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April 2005



 April 27, '05   Out of Balance, Out of Time?

In this and next post I'd like to quickly tackle two key 'inconsistencies' resulting from the recent election of the new pontiff. One concerns the timing issue and the other the pre-election symbolism pushing the significance of Paris and Jewishness. In this entry I will deal with the former.

As pointed out previously, the unusually speedy conclave electing Ratzinger/Benedict on April 19 and his official installment five days later on the 24th conformed remarkably well to the projected timeline. The 'Balanced Judgment Day Time Code' (BJDTC) had pinpointed April 21 and the planet Mercury's crossing of the Galactic Meridian/Equator had given us a secondary window of April 23-25.

judgmentday-atalanta.jpg (94305 bytes)

I was satisfied with the precision with which the official crowning date matched the latter window. Not necessarily so with the other one - April 21. The white smoke rose from the chimney two days earlier on April 19. Given the well-supported precision highlighting April 21 (based on the numerically precise BJDTC scheme), the 2-day discrepancy seemed a little too large a deviation. There was something else going on - some kind of intentional adjustment - but what it was I couldn't quite figure out.

By not coinciding with April 21, the timeline 'scale' failed to find its anticipated perfect balance. The design, I felt, became imperfect. Only I knew that it was yet another 'twist' added to the riddle - hiding 'perfection' under the surface. Eventually, the idea of slight imprecision led me back to the 'ritual' great-circle line linking together Madrid and two quake epicenters at Sumatra and Iran (Feb. 22). These sites are of course all key components in the BJDTC and in this geodetic version too is found the same principle of achieving a perfect balance, expressed by the 2/22 Iran quake epicenter near Zarand bisecting the 'ritual line'.

Regarding this and related issues I first wrote back on April 6:

So the emerging 'message' seemed to emphasize the notion of 'opposite sides'. But going beyond that, the message seemed to evoke the notion of 'equal on both sides' - aptly expressed through the name 'Atlanta' which, as 'Atalanta', denotes 'balanced'/'equal in weight'. After this I realized that the great-circle line drawn from Madrid to the Sumatra epicenter is approximately bisected by the Iran/Zarand epicenter..., creating two segments equal in length. It is actually not precisely so, but I saw that the 'ritual earthquakes' moving from Sumatra [12/26/04] to Iran/Zarand and then back to Sumatra [3/28/05] was a way of making the point that we are indeed to perceive two precisely equidistant segments - after all, going from Sumatra to Zarand is exactly the same in distance as going from Zarand to Sumatra.

The key here is that the Iran epicenter doesn't precisely mark the center of the 'ritual line'. I used the second deadly Sumatra quake (March 28) - which was anticipated by the underlying time codes - to justify the 'perfect balance' theme there. In other words, we find here a precedent for an 'unbalanced scale' state, one expressed in the dimension of time through the timing of the new pope election.

This means we could potentially apply the 'imperfect' spatial ratio (slightly off 1:1) to the BJDTC timeline. The little 'imbalance' would inevitably shift the projected 'edge' from April 21. By how much? Well, let's calculate, shall we?

First, there are two options to choose from. When measuring the distances traveled by the 'ritual line', do we use as its eastern edge the first Sumatra epicenter or the second one? The difference is visually negligible but big enough to affect the outcome of our calculation. Of course, with the notion of 'perfect balance' originally thought to have been telegraphed through the second Sumatra quake now becoming obsolete, we find it more natural to select the second epicenter, otherwise the spatial redundancy created by the quake pattern would become rather pointless.

Having established this, we measure the distance from Sumatra #2 to Iran/Zarand to be 5296 km and 5478 km between Zarand to Madrid. Again, close but not quite equal, i.e. unbalanced. Expressed as a ratio, it's 0.967:1.

Now, originally the 'arrow' of direction went from Sumatra to Iran and then to Madrid. But because we're now using the 3/28 Sumatra epicenter coming after the Iran quake and another anchor event, the Madrid Windsor Tower fire, before that, the direction is reversed, going from Madrid through Iran to Sumatra. This means the 'first half' corresponds to '1' and the 'second half' to '0.967' in the ratio. Applying this to the timeline scheme involving the quake dates and pinpointing April 21 (the bottom one in illustration below), the '1' segment would represent the right half. The direction of time is to the left and we are to calculate the length of the left segment which will correspond to the Iran-Sumatra segment, or '0.967'.

Here is what we get... 96.7% of the right segment or 58 days:

58 x 0.967 = 56.086

56 days. Next, counting 56 days from the 'center point' of 2/22/05 we arrive at... April 19. The very day of the successful election of the new pope!

Now that, is precision.

Precise... but out of balance. The world out of balance? Vertigo? Certainly Benedict XVI is known for having no interest in creating any kind of balance between male and female. But the Goddess is rising anyway - as it is time - so we'll soon be seeing a big 'collision'. The Church is the Titanic... and its dramatic fate coming up is easily inferable from the superimposition of April 19 over the modern Great Flood that was the Sumatra catastrophe in the reconfigured 'as space, so time' scheme. And at this time let me state again that based on the patterns Iran is about become a deadly serious issue involving things nuclear, and we're already seeing mounting signs of this. It's no coincidence that Iran figures so prominently not only in the timeline patterns but also in... well, more on this and many other key issues later.


 April 19, '05   Benedict XVI and April 24

Just a quick note on Joseph Ratzinger becoming Pope Benedict XVI. I'll write a more detailed post later but for now let's take a look at the timeline. In my previous posts I discussed two windows, April 21 and April 23-25 - the former based on the 'Balanced Judgment Day Time Code' and the latter on Mercury's heliocentrically-viewed crossing of the Galactic Meridian/Equator. Note that by late March and before JPII's death this key window had been detected. As written back then (emphasis added):

As you can see, I have now extended the time sequencing forward a little and pinpointed the time around April 20 (+/- 1 day) as a potential window for another set of 'rituals'. That's quite ominous - April 20 is Hitler's birthday, and April 19 is already an infamous 'ritual date', having in recent years given us the fiery end of the 50-day Branch Davidian siege outside Waco, Texas in 1993, the Oklahoma City bombing (killing 168) in 1995, the German Parliament returning to Berlin in 1999, and an Air Philippines plane crashing, killing 131, in 2000.

Since then I have refined/adjusted it some and zeroed in more on April 21 (+/- 1 day) and added the celestially based April 23-25 window. This was presented in my April 6 post. Note that assuming things going smoothly Ratzinger/Benedict will be formally installed as pontiff on April 24, 2005 - right in the middle of the Mercury-Galactic window. Here is from the 4/6 post about the timing issue:

The importance of the Galactic Meridian and to a lesser degree the Galactic Equator in the Super Torch Ritual cannot be overemphasized...  [...]

