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The View from the Watchtower

Dec. 14, '01   Titanic Revolution
The new movie 'The Lord of the Rings' opens next Wednesday closely following a rare annular solar eclipse over America (today) which turns the sun into a fiery coronal 'ring'; and of course the next week is also the Saturnalia, the festival of Saturn/Cronus, the celestial 'lord of the rings' (just look at the planet). The solar eclipse also coincides with the peak of the Geminids meteor shower - Gemini being closely associated with Saturn's mythical 'golden age'. As if this weren't enough, this coming Sunday NBC will air the movie 'Titanic' which as I have discussed numerous times before is a very potent symbolic story of Saturn/Atlantis (mythologically Saturn, as well as Atlas, was the leader of the elder gods, the 'Titans'). My point here is that, as I mentioned in the last entry, next week is symbolically shaping up to be a key period that may take the already volatile world events to another level.

Did the United States hit the iceberg on 9-11-01? Was today's annular/'Saturnian' solar eclipse perhaps an omen for the US that its time is up and that it is now more or less a sinking 'ship'?

The timing of the solar eclipse -- December -- also brings our attention to Quatrain II-41, one of Nostradamus' prophetic poems repeatedly discussed here. In the article 'The Two Suns of Election MM', I correlated it with the big event of last December, i.e. the indecisive US election. I have contended that the quatrain is very 'Sirian' and it may relate to the Saturnalia that lasted 7 days as Line 1 mentions a 'great star' and 'seven days'. The Saturnalia in a way celebrates the resurrection of Osiris which in turn, congruently, is inseparable from Isis-Sirius that initiates the resurrection process.

The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make two suns appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night

When the great pontiff changes his abode.

The 'two suns' mentioned in Line 2 becomes very meaningful here since, as 'double-lion' (the sun and the lion is symbolically and astrologically interchangeable), it evokes the double-sphinx (Atum-Sphinx-Rwty) of ancient Egyptian symbology that guards the Fifth Division of the Duat, the House of Sokar, i.e. the 'Tomb of Osiris'. It therefore also nicely correlates with the theme of Osirian resurrection. In the Book of the Dead from ancient Egypt, the double-lion seems to be linked with the 'Field of Offerings/Reeds':

He floateth down the river, he saileth up into the Field of Reeds, he reacheth the Field of Offerings and says I am the Double Lion-god!

The Field of Offerings/Reeds/Peace in turn appears to be associated with the Morning Star (Pyramid Texts, Utt. 509), i.e. Sirius-Venus. To relate this more strongly to the coming Saturnalia, we find that the term 'offering/peace' in ancient Egyptian was hetep (htp) which is the reverse of 'pth' or 'Ptah' who was 'fire fallen to earth' -- an allusion to a meteorite which then reminds us of the Geminids meteor shower. The meteorite can also be a representation of none other than Osiris (or vice versa) as discussed in 'Mystery, Babylon the Great'.

The 'Field of Reeds' is also considered analogous to the 'Red Sea'/'Sea of Reeds' (yam sp) that Moses is said to have 'parted' as described in Exodus. (Hoffmeier, Israel in Egypt, pp.204,213-4) This then nicely brings us right back to Quatrain II-41 as Moses is one of its key implications (see 'The Two Suns...') -- President Bush viewed as a Mosaic figure. That Moses may be equated with the radical Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, who brought the prosperous 18th Dynasty to its knees, resonates well with Bush's presidency (not that he is directly responsible for the current troubles of the US).

Via the correlation with St. Malachy's prophetic 'pope list' and such, I have also theorized a year ago that this and the next president "will in some way mark the end of presidency or the United States as it exists today". Curious, then, that yam sp, if taken to be yam sp, would denote 'sea of the end' (as sp has the meaning  'come to an end') (Israel in Egypt, p.205-6,215). Additionally, yam sp has been also rendered as "the extremity of the sea in the land of Edom" -- 'Edom' having the meaning 'red'. This 'red land' could perhaps relate to Mars which I have compared to the 'Promised Land', or Atlantis in 'Mystery, Babylon...'. Note also that the 'Field/Sea of Reeds' may now turn into 'Field of Mars' -- the very name of the park in which Paris' landmark, the Eiffel Tower (the French version of the 'Tower of Babel'/WTC), stands. And Paris, or 'Par-Isis', is a decidedly Sirian city.

Quatrain II-41 makes a clear reference to the change of papacy in Line 4 ('When the great pontiff changes his abode') which produces a significant implication when combined with today's solar eclipse. The current pope, John Paul II, the list of St. Malachy refers to as 'De Labore Solis' meaning the 'labor of the sun' or metaphorically the 'solar eclipse' -- most fitting since JPII was born under a solar eclipse on May 18, 1920. Pope JPII is therefore inseparable from solar eclipses. Could today's occultation of the sun, then, be a ominous sign that the pope's exit is coming shortly? Or does it symbolically relate to the US president instead?

Rome being a city that has been compared to 'Babylon' seems to reinforce the papal connection because the 9-11 terrorist attacks on NYC (and the Pentagon), which kick-started the current global unrest, was a symbolic destruction of 'Babylon' as illustrated in 'Mystery, Babylon the Great'.

Finally, it would be remiss if I did not bring up Quatrain X-72, the most famous of Nostradamus' prophecies.

