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Archive: 2003 (Jan-March)

The View from the Watchtower

March 29, '03   Slowly but Surely...

This week people were surprised to realize that the Iraq war was not likely to end quickly as they were led to believe. I was not surprised. I mean, you could pretty much tell this was coming when Bush on the first day of the war suddenly suggested in his televised speech that the war might not end as swiftly as widely presumed (where did that come from?). My take is that the 'unexpected' delay is by design. And I'd say someone is playing games with the minds of the American people in order to carry out a hidden plan (which I'm not sure Bush himself is fully aware of). For starters, the longer the war in Iraq lasts, the more people will just get used to the idea of Americans residing there. (This is basically the same psychological technique used to get the American public behind Bush's war plan in the first place, isn't it?).

As for the 'hidden plan', it seems that, on one level, the vision of 'Pax Americana' is a big part of it, but I don't want to get too political here so let's leave that one there. I am, however, keenly interested in the timetable aspect of the 'hidden plan'. If you recall, I suggested in my Feb. 18 update that the Iraq situation is likely part of a development that will take months to fully unfold:

I was not particularly concerned about its short-term development. I'm more interested in seeing how the [Iraq] situation could develop into a 'climax' during the 'stargate window' [summer '03]. And there are strong hints suggesting to me that Iraq is very much relevant to the 'stargate' event.

And of course 'months' - which almost no one was expecting at the beginning - is now a realistic timeframe for the war, as recently reported:

Despite the rapid advance of Army and Marine forces across Iraq during the past week, some senior U.S. military officers are now convinced that the war is likely to last months and will require considerably more combat power than is now on hand there and in Kuwait, senior defense officials said Wednesday. (Washington Post, 3/27)

So, what is this all building up to? Well, I'd say something very dark... for the US. We're going through a gateway, and Babylon has to go through... major shifts. I'll be discussing this issue in my future updates and articles.

In the meantime, here are some quotes to stimulate your mind:

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

"The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State." Joseph Goebbels, German Minister of Propaganda, 1933-1945

"Fear not the path of truth, for the lack of people walking on it."
Robert Francis Kennedy

"What good fortune for those in power that people do not think." Adolf Hitler

"Fascism should be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power." Benito Mussolini

"Naturally, the common people don't want war... but... the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country. " Hermann Goering

"The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell the country for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press. We are the tools and vassals of the rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes." John Swinton, the former Chief of Staff at the New York Times

March 24, '03   Hidden Battlefield
At the Oscars on Sunday, Michael Moore won best documentary feature for the film 'Bowling for Columbine'. His acceptance speech:

"I've invited my fellow documentary nominees on stage with us here in solidarity with me, because we like non-fiction and we live in fictitious times. We live in the time where we have fictitious election results that elect a fictitious president. We live in a time where we have a man who's sending us to war for fictitious reasons, whether it's the fiction of duct tape or the fiction of orange alerts. ...We have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons. We are against this war, Mr. Bush. Shame on you, Mr. Bush, shame on you."

Well, someone finally had the guts to say it in the limelight. It's courageous because currently there is great pressure on Americans to be mindlessly supportive of actions taken by the US. You gotta admire his honesty and rebellious spirit.

And of course what Moore said is truer than the picture of the situation being painted by the media for you today, unfortunately. But I wouldn't single out Bush, after all he is mostly just a clueless figurehead used by the real movers behind the scenes. (I mean, do you really think he has the intellectual capacity to understand and wisely handle the intricate world situation?)

The only positive thing coming out of the war so far is the ease with which we can now spot irrational/disturbed people; because anyone who actively support the war and the Bush administration cannot be a bright person. Patriotism is an excuse for you to not think. And if you're not thinking and doing or saying things you're told you are supposed to do, then you're just a robot... a zombie used by the US propaganda machine as a weapon. Hitler would have loved to have you as his citizen.

Patriotism is not something you practice because of peer pressure. If you don't feel it inside you, then there is no reason for you to act patriotic.  Otherwise, you will be rallying behind the next Hitler just because of 'patriotism'. I'm sure those who flew the planes into the WTC towers and the Pentagon would have made very good 'patriots', if born in America,. The mentality is basically the same. Anytime reason and questioning take the backseat for you, you become an enemy to humanity.

Besides, conformity is not part of American ideals. America is about individualism. So, those who try to force-feed patriotism are actually working against America. They are trying to terrorize you into submission and conformity. The Bush administration and the media controlled by corporate America - i.e. greed - are now knowingly or unknowingly conducting such psychological 'terror attacks' against the American people.

