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Welcome to the Realm of
the Time Rivers

By Goro Adachi


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What Is the Time River Theory?

Its about the discovery of an astounding system of literal rivers of time, which may even be described as the fingerprints of the gods. It is a planetary Rosetta Stone for decoding history or even reality itself. Sounds overly grandiose? Yes, but its not necessarily an exaggeration given the nature of the discovery.

Proving the existence of the Time Rivers has explosive implications. And the claim here is that this has indeed been done. But thats just the beginning of the story. What the Time Rivers tell us - about who we are and everything else - is equally, if not more, profound.

The Time River Theory (TRT) is ultimately about the discovery and decoding of the blueprint of reality - a blueprint that was literally carved on this planet by an unknown high intelligence. This is a brand new field just activated in 2003 via the publication of The Time Rivers. Its about time we opened up the Gateway... to a new dimension.

To get a little more specific, here is an abbreviated list of what the Time River Theory is about and what it reveals (at least in the book The Time Rivers):

  • A grand system of literal rivers of time flowing on our planet, created by some mysterious, higher intelligence.
  • The intricate Time River scheme produced by the Nile, Tigris-Euphrates, Mississippi, etc. showing us the entire timeline of human civilization, both past and future.
  • Solutions to deep ancient mysteries of Egypt, Sumer, and even Mars.
  • Encoded messages revealing extraterrestrial and/or extra-temporal origins of human civilization.
  • The 21st century being specifically pinpointed as the edge of time, when a timegate opens up to bring mankind back to the realm of Genesis.
  • Tangible and unique solutions to the biblical events of Genesis such as Creation, the fallen angels, the Great Flood, the Ark, etc.
  • An encoded timeline of the United States anticipating  9/11, an event suggested to mark the end of the United States.

Please note that the the theory is extensive and still rapidly evolving, thus the above should be viewed as only the tip of the iceberg.

To learn more about the TRT, please see The Nile Decode - a paper posted online revealing the basic components of the thesis.

Current Status

A lot of very positive feedback has been received from those who have read The Time Rivers and/or The Nile Decoded. Some samples are posted here.

What about the reaction of the 'alternative history' crowd? How are they responding to the 'quantum leap' that the TRT would represent to their field? The answer to this question is not yet clear since the theory was revealed only recently and is not yet widely known. But the anticipation here is that the reaction would be more or less mixed. Because the Time River Theory is something that radically shifts the whole paradigm, there will probably be those in the field who are perhaps just too 'old' (at least mentally) to keep up with the sudden and rapid movement forward. And this is fine; the Time River system is a discovery for a new generation of truth seekers who maintain a fresh mind capable of clear and creative thinking.

There is actually so much more to the Time River scheme than made available so far (including the book), which is undoubtedly contributing to the tone of confidence expressed here. Hopefully there are many of you who can intuitively sense this 'energy' lurking just beneath the surface... It's all getting ready to come out now. If not already, please study the available material, understand the implications, and... well, join the revolution!

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