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The View From the Tower


 March 26, '04   'Super Mars Day Window' Analyzed
In my March 12 post, I pointed out two key dates that were coming up shortly. One was the 'Ides of March' (3/15) and the other the 'Super Mars Day' window around 3/20-22. I must say I was quite amazed as I watched certain events unfold on/around these very dates.

Let me start by quoting a passage from the 3/12 post:

...we are likely in for some very significant 'antichristic' events in the near future - as early as this month. Key dates coming up are March 15 (Ides of March, feast day of St. Longinus) and around March 20 (spring equinox/'Super Mars Day') and/or March 22 ('322'/'Skulll & Bones day'). I'd say there is a high probability that the spring equinox window coming up will produce some significant event(s) that will conform to the pattern discussed...

The date March 15 gave us NASA's announcement of Sedna, a newly discovered member (planetoid) of the solar system. As already discussed previously, this was symbolically very fitting because, for instance, the name 'Sedna' comes from a goddess of the sea/water and thus relates directly to the on-going Mary Magdalene-Isis-Venus theme as these goddess figures are similarly associated with water. Also there was a strong connection to the symbolically significant events of 'Super Tuesday' (March 2):

...Sedna being the goddess of the sea/water relates to the discovery of the existence of past water on Mars announced just recently by NASA on March 2, 'Super Tuesday', i.e. the very same day John Kerry the Bonesman made it clear - with The Passion controversy raging in the background - that he was the Democratic challenger to Bush in this year's election.

So the Sedna announcement was very much consistent with the underlying themes we were already following closely. But what was particularly interesting about the 3/15 development is the repeated theme involving NASA/space and water, as we note that this is a theme shared by both 3/15 and 'Super Tuesday' (3/2).

The parallel between the two dates also implies the continuation of the 'Messiah/Antichrist' theme that was embedded in the events of Super Tuesday (March 2), as I noted before:

We have a film about the crucifixion of Jesus at the 'Place of the Skull' [Golgotha], followed by the ascension of Kerry who belongs, as does Bush, to Skull & Bones. And we even had the remarkable coincidence of the big NASA announcement of Mars' past water coming on the same day, March 2, i.e. 'Super Tuesday'.

Now, it is within this context that the events of the other key time window, ~3/20-22, become remarkably meaningful.

First, March 20 (spring equinox) is our 'Super Mars Day' that resonates with 'Super Tuesday'. Traditionally Tuesday is 'Mars day' and March is the 'Mars month'. This makes 'Super Tuesday' (3/2) analogous to 'Super Mars Day'. And the latter also applies to March 20/equinox because of the archaeoastronomical design of the Great Sphinx at Giza, the Horus/Martian monument par excellence. In ancient Egyptian tradition, the Sphinx, Sun, and Mars are all identified with Horus, the royal offspring of Osiris and Isis; and it is at the time of the equinoxes that the Great Sphinx directly faces its celestial counterpart, the rising Sun due east. The equinox, especially the one in spring (~3/20), is therefore a special 'Horus day', or, because Horus and Mars are interchangeable, a special 'Mars Day'... i.e. 'Super Mars Day'.

Mars is Horus ('the Red'), and Horus has long been compared to Jesus. So 'Mars day' would also represent 'Messiah day'. Combined with the idea that the spring equinox represents the time of the rebirth of the Sun/Horus, we could say that March 20/equinox signifies the birth of Messiah/Christ/Horus. And since the birth of Horus is mythologically inseparable from the death of his father/alter ego Osiris, it is very appropriate that 'Super Tuesday' (March 2) coincided with the raging controversy surrounding The Passion of the Christ, a film about the death of Jesus.

So everything about this symbolism told us that the 'Super Mars Day' window around the spring equinox would be an 'echo' of 'Super Tuesday', more so than March 15 (which too emerged as an echo of March 2).

Well, March 20 was last Saturday and like most Saturdays it was a relatively uneventful day. But this was not surprising because 3/20 being the first anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war, there wouldn't have been enough 'twists' to the timing symbolism. And there was also the 'Skull and Bones day' of March 22 ('322') coming only 2 days later. This is why I had treated the timeframe as a 'window' rather than a 'key date'.

Things began to heat up on Sunday (3/21). Let's start with The Passion. It was reported Sunday that the Jesus movie was dethroned from its #1 box-office position by the new film called 'Dawn of the Dead'. The symbolism there is quite intriguing as 'Dawn of the Dead' can easily be viewed as an allusion to Horus, the (rising-) Sun-god and the son of Osiris the god of the dead. Passion depicts the death of Osiris; and as if to reenact the mythological story, the death is immediately followed by a rebirth - i.e. the 'dawn of the dead'... the birth of Horus.

Next, the birth of Horus is something we have long seen in the rise of Schwarzenegger; indeed, Arnold was quickly identified as a major 'antichristic' figure here at Etemenanki (see past posts). Arnie was specifically mentioned in the 3/12 post when discussing the key March/Mars dates. We've talked a lot about the seeming 'destiny' of Schwarzenegger becoming a US president before and this 'plan' finally began to be detectable this winter/spring as one of the news headlines on Feb. 22 ('222') was: 'Schwarzenegger Argues for White House Run'. (See my 2/23 post.) And the media helped pushing this idea again several days later by inexplicably throwing in the 'Arnold amendment' question during a Democratic presidential debate televised on CNN.

Well, guess what happened on Sunday 3/21... One of the news items bore the title: 'Kennedy would back law enabling Schwarzenegger to run for US president'. Arnie is married to former journalist and Kennedy heiress, Maria Shriver, a niece of Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy. I see this marriage as a key element of the symbolic role - if not a literal one - Arnie now appears to be playing - i.e. Horus/Messiah/Antichrist. Note that the JFK presidency was called 'Camelot', which makes JFK an Arthurian figure who is inseparable from the tales of the 'Holy Grail'. And the Holy Grail largely represents 'Blood Royal' or the supposed bloodline stemming from the union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. And the Messiah/Antichrist has to possess this Davidic royal blood - just like St. Longinus' legendary 'Spear of Destiny' that pierced Jesus' side while on the cross is believed to represent something that 'Antichrist' must obtain in order to be successful. In fact, I have already compared the 'Blood Royal'/'Rose Line' to the Spear of Destiny in my 3/12 post. (And of course the religious feast day of St. Longinus is March 15, i.e. the other key date.) Now here is what I wrote in the 3/12 post:

[The Sun, Moon, and two comets Linear and Neat] will closely align along the 'zero longitude' of the sky grid on March 20/21. What I find particularly interesting here is the potential connection between the term 'longitude' and the name 'Longinus'. I don't think it's a mere coincidence that Longinus is associated with a lance, i.e. a straight line... such as a longitudinal line (meridian), especially since Jesus' blood/bloodline is esoterically associated with a meridian called 'Rose Line' (more or less equated with the Paris Zero Meridian). And this certainly increases the symbolic depth of the longitudinal celestial alignment formed around the spring equinox coming up shortly. [Update: late March also witnesses a rare alignment of five planets.

I highlighted the words 'longitude' and 'meridian' above because this creates an amazing correlation with the event we introduce next.