And they are counting on you to be dumb and stupid.

If there is any fire of liberty, justice, and reason left in you, then this is the time to hold it high on a torch. The US was not built by timid conformists, it was build by rebellious minds. This is the time to speak out and act against greed, arrogance, and ignorance. This is the time to give the Establishment a piece of your mind.

The real battlefield right now is not Iraq, it's right here in the United States. Is it a ship of fools or are there still some thinking people left onboard?

The current situation may well be the final test - that decides the nation's fate. Depending on how the American people respond to the unfolding development, the immediate future can bring the US either doom or transformation. There is no middle ground. This is the gateway.

To move on to the next phase of human civilization, America has to pass the test or else it will be deemed unworthy of leading the world in the new century. Pride comes before a fall. The construction of a tower of arrogance will not be allowed to continue. Just as the US is attacking Iraq-Babylon for (supposedly) building WMD, so will the US-Babylon be judged by a hidden 'higher power' for overreaching.

Is the US is the Titanic? Is it Columbia?

All the omens are there.

March 18, '03   War on Horizon
On March 17, President Bush told Saddam Hussein that he has only 48 hours to leave his country to avoid war - implying that the US may attack Iraq as early as March 20, the spring equinox, if Saddam doesn't step down.

The timing is certainly interesting, as it would correlate quite nicely with the pattern I'm currently following.

As discussed previously, I'm already looking ahead to the 'stargate window' around September '03 which will be marked by the Red Planet's closest approach to Earth - the closest one in many thousands of years. (It will also coincide with Mars' perihelion, the closest approach to the sun).

The nature of this window can be revealed - based on 'the pattern' - by turning back Mars' revolution around the sun by one cycle. Since the planet has a ~2-year orbital period, it'll take us back to the summer/fall of 2001 - i.e. the time of '9/11'. This is of course the continuation of the '2-year cycle' pattern decoded in my article, The Message of Cycle 23.

Now consider this: The Great Sphinx at Giza is a representation of Mars (as can be inferred from the tradition of ancient Egypt) as well as Horus who in turn personifies the rising sun. And because the Sphinx faces due east, it becomes perfectly aligned with its celestial counterpart - the rising sun - on the equinoxes, when the sun rises due east. As per the Sphinx-Mars equation, then, the equinoxes are also to be considered important Mars days.

March 20, '03, the spring equinox in the month of Mars, is therefore a key time for the unfolding pattern leading up to the Martian 'stargate window'. In other words, it is a fitting date to be incorporated into the US war on terrorism stemming from 9/11 ( 2 years ago); indeed, as Mars is traditionally the planet/god of war, March 20 is in effect a 'war day'. [Update: the "war" did begin on March 20, Iraq time.]

Let me also point out that the eternal gaze of the Great Sphinx is perfectly aligned with the mouth of the Tigris-Euphrates river, the lifeblood of Mesopotamia/Iraq - the very place where war/Mars is about to be unleashed. (Ahh... the intricate music of symbolism.)

And finally, there is the curious fact that the Arabic name for the Great Sphinx is 'Father of Terror' (Abul-Hol). Well, as far as the Bush administration is concerned, Saddam Hussein is currently just that - the 'father of terror'... or 'king of terror'.

And this of course also relates to Quatrain X-72 of Nostradamus:

The year 1999 seven months,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to reign by good luck

Note that: 1) summer 1999 (line one) fits nicely into the 2-year cycle (1999+2+2=2003); 2) the 'King of terror' coming from the sky (line two) can be translated as 'Mars coming from the sky' (via the equation of Sphinx = Mars = 'father/king of terror'), which would nicely describe the very close position of Mars this summer; and 3) Mars is specifically mentioned in line 4 and it even seems to allude to the relevance of the 2-year cycle ('before after').

Well, this was just a quick note (though became kind of lengthy) and I'll of course have much more to say on this and other related issues.

Feb. 18, '03   The 'Stargate Window'
It looks like the United States - or more accurately the brain-dead Bush administration - is determined to attack Iraq as soon as possible, despite the intensifying worldwide protest. Of course, I haven't really focused on the Iraq situation so far on this website. The reason for this is 'the timetable'.

As already mentioned, the next 'window' according to the pattern of the '2-year, 8-month block' sequence we have been following since May '02 (see The Message of Cycle 23) is coming up this summer, around September. And it is suggested to be an 'echo window' for the 9/11 event. Previously, I expressed my view that the 'echo event' could be a downgraded version of 9/11, basing on the 'December ('02) window' producing a set of events that were not as severe as initially anticipated.

