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September 2004

 September 7, '04   Lucifer's Downward Spiral

The climax of the 'super torch ritual', as we've been closely following for many months here, took place at the opening of the Athens Olympics On August 13. The Games ended on August 29, immediately followed by the Republican National Convention in New York City, featuring Schwarzenegger on the second night (Aug. 31), the occult central figure of the 'super ritual'. This, as mentioned before, came exactly 80/81 days after the 'ignition' of the torch ritual, i.e. when Ronald Reagan's spirit was symbolically transferred to Arnold at the funeral on June 11 (near Los Angeles).

The notion of '80 days' became intertwined with the dark rite as the Olympic torch's visit to Los Angeles on June 16 coincided with the opening of 'Around the World In 80 Days', a film in which Schwarzenegger plays a minor character called 'Prince Hapi'. If we count 80 days from June 16, instead of June 11, we arrive at September 4 - the day Hurricane Frances began its assault on Florida only weeks after Hurricane Charley did the same on the opening day of the Athens Olympics. There is much to this coincidence in terms of symbology as will be shown in my upcoming full-length articles.

But let me 'disclose' some findings in this post as I feel I should get the information out quickly given the short-term timing issues emerging and the potentially high-impact implications. I will lay down some facts first, which alone are already quite remarkable, and then delve into some speculations.

Let's start by recalling the celestial configuration of August 10 pointed out as significant in my August 5 entry. I wrote:

First of all, Venus [the 'light-bearer' planet] will be crossing the Galactic Equator (i.e. the center line of the Milky Way, or galactic latitude zero). There, Venus becomes the 'torch' of Orion. [...] August 10 will also witness Mars joining Regulus, the heart star of Leo the celestial Sphinx.

This was accompanied by another set of alignments:

...when Venus, rising in the morning, is situated precisely due east as viewed at Giza, it will coincide exactly with the moment of sunrise (altitude 0 on the horizon)! (Sunrise azimuth = 72 deg.)

This Venus-due east alignment also figured in the symbolism surrounding the reopening of the Statue of Liberty - a celebrated torch-holder - on August 3. As I wrote:

Turns out in Athens' dawn time on August 4, which overlaps New York's August 3 (6-7 hours behind Greece), Venus crossed the due-east line in the sky exactly when Sirius - a star largely interchangeable with Venus in symbology - was rising right at the horizon!

So, as I hunted for clues I was repeatedly made aware of the relevance of the Venus-due east configuration.

The alignments of August 10 actually reinforced its significance by symbolically emphasizing the Great Sphinx, the majestic monument at Giza facing due east. Mars represents the planetary Sphinx (both being a form of the Egyptian sun-god Horus) and on Aug. 10 Mars united with the heart star (Regulus) of the constellation Leo, yet another celestial form of the Sphinx. Regulus being the 'heart' star also related back to Venus, crossing the Galactic Equator at the time and positioned due east at sunrise as viewed from Giza (the home of the Sphinx), because the heart traditionally signifies love and Venus is of course the goddess/planet of love.

I didn't reveal it back then, but this recognition actually had led me to something even more amazing quietly taking place in the sky.

Venus crossed the due-east line in the sky everyday at the identical time in the morning around August, the month of the torch-celebrating Athens Olympics! As viewed from Athens, for example, Venus crossed the due-east line at about 5:10 am everyday starting around July 25 and ending around September 8. As viewed from Giza, the daily due-east alignment at ~5:24 am began around July 17, ending early September. (Here is an animated illustration of this. If it doesn't work, try this.)

The reader needs to understand that this is highly unusual. Planets are always in motion, moving at different speeds. So to stay in one position relative to Earth's rotation as expressed in the due east sky, a celestial body has to carefully keep up with the continuously shifting sky configuration. Staying in one place, like this Venus, doesn't mean it's stationary; instead it means it's moving at a very specific rate to maintain its position in the Earth-based local sky. In other words, its movement can be seen as almost 'intelligent'.

The time surrounding August '04 was thus a very special period marked by this Venus phenomenon. This confirms my original contention, expressed in the Lucifer Time Code series, that the Athens Olympics - the climax of the 'super torch ritual' - is inseparable from Venus. Venus is the 'light/torch-bearer' star, after all; and the very rare 'Transit of Venus' back on June 8 was directly overlapped by the funerary week of Ronald Reagan that culminated in the occultic 'coronation' of Schwarzenegger, aka 'the Olympian'. The Games even began on August 13, 225 days after 1/1/04 - '225' being the orbital period of Venus around the Sun counted in earth-days. Etc. etc... We've discussed these points many times before.