The year 1999 seven months,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To resurrect the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to reign by good luck

First, the 'double sun/lion/sphinx' of II-41 is here echoed by the 'great King of terror' for the Great Sphinx is also known as the 'Father of Terrors'. That this terror should come "from the sky" makes this a potent allusion to the airplane terrorist attacks of 9-11.  And the related Osirian resurrection theme resonates with Line 3 ('resurrect the great King...') which also mentions "Angolmois" -- a potential reference to NYC, the American 'Babylon' city attacked by terrorists, to which was attached the name 'Angoulme' in the early days of the New World. And then Line 4 brings up another major theme, 'Mars'. Line 2's "King of terror" can also be taken to be a reference to the Red Planet considering that it is the 'king' of the two Martian satellites Phobos ('fear') and Deimos ('terror'). In fact, this phrase 'King of terror' can effectively confirm the underlying theme of Osirian resurrection as we read in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead:

"Hail, Lord of Terror..."
Who is this Lord of Terror?
"...It is the Heart of Osiris..."

The only problem, of course, is that Line 1 specifically mentions the date, "1999, seven months", which was 2 years ago. What does this offset mean?  I don't have an answer at this time,.

Nonetheless, all the symbolic indications are collectively suggesting that something momentous is occurring on many levels and that mid-December may be one of the crucial periods for the on-going 'revolution'.

Dec. 9, '01   Resurrection Time
Last week the mainstream media finally began to pick up the story about the underwater 'lost city' off the west coast of Cuba which may well be the remnants of what might be called 'Atlantis'. It will be most interesting to see how this news item will evolve over the coming weeks and months. Physical evidence seems to be irrefutable that the 'city' is indeed there, although our history books do not have any room for the existence of this kind of advanced 'antediluvian' culture. This should shock and anger many linear-thinking scientists... and that gives me great joy :) Rise, phoenix, rise!

'Atlantis' is of course the main underlying theme I have detected in the recent world events, especially the 9-11 terrorist attacks (see the article, 'Mystery, Babylon the Great'). And closely attached to the theme is the notion of Osirian resurrection. It seems to me, therefore, that these associations are suggestive of some significant event(s), carrying coherent symbolic implications, occurring in mid-December, the 7-day period of the 'Saturnalia' starting on the 17th (a proto-Christmas festival) since it may also be viewed as an Osirian festival considering that Saturn and Osiris are largely equatable (though this is not something widely realized). And Christmas itself is a key date as well, obviously.

What will happen? Who knows... I can see both positive and destructive possibilities. I'll just leave it to the imagination of each reader for now.

Future is born in pain, no?

Oct. 31, '01  Halloween window
Not only is Halloween the day to celebrate the resurrection of the dead (thus, in a way, a day of Osiris), this year's is even conceptually associatable to the end of Atlantis, and of course it will also coincide with a rare 'Blue Moon' (i.e. the second full moon of October). So obviously, as per the mechination of symbology explained in 'Mystery, Babylon the Great', this is a potent 'window' for major events that may be related to 9-11. (Nov. 1 would also be part of the window as it is an '111' date.) But considering that the general awareness of the looming danger is quite high now, the expression of the potential may well recede into the metaphorical - at least that's the desirable outcome...

Oct. 25, '01   New Article
I just uploaded a new piece I just wrote up titled 'Mystery, Babylon the Great'. It's a symbolic analysis of the 911 attacks in a big context, and I guess it is the first article presented here that does not involve Nostradamus. It is actually closer to the stuff I've been working on for the last few years off-website and some aspects of what is discussed in my yet-to-be-published book. I wrote the piece pretty quickly so it is not as in-depth as it could be, but should still make interesting reading.

Oct. 19, '01  Additional Reflection
Well, upon further reflection I feel I may have come out a little to harsh on Nostradamians in the last update, so I thought I'd clarify my position a little. First, I think it's very healthy for people to get interested in great enigmas such as Nostradamus; as Einstein once said, if you're not fascinated by mysteries, you're as good as dead. Becoming attracted to anomalous phenomena is indeed a manifestation of the 'divine spark' that resides within the heart of mankind, so to speak. Without mysteries, the universe would be such a boring place to live, and in a way mystery is the very fundamental energy that drives life forward. Our education system, however, tries its best to eradicate or hide any such mysteries of reality and discourage students from embarking on an intellectual exploration into the unknown. It's really a sad state of affairs and I hope the inextinguishable divine fire in all of us - our innate creativity and curiosity - will regain its energy and rebel against the intellectual oppression soon. Frankly, I'd love to see the brain-dead education system and egomaniac academia crumble like the WTC towers (I hope this analogy doesn't offend anyone). Isn't it about time though? We need to realize that it is very unnatural for "learning" to be a burden or a forced labor for us. We innately seek knowledge without any outside pressure! So why does public education - supposedly a place of learning - actually do a good job of turning off children's desire to learn? There is obviously something fundamentally wrong about our education system -- it is in fact a mind-programming system which trains people to be incapable of independent thinking. What a sham it is. Someone's gotta end the cycle.

