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October Deep Impact - Martian Dark Horse
New article:

October Deep Impact

Martian Dark Horse & Golden Apple

Mayan New Age via Oculus Rift
New article:

Mayan New Age

via Oculus Rift

Galactic Birth of Virtual Reality

San Fran Birthquake - prediction fulfilled

"Hellgate-opening Birthquake"

Aug 24 Strongest quake in 25 years strikes San Francisco

As anticipated by the pattern described in my article Horus of the Horizon posted August 19, 2014 (or much earlier for those on STRUG). To quote myself from that article (red emphasis added):
On August 24th, NASA's New Horizons will cross the orbit of Neptune en route to its destination Pluto [...]

...the Sun-Regulus conjunction [on Aug 21-24] can signify, especially this year, a trigger that opens the portal to the Underworld [...]

So an earthquake - hinted by Neptune-Poseidon who has traditionally been called "Earth-shaker" - on the day of a Sun-Regulus conjunction [Aug 21-24] would be considered a hellgate/womb-opening "Birthquake" [...]

What will happen this year during/around the Regulus-Sun conjunction when it (re-)opens the "Gates of Hell"?
Well, now we know. How fitting... Golden Gate as the Gate of Hell, which makes a lot of sense. (This is not the only thing happening during/around this window, however. And the pattern continues forward...)

P.S. Also from my Feb 1 (2014) article Dark Horse at Hellgate:

"California rest in peace..."
Big One/Birthquake... 2014/2015... in California?

New article: "Horus of the Horizon" (UPDATED)

Horus of the Horizon

Opening the Gates of Hell in the Year of the Horse/Horus


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UPDATE - August 21

Ancient sphinxes unearthed in Greece's largest tomb/"underworld" ever found (linked to Alexander the Great)! Right combination (underworld/hell and sphinx) and right on time, as discussed in my article above.

Aug 21 Sphinxes Emerge From Huge Ancient Greek Tomb
Two headless sphinxes emerged from a massive burial site in northern Greece as archaeologists began removing large stones from the tomb's sealing wall. [...]

The statues are believed to have been placed there to guard the burial, which is the largest tomb ever uncovered in Greece. [...]

What lies behind the entrance remains a mystery. [...]

At the moment, the leading theory is that a senior general of Alexander's army was buried in the imposing tomb at Amphipolis.

But what if the Lion Tomb was indeed built for Alexander? [...]

[The tomb is scheduled to be opened in September.]

UPDATE - August 29

UPDATE - September 2

Sep 02 2nd American beheaded, ISIS video shows

"Mayan Deep Impact 2014" Update #3
The final match of the World Cup between Germany and Argentina was not only papal, but also symbolic of "Hitler resurrection" in that the leader of the Third Reich is often speculated to have escaped to Argentina after the war, Germany to Argentina.

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Japan/Fukushima Birthquake 7/12

**A major pattern confirmation**

Jul 11-12, 2014 Strong quake hits Japan, triggering small tsunami
Jul 11-12 Strong earthquake hits the east of Japan

A major earthquake on July 12 (Japan local time) involving Fukushima... just as indicated beforehand in our article Mayan Deep Impact 2014...

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