Although not March 20 (equinox) or March 22 (Skull & Bones/'322'), March 23 was also a symbolically significant date included in the 'Super Mars Day' window. Since 'Super Mars Day' is analogous to 'Super Tuesday' as discussed, it is natural to view the Tuesday closest to March 20/22 as carrying the same theme. This happened to be March 23. The previous 'Super Tuesday' on March 2 was marked by the NASA announcement of Mars' past water. On the second 'Super Tuesday', March 23, pretty much the same thing happened! On that day, NASA held a special press conference to triumphantly announce to the world that the landing site of the Mars rover Opportunity was once the shore of a salty sea. Now, if this wasn't an 'echo', I don't know what is! :)

At first, I was already satisfied to see this as the fulfillment of the projected continuation of the pattern. But days later I was shocked as the realization came that the symbolism involved was actually much more extensive and elegant. I realized this when I saw the name of the area where Opportunity landed - 'Meridiani Planum'. That is, 'Meridian Plane' - so called because the site is near the Prime Meridian, or longitude zero, of Mars! Very unexpected, but this certainly seems to confirm my symbolic interpretation regarding Longinus, i.e. the relevance of longitude zero/Prime Meridian/Rose Line.

The above also has the implication of attaching the messianic 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' theme to the Red Planet. This happens to be a fully expected development. As early as Nov. 2002, I was already propounding this connection; as I wrote in Endgame III back then:

... I'm sure this is the first time that all the different subject matters, especially Cydonia [/Mars] and the underground Gnostic tradition, have been put together and viewed as aspects of the same 'game'. Strange stuff, yes, but this is where the 'game' is going, so people should get used to it.

And now we are seeing the 'game' getting there indeed. This is still only the tip of the iceberg, and I'm sure I will be talking more about this 'game' in the future.

Now, let's back up a little and take a look at the events of our 'Skull & Bones day', March 22. Last year this date overlapped the beginning of the US military unleashing its 'Shock & Awe' campaign against Iraq. Because we now have two Skull & Bones members (Bush and Kerry) running against each other for the White House in this election year, we figured the likelihood was high for some significant event to take place on March 22. And the anticipated event did indeed come, in the form of an Israeli air strike killing Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder/spiritual leader of Palestinian militant group Hamas. This was an event that sent shockwaves around the world. Hamas leadership even declared that the assassination 'opened the gates of hell' - as it may well have. (I seem to sense the early prelude to WWIII...)

And I must mention that the image of Yassin (Hamas founder) has struck many people as having an uncanny resemblance to the 'Saruman' character in the Lord of the Rings films. Hmm... See for yourself:

I bring this up because The Lord of the Rings happens to be something already associated in my 3/12 post as being relevant to the underlying pattern, as I wrote:

...Saturn (the planet/god of death) made its close approach - a return after 30 years - to Earth around the very beginning of this year as if to tell us that 2004 is to become the year of death... What's more, the ringed planet Saturn is quite literally the 'lord of the rings' and it just happens that the current window very closely overlapped the triumphant period enjoyed by the film The Lord of the Rings that opened last December and ruled this year's Academy Awards held on Feb. 29. Well, February 29 came only 2 days before 'Super Tuesday'! And of course the latest/last installment of the LOTR series was titled 'The Return of the King' - perfectly describing the return of Saturn, which as a death-god is equatable with Osiris-Jesus, the archetypal king of ancient Egypt.

The messianic theme ('return of the king/Christ/Osiris') embedded here is also reflected by the fact that Israel, where Yassin was killed, is the biblical land of Jesus. Symbolically the death foreshadows the rise of Horus/Christ/Antichrist, i.e. 'the return of the king'.

Who is the 'king'? Well, it is certainly interesting to note that: 1) Kerry and Bush are both Skull & Bones; 2) the site of Jesus' crucifixion was called Golgotha which means the 'Place of the Skull'; 3) I have long viewed Bush as a messianic figure (though a very manufactured one); and 3) in the current window (February-March) Bush is falling hard and Kerry has rapidly gained momentum to challenge Bush and try to become the next president of the United States. Also, we've seen the continuing 'rise of Schwarzenegger'. So... I'd watch these developments closely in the context given above.

Because of the underlying symbolic context, in fact, we are encouraged to view the biggest American news story of the 'Super Mars Day' window as a form of 'death sentence' to the current US leadership. I'm of course talking about the revelations made by Bush's former top counter-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke and the 9/11 Commission's public hearings covered live by all the major cable news networks.

It began on Sunday March 21 (sandwiched between spring equinox and S&B day) as CBS's 60 Minutes aired its shocking piece on Richard Clarke. It/he revealed in a quite convincing fashion how the Bush administration, or the top officials including Bush, simply ignored the looming al-Qaeda threat and focused almost solely on Iraq before and after 9/11. A lot of us already knew this, but Clarke's revelations on 60 Minutes (and now in his book Against All Enemies) probably forced many Americans to finally question the competence and honesty of the Bush administration in a serious way for the first time.

This was quickly followed by Clarke testifying before the 9/11 Commission on March 24 (the hearing process itself began the day before). And his performance was quite impressive.

All this was very bad news for the White House since the supposed firm response to 9/11 was the only viable platform left on which Bush could still run his re-election campaign. Without the (false) aura of a 'reliable war president', Bush doesn't really have anything run on. He needs to be able to exploit 9/11 in this election year, and now even that is being taken away from him (and the truth was never on his side). So the White House was naturally in panic mode and wasted no time trying to discredit Clarke which so far has not been successful due to the fact that Clarke is close to being as credible as a whistleblower can get in this case - and thus the panicky White House reaction to begin with.

I'm now interested to see how or if this situation will lead to the exit of Cheney - politically forced to step down (either from the '04 ticket or as Vice President). As mentioned many times before, this is a scenario I view as likely. Last September, I wrote the following in The West Wing Cipher:

...we can infer conservatively that the real White House is in for a big 'earthquake'. And the central figures involved will be the President and the Vice President. It will be interesting to see their interaction, especially now that George W. Bush is beginning to move away from the neo-con/Pax Americana war strategy championed by Cheney. It's almost as if the existing situation is that either Bush or Cheney will have to go, i.e. President vs. Vice President/neo-cons...

And I also said this in the same article:

Are Cheney and Co. about to get 'fired'? Within a month, or perhaps around the time of the next 'Mars Day', the spring equinox of 2004? It will be interesting to watch...

So because of the projected timing, you can see why I'm tempted to see the current political storm surrounding the White House as something serious enough to lead to the fall/exit of Cheney or perhaps even Bush himself. There are other scenarios but... let's just hope the cornered animal won't go berserk.

Finally, let me touch on some other fronts - space stuff. First, the predictable discovery of past water evidence on Mars is now being followed by fully anticipated 'reactions'. We recently saw articles like The New Hunt for Life on Mars and Politics of Water: Ancient Sea on Mars Begs Human Exploration for example. This push in my view will continue because the timetable of the 'master plan' demands it, in a sense.

Next, just a day or two before the spring equinox, there was a news story about an asteroid nearly hitting Earth. This was followed by a story telling us that 'Asteroid Scare Prompts NASA to Formalize Response' (3/22) Well, this development makes us chuckle because the threat from asteroids was the anticipated phase of the scare tactics reportedly used by the military-industrial elite that was supposed to come after a (manufactured) terrorism threat. As discussed in the March 9 post, the reported goal of this 'game' is the militarization of space. So we see that we may indeed be moving rapidly in that direction now.