Anyway, so I am very much for people getting curious about Nostradamus and other 'anomalies' (though it apparently takes a big amount of fear to drive people's interest in those things). But I must admit that this curiosity doesn't lead to tangible insights for most. Somewhere along the line, the mind gets stuck with one particular line of thinking and prevents itself from penetrating further into the esoteric realm of reality surrounded by a membrane made up of various distractions, misdirections, hints, and such which minds infected with 'viruses' such as fear, prejudice, habitual emotional response pattern, etc. cannot go through. Religion as it exists today is a good example of this - it's 'stuck'. And the same goes for the supposed "experts" on Nostradamus out there who are rather impotent exoteric linear thinkers satisfied to be merely perched upon the surface of the 'membrane'. Everytime I hear people like John Hogue -- thought to be one of the leading authorities on Nosty -- speak on radio etc., I see how primitive their thinking is and get the desire to be not associated with them... :) I just think it's a pretty amazing that supposed "experts" can be so lame. But then, maybe that's how it should be; the 'noise' of the perceived 'authorities' just turns into part of the 'membrane' and have the function of helping filter out those not ready for the matrix of esoterica.

Oct. 9, '01   Early Reflection
It's been almost a month since the horrific '911' event - the impact of which is still deeply affecting us today. Indeed, it affected the people on a very profound and emotional level that the future path of America, and along with it the entire world, is no longer what it was before 9-11-01. No longer is the general sense of security and invincibility, no longer is the carefree life-style that looked on the troubles of Israel with apathy and puzzlement, and no longer is the proud homeland untouched -- she has been violated. Looking back, though, what is most remarkable -- and the key aspect that made the terrorist attacks very effective -- is the extensive symbolism surrounding the event. Even on the surface/exoteric level, it was above all else an assault on major symbols of the United States. And even to the average people, the repeated symbolic motif of the number '11' and such has become an intriguing aspect of the '911' event. I personally have dealt with the mysterious nature of symbology embedded in world events for quite a long time, but it now seems that people's awareness of such an esoteric conception is rapidly increasing - mainly due to, seemingly, the symbolism of this type becoming more and more overt. This probably relates to "Earth" and "Heaven" increasingly becoming united, metaphorically speaking, but that's another story for another time. It is ironic, though, that it was what was clearly the modern version of the Tower of Babel -- i.e. the WTC twin towers in NYC -- which has the function of uniting heaven and earth, the 'gate of the gods', that was destroyed in the event.

This 'stargate' theme also seemed to bleed into the sudden panicky interest in the prophecies of Nostradamus prompted -- somewhat suspiciously -- by hoaxes that linked the terrorist attacks to the beginning of WWIII. The name 'Nostradamus' (Notre Dame) means 'Our Lady', a reference to the Virgin Mary/Mary Magdalene who in turn is the biblical version of Isis, the Egyptian goddess represented in the night sky as the star Sirius, which is in many ways a 'stargate' par excellence. Moreover, further symbolic congruity is produced by 'Magdalene' (as Magdala) happening to have the meaning of 'tower' as well as 'place of the dove' and such. The implication of the former is obvious; the relevance of the latter on the other hand is not so readily apparent but substituting 'columba' for 'dove' (the name of Noah's dove) should yield intriguing associations. One of names of the United States is 'Columbia' which is embodied by the Statue of Liberty (the implication being this 'Mother of Exiles' representing Mary Magdalene/Isis). Other than these, the epithet 'Magdalene' has also been found to relate to an Old Testament 'prophecy' (Micah 4:8) concerning the restoration of Sion/Zion - a term applicable to Jerusalem/Israel, Solomon's Temple, the Ark, and such. (Note that the term 'Zion' figures quite prominently in the film, The Matrix, as well.)

All these connections involving Isis/Sirius/MM, the Flood/Noah/Ark, and the Ark-Grail are very familiar motifs to this Etemenanki website which has long identified these to be major part of the undercurrent esoteric signature of high-impact world events. Indeed, the Ark-Grail theme I had found to be associated especially with airplane crashes. So, in these and many other ways there was considerable symbolic resonance between the 911 event and this website -- the name of which, 'Etemenanki', is actually an ancient name for none other than the Tower of Babel :)  And of course, like the WTC towers, this website received so many hits after 9-11 (due to the aforementioned Nostradamus frenzy) that it went down for several days...

This actually made me realize too that my website is still widely perceived as a 'Nostradamus site' in spite of the fact that I don't discuss his prophecies much any longer here - I only do so when I just have to, like the US election MM and this 911 event. It doesn't bother me much but I must say that I do hate to be associated in any way with Nostradamus buffs and "experts" out there almost all of whom are completely devoid of esoteric understanding and are just fond of subjectively 'predicting' in Nostradamus' name the imminent day of doom. Their motivation is almost invariably based in one way or another on fear - and fear is nothing but a disruptive virus for the mind and it prevents one from moving toward the direction of truth. What comes out of a disabled mind is just garbled noise. My involvement with prophetic material is not fear-based and I think this has been shown in the fact that I virtually never suggest, or make an prophetic interpretation, that doom is coming soon -- even when seemingly everyone else was predicting a catastrophe in '1999', I was solely making a non-doom interpretation of the infamous X-72 quatrain (see 1999: Final Solution).

But there is one exception. On Feb. 2, 2000, I made the following statement on this site:

Now, I'm not sure if I want to say this... but here is something that the data I have is suggesting to me.  It's that the year 2000/2001 is to bring to the United States one of the biggest events the country has ever experienced.  This is not something I 'believe' or based on 'millennial' mentality; it's just what the data I have (not presented on this website) is suggesting to me.  The key concepts attached to this are termination and 'New World'.