...I discovered that there would be a significant configuration involving the Galactic Meridian/Equator and a planet crossing it, a key motif in the Super Torch Ritual. The planet was Mercury - fitting because Mercury as the Roman god of communication evokes Ronald Reagan often called the 'Great Communicator' whose death/funeral last year coincided with the Venus Transit. And of course in the mainstream media John Paul II is being openly compared to Reagan, portraying them as having lived parallel lives. Even Clinton's first heart operation last fall interacted with Mercury along with Regulus the heart star and such. All combined, the upcoming Galactic Meridian/Equator crossing by Mercury becomes highly relevant.

The tricky thing here is that the crossing will have to be viewed from the position of the Sun, not from Earth. [...]

The 'problem' is that Mercury's GM/GE crossing will not fall exactly on the date April 21 suggested by the 'balanced' Judgment Day time code. It will instead be April 23-24 (GM) and April 24-25 (GE). What does this mean? Are they different time windows or forming one generalized composite window? I'm not sure yet.

What is already known, however, is that the conclave to select the next Pope will begin their work on April 18 as was reported today in the news. So there is already a very good chance that the upcoming window(s) will coincide with key developments in this regard. Seeing that John Paul II was St. Malachy's 'labor of the Sun' pope very expressive of the pregnant woman going into 'labor' - i.e. the anticipated 'messianic' birth resulting from the union of the Sun and Venus - the rise of the next Pope could easily signify this symbolic but momentous birth. This may well coincide with April 21 and/or April 23-25. We'll see.

So the timing aspect of the latest episode in the Super Torch Ritual was effectively anticipated, though the emergence of Ratzinger as the chosen one came as a bit of a surprise in that... it was too ordinary. The favorite going in coming out a winner. That was kind of boring! So far, that is.

Nevertheless, there is actually interesting symbological stuff going on with Ratzinger/Benedict so I'll be talking about that next. I'll also revisit the multicontextual scheme hastily explored in my previous/April 17 post.


 April 17, '05   Of Wolf and Man

Well, I wasn't going to speculate on the identity of the next pope too much because I didn't think I could add anything unique to the whole discussion which is going on worldwide. My knowledge about the Vatican hierarchy, politics, officials, etc. is very limited so why not just let others do the guessing game? Even the St Malachy papal prophecy is now quite mainstream, thanks to the suspicious 'coincidence' of having John Paul II's funeral on the same day as a solar eclipse, 'fulfilling' (again) the Latin motto given to him by St Malachy, 'of the labor/eclipse of the Sun'. Because of this many are taking his prophecy into account when scanning the the papabili list for the next pope - leaving even less reason for me to waste my time doing what everybody else is doing.

That was my attitude until few days ago, when I began picking up on a certain system of multicontextual 'clues' that was unique to the perspective of this website, and that got me more interested in doing some guessing myself. One of the papabili that I find most intriguing for symbological reasons happens to be a rather obscure figure - so that's kind of fun... Actually I see several Cardinals who could easily become pope without violating St Malachy's 'Glory of the Olive' epithet for the next pontiff, but... well, let's just go through the findings.

Based on conventional wisdom, we are to be looking at someone like Joseph Ratzinger, Francis Arinze, and Jean-Marie Lustiger. In fact Lustiger the retired archbishop of Paris with a Jewish background is on my watch list. Given the connection between Israel and the olive, his uniquely Jewish background certainly stands out from the crowd. But for me it is Lustiger's Paris connection that represented a bigger clue... and I'll have to bring Nostradamus into this - inevitable when it comes to this subject.

Here are the two quatrains I've long considered directly relevant to the papal succession following John Paul II:

Century II - 41
La grand' estoille par sept jours bruslera,
Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir:
Le gros mastin toute nuit hurlera,
Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.

The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make double sun appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes his abode.
Century II - 48
La grand copie qui passera les monts.
Saturne en l'Arq tournant du poisson Mars:
Venins cachez soubs testes de saumons,
Leurs chief pendu a` fil de polemars. 

The great army which will pass the mountains.
Saturn in the Arc turning from/of the fish Mars:
Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,
Their chief hung with cord of polemars.

II-41's mention of the Sun in connection with a papal shift makes it potentially applicable to the exit of John Paul II the 'solar eclipse pope'. Certainly, metaphorically speaking, the Sun would (re-)appear from the shadow or cloudiness of an eclipse as per line 2. And lines 1 and 3 allude to the goddess star Sirius which in ancient Egypt was called 'Sept' (which in turn means 'seven' in other languages, as in 'seven days' of line 1), traditionally known as the Dog Star as hinted by line 3's 'mastiff' howling all night. Note that when JPII's health began failing in early February '05 Sirius did 'howl all night' by staying visible above the horizon most of the night. Given the context of the surrounding symbolism (see previous posts) in which JPII's exit signifies the birth/rise of Horus, Isis' son, Sirius' traditional identification with the goddess Isis (Venus) becomes very appropriate.

I see the other quatrain numbered II-48 as being linked to II-41 mainly because of its connection to Paris, the Isis/Sirius city. As 'Par-Isis', the name means 'near Isis' and likely relates to the historically important Paris Zero Meridian esoterically known as the 'Rose Line' often thought to signify in some convoluted way the 'Grail bloodline' flowing from Jesus and/or Mary Magdalene (the biblical Isis-Venus figure). At the heart of the city lies Champs-Élysées with the Arc de Triomphe standing at its western edge; the famous boulevard is oriented 26 degrees south of east and aligned with Sirius' rising point on the eastern horizon. To save space I won't go into a lengthy explanation as to how the quatrain is a 'word map' of Paris, but I will still point out that the quatrain number 2-48 corresponds to the coordinates of Paris as seen on today's maps (48.86°N 2.32 °E).

So quatrains II-41 and II-48 could be interpreted together to allow us to associate JPII's exit with Paris - potentially suggesting Jean-Marie Lustiger's vital role in the coming papal shift. The election will be followed closely around the world by means of monitoring the color of the smoke coming out of the chimney of the Sistine Chapel in the Palace of the Vatican - dark color signaling unsuccessful voting and white color a successful election. And through this, line 2 of II-41 comes into play - 'the cloud will make double sun appear'.

