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November 2004



 November 24, '04   Stargate Cipher 2012: Part II
Is your coffee pot ready? Cuz it's here, Stargate Cipher 2012: Part II is here! :) You can start from the beginning/Part I again or - if you're sure you've sufficiently digested Part I - you can go straight to Part II.

You may have noticed that it's no longer the 'second half' of SGC2012, but 'Part II'. There has been a slight change of plans and SCG2012 is now designed to be a multi-part series, Part II being the second installment. It was originally meant to be a short article and I'm surprised that it's become such an extensive piece.

This time I took time to polish up Part II until I knew I was satisfied so it should read (I hope) quite smoothly. But it's still a long piece so get yourself ready (lots of coffee!) for the wild ride... This one should finally tie up many loose ends - though I still left out more involved stuff which I hope to present in Part III.

The comment system is back for the time being below so if you have comments or questions, fire away. :)

 November 09, '04   Stairway To Heaven

This past Sunday I saw, possibly for the first time ever, the aurora borealis lighting up the night sky and I must say it was awesome... I was in awe watching the cosmic phenomenon, so beautiful and perhaps... ominous. I never thought I would be able to see such a light show where I live especially during this what is supposed to be a solar minimum period, but I guess the Sun is in no hurry to quiet down in this cycle. I went inside, checked, and sure enough there was an extreme geomagnetic storm underway caused by a series of solar eruptions at sunspot '696'.

It began on November 7..

[The timeline is in UT, hours ahead of US time]

Recently I've put forward my view that the US election on Nov 2 was going to interact with the symbolism of the Athens Olympics, probably involving the four major hurricanes that struck Florida around the time of the Games (starting with Charley whose arrival coincided with the Olympics' opening day). Interpreting the hurricanes, as I've experimentally done, to be representative of the circles of the the Olympic flag symbol bearing five rings, there seemed to be one more circle/hurricane to be fulfilled and I associated that potentiality with the election. The election being part of the 'super torch ritual' featuring Schwarzenegger as the occult 'Torch Bearer', I also mentioned the date Nov 7 as being relevant (see previous entry) seeing that, for example, it was 311 days from New Year's Day, the number '311' being a 'Terminator Code' already shown to be deadly potent via 'Spain's 9/11', the Madrid train bombings back on March 11 (3/11).

Since Florida is the 'Sunshine State' to make its hurricanes analogous to 'solar storms', I felt the solar winds/eruptions and the resultant geomagnetic storm around Nov. 7 were symbolically intriguing. And especially so when combined with Iraq declaring 60-day martial law and the US military launching a massive assault on Fallujah (the biggest offensive operation in more than a year there) - both on Sunday November 7. We recall that the first American attack on Iraq back in 1991 was called 'Operation Desert Storm'. In addition to the 'storm' connection here, the codename invokes Set the ancient Egyptian god who was... well, the god of the desert storms. Schwarzenegger and the Madrid '311' bombings I have already correlated with Set in Stargate Cipher 2012, noting that the ancient Egyptians associated the god with the Hyades cluster in Taurus the celestial Bull whose left eye is represented by 'star 311' and the right eye by Aldebaran the 'Torch Bearer'...

Florida was one of the two states that proved decisive and controversial in the 2004 election, the other being Ohio the 'Buckeye State'. Incidentally it was in Columbus Ohio that Arnold made his rare in-person appearance to campaign for Bush just days before Election Day. Arnie being the 'occult star' of the 'super torch ritual' this coincidence cannot simply go unchecked. Indeed, as we take a look at the state's nickname 'Buckeye' we see that it is already evocative of the Bull's eye (star 311) theme. Viewed as 'buck eye' and 'buck' being a slang for one dollar, it would turn into '$1.00 eye'. And what does the one dollar bill have? Ah yes - the infamous 'All-Seeing Eye'... :)

Flag of Ohio

As shown above, even Ohio's state flag seemingly acknowledge this link...

