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December 2005



  December 19, '05   'Ark-aid' Games

[NOTE: The following was largely written by good friend 'Sunking' (Steve) who did a nice job of presenting some timely and 'fun' (or not!) ideas I sent him and combining them with some of his own. I thank him for his contribution/assistance and you may see more of him in the future.]

By 'Sunking' (with Goro)

One of the consistent features of the events Goro has been tracking has been the 'Contact' theme, the factor that has so often been the linkage tying the elements of the 'Super Torch Ritual', the 'Sun-King Judgment', the 'Deep Impact Judgment' and others together in the mosaic of multi-contextual thought. In Part 3 of the Deep Impact Judgment series the concept of 'Contact via Crop Glyphs' was explored, highlighting the Chilbolton Crop Glyph that appeared in August of 2001. This discussion got me wondering what, if any, message(s) might have surfaced in the 2005 crop circle harvest...

The subject of crop circles and crop glyphs is one that I have only recently 'discovered'. Sure, I have seen pictures on the Internet and heard the overly-publicized tales of frequenters of the pubs that claim that they are the originators of this circle or that... or even claim to have made all these intriguing creations, but I never paid much attention to the field. As 'synchronicity' would have it, just after reading Goro's 'DIJ-3' I was in the public library letting the 'spirit' guide me in my selection of reading material when I came upon some books on crop circles which I promptly checked out. I'm glad I did this, because I found the entire subject to be most interesting, with branches into many fields of study and endeavor, with large doses of conspiracy and failure of Government to give 'disclosure'.

One notable feature is that analysis of a given year's circle-making activity reveals a 'message' or 'theme' from the 'Circlemakers', so termed by author Freddy Silva in his book Secrets in the Fields. For instance in 1998 the theme revolved around sevenfold geometry. In 1999 the theme revolved around ninefold geometry and the validation of a two-way exchange between the force creating the circles and human recipients. Grid curvature and illusion was the theme in 2000. Again, I wondered what message was relayed in 2005?

In a recent article Mr. Silva's analysis has shown that the majority of 2005 crop circles were hoaxed, and he remarks that hoaxing is an apparent growth industry in England. But he also has stated that the CircleMaker's ability to communicate may extend to some subconscious level, even to perhaps 'inspiring' the hoaxers. There seems to be a spate of hoaxers commenting that 'we're not sure why we did that, but...'. So, the involvement of hoaxers may not be cause to assume that 'Contact' is not taking place - though 'Contact' itself is a mysterious and vague concept, of which we shouldn't pretend to have any tangible understanding.

Hoax or no hoax, if something ends up being capable of prompting certain 'sub-channel communication' to take place, then it doesn't really matter in what form the conduit comes to us. What matters is whether or not you end up gaining more knowledge from the interaction... any interaction.

In that spirit, let us start interacting with the following crop formations found in 2005...

This was formed on/near the Summer Solstice in Stephen's Castle Down, near Corhampton, Hampshire. Remembering that the Earth's tilt on its axis is at its maximum relative to the Sun at Summer Solstice, look at how this formation seemingly alludes to the Earth's axial inclination, expressing the angle using the tractor/tram lines in the background.

[Picture source:]

Recently noted in STRUG is the upcoming 2006 Olympics, to be held in Turin, also known as Torino and home of the famous Shroud of Turin. Looking at the interior of the Stephen's Down crop circle, there is a strong resemblance to the more stylized logo of the Torino 2006 Olympics.

Coincidence? Consider this…the meaning of 'Torino' (Turin) is 'little bull'. If we carry the association a little further, we know that the Pole Star is in the constellation known as the 'Little Bear' (Ursa Minor). The Pole Star is situated almost directly above the North Pole, a notion closely related to the axial/polar tilt noted above.

The terms 'Bull' and 'Bear' are related by their use in the jargon of the Financial world (e.g. 'We've moved from a Bull to a Bear market') and describe two states of the market that are in opposition. Opposition can imply 180 degrees away, corresponding to the North Pole and the South Pole, as well as to the Earth moving from one point to the opposite point around the Sun along the orbital path.

