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January 2005



 January 31, '05   Destruction of Atlantis Then & Now

[Note: When I wrote 'big post coming soon', I wasn't exaggerating - this is probably the longest blog post in the history of Etemenanki and I even seriously considered giving it a stand-alone article status but decided against it for various reasons (but it will probably be a basis for a future 'full-length' article). So... get comfortable and get a cup of coffee for this one if you're a coffee-drinker like me ... and good luck. :)]

In this latest installment of the 'Great Flood' series, we'll shift our focus back to last year's Athens Olympics pinpointed as the epicenter of the months-long 'super torch ritual' complex that ominously preceded the high-impact 'Great Flood' event the world witnessed in December, fulfilling the 'damage plan' that was in effect 'leaked' beforehand by the 'omens'. I will show in this post how the coming catastrophe did not come without 'warning', how it was partially deciphered before the event, and what it may tell us about the coming weeks, months, and years. [READ THE REST]

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 January 17, '05   Geodetic Cipher of the 'Great Flood'

We've already dealt with the timing aspect of the recent 'great flood' event on the other side of the globe, a discussion centered around the locality and symbolism of the Milky Way. In this post I will deal with the geographical aspect of the 'great-flood/damage-plan' puzzle.

Let me first bring up the 'Damageplan ritual' - the bizarre Columbus concert shooting event in early December that left the Damageplan/Pantera heavy-metal guitar hero dead along with several others. (See my 12/10 & 12/22 posts.) As you may recall, the timing of this 'ritual' had been pinpointed beforehand and its encoded symbolism was quickly dissected as well as synthesized here to derive a conceptual context and a time window - or 'damage plan' - for the next significant event, which was to manifest more or less accordingly on Dec 26, the day of the modern 'Great Flood'. (See my posts on 12/31& 1/05 for discussions on this.) Because there was a basic context/pattern already in place, I was mentally prepared to cut through the sheer physicality of it all and discern multiple levels of its 'encoded' meaning.

Now, I had talked all year about the 'omens of 2004', starting with the Super Bowl nipplegate fiasco in Feb '04, and it was this recent southeast Asia 'great flood' that finally came as a form of high-impact fulfillment. (I sense, however, that the 'momentum' is still alive and moving forward.) The point being, there was a closely monitored series of 'rituals', a tapestry of patterns, that led up to the Boxing Day catastrophe, prominently involving the Columbus Ohio shooting incident found to be encoded with a 'damage plan'.

As the city of Columbus chosen for the 'ritual' was the latest addition to the 'Columba' theme prominent in the collective pattern involving the space shuttle Columbia, the Super Bowl/nipplegate on the anniversary of the shuttle disaster and such, it was not surprising that the 'damage event' turned out to be a 'great flood'. The term Columba - from which derives 'Columbia' - signifies a dove... Noah's dove that he's said to have released from the Ark to see if the Great Flood had ended. So along with its timing, we also had a pretty strong hint as to the nature of the coming 'damage'.

When, what - check, check. But 'where'? Was there a clue pointing us to the location of the event? Through the 'disclosure' of the 'damage plan' in Columbus on Dec 8, yes, there was what might be considered a hint, or riddle, containing such geographical information.

The key is 'Columba' being the dove (of the Great Flood). As repeatedly noted by Robert Temple in The Serious Mystery, the dove is - aside from being closely associated with Venus-Isis and the whole goddess complex - expressive of geodesy, the science of measuring earth... and, this link comes with the 'omphalos stone' very evocative of our long-running 'heavenly rock' theme... and, it's even closely connected to the Ark/Flood theme:

In Figure 23 is a reproduction of a figure from an Egyptian papyrus of omphalos stones with two doves perched on top. These two doves are the standard glyph meaning 'to lay out parallels and meridians'. They are the 'two doves' who flew to Dodona from Thebes according to the account of Herodotus. [...] It should be strongly emphasized that Dodona and Metsamor/Ararat are equidistant from Egyptian Thebes. The Greek ark landed at Dodona and the Hebrew ark landed at Ararat... [pp.139-140]