What I want to focus now is the symbolism of the closing ceremony of the Olympics held on Aug 29. Not as flashy as the opening one, but it was still filled with various multi-leveled 'clues'. The centerpiece was a strange golden wheat field in the shape of a spiral which was 'connected' to the Olympic torch through a long straight causeway.


I don't want to get into it too much yet, but let me point out that this is a rather obvious reference to the 'Fibonacci spiral' - a special shape deriving from something called the Fibonacci squares which in turn are based on the Fibonacci number sequence.

The Fibonacci spiral is often found in nature and even in the layout of the Giza monuments. The latter was perhaps hinted further by one of the traditional dances performed during the same closing ceremony - featuring three fires and a circular shape made by dancers. The term 'pyramids' is etymologically related to 'fire' and thus the three great pyramids at Giza can effectively be represented by three flames...

And, importantly, the Fibonacci sequence/squares/spiral is very closely related to the special number phi, also known as the 'Golden Ratio' (as well as 'Golden Section' and 'Golden Mean'), numerically expressed by the ratio 1:1.618... And here you can see the major justification behind the golden wheat field that formed the spiral. The color is a quick response to those who wonder about it that 'yes, it does represent the golden ratio-driven Fibonacci spiral'.

The following reinforces this point. First, the traditional symbol of Venus, the pentagram, contains phi/Golden Ratio within in its geometry. Second, the Athens Olympics began on the day that happens to mark the Golden-Section point of the entire year! August 13 is the 226th day of 2004 which has 366 days (this is a leap year). Dividing 366 by 226 gives you 1.619..., i.e. practically identical to the phi number, 1.618...! The fact that the Athens spiral is connected via a causeway to the Olympic torch gives us a symbolic 'nod' again since the torch was lit there on the opening day Aug 13.

The 'Official Guide to the Closing Ceremony' certainly does not dispute my interpretations given above. In fact, it guides us toward the next level of symbolic meaning. It reportedly states:

The spiral wheat field was chosen because, in Greek folklore, golden wheat is the “fruit of the marriage between the earth and the sun”.

In Greek festivities, “wheat symbolised the fertility of the earth, the awakening of life that arises from death”.

According to the Technical Director of the ceremony, “The spiral represents the notion of infinity, a form that frequently recurs in nature. Our galaxy is spiral in form.” [source: 1, 2]

The resurrection theme intimated in the second paragraph is consistent with my view that the key concept behind the 'super torch ritual' is that of the 'birth of Horus' (a messianic child) that traditionally signifies the rebirth/resurrection of his father Osiris through Isis. (Those who have read my book The Time Rivers will note that Osiris embodies the Nile and the Nile in turn expresses the Golden Ratio through its hidden design.)

As for the references to the earth-heaven connection, and in particular the galaxy-spiral association, this relates directly to the Venus-due east configuration that underlies the Olympics period of August. The Milky Way - our own galaxy - was an essential element in the remarkable August-10 celestial alignments. Here is the illustration again:

This was the day when Venus crossed the centerline of the Milky Way (i.e. Galactic Equator) which happened to coincide with the Mars-Regulus conjunction and accompanied by another coincidence of Venus being at Giza's due east precisely at the time of sunrise.

And the Milky Way is indeed a starry spiral:

Here we begin to see another meaning behind the causeway attached to the Athens spiral along with the torch tower at the end of the causeway. It represents celestial lines such as the Galactic Equator/Meridian and particularly the due-east sky 'column' emphasized by the Venus position during the period of the Games. Venus on this level of interpretation would be signified by the Olympic flame (as, again, Venus is traditionally Lucifer the 'light-bearer'). The whole design is therefore a perfect example of the archaic concept - 'as above, so below'!

The reappearance of the god of love Eros who played a major role in the opening ceremony underscored the continued relevance of Venus (goddess of love) in the closing ritual. (See my 8/14 post for more on this.)

In this context, we are able to discern a hidden meaning embedded in the climax of the show - i.e. the extinguishing of the Olympic flame. As you may have seen on TV, before the torch was put out the fire was received by a little girl who then carried it away from the torch holder. The sequence is reproduced below with pictures.

---- 1 ----

---- 2 ----

---- 3 ----

---- 4 ----

---- 5 ----

---- 6 ----

---- 7 ----

The girl then blew the light out...