Calendarically, opposition is six months apart. Hence, opposition from the Summer Solstice, occurring around 6/21 and 'time-stamped' by our crop formation, gives us December 20-21 or so as the point signified by the 'bull' symbolism... and that fits right in to the Deep Impact Judgment window.

Continuing this focus on 'opposition' equating to 180 degrees, we come to a crop circle that appeared on June 23rd - still very close to the Summer Solstice - at Rockley Down near Marlborough, Wiltshire that we'll call 'Pac-Man'.

[Picture source:]

At first glance we see what looks like three versions of that standard of the arcade world, Pac-Man, but look again...

[Picture source:]

In this inverted version of the crop circle picture above, the 'hidden geometry' of a equilateral triangle is readily apparent. Being a triangle, when all the inner angles are added together we get the sum of 180 degrees.

Pac-Man was originally called 'Puck Man' (and there is an amusing story behind this!). Now if you keep up on your Shakespeare, you'll recognize Puck as a character in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', an allusion to the 'midpoint' concept current in the DIJ series only bolstered by the timing of these formations precisely in the Midsummer timeframe (i.e. Summer Solstice), especially the 'Turin axis' formation. Additionally one obscure tidbit of knowledge is that the mythological character Puck often lends forth with a 'ho ho ho', bringing to mind Santa. This and the association with the Turin axis formation points us directly to the 'Deep Impact window' in the Winter Solstice/December timeframe.

Just three days later on June 26, came the 'Space Invader' formation, at Telegraph Hill near Winchester, Hampshire, the shape inside the circle an obvious representation of one of the more famous characters in the arcade game 'Space Invaders'.

[Picture source:]

Firstly the ideas of 'communication' and 'Contact' come to mind, due to the glyph's location on a hill called 'Telegraph'. Then there was the 'digital' nature of the glyph layout. Not only was Space Invaders one of the first and most popular of the 'digital' age, but the digital aspect evoked that 2002 'alien disk' formation which is already emerging as a key part of the communication about 'false gifts' (a phrase specifically mentioned in the message found encoded in the 'CD' held by the 'ET' figure). A Christmas-related theme again... And it should not be missed that the crop formation came into being just 3 days before the opening of War of the Worlds - a bona fide 'space invaders' movie... that is also an allusion to 'World War III'. (It may mean nothing, but in the digital graph of the glyph layout above, the dimensions are 9 squares down and 11 squares across... 9-11.) If you have read the Deep Impact Judgment series, you can see how fitting this is... 

Next, both the Pac-Man and Space Invader glyphs are 'arcade' games. 'Arcade' evokes 'ark aid', which relates to the Ark of the Flood theme. 'Aid' can relate to an outgrowth of 'Live Aid' held this year, Live 8, which actually foreshadowed the New Orleans 'Great Flood' (via the '8'-analemma link etc.). Is it coincidence, then, that the Live 8 event, occurring two weeks after the appearance of these formations, was held on the middle day of the year…the 'midway' point…and that both Pac-Man and Space Invader were licensed and distributed by…Midway Games... of Chicago! Chicago - where there was a major 'Communication' event just the other day - a key 'ritual day' - on Dec. 8 at Midway Airport (there is much to be revealed there).

So, through these crop circle glyphs in 2005, we seem to have a message which affirms the timing of events that happened midway through the year and their correlation to events that may occur in the coming winter solstice timeframe (and beyond). We have referents to the Flood theme that is related to Deep Impact Judgment and hints that direct us to Chicago (though it may not represent the 'final destination' per se).

Now, look at this picture of the 'Turin Axis' formation...

[Picture source:]

...and now look at the picture of the Sears Tower… Chicago.

What do You think?