It is also interesting to note, by way of relation with the ark of Noah, the ark of Ziusudra (or Utnapishtim), the ark of Deukalion, and the Argo - all of whom sent forth birds over the water (like those birds from Thebes as well) - that the standard Egyptian hieroglyph for the act of laying out the parallels and meridians is, as we have seen , two pigeons facing each other. [p.148]

As can be inferred from the position in the image inserted above, the omphalos stone (the bell-shaped object above the pyramid) may easily be considered an alter ego of the Benben Stone - or the capstone of the pyramid. And the capstone - well-known from the notorious All-Seeing Eye symbol seen on the back of the US dollar bill - is exactly the thing found encoded into the state flag design of Ohio, the state of Columbus where the Damageplan shooting event/'ritual' took place.


You may also recall that the name 'Ohio' is said to denote 'great water', thus like 'Columbia' has a Great Flood allusion.

Another key symbolism of the flag is the 'M' shape produced by its irregular outline. Just like the capstone, the 'M' becomes apparent when rotated 90 degrees. You should know by now that 'M' is typically an esoteric shorthand for Mary Magdalene - who happens to relate right back to the dove theme in that one of the possible meanings of the title 'Magdalene' is 'place of the dove'.

So, this web of associations provokes us to think in the direction of having the geodetic position of Columbus interacting with the location of the 'Great Flood' via its parallel and meridian lines. Another clue here is the name 'Pantera', the metal band that had recently evolved into Damageplan. The 'Pan' part can mean 'all' (as in Pan-orama) and the 'tera' part would be 'terra' or 'earth'. Together, the name denotes 'whole earth'; but in terms of geodetic lines, it would more naturally refer to a 'Great Circle' which is a line on a sphere that divides the sphere into two equal hemispheres, or in other words the largest circle that can be drawn on a sphere.

For parallel lines drawn on the planet, the only possible Great Circle is the equator. For meridians (longitudinal lines), any and all straight lines that pass both the North and South Poles are to be considered Great Circles.

Because the latitudinal Great Circle is fixed at the equator, it can be deduced that the city Columbus' geodetic 'dove' deals exclusively, or at least mostly, with the meridional Great Circle that goes through the city - i.e. the city's longitude which happens to be exactly 83.0 West. Tracing this longitudinal line past the North Pole, it becomes 97.0 East on the other side of the globe.

And there will be a location pinpointed at the intersection of this line and the other Great Circle, the Equator, at 97.0 E 0.0 N. This would be the place alluded to as the 'target' of the 'damage plan' which we now know was to be the 'great flood'.

And what do we find at the intersection of the Great Circles? Sumatra - that is, 'Ground Zero' of the mega tsunami earthquake!!

When, what, and where - well... check, check, and check.

And, oh yes, I'm just getting started. There is much more to this 'super ritual'.

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 January 12, '05   Remembering the Titans

The Huygens probe of ESA released from NASA's Cassini spacecraft on Christmas Day, already at Saturn (timeline), is set to land on Titan in just two days (Jan 14). Titan is Saturn's largest moon and a place of mystery, reflected in the recent speculation regarding possible alien life existing there.

This event interests me more than usual due to its apparent 'ritualistic' significance stemming from the currently prevalent water/flood theme (see previous posts). The 'Great Flood' being biblically inseparable from the tale of the Nephilim, the 'fallen angels' or the 'giants', whose direct interaction with mankind supposedly caused the other faction of the 'gods' to make the decision to destroy the world, we'd have Titan - synonymous with giant/Nephilim - as a fitting place through which an extra dimension may be added to the Great Flood theme especially since the release of the Huygens probe practically coincided with the Asian 'great flood' last month. The similarity between 'Huygens' and 'hygiene' is also seemingly suggestive of the idea of 'cleansing' that was the 'Great Flood'.