This more or less doomy prediction was a very rare and special case where I was quite sure about the timing, location, its magnitude, and its being an exoteric event (as opposed to being mainly symbolic). What enabled me to make the prediction I am unwilling to reveal here yet but should be made clear in my upcoming book. I must say, though, that my feeling is that the 911 event, while surely "one of the biggest events the [US] has ever experienced", still may not be momentous enough to fulfill what is indicated by the esoteric data I have. Does this mean there is more to come soon? I hope not, but I am somewhat worried.

There are some future dates to watch, but there is one particular date coming up soon - Oct. 13, a Templar termination date. This may be too obvious a date to be find its way into the symbolic encoding, but... who knows.

Planning to write up an in-depth piece on the symbolic implications of the whole situation.

Sept. 21, '01   A Prophetic Hint in The Matrix?
The film The Matrix had a great impact on people - visually and conceptually. As many people have noticed, there is a strong messianic and seemingly prophetic undercurrent to the movie peppered with a lot of esoteric symbolism. For me, one of the most intriguing subtle symbols, or 'clues', in The Matrix was the one that appeared in one of its most dramatic sequences - where the Promethean figure, Morpheus, is rescued by Neo and Trinity from a tall building in a drastic - almost terrorist-like - manner. If you recall, immediately after the rescue, the helicopter piloted by Trinity dramatically crashes into a modern, glassy building. Needless to say, I am alluding to the similarity that seems to exist between this fictious sequence and the recent terrorist attacks. But what really caught my attention was that there appeared to be a not-so-subtle clue as to the timing of the event in question: in the scene where Morpheus, hanging from the helicopter, is transported to the roof of a building, you clearly see a building, the very building on top of which Morpheus is to be dropped, labeled 'MMI' - which happens to be Roman numerals for '2001'.

Signs are everywhere :)

Sept. 19, '01   Potential Danger
A quick note: my symbolic analysis is potentially suggesting to me that we may see a major incident around midnight today (perhaps involving Maine); this is very speculative and nothing concrete, but I just thought I'd mention it.  I'll post my reasoning (Bible-related) for this later on - perhaps tommorow.

Sept. 18, '01   Quatrain VI-97 Revisited
VI-97 is one of Nostradamus' prophetic quatrains that many people are linking with the recent terrorist attacks on US:

Quatrain VI-97
At forty-five [or 'five and forty'] degrees the sky will burn,
Fire to approach the great new city:
In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,
When one will want to demand proof of the Normans.

This is of course a quatrain extensively discussed in my 'Babylon Matrix' ('98), 'Ark of Sirius' ('99), and elsewhere.  Repeatedly, I have correlated VI-97 quite specifically with airplane crashes (which I have also closely associated with the theme of the Ark-Grail) such as the infamous TWA 800 (New York). In Babylon Matrix, moreover, the quatrain was shown to pertain to the planet Mars, especially the Cydonia region, in connection with the notion of 'life on Mars'. It is my view that the '911' terrorist attacks fit the pattern very coherently.

Taking "cinq & quarante" of Line 1 as 'five and forty' (as in 40.5, NYC's latitude) instead of 'forty five', and the 'great new city' as NYC, we see that the first three lines may potentially be relevant to the event in question. What is most interesting, however, is the implication of Line 4: 'When one will want to demand proof of the Normans'. First, as noted in Babylon Matrix, the "Normans" is essentially another name for the Vikings ('Norsemen') which in turn was the name given to the first space probes to land on the Red Planet (Viking 1 & 2, '76). It was this Viking space mission that first took the picture of the potentially artificial "monuments of Mars" - including the pentagonal 'D&M Pyramid' - in a region known as Cydonia at roughly 40N 5W, i.e. "five and forty." The controversial 'monuments' themselves were located at about 40.5-41N which happens to be the very latitude shared by none other than NYC back on Earth. Line 4, 'When one will want to demand proof of the [Vikings]', therefore would have the inference of people wanting to know the truth about Cydonia and/or more generally about the existence of life on Mars. As those who have followed this or other related websites would know, this cannot be a more appropriate description of the time period around the turn of the millennium, i.e. right now.

Since 1998 or so, NASA's Mars Global Surveyor has managed to take several new pictures of the Cydonia 'monuments' - including the famous "Face on Mars" photographed and released earlier this year - for the first time since the Viking mission as many people indeed demanded that the structures be photographed by MGS. (The new pictures have not settled the matter yet, however.) But even more intriguingly, the year 2001 saw scientists revisiting the Viking mission data and finding apparent evidence of Martian life! Indeed, this remarkable news broke just weeks/days before the terrorist attacks in NYC and Washington DC.

It is also interesting to note - as I was informed by a reader - that the Vikings, i.e. the 'Normans', are historically inseparable from the date AD 911, numerically resonating with the date of the attacks (9/11), for this was when the Carolingian king, Charles the Simple made Normandy a duchy under Rollo. Also, it is amusing to notice that the Transportation Secretary of the US who is in charge of overseeing the airlines and such is Norman Mineta at this time - when people are wanting his assurance that air travel is safe (i.e. demanding 'proof of Norman').