And the quickened pace of the 'endgame' probably has much to do with the Peak Oil situation. I've referred to it in almost every post since mid-February and this is because the coming energy crisis is an imminent and dire issue that is a huge but so far largely hidden factor in the 'endgame'. And this year we seem to be witnessing a rapid deterioration of the condition.

- Eating Fossil Fuels 
- Venezuela threat to cut US oil (March 2)
- Conservatives Use Oil to Keep Heat on Mideast (March 9)
- Tensions rise in Black Sea region (March 15)
- Oil market tightness is likely long term (March 15)
- A Tale of Two Planets (re Saudi Arabia) (March 17)
- Oil Prices Reach 13-Year High, Threatening U.S. Economy (March 18)
- Shell's downgrade of oil reserves could spread (March 19)
- Feds Predict Higher Gasoline Prices (March 22)
- Gas Pump Prices Hit All-Time High (March 23)
- The perfect storm that's about to hit (March 24)
- Shell, Libya in Oil and Gas Partnership (March 25)

The 'party' does appear to be almost over now. The issue is not really whether the system will begin to descend into chaos and/or a police state, but when... this decade. The financial system is on life-support, just waiting to be unplugged. It's just not really feasible for US economy to recover; it will probably go down like the WTC twin towers. I'd say timing is already the name of the game at this point. It's about getting on the lifeboats of the Titanic... And there are not enough of them. The elite will keep saying in public 'everything is going to be okay!' while they themselves will be running towards their lifeboats. So... well, it's going to be ugly, I'd say. :)

 March 17, '04   Emergence of New World
On March 15 (Ides of March), one of the key dates mentioned in my previous post, NASA announced that they had discovered a new planet/planetoid going around the Sun beyond the orbit of Pluto. It may even be as big as Pluto, so it could arguably be said that we have found the 10th planet of our solar system. In other words, this is big news and indeed it was one of the top stories of the day.

The planetoid has been named 'Sedna', after the Inuit goddess of the sea and the ruler of the dead. This cannot be more fitting in the context put forth previously, just five days ago.

First, Sedna being a death goddess directly relates to the prominent death theme detected in the symbolic pattern underlying recent world events. The year 2004 began with the planet Saturn, the death god, making its closest approach to Earth in its 30-cycle, which also coincided with the phenomenal success of the third/last installment of the Lord of the Rings series, 'The Return of the King' - an obvious allusion to the return of the ringed planet Saturn. Then came in February/March of this year: 1) another huge film, The Passion of the Christ, about the death of Jesus who is the biblical counterpart of the Egyptian god of the dead, Osiris (as well as his son, Horus); and 2) John Kerry becoming the Democratic presidential candidate, making this year's US election a battle between two members of Skull and Bones, the secret society obsessed with war and death.

Secondly, Sedna being the goddess of the sea/water relates to the discovery of the existence of past water on Mars announced just recently by NASA on March 2, 'Super Tuesday', i.e. the very same day John Kerry the Bonesman made it clear - with The Passion controversy raging in the background - that he was the Democratic challenger to Bush in this year's election. The water theme is also very much attached to the important Mary Magdalene-Isis-Venus complex discussed previously: the name 'Mary' to the Gnostics meant 'of the sea' (Latin, 'mare'); in Languedoc tradition Mary Magdalene is 'Mistress of the Waters' (la Dompna del Aquae); Sirius, the star of Isis, has been called the 'Fair Star of the Waters' and very closely associated with the annual flood of the Nile; and mythologically Venus came from the sea. (The implied connection here between Mars and the goddess is something I have alluded to in the past, by the way.)

The relevance of Mary observed above is particularly intriguing in that one of the meanings of her name ('Mary') is 'bitter'. Now, you don't have to be a dedicated student of the Bible to know that there is a star that falls into the waters of the earth during the end times mentioned in the Book of Revelation, called 'Wormwood' (Rev. 8:10-11). The widespread and seemingly endless speculations going around in cyberspace about 'Planet X', largely based on Zecharia Sitchin's popular 'Nibiru' theory, is very much like and often compared/equated with this 'Wormwood'. And of course the name 'Planet X' denotes 'Planet 10' - thus, if viewed as a planet, the newly discovered Sedna (the 10th planetary member of the solar system) would literally be 'Planet X'. This means Sedna and Wormwood could be linked symbolically. And the punch line: the relevance of Wormwood reinforces the Sedna-Mary/'bitter' connection because 'bitter' is exactly what the term 'wormwood' means! This is clear just from reading this passage in Revelation:

And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

The biblical link is also seemingly encouraged by the fact that 'Nibiru', the supposed Sumerian name for 'Planet X', means 'planet of the crossing'. The idea of 'crossing', or a cross, is evocative of the death theme of Jesus-Osiris now very much on people's mind thanks to The Passion.

The 'end of the world' theme that comes with Planet X/Nibiru/ Wormwood again brings our attention to the film 'Armageddon'. As mentioned here before, the movie somehow overlays the ideas of oil drilling upon an incoming asteroid (a la 'Planet X'); and I pointed out that the imminent danger posed by the mostly fictional 'Planet X' has actually more to do with alluding to the dire condition created by Peak Oil, the end of (cheap) oil that quickly leads to the end of the whole industrial civilization. Assuming that the peak came in 2000 as some have theorized, the sh*t will begin hitting the fan within years, if not this very year. NASA announcing the discovery of Sedna - the little 'Planet X'/'Nibiru' - may be yet another symbolic sign that the Peak Oil/energy crisis is coming fast now.

In Armageddon, there is another ominous hint - the idea of nuclear detonation. In the movie the incoming rock is destroyed by the oil drillers in space who successfully detonates a nuke placed inside the asteroid. Making this really ominous is the fact that the biggest nuclear disaster (aside from those used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) took place in 1986 at a placed called Chernobyl which means none other than 'Wormwood'!

So... Peak Oil and some kind of nuclear event apparently on the horizon... Lovely! (How do we get off this Titanic?)

Now, the notions of Mary/Venus and a 'fallen star' also lead us to the 'fallen angel' Lucifer, traditionally identified with Venus. In my previous post I discussed how the recent Madrid bombing, i.e. Spain's '9/11', is related to the on-going symbolic pattern that involves among others Venus-Mary-Isis, i.e. the goddess complex. For example, the Madrid attack came on 3/11 which is exactly 6 months away from 9/11 and there are exactly 911 days in between 3/11/04 and 9/11/01. Continuing the day counting, we find that there will be exactly 1000 days between 6/8/04 and 9/11/01. June 8 this year happens to mark the day of Venus' transit across the face of the Sun - a very rare event.

The 9/11 association here is fitting also in that both the 'tower' and five-pointed star, represented by the WTC twin towers and the Pentagon (five-sided) attacked on that day, are traditionally associated with Mary Magdalene/Venus/Isis. This was pointed out as early as October 2001 in my article, Mystery, Babylon the Great. (In the same article was also discussed, already, the relevance of Mars and the 'fallen angels'.)