Finding a body of some liquid form there, giving us the first glimpse of an 'alien ocean/lake', would be symbolically coherent on multiple levels. It would also be a convenient prelude to almost certain revelations that are coming from Mars in the near future. Psychologically such a discovery would have a big impact on us. So... I'll be closely monitoring the development. In fact, even without the potential water 'ritual' aspect it's just exciting to finally see what's hiding under the thick clouds of Saturn's mysterious moon.

By Jan 14, we'll also see Comet Machholz moving into the constellation Perseus, closely associated in mythology with Argo (=> Ark), celestial fire, and the Magi - all key components of the underlying pattern.

Update (Jan 13): Viewed from a different, wider perspective, we also find there is a triple, interconnected planetary alignment on Jan 13/14 involving all the inner planets, the Sun, and Saturn. Alignment #1 is Sun-Mercury-Mars; Alignment #2 is Earth-Mercury-Venus; and Alignment #3 is Sun-Earth-Saturn.

Saturn having a role in this is particularly intriguing for obvious reasons. The ringed planet even happens to be at a point close to Earth in its orbit and, just as are Mars, Mercury, and (roughly) Venus, it is crossing the plane of Earth's orbit around the Sun whereby making the alignment 'perfect' from any angle. [End of update]

As for the apparent 'flood echo window' previously projected for ~Jan 6-10, the major news stories from that period listed below pretty much speak for themselves:

Jan 07: Flooding on Ohio River damaged hundreds of homes
Jan 09: Storms slam California, soak Ohio
Jan 10: Flooding throughout California, along Ohio river
Jan 10: Northern Europe shaken by storms
Jan 10: Strongest storm in 40 years lashes Russia and northern Europe
Jan 11: Huge mudslide in California
Jan 12: US mudslide rescue bid continues

Just the kind of scaled-down 'echo' anticipated for this window... The prominence of Ohio (River) is fitting given its preceding 'watery' symbolism already extensively discussed, and storms assaulting California, the Golden State, is also meaningful in that aside from being the state of Schwarzenegger (the 'occult star' of the ongoing 'super torch ritual') the name 'Sumatra' - where the recent mega-earthquake struck - means 'isle of gold', making it relatable to California. (California may well be in for something bigger in the near future though...)

Anyway, I'll be continuing the main 'Great Flood' series in the coming days. There is so much 'encoded' there that it's beginning to feel like the period after 9/11 which kept me and others very busy trying to 'decipher' the momentous event. But already the clues seem to be pointing ahead... to some important future development. I'll go into all that soon.

Update (Jan 18): Huygens' first images released by ESA reveal what appear to be a shoreline and a body of water...

- Huygens Probe Returns First Images of Titan's Surface (ESA)
- Possible Shoreline Revealed in First Titan Picture
- ESA Flubs Titan Landing Show
- Methane rain feeds Titan's rivers and lakes

--- Images below from/via here ---

011605-titan5.jpg (2264487 bytes) 011605-titan7.jpg (352888 bytes)


Awesome color panorama image of Titan, processed by Christian Waldvogel (click for full size)

3D rendering of Titan based on Huygens data, by Mike Zawistowski
{click for full size)

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 January 07, '05   Heavenly Torch - Another 'Omen'?

Just a quick note about something taking place today that is symbolically quite intriguing. In my previous post I mentioned that Jan 6 was the day of 'Epiphany' in Christian tradition, the proto-Christmas associated with water etc., thus having some relevance to the pattern surrounding the Asian 'great flood'. (The 'window' previously mentioned was something like Jan 6-10, with apparent emphasis on 1/10.) If we do a direct overlaying of the two Christmas days (12/25 & 1/06), we'd have Jan 7 as corresponding to the 'great flood' day, Dec 26, i.e. the day after Christmas.