And finally, I'll just add some correlations between the above and my interpretation of II-41 -- the 'great star'/Sirius quatrain -- which I have suggested might be applicable to the pertinent events in earlier updates. First, there is the fact that the historic Mars landing of Viking 1 occurred on July 20, which is the Sirian date. It was on this date (Julian) during the time of ancient Egypt that the 'great star' Sirius was 'reborn' (i.e. heliacle rising) - an celestial event that held a special significance for the ancient Egyptians. And then there is the fact that the US and many other nations are scheduled to conduct "the world's biggest war games" called 'Operation Bright Star' next month.

Intriguing coincidences...

Sept. 15, '01   A Key Date?
I was informed that we will have a new moon on Sept. 17/18 to coincide with what I speculated to be a date of potential significance in the last entry.   This has an important implication as the darkness of a new moon is often utilized by military operations such as Desert Storm. Intriguingly, the same date is also supposedly pinpointed by the chronographical scheme of the Great Pyramid and the infamous 'Bible Code' (I haven't personally looked into these carefully so I can't really comment on their credibility).

Many people are also emailing me to tell me - and I agree - that the "great star" in the first line of quatrain II-41 (discussed in last entry) that is said to "burn for seven days" may relate to the Pentagon whose shape is a geometric cousin of a five-pointed star which in turn is symbolic of the 'great star' Sirius (as well as Venus).

(For those who were unable to get the nostradamus-centuries.txt file, it is now available again here).

More later.

Sept. 14, '01   Looking Ahead...
As those who have followed this website for sometime would know, I see certain 3 to 5 quatrains of Nostradamus as seemingly relevant to our time around the turn of the millennium. One of these is Quatrain II-41 which was extensively discussed relatively recently in my 'Two Suns of Election MM' essay in which the quatrain is associated with the US presidential Election last year and the era of Bush presidency in general. At this time I am having this subtle feeling that II-41 might be relevant to the recent terrorist activity. That there were twin explosions ("The cloud will make double sun appear") and that Florida played a rather prominent role in the pertinent events (I correlated II-41 with Florida in 'Two Suns'), to just give some examples, are seemingly suggestive of this. What I am sort of pondering on at the present time is the implication of the quatrain's first line, "The great star will burn for seven days" -- does it perhaps suggest that there is to be some kind of major development on/around next Tuesday?  I'm just wondering outloud...

For those interested, we just did a psi session that specifically tried to look at the future development of the current unrest with some interesting result.

Let me also point out something intriguing.  The renowned former US military remote-viewer numero uno, Joseph McMoneagle, predicted in his 1998 book (The Ultimate Time Machine): "We can expect to see a long slide in the stock market (Wall Street) beginning within the next three to six years (probably actually starting around September of 2001.)"   Hmm...

Sept. 12, '01 (cont'd)  More notes on Nostradamus
Alright. I'm seeing so much misinformation flying around out there concerning what Nostradamus may have "predicted", and I'm bombarded with emails questioning about this or that quatrain, so let me here clarify some basic points.

First, here are the fairly accurate versions of the two quatrains the butchered forms of which many people are currently encountering on the net.

Quatrain 10,72

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d'effrayeur:
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois,
Auant apres Mars regner par bon-heur.

The year 1999, seventh months,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

Quatrain 6,97

Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera
Feu approcher de la grand cite' neuue
Instant grand flamme esparse sautera
Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuue.

At forty-five degrees the sky will burn,
Fire to approach the great new city:
In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,
When one will want to demand proof of the Normans.

Incidentally, these quatrains are the very ones repeatedly discussed in depth in my essays (listed in left column).

Another "quatrain" making the rounds on the net is something like this:

In the city of york/God there will be a great collapse/thunder
twin brothers torn apart by chaos
while the fortress falls the great leader will succumb
third big war will begin when the big city is burning

This is a hoax or a quatrain that has been butchered beyond recognition.

I'm rather tired of seeing and getting questions about fake quatrains, so I have decided to upload a file containing all the quatrains of the 'Centuries' here. I suggest that you save it on your harddisk so that you will be able to open it in a word-processor program and do a word-search to verify any questionable quatrain that you may come across.

More later.

Sept. 12, '01    Notes on Nostradamus
I understand that many people are curious as to the relevance of Nostradamus' prophecies to the horrific terrorist attacks -- which is probably why this website has been jammed since the events -- but firstly I would like to advise those people to not be gullible.  Most stuff you hear and read about Nostradamus in those times of unrest are pure nonsense/hoax and extremely subjective/shallow interpretations of some very vague prophetic quatrains.  This is not, however, to say that I totally dismiss any link that might exist between the events in question and Nostradamus (though I'm not one of those who believe that this or that event was literally 'prophesied'.).  I have in fact noticed some potential connections and I will discuss them here later.

At this time, I will just direct your attention to the following couple of 'projections' I presented in the 'Two Suns' article (written Dec. '00):

  • "[The era of George W. Bush] will in some way mark the end of presidency or the United States as it exists today"
  • "In general, revolutionary changes seem to be coming in 2001 onward. That 2001 is 1929 + 72 is a ominous sign especially for economy as the year 1929 saw the stock market crash marking the beginning of the Great Depression and 72 is a mythologically and astronomically important number connected to the concept of time and cycles."  (Note: the collapse of the WTC twin towers, which embodies the financial prowess of US/market, symbolically reenacts the '29 market crash.)

More later.