- Sunking (

Goro's comment: The significance of Chicago may not be so clear to many readers yet, but there is much going on with Chicago at this time and this situation was anticipated months ago (remember my 'Target Chicago' posting?). The city is heavily woven into the 'game'... the 'Communication'. It's at the heart of what I'm now calling 'Damage Plan 002'. It's the 'Monolith' of this 'season', embodying the coming... 'damage'. It's a 'target' but it's also a 'map'... if that makes sense.

Since Sunking decided to relate to the Sears Tower connection in the scheme, I might as well post the following key piece of the puzzle that should remain relevant in the coming weeks and months. It's part of a major 'riddle'... And if you don't know significance of '311' yet, that means you must be new here. :) It's one of our key 'Judgment Day' numbers in the 'game'.

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 December 14, '05   Deep Impact Judgment: Part 5

A quick update on where we are in the pattern...

Here, again, are the projected 'pressure points' of December, first posted on December 2:

That little 'kamikaze' window turned out to be surprisingly potent and expressive of the projected pattern/motif.

As I have made clear before, by 'kamikaze' I mean 'violent air event'. 'Kamikaze' means 'divine wind' and associated with the self-sacrificing Japanese war planes during WW2. 9/11 was a 'kamikaze' event as well. 'Airplanes' would be 'air plane' (dimension of air), a realm symbolically represented by a tower and/or the mythological figures Shu, Atlas, etc. Violent events having to do with the atmosphere - planes, hurricanes, etc. - are therefore 'kamikaze' events. That was the context applied to the window around Pearl Harbor day (12/07).

And here is what we saw:

12/06 Iran: Military plane crashes into 10-story building. (Very evocative of 9/11 and 'kamikaze'.)

The same day I posted this alignment supported by various 'Christmas'-driven symbolism, highlighting Chicago...

12/07 Miami: Bipolar man shot dead by air marshal at Miami airport in Florida on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

12/08 Chicago ('Windy City'): Hard landing of jet plane at Midway Airport in Chicago; skids off runway and kills boy. (A violent 'airplane' event in the Windy City highlighted two days before - a significant 'kamikaze' event. The name 'Midway' reflects the prevalent 'midpoint' [= balance = justice = Judgment] theme underlying all this.)

On the same day, the Olympic Torch Relay began in Rome... the 'Super Torch Ritual' par excellence.

12/10 Nigeria: Jet crashes in Nigeria, 103 dead.

These collectively strong manifestations of the 'kamikaze' theme - and there is still a grander and more meticulous design encoded into the pattern which we won't go into - suggests that there is an 'epicenter' inside the second/primary 'pressure point' or the 'deep impact window'.

It is comprised of Saturnalia, winter solstice, Christmas, Boxing Day, and such... i.e. generally a 'gift' period. There are many aspects to this window most of which I haven't discussed yet, but this one below I have and it ominously continues the 'kamikaze' pattern.

...And this one, the 'Equation of Time' - a potent time-marker closely associated with the 'Sun-king Judgment' theme...

Here is what I wrote previously (emphasis added):

Notice how the biggest offset from zero, peaking around the beginning of November ('Samhain' time), closely corresponds with the retrograde Mars period of Oct. 1-Dec. 10. And note too that Plamegate (indictment of Vice President Cheney''s chief of staff 'Scooter' Libby), a major 'Sun-king Judgment' situation, began really intensifying when the jailed New York Times reporter Judith Miller was freed to testify before a grand jury around the beginning of October. That situation came to a climax when special prosecutor Fitzgerald finally announced on Oct. 28 the indictment of Libby on charges of obstruction of justice, perjury and making false statements in the CIA leak investigation, just about when the 'time wave' was at its peak. It will be interesting to see what happens around December 10 in this context...

Well, meet Viveca Novak - the new Judith Miller she is.

  • Dec. 8: Novak meets special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald leading the Plamegate investigation. (Questioning under oath.)

  • Dec. 11: In a piece in Time titled 'What Viveca Novak Told Fitzgerald' Novak reveals the nature of her role in Plamegate, which turns out to be quite unprofessional.