The significance of this comparison gained more weight in my view due to what I've just noticed about Comet Machholz, now a naked-eye object in the night sky. Comets are traditionally considered 'omens' so already in that sense it is something potentially related to the 'super torch ritual' comprised of numerous 'omens'. But this Comet Machholz came closest to Earth just yesterday (Jan 5-6), on proto-Christmas Day. And on the Christmas Day (12/25), the Sun happened to be crossing the plotted orbital path of Comet Machholz...

So that naturally gets my attention. But going further, at the moment of the Sumatra earthquake on Dec 26 (local time), the comet's orbital path - which as viewed from the earth could shift rather rapidly - passed precisely through the Sun's summer solstice point, where the ecliptic (green line) and the Galactic Equator (blue line) intersect! You may recall from our previous discussion that this is also approximately where the full Moon was situated at that same moment, crossing the Galactic Equator. This configuration involving the comet's path was fleeting and lasted maybe two hours or so, which obviously increases the value of the coincidence.

The second emphasis on the summer solstice point observed here also gives me a chance to mention something I forgot last time. The Milky Way, first of all, is often associated with a river/flood in ancient tradition, and in ancient Egypt it was apparently compared to the Nile ('Winding Waterway'). The Nile was central to the life of ancient Egyptians, and particularly it was the annual flooding of the Nile that had the most 'magical' meaning for them as following the heliacal rising of Sirius - the goddess Isis - the water rose and brought fertile silt to their 'black land', revitalizing it just as the flood itself was considered symbolic of the resurrection of Osiris (husband of Isis). For a period of time, there was a 'magical' triple coincidence surrounding this event: the heliacal rising of Sirius and the flood of the Nile came together around the time of the summer solstice! So obviously the Nile inundation was to be considered inseparable from the summer solstice. That position occupied by the Sun on that mid-summer day, therefore, is in effect a 'flood position'.

And it was this very 'flood position' inside the Milky Way that was clearly emphasized on Dec 26, 2004 - the day of the biggest flood event in recently history!

Back to Comet Machholz, on Jan 7 (today) this 'torch' in the sky will skim by the Pleiades and its long tail will flow directly over this famous star cluster.

I can't help but describe this arrangement as a celestial 'omen' related to the Asian 'great flood' and all the complex of patterns surrounding it, given the following information about the Pleiades (from Star Names, p391ff):

  • 'The Hindus pictured these stars as a Flame typical of Agni, the god of fire...'

  • 'Other versions made them the Seven Doves that carried ambrosia to the infant Zeus... This story probably originated in that of the dove which helped Argo...'

  • 'Another title... is Butrum [or] Brutum... a Bunch of Grapes...' [Note: Grapes, as well as wine, have widely been considered symbolic of the Grail/messianic bloodline.]

  • 'They shared the watery character always ascribed to the Hyades... they are intimately connected with traditions of the Flood found among so many and widely separated nations...'

  • 'They were... supposed to represent the goddess Nit or Neith... identified by the Greeks with Athene...'

Needless to say these are all key elements of the 'super torch ritual' and evocative of the Great Flood theme.

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 January 05, '05   Timing Aspect of 'Great Flood'

By now there is no need to go into the almost 'biblical' magnitude of the damage cause by the Asian earthquake/tsunami centered off Indonesia's Sumatra island on December 26 that left tens of thousands of people in various countries around the Indian Ocean dead and many more injured and homeless or otherwise psychologically traumatized. It was the most powerful earthquake in more than 40 years and one of the deadliest disasters in modern history. On Etemenanki we look at hidden aspects and contexts of world events, usually by means of symbolism and patterns, that are generally too subtle for the typical mind to care to deal with. This post will continue this tradition as we'll delve into the latest - and unmistakably dramatic - development on the other side of the planet.

In this installment - Part 2 in the series - we'll tackle specifically the issue of timing as relates to my Dec 22 posting in which, after extensive symbolic discussions, I mentioned a significant 'window' coming up shortly. My explanation was as follows [emphasis added]:

At this point I'm looking at December ['04] as one of the potential windows, given its exoteric 'birth of Christ' celebration (Christmas), the winter solstice [...] and such. In particular, I will be very closely monitoring the days around Dec 28 which will feature 1) Mercury-Venus conjunction, 2) Mercury crossing the Galactic Meridian on 12/26-27, 3) Saturn positioned on the 'dark side' of the Moon on 12/27-28, and most importantly, 4) Venus crossing the Galactic Meridian on 12/29. [...]

