential election in November. And yet they are apparently going forward with it like it's a sure thing... as if they know they'll remain in power for another term. Presently poll numbers are not looking good for Bush. But there are certain types of events that can quickly change that situation, aren't there? And of course it's not like US Presidents, especially Bush, have to be actually elected by the American people to get into the White House.

Perhaps this year we'll get to the part where the people onboard the Titanic begin to panic. And we'll be screaming 'bastardo!'

 January 7, '04   Martian Politics
Earlier yesterday NASA released the first color picture of Mars received from the Spirit rover. And it's all still... red - including the sky. While Mars is the 'Red' Planet, it's not necessarily 'normal' for the Martian sky to be so red on Mars. Richard Hoagland, for instance, has in the past discussed this issue of Mars' artificial redness as seen in NASA pictures.

Shown below is the new color picture from Spirit. The one on the left is the official NASA version, and the one on the right is an adjusted, or re-adjusted, version of the same picture in which there is reduced redness. Which appears more natural or real to you? (Click on the pictures to see larger versions.)


[UPDATE Jan 8: Canadian Press/Yahoo! News has posted the same Mars picture without the excessive redness that's almost identical to the adjusted version shown above!]

Of course, it could be that the Martian landscape is really as red as the NASA version shows. But given that it's scientifically acceptable for the Martian sky to be more or less blue, combined with the fact that we have quite compelling photographic evidence like one shown below from the Viking missions exposing the excessive redness of the original pictures released by NASA (the adjusted version on the right shows the colors of the American flag accurately), it is not so farfetched to suppose that NASA has been deceiving all of us about the real appearance of Mars all these years. [The 'correct' image below was produced by Barry Arneson in 2001.]


But why would NASA - or some small group within/behind the agency - fake the color of Mars, you ask? Good question. :) And the answer here might have to do with the fact that the 'real' colors of Mars are too Earth-like - i.e. too inviting for humans. If the timetable of the hidden 'master plan' was not yet ready for mankind's migration to the Red Planet, then there would have to be steps taken to reduce the general population's desire to explore the new frontier, the next New World, so that the eventuality might be delayed. And this could be achieved in part by making Mars appear 'alien' and inhospitable...

With this model in mind, the latest Mars picture would represent evidence that the 'game' - the deception - may be still continuing. Now let us recall the recent failure of the European Beagle 2 lander deployed by Mars Express, scheduled to land on Christmas Day. Beagle 2 would have been the first non-NASA probe to successfully land on the Red Planet and it would have given us first non-NASA pictures of Mars as seen from the surface. IF, there was/is a NASA conspiracy to keep the true color of Mars secret from the general public, then Beagle 2 represented a big threat to those behind the conspiracy for obvious reasons. This context makes us wonder about the true nature of the failure of the European lander, doesn't it?

But there is potentially an additional twist to the current situation - because the situation of the 'timetable' has likely changed at this time. In other words, it is now desired that the general public wants to go to Mars. As discussed repeatedly here on Etemenanki before, the 'endgame' now unfolding has much to do with man's invasion of the Red Planet, as indicated also by the global Time River system (marking the 21st century as the 'end of history' associated with Mars where the timeline of human civilization jumps/splits).

And even the neo-conservative agenda is heavily intertwined here... because in addition to their preemptive policy designed to remake the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East in order to maintain American supremacy, help Israel, get their hands on more oil, and create a global 'Pax Americana' empire, the neo-cons' agenda calls for American domination of space... militarily. [This is no secret.] The neo-con chickenhawk cult, which includes prominent figures in the Bush administration like Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby, Rumsfeld, etc., championed by Vice President Dick Cheney, want to militarize space.

This then brings us to the curious behind-the-scenes activities of Cheney who reportedly pushed for the release of Cydonia pictures some time ago, apparently for people like Hoagland and his followers. Why would he do this? The emerging theory is that the Cheney/neocon camp is trying to use the Cydonia issue (i.e. 'Face on Mars' etc.) as part of their covert propaganda campaign to generate public interest in going to Mars... and outer space in general. The catch here is of course that the neocon agenda is not about exploration, but exploitation and militarization. They want the US to go to outer space so that they can put weapons there - a big step toward the global domination of the US (New World Order) which would be by then resembling a fascist police state.