Further, the name 'Ohio' is said to derive from a term meaning 'great water' which makes it comparable to the Hyades traditionally known as the 'watery constellation', 'the rainy ones', etc. and to Madrid which derives its name from Mayrit (referring to the River Manzanares) meaning 'source of water' or 'rich in abundance of waters'!

As noted in SGC2012, 'Hyades' could also mean 'to rain' which was possibly used as a pun in the Madrid train attacks - i.e. 'to rain' becoming 'train'. Incidentally, there was a big train crash in Berkshire, England on November 6. 

Madrid 3-11-04

Berkshire 11-06-04

Coincidence? Perhaps. Well, let's see... Although not 'Nov 7' (= 1/1/04 + 311), Nov 6 was still a '311' day since it was the 311st day of 2004 (just a slightly different counting method). And seen as '6/11' (non-US style) it alluded to June 11 - the day of Ronald Reagan's burial ceremony which under the surface was a remarkable ritual apparently designed to symbolically pass the torch of kingship from Reagan to Schwarzenegger. It was carefully coordinated with the sunset of Simi Valley/LA (signifying Reagan) and the sunrise of Cairo/Giza (signifying Arnold) taking place simultaneously across the globe.

Sunrise and sunset anywhere necessarily signal the arrival of the 'line' separating the planet's illuminated and dark sides at the location of the observer. Astronomically this line is called the 'terminator'. The 'Terminator' is Arnie's alter ego too, of course. But the line is also called the 'grey line'. This brings to mind the 2002 Crabwood alien crop glyph inseparable from Schwarzenegger as we've discussed so much before. The glyph like the Terminator 3 graphic and one of the key pictures of the 'Face on Mars' (2003) shows a 'grey'-type alien figure with only one side of its face illuminated. It certainly conveys the notion of a terminator/grey line. (Note the distinct eye as well.)

In this context, the name 'Fallujah' thought to mean 'division' becomes potentially meaningful... Perhaps the battle for this 'city of rebellion' is to become a 'terminator' event that brings the entire Iraq situation into 'the other side', i.e. a strikingly different phase of the war?

I also find it fitting that Iraq is a 'stargate land'. For starters it's the ancient land of 'Babylon' - where the legendary Tower of Babel stood - the name of which means 'gate of the god'. (Fallujah is relatively close to the site of Babylon.) I forgot to mention this previously, but '11:7' (corresponding to Nov 7) in the book of Genesis is a passage talking about the Tower of Babel:

Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech. [...Therefore the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth...]

Even Genesis 7:11 mentions a 'stargate' ('windows of heaven'):

In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

And we shouldn't miss the fact here that Iraq is the historical land of Genesis ('Garden of Eden')!

Let me also point out that 'Aurora' in mythology, known to the Greeks as 'Eos', echoes Genesis 7:11 as we learn:

As the dawn goddess, [Eos] opened the gates of heaven (with "rosy fingers") so that Helios could ride his chariot across the sky every day.

And on September 8 this year marked by a remarkable celestial alignment associated with the Olympics which had ended just days earlier, we had the 'NASA ritual' of having the 'Genesis' probe returning from the Sun with solar wind samples onboard crashing down to earth like a extraterrestrial 'flying saucer'! (Aurora lights are produced by solar winds hitting the earth.)

NASA's solar capsule 'Genesis' crashes into Earth (See video)

This, as was already quite evident back then, was a ritualistic 'omen' event that should have 'echoes' backward and forward in time. The events around Nov 7 appears to be just such an echo...

The 'stargate' theme additionally (or originally) interacts with Arnold's Terminator character who comes from the future through a 'stargate'. In hindsight, it indeed makes a lot of sense that this theme was 'ritualistically' emphasized on Halloween just two days before the election as explained in my earlier post. (Election Day itself coincided with Mexico's Halloween, the 'Day of the Dead'.)

Astronomically speaking, we have the Galactic Center (marked by a black hole) as a prominent 'stargate' through which the Galactic Meridian (longitude 0 or 180) also goes through. We've talked a lot about the significant role the Galactic Meridian plays in the 'super torch ritual' especially through Venus (the light/torch bearer star). On June 11 (Reagan's burial day) and Independence/Torch Day (7/4), for example, Venus was seen crossing this line.