Judging from the Sun's meridian crossing giving us the Columbus ['Dimebag' clubhouse shooting] event and such, the window around Dec 28/29 is likely to produce at least some symbolically meaningful event consistent with the underlying themes we have going here, if not a bona fide high-impact event like the fall of a Babylon/Sun-king.

The 'window' was generally defined by Christmas at the front end, expressive of the underlying 'messianic pregnancy/birth' theme we have going in the context of this year's 'super torch ritual', and December 29 at the other end marked by Venus crossing the Galactic Meridian while Mercury passing right by it (relative to the ecliptic).

The massive Sumatra earthquake and resultant tsunamis occurred on December 26, clearly within this window, 'around Dec 28/29'. In fact a more precise coincidence can be established here, as we'll go into soon.

In terms of celestial alignments, crucial to the 'super torch ritual', I had figured the emphasis was on Dec 29, the day of the Venus' GM crossing, symbolic of the conception and perpetuation of the semi-mythical 'messianic' Sangraal bloodline ('Holy Grail') where Venus as a heavenly analogue of Mary Magdalene would cross the galactic Prime Meridian which on the earthly plane would be represented by the esoteric 'Rose Line' - another manifestation of the Sangraal continuum - going through Paris the 'city of light/torch'. From my 12/22 post:

[Venus'] prior crossing on June 11 just 3 days after the [timeline-anchoring] Venus transit coincided with the burial ceremony of Ronald Reagan simultaneously signifying the 'conception' of Schwarzenegger as the 'torch of kingship' was ritualistically passed on from the 'once king' to the 'future king', Arnold; and the next crossing on July 3-4 marked Independence Day or unofficially the Lady Liberty/torch day [when Venus practically united with Aldebaran the 'Torch Bearer' star at -19.5 galactic latitude].

Here are graphics to help you visualize these celestial events:

'Transit of Venus'



The 'passing of the torch' ritual on June 11 at the Reagan burial has been a big topic here discussed numerous times before, and its symbolism has become entangled with another similar 'window' of early September coming just days after the Wizard of Oz-inspired closing ceremony of the Athens Olympics. Immediately preceding the 'window' of Sept 8-10, I observed that 'heavenly signs' and the heart problem/surgery of another former president (like Reagan), Clinton, together yielded a symbolic picture suggestive of an impending 'fall of Sun-king' event. It was 'answered' by the fall/crash of NASA's Genesis capsule returning from the Sun on Sept 8 marked by a special due-east celestial alignment involving Venus, Saturn, Moon, and Galactic Anti-Center which in turn was prefigured by the spiral & torch symbolism featured at Athens' closing ceremony. (See Stargate Cipher 2012: Part II.)

I wrote:

Recall that the center of the Athenean spiral was aligned with the torch tower through a causeway (representing the due-east line). The wheat spiral viewed as representing the galaxy/Milky Way, Athens' arrangement would signify an alignment of Venus, due east, and Galactic (anti-)Center - thus recreating the celestial configuration...!

The Genesis crash was an 'in your face' simulation of the heavenly 'Sun Stone' (or Benben Stone or Grail) striking the earth to seed it with (new) life - a theoretical process scientifically known as 'panspermia'. This was the prominent symbolic theme encoded into the opening ceremony of the Olympics (with an added 'Martian' element). (See SGC2012: Part 1) In the post-Olympics period emphasizing the '(fall of) Sun king' theme, the crash could easily be viewed as a symbolic expression of the fall of a Sun 'king'.