  • Dec. 11: Unhappy Time says Novak is on a leave of absence by mutual agreement.

So that's a rather clear 'echo' of Judith Miller, isn't it?

And Fitzgerald's investigation does appear to be heating up again, seemingly moving toward another indictment (Rove).

As I have written numerous times before, Plamegate appears to be a key component of the 'Deep Impact' situation (which is multi-leveled).

We now have a mirroring effect around the 'Samhain peak' around the beginning of November. Following the pattern, we'll have an echo of... Katrina/New Orleans ('Great Flood') coming up. In fact, we already had a 'pre-echo' last year as it was right at the 'zero point' of the 'Judgment time wave' that Sumatra's 'Great Flood' happened (12/26/04).

One of the celestial time-markers of Sumatra was the Sun-Venus-Mars alignment. The same alignment will be formed for the first time since then on December 15 this year...

So that's already conveying the idea of an 'echo' relating to the 'Great Flood' theme. Not coincidentally, I have Dec. 15 as the opening of the 'Deep Impact window'.

I keep using the term 'Deep Impact' without really explaining it, but there is a good reason for it and it does have much to do with NASA's Deep Impact mission (along with the movie by the same name of course, which is a 'Great Flood' story). And based on that stuff, it is around the winter solstice (~12/20) that signifies an 'epicenter'/'midpoint'. But Christmas has its own strong momentum going for it, and so we have an intense, multi-layered 'impact zone' around that period collectively dubbed the 'primary Deep Impact window'. It should be an 'interesting' period, if not outwardly 'deep impact' as it can easily become. But it's also very much about 'Contact'/'Communication' - probably the most important aspect of it all.

(I don't like the above paragraph because I should go into the reasons behind these projections which, to me, are the important and exciting stuff that leads to something more productive... But hey, it's not my fault that a day only has 24 hours!)

It's already 'interesting' that Japan's Hayabusa mission, very similar to Deep Impact, made contact with a space rock during a key 'midpoint' window late November as previously discussed. That was another 'echo' and as you may recall Deep Impact's 'contact' was back on July 4th, i.e. just weeks before Katrina/New Orleans.


Are we in for a political 'deep impact' event? In which case we would have - the most plausible scenario - the indictment of Karl Rove. Special Counsel Fitzgerald is interestingly from the Windy City Chicago - he can become the kamikaze wind that blows away the White House, so to speak, as Katrina did New Orleans. The 'Watergate' opens and the Flood begins... I'm closely looking at this scenario because the upcoming 'zero deviation' point of the Equation of Time typically signifies 'Sun-king Judgment', and Bush et al represent the American 'Sun king'.

If not (only) political, then we may be in for something that's just not entertaining. Let's hope that the 'Great Flood/Sun-king Judgment' theme will be expressed, if it has be expressed, mostly in the political arena. We'll need a bag of popcorn for that one!

On a more serious note, I have to report that I am picking up increasing multi-contextual 'signals' indicating that something like World War III - or a modern 'Trojan War' - is about to be put into motion, as early as this month. Think how the 'Judgment of Paris' led to the Trojan War... It was the initial spark that spread to eventually become the ancient 'World War'. It seems that, based on what I'm picking up, we are now entering that phase.

But again... 'Contact' is the key storyline that's quietly intensifying and transmitting something profound...

Hopefully I'll do one more update before we enter 'the zone'...

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 December 05, '05   Deep Impact Judgment: Part 4

'Deep Impact' sequence underway... Santa's coming to town... Gifts from the North Pole... A Trojan Horse to follow the Judgment of Paris?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Judging 'Mayan Contact Midpoint'

Previously the 'Mayan Contact Midpoint' was projected like this:

It was mostly out of convenience that I used the 'October 22' (1998) date for 'EQ Pegasi Contact', even though the 'hoax' saga lasted from Oct. 22 through Nov. 3 (i.e. from the day 'Paul Dore' allegedly detected a potential 'ET' signal to the day 'Paul Dore' sent out his final statement email stating it was all a case of misidentification). I oversimplified the window by keeping the midpoint close to the 'Orange Alignment' (Sun-Mercury-Venus) forming Nov. 17-18, which is a key Super Torch Ritual celestial time-marker. The midpoint should have been November 21-27 based on the entire duration of the 1998 'Contact'.