911, '01   The Day of Emergency
Did we just witness the symbolic resonance of the 'exploded planets', 'Planet K' and 'Planet V', theoretically the parental celestial bodies of Mars, whose destructions likely caused the partial damage of the Cydonia structures on Mars at the latitude 40.5-41 N -- NYC's latitude -- including the partial collapse of the Martian pentagon, the 'D&M Pyramid'?   Is there perhaps a subtle symbolic connection between the event and the 'crop glyphs' (just discussed below)?  ('X''s psi session on the latter seemingly alludes to such a link.)

Update: the delayed collapse of World Trade Center #7, which is considerably smaller than the other two collapsed buildings, seems to reflect the theoretical 'Body C', a small celestial body (potentially a former sattelite), which is thought by Tom Van Flandern to have exploded millions of years after the main planetary destructions.

Sept. 10, '01   Contact?
Have you seen the 'crop glyphs' that appeared in England (near Chilbolton Radio Telescope) in mid-August that some think is the 'answer' to the interstellar radio message mankind transmitted in 1974 from Arecibo to a potential extraterrestrial civilization out there?  Pretty intriguing stuff.  To be clear, I don't personally think it's as simple as some ET intelligence receiving and answering the Arecibo radio transmission, nor do I think the crop glyphs are something that can be labeled "genuine," or "hoax," in a clear-cut way.  From my point of view, these notions are more or less secondary.  It seems that in this case the most productive approach would be to focus on the message itself -- for if the encoded information is useful and contains tangible insights, who cares if the crop glyphs were created by ETs, humans, or whoever?  I feel the cleverness demonstrated by the glyph message is enough to warrant a serious investigation into their meaning.

At this point, I am largely in agreement with Richard Hoagland's interpretation of the glyphs - which is that their message may concern who we really are.  Most notably, it seems to allude to mankind's forgotten connection to Mars and the theoretical 'Planet V' and 'Planet K' whose remnants we now see as the Asteroid Belt of our Solar System.  This notion directly relates to Tom Van Flandern's 'Exploded Planet Hypothesis' as well as Hoagland's 'Tides of Mars' theory.  And as some of you know, my own research has been moving right toward this direction behind the scenes as well.  I will even predict that the 'Exploded Planet Hypothesis' is about to turn into the cutting edge and most productive field of 'alternative' research.  I plan to present my own unique findings in one way or another sometime in the future (the research is still very much on-going).

I would also add that the crop glyphs may be part of the event pattern of 2001, i.e. 'Atlantis'/Mars, that has been detected.  In a way, the discovery of 'Atlantis' is our conscious mind making Contact with our forgotten past -- and our shrouded origin is to be revealed as interplanetary, and that 'Atlantis' is literally not of this world -- though this is not to say that there aren't some Atlantean "fingerprints" left on Earth itself (correspondingly, we're awaiting the official announcement regarding the underwater city found near Cuba which may put the term 'Atlantis' in the headlines of mainstream news media).

Speaking of Atlantis, Hollywood releases yet another movie relating to it (at least in its title, 'Hearts in Atlantis') this month.  Two major films with 'Atlantis' in the title in the same year?  How synchronistic is that?  Indeed, I know of no other major Hollywood films that deal directly with the subject of the legendary antediluvian civilization.  I think even the dense people can now begin to recognize the pattern.

'Atlantis' is rising; the time is coming for the Total Recall.

The previously announced article on the issue of a Mars-Egypt connection was to discuss and expound on these and other related subjects, but please note that I have since then decided not to post it - at least at this time.  The central subject matter, which I have not directly touched on this website yet, turned out to be much more serious than first realized that I have made the choice to develop it further before publishing it.

(By the way, the latest 'psi session' targeted the crop glyphs - though it was a sub-par session - so you might want to check it out if interested.)

July 6, '01   Discovery (of) Atlantis
In the last entry below I intimated that the undercurrent esoteric theme of this summer was to be the 'rising' of Atlantis.  I also pointed out that Space shuttle Atlantis scheduled to be sent to the International Space Station this month was part of this pattern.   Interestingly, Atlantis is now joined by shuttle Discovery at Kennedy Space Center’s twin launch pads getting ready for its launch in August.  Discovery and Atlantis together...  This could be viewed as symbolically prophetic.

The fact that Discovery was moved to the launch pad on July 2 (i.e. 7-2) adds another layer to the symbolism as '72' is a number of great mythological and astronomical significance.  For instance it was the 72 conspirators led by Seth that murdered Osiris in ancient Egyptian mythology.  Osiris, curiously, is closely linked with the antediluvian world, i.e. Atlantis.  And the sister-wife of Osiris was Isis who can be represented by the similar looking and sounding 'ISS' (International Space Station), which is the brightest object in the night sky after Sirius which in turn is the celestial form of Isis.  Shuttle Atlantis, now associatable with the death of Osiris, docking with 'ISIS' therefore would be quite symbolic of the copulation of the two which in mythology takes place after the murder of Osiris (made possible by Isis magically reviving him back to life temporarily).  As a result of the copulation comes the birth of Horus.  Horus would make it his mission to bring back the golden age of Osiris - identifiable with 'Atlantis' - and thus we again come back to the theme of the return of Atlantis.  What's more, Horus was more or less equated with - what else? - planet Mars which is very close to the earth this summer!   Mars was called 'Horus the Red' as well as Horakhti ('Horus of the Horizon').

