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Japan/Fukushima Birthquake 7/12

**A major pattern confirmation**

Jul 11-12, 2014 Strong quake hits Japan, triggering small tsunami
Jul 11-12 Strong earthquake hits the east of Japan

A major earthquake on July 12 (Japan local time) involving Fukushima... just as indicated beforehand in our article Mayan Deep Impact 2014...

Papal World Cup & Mayan Deep Impact
Papal World Cup Final
(Argentina vs. German - July 13 in Rio)

Francis (Argentinian) vs. Benedict XVI (German)

[July 9 CNN.com World Cup finals: Pope vs Pope]
- In Mayan Deep Impact 2014 (posted June 21) we noted this World Cup heavily resonating with the February-March 2013 Benedict-Francis "Pope Shift"

- In Mayan Deep Impact 2014 we noted the concurrent February 2013 Russian meteor Deep Impact pinpointing, via Rome/papal city, Rio (World Cup final)...

- In Mayan Deep Impact 2014 we also noted an intense Mayan (galactic) context underlying all this...

...which we associated with earthquakes.

Did you notice there was a deadly "Mayan earthquake" on July 7th? Mexico/Guatemala is where the Mayan civilization used to be.

Jul 07 Quake 'kills three' as it strikes Mexico and Guatemala

And the countdown continues...

Mayan Deep Impact 2014
  June 21, 2014
New article...
Mayan Deep Impact 2014



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