It's comparable in duration to the 'other' Mayan midpoint window established based on an alternate 'Galactic Alignment' date, masterfully bracketing the Katrina/New Orleans 'Great Flood' period.

After the slight adjustment/clarification, it is easier to see the (symbolic) 'Contact' events that did manifest during the 'second' midpoint window, along with manifestations of the intertwined 'Sun-king Judgment' theme typically signaled by an 'Orange Alignment'.

Politically, Jack Murtha' calling for withdrawal from Iraq - dubbed the 'one-man tipping point' - was an epicenter that sent out shockwaves still strongly reverberating around us. The Bush/neocon war has come under intense pressure as a result of the bold move by the respected Congressman. Given the fact that the Iraq war is essentially Bush's presidency - who is an American 'Sun-king' figure - this signaled a time of 'Judgment' for Team Bush (like at the time of Katrina/New Orleans).

It was closely followed by a series of 'Contact' events, primarily expressed by Japan's Hayabusa probe making 'contact' with an asteroid. The underlying/hidden theme was enhanced by the news story coming out of nowhere, seriously reporting on a political development in Canada involving extraterrestrials.

We knew Hayabusa's landings were planned and would poetically express the idea of 'Contact'. The story about former Canadian Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister under Pierre Trudeau asking the Parliament to hold public hearings on extraterrestrials, was... something that just popped up to seemingly 'acknowledge' the pattern.

That it came from Canada is interesting, as it was followed by another key event in Canada - the fall of Paul Martin's Canadian government, ousted in a no-confidence vote on Nov. 28, seemingly expressing the projected 'Sun-king Judgment' pattern.

I find it almost humorous that the name 'Paul Martin' means 'little Martian' (as pointed out by a reader). :) That was a 'cute' way of mixing the two themes, 'Judgment' and 'Contact'... The same combination was globally transmitted before via Live 8 on the middle day of the year signifying the 'Contact midpoint'...

Music is a key component of the 'Contact' storyline a la Close Encounter of the Third Kind (i.e. First Contact achieved via musical communication). And the music event of the 'midpoint Contact year' - Live 8 - was also clearly a Justice/Judgment event through its timing (midpoint = balance = justice) and its slogan 'The Long Walk To Justice'.

Music was part of Hayabusa's symbolism through its other name 'MUSES-C' (as in 'music', a term deriving from the mythological 'Muses'). Its asteroid-landing was therefore 'Contact via music'.

Hayabusa was also 'designed' to echo NASA's 'Deep Impact' (the movie by the same name being a major 'Judgment/Flood' story) which earlier this year similarly made contact with a space rock, Comet Tempel 1, mere 2 days after Live 8.

'Pole Mars'

Paul Martin - 'little Martian' - is also 'pole Mars'. That phrase happens to have a special meaning for me... because of this quatrain of Nostradamus (ah... long time no see), numbered 2-48:

Century II - 48
La grand copie qui passera les monts.
Saturne en l'Arq tournant du poisson Mars:
Venins cachez soubs testes de saumons,
Leurs chief pendu a` fil de polemars.

The great army which will pass the mountains.
Saturn in the Arc turning of the fish Mars:
Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,
Their chief hung with cord of polemars.

It's one of the handful of quatrains I've repeatedly discussed in the past... and you can see at the very end, the word 'polemars'.

My unique interpretation has been that it is a 'Paris Quatrain' - a word map of the heart of Paris. The first hint is in the numbers, '2, 48', corresponding to Paris' geographical coordinates, 2.3°E 48.8°N.

