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Goro's "wide-ranging treatment - basically an exercise in esoteric dot-joining involving Nostradamus, the Sphinx, the Pyramids, world-mythology, the Bible, and much else - is ingenious, and contains much that is both thoughtful and thought-provoking."
- Peter Lemesurier

"Goro seems to be the first person who has corresponded with me that is able to get inside the mind of Nostradamus in the same manner, and appreciate the genius of the great man."
- Dolores Cannon (in Conversations With Nostradamus Vol. 1, rev. ed, p.326)

I've been a (distant) fan of your ... for years.
- Richard C. Hoagland (from his forum/blog in June 2005)

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  Etemenankian Tweets

Q  U  I  C  K     N  O  T  E  S
Marco Rubio's Martian destiny
I'm paying a lot of attention to this as Marco Rubio is someone I've been watching very closely as a near-future presidential figure since 2010 (specifically highlighting 2016 as the big year for him since 2011)... [Read the rest]


Dark/Black Star Contact signal
Respected scientists just announced they found strong evidence for "Planet Nine" aka "Planet X".

Jan 20 Astronomers find evidence for yet-unseen "Planet Nine"
Jan 20 Astronomers say a Neptune-sized planet lurks beyond Pluto

My multicontextual take on this (just the tip of the iceberg)...

"Planet X" - or "Dark Star" as it's also sometimes been called - in the popular mind cannot be separated from Zecharia Sitchin's "The 12th Planet" (1976) which along with Erich von Däniken's "Chariots of the Gods" (1968) is a cornerstone of the ancient astronaut theory...


...something not so subtly evoked in the Blackstar music video by David Bowie who passed away just 10 days before the Planet Nine/X/Dark Star announcement.

["Ancient astronaut" in Blackstar (= "Dark Star")]

Jan 08: David Bowie birthday, turns 69
Jan 08: David Bowie's Blackstar album released
Jan 10: David Bowie dies of cancer
Jan 20: Strong evidence for "Planet X" announced

[Blackstar album released on Jan 8/Bowie birthday]

The ET/Contact storyline is underscored by David Bowie's famous "Starman" alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, a rock star who acts as a messenger for extraterrestrial beings.


You may recall I also alluded to the idea of Contact in the previous update to kick-start the new year. Because there is something big going on with it now and this is just the tiny tip of the iceberg...


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Super Torch Ritual 2016 - Dubai tower inferno

Dec 31 Fire engulfs skyscraper near Dubai's New Year's fireworks
Dec 31 Fire sweeps through Dubai skyscrape

This is only the beginning... (Over on STRUG - "Super Torch Ritual Underground" - we’ve been waiting for this “contact".) So much more beyond the entry-level implication of the Dubai tower fire symbolism above. Boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon moon moon...

UPDATE - January 18
"Dubai" can mean "market"/"money". The year 2016 began with a dramatic skyscraper inferno in Dubai (New Year's Eve/Day). Dubai + fire = money burning = financial crisis. Sure enough...

Jan 07, 2016 China market turmoil hits global shares
Jan 08 Dow closes down triple digits as stocks end one of
the worst year-opening weeks ever
Jan 13 Stocks tank as oil advance loses its footing
Jan 15 Dow plunges 391 points as fear grips markets

Black December Decoded (intro/timing clues)
[Last updated - Dec 21]

We'll keep it simple for now. Just a few timing clues...

First and foremost, the solar illumination of the Dark Horse Nebula at the foot of Ophiuchus around mid December. So much is going on with it multicontextually and the intensity of the surrounding patterns is off the charts (in a way reflected in the great global anticipation for the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens opening on Dec 18).

And so it begins... The FORCE awakens as CERN/LHC seems to have made CONTACT with the "DARK SIDE" (a potential mystery particle announced on Dec 15). DARK matter/energy says hello from the other side... The December 15th announcement during our DARK (Horse) window of Black (Knight) December... "This is only the beginning."

Dec 15 CERN Finds Tantalizing Hints of a Mysterious New Particle
Dec 16 CERN's potential new particle discovery "a total game changer"
Dec 16 Potential New Particle Shows Up at the LHC,
Thrilling and Confounding Physicists

[end update]

It's closely followed on ~December 23 by an Orange/Golden Apple (+Mars) Alignment, continuing from July 20...

Jul 20 Bomber massacres Turkey activists

Heavily resonating with the Golden Apple of Discord and Trojan War involving chaos (Golden Apple/Eris) Paris ("Judgment of Paris") and Turkey (Troy/Trojan War).

Nov 24 Turkish military shoots down Russian fighter jet over Syria

Very intense...


Dec 21 Success! SpaceX lands rocket in historic first

[End update]

Another notable window coming up soon, December 7-10, is based on our decoding of the CERN LHC "Orion stargate"...

Firstly, the Moon will occults Venus on December 7th, resonating with a key configuration decoded from the LHC:

Venus was actually right at the center of the SPS circle back on October 26th. As previously discussed there was a massive, deadly earthquake (Afghanistan/Pakistan) on that very day. We might perhaps see an echo from that.

UPDATE: Indeed, a clear echo... a major earthquake on December 7th near Afghanistan/Pakistan:

Dec 07 7.2-Magnitude Quake Hits Tajikistan,
Shakes Pakistan, India, Afghanistan
Dec 07 Eastern Tajikistan struck by powerful earthquake

[end update]

Secondly the above interpretation is strengthened by the fact that the Earth's orbital position on ~December 8th - i.e. at the time of the Venus-Moon conjunction - will correspond to the location of the ATLAS particle detector where the LHC and SPS make contact:

Already we are seeing a reflection of this in the imminent launch of Orbital ATK's Atlas V/Cygnus (ISS resupply mission) which should take place within days likely during the Dec 7-10 window.

*    *    *

Like I said, just some bare minimum temporal contexts for now, not meant to convince you of anything (yet). In a wider context, we're seeing 2010 in 2015 (& into 2016), the "Year We Make Contact"... Ignition in December, awakening the Force and raising the djedi black knight. Dark Horse whispering "deep impact". Stay tuned...


P.S. I know I haven't discussed (outside of STRUG) recent big world events including the Paris terror attacks. It's such a big can of worms it's hard to just start talking about it without writing a whole book. It all interacts with December so I'm sure I'll touch on those eventually.


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