Very curiously, there is a quite detailed article on the net discussing this very issue. Titled 'Do the Owls want to shut down Richard C. Hoagland?', this webpage maintained by 'John C. Haich' is ostensibly about Hoagland being an 'agent' for the neocon camp. The executive summary included in the article states:

  • Richard C. Hoagland is an agent of influence for the Center for Security Policy.
  • Hoagland's handler is Dr. George A. Keyworth II, former science advisor to President Ronald Reagan.
  • The Center for Security Policy uses Hoagland and his "Enterprise Mission" to bolster public interest in Mars exploration in order to apply pressure to President Bush to support a significant increase in funding for the space program under the auspices of Project Prometheus.
  • The goal of Project Prometheus is the development of enabling technologies for the military control of space under the cover of peaceful space exploration.
  • The program has the backing of Vice President Dick Cheney and NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe.

The article reads very much like something written by a pretty meticulous person with some form of academic/scientific background. And there are many little clues inserted into the webpage that hint at the possibility of the author ('John C. Haich' likely being a pseudonym) being someone on the 'inside'... perhaps inside the intelligence community, and also the possibility of the article being a form of 'leak' disguised as an 'attack piece' against Hoagland.

My view at this point is that the hostility toward Hoagland in the article is largely 'fake', designed to make it not too obvious that the webpage is actually an anti-neocon 'leak' from an 'insider'. And if so, it may be significant that 'Haich' mentions me/Etemenanki quite prominently and refers somehow to the 'Time River' even though my Time River Theory itself does not directly relate to what he discusses in the article. Could this be a subtle acknowledgment from 'inside' that the Time River system, and its Martian implications I discussed above, represents an valid data point?

As for the little 'clues' suggesting 'Haich' knows more than he writes, I'll just quote what I wrote in a post to a message board elsewhere (November 17, '03):

"Well, it is my impression that the main, but somewhat disguised, purpose of the article in question is 'political', and it seems to be gently 'leaking' info about how the current US politics is intimately tied to the 'Mars' issue. Perhaps it's no coincidence that the article mentions me/my website (Etemenanki) since I've been actively discussing this aspect of the 'game' unfolding today.

"That 'owl' logo [displayed within the webpage] is taken from the logo of 'Bohemian Grove'. It's an annual elite gathering and the rumor has it that Schwarzenegger was chosen there, before the California recall election, as the next governor of that state. I've been talking a lot of Arnie on my website... but here let me just point out that one of Arnie's most popular films is 'Total Recall'. Not only is the title evocative of the 'RECALL election', it's all about - yes - MARS. And the storyline involves a big corporation trying to manipulate the flow of air/energy for selfish reasons.

"Notice that the recall election this summer was largely a result of the big energy crisis California had in 2000/2001, and also note that the election coincided with the big blackout on the west coast area (including NYC) and it's having a big effect on the new energy bill now going through Congress. Cheney is THE energy/oil/corporate guy in the Bush administration. And Cheney, following the imperial PNAC policy written down by the neo-con think-tank BEFORE 9/11, is the one who is most responsible for the Iraq invasion based on big lies.... Iraq is a land that has much to do with Mars. And of course Cheney was somehow, apparently, pushing for a manned Mars mission.

"The 'endgame' is about the rise of the new 'New World', the Red Planet, and the fall of the old New World... Well, certainly, Cheney and his neocon minions have done a remarkable job of destroying the United States. It's still standing but... not looking good, is it?

"Next year is an election year... we can expect much to take place between now and the election (if it takes place at all). And Schwarzenegger... Isn't it curious that there is now an 'Arnold bill' in Congress trying make a foreigner eligible to become President of the US?

"Also, 'Odessa' (ODESSA) [part of the webpage's URL] would relate to a secret organization called 'Organization der Ehemaligen SS-Angehorigen', or 'The Organization of former SS members', which was created to orchestrate the escape of SS officers from justice. Curious, then, that both Bush and Schwarzenegger have a very strong Nazi background through family and mentality, isn't it?