The original French term the quatrain used for 'cloud', nuee, insinuates a dark cloud rather than a nice white cloud (if I'm not mistaken) and this would suggest an unsuccessful election. The 'double sun' part seems to clarify its implication by giving us the imagery of there being two successors to JPII, i.e. 'two suns'. Quite possibly this interacts with St Malachy's prophetic pope list on which there are only two (or perhaps one) more left after JPII/De labore Solis. One interpretation would be that the papal election starting this Monday (4/18/05) will be controversial in some way and that will in effect produce two leaders/factions within the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, leading to a great schism from which the Church will finally crumble, not unlike the WTC twin towers. But that's just one scenario.

Paris is also the name of a Greek mythological figure whose abduction of Helen led to the great Trojan War. There is much here that screams 'torch' - the central theme of our 'Super Torch Ritual' that underlies all the 'ritualistic' patterns found encoded in key world events as discussed on this website for at least a year now. (The torch is represented most straightforwardly by the Olympic flame that burned at the Athens Games last summer.) In Greek mythology we are told that while pregnant with Paris, his mother had a dream in which she gave birth to a flaming torch that consumed Troy. Not only that, the name of the queen of Sparta abducted by Paris, Helen, means none other than 'torch'.

Paris even correlates with the 'Judgment Day' theme very much in play right now and inseparable from the papal situation especially in terms of 'time codes' as previously discussed. In the myth, the abduction of Helen is portrayed as a direct consequence of a beauty contest among three beautiful goddesses for the prize of a Golden Apple inscribed with the word 'Kallisti' meaning 'for the fairest'. Paris was picked to choose the winner which he did by declaring Aphrodite (Venus) the fairest - a well-known mythological event known as the 'Judgment of Paris'.

The most recent addition to the 'Judgment Time Code', shown below again, prominently features the Madrid Windsor Tower fire (2/12-13/05) as having a 'balancing' function for the various intertwined timelines.

This brings to our attention the Paris-Opera hotel fire on April 15, which was a top news story even in the US. April 15 is the date of the sinking of the Titanic as well as the birthday of Leonardo Da Vinci. Both are conceptually very relevant. The Titanic becomes pertinent through, for instance, an urban legend attaching the notion of 'No Pope' (3909 04 - the Titanic's claimed but inaccurate ship number - read in reverse) to the sinking event. And just few months ago on January 14, a space probe detached from NASA's Cassini spacecraft landed on one of Saturn's moons named Tiatan. As for Leonardo, it is no secret that a phenomenally popular book still going very strong called The Da Vince Code has had tremendous impact on the general public, and its storyline challenging the Christian orthodoxy has begun undermining the legitimacy of the Church - as if to pave the way for the St Malachy-prophesied end of the papacy.

So the Paris hotel fire coming just three days before the start of the papal election (a form of 'judgment') demands our attention. The combination of Paris and fire certainly has the effect of invoking the 'Judgment of Paris' and the subsequent abduction of Helen (= 'torch'). Perhaps we could read into this a foreshadowing of the fall of the Church, after all the abduction of Helen/torch led to the great war that destroyed Troy. The implication here being that the 'judgment' to be made by the conclave at the Vatican will indeed lead to the fall of the Church.

It is worth noting that many of the victims of the Paris fire were somehow African immigrants. This combined with the words inscribed on the Golden Apple usually translated as 'for the fairest' - 'fair' in English being another term for pale/light - we almost detect a message seemingly saying that one of the suspected front-runners, Francis Arinze from Nigeria, 'black' in various ways (though, curiously, 'Francis' means 'Frenchman'), won't get the top job.

Writing this post, I'm again finding there is a lot of symbological momentum going for someone like Lustiger. Even applying the 'Atalanta/Balanced Judgment Time Code' yields a design that seems to work well. The day of Lustiger resigning as archbishop of Paris (Feb. 11, '05) was offset from the 'Judgment Day' of March 11 by 28 days, the same number of days separates March 11 and John Paul II's funeral day (4/8) - creating another 'balanced' timeline.

But it was another major news story breaking on the day of the funeral that struck me as being strangely 'ritualistic' - that is to say, carrying a coded message. It was certainly enough to get my multicontextual thinking going. The news told us that Eric Rudolph, the Atlanta Olympic bombing suspect, agreed to plead guilty to a string of attacks including the one in Atlanta to avoid the death penalty.

041705-3.jpg (126935 bytes)

It contained two significant elements of the Super Torch Ritual - 1) the Olympics and 2) Atlanta (see previous posts). To me, this seemed more than a little 'wink, wink' coincidental. In light of the central role Atlanta played in March to shed light on the 'Atalanta' (= 'balanced') Judgment Day Time Code I couldn't help but see it as a key 'clue'.

And at the forefront of the 'game' right now is the papal election... quite possibly the start of the 'main event', even. Looking up the meaning of the Atlanta bomber's name, I began to get what was being said between the lines. Eric Rudolph - 'Eric' means 'ever ruler' and 'Rudolph' means 'fame wolf'. It practically says 'ruler of Rome'! Why? Because according to tradition, Rome was founded by its first ruler Romulus who along with his twin brother Remus was nursed by... a female wolf (still one of Rome's symbols). This also brings to mind the 'mastiff' in Quatrain II-41 reviewed earlier.

As if that weren't enough, Rudolph was a white supremacist to echo the 'fairest' theme and we find that Romulus supposedly founded Rome on April 21 (753 BC), the very date pinpointed by the 'Atalanta Judgment Day Time Code' as shown in the timeline char above. Will the next pope be elected that day? As it happens, April 21 is the 111th day of the year just as the next pope on St Malachy's list, 'the glory of the olive', is #111...

Eric Rudolph was not the only 'wolf' figure to emerge in the mainstream news this March/April. There was also the neoconservative chief architect of the Iraq war Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense under Ronald Rumsfeld, who recently got confirmed as the new head of the World Bank - a very controversial choice - on March 31, the very day the world realized that John Paul II was near death.

One of the potential 'clues' dropped here is, again, Jewishness. As a leading PNAC neoconcservative it's been observed that it's as if he is more pro-Israel than pro-US. So here Cardinal Lustiger, though having little in common with the neocon ideology, seems to find further symbological support. Wolfowitz's first name 'Paul', as in John Paul, reinforces the connection in that Lustiger's family like JPII came from Poland, making him more or less a 'Pole'. 'Paul Wolf (-owitz)' turns into 'Polish Pope' which JPII was and Lustiger would be if elected.

Let me also point out that the neocons' imperial PNAC agenda envisions an American empire they openly call the 'Pax Americana' meaning 'American Peace'. The olive - as in 'the Glory of the Olive' - is a well-known symbol of peace. And I have in the past associated the rise of the next pope with the arrival of the olive branch carried by Noah's dove, represented in the sky by the constellation Columba. (The 'Great Flood' in this case was the Sumatra tsunami.) 'Columba' in turn gives us 'Columbia' denoting America. Put together, Columba/Columbia implies 'American Peace' or... Pax Americana.

