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Babylon Transit - Part 2

Sharon Judgment & Stardust Impact

January 12, 2006

Goro Adachi


After Babylon Transit, it is naturally of great interest to us that there was a major 'Sun-king Judgment' event early January, fulfilling a key aspect of the projected 'Deep Impact' echo scheme.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffering a near-fatal stroke on January 4th - closely following his first one on Dec. 18 - was a 'fall of a Sun-king'. It ended his long political career and almost his life. As of mid-January, he remains in an induced coma and exists in the 'Hall of Maat' which exists in the realm between life and death where the newly/nearly dead is judged by the scale of Maat, his heart measured against the feather of the goddess of truth and justice.

The 'Hall of Maat' envisioned by the ancient Egyptians is the ultimate expression of the Judgment theme we have been closely tracking as a key component of the Super Torch Ritual for nearly two years now.

Like Sharon, Pope John Paul II spent some time in the 'in between' realm before finally passing on early April last year. JPII was one of our 'Sun-king' figures, the list which has always included Sharon. The fall of the Israeli 'Sun-king' could not have been a clearer expression of the projected theme underlying this period.

But more generally speaking, the underlying pattern had to do with Deep Impact as discussed in depth previously in Babylon Transit. To quickly go over it again: Around the winter solstice (Dec. 21) marked the diametrically opposite point along the Mars orbital path from Comet Tempel 1's position early July when it was struck by NASA's Deep Impact probe, which was preceded by Live 8 (July 2) and followed by the 7/7 London transit bombings.

The use of diametrical configurations was encouraged and justified by a set of encoded clues, including the symbol of London Underground (the main target of the bombings). And it was exactly 180 degrees away from Tempel 1's 7/7 position (overlapping Mars' orbital path), marking Mars' position on Dec. 21/Winter Solstice, that the NYC Transit Strike came (12/20-22) to poetically 'acknowledge' the pattern and sustain the 'Communication'. (London's mass transit was struck on 7/7; NYC had a transit strike 180 degrees later on Dec. 20-22.)

Ariel Sharon experience his first stroke during that Deep Impact echo window on Dec. 18.

The next phase had to do with the second London transit bombings on July 21. That was a short-term 'echo' of 7/7 and would allow for a diametric echo configuration of its own utilizing Mars' orbit. As you may recall, I determined the 'opposite point' of July 21 to be Jan. 7, 2006 - or the Orthodox/Julian Christmas Day.

Sure enough, on this echo point came the echo of Sharon's stroke, actually coming 3 days before the Christmas date just as his stroke #1 had come 3 days before the Winter Solstice point (original 'Christmas' day) pinpointed by the 7/7 line. The stroke echo, while 3 days 'off', was thus quite 'perfect' timing-wise.

Woven into this scheme was the 'Equation of Time' wave we had extensively used in 2005 to track 'Sun-king Judgment' events such as the death of the Pope and Katrina/New Orleans. The last key point (where the solar wave crosses the 'zero' line) was around Christmas ( the mainstream one).

Unlike Sumatra in the previous cycle (12/26/04), there was evidently extra encoding added to this which appears to have made the code more compatible with the overlapping Deep Impact coding system.

Sharon's fall overshot the target and yet it was still on target. That the timing would be 'delayed' somewhat was a notion detected already by mid-December... after the 'Damage Plan #2' event at Chicago Midway Airport. As noted on Dec. 19:

The 12/8 'kamikaze ritual in Chicago is probably a good template to consider for estimating the timing aspect of the 'X-mas'... 'Contact'. As you know, the plane overshot the 'X', skidding off the runway... [emphasis added]

December 8th is now dubbed 'Damage Plan Day' - a day for 'Enki' to quietly disclose details of a coming 'Great Flood' or 'Damage Event', so to speak. In 2004, that came in the form of the Damageplan concert shooting 'ritual' in Columbus, Ohio. Found encoded in it were multi-leveled and rather convoluted clues hinting at the imminent exit of the Pope and, as discovered in hindsight, the coming Sumatra 'damage event' (a 'Great Flood').

This year, it seems to have come in the form of a plane incident at Midway (=> midpoint/balance/justice). It was one of the many 'kamikaze' events in December. The 'delay' signal was one of the easily detectable clues there.

It is also curious that in the US the leading news on Jan. 7th, the second Christmas Day, had to do with Tom Delay, whose name can denote 'twin delay'. The fall of Delay was a minor form of 'Sun-king Judgment' as well.

Another key factor - perhaps the overriding factor - is that the 2005 Christmas window did not coincide with an Orange Alignment which is a celestial configuration considered to be a key time-marker in the 'Judgment' scheme.