But now we further find out that according to some sources the name 'Madrid' means 'rich in abundance of waters'. The water theme again! What's more, Dallas, a reader in Spain, sent me this information on March 13 concerning the Madrid bombings:

The train station (called Atocha) is very close (+ - 100 metres) to the 'Retiro', a big park where you can see the only one statue (made in Rome) in the world... dedicated to the memory of Lucifer. They called it 'The fallen angel' ['El Angel Caido']...

Yes, Lucifer... again. The claim that this is the only statue dedicated wholly to the fallen angel in the world makes this a very significant coincidence indeed.

There is more. Spain is the country from which Christopher Columbus went on his journeys to 'discover' America the New World. As someone pointed out in the comment board or forum here, March 15 (Ides of Mars) - the day of NASA's Sedna announcement - happens to be the date of Columbus' arrival in Spain after visiting the New World for the first time in 1493. This link then leads us back to another recent Mary/Venus event - Janet Jackson's Super Bowl halftime show stunt.

As we discussed quite a lot last month after the Super Bowl event unfolded on Feb. 1, there was a definite 'goddess' theme to the pre-game and halftime shows, represented by Beyonce and more prominently by Janet Jackson. They were symbolically presented as the 'Black Madonnas', i.e. 'Mary Magdalenes' or 'Venuses'. Because the game was held in Houston, and more importantly because it was held on the anniversary of the space shuttle Columbia disaster, there was also a big space/NASA/Moon theme to the Super Bowl shows. The name 'Columbia' derives from Columbus... the 'discoverer' of the New World (America) from Spain.

And it was also pointed out that the last major bombing incident before Madrid was that of the Bali terror attack on October 12 last year [correction: actually in 2002]. 201 people were killed in Madrid, 202 in Bali - eerily close. [Update: now the Madrid death toll has risen to 202, the very same number as Bali.] But what's really eerie and disturbing here is this: Oct. 12 was Columbus Day! (It commemorates the day Columbus 'discovered' the New World.)

So there is definitely a sense that the New World, or specifically the United States, is under attack at this time. And indeed the story presently unfolding around us is the 'end of the American New World' and the 'birth of the next New World', namely Mars. America/US is Osiris and Mars is Horus; as one dies, the other is born. Water is life and time (as per the Time River model); so the discovery of water on Mars is a signal that the timeline of human civilization is about to move on to that red New World.

This has been the overriding theme here at Etemenanki since even before 9/11/01. As early as Feb. 22, 2000, I was making statements like this:

Now, I'm not sure if I want to say this... but here is something that the data I have is suggesting to me. It's that the year 2000/2001 is to bring to the United States one of the biggest events the country has ever experienced. This is not something I 'believe' or based on 'millennial' mentality; it's just what the data I have... is suggesting to me. The key concepts attached to this are termination and 'New World'.

Note that this was right after the 'Y2K' non-event, when making doomy statements like this was already out of fashion. (I was actually very un-doomy during the pre-millennial period when everyone was expecting the world to end, by the way. :)) Nowadays it's quite normal to think that the United States is in its sunset phase; but before 9/11 it was considered pretty crazy. So, the point is that I made the above statement - which was based on the Time River scheme I was decoding behind the scenes - during the period after the millennial madness and before 9/11 - i.e. when it counted.

Of course, in the first article I wrote after 9/11 (i.e. Mystery, Babylon the Great), I referred back to the above statement/prediction; I basically ended the article by quoting it. And it was immediately preceded by this line:

America is no longer the 'New World'. Mars is.

And immediately followed by this final line:

Mars is Osiris. And Osiris is being resurrected like a rising Morning Star [= Venus]. It is time for a Total Recall.

'Termination' (of the New World), 'Mars', 'Total Recall'... And we now have Schwarzenegger the Terminator, from the Martian film Total Recall, rising rapidly in the political scene with very shadowy backers... and his eye on the White House. Well, he will probably terminate something when/if he gets in there... which may well be his destiny.

Anyway, so I've been at this a long time and when I say the Unite States will terminate I'm not coming from a reactionary, alarmist place. I read the pattern and I point out where it seems to go. And I've long been detecting that... well, this Titanic called America is nearing its end. It doesn't necessary have to be a painful and messy thing if treated properly (which probably won't happen), but the 'big shift' is coming nonetheless. I mean, it's already here; the next New World is being born. The big question is: How will the original New World meet its 'death'? Hopefully, the death won't have to be so literal. It can still be reborn as Horus...

 March 12, '04   Ides of March, Eye of Horus
Yesterday saw Spain's version of 9/11, a series of horrific terror bombings in Madrid that killed about 200 and injured more than a thousand people. Although I was already working on an article, I decided to put some of the findings from it here to address the significance of the big event in a timely manner... 

On the very first day of this year, I stated the following in the first paragraph of my first Etemenanki post of 2004:

So here we are... 2004. The way I view this new year is that it will involve an escalating movement in the direction set in 2003. I would say that during the foregoing eventful 'year of Mars' and 'stargates', seeds of the next phase of the 'endgame' were sown and we are about to see them grow into the inevitable. Good or bad, the key choices were made and we went through a major 'gate'... The stage is set for the rest of the story - the 'endgame' - to just unfold like a roller coaster coming down from the peak. That's the kind of imagery I would associate with 2004 and onward.

The expression 'coming down from the peak' alludes in part to the current Peak Oil situation where world oil production is at its highest point in the projected bell curve. And 2004 is looking more and more like the year when the knowledge of this dire condition may go mainstream as its effects - higher gas price etc. - will begin to force the issue to rise up to the surface. Within years of Peak Oil (which may already have come in 2000), we are destined to face growing energy crises such as major blackouts.

Of course, one of the key events that took place during the 'stargate window' (summer/fall '03) was the 'Blackout 2003' that struck the US east coast in mid-August - just days after Schwarzenegger announced his decision to run for governor of California, which is another major event identified as 'stargate'-driven. The 'Total Recall' election also stemmed from California's energy crisis of 2000, and even the storyline of Arnie's movie Total Recall involves an energy/air crisis experienced on Mars. So the 'seeds' - or foreshadowing - of the coming Peak Oil crisis were certainly highlighted in 2003 during the 'stargate window' marked astronomically by Mars' close approach.

Another major theme attached to the 'stargate window' was the 'fall of Osiris/Sun-king/Babylon leader'. We speculated here on Etemenanki that the pattern would likely manifest through George W. Bush whom I had long identified as one of the symbolic Osiris/Sun-king/Babylon leader figures along with the Pope, Saddam, Blair, Sharon, etc. While Bush did not 'fall' in a direct way, we see that his political fall, which is strongly manifesting at the present time, began during the mid-2003 period when it was becoming increasingly clear that Iraq had no WMDs.

In the context of 'seeds of 2003 growing in 2004', our attention is drawn to one of the very serious probings heating up in Washington at this time, namely the Plame affair, i.e. the White House's treasonous outing of a CIA operative last summer during the 'stargate window'. As I said at the time, this scandal alone can easily bring down the White House like Nixon's Watergate. But the 'fall' theme was fulfilled more directly through the fall of Michael Jackson (symbolic 'Sun-king') last fall and the capture of Saddam Hussein last December (which had been identified as an 'echo window').