And lastly, the mission of Atlantis is to overlap the 'Sirius date', July 20, associated with the 'rebirth' (heliacal rising) of the Isis star.  Note that 7/20 is another '72' date.  The date and the heliacal rising are also inseparable from the annual flooding of the Nile which in turn was representative of the vitality of Osiris - an allusion, again, to the return of 'Atlantis'.

I'd say 'the timetable', the template of history, is dictating that 2001 be the biginning of the 'resurrection of Osiris' (which has many levels of meaning).

June 20, '01   Atlantis rising?
Looks like this is going to be a summer of Atlantis. The Disney film Atlantis opened last week or so; it was reported last month that a "stunning" underwater city with pyramidal structures was detected off the coast of Cuba (still a developing story) which would fit Plato's description of Atlantis quite well; the 'Atlas' rocket blasted into space just yesterday (Atlas is said to be the first king of Atlantis); Space shuttle Atlantis is set to be launched in July; and in theaters right now are movies that deal with ancient cultures and their interaction with the present time such as The Mummy Returns and Tomb Raider.

Suggestively, also, we have a major convergence of astronomical events on June 21: 1) it is the summer solstice, 2) it sees the first total solar eclipse of the millennium (observable from southern Africa), and 3) Mars is closest to Earth in more than a decade [update: Space shuttle Atlantis was moved to the launch pad on this date as well].  Ah... so rich in symbolism.  Can it be just a coincidence that the emphasis is put on Atlantis and, astronomically, on Mars concurrently?  And, of course, Mars Global Surveyor is presently in the process of taking more pictures of Cydonia... Well, something to think about.

Speaking of Atlantis and Mars, my book - when published - will reveal a location of the 'Tomb of Osiris' or the 'Hall of Records' (virtually synonymous with 'Atlantis') which has never been suggested before. Indeed, while the name 'Atlantis' itself (intentionally) does not come up much, the book is in a way all about this antediluvian realm and its legacy - though it's not what you would expect. I'm also getting ready to write an article for this website which will put forward a new and bold theory concerning Mars and ancient Egypt, so you can look forward to that.

June 1, '01   The Damned Land
Israel, Israel...  Is peace possible in Palestine?  Sadly, the answer to this question is the same as one to the question - 'is it possible for people to suddenly get smarter?'.  Sure, it's not impossible but not likely.  Two different groups of people with very different ideas that largely have to do with religious faith - which can be translated as 'non-thinking' - and because 'thinking' is the very thing that makes synthesis and progress possible, unless Moses and Allah came down together from heaven on a cloud and told their followers, "Hey kids, that's enough!  Now, shake hands and go to your rooms!," the situation will just not change.  And as the Chinese proverb goes, unless they manage to change course, they will likely end up where they're going (or something like that) - and where they're going is total devastation for one, or both, of the disputing parties.  If they are incapable of solving the problem, then it is a game in which someone has to win to end it.

Many people don't seem to get this, but desiring peace is not the recipe for a real solution that is to be applied to situations like this.  Peace is something that comes about as a result of seeking and attaining the truth.  Saying or thinking 'let's have peace so that we can live in safety and comfort' is actually a shortsighted mentality and a major cop-out.  Problems and friction arise because there are sources causing them - where there is smoke, there is fire - and the true solution is to go back to the source and realize where mistakes were made.  To stop the flooding, you don't build higher and higher walls (this would be a temporary and never-ending process), but you go to the source and stop the running water by turning off the faucet.

So, for U.S., for instance, to continually implore the Israelis and Palestinians/Arabs to "stop the violence" is not necessarily productive - it is just another brick placed upon the ever-growing wall.  For a real resolution, either the wall has to break to let the floodwater take care of the situation in a quick and catastrophic way, or people have to wake up from the shortsightedness, search for the source of the problem, and then 'turn off the faucet'.  At some point, it is more productive to let it end either way than prolonging it just for the sake of peace.

But what exactly is the 'source' of the conflict?   Well, obviously it's religious in nature and it is a complex issue.   Ultimately, though, the esoteric and uncontaminated nature of their religions and histories would have to be understood - and this leads to much deeper issues and... well, let's just say this is not something that can come about without a 'miracle'.   An earth-shaking revelation like that of the fabled 'Hall of Records' might be quite helpful here...  I can almost imagine the semi-divine finger on the red button at this time which ignites the 'time bomb' that is the 'Hall'.

May 29, '01   Space anamoly disclosure & paradigm
As many of you probably are already aware, there has been a couple of important developments concerning extraterrestrial intelligence recently.  It seems as if things are finally moving in the direction of 'disclosure'.  Well, about time is what I would say.  Not that I am convinced of the extraterrestrial nature of "UFOs" but it is utterly dishonest, lazy, and arrogant intellectually to not seriously investigate the issue as there is certainly enough evidence warranting that at least.  One of the problems with things that do not nicely fit into the mainstream perception of 'reality' is that they attract basically two types of people from the opposite ends of the intellectual spectrum: those who are capable of genuinely logical and independent thinking and those who are, shall we say, left brain-challenged (e.g. the flaky 'New Age' crowd).  The majority of the members of the society is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum and are not 'wired' to take an active interest in things that are not openly 'accepted' - they are 'conformists' (whose nearly worthless existence is ultimately an obstacle for the progress of human knowledge).   For a society, therefore, it is easy to avoid tackling 'problems' or 'mysteries' that challenge the norm by convincing itself - consciously or subconsciously - that one would have to be crazy and dumb to seriously think about this kind of stuff.