More and more, however, my findings are suggesting that the next 'window' this summer is going to be a momentous period. I would even call it the 'stargate window', as it looks like human civilization will go through a major 'gate' at that time, especially late August. (For those who have read The Adachi Report, I even think the 'termination event' of the American timeline may relate to this.)

I've been following the US-Iraq situation within this context, and so naturally I was not particularly concerned about its short-term development. I'm more interested in seeing how the situation could develop into a 'climax' during the 'stargate window'. And there are strong hints suggesting to me that Iraq is very much relevant to the 'stargate' event. I'm also detecting some hints of a nuclear event (but I would categorize it as 'the worst case scenario').

This issue will be discussed in depth in Endgame IV, coming soon...

Feb. 5, '03   Columbia & Genesis
So here are some more thoughts on the Columbia-Columba symbolism. These are only rough ideas at this point, but they do seem to conjure up a coherent grand picture.

First, as people have been pointing out, we seem to have '16' as the key encoded number of the event: Columbia was launched on the 16th day of the month, the STS-107 mission lasted 16 days, the shuttle broke apart 16 min before landing, etc. And as for what it signifies, it is certainly interesting that January '03 is 16 months away from September 2001 -- meaningful especially considering that there is the 'Great Flood' connection between the events of Columbia and 9/11 as mentioned previously.

And then there is also the number '7'. The shuttle Columbia carried seven astronauts; we have constellation Columba's seven stars, depicted in the STS-107 patch; and in Genesis 8:8-12, the dove (= Columba) is repeatedly associated with 'seven days'.

According to Genesis, it was the second time Noah sent out Columba -- the dove -- to investigate the condition of the flood that it came back with an olive branch. This has a remarkable implication due to the combination of the following coincidences: 1) the olive tree is closely associated with Jewish people; 2) Columbia was carrying onboard the first Israeli astronaut; 3) STS-107 was the second mission of Columbia since 9/11/01; and 4) the STS-107 mission was originally scheduled for the fall of 2001 but got delayed because of the 'Great Flood' event of 9/11!

It is thus strongly inferred that Columbia was indeed playing the role of Noah's dove and the high-impact event was the continuation of the underlying symbolic pattern attached to 9/11.

Another Genesis connection is how the Columbia disaster can relate to the Tower of Babel -- the modern version of which was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks (i.e. the WTC towers) as extensively discussed on this website.

STS-107 -- despite the 'flight tail number' -- was the 113th shuttle mission. (The combination of NASA and the number '13' historically entails bad news.) And using '113' as the index number, we come to Genesis 11:3 (i.e. '113'), which just happens to be the verse where the Babel-Tower story begins:

And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them throughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven... [Genesis 11:3-4]

This now encourages us to use other key numbers of Columbia to look up other Genesis verses.

Using the launch date, 1/16, we find Genesis 1:16, which reads:

And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.

Well, could this perhaps relate to Columbia and its heavenly companion, the ISS (space station), in the sky? What's intriguing here is that both Columbia and the ISS are associated with the love goddess: the dove is traditionally symbolic of the goddess such as Isis, and 'ISS' is 'ISiS'. And in the heavens, Isis is represented by the brightest night star, Sirius - a 'great light'. So Columbia and the ISS could be fittingly described as 'two great lights'. The fact that Columbia crashed in Texas, the 'Lone Star State', enhances the connection as it would identify the space shuttle as the 'lone star' (i.e. one of the 'two great lights').

What about February 1, the date of the disaster itself? As we go to Genesis '2:1', we find this passage:

Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.

As we continue on to the next verse, we'll see that the beginning of Genesis' chapter 2 is about the seventh day of Creation:

And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. [Genesis 2:2]

So, in addition to the potential correlation we see between the 'heaven and earth' reference and the shuttle Columbia conceptually uniting heaven and earth, we have another 'seven' ('seventh day') attached to the event.

It's almost as if we are supposed to count seven days from the date catastrophically marked by Columbia. And this would give us either  Feb. 8 or Feb. 7, depending on how you count the days. The latter date (Feb. 7) -- the 'seventh day' -- is curious in that it is Friday - or Venus' Day. Venus being an alter ego of Isis-Sirius, perhaps there is some connection here. [Update: Interestingly, there was a major bombing incident in 'Colombia' the country on Feb. 7.]

It is when we convert the date into a Genesis verse, 2:7, that things get more intriguing. The verse happens to be one of the most famous passages in the Bible:

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed in to his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. [Gen. 2:7]

It's talking about the creation of Adam, the first man!