It's all about Paris and if you have read the previous installments of this series you can appreciate how freaky a 'coincidence' this is. Paris is, after all, the space-time marker (particularly associated with cross-quarter days) heavily utilized in the 'Communication stylized as 'Contact' currently underway.

Let's go through the quatrain line by line...

Line 1: 'The great army which will pass the mountains'.

'Great Army' is one of the 12 streets radiating from the famous circular road going around the Arc de Triomphe ('Place Charles de Gaulle'). It's called 'Grande Armee' in French, and it has the unique distinction of being the linear extension of the main boulevard, the Champs-Élysées (Elysian Fields). The 'mountains' would correspond to the Arc de Triomphe sandwiched between the two streets.

Line 2: 'Saturn in the Arc turning of the fish Mars'

The 'Arc' would naturally be the Arc de Triomphe. The 'turning' part would describe the circular road around the monument which is also like the ring of 'Saturn', the planet/god of death. 'Arc' viewed as 'Ark' would similarly signify death (coffin) and beneath the Arc monument is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Even the Elysian Fields (Champs-Élysées) or Elysium were a mythological realm of the dead.

'Turning of the fish Mars' is a highly creative way of alluding to the Eiffel Tower standing near the Arc in the Champ de Mars (marked by a red rectangle in the map).

The world-famous tower stands right next to the Seine river - 'Seine' meaning 'fishing net'. The 'Martian tower' (i.e. tower in a 'Field of Mars') is therefore like fish caught in a fishing net - i.e. 'fish Mars'. As for 'turning', not only is the river indeed 'turning' there, the term 'tower' is etymologically linked to 'turn'. So 'turning of fish Mars' can be read as 'tower of fish Mars', which is none other than the Eiffel Tower in the Champ de Mars!

Note that using the same etymology, 'Tower of France' would also denote 'turning of France' or 'French Revolution'. And a mini-'French Revolution' we just witnessed during the Paris axis-marked 'Samhain' cross-quarter window around the beginning of November. It was the signature event of that window projected beforehand in Part 1 (October 18).


samhain-window-2.gif (31415 bytes)
Samhain Cross-quarter window
(Paris 'axis' solar alignment)

Line 3
: 'Poison hidden under the heads of salmon'

'Poison' seemingly interacts with the the French word for 'fish', poisson (used in Line 2), nearly identical both in spelling and pronunciation. Combined with the mention of 'salmon', the connection seems solid enough. In Line 2 'fish' (poisson) was identified with the Eiffel Tower as well as Mars, or 'revolution of Mars' as in 'Mars orbit'. Add to that the idea of 'salmon', which is a type of fish known for swimming against the current, and we get the concept of Mars moving backward as seen from Earth i.e. retrograde motion.

As it happens, Mars is in that backward movement right now - since Oct. 1 and until Dec. 10 - bracketing the key period around the Samhain cross-quarter window highlighted by the great unrest in Paris.

Line 4: 'Their chief hung with cord of polemars'

The current nature of the interpretation above finds reinforcement in Line 4 mentioning 'polemars' (apparently a made-up word) - i.e. the recent fall of Paul Martian ('Pole Mars') in Canada. (And Canada is a very French nation, its official languages being English and French.) I mean, replace 'polemars' with 'Paul Martin' and what do you get?: 'Their chief hung with cord of Paul Martin' or 'Their leader, Paul Martin, hung with cord'. Very descriptive of what happened to Martin politically, isn't it?

And how 'coincidental' is it that the Samhain cross-quarter window producing the little 'French revolution' (unrest) was associated with a Scottish cross-quarter day called 'Martin-mas'? Martinmas is November 11, which was specifically pinpointed by the Paris axis, as I wrote in STRUG on Nov. 5:

This also made me realize there is a need to extend the Samhain CQ window by about 3 days. Turns out, for Samhain (i.e. midpoint between autumn equinox and winter solstice), the date of Paris' axis' sunrise alignment deviates slightly from the astronomical/ecliptic CQ timing (11/7), marking Nov. 9-11. Incidentally, Nov. 11 is the Scottish (cross-)quarter day called 'Martinmas'.