The fire/light was removed from the torch tower/column - i.e. Venus finally moving away from the due-east 'column'. This indeed took place in the sky in early September just days after this remarkable ritual! And here is where things begin to get more 'prophetic'...

Early September, the first ten days of the month or so, marks the time of Venus finally dismounting the due-east line. It coincided with, or overlapped, Hurricane Frances assaulting Florida on Sept 4/5 - coming '80 days' after the ritualistic opening of the 'Around the World In 80 Days' (June 16). The hurricane's significance is greatly amplified by the fact that the beginning of the Olympics (Aug 13) also coincided with Hurricane Charley passing over Florida. And of course, hurricanes are wind spirals!

So just as the termination of the 'Venus torch' at the Olympic stadium was accompanied by a little girl carrying the fire toward the wheat spiral connected at the other end of the causeway, the actual removal of Venus from the due-east line was accompanied by a major spiral - Hurricane Frances! Let me also point out that the Olympic Games were resurrected in modern times by a French man, and the world-famous torch-bearer, the Statue of Liberty, was given as a gift to the United States by France. So even the hurricane's name 'Frances' is conceptually perfect.

There is more... much more.

Just a day after the closing of the Games, New York City - the home of the Statue of Liberty - hosted the Republican National Convention for four days starting Aug 30, as if to signal some kind of continuation of the torch ritual. Indeed both carried a '9/11' theme: the date of the Games ending (8/29) calendrically corresponds to 9/11 as the modern Gregorian calendar is 13 days ahead of the Julian calendar (already a key part of the 'Lucifer Time Code'), and the Convention - especially the first day (8/30) - was all about 9/11. In addition, the 'occult' star of the ritual Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a well-received speech there on Day Two (Aug 31) and George Bush's presidential nomination acceptance speech came on Sept 2, a day or two before the arrival of Hurricane Frances.

Certainly the indications were that the 'super torch ritual' made a quick jump from Athens to New York City. But on the RNC's final day, I was a little startled to realize that this had seemingly become undeniable.

For Bush's speech on Day 4, the Republicans (or those responsible for the visual designs of the convention) rearranged the stage and the seats... and suddenly there it was. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

The spiral, the causeway, the fireworks... They were all there! Even the placement of the jumbo screen and the torch tower was closely mimicked by the RNC stage design as shown below (the torch tower transformed into the Statue of Liberty):

This was a further confirmation that the 'super torch ritual' was very real and, importantly, that my long-running interpretation of the ritual, seeing it as mainly involving the US presidency, particularly the upcoming election, was valid.

Now let's go into a little more experimental/predictive area as this happens to be a timely issue - specifically the issue of the hospitalization of former president Bill Clinton. The news of his heart problem and the urgent need to have bypass surgery came on Sept 3, just as Hurricane Frances was arriving in Florida and merely a day after Bush's speech at the RNC. (Clinton actually began experiencing discomfort on Sept 2; the bypass surgery was done on Sept 6.) The timing is certainly curious. And I do detect a connection here.

For starters, Clinton is a former president, thus a form of the 'Babylon leader'/'Sun king' (as is Bush) whose 'fall' is one of the themes associated with the super ritual. He currently lives in New York City, the home of the Statue of Liberty. And his wife Hillary is the senator of New York.

My curiosity was intensified when I investigated what was taking place in the New York sky. Here too the Venus-due east alignment had been occurring, about 5:30 am EDT every morning around August. This was to be expected, but I went on to discover that on September 3-4 there were certain elements added to the configuration which in light of Clinton's heart condition can be seen as very meaningful and possibly ominous.

On Sept 3, the day of Clinton's hospitalization, Regulus the 'heart star' was seen rising right at the eastern horizon when Venus was positioned due east (~5:30 am). Immediately above Venus was found Saturn almost at the due-east point; and Venus and Saturn did meridionally align the next day.

Regulus is not only the 'lion's heart', it's also known as a 'kingly/royal' star. Therefore the former American 'king' having a heart incident on the day of the 'kingly heart star' crossing the horizon was symbolically coherent - especially since Venus, which anchors the celestial configuration, is also a 'heart star' in that love is traditionally signified by the heart.

But what of Saturn? This is where we begin to see seemingly ominous signs. Saturn after all is the planet/god of death and time. Combined with the fact that 1) the horizon is symbolically where the realms of life and death meet, and 2) Venus begins dismounting the due-east column right after its alignment with Saturn on Sept 4, there seems to be a message of 'heart failure' (directly or indirectly) involving 'death'. We know that Clinton's heart operation went smoothly yesterday (Sept 6) - still, the theme seems to be still in motion, perhaps counting down to some finality.