And this association begins to paint a bigger picture for us.

As we know, Adam was placed in Eden, which is usually thought to have been in Mesopotamia, or today's Iraq. Before the Columbia disaster, the daily news headlines were all about Iraq, and the near-war situation is still continuing today.

Other important developing stories taking place right now are the issues of cloning (began with Clonaid' controversial announcement in Dec. '02) and Mars (Project Prometheus revealed in Jan. '03).

Note that the creation of Adam certainly evokes cloning, especially in light of this Genesis passage:

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness... So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him... [Gen. 1:26-7]

And of course, Clonaid's first supposedly cloned baby was given the name 'Eve' - the first woman... And the first cloned boy, i.e. "Adam", was supposedly born in mid-January '03 according to Clonaid - when Columbia was in space.

As for Mars and Project Prometheus, let's go back to what I wrote in the Jan. 20, '03 update:

So, Project Prometheus is about to associate our Genesis with Mars. Is there a message here? Well, you might also consider the fact that the name 'Adam', the first man created by 'God' (or in Greek mythology, Prometheus), can denote something like 'red earth'. Hmm... :)  [emphasis added]

Well, I guess there is no need to elaborate here.

Mars, genetic engineering, Mesopotamia, the Flood... This is the story of Genesis. And it's occurring again right now.

Feb. 1, '03   As Columbia,  So the US...
While I wasn't expecting to wake up to the news of the Space Shuttle disaster this morning, this wasn't a totally unanticipated event either. Going back just two and a half months to the Nov. 18  update here, we see that there was a mention of a possible Space Shuttle disaster in a predictive context.

The apparent 'prediction' itself had come from one of the 'Psi Sessions' done in Sept. 2, 2001 by our anonymous 'X', a reluctant 'psychic' of a sort. I brought up the session again in the Nov. '02 update because the currently evolving near-war situation surrounding Iraq and US seemed to correlate nicely with the psi data. And there was also the factor of the 'target' selected for the session being "the crop glyphs at Chilbolton Radio Telescope (created in mid August 2001)." As I explained back then:

Because this coded 'alien' crop glyph and another similar one created exactly one year later (Aug. 2002) have recently emerged as an important piece of the puzzle - as discussed in my Endgame articles - I was obviously interested to see what 'X' had to say about it.

At the time of the session, I thought 'X' was a little 'off' than usual, but I also noted then that his psi information contained references to future events. Well, here we are in the 'future', and we see that the prophetic information 'X' provided - before '9-11' I might add - indeed seems to make more sense now. It appears that 'X''s subsoncious focused more on the encoded 'message' of the glyph than the glyph itself. [Note: those mysterious crop glyphs seemingly have a predictive quality.]

During the psi session, 'X' first alluded to some kind of high-tech flying vehicle and Iraq/Saddam:

<X> mechanical, jet propulsion device, missile, fly, military, defense, hightech, airforce, surveillance, spy...

<G> any impressions on who is involved in this?
<X> not really. slightly Iraq or Saddam, maybe...

Then 'X' began to get the sense that he was dealing with a future disaster:

"...it has crisis written all over it, but not catastrophic yet. the mission is to prevent crisis [from developing] into catastrophe."

"...atomic bomb explosion, it's a crisis, not a catastrophe, it's imminent, but has not occurred, or did not occur..."

These descriptions don't necessarily apply directly to today's Space Shuttle catastrophe. At the present time, the US is suddenly facing and making nuclear threats as it is readying to go to war with Iraq. So, we can interpret that 'X' was getting a more generalized perception of the situation we are in right now.

<X> it almost seems futuristic.
<G> elaborate.
<X> seems like it's an event that has not happened yet. Almost seems scifi-like.
<X> gravity didn't seem to be involved in the flight of the 'x-wing'.

This part is interesting in that space shuttle Columbia that blew up today was a science mission that dealt primarily with 'micro-gravity'. (The 'MG' in the mission patch is a reference to this. It's has a curious design, by the way...)

And 'X' finally ended the session with this [emphasis added]:

<X> [...] but now I have a very strong image of Space Shuttle in my head.
<G> what does that mean?
<X> I'm now thinking Explosion of Space Shuttle Discovery.

Of course, it cannot be determined conclusively whether or not 'X' accurately anticipated today's disaster. But in light of the amazing accuracy 'X' had already demonstrated with his other 'psi sessions', I'm personally inclined to think this is not wholly a product of mere coincidence.

Now, aside from the psi session, I have the following early comments on today's high-impact event.