'Polemars'/'Pole Mars' would also be an additional allusion to the Eiffel Tower in the Champ de Mars - a pole in a field named 'Mars'... a 'pole Mars'. And this 'Tower of France' denotes 'French Revolution'.

It all seems to fit surprisingly well, doesn't it? But there is more...

The Samhain CQ window wasn't just about a mini-'French Revolution'. Overlapping the Paris unrest was another major world event in Amman (Jordan) where multiple hotel bombings struck.

The 'historical axis' of Paris (a cross-quarter day marker, a major portion of which is the Champs-Élysées) was in alignment with sunrise on that very day (Nov. 9-11).

And, as shown in Part 3, the bombings were very 'geodetically aware' - as Amman is perfectly aligned with Paris along a great circle that is sometimes called 'Satan's Axis' which even involves the landfall site of Hurricane Katrina.

In this illustration you can see Paris and Amman together producing a double polar alignment anchored by HAARP (an infamous installation in Alaska often speculated to be involved in some kind of weather manipulation research) which in turn relates back to Katrina (the 'queen' of this year's seemingly 'controlled' hurricanes). In other words, poles had already been a key component of the ongoing 'Super Torch Ritual' even before Paul/Pole Martin and actually even before the 'French/Paris Revolution' (discussed extensively on STRUG).

The fall of Paul Martin and his government during the projected 'Mayan Contact Midpoint' window was thus no minor event in the grand scheme of (symbolic) things. It was a meaningful development to which we were supposed to pay attention even if we weren't in Canada, that is if we were to stay engaged in the 'Communication', which is also suggested to be a subtle form of 'Contact' (a quiet Initiation process).

But it wasn't particularly 'deep impact' in nature, though the concept was expressed through Hayabusa echoing NASA's Deep Impact mission. The general window is still active, however. It continues to be my view that the 'Deep Impact sequence' will be sustained well into December, if not beyond it. (The Turin Olympics starting February 10 is a key time-maker.) There is a good chance that the theme will produce more straightforward expressions soon.

'Bearers of false gifts'

So what's next? I won't go into all the details (not enough time for that here), but timing-wise I'm detecting 'pressure points' distributed like this in the graphic:

I've been picking up a lot of multicontextual momentum going toward the Saturnalia-Christmas period around the winter solstice that I would describe as the 'primary Deep Impact' window. So much so that my expectation level is unusually high that the theme will be expressed strongly one way or another during or through that time segment.

Without going into the more complex aspects, I can say that, for instance, around Christmas is the ominous zero-deviation point of the Equation of Time which has been a potent 'Judgment Day' marker so far (particularly associated with the 'Sun-king Judgment' motif).

Notice how the biggest offset from zero, peaking around the beginning of November ('Samhain' time), closely corresponds with the retrograde Mars period of Oct. 1-Dec. 10. And note too that Plamegate (indictment of Vice President Cheney''s chief of staff 'Scooter' Libby), a major 'Sun-king Judgment' situation, began really intensifying when the jailed New York Times reporter Judith Miller was freed to testify before a grand jury around the beginning of October. That situation came to a climax when special prosecutor Fitzgerald finally announced on Oct. 28 the indictment of Libby on charges of obstruction of justice, perjury and making false statements in the CIA leak investigation, just about when the 'time wave' was at its peak. It will be interesting to see what happens around December 10 in this context...

There is also this 'Kamikaze Time Code' pinpointing Christmas time etc.

Christmas is also when Santa comes to town with gifts all the way from... the North Pole - resonating with the whole 'pole' theme. Gifts of the Magi and the Trojan Horse...

Some kind of 'pole reversal' intimated as well that involves the Saturnalia-winter solstice-Christmas period. It will be interesting to see how that will be expressed... with 'twists'.

Well, that's enough for now...

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