"Can you imagine the establishment of the Fourth Reich on... Mars? The Nazis went underground at the end of WW2; the US became a useful host to the 'parasites'; and they are about rise up again just as Mars colonization is just around the corner. Quite a scenario... isn't it? :)"


"Just wanted to add that the '322' in the URL of the webpage in question:


is almost certainly an allusion to Skull & Bones - the infamous secret society at Yale to which George W. Bush, his father and grandfather (who illegally financed Hitler) belong/belonged. Skull & Bones uses the number '322' as its symbol..."

So in any case let's go back to the issue of the Red Planet's real color. If the above view is valid and there are forces pushing for the rise of the real space age (albeit from a military angle), it would no longer be necessary to make Mars appear so inhospitable. And therefore no need to make Mars so red (assuming they had been doing so in the first place). This creates a situation where they would want to show the 'true color' of Mars and yet this would have to be done 'gently' so as to not make it so obvious to people that there was a massive Mars 'conspiracy'.

One possible scenario that may unfold soon would be that 'they' will gradually make the new Martian pictures from Spirit/Opportunity less and less red and then comment - 'Hey look, it turns out that Mars is actually a lot like Earth... I guess all the pictures from the Martian surface so far had been affected by red dusts put into the atmosphere by storms... How interesting!' Well, I guess that just might work given how unquestioning the press and public have become these days. Who knows.

We can also probably look forward to a convenient discovery of strong evidence showing that there was/is indeed water and/or life on Mars. This would surely make headlines all over the world and get people excited.

Aside from those, there is the definitely related issue of the Bush administration presently considering kick-starting a program to send man back to the Moon and then to Mars. This announcement could come during Bush's State of the Union speech. (I'm sure Cheney is pushing this issue hard now inside the administration.)

So apparently the existing situation is such that we cannot wholeheartedly support the emerging push for more ambitious space projects - even though many of us do passionately want to see our space program try to go where no man has gone before.

Well, not that Mars is a totally alien land to mankind, of course. And our Genesis calls to us...

 January 1, '04   Seeds of Tomorrow
So here we are... 2004. The way I view this new year is that it will involve an escalating movement in the direction set in 2003. I would say that during the foregoing eventful 'year of Mars' and 'stargates', seeds of the next phase of the 'endgame' were sown and we are about to see them grow into the inevitable. Good or bad, the key choices were made and we went through a major 'gate'... The stage is set for the rest of the story - the 'endgame' - to just unfold like a roller coaster coming down from the peak. That's the kind of imagery I would associate with 2004 and onward.

While 2003 was not a positive year in general, with the very questionable Iraq invasion being the biggest event and all, we could still say that we were very lucky that no WMDs - or anything remotely resembling them - were found in Iraq. Otherwise, the world would have witnessed the US, pushed by the increasingly confident and arrogant Cheney/neocon camp, continuing to attack other nations like Iran and Syria as called for by the pre-9/11 PNAC paper (the neocon 'bible'). And chances are, if it wasn't for the complete non-discovery of WMDs, we would've easily already seen the careless usage of nuclear weapons by the US against those 'evil' states that dared to put up a fight. (Cheney apparently wants to use nukes and he's been just looking for any excuse to do so.)

Nonetheless, the Bush administration did unnecessarily invade another nation, Iraq, through the shameless and Nazi-like usage of 'big lies', and the key 'seeds' of the future were sown. In the past I wrote repeatedly about 2003 being the 'year of Mars' and the relevance of the related theme of the Benben stone/'All-Seeing Eye' (i.e. the apex stone of the pyramid - often associated with the New World Order). I'd like to point out here that the Benben stone is often consider to have been a meteorite and traditionally it was associated with the notion of sex/seeding. The term 'pyramid' is etymologically related to fire, as in Mars the 'fire planet', and the magnificent Giza pyramids are inseparable from the 'Martian monument' that is the Great Sphinx (a representation of Horus as is Mars). Scientists today also realize that it could plausibly have been Martian rocks that 'seeded' earth in the distant past.

So the combination of both Mars and the Benben stone being attached to the year 2003 certainly conjures up the concept of the Red Planet approaching close to Earth - as it did in mid-2003 - for cosmic 'seeding'. And as per 'as above, so below', the most significant world event of 2003 was the US descending onto Iraq - which was a very 'Martian' attack on a 'Martian' land. (And Mars is the god/planet of war.)