In a way, this denial arises from the 'survival instinct' of the system; any system, be it a biological organism or a company, has this build-in 'force' that makes its own survival a high priority, and this is at the heart of the collective 'corruption' problem that exists in the world.  To survive or not to survive - now that is truely the question mankind will have to ultimately ask.  Truth is in 'death'.  It is an universal truth that all existing/temporal things are destined to come to an inevitable end at some point.  Resisting it would ultimately mean resisting truth, and it is unnatural and creates a stress in the 'matrix' of the cosmos. When it is time to perish, it is time to perish. Now, I'm not advocating suicide, but if one is no longer fascinated by mystery, s/he is as good as dead anyway.  And where the 'walking dead' really belong is the grave.  The societal and belief system ('paradigm') maintained today is a 'walking dead'; its time is up.  We should just let it walk to its grave.  If it refuses - well, things are going to be messy.   Time to call up Buffy the Vampire Slayer to bring about the gift of death.

Dr. Steven Greer's 'Disclosure Project' may be viewed as 'Buffy' in action.  He, along with his highly credible 'witnesses' (many are ex-military officials), held a quite impressive press conference at the National Press Club on May 9 regarding extraterrestrial intelligence/technology and generated a respectable amount of media coverage (though the quality of the coverage was sadly shallow).  You can view the video of the whole conference here - and I highly recommend checking it out.  Dr. Greer is very intelligent and extremely eloquent that I feel he just might manage to inflict a considerable damage to the 'system in denial'.  (This was just the first of a series of more conferences he will hold in the near future.)

Another major blow related to the question of extraterrestrial intelligence was the recent release (May '01) of another image of the infamous "Face on Mars".  Though this may have been a blow to the other side - the 'Buffy' side as well as the other side of the 'Face'.   It turned out, the new high-quality picture showed the eastern side of the Face, which had not been clearly seen before, to be nothing like a humanoid face and there was no real symmetry with the other side.  Case closed?  Not so fast!  While I too felt the Face question had come to a disappointing resolution at first, the more I looked at Richard Hoagland's argument the more I began to agree with him.  Of course, many people will see this as Hoagland trying save his face (as I did initially), but I feel there is some substance to what he points out regarding the Face having a dual nature - the western half humanoid, and the eastern side leonine.  And this is not a new scheme he concocted in reaction to the new image; he's actually been saying this for about a decade.  The new image is found to quite strongly conform to this theory - not conclusive, but certainly enough to makes one wonder.  It should be pointed out that the enigmatic monuments at Giza, adjacent to the 'city of Mars', Cairo, include the Great Sphinx which also has a dual nature, a human head and the body of a lion, perfectly echoing the theorized nature of the Face.  And Mars is the planet closely associated with the Egyptian sun-god Horus; the planet was even given the same name by the ancient Egyptians that was also given to the Great Sphinx (Horakhti - ‘Horus of the Horizon’).  Also, Heru, the Egyptian name of Horus, could also mean 'face'.  Rather intriguing, isn't it?

But I must get something off my chest.  I am quite appalled that FACETS - the front organization through which Hoagland & co. pressed NASA to take the new picture - asked solely (at least for now) for the Face to be imaged.  What the hell were they thinking?  They were practically ensuring ending up with egg on the 'Face'.  Saying 'hey, that looks like a face!' just cannot be scientific no matter how much it happens to resemble a human face.  And especially with the foreknowledge that the Face probably has a dual nature (i.e. more obscure than a straightforward face), why target it now and lose the public support which had been gaining momentum?  This was a very dumb decision, in my opinion.  Simply put: 'it's the geometry, stupid!'  The most striking aspect of the Cydonia structures - though the general public is quite ignorant of this - is their sophisticated and intelligent geometric scheme (and this is scientifically provable).  So, why not target the geometrically rich "D&M Pyramid" or the Giza-like pyramids recently found there by Global Surveyor and such?  I'm sure FACETS will ask for these, but they should have done this at the beginning BEFORE the damn Face.  It just makes me angry that the 'experts' (who are otherwise quite intelligent) were so hung up on the Face that they missed a great opportunity to put a dagger in the heart to kill the zombie!

May 28, '01   Website to be active again!
Yes, I'm back!  As you can see, the website has a new, much sharper look and it can be viewed as a reflection of my intention to make it active again.  You can look for more frequent updates from now on in this "The View From Here" section which is where I will be 'thinking out loud' about anything that I have an opinion on.  It is in a way a continuation of the 'General Update' section that the previous incarnation of this website had, but there will be some difference in that I will probably be expressing my views and feelings more freely and on a broader range of topics.

While I was away from this site, there has been a considerable growth in my "knowledge" and certain shifts in my perspective - this, of course, will certainly be reflected in the future activities of this website.  I will, however, have to still hold back certain body of information which is to be presented in my book which I have just completed writing (I cannot yet say when it will be published, but I will announce it here as soon as I find out).  It is somewhat awkward as a large part of that which has contributed to the expansion of my 'knowledge' directly derives from what is revealed in the book, but until its publication I will still have much to share with you all out there.

In particular, you can look for a new exciting project that will start very soon on this site - The Psi Sessions.  I have come to know for a fact that human psychic functioning is very real, and this new section/project will show you why.



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