Columbia was also the name of the space shuttle that went down ablaze on February 1, 2003 killing all on onboard including the first Israeli astronaut. This was exactly one year before the 2004 Super Bowl during which Janet Jackson's infamous, symbolism-filled 'Nipplegate' was unleashed, which is actually considered more or less the beginning point of the Super Torch Ritual. (The fall of the Pope was already foreshadowed back then.) Even before John Paul II's health deterioration prior to his death, I had been voicing my view that the Super Torch Ritual was counting down to the exit of the Pope - which he did, beginning on February 1, '05, the anniversary of the Columbia disaster and the Nipplegate Super Bowl!

Okay, now we'll get into probably the most obscure part of this symbolism game, and it has to do with the Irish rock band U2. I wrote a post just a day before the Pope's first hospitalization (Feb. 1) in which I noted that there was something going on with U2's song/video released late last year titled 'Vertigo', the first single off their new CD. Among other things what caught my attention was the clear concentric-circle pattern shown in the video - a major theme in the Super Torch Ritual stemming from the Athens Olympics. I won't go into all the details but it's instructive to bring up the European Huygens probe that Cassini recently released onto the surface of Titan. The probe carried onboard four songs presumably recorded on a CD - a little project called 'Music2Titan' the official logo for which is posted below.

The resemblance speaks for itself and represents just the little tip of the iceberg for this theme.

In any case, the fact that vertigo has to do with balance (or the lack thereof) was in retrospect a foreshadowing of the 'Balanced Judgment Day Time Code', thus also a demonstration of the song's usefulness in deciphering the 'puzzle'. U2 is also from Ireland, which is not only 'land of peace' but also the land of St. Malachy - together alluding to 'the Glory of the Olive', the next pope (remember, Vertigo came out last year before JPII fell ill).

The clincher here is the visually striking black smokes coming out of the U2 members performing in the music video! Evoking not only the black smoke of an unsuccessful papal election ('the cloud will make two suns appear') but also the infamous 'black wind of death' mentioned in the letter sent by a group claiming responsibility for the 3/11 Madrid train bombings - the key event without which the 'Judgment Time Code', particularly the 'balanced' version, wouldn't have been detected.

And what happened this spring? Strange but true: U2's lead singer Bono was actually nominated for the presidency of the World Bank - the same job that eventually went to Paul Wolfowitz! And Wolfowitz personally called Bono - twice - to discuss poverty and development issues! (Add to that, Bono's real first name is Paul.)

So, as far as symbolism is concerned in this case, U2/Vertigo is right up there with the best of them. (It doesn't really mater whether or not Bono was consciously aware of the symbolism though I'd say any real awareness on the part of U2 seems unlikely.) This encourages us to examine other Vertigo anomalies. There is for instance the anomaly of the lyrics containing a lot of Spanish words. The song begins with Bono counting '1, 2, 3...' in Spanish (with further anomalies). Well, for one, it does strengthen the allusion to the Madrid train bombings in Spain.

This then leads to the next speculation...

Spanish-speaking Latin America has a very large number of Catholics and many feel it's wholly possible and beneficial to have the very first pope from that part of the world. As it happens, the 'ritual' great-circle line discussed here before connecting Sumatra's quake epicenter, Iran's 2/22 quake epicenter, and Madrid would, if extended, pass through the northern part of South America. (Atlanta, by the way, is almost exactly on the opposite side of Sumatra's epicenter in terms of longitude.)

I checked the alignment again and saw that the line went right through Venezuela and Colombia. The latter I found most intriguing. 'Colombia' is Columbia/Columba, i.e. the doomed space shuttle and the olive branch-carrying dove of Noah. Could the next pope come from this nation? I went through the list of the papabili and found two from Colombia - Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos (born July 4 in Medellín) and Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo who is Archbishop emeritus of Medellín and has a strong connection to Bogotá. As you can see in the map below, the 'ritual line' passes between Medellín and Bogotá.

A river named 'Magdalene' also flows between Medellín and Bogotá and it's probably the case that 'Medellín' derives its name at least partially from 'Magdalene'. Given the importance of Mary-Venus-Isis in the Super Torch Ritual and the pope situation, this is very suggestive. Further we find that 'Lopez', the first name of the archbishop of Medellín, means 'son of wolf'! Could this Cardinal be the next pope (or one of the next two popes)? Who knows... but from my perspective the symbolism is there to allow a scenario like this. Lopez Trujillo is not seen as a serious contender so if elected people will surely go 'Who the...?' That would be fun. The other Colombian Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos is naturally on my watch list as well.

Other than those already mentioned, I find Cardinals like Cláudio Hummes of Brazil and Ortega y Alamino of Cuba pretty interesting.  But overall... I'm just not sure. I just creatively followed the little 'clues' and this is as far as I've taken it thus far. To be sure, this was more of a fun exercise for me and there undoubtedly remains a series of further steps before we can confidently ascertain the identity of the next pope(s) using this multicontextual approach. But the deadline is already here so this is where I stop for now. It'll be interesting to see how or if the above findings will correspond in any way with what's about to transpire in the coming days and weeks. I'll write more soon to share further thoughts.


 April 06, '05   World Hanging In Balance

The death of Pope John Paul II on April 2, 2005 marked the end of an era - not just for the Christian world but also, in a way, for this website. It was nearly a decade ago in 1996 - if I remember correctly - that I started publishing my musings on the website which at the time went by a different name. Back then one of the central subjects of inquiry was already the issue of JPII making his exit, seeing it as a key time-marker event signaling the coming of the 'time of troubles'. Remarkably, even as my focus shifted greatly in various phases over the years and the nature of the website changed accordingly - becoming 'Etemenanki' to reflect the shift for instance - I never left the papacy issue. It's been a regularly discussed subject here usually within the context of the prevalent 'Sun/Babylon king falling' symbolic theme. And, after repeatedly witnessing the Pope's 'Energizer Bunny'-like resilience, I commented how ironic it would be if I failed to anticipate the timing of his exit when it finally came, and along with that thought I had expressed my determination to not let that happen. It had become almost a little 'mission' for me to anticipate in advance the momentous event.