Now, the concept of the 'fall of Osiris' is practically interchangeable with that of the 'birth of Horus' as these are two sides of the same coin in ancient Egyptian tradition. Osiris' death coincides with Horus' birth. And this was the context that enabled us to interpret the 'rise of Schwarzenegger' last summer/fall as the symbolic reenactment of the 'birth of Horus'. Horus (as well as Osiris) is often equated with Christ. But I also pointed out that the difference between Christ and Antichrist can be quite blurry; and based on various clues, I suggested last summer that Arnie is somehow an 'antichristic' figure. I even suggested that Schwarzenegger seemed to be on his way to become president of the United States. And I recently noted here that this crazy scenario does seem to be unfolding.

The latest phase of 'Project Black Eagle', the effort to make Arnie president, was apparently the mainstream media's subtle but effective push to make people get used to the idea of changing the Constitution to allow foreign-born citizens to run for the White House. And this phase has coincided, again, with a period filled with Mars news - this time thanks to NASA's Spirit and Opportunity rovers roaming on the Red Planet. But equally important here is the fact that the currently-active winter/spring '04 'window' has also brought out the hugely controversial and popular film, The Passion of the Christ - recreating the final 12 hours of Jesus, i.e. none other than the 'fall of Osiris/Sun-king'! As Arnie representing Horus rises, Jesus-Osiris falls...

So we have Mars, Schwarzenegger, Osirian/Messianic resurrection... Well, as I stated on Feb. 23: "It's like the 'stargate window' all over again..."

Now, the 'stargate window' of summer/fall 2003 was itself originally projected to be an 'echo window' of 9/11 (2001). Underlying these 'windows' is the 2-year Martian cycle first discussed in my 'Message of Cycle 23' article and extended later in the 'Endgame' series (especially in 'IV'). Anchoring the temporal cycle is 9/11/01. So the significance of the 'stargate window' was stemming directly from 9/11. This in turn would further imply that the current 'echo window' is related to 9/11 as well. And here is finally where yesterday's Madrid bombings begin to emerge as a key event in the big picture.

It is being called the worst terror attack in Spanish history and already openly compared to the United States' 9/11. But what's really intriguing (and disturbing) here is the date, March 11. As already noted in various places on the internet, it is exactly 6 months away from the date 9/11 and there are exactly 911 days between 9/11/01 and 3/11/04! So there is a definite echo of 9/11 there, thus conforming to the on-going symbolic pattern.

Extending the calendrical counting, we happen to find another remarkable 'coincidence'. There will be exactly 1000 days sandwiched between 9/11/01 and 6/8/04. What's special about June 8? If you haven't already heard, this day will bring us perhaps the most significant celestial event of 2004 - the Venus transit, across the face of the Sun. This is such a rare astronomical event that the last time this happened was late 19th century.

Giving it more symbolic depth is Janet Jackson's 'nipplegate', the infamous Super Bowl halftime show stunt on Feb. 1. This was (somehow) one of the biggest events of the current 'window'. I have already discussed it in depth last month, showing that Janet was symbolizing Mary Magdalene (as well as Lady Liberty/Justice etc.), the supposed lover/wife of Jesus, as re-revealed to the general public just last year via The Da Vinci Code. And on Feb. 23 I added the following:

While so much has already been said about Janet Jackson 'nipplegate', there is still an important symbolism that no one as far as I know has really detected in the whole thing. This has to do with the 'nipple ring' or whatever it's called that partially covered Janet's exposed right breast. As has been commented in many places, it's in the shape of a 8-pointed star - or the Sun. [...]

As already explained, Jesus Christ is very much comparable to Horus-Osiris. And it happens that Horus is a prominent sun-god. And the Jesus-Horus connection is most recognized through the almost identical traditional depictions of Mary/Isis suckling the baby Jesus/Horus. (The Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene are sometimes considered interchangeable, especially in the esoteric/Grail context.) So, the 'Sun' on Janet's breast would quite easily relate to Horus-Jesus; and mythologically the baby's birth implies the death of Christ/Osiris...

And now we have a new twist. Because Mary Magdalene, or Isis the sister-wife of Osiris, is traditionally identified with Venus and the breast is decidedly a feminine symbol, we can easily interpret the Sun nipple-ring on Janet's breast as signifying the Sun covering Venus. And the direct conjunction of Sun and Venus is exactly what will take place on June 8 this year! There is much more to this but the rest will be in my upcoming article.

Okay, let me point out next that the site of the Jesus' crucifixion was called Golgotha which means the 'Place of the Skull'. This brings our attention to the US presidential race which is already heating up right now. In Endgame V (6/22/03) I discussed Bush's Skull & Bones connection and symbolism. Well, it turns out that John Kerry - the de facto Democratic presidential candidate who will run against Bush - is also a Bonesman. He is a member of the same notorious secret society at Yale. And his status as the Democratic challenger to Bush was essentially determined earlier this month on so-called 'Super Tuesday', March 2. This was just about a week after The Passion of the Christ opened in theaters.

Do you see the amazing connections? We have a film about the crucifixion of Jesus at the 'Place of the Skull', followed by the ascension of Kerry who belongs, as does Bush, to Skull & Bones. And we even had the remarkable coincidence of the big NASA announcement of Mars' past water coming on the same day, March 2, i.e. 'Super Tuesday'.

Yes... 'Super Tuesday'. As you should know, Tuesday is 'Mars day' (Monday is 'Moon day' Wednesday is 'Mercury day', and so on), which makes March 2 fittingly 'Super Mars Day'! (And yes, March is also the month of Mars.)

Mars is already embedded deeply in the ongoing pattern, but the fact that it is traditionally the planet/god of war intensifies the above connection, because Skull and Bones is known to have a strange obsession with the idea of war, along with death. Indeed, even 'death' is found very much encoded in the fabric of the current window.

First of all, 'death' directly relates to Osiris the death god and the death of Jesus depicted in The Passion. Additionally we have the fact that Saturn (the planet/god of death) made its close approach - a return after 30 years - to Earth around the very beginning of this year as if to tell us that 2004 is to become the year of death... or the year of Skull and Bones, also known as the Brotherhood of Death.

What's more, the ringed planet Saturn is quite literally the 'lord of the rings' and it just happens that the current window very closely overlapped the triumphant period enjoyed by the film The Lord of the Rings that opened last December and ruled this year's Academy Awards held on Feb. 29. Well, February 29 came only 2 days before 'Super Tuesday'! And of course the latest/last installment of the LOTR series was titled 'The Return of the King' - perfectly describing the return of Saturn, which as a death-god is equatable with Osiris-Jesus, the archetypal king of ancient Egypt.

Now, how much influence does Skull and Bones has on today's world events and.. the president of the US? Well, it is certainly curious to realize that Bush unleashed the 'Shock & Awe' US bombing campaign against Iraq beginning on the night of March 21-22 last year. March 22 is 3-22 or 322. And '322' just happens to be the numerical signature of Skull & Bones.

The Iraq war itself began on March 20 (local time), which too is very telling. March 20 was the day of the spring equinox when the Sun rises due east. And as I pointed out immediately before the war on March 18, the spring equinox was/is also a major 'Mars day':

The Great Sphinx at Giza is a representation of Mars (as can be inferred from the tradition of ancient Egypt) as well as Horus who in turn personifies the rising sun. And because the Sphinx faces due east, it becomes perfectly aligned with its celestial counterpart - the rising sun - on the equinoxes, when the sun rises due east. As per the Sphinx-Mars equation, then, the equinoxes are also to be considered important Mars days.