All three zero/balanced points in the 2005 Equation of Time had produced major 'Sun-king Judgment' events and were highlighted by an Orange Alignment forming in the solar system - except the fourth and final one around Christmas. (The last OA in 2005 was around November 17-18.) This is an important deviation.

The next Orange Alignment will come on January 31-February 1, which happens to be the anniversary of the first hospitalization of John Paul II last year which was also closely marked by an OA, though not as closely as the date will be this year. There is a definite sense of 'intelligent design' here - indeed we have only scratched the surface - and Chicago's Damage Plan code when deciphered further underscores the point.

The next Orange Alignment coming up will even have the Sun in between Venus and Mercury, which is now considered a particularly powerful configuration, so I'm already looking deeply into this aspect of the overall time code (which extends beyond Feb. 1/Imbolc).

In fact, its significance has already been expressed through Sharon's stroke, because January 4th happened to be the exact midpoint between 2005 Damage Plan Day (Dec. 8) and February 1, '06. The timeline was 'balanced' on that date and as per the usual pattern it was a time of justice/judgment (symbolically speaking; no religious connotations intended).

Venus Transit & Stardust

Another alignment of great symbolic significance is coming up shortly or is already beginning to form. It is a major component of the Deep Impact-Transit Strike code.

First, let us recall the following aspect of the Transit Strike symbolism from Babylon Transit involving the Transit of Venus:

The Venus Transit in 2004 coincided with a major 'Sun-king Judgment' event - the death and funeral of former US president Ronald Reagan. This has emerged as a highly meaningful connection after Sharon's stroke/fall...

And foreshadowing both the 3/11 'transit strike' in Madrid and the Venus Transit was the 'nipple' incident at the Super Bowl halftime (= midpoint = justice), i.e. Janet Jackson's infamous 'Nipplegate'.

The symbolism was so 'poetic': Janet Jackson is a character named 'Justice' in the movie 'Poetic Justice'; 'indecent exposure' is '311' in police code; a sun-shaped 'nipple ring' on her exposed right breast symbolized the conjunction of the Sun and the planet of the love goddess Venus near the Milky Way (Venus Transit); exposing the right breast is an act evocative of the traditional image of Marianne or Lady Justice/Liberty; Janet's brother is the 'Sun-king of Pop'; etc. etc.

And... oh yeah, that Super Bowl was held on February 1 - exactly one year after the shuttle Columbia disaster and exactly 1 year before the first hospitalization of 'Sun-king' JPII.

It is therefore only natural to find the Venus Transit woven into the Deep Impact-Transit Strike riddle. This association then leads to the next revelation...

The planetary alignment required for a Venus Transit, that of the Sun, Venus, and Earth (and in that order), will be repeated around Jan. 14, 2006! (There will be no actual 'transit' because the alignment is not as precise.) This is the first such alignment since the 2004 Transit.

It is in this context that the 'ritualistic' nature of the reentry and landing of NASA's Stardust spacecraft scheduled for Jan. 15 is finally illuminated. The carefully timed return of Stardust is apparently designed to express more directly the fusion of the two major themes underlying this period, i.e. Deep Impact and Transit Strike!

Stardust is very much like Deep Impact in that it was sent to space rock (comet). The difference is, Stardust is bringing back dust samples to Earth. In a sense, Stardust is carrying onboard 'cosmic seed' material - and as such, its contact with Earth is to be a Genesis-like simulation of panspermia. (Genesis returning from the Sun in 2004 in effect 'seeded' earth only days after the Athens Olympics.)

The Venus Transit - the coming together of the Sun and Venus - was symbolic of impregnation as well, i.e. the Sun-god seeding the womb of the Goddess. It is no coincidence that Genesis was returning from the Sun. Indeed, the 'stone fallen from heaven' that seeds the planet is the Benben Stone of the ancient Egyptians which was also a 'Sun Stone' (the home of the Benben was Heliopolis, the 'City of the Sun').

Stardust's landing will take place at the same site in Utah where Genesis crash landed. It is a major 'echo'...

The landing will mark the anniversary (-1 day) of the touchdown of Huygens on Saturn's orange moon, Titan (Jan. 15, '05).