Well, the event finally came last Saturday - and it turns out I did manage to see it coming. I began sounding the alarm particularly loudly last December (discussed within the context of the Super Torch Ritual) when the pope was in relatively stable physical condition, and notably again just a day (or hours) before the Pope's first hospitalization that was reported in the news on February 1, '05. (Obviously, 'forecasting' the exit of JPII after 2/1/05 would have been quite lame.) So, for me the passing of the pontiff on April 2, '05 was the end of a long-term project.

Of course, the Papal transition is not a situation existing independent of a much more extensive web of patterns - namely the Super Torch Ritual and various underlying 'time codes' observed/developed in recent years on this website. 'End of an era' - yes, but certainly not an end onto itself. It is a major and overt 'piece of the puzzle' finally dropped on us, so to speak, giving us a significant key to unlock more of the sophisticated 'Judgment Day' timeline scheme which seems, for all intents and purposes, like a grand 'game' into which we've been thrown into... Well, it's a 'game' at least to those few that can discern it to begin with (the first major hurdle), and as I've been saying the 'game' appears very much comparable to the Greek myth about the 'riddle of the sphinx' - i.e. you solve it, or you die. Hopefully not too literal...

During the past several months I have discerned various 'time codes' extending more or less from the earlier 'Lucifer Time Code' apparently driving the timing aspect of the Super Torch Ritual. First it was the 'Venusian Pregnancy Time Code' which directly relates to what's taking place right now; then came the related but more complex '"Judgment Day" Time Code', which was later greatly expanded upon using phi ('Golden Ratio') as well as additional '311' findings.

pregnancy-timecode.gif (12148 bytes) judgmentday-timecode.gif (22922 bytes) judgmentday-timecode-2.gif (29914 bytes) judgmentday-timecode-3.gif (21522 bytes)
Venusian Pregnancy
Time Code
"Judgment Day"
Time Code
"Judgment Day"
Time Code
with Emphasis On Phi
"Judgment Day"
Time Code:
New "311" Findings

Both the Pregnancy Time Code and the Judgment Time Codes involve the March 11 ('04) Madrid train bombings (often called 'Spain's 9/11') and have a major convergence point around its anniversary date this year, i.e. March '05. The Judgment Time Code is so called because found heavenly encoded in it is an apparent coded time reference to 'Judgment Day' detected in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is the 'occult star' of the Super Torch Ritual (which is like a real-life 'movie'). Here are the relevant lines from the film followed by my explanation first presented in Stargate Cipher 2012:

Terminator: The first launch sequences will be initiated at 6:18 p.m.
John Connor: What, today?
Terminator: Affirmative.
Kate: John, what is he saying?
John: Judgment Day, the end of the world - it's today 3 hours from now.
Terminator: 2 hours, 53 minutes. We must continue south into Mexico to escape the primary blast zones.

The coding is quite simple: we can simply turn the numbers into days: i.e. '6:18' into 618 days and '2 hr 53 min' into 253 days. Based on the repeated references to 'today' or 'from now', we can count forward from July 2, 2003, i.e. Terminator 3's release date. This yields the following:

7/02/03 + 618 days = March 11, '05
7/02/03 + 253 days = March 11, '04

Both 'March 11', one year apart - leaving little doubt that the decoding is valid. [...]

Now, do you remember what happened on March 11, '04? This is chilling: on that very day came 'Spain's 9/11' - 10 bombs exploding on four packed morning commuter trains in Madrid killing 191 people and injuring 1,800...

The 'TX ritual' even involved Lucifer. Get this: very near the Atocha train station where a total of seven bombs exploded, killing about 100 people, is a park called the 'Retiro' in which stands 'El Angel Caido', said to be the world's only sculpture solely dedicated to... Lucifer the light-bearer/Venus!

The involvement here of Lucifer - originally a name given to the planet Venus as the Morning Star - certainly made the Madrid event very 'ritualistic' as 2004 was notable for being the year during which - specifically on June 8 - a very rare phenomenon called the Transit of Venus took place, i.e. when Venus moved direct in front of the disk of the Sun as seen from Earth. Venus Transits come in pairs - this time in 2004 and 2012, the latter being the 'end of time' year marked by the mysterious Mayan Calendar. The Mayan Calendar is known to closely interact with Venus.

On June 5, '04, former president Ronald Reagan died and the ensuing funerary process lasting a week overlapped the Venus Transit (June 8) and ended with a burial ceremony in California on June 11 that was, covertly, a 'passing of the torch ritual' transferring the 'spirit of kingship' from Ronald and Arnold (Schwarzenegger) who was in attendance. In a sense, 'Ronald' was transfigured into 'Arnold' (an anagram of 'Ronald'). In an ancient Egyptian context, it was the death of Osiris (Reagan) giving rise to his son (or next incarnation) Horus. In Egyptian mythology, it is through the goddess Isis, Osiris' sister-wife, that Horus is magically conceived and brought into life. Isis is the Egyptian counterpart of Venus.

From all this symbolism I surmised that the Venus Transit - the union of Venus and the Sun - was expressive of the impregnation of the goddess Venus-Isis by the Sun-Osiris, thus setting the stage for the coming messianic birth of... Horus, represented in the political scene by Schwarzenegger aka 'the Olympian'.

And of course, the Olympic Games in Athens in August '04 - which based on a large collection of converging data points were viewed as the theatric climax of the Super Torch Ritual 2004 - dramatically echoed and confirmed this ritualistic theme. During the opening ceremony the main storyline happened to be a Venus-like woman getting pregnant and then later in a dramatic scene giving birth to a messianic child represented by a projection of a giant DNA double-helix. (This is discussed in Stargate Cipher 2012.)

This implied that the 'birth' from the cosmic impregnation expressed by the Venus Transit on June 8 was to be expected 9 months later in March 2005 or so. In this model, the mega quake/tsunami in southeast Asia last December (a 'Great Flood') was conceptually analogous to the pregnant woman's 'water breaking'. The earthquakes, including the Feb. 22 one in Iran and the second Sumatra quake on March 28, would similarly be the woman having 'contractions'.

These are not lazy speculations but real enough 'thought tools' that have already yielded meaningful results, including pinpointing in advance the timing of the Sumatra/Boxing Day 'Great Flood' (although the nature of the event was not made clear beforehand), pinpointing the timing of the highly symbolic and important 'ritual event' in Columbus, Ohio when the famous heavy-metal guitarist of Pantera/Damageplan was shot to death, which in turn communicated through very obscure symbolism the coming of the exit of the Pope. Etc.