March 20, '03, the spring equinox in the month of Mars, is therefore... a fitting date to be incorporated into the US war on terrorism stemming from 9/11 ( 2 years ago); indeed, as Mars is traditionally the planet/god of war, March 20 is in effect a 'war day'.

In other words, March 20, '03 was (and every spring equinox day is) 'Super Mars Day'. So this certainly deepens the symbolism of John Kerry's 'Super Tuesday' victory that coincided with NASA's Mars announcement, doesn't it? 

But there is more. Here is what I was recently told by an Etemenanki reader:

Kerry was born in Denver, Colorado. Colorado is a Spanish word that means 'red color'.

Since Mars is the Red Planet, this is interesting. But he continued:

The official seal of Colorado has a 'Roman fasces', sign from the roman empire that means 'power' and 'destruction' and is the symbol of the emperors. This seal was approved on 15 of March (Mars again) of 1877. Another 15 of march [of 44 BC], Julius Caesar died. So both things, the emperor and the Colorado's official seal are linked over the time.

Well, there is an intense web of symbolism here. First, the fall of Caesar - which we can associate with the 'fall of Osiris/Sun-king' theme - strongly evokes the storyline of the recent Pepsi commercial that we have already interpreted (on Feb. 17 & 23) as the continuation of the symbolic message conveyed by Janet Jackson's Super Bowl stunt. In the ad, three rebellious female gladiators (Pink, Britney, and Beyonce) causes the fall of a Greco-Roman-looking king, played by Enrique Inglesias. Here, even the religious/Jesus theme returns. As I was informed by a couple of observant readers, the name 'Enrique' means 'home ruler' and 'Inglesias' means 'church'. So the Roman 'king' in the commercial who is brought down by the rebels would be the 'home ruler of the Church' - i.e. the Pope in Rome. (The Pope is one of the figures I've dubbed the 'Babylon leader'.) This may be a quite specific hint of things to come... soon.

Even more startling is the fact that March 15, Caesar's 'Ides of March', is directly associated with the crucifixion of Jesus himself! As long-time correspondent Glenn recently told me: 

...March 15th a.k.a. 'The Ides of March'. Shakespeare (better known as Sir Francis Bacon) slipped in the clue in his play 'Julius Caesar' - "Beware the Ides of March" - in which Caesar was warned that his friends would take him out. ...it is also known as the Catholic Feast day of St. Longinus. The same Longinus whom pierced the side of Christ with the Spear of Destiny!!

And this 'Spear of Destiny' takes us right back to the Pepsi commercial because we have already talked about (Feb. 23) the symbolism of the three ladies in the ad being a reference to the 'three goddesses of fate' in Norse mythology called Norne. 'Fate' and 'destiny' are pretty much interchangeable words, after all.

What's more, we've already discussed how the reverse of 'Norne' is 'Enron' and how Schwarzenegger is linked to this energy company. So we are again back to Arnold, the messianic 'Antichrist'. And sure enough, Spear of Destiny is said to have been possessed or at least sought by various messianic and antichristic leaders throughout history like Herod the Great, Constantine, Hitler, etc. The Spear represents the power that Antichrist must obtain in order to be successful. So obviously there is a coherent symbolic pattern here.

Let me now point out that Arnie's most recent film was Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines released just last year (overlapping the 'stargate window', of course... and note that the terminators in the story come from the future through a 'stargate' machine). As you can see in the Terminator 3 graphic shown left, the Arnie Terminator has only one active red eye. We can easily view this as an allusion to 'HAL', the AI machine in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey which similarly has only one glowing red 'eye'. And of course HAL rebels against its human masters. Thus the story of 2001/HAL is very much about the 'rise of the machines'. And '2001' being the year of 9/11, the 'stargate window' connection is certainly intensified.

But the real punch line here is this: as Glenn correctly pointed out to me, Longinus who pierced the side of Jesus with his 'Spear of Destiny' had only one eye! (He was blind in one eye, but was healed by Jesus' blood.) And, in the film The Passion, Jesus is mostly... you guess it, one-eyed.

Needless to say, this one eye symbolism relates to the Eye of Horus, or the 'All-Seeing Eye' of the pyramid capstone that you see on the back of the US dollar bill. It symbolizes Osirian resurrection, seed/sex, Mars, New World Order... etc. etc. all very relevant. Birth of Horus, birth of Antichrist - that would probably the strongest concept conveyed by all this.

So, let me conclude this long update by stating that we are likely in for some very significant 'antichristic' events in the near future - as early as this month. Key dates coming up are March 15 (Ides of March, feast day of St. Longinus) and around March 20 (spring equinox/'Super Mars Day') and/or March 22 ('322'/'Skulll & Bones day').

I'd say there is a high probability that the spring equinox window coming up will produce some significant event(s) that will conform to the pattern discussed above. Because not only is March 20 the 'Super Mars/Sphinx/Horus Day', the spring equinox is traditionally the day of the rebirth of the Sun (-king), i.e. birth of Horus/Christ/Antichrist. Furthermore, ~March 20 this year is astronomically emphasized in a very meaningful way. As Gary, a close observer of the heavens, recently informed me:

...the Sun , New Moon and both comets [Linear and Neat] will be aligned along the 0h right ascension /meridian point.

He's right. Those four celestial objects will closely align along the 'zero longitude' of the sky grid on March 20/21. What I find particularly interesting here is the potential connection between the term 'longitude' and the name 'Longinus'. I don't think it's a mere coincidence that Longinus is associated with a lance, i.e. a straight line... such as a longitudinal line (meridian), especially since Jesus' blood/bloodline is esoterically associated with a meridian called 'Rose Line' (more or less equated with the Paris Zero Meridian). And this certainly increases the symbolic depth of the longitudinal celestial alignment formed around the spring equinox coming up shortly.

Okay, there is much more to talk about but that's enough for this update. :)

 March 9, '04   Endgame In Space
Since January 7, we talked a lot here about the hidden agenda behind the sudden US interest in outer space. We've discussed, in conjunction with our long-running themes like 9/11, Cheney/PNAC, Iraq, Mars, 'rise of the Schwarzenegger', (and now Peak Oil) etc., how the sudden focus on space is really driven by the Cheney/PNAC crowd's plan to 1) weaponize space, and 2) get their oily hands on energy resources existing out there (eg. the Moon and Mars). Mars of course has been the cornerstone of our 'endgame' discussion since day one here at Etemenanki and so it was natural for us to view all the recent space developments, including the 'water on Mars' NASA announcement, as a significant step forward in the big 'game'. Consequently it was quickly inferred that the agenda to weaponize and exploit space was a key part of the grand 'endgame'.

Well, just yesterday Rense.com posted a very timely article that seems to corroborate/enhance this view. It has to do with the insider knowledge of Wernher von Braun passed onto Carol Rosin, a Space and Missile Defense Consultant and a former Corporate Manager of Fairchild Industries. It concerns a grand 'game' being played by some cabal inside the United States. Wernher von Braun, as briefly mentioned in Endgame II, was director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center who originally worked for the Third Reich.