While many people are saying how the imagery invokes the '86 Challenger explosion, I am personally seeing an eerie parallel between Columbia and the former Russian space station Mir, which was decommissioned in March '01. I can recall how Mir's controlled descent burned the sky the same way Columbia just did. The important symbolism encoded in the Mir event was discussed in The Message of Cycle 23 (May 24, '02):

Looking back, the controlled demolition of the Russian space station Mir in spring 2001 was eerily prophetic in that the name Mir means 'peace' and thus the end of Mir symbolically denoted the 'end of peace', which indeed was to be the case just several months later on 9/11. I was actually very much aware of this doomy symbolism of the planned destruction of Mir as early as 1999. In the Two Suns article, for example, I wrote: "since the name Mir means 'peace', the end of Mir has the ominous symbolic implication of the 'end of peace'". [...]

Even more ominously, the term 'Mir' can also denote 'world', which means that the destruction of Mir was also the 'end of the world'. [...]

As we know, the 'end of peace' did come on 9-11-01 as it witnessed the 'end of the world (trade center)'.

The fiery descent of Columbia carries a similar symbolic message. The name 'Columbia' relates to 'Columba', the constellation of 'The Dove'. And the dove is of course the universal symbol of peace. Just like Mir, then, the violent end of Columbia can signify the 'end of peace'.

But there is a double meaning here too. Obviously, 'Columbia' is another name for the United States; so, while the Mir demolition was the 'end of peace and the world', the space shuttle incident was in effect the 'end of peace and the United States'.

We also find that Columba was the dove that followed Noah's Ark. It was this dove that Noah sent out to investigate whether the flood had ended. Well, this is not a good sign. I have repeatedly pointed out on this website how the 9-11 event was a conceptual reenactment of the Great Flood. From that perspective, the symbolism of Columbia is inevitable: the US sent out the space shuttle 'dove' to see if the terrorist threat was gone, and it came back with the bad news. Clearly, it said 'the terrorism threat is alive and kicking'.

The fall of Mir was followed several months later by 9-11. Does this suggest that something big is coming later this year to follow the prelude of Columbia?

Incidentally, the summer of '03 happens to be the next 'window' for a big event - indeed, an 'echo event' of 9/11 - according to the 'pattern' we've been discussing here.  As I stated in my update on Jan. 13, '03:

...there is a major symbolic convergence occurring around September '03 and it has the potential to produce a huge event. [...] According to the projection, we're looking at a 9/11-type event this summer/fall.

At least we already know that Mars is coming unusually close to Earth this summer. Coincidentally, before the Columbia incident NASA had just revealed Project Prometheus - a project to develop a nuclear propulsion system for space travel - the most significant implication of which was that within a decade the US would probably send a manned mission to the Red Planet.

It's all strangely synchronistic, really. The US decides to reach for the stars through NASA's nuke technology, and it gets slammed - just as 'God' blocked mankind's effort when it tried to reach the heaven by building the Tower of Babel in Babylon. And Babylon was in Iraq (Mesopotamia), the very country the US is presently trying to invade militarily because of some perceived nuclear threat (among others). And of course Mars is the planet of war.

Lastly, it was perhaps an ominous sign that space shuttle Columbia broke apart and fell down to Texas, the home state of President Bush. As I've been speculating since The Message of Cycle 23, the symbolic pattern of world events have been strongly suggestive of the impending exit of the 'Babylon leader' - which can refer to Saddam, the Pope, and/or the US President. In the previous update, I mentioned that I see President Bush as a 'Moses' (a view first presented in Dec. '00), and... Well, let me put it this way: the historical Moses, a radical 18th Dynasty Egyptian king named Akhenaten, ended his reign prematurely. And I'll leave it at that.

Jan. 29, '03   'Promethean Prophecy' II
It just occurred to me that I had already linked President Bush with mankind's journey/migration to Mars in Mystery, Babylon the Great posted here on October 25, 2001. Although I was already aware before 2001 that the colonization of the Red Planet was the event to begin early in the 21 century, the symbolic impact of the 9/11 event prompted me to state the following at the end of the same article (emphasis added):

Did man 'fall' to Earth in an "Exodus" from the Red Planet like a life-seeding meteorite and knowledge-providing 'fallen angles'? The shem was a 'fire-stone' - isn't this a potent allusion to Mars, the planet/'stone' of fire?

What was placed in the Ark of Moses, according to some scholars, were actually meteorites. Could the tale of Moses and his Ark, then, be another version of Noah and his Ark? Was the 'Exodus' of the Israelites led by Moses, then, actually a parabolic story about an interplanetary migration of man in the forgotten past?