It was in this context that I was looking ahead with anticipation and some nervousness to the 'window' around March 11, 2005, thinking up many scenarios, including the exit of the Pope, that might unfold to bring to life the 'birth of Horus' storyline. It was on March 8, exactly 9 months after the Venus Transit, that we heard the news about Bill Clinton experiencing a heart problem and undergoing heart surgery two days later (3/10). As it happens his first heart bypass operation early September '04 was already considered to be part of the extensive time code scheme relevant here. And then on March 11, the anniversary of the Madrid bombings and the date pinpointed by the Terminator 3 'Judgment Day' time code, came the courthouse shooting incident in Atlanta, Georgia (the site of the 1996 Summer Olympics) - a big enough event to become the leading story for the next several days in the mainstream media.

These two events may seem relatively insignificant on the surface, but there was no shortage of symbolic clues connecting them to the underlying 'ritual' pattern. In particular, I was fascinated by the 'Judgment Day' theme clearly found encoded in those events. Apart from the Atlanta shooting taking place in a courthouse and leaving a judge dead, obviously relatable to the notion of 'judging', Clinton's heart operation was more than evocative of the ancient Egyptian version of the 'Judgment Day' concept. As I explained back then:

It has to do with the ancient Egyptian goddess - or concept - 'Maàt' who embodies truth, justice, and order... In the ancient Egyptian theological model, the dead had to go to the 'Hall of Two Truths' (or 'Hall of Maàt') in the underworld, 'Duat', where their hearts were weighed against Maàt or a feather representing her. If the heart outweighs the Maàt feather, the dead is denied entry into the realm of Osiris. This 'judgment of the dead' is known as the 'Weighing of the Heart'.

Osiris being the ultimate presence in the 'Judgment room' here compounds the parallel in that Osiris' death traditionally mirrors the birth of Horus. Even Atlanta, where the courthouse shooting took place, reinforces this interpretation:

It cannot be missed that Atlantis - signified by 'Atlanta' - is an antediluvian world originally ruled Atlas, just as Osiris ruled the antediluvian world of the 'First Time' (Zep Tepi). It represents the realm of the dead - the Osirian underworld, entry into which requires passing the 'Weighing of the Heart' test. The choice of Atlanta as the site of the 3/11 'judgment' event makes even more sense when added that the root 'atl' behind the term 'Atlantis' is said to be probably related to the Sanskrit tul or tol meaning... 'to weigh'.

And I found out later that the name of a Greek mythological figure 'Atalanta', very close to Atlanta in spelling, meant 'balanced' or 'equal in weight' and derives from Greek atalantos, a word related to talanton meaning 'a scale, a balance'.

Another big story in March was the Terri Schiavo saga, which was all about deciding, involving a long series of court 'judgments', what to do with a brain-damaged woman who could easily be said to be existing in the realm between life and death - exactly where the 'Hall of Maàt' (where the 'weighing of the heart' takes place) is supposed to be. The Schiavo saga was also openly compared to the Pope's dire health situation, both meeting the same fate just two days apart.

It is noteworthy that the Pope's first hospitalization came on the anniversary of the infamous 'Nipplegate' fiasco of the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show (February 1) which in turn came on the anniversary of the space shuttle Columbia disaster. The silly incident of Janet Jackson exposing her right breast near the end of her performance actually kick-started, more or less, the Super Torch Ritual. The primer there was the baring of the right breast being the trademark of Lady Justice (as well as the lady of France, Marianne, or Lady Liberty). Janet Jackson was even a character named 'Justice' in the 1993 film 'Poetic Justice'. And it just happens that the police code for 'indecent exposure' - which Nipplegate was all about - is '311', as in March 11. This last coincidence alone bears out my original assessment that the incident was on a deeper level an 'omen' event hinting at things to come in the near future. (The Madrid bombings on March 11 came merely weeks after the Super Bowl.)

Janet Jackson also had a 'nipple ring' on her right breast shaped like the Sun - which together, seeing that the breast embodies femininity/sexuality just as does the goddess Venus-Isis, 'foreshadowed' the Transit of Venus, i.e. the coming together of the Sun and Venus. The breast is an organ that produces milk, which is another key element of the Nipplegate symbolism in that the the Venus Transit, and more exactly the June-11 Reagan burial ('passing of the torch') ritual three days later, coincided with the Sun (6/7-8) and Venus (6/11) crossing the Galactic Meridian or the longitude zero of the Milky Way. The importance of the Galactic Meridian and to a lesser degree the Galactic Equator in the Super Torch Ritual cannot be overemphasized as it has been this configuration (planets crossing the Galactic lines) that have helped me pinpoint, in advance, key events such as the Columbus concert shooting on Dec. 8, '04 (the Sun) and the late December Asian 'Great Flood' (Venus).

June 8, '04

June 11, '04

Now, just prior to the projected 'birth month' of March '05 there were two 'ritualistic' events (not counting the Pope hospitalizations) that gave us more 'clues' as to how the time code should be further decoded. One was the big Iran earthquake on February 22 ('05) near Zarand in Kerman province that killed hundreds. The epicenter was close to Bam, the city destroyed by an earlier, even more devastating 2003 quake that left tens of thousands of people dead. The 2/22 quake quickly caught my attention because the Sumatra 'Great Flood' quake/tsunami last December came exactly on the anniversary of the Iranian Bam quake. Combined with the epicenter proximity, I had to infer that the 2/22 Iran quake had 'ritualistic' implications.

Here is what I wrote back on March 8, '05:

The sense of intelligent design intensifies when we add the fact that we recently had another major Iran earthquake (killing hundreds) not far from the city of Bam (previous epicenter) - February 22, '05, which was exactly 112 days after the US election (11/2/04), hence becoming very much part of the 'Judgment Day' pattern system.

It is curious that 2/22 was a 'triple 2' day, but more than just that it was also, as I have seen mentioned here and there, exactly 1260 days after 9/11/01. The significance there is that '1260 days', or '42 months', is very closely associated with the time of the Dragon, the Beast, and such discussed in the Book of Revelation. So that's pretty ominous. [...]

Here is an example demonstrating the connection between 1260 days and the Dragon/Beast:

And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. [Rev. 13:4-5]

Importantly, prominent in this Revelation story and the 1260-day duration is the theme of a woman giving birth to a messianic child, as Rev. 12:4-6 reads:

His tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to bear a child, that he might devour her child when she brought it forth; she brought forth a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her child was caught up to God and to His throne, and the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, in which to be nourished for one thousand two hundred and sixty days. [Rev. 12:4-6]

This is important indeed because of the 'Venusian Pregnancy Time Code' underlying the current time window surrounding 3/11/05.