So I was amazed to discover that the Berkshire train crash on 11/06/04 around 18:15 GMT - near the Greenwich Prime Meridian - just happened to mark the time when the crash site's surrounding 360-degree horizon aligned with the Galactic Meridian. In other words, the local horizon became the Galactic Meridian! Not only that, at exactly 18:20 GMT the Galactic Equator precisely aligned with the SW-NE line, becoming a vertical 'stairway to heaven' rising from the SW and NE horizons. This also meant that the Galactic Center, the 'stargate', was positioned right at the horizon precisely positioned at the midway point between due west and due south!

Pretty remarkable...

Overall it's still rough stuff but there is more to the grand 'ritual design' carrying a hidden, coherent theme. The rest of the story later...

 November 04, '04   Election Comments
The election - well, first of all I did find it disturbing that Bush and his party won rather decisively. While the underlying symbolic context had room for Bush winning, the recent 'signs' were that Kerry was more likely to end up the winner. In that sense the outcome caught me by surprise. Did that many people really vote for Bush? I have my doubts... Chances are, there is some validity to the Diebold/electronic voting machine conspiracy theory. I had my reasons for alluding to it in my Oct 27 post and in the title of the previous post discussing Schwarzenegger and the election, 'Rise of the Dead' (from Arnie's film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines). It was a plausible scenario especially given the symbolic contexts established beforehand. Suffice it to say that the fifth 'hurricane', the last of the Olympic circles, seems to have made landfall, 'fulfilling America's promise' indeed. Ohio becoming the decisive state not unlike Florida four years ago was probably a significant clue. I'm being a bit cryptic here as I'm not ready to delve into this yet (I'll have to finish up 'Stargate Cipher 2012' first).

What about the 'youth/black rebellion' theme stemming from the Super Bowl 'omen' that we've just associated with Eminem's 'Mosh' video and such? Well, young voters did become a major media topic on and after Nov 2. The big news there however was that the youth turnout, while up from 2000 and at the highest rate since 1972, did not translate into having a major impact because the other age groups voted in record numbers as well. (Assuming the numbers can be trusted.) But judging from the media's reaction, it was in fact a key development they were nervously monitoring (and not discussing very openly before Election Day). That alone is intriguing and meaningful.

In any case my interpretation had always been that it could go either way, Bush or Kerry, since what seemed to matter much more was the triumph of the Patriot Act. Noteworthy also, until late in the day the prevalent view based on exit polls was that Kerry would easily beat Bush. This happens to resonate with what I stated on Oct 27:

...I'm not quite ready to declare Kerry the winner. It's almost as if no matter who wins, the real winner will be the 'Patriot Act' in the end. Still, based on the totality of the '2004 omen' the scenario should involve the 'youth/black rebellion' having a big impact in this election and appearing to dethrone the 'king' (at least temporarily), after which will be a road to a police state one way or another...  (Let me also throw in the date Nov. 7...)

Why did I mentioned 'Nov 7'? Basically it's a potential 'ritual date' associated with Arnold. Adding 311 days to 1/1/04 brings us to Nov 7 - '311' being the 'Terminator Code' discussed in Stargate Cipher 2012 ('Spain's 9/11' on 3/11 being part of this). Adding 100 days to Arnie's birth day (July 30) also yields Nov 7. On July 30 Austria issued postal stamps featuring the Governator and the number '100'... And seen as '7/11', Nov 7 is a '9/11' date in that September was originally the 7th month making it analogous to '7/11'. Finally, Arnie's role in the ongoing 'super torch ritual' as the 'Torch Bearer' would associate him with Hecate the witch goddess usually depicted with a torch and whose name means 'one hundred'. As discussed previously Hecate's feast days include August 13, coinciding with the opening day of the Athens Olympics, i.e. when the torch ritual reached a climax. So... perhaps something interesting going on there.

This was just a quick post-election update. There is much more to talk about - stay tuned.




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