The 911 event being a symbolic reenactment of the Flood (i.e. destruction of 'Atlantis'), wouldn't the pattern dictate that the next event be a mass 'Exodus'? Could it be just a coincidence that I conceptually equated President Bush with Moses in The Two Suns of Election MM [article] last year?

But where would be the destination of this 'Exodus'? Where is our 'Promised Land'?

You guessed it: Mars.

The world events today appear to be symbolically anticipating mankind's imminent migration to the Red Planet on which will likely be found enough water to sustain a full-blown civilization soon (this is probably where Mars Odyssey comes in).

We are going back to our Genesis, the First Time, the Golden Age, the Age of Osiris.

America is no longer the 'New World'. Mars is. And this is actually part of what I had in mind when I stated in early 2000:

Now, I'm not sure if I want to say this... but here is something that the data I have is suggesting to me.  It's that the year 2000/2001 is to bring to the United States one of the biggest events the country has ever experienced.  This is not something I 'believe' or based on 'millennial' mentality; it's just what the data I have (not presented on this website [Update: the 'data' was recently revealed in The Adachi Report]) is suggesting to me.  The key concepts attached to this are termination and 'New World'.

Mars is Osiris. And Osiris is being resurrected like a rising Morning Star. It is time for a Total Recall.

Jan. 26, '03   A Promethean 'Prophecy'
On January 17, '03, it was revealed that the United States now likely plans to go to Mars, probably within a decade - through 'Project Prometheus'. As often noted in my writings, Prometheus is the giver of fire; the hero who gave great knowledge to mankind.

Take a look at the ending paragraph of my Endgame II article, posted here on October 16, '02:

Things are moving fast now. Mankind is about to move into a New World. It's Mars, it's hyperspace, it's Psi -- it's 'the other side'. But like crossing the Atlantic, the transition will not be easy. The 21st Century is the era of this momentous shift for mankind, and we are about to be given a 'fire'. Unless we learn to handle the fire with respect and great care, there is a good chance that the ship of human civilization will be found at the bottom of the abyss in the next century.

A practical "prophecy" of a sort, isn't it? Incidentally, Prometheus was the god of 'forethought' - i.e. prophecy. But, of course, I deliberately mentioned 'fire' because I was already very much aware of how applicable Prometheus' story is to our time and the evolving situation surrounding Mars.

You might be interested to know also that mankind's journey to the Red Planet was a major theme discussed in The Adachi Report (Dec. '02). At the end of the report (again), for example, I wrote:

So here we have a quite reasonable solution to the issue of the American timeline terminating at the beginning of the 21st century. If nothing else, it would be the end of the idea of the ‘New World’ attached to America – because that epithet is currently being passed on to the next new frontier, Mars. Perhaps we are to consider the first rash of Mars probes in the 1970s as the Martian version of ‘Columbus’ and the period between then and c. 2000 [...] as the exploration phase of the Red Planet reflecting the first 50-100 years of America after Columbus.

The next phase in the new century would naturally involve the colonization of Mars – which is likely to be initiated very soon, certainly before 2020. Obviously, it would be ‘one giant leap’ for the evolution of human civilization. Mars is about to become the second home for mankind, and this appears to be occurring in precise accordance with the ‘timetable’ set by the [...censored :) ].

Humanity’s closer relationship with the Red Planet will also entail humanity’s deeper understanding of its own past, which will give man clearer insights into the significance of our own time and where we are collectively about to go. Mars has only begun to reveal its dark secrets to us, and there is so much more that it can tell us about reality and ourselves.

As you follow the signs, you begin to see a projection of the future.

Yes, Endgame IV is on its way... As well as The Time Rivers.

Jan. 20, '03   'Project Prometheus'
As those familiar with the subject would surely know, January 17 is something of a 'signature date' associated with the 'Grail game' popularized by the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail. In my Endgame series, the Grail-Ark theme became entangled with the issue of Mars and Cydonia. Another major theme we have going in Endgame is that of 'false gifts' which I have mythologically associated with the Trojan Horse, Pandora's box, as well as the fire of Prometheus. And now, we just had a pretty big news story coming out on January 17 about "Project Prometheus" which has much to do with... going to Mars!:

Hoping to pave the way for the human exploration of Mars within the next decade, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is expected to announce that developing a nuclear-powered rocket is its top research priority. [source]

Los Angeles Times reporter, Peter Pae -- based on an exclusive interview with NASA chief, Sean O'Keefe -- said the space effort may be announced during President Bush's State of the Union address set for January 28. [source]

Naming it "Prometheus" suggests that this is to be a very significant project. Prometheus and the story about his transgression of giving fire to mankind, as I have been hinting, cannot be more meaningful for our present time. To those who don't get the significance... let me put it this way: Prometheus is Lucifer. (Ahh, there you go, now you're intrigued... or alarmed :) ) Prometheus is also none other than the creator of mankind. (More intrigued?)