The other 'clue', coming just 10 days before the Iran/Zarand earthquake, was the great Windsor Tower fire in Madrid, February 12-13, '05. As you can see in the picture below, the tower had turned into one big 'torch' which, combined with the 'ritualistic' locality (i.e. Madrid), made it yet another dramatic manifestation of the Super Torch Ritual...

Timing-wise, the big fire came exactly 6 months after the opening of the Athens Olympics. And through phi or the Golden Ratio the fire even coherently interacted with the Terminator 3 'Judgment Day' time code as shown in the diagram below.

Here is more on it from my March 8 post:

Just 10 days before the 2/22/05 Iran quake there was a major fire in Madrid, the biggest one in its history. It began on February 12 and continued to burn well into the next day.

It reminded many of the burning WTC Twin Towers witnessed worldwide on September 11. As you can see in the pictures, the Windsor Tower turned into one giant torch. Combined with Madrid being one of the cities competing for the honor of hosting the 2012 summer Olympics, and '2012' being the 'end time' pinpointed by the Mayan calendar (which is what the ongoing series of 'rituals' are moving toward), we can't help but speculate that the fire was carefully designed to be part of the Super Torch Ritual centered around the Athens Olympics. The fact that the date '2/12' evokes '2012' and that Madrid's proposed logo for the 2012 Olympics features a torch reinforces the connection. (In fact, at this point I'm quite sure that Madrid will be selected to host the 'Mayan' Olympics - a decision set to be announced in Singapore on July 6 this year.)

But what's more important in the context of our foregoing discussion is the fact that this key verse in Revelation...

And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

...happens to be Chapter 12 Verse 2 - i.e. the numbers 12 and 2 corresponding to the date of the Madrid's Windsor Tower fire...

A more tangible piece of evidence that really unifies Sumatra, Zarand/Bam, and Madrid, illuminating the events' 'ritualistic' nature, is the fact that each of those three sites reside on the same straight line drawn on the surface of the earth ('great circle'). I quickly discovered this elegant geodetic design by simply following the 'clues' as viewed from the context of the Super Torch Ritual.

The icing on the cake here to 'complete the circle' was Prince Charles visiting New Zealand and encountering his own '311' incident (i.e. indecent exposure) in the capital city of Wellington. It occurred on March 8, '05 which was exactly 9 months after the Venus transit, the same day as the start of Clinton's 'weighing of the heart' situation, and 3 days before the '311 Judgment Day' (3/11/05). As reported in the news:

Bare-breasted protesters disrupted Prince Charles' walkabout in central Wellington this morning with at least two of them taken away by police.

The women said they were protesting about reports that the prince was offended by aboriginal women who performed at a function topless during his official visit in Australia.

About a dozen protestors holding banners which included the slogan "Death to the monarch" chanted and shouted as the Prince began his walk into Civic Square, where he had been expected to admire the plaza's architecture.

One woman, Holly Emma-Goldman, dragged her top off and exposed her breasts in full view of the Prince as he shook hands and chatted to well-wishers behind the barrier.

She and her 18-month-old baby were immediately dragged away from the prince by a member of the diplomatic protection squad. But as she was being restrained by police, another woman climbed a low wall and also removed her top, shouting to the crowd that the Prince believed breasts were offensive. She was hustled away by police.

Why is this the 'icing on the cake'? Because Wellington, where the '311' incident took place, sits right at the antipodal point of Madrid - that is to say that Wellington (or at least the North Island) and Madrid mark, precisely, the opposite points on the planetary sphere! This means any 'great circle' going through Madrid simply must pass through Wellington/North Island as demanded by the geometry. So extending the Madrid-Iran-Sumatra 'ritual line' would eventually have it pass through Wellington/North Island. If that weren't enough, Madrid, Prince Charles, and Wellington interact in the following ways:

  • The British Royal Family (Prince Charles) belongs to the 'House of Windsor'; it was the 'Windsor Tower' that was destroyed in the Madrid fire on Feb. 12-13, '05.

  • Prince Charles' engagement to Camilla Parker Bowles was announced on Feb. 10, '05, just two days before the Windsor Tower fire.

  • The Windsor Tower fire came exactly 6 months after the opening of the Athens Olympics which celestially means Earth moved exactly 180 degrees around the Sun, arriving at the diametrically opposite point (i.e. 'antipode'). Wellington/the North Island is situated at the antipodal point, 180 degrees away from Madrid.

And course, the wedding date set for the royal couple was April 8 - the day later 'hijacked' by the funeral of Pope John Paul II! How's that for 'ritualistic' interaction? April 8 is even marked by a solar eclipse, thus certainly an appropriate date to be selected for the funeral of John Paul II who not only was born during a solar eclipse but in the prophetic Latin-motto list of all popes supposedly composed by St. Malachy is called De labore Solis meaning 'of the labor/eclipse of the Sun'. This is a subject discussed a lot on this website over the years and so this 'coincidence' seems rather too predictable and makes one kind of... chuckle. I mean, is this coincidence 'prophetic' or.. more like 'propaganda'?

In any case, I felt there was very little doubt that the 2/22 Iran quake and the 2/12-13 Madrid fire were part of the Super Torch Ritual and realizing this I went on to use these events/dates in conjunction with phi (1:1.618) to enhance the 'Judgment Day Time Code'. The result was that by early to mid March I was able to foresee a key window coming up in late March, near Easter and particularly around March 29. It is a documented fact that I saw a parallel between the 12/26/04 Sumatra quake and the late-March window and that I anticipated a 'major earthshaking event'. Sure enough, there was another very deadly quake near Sumatra on March 28 striking almost the exact spot hit by the epicenter of the first 'Great Flood' quake. In other words, using the February '05 'clues' I was able to successfully anticipate the next key event in the Super Torch Ritual.

In deciphering the time code, I also used a major planetary alignment that was to take place in the solar system late March '05. This was a data point that strongly persuaded me to shift my focus more from around March 11 to the late-March/early-April window. It was, after all, when Venus was to be reunited with the Sun for the first time since the Transit/conception event - though this time Venus was behind the Sun and not as precisely. And the second Sumatra quake (3/28), the death of Terrir Shiavo (3/31), and the death of the Pope (4/02) all occurred during the fleeting window celestially defined by this planetary alignment. The deaths could be viewed as heralding the projected 'messianic' birth as per the Osirian resurrection scheme (the same notion celebrated by Easter, March 27).