We learn that Rosin told the Disclosure Project the following back in December 2000:

We first met in early 1974. At that time, Von Braun was dying of cancer but he assured me that he would live a few more years to tell me about the game that was being played- that game being the effort to weaponize space, to control the Earth from space and space itself. [...] Von Braun's purpose during the last years of his life, his dying years, was to educate the public and decision-makers about why space-based weapons are dumb, dangerous, destabilizing, too costly, unnecessary, unworkable, and an undesirable idea, and about the alternatives that are available. As practically a deathbed speech, he educated me about those concepts and who the players were in this game. He gave me the responsibility, since he was dying, of continuing this effort to prevent the weaponization of outer space.

We now see that this information was chillingly 'prophetic', especially when the following is added:

The strategy that Wernher Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. [...] Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow. We heard a lot about terrorism. Then we were going to identify third-world country "crazies." We now call them Nations of Concern. But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based weapons.

Keep in mind that this interview was recorded more than a year before 9/11. What comes after this, according to Rosin/von Braun, will be 'asteroids':

The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said it. [...]

This is very curious given the ongoing 'Planet X' rumors going around in cyberspace.

So at this point it appears this supposed 'game' is unfolding very rapidly before our eyes. Indeed, Rosin tells us:

What he told me was that there is an accelerated effort in place. He didn't mention a timeline but he said that it was going to be speeding up faster than anybody could possibly imagine. That the effort to put weapons into space was not only based on a lie but would accelerate past the point of people even understanding it until it was already up there and too late.

This certainly sounds very realistic now. With all the Mars buzz and the fear created/sustained by the 'war on terror', going into space with weapons is getting much easier to accomplish at this time and it is already beginning...

Another thing we apparently can expect to emerge soon is the 'alien card', as Rosin stated:

And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. "And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie." [...]

This would be a crazy idea if we weren't already living in a crazy world in a crazy period... And this would neatly tie in with the view expressed here at Etemenanki since early January that a carefully-controlled 'Mars disclosure' is likely unfolding now - the recent Mars water announcement being the latest example/confirmation of this process.

Rosin also stated:

What was most interesting to me was a repetitive sentence that he said to me over and over again during the approximately four years that I had the opportunity to work with him. He said the strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers was to use scare tactics. That was how we identify an enemy

'Scare tactics'... Well, in our post-9/11 world that's an eerily familiar theme, isn't it? Now, it is no secret that I've been critical of the Bush administration and I'm sure some readers have felt that I was getting overly 'political'. Hopefully, the above information helps get the idea across that the level of the issues we're dealing with here would go much deeper than the usual, silly 'conservative vs. liberal' political mentality.

Finally, if you're wondering about Carol Rosin's credibility, check out the following:

I [Rosin] am a Space and Missile Defense Consultant and have consulted to a number of companies, organizations, and government departments, even the intelligence community. I was a consultant to TRW working on the MX missile, so I was part of that strategy, which turned out to be a role model for how to sell space-based weapons to the public. The MX missile is yet another weapon system that we didn't need. I founded the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space, a Washington DC based think tank. I am an author and have testified before Congress and the President's Commission on Space.

That's pretty heavy credentials. And consequently we can't just ignore her heavy information - especially given all the events that took place after her pre-9/11 Disclosure interview...

We can take this as yet another clue telling us that the 'Endgame' is indeed in progress. Yep, time to wake up and smell the diminishing oil fields!

'Cuz they say two thousand zero zero party over
Oops out of time
So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999

- Prince

Well, close enough... We can still party like it's 2011! :)

 March 5, '04   Tip of the Endgame Iceberg
I'm currently working on a new article to discuss various subjects that are relevant to the present and near future, which I plan to upload here next week. In the meantime let me 'briefly' go through a number of issues that we will probably be talking about a lot in the coming weeks and months (most notably 'Peak Oil').

First, continuing the discussion from the previous entry, I must say I'm definitely seeing more signs that there is indeed a plan of some kind to have Arnold Schwarzenegger elected as president of the United Sates sometime in the near future. I was amazed when the issue of changing the Constitution to allow foreign-born citizens to run for the White House was thrown in by Larry King during last week's Democratic presidential debate televised on CNN. Here is the transcript:

KING: I see. Should foreign-born -- be a change of Constitution and become president?
KERRY: Do you have a California interest?
KING: Just asking. I have no particular...
SHARPTON: As long as they don't have a record of being terminators.
KING: What you favor that?
KERRY: I've never really thought about it that much. [...]

I can tell you that all the candidates looked perplexed when Larry came up with this question. The expression of 'What kind of question is that?' was on all of their faces.

What made the question marginally relevant though was the currently raging issue of same-sex marriage. As you know, Bush few weeks earlier had announced that he was considering changing the Constitution in order to ban gay marriage. Earlier this year Bush also made another controversial announcement regarding illegal aliens, which, now that we think about it, had subtly helped the 'Arnold amendment' issue become more topical.

Without this background conveniently set up by the White House, Tim Russert couldn't and wouldn't have brought up the same 'Arnold amendment' question in late February on NBC's Meet the Press. Same goes for Larry King last week.

It seems pretty clear that there was a decision made by some shadowy board of the big media to cleverly make the Arnie amendment an issue at this time... probably what could be considered the 'Phase 1' of this part of the 'endgame'. All of the sudden, the general public became aware of the issue and the previously farfetched idea of Arnie running for president in the future has entered the collective consciousness of the US in a indirect but major way. I'd have to call this a well-planned and executed psychological operation.

While I'm sure there are various plausible political reasons, that Bush should suddenly make such controversial and risky pronouncements (i.e. concerning illegal alien and gay marriage) to, unwittingly or not, help 'Project Black Eagle' (i.e. the apparent plan to make Arnie elected as president) tells me that there are pretty powerful 'forces' at work here. It almost seems as if Bush's popularity is being sacrificed for the 'rise of the machine'. This inevitably brings to mind the Osirian resurrection theme that we have already associated with the Bush-Arnie relationship. As Osiris falls, Horus the son/sun rises.

Speaking of falling, I'm still closely monitoring the Cheney situation. As I stated in the Feb. 9 entry, my view is that Cheney is a goner. I know Bush recently said he will have Cheney as his running mate for the election coming up in November, and yet I'm still detecting some disconnect between the Bush/Rove camp and the Cheney/neocon camp. Bush himself may not be aware, but I'd say his powerful political adviser Karl Rove must be scheming to dump Cheney.

Even the mainstream media has been speculating on this lately, but in general they seem to think that Cheney's exit is likely to come, if it comes at all, around the time of the Republican National Convention this summer. I don't think that's a very plausible scenario. I'd say the exit should come earlier than that.

A big factor here is that the Convention this year will be held in New York. The original plan was to exploit the 9/11 sentiment, obviously. But since this decision was made a long time ago things have changed greatly. Things did not go according to the plan. No WMDs in Iraq; Iraq becoming Vietnam 2; pre-war intelligence scandal; etc. The non-discovery of Iraqi WMDs caused the neocon master plan to simply collapse. The Bush White House is no longer popular in the US - especially in places like New York!

Rove of course realizes that the NY convention is a PR disaster waiting to happen. It's not difficult to foresee a massive number of protesters in the streets; and it will be very difficult for the Rovians to hide them from Bush (as they usually do) or from the media cameras. Many in the country will finally witness perhaps for the first time just how much Bush/the White House is really despised even inside the US.