Then on Sept 10, Mercury, the fast-moving planet/god of communication, united with the star Regulus, the 'heart' of the lion/Leo, which played a big role in the celestial symbolism surrounding Clinton's heart problem. Reagan, having been known as the 'Great Communicator', i.e. a 'Mercury', reenters the picture here. The joining of Mercury and Regulus was on a symbolic level also a joining of the 'falling' of the two former presidents ('Sun kings'), Reagan and Clinton. Sure enough, a 'Sun king' did (literally) fall on Sept 10/11 when a Greek-Orthodox Pope (not the Pope of Rome), Petros VII, was killed in a helicopter crash after leaving Athens. As a form of 'Sun/Babylon king', popes are conceptually interchangeable with presidents - in my model, at least. Since the name 'Petros', or Peter, denotes 'rock', it was also a reenactment of the Genesis crash just 3 days earlier signifying a 'Sun stone' fallen from heaven. The symbolic redundancy has the function of amplifying the collective 'message'.

This same pattern carried over into the most recent window of late December similarly involving a Venus-Mercury interaction, directly linked to Reagan's burial (June 11) through the repeated Galactic Meridian-crossing configuration, and symbolically carrying the 'fall of the Sun-king' theme as foreshadowed by the fall of 'Dimebag' the guitarist of Damageplan (formerly of Pantera => 'Pa-ntr-ra' => 'the god Ra' => Sun god) who was shot dead at a concert in Columbus Ohio Dec 8 when the Sun was crossing the Galactic Meridian.

Reagan burial

Columbus shooting (Dimebag/Pantera/Damageplan)

December Venus-GM crossing

The 'Pope' angle was heavily promoted there. And so, in hindsight, we see that we had more reason to associate the late-December window with the 'fall of Pope Petros VII' in particular, an event marked by the union of Mercury and the 'heart star' Regulus. The 'messenger' role played by Mercury in these 'rituals'/'windows' thus emerges as something quite central to the whole 'design'. I should indeed have dug deeper into the phenomenon of late-December Mercury crossing the GM more or less together with Venus as It would have led me specifically to Dec. 26, pinpointed as a key date comparable to Dec. 29.

By Christmas Day, Venus and Mercury were shoulder-to-shoulder and aligned exactly (relative to the ecliptic or the path of the Sun) on the day of Venus crossing the Galactic Meridian (12/29). Mercury itself crossed the GM on 12/26-27, the Asian disaster day. This much I had noted beforehand; but I missed the opportunity to find it was on 12/26 that Mercury and Venus aligned relative to the Galactic Meridian as the image below shows.

Had I been more aware of the 'message of the Messenger', I would have gone on to notice that Dec 26 was also when there was a suggestive alignment of Mars, Venus, and the Sun!

And then there was the Moon. I knew the Moon would probably play a role in the celestial time-marker scheme due to its close association with the 'damage plan' omen event of 12/8 in Columbus, Ohio symbolically inseparable from the tsunami disaster. If you go back to my 12/22 post, you'll see many references to the Moon, especially in connection with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album linked to The Wizard of Oz which in turn was a big part of the Columbus shooting 'ritual'. But instead of 12/26 I focused more on 12/27-28, the day of Saturn being on the 'dark side of the Moon' (i.e. 'behind' the Moon).

I guess a difference of one or two days is negligible. Still, I could have single out the 'Great Flood' (tsunami) day even without the help of Mercury and such if I had only remembered to incorporate the 'mental illness' or 'mind control' aspect of the Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz association (think 'lunacy') into the time-marker scheme. As discussed before, Dark Side was a concept album about 'insanity, neurosis and fame', and The Wizard of Oz - to which Dark Side of the Moon can be precisely synched as an alternate 'sound track' - was a film claimed by some to be a tool used in a mind-control program called 'Project Monarch', supposedly an offshoot of the CIA's notorious MK-ULTRA project.