Next, the second Sumatra quake creating a Sumatra => Iran (Zarand) => Sumatra loop made me curious as to what was being said 'between the lines'. Why the redundancy? I knew that it was carefully 'designed' to transmit further information, evidenced by the fact that the second quake's epicenter, 190 km southeast of the first one, was positioned 'carefully' so that the meridian (longitudinal line) going through it would, on the opposite side of the globe, go right through Columbus Ohio, the site of the Dec. 8 Damageplan concert shooting (a 'ritual' foreshadowing the Asian 'Great Flood' and the fall of the Pope) - not unlike the Madrid-Wellington antipodal positioning (Columbus is not at Sumatra's antipodal point, however).

This then illuminated the fact that Atlanta, the city highlighted by the March 11 'Judgment' event, is closely pinpointed (as is Dayton) by the meridional great circle coming from the original Sumatra epicenter. So the emerging 'message' seemed to emphasize the notion of 'opposite sides'. But going beyond that, the message seemed to evoke the notion of 'equal on both sides' - aptly expressed through the name 'Atlanta' which, as 'Atalanta', denotes 'balanced'/'equal in weight'. After this I realized that the great-circle line drawn from Madrid to the Sumatra epicenter is approximately bisected by the Iran/Zarand epicenter (see earlier map graphic), creating two segments equal in length. It is actually not precisely so, but I saw that the 'ritual earthquakes' moving from Sumatra to Iran/Zarand and then back to Sumatra was a way of making the point that we are indeed to perceive two precisely equidistant segments - after all, going from Sumatra to Zarand is exactly the same in distance as going from Zarand to Sumatra.

This reminded me of the famous ancient Egyptian depiction of the Hall of Maàt, or the 'Judgment' scene, showing the heart of the deceased and the feather of Maàt perfectly balanced on the scale... i.e. 'equal in weight', as in 'Atalanta'.

After this I took the natural next step of applying the same principle to the time dimension... or the Judgment Day Time Code. And I quickly realized that I had hit the 'jackpot'.

Counted from March 11 'Judgment Day', both Sumatra Quake #2 (3/28) and Iran/Zarand Quake (2/22) were 17 days away on each side! 'Balanced' indeed. But that was just the beginning. As the illustration below shows, there were numerous equidistant - or 'balanced' - timing design all involving Sumatra (12/26/04), Iran/Zarand (2/22/05), and/or the Windsor Tower fire (2/12-13).

The last two 'balanced' time schemes pushed the left segment into our future and both pinpointed the date April 21, '05. This is approximately the same date singled out earlier by the phi-based time code as show below again.

The uppermost timeline arriving at ~4/19 is not really a product of some magical coincidence because turning the '1' in the 1:1.618 Golden Ratio into 1.618 to produce a smaller '1' that is to be added upon the original segment (i.e. what was done above with the said timeline) actually implies, mathematically, the entire 'blue' segment would be equal in length to the pink 1.618 segment - thus naturally creating a 'balanced' 1:1 ratio in the process. The timeline scheme at the bottom of the graphic, however, is more 'magical' and it actually does pinpoint 4/21 more closely than it does 4/20.

As for the slight discrepancy produced by the top timeline yielding April 19 instead of April 21, this is because applying the phi ratio to the timelines involves some approximation, and reapplying phi to an already phi-ed timeline certainly increases the amount of approximation and as a result it becomes a looser time code. I've surmised that this is why the 'balanced' time sequencing scheme was introduced to replace or refine the phi-driven system. And it is already apparent that the 'balanced' scheme is more accurate in pinpointing the key dates. Chances are, therefore, that April 21 is to be considered a more precise key date (though there is still the usual buffer zone of +/- 1 day).

But there is a further twist to this. As I went on to check the stars above I discovered that there would be a significant configuration involving the Galactic Meridian/Equator and a planet crossing it, a key motif in the Super Torch Ritual. The planet was Mercury - fitting because Mercury as the Roman god of communication evokes Ronald Reagan often called the 'Great Communicator' whose death/funeral last year coincided with the Venus Transit. And of course in the mainstream media John Paul II is being openly compared to Reagan, portraying them as having lived parallel lives. Even Clinton's first heart operation last fall interacted with Mercury along with Regulus the heart star and such. All combined, the upcoming Galactic Meridian/Equator crossing by Mercury becomes highly relevant.

The tricky thing here is that the crossing will have to be viewed from the position of the Sun, not from Earth. This is still contextually supported in that US presidents and popes are both in a sense 'Sun kings' (or 'Babylon leaders') - or at least that has been my model for many years and so far it has proved to be quite effective and so presumably valid enough an idea. And because 'Sun kings' rule, it is only fitting that the current world events prominently featuring 'Sun kings' (Pope, Prince Charles, etc.) should interact with a heliocentric perspective in which the Sun 'rules'.

Recent key events bear this out. When examined from the heliocentric perspective we find that:

  • Mercury was crossing Galactic Meridian & Equator (GM & GE) on 3/08-9, when Clinton's heart problem was first reported and when there was a '311' incident in New Zealand involving Prince Charles.

  • Mercury was crossing Earth's solstice position on 3/9-10, coinciding with Clinton's heart surgery.

  • Mars was crossing GM around 3/11, coinciding with our 'Judgment Day'.

  • Mars was at Earth's solstice position around 3/30, coinciding with the 2nd Sumatra quake, death of Terri Shiavo, and death of the Pope.

  • Every year Earth crosses GM on 6/08, the very date marked by the 2004 Venus Transit.

The 'problem' is that Mercury's GM/GE crossing will not fall exactly on the date April 21 suggested by the 'balanced' Judgment Day time code. It will instead be April 23-24 (GM) and April 24-25 (GE). What does this mean? Are they different time windows or forming one generalized composite window? I'm not sure yet.

What is already known, however, is that the conclave to select the next Pope will begin their work on April 18 as was reported today in the news. So there is already a very good chance that the upcoming window(s) will coincide with key developments in this regard. Seeing that John Paul II was St. Malachy's 'labor of the Sun' pope very expressive of the pregnant woman going into 'labor' - i.e. the anticipated 'messianic' birth resulting from the union of the Sun and Venus - the rise of the next Pope could easily signify this symbolic but momentous birth. This may well coincide with April 21 and/or April 23-25. We'll see.

Having said that, there is also the 'black smoke/cloud' theme as well as the related 'two suns' symbolism that I have discussed numerous times before that hints at the possibility of the papal election ending up unsuccessful in some fashion and/or of the rise of two papal figures (i.e. a pope and an anti-pope) - a situation potentially foreshadowed by the 'Orange Revolution' of last year's Ukraine presidential election. And there is also the earthquake association that is clearly present in the time code. And what of the 'Windsor' royal wedding that has become heavily intertwined with the demise of JPII? What does that entail?

These things I'm sure I'll be discussing in the coming days and weeks.


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