The imagery of the little girl carrying the fire (= Venus) away from the torch column (= due-east line) and snuffing out the flame now seems to take on a rather dark connotation. This is probably too speculative at this point - but is some kind of sacrificial king-killing intimated here?

The notion that we may be counting down to something literally or symbolically related to Clinton's heart problem is perhaps also encouraged by the fact that the fast-moving planet Mercury is about to be united with Regulus. Mercury traditionally signifies a 'messenger' - and in this case potentially a messenger of bad news sent from Saturn. Recall that another former US president, Reagan, died in early June, an event found to be a big part of the 'super torch ritual'. Reagan was known as the 'Great Communicator' - a perfect epithet for Mercury.

So there is a rather heavy context involved here, though I'm not sure what exactly this entails.

The period of September 8-10 may bring some answers: on Sept 9, Venus (in the early phase of getting off the due-east 'column') will vertically align with a crescent Moon. This is potentially significant because such a Moon was featured during the Olympics closing show (and it was a full-Moon night).

The Venus-Moon alignment due east, however, is to be much more special at Giza. It will take place Sept 8 and, in addition to the crescent Moon, the alignment will also involve Saturn and the Galactic Center [more prominently the antipode of the GC actually]!

The Athens spiral seen as our galaxy, it could be easily infer that the causeway symbolizing the due-east line alludes to an alignment with the center [or its antipode point] of the Milky Way galaxy, i.e. exactly mirroring the Giza/Sept 8 celestial alignment!

And finally on September 10, Mercury joins Regulus - thus completing the delivery of a message from/for the heart, whatever that might be.

So there you have it. These findings and observations represent only a small portion of what I've been looking into and able to 'decipher' to various degrees the past month. Try and digest them (take your time), then get ready for more 'disclosure' to be made here at Etemenanki soon... 'Contact' is taking place...

P.S. Although I'm unclear as to exactly how, I'd have to say the terrible school-hostage disaster in Russia last week was likely part of this super ritual game.




 September 3, '04   Frances - 'In 80 Days' Indeed...

Here is what I find intriguing about Hurricane Frances. In my July 21 post I discussed the idea of 'Tour de France' being analogous to 'Tower of France' (= Eiffel, Mary Magdalene, etc.) as well as 'turning of France' and how that appeared to be one of the key elements of the 'super ritual' leading up to the Athens Olympics. Well, hurricanes are certainly rapidly turning winds thus making the current one heading toward Florida 'turning (of) Frances'. This is yet another manifestation of the 'Tour/Tower of France' theme.

In the same post was also discussed how the extensive symbolism seems to point to the imminent exit of the Pope, and coming up in the US is the Labor Day weakened. As you may know, St Malachi's prophetic list of popes (past and future) calls Pope John Paul II 'of the Labor of the Sun' (De Labore Solis) - rather evocative of 'Labor Day'. Next on the pope list is 'Glory of the olive' (Gloria olivae) which as mentioned before would easily interact with the Athens Olympics (the olive tree being sacred to Athena/Athens for starters).

The timing is made more interesting by the fact that tomorrow marks the 80th day since the Olympic torch came to Los Angeles (in Schwarzenegger's California of course) on June 16 to coincide with the release of the movie 'Around the World in 80 Days' in which Arnold makes a minor appearance as 'Prince Hapi'. In my previous post I transformed the title into 'Revolution In 80 Days', which can be rephrased 'Turning/Tower In 80 Days'. The arrival of the hurricane (turning winds) Frances pinpointing exactly 80 days after June 17 is quite uncanny.

So there seems to be some momentum building up right now in terms of symbolism. The Pope is just one theme relevant here, as there are many other interconnected themes and levels as always. The key point here is that the combination of the name and timing of Hurricane Frances suggests the long-running 'ritual' themes are still alive and kicking, and accordingly we should carefully monitor what happens this weekend.

More 'storms' coming up later this month. Stay tuned for updates and articles.

UPDATE: Former President Bill Clinton has been hospitalized and will undergo heart bypass surgery (done on Sept 6). US presidents belong to our 'Babylon/Sun King' group that includes the Pope. I have long pointed out that there is a symbolic parallel between the American presidency and the papacy. I mentioned this most recently in the same July 21 post and then again on August 27. I have even stated as early as Dec. 2000 that Pope John Paul II and Clinton can be considered alter egos in terms of symbology (both being comparable to Solomon, etc.).





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