It just happens that the Moon was full on Dec 26. A full-Moon day is traditionally considered when people can get a little crazy. Not only that, the moment of the Sumatra earthquake (00:59 GMT) coincided with the full Moon crossing the Galactic Equator at the Sun's summer-solstice position (approximately 180 deg. away from Venus/Mercury) where an celestial object, in this case the Moon, becomes the 'torch' of Orion. (See image below.) All this being played out in the context of the 'super torch ritual', the overall Moon configuration was a big sign that there was something building up specifically on Dec. 26...

Some other observations include:

  • At the time of the earthquake it was still Dec 25/Christmas in US, a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus-Horus (thus continuing the underlying messianic pregnancy/birth theme), a holiday originally meant to mark the winter solstice when the Sun symbolically 'dies' and gets 'reborn', i.e. the 'fall of the Sun king' theme.

  • The tides of the ocean are caused by the gravitation pull of the Moon. Combined with the femininity of the Moon comparable to Venus, the idea of Venus' pregnancy coming to an end with her 'water breaking', and the prevalent 'Columba' & water theme (Columbia, Ohio, Madrid, Athens Olympic ceremonies, etc.) associated with Noah's dove/Great Flood, we had enough clues suggesting some kind of big 'water/flood event' being 'planned', and that it could easily come within the late-December window.

There were many other 'damage plan' clues dropped in the days leading up to the actual event as will be discussed in later installments of this series. And indications are that the 'super torch ritual' is still far from over... Indeed, the 'Beast' is still waiting in the wings, so... many more 'rituals' ahead to be enacted before the new beginning.

Finally, let me just mention that the time around Jan 10 is a potential next 'window' for a 'ritual' event. We'll see Mercury crossing the Galactic Equator (center line of Milky Way) on that day merely 10 hours after Venus doing the same. And this will coincide with the new/dark moon as it passes below the Sun, becoming in effect a black disk showing its 'dark side' directly toward the earth. All this will take place in Sagittarius, the constellation highlighted in the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics (see SGC2012: Part 2). The combination of Mercury crossing a Galactic line and a Moon-Sun alignment is very reminiscent of the December 26 configuration and therefore hints at some kind of 'echo' effect brewing there.

Speaking of Athens/Greece, the day of 'Epiphany' is almost here which is, like the Asian 'great flood', associated with both Christmas and water: 

On the stroke of January 6th, the "twelve days" of Christmas officially come to an end. This day, takes on a special meaning in Greece. Here, there is a special ceremony of blessing the waters and of the vessels that ply them.

The modern observance at Piraeus, the ancient port of Athens, takes the form of a priest hurling a large crucifix into the waters. Young men brave the cold and compete to retrieve it...

Orthodox belief says that it was the day of the baptism of Jesus, and that this is where the day's association with water arises.

We also find that: which are commemorated [by Epiphany] include [Jesus'] baptism in the Jordan River by John the Baptist, the visit of the Three Kings... and his miracle at Cana, where his power to perform miracles was demonstrated. Typically, though, the baptism is emphasized in Eastern churches while the adoration of the Wise Men is emphasized in the Western churches. Eiphany has been called "Old Christmas"...

The Three Kings, or Magi, is traditionally associated in terms of geography with Persia, today called Iran. Interestingly enough the the Sumatra earthquake came exactly one year after another big earthquake killed 26,000 people in... Iran.

Like the Jan 10 celestial configuration, therefore, Epiphany contains much that reflects the Dec. 26 symbolism. These two January dates also seem to interact with each other:

...all Catholics and Anglicans (along with many other Protestants) now formally end the Christmas season on the Sunday immediately following January 6...

This year the Christmas season-ending Sunday falls on January 9. In US time Jan 9 naturally overlaps Jan 10 as observed in many other parts of the world, just as it was still Christmas Day in the United States when the southeast Asia earthquake/flood came early on Dec 26 local time.

So I'd say the period from Jan 6 through Jan 10 (or so)- especially Jan 10 - warrants careful monitoring.

In the mean time, I will be working on the next installments delving deeper into the symbolism surrounding the 'Great Flood', apparently containing seeds of what's coming next.

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