As already discussed in Endgame IV, the beginning of the 'war' coincided with the spring equinox (March 20) which is none other than the very special day when the Great Sphinx (a 'Martian' monument facing due east) aligns with the rising sun, the latter being another manifestation of Horus (= Sphinx/Mars). Note that the involvement of the Sun here resonates with the Benben stone whose traditional home in ancient Egypt was Heliopolis, literally the 'city of the sun'.

What's more, the lifeblood of Iraq, the Tigris-Euphrates river system, has its mouth exactly at latitude 30°N, i.e. the very latitude of Giza and Cairo (the 'city of Mars'). And, the said river's mouth is situated exactly due east of Giza - meaning the eternal gaze of the Great Sphinx is directly 'looking' at the end point of the Tigris-Euphrates, thus in effect connecting the end/edge of the Nile (where the Sphinx sits) and the end of the Tigris-Euphrates.

As I revealed in my book (which you should have read already - get on with the program! :) ), this virtual 'bridge' represented by the Giza monument signifies a stargate-like shift in time - a 'jump' from the 'main stream' (the Nile) to the 'hyper stream' (Tigris-Euphrates). In the 'Time River Theory', this 'edge'/'end' point at 30°N, where time jumps, marks the 21st century (i.e. our own time) on the timeline encoded into the design of the Nile. And the strongly suggested implication I found here was that the 'time jump' (or time bifurcation) would signify the timeline of human civilization moving on to the Red Planet, resulting in the creation of a new timeline quite separate from the original timeline flowing on Earth.

Consequently in the Time River model the river system of Iraq, the Tigris-Euphrates, has come to represent the 'Martian' timeline(s). The ancient land of Iraq, therefore, has become analogous to Mars. I should also mention that in the Time River scheme, the Tigris-Euphrates is an intelligently 'transposed' version of the Blue Nile and Atbara, which are the main tributaries of the Nile rising in Ethiopia and joining the main Nile in Sudan. (Check out my paper, The Nile Decoded, for a brief summary of this.) The confluence of the Euphrates/Blue Nile and the main Nile at Khartoum happens to mark on the encoded river timeline 4000 BC - i.e. the beginning of history when the first high civilization suddenly rose in Sumer, i.e. the location of today's Iraq!

So our immediate future is somehow 'hyperdimensionally' linked to the beginning of history... Genesis. Some form of 'time travel' is actually a real possibility here. And it's likely to come about in connection with Mars. The increasingly plausible scenario is that history, or human civilization, was 'seeded' by future intelligence coming via the 'stargate' that is Mars. Oh my... I know this is very out there :) But that's what the 'map of time' - i.e. the Time River scheme created by some mysterious 'intelligence' - strongly suggests! As I often say, going to Mars (as mankind is now just a decade or two away from doing) is analogous to going back to 'Genesis'.

That's the context in which the biggest event of the 'year of Mars', 2003, should be viewed. The Iraq invasion was a terrestrial simulation of man's imminent migration to Mars/Genesis that will result in a cosmic 'seeding'. And in this 'simulation' (or 'pre-echo') witnessed in 2003, its own version of 'seeding' took place.

Iraq is the land of Mars/Genesis, and the United States/invasion was the 'seeding'. By watching the development of the Iraq situation, we should be able to learn quite a lot about the nature of the coming interplanetary 'seeding' process directly involving the Red Planet, which is already beginning to take shape as we speak. (Project Prometheus, considered to lead to manned mission to Mars, was announced early in 2003, and the Bush administration is now widely thought to be getting ready to announce, as early as this month, its ambitious plan to send man back to the Moon and then to Mars.) Conversely, by applying the projected 'big picture', some recognizable patterns should continue to emerge from the development of Iraq, giving us a form of foresight.

Well, so that's 'big picture' I'm now seeing. I wanted to begin the new year on Etemenanki by pointing out the grand context. Context, as they say, is king. Many people realize this, but they often fail to realize the importance of establishing the proper context. There is a big difference between idly worshipping an established/official context (or 'paradigm') and actually trying to discern the proper context that would lead to creative and productive results.

The next update should come quickly in which I will discuss more specific matters - i.e. how I see the 'seeds' growing in the coming months. I can't say I see a bright near future... but hey, shift happens. :)


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