So, Project Prometheus is about to associate our Genesis with Mars. Is there a message here? Well, you might also consider the fact that the name 'Adam', the first man created by 'God' (or in Greek mythology, Prometheus), can denote something like 'red earth'. Hmm... :)

Robert Zubrin, President of the Mars Society, said:

The name "Project Prometheus" is well taken. Prometheus gave fire to man, giving us the power needed to create civilization on Earth. NASA's Project Prometheus will give us the power we need to extend human civilization to the heavens...

Yes... To Mars, which may actually be our original home.

There is also a worrisome aspect to this. As I wrote in Endgame II:

...the 'false gifts' mentioned in the 2002 alien message might also relate to the 'fallen angels' in some way. Actually, this cannot be more fitting because the key function of these angelic beings in ancient tradition was to impart the 'gift' of advanced knowledge to mankind. In Greek myth, this story is repeated by Prometheus giving 'fire' to mankind, immediately followed by an unfortunate event involving Pandora's Box, a 'false gift' sent by Zeus. These, we are told, led to the corruption and suffering of man.

In this light, I wonder if Project Prometheus will eventually evolve to involve some kind of antigravity/hyperdimensional technology - as this has been closely linked to the 'false gift' in the same Endgame article. As I wrote therein regarding the coming revolution:

It's Mars, it's hyperspace, it's Psi -- it's 'the other side'.

Jan. 13, '03   Looking Ahead
Now that the 'December window' is behind us, you might be wondering if that was the end of the story for the projected 'pattern'.

Well, not at all.

Because the event pattern was found to be essentially valid for December, we have actually much to think about regarding... the next 'window'. As we recall, the pattern we're following has a 2-year cycle subdivided into 8-month blocks. December 2002 was only the nearest future window after I wrote The Message of Cycle 23 (May '02). The next window should be 8 month away from Dec. '02 - and this gives us September '03.

Whereas the previous window was an 'echo' of the 2000 US presidential election and Clinton's impeachment (each separated by 2 years), the next one is to be an echo of a more worrisome event. Subtract 2 years from Sept. 2003 and you get the idea. According to the projection, we're looking at a 9/11-type event this summer/fall. Now, although this doesn't necessarily mean that the event will be as devastating as 9/11,  it's likely to be comparable to 9/11 in concept, at least. Considering the downgraded nature of the manifested events in December, it may actually be inferred that the '03 event will continue the weakening trend... or not.

There is a new factor to consider here. This year, 2003, is very special in that we'll have Mars very close to Earth - indeed, the Red Planet has not been this close to us for thousands of years! And it just happens that the close encounter of the red kind will take place more specifically during the coming summer/fall. (Earth is in close proximity to Mars every two years - i.e. it even has a 2-year cycle.) This means the planet of war will be a very prominent object in the sky during the 9/11-echo window... which sure doesn't sound good. (9/11 itself is very much relevant to Mars, as discussed extensively in The Adachi Report.)

But there is also the connection to the infamous '1999'/'king of Terror' quatrain of Nostradamus. It points to the timeframe of July-September 1999 - or in other words, exactly 4 years before the upcoming window. This means the prophecy somehow nicely inserts itself into the 2-year cycle. In fact, the fourth line of the quatrain even mentions Mars ("Before after Mars to reign by good luck"), and in previous articles I have pointed out how the "king of Terror" relates to the Red Planet. For example, in The Labour of the Sun (Feb. '02) I wrote: 

Clearly, then, Mars is a 'King of terror' -- which, come to think of it, is very natural in view of the fact the Red Planet is indeed metaphorically the 'king' of the two Martian satellites Phobos ('fear') and Deimos ('terror').

And the second line of the prophecy states "From the sky will come a great King of terror" - which can be interpreted as 'From the sky will come Mars' - as if in reference to the close encounter we are about to have with the Red Planet. Notice also that the 'king of terror' obviously alludes to terror-ism (Osama bin Laden corresponding to the 'king' of terror/terrorism).

Certainly, then, there is a major symbolic convergence occurring around September '03 and it has the potential to produce a huge event. I will of course have a lot more to say on this... so stay tuned.