This is something Rove can't allow to take place. So it would become necessary to reduce the level of anger existing out there. Dumping Cheney would certainly be one of the effective options in this light. But in terms of preventing the Republican convention from becoming a self-defeating gathering, it would make no sense to announce this at the convention - when people will be already angrily protesting outside. And so it would be much more logical to anticipate Cheney's exit before the New York event. Put New York's own 9/11 hero Giuliani into the Vice-President slot and it will be very hard for New Yorkers to express their anger this summer. This would be a very clever move and something Rove must be thinking about a lot.

Based on various factors, I'd say Cheney is likely to be taken off the 2004 presidential ticket by early summer. But of course, things like a major 'terrorist' attack in the US or the capture of Osama bin Laden would change the situation dramatically... So, we'll see.

Now, notice that the present phase of the 'rise of Arnie' is directly overlapping the period filled with Mars-related news. This conforms to the familiar pattern detected last summer - i.e. Arnie entering politics in August when Mars was making its close approach to Earth (closest in 60,000 years). This time, at the beginning period of 2004, Mars has become a regular face in the news because of the NASA rovers Spirit and Opportunity exploring the surface of the Red Planet since early January. And it was just three days ago on March 2 that NASA held a conference and made the big announcement, revealing hard evidence of past water on Mars.

This was fully anticipated, as I wrote on January 7:

We can also probably look forward to a convenient discovery of strong evidence showing that there was/is indeed water and/or life on Mars. This would surely make headlines all over the world and get people excited.

Well... Check! :)

In the same update I also wrote this concerning the issue of the color of Mars:

One possible scenario that may unfold soon would be that 'they' will gradually make the new Martian pictures from Spirit/Opportunity less and less red and then comment - 'Hey look, it turns out that Mars is actually a lot like Earth... I guess all the pictures from the Martian surface so far had been affected by red dusts put into the atmosphere by storms... How interesting!' Well, I guess that just might work given how unquestioning the press and public have become these days. Who knows.

If you've been following my 'Hidden Colors of Mars...' page, you know that this scenario indeed appears to be unfolding as well.

As already discussed before (see the Jan. 26 entry for instance), on the exoteric level the major driving force behind the sudden focus on Mars and space in general is the PNAC agenda championed by Cheney and his neoconservative minions. It's about militarization and exploitation of space. And yes, even Halliburton, the increasingly notorious oil company formerly headed by Cheney, is involved in the United States' sudden interest in Mars/space.

Oil, or energy in general, is indeed a big piece of the puzzle in all this. And that's probably an understatement. Let me put this in proper perspective: we are here literally looking at the closest thing to, if not literally, 'the end of the world'... because the world production of oil is peaking at this time. And once peaked, the industrial world is destined to totally collapse - much faster and more dramatically than we would have guessed.

This is 'Peak Oil'':

In a recent interview, Matthew Simmons... [energy adviser to Geroge W. Bush]... [w]hen asked if it was time for Peak Oil to become part of the public policy debate, Simmons responded:
It is past time. As I have said, the experts and politicians have no Plan B to fall back on. If energy peaks, particularly while 5 of the world’s 6.5 billion people have little or no use of modern energy, it will be a tremendous jolt to our economic well-being and to our health — greater than anyone could ever imagine.
When asked if there is a solution, Simmons responded:
I don’t think there is one. The solution is to pray. Under the best of circumstances, if all prayers are answered there will be no crisis for maybe two years. After that it’s a certainty.

And here is one theorized post-peak timeline:

1-5 years post-peak: Major recession comparable to those experienced during the artificially created oil shortages of the 1970's.

5-15 years post-peak: Recession worsens into a second Great Depression.

15-25 years post-peak: Society begins to collapse.  Conditions in the United States begin to resemble those in the modern day former U.S.S.R.

(It's speculated that this then leads to over 90% of the current human population dying off...)

The above timeline actually seems quite optimistic to me. Because chances are we will have World War III and/or nuclear detonations soon after Peak Oil. It's not like industrial nations will just sit back and deal with severe oil/energy shortage, as we can easily imagine.

So when does the peak of oil production come? Indications are that it already came in 2000...

Now you begin to wonder, don't you? Near the end of 2000, two oil men, Bush and Cheney, were installed in the White House through a very strange 'election'; early 2001 Cheney put together an energy task force to secretly discuss energy issues with those in the industry (the White House/Cheney is still resisting to release the details of the publicly-funded secret meeting, and the issue is now in the hands of the Supreme Court); then soon after came '9/11'; and then thanks largely to the intelligence manipulation done by Cheney and his neoconservative network, the US was somehow to respond by invading Iraq, the land of... oil.

So we can't really avoid the question: Is there a connection between Peak Oil, Cheney's energy task force, 9/11, and Iraq? One thing is for certain: the seemingly insane actions - and there are many - taken by the Bush White House begin to make more sense when the answer is 'yes' to the above question.

Even the related Schwarzenegger theme we have going is very suggestive of the importance of Peak Oil. First of all, the big financial mess in California that led to the recall of Governor Gray Davis and the election of Arnie stemmed from the energy crisis experienced by the state around/since 2000. (Arnie even secretly enjoyed the support of the corrupt energy company Enron.)

Secondly, as already mentioned, the recall election last summer coincided with Mars becoming the dominating light in the night sky; and one of Arnold's most popular films is 'Total Recall' which is all about the Red Planet. 'Recall' and Mars - the parallel is uncanny. But what's important here is the storyline of Total Recall because it happens to involve the issue of controlling energy supply. Actually it's air supply, not literally oil. Still the symbolic meaning is clear enough. After all, people on the Red Planet would be as dependent on air as people on earth are dependent on oil.

So, we being to get a better understanding of what Schwarzenegger's rapid political ascension is for. As the situation worsens in the post-peak period, it will probably be considered necessary to declare martial law. And it will take a special kind of charismatic and manipulatable leader/president to implement it. From what we have observed so far, Schwarzenegger appears to be the chosen one for this job. 'Martial law'... 'Mars rule'... Well, the appropriate symbolism is there at least.

As long as we're discussing things related to movies, I might as well mention the 'end of the world' film, Armageddon (1998), starring Bruce Willis et al. Let me get right to the point: Do you think it's just a coincidence that the main characters in this movie released just before 2000 (i.e. the probable oil-peak year) are oil drillers? They save the world by drilling in space. After what we've discussed above, this must ring a bell.

Now, the storyline of Armageddon on the surface is about a space rock headed for Earth, thus the resultant race against time to save the world by nuking the rock (hmm...). Here I'd like to point out something to those who follow the 'Planet X' theories still going around on the net. (The idea somehow didn't fade away after the initially claimed 'encounter' time of May 2003 came and went without any sign of 'Planet X'.) Simply put, this supposed doomsday celestial body called 'Planet X' is to be considered a metaphor for Peak Oil, which is indeed here now to cause the end of the world as we know it... There is no denying that this is an interpretation found 'encoded' in in the film Armageddon.

So there you go. It's the end of the world as we know it and... I'm not sure if I feel fine. :) I guess Prince was right after all. 1999 was the time to party like there is no tomorrow!

(Now, is there oil on Mars or not? Well, I'll just say there will be something...)

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