  • Mar. 23, 2001: Fall of Mir (name meaning 'world' as well as 'peace') => Sept. 11: the sudden end of world peace, on World Peace Day

  • Feb. 1, 2003: Fall of Columbia (name denoting 'America' & 'dove'/peace) => March: Iraq war driven by necon/PNAC's 'Pax Americana' ('American Peace') agenda; disaster for US

  • Sept. 8, 2004: Fall of Genesis => December 26: Sumatra 'Great Flood' (modern version of the biblical deluge described in the book of Genesis)

  • January 15, 2005: Touchdown of Huygens/Cassini on Titan (orange moon of Saturn; four of the planet's moons are called Lodicea Sidera or 'the stars of Louis' in honor of king Louis XIV also known as 'The Sun King') => February 1/April 2: Fall of Sun-king/Pope JPII, coinciding with two Orange Alignments

  • July 4, 2005: Asteroid-contact of Deep Impact (Hollywood 'Great Flood' film 'Deep Impact') => August 30: New Orleans 'Great Flood'


Hmm... Start the clock.


UPDATE - Imbolc Signal (January 31, 8:50pm ET):

Where to begin... Actually I'm going to make this quick.

As you may have noticed, the latter part of January saw rumors going around about some impending 'nuclear attack' on the US on Jan. 31 or thereabouts and there was a string of speculations (more like groupthink) about some doomy events around the beginning of February, i.e. the Imbolc cross-quarter day period. I found it rather amusing - myself having already highlighted Imbolc (around Feb. 1) as one of the key windows pinpointed by 'Damage Plan #2' and having done so by December last year. (Also mentioned above in Babylon Transit - Part 2 posted Jan. 12.) It was old news to me... and I'm trying to make clear here that I'm not part of that echo-chamber crowd.

But the 'background noise' of late prompted me to move somewhat in the opposite direction, toward subtlety rather than 'shock & awe'. No nuke per se and the like. Not during Imbolc. Instead, my focused had gravitated toward the Patriot Act (renewal deadline Feb. 3), the symbolism of the State of the Union Address (Jan. 31), Alito Supreme Court confirmation, Hamas victory (Jan 25/26~), and such. I had also started to focus increasingly on the 'delay' aspect of the Imbolc code. (All this documented in the STRUG blog).

I would compare the situation to what we had with Discovery STS-114 - the 'Return To Space' space shuttle mission last summer. I covered the event (its 'ritualistic' design) in great detail on this website, focusing particularly on the 'message' encoded in its landing August 9th. You may recall that there was so much speculation as to the prospect of Discovery ending up like its predecessor, Columbia, upon reentry into Earth's atmosphere. (It was hardly a trouble-free mission so that certainly helped fuel the speculation.) I was focusing on Discovery since before its launch and by the time of landing I had distanced myself from the growing disaster speculation, stressing the mission's symbolism instead.

Update (Feb. 1): Reading back my old posts from July-August just made me remember that there was also a similar 'nuclear threat' rumor going around at the time of Discovery's landing! And here is what I wrote back then:

Unlike many out there (or because there are many out there anticipating this), I'm not particularly worried about a nucIear attack and such (well, not just yet). While 'nucIear' is a key theme, it is Peak Oil that seems to be emerging as the central component in the 'omen' aspect of the 'Contact communication'.

Discovery did land safely, completing a mission lasing 333 hours and 33 minutes, and while people were beginning to move on to other things, I was actually astounded by what the landing revealed behind the veil. It was so 'magical' and tangible that to me it was a form of 'Contact' and I have not yet fully disclosed this finding - but I plan to soon enough.

One of the key aspects of Discovery's 'message' was that its landing came during a cross-quarter window, that of 'Lughnasadh'. ('Cross-quarter days' mark the midpoints between the solstices and the equinoxes.) And the whole STS-114 mission was peppered with allusions to one particular CQ day - Imbolc. (Yes, Imbolc is one of the four cross-quarter days.)

Lughnasadh is actually Imbolc in the Southern Hemisphere. And STS-114 was special due to its 'Return To Space' nature, i.e. the first space shuttle mission since the destruction of Columbia on Feb. 1, 2003, or the day of Imbolc. 'Damage Plan #2' disclosed on/around Dec. 8, '05 reinforced this cross-quarter correlation and prompted me to highlight the upcoming Imbolc, i.e. now.

Note that Discovery landed on Aug. 9th - the anniversary of Nagasaki getting nuked. So it is actually no surprise that we have: 1) the nuke attack rumor, 2) a US military nuclear terrorism exercise taking place 1/31-2/2, 3) the Iran nuclear issue in the background that suddenly intensified in January, and 4) Bush addressing America's 'addiction to oil' and (reportedly) nuclear energy in his State of the Union speech later today.

The parallel is that just as there was a Discovery disaster [and nuclear threat] storyline (Lughnasadh) that was just a storyline and not anything literal, there is now (Imbolc) this background noise concerning an 'impending nuke attack' and such. And just as I did with the Discovery case, I'm not going for the literalness of the storyline. The key now is its symbolism.