Jan. 3, '03   The Window and Beyond
So here we are in another new year, 2003. This means we are finally past the 'December window' (technically), which was a big theme discussed on this website in 2002. And as already mentioned in previous updates, there were big events in December that closely conformed to the pattern projection first presented in The Message of Cycle 23 (May, '02).

The biggest stories in the first half of the month were the resignations of Cardinal Law of Boston Archdiocese and US Senate majority leader Trent Lott, which were slightly scaled-down manifestations of the projected 'Babylon leader falling' theme (initially speculated to involve the US President and the Pope).

In the second half of December, things were surprisingly quiet - at least on the surface. The biggest story during this period was of course the claim of the birth of the first cloned baby. Now, although the mainstream media is not yet going crazy on this story due to the shadowy nature of the supposed accomplishment by 'Clonaid,' a company closely affiliated with the Raelians, a space alien-worshiping 'cult' (yes, really), this is a huge event for mankind. Even if this particular claim is fraudulent, human cloning will almost certainly be acknowledged to have taken place this year, if not this month.

This is 'one giant leap for mankind', as it lets us get one step closer to the level of the Creator and Creation. Human cloning technology, or genetic manipulation in general, is the latest 'fire' acquired by man. It ushers in a new age, just as did the emergence of nuclear technology in WW II. Of course, I'm implying here that this corresponds to the mythological 'gift' such as Promethean fire and Pandora (and/or her 'Box')... or even the Trojan Horse.

For mankind, the arrival of a 'gift' usually translates to bad news. Traditionally, it leads to corruption or worse, annihilation (think the Great Flood). In Endgame II, I speculated that there will come a 'false gift' in December. And it is my view at this time that the arrival of human cloning corresponds to this notion. The loud rumors of deception/hoax surrounding Clonaid's claim seem to fit nicely into the project context of 'false gift' as well. Moreover, the claimed date for the birth of the cloned baby, December 26, a day after Christmas, may well relate to the 'anti-Santa' theme discussed in Endgame II. As I wrote at the end of the article:

...Santa's special delivery may come, not from North Pole, but South Pole - i.e., 'false gifts'.

And, of course, there is the 'alien' connection. The 'false gift' theme was derived from a Aug-2002 'alien' crop formation with a coded message; and Clonaid/Raelians believe that mankind was created through genetic engineering by extraterrestrials. The fact that the Raelians see cloning as a way of attaining 'eternal life' also strongly correlates with the 'Holy Grail' theme attached to the projected pattern of December '02. The Grail stone is traditionally associated with rebirth/rejuvenation, i.e. a gateway to 'eternal life'.

But what caught me kind of off guard was the fact that the expected 'high-tech gift' did not directly involve hyperdimensional technology, Mars, or psi as speculated in Endgame II. What I wrote was:

Things are moving fast now. Mankind is about to move into a New World. It's Mars, it's hyperspace, it's Psi -- it's 'the other side'.

In a way, however, I'm glad that there was a surprise like this, as it represents a gateway to more knowledge and learning. I have already done a lot of information processing (i.e. digesting the revelation), and the results of this will be incorporated into Endgame IV, coming this month. It turns out that there is a surprising amount of 'pre-information' encoded in the event. And the whole discussion will be pretty heavy... (so be ready). :) As I wrote in the article:

...like crossing the Atlantic, the transition will not be easy. The 21st Century is the era of this momentous shift for mankind, and we are about to be given a 'fire'. Unless we learn to handle the fire with respect and great care, there is a good chance that the ship of human civilization will be found at the bottom of the abyss in the next century.

Speaking of sinking ships, I just found in my email box a message with the following information. Not sure who wrote it, but the email was sent out by Tracy Twyman at Dagobert's Revenge:



The small town of Caravaca in Spain is to play witness to  perhaps the revealing of an ancient Templar mystery. The Pope will shortly announce a visit to the area and will hold a secret audience with members of an as yet undisclosed, members of European Royal House holds and  in addition, descendants of the Templar Knights. The service is to be held in the ancient Church of Caravaca.

This is significant for a number of reasons, however, possibly the most poignant, is that the 'service' will be held at night, in front of an ancient window .

The significance of the window is that surrounding the frame of the window, are 42 un-deciphered characters that legend holds will result in the downfall of the Catholic church. Other legends centred around the window also suggest that the decoding of the window could be the downfall of Kings and Governments. [...]

The Popes journey to Caravaca will be announced very shortly and the legend surrounding the window is famous in the area.

Interesting, if true...

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