This is where the 'delay' issue enters the picture. Somehow found encoded in Damage Plan #2 is the idea of a delay or even 'twin delay'. The 'Damage Plan disclosure' event at Midway/Chicago on Dec. 8 alluded to the concept of 'overshooting Christmas/CQ-day' as discussed before, and on the Julian/Orthodox Christmas Day (Jan. 7) - highlighted by the Deep Impact/London code involving diametrical orbit interactions between Comet Tempel 1 and Mars - produced a mini-'fall of Sun-king' event that was Tom Delay giving up his Republican House leader post. The name 'Tom Delay' implies 'Twin Delay' ('Thomas' means 'twin').

As it happens Discovery's landing experienced a 'twin delay'.

Discovery was first planned to return on August 7th, changed to Aug. 8 after launch (delay #1), and then pushed back again to Aug. 9 just before landing supposedly due to weather (delay #2).

Based on a certain set of clues, I'm currently theorizing that the 'twin delay' concept is applicable to the Patriot Act for Imbolc. It was scheduled to expire at the end of 2005 but Congress delayed it a month. It's presently set to expire or to be renewed by February 3rd. If the pattern holds, the deadline will be delayed again.

Update: The second delay did take place. The House voted on Feb. 1 (Imbolc!) to extend the Patriot Act until March 10. Late next day the Senate voted to extend the Patriot Act as well. The 'Twin Delay' fulfilled...]

As already discussed on STRUG, the Patriot Act is a long-known key factor in the Super Torch Ritual and its relevance is especially high during this Imbolc window.

As you can see, it's not only the Patriot Act but the idea of Justice that's figuring prominently in the scheme.

In that context, the installment of Judge Alito into the US Supreme Court - becoming Justice Alito - on Jan. 31 (a bona-fide Imbolc day, directly coinciding with a middle-Sun Orange Alignment forming in the solar system) certainly constitutes a Imbolc 'signature event'.

It's basically about authoritarianism vs. civil liberties. The first 'Tower' collapsed with the confirmation of dictatorship-friendly Alito. On the same day, the widow and inheritor of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. died. (I'm sure you can see the symbolic implication there.) The second 'Tower' appears represented by the Patriot Act - its second deadline looming...

It's worth noting that after Discovery and largely based on the shuttle symbolism, I quickly went on to project a high-impact event of certain nature coming at the end of August '05 - this time there was practically no background 'noise' in terms of rumors, echo-chamber 'predictions', etc. clouding the temporal space so to speak. The date came and unleashed Katrina on New Orleans - a 'Great Flood' event echoing Sumatra. Along with the death of the Pope (which was also projected beforehand), the American Great Flood was the event of 2005.

This pattern may see an echo this year in connection with the Imbolc window reflecting Discovery/Lughnasadh. A major 'Damage event' is likely set up to strike sometime after Imbolc, and it will probably have been more or less anticipated. The seeds are sown in the belly of Imbolc. And more seeds and clues are likely emerge in the coming days. Discerning the underlying time code is a big challenge, but progress is being made. It's actually a side-product of something bigger that is a form of 'Contact' but the 'Damage' aspect is a key component nonetheless.

I am already heavily into the process of decoding the 'Communication'... a massive amount of sub-channel and multi-contextual information processing, and starting to see a silhouette of the scheme.

Generally speaking, it seems likely to involve things nuclear/radioactive along with certain volcanoes directly or indirectly. Here is a potential storyline: A radioactive/radiological event (such as 'dirty bomb') involving or blamed on 'al-Qaeda' in San Francisco. (This is perhaps close to a 'worst case scenario'.)

The US West Coast (particularly the Pacific Northwest apart from S.F. etc.) is where things seem to be heavily entangled. Another key factor is Schwarzenegger who is politically on life-support. What can resurrect his super-hero presence? Elections are coming up this year, so there is a ticking clock there.

Political 'deep impact' events are still on the radar as well... Let me point out that the US midterm elections this year will be held on Nov. 7th or the (astronomical) Samhain cross-quarter day. Add to that the implication of the phrase 'midterm election' being analogous to 'midpoint Judgment', a redundantly-expressed Justice (balance) theme, you can see the relevance of the political stuff.

A bigger context would be the 'Trojan War' or World War III. More people are talking about WW3 especially after Iran's nuclear move early January '06 ('nuclear' again). For months I have been hinting and mentioning that the key theme active in this period seems to be that of 'Judgment of Paris' and other related events in mythology that precede the great Trojan War or the ancient 'World War'. Again, it could be said that 'seeds' are being sown.

02/08  - The Muhammad cartoons row, apparently sowing the 'seeds of Word War 3'' (or 'clash of civilizations') - began right around Feb. 1... 'Imbolc'.



2005 Goro Adachi