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June 2005



 June 28, '05   'Great Flood' Echo Anchor Point

Just to remind you, today June 28 represents a special 'anchor-point' day for the 6-month echo window stemming from last year's Sumatran 'Great Flood'. As discussed in Contact: In the Ring of Fire (6/22), in a sense an echo has already been detected in the cluster of mid-June earthquakes, many of them in California the 'Golden State', on the opposite side of the Ring of Fire from Sumatra, which is similarly the 'Isle of Gold'. Read the article if not already and see the remarkable geodetic design encoded there.

Since it was a rather lengthy piece and it's probably difficult for the reader (and me!) to keep it all straight, here are relevant graphics briefly summarizing what's going with the date and the window anchored by it:

judgement-summer05a.gif (12524 bytes)   judgement-summer05c.gif (22583 bytes)

Additionally, June 28 is '112' days from March 8 - the latter associated with our 3/11 'Judgment Day' as it was on that day that Clinton's heart problem and subsequent operation began (first reported in the news March 8). It spawned the very important theme of the 'weighing of the heart', i.e. the ancient Egyptian version of 'Judgment Day' more or less. And it came exactly 6 months after his original heart surgery back in September, therefore even prefiguring the antipodal/opposite/balance theme that has become very prominent here since then.

Originally March 11 was highlighted by last year's Madrid train bombings which in turn was symbolically foreshadowed by Janet Jackson's Super-Bowl 'Nipplegate' (=> 'indecent exposure => police code '311'). It was dubbed 'Spain's 9/11', and '911' being an American emergency #, we had there an allusion to the EU emergency #, '112'. As it happens, 112 is the exact number of days from New Year's Day back to 9/11 which also happens to be (usually) the first day in the Coptic calendar.

So we have these and more pointing at... well, today. It's certainly curious and significant that we'll have Bush's major speech tonight - already enough to highlight the date in the calendar. Other big/encoded events are possible as well, but basically I'm treating it as a midpoint or beginning of a window at this time.

Let me also mention that adding 112 days to March 11 ('Judgment Day') will bring us to July 1. Turns out the same date is produced by adjusting the [Sumatra #1]-[Sumatra #2]-[June 28] equidistant timeline using the 0.967:1 ratio (or 1:1.034) that is already associated with this type of encoding involving Sumatra (and Madrid). There are 92 days from Sumatra #1 to #2; multiply it by 1.034 and we get 95.1; add that to Sumatra #2 and we arrive at July 1. So that's quite interesting.

I might as well mention also the fact that adding 311 days to the heavily STR-encoded 8/29/04 Olympics closing ceremony yields July 6, which is within our window and when: 1) the host city for the 2012 Summer Olympics will be announced, 2) the G8 summit will begin.

The bottom line is that we're now in a 'Great Flood' window and the 6-month echo pattern underlying this has so far been surprisingly consistent. Note, however, that the active mid-June quakes that got people's attention already exhibited a pattern strongly suggestive of being such an echo, leaving us to wonder if that alleviated the potential for a more violent manifestation of the theme. The curious recent acquittal of Michael Jackson, an STR event closely interacting with the timing of the 'Great Flood', may have been a clue relevant here as well. We'll see...


 June 27, '05   Lunar Time Code

I kind of hesitate to write anything right now as this just feels like one of those periods when, at least for me personally, all things communication just don't seem to turn out well or as intended. (The latest article Contact: In the Ring of Fire for example somehow ended up, almost inexplicably, sounding a little too pompous here and there, forcing me to do some minor editing to change the tone somewhat and I'll probably do more later... Just for the record.) But I wanted to do a little correction and add a few observations.

I'd like to correct that in identifying the calendar month with the synodic month (~29.53 days) I introduced some approximation, which led to my stating that six synodic months from Dec. 8, '04 (Damageplan) would be June 8, '05, which was close but not accurate. The correct date there was June 3, '05.

June 3 began Michael Jackson's 10-day 'judgment' period represented by the jury deliberations. (June 8 was significant for being the midpoint of the same 6/3-13 period as well as being the anniversary of the Venus Transit). This shift is significant as June 3 acknowledges the 'judgment' window more directly. June 3 is marked additionally by a six-sidereal month period coming from the winter solstice (12/21/04).

A similar double-marking still exists for June 8, using a normal 6-calendarical month cycle and a 6-sidereal month period from the Sumatran 12/26/04 date.

This subtle yet intricate time encoding system for the 'tabloid judgment day' event, elegantly employing various lunar periods, appears to give us more confirmation that the 'Argent' symbolism attached to last month's Indy 500/Danica Patrick 'ritual' was a key clue. (See previous posts, starting with this.) As you may recall, 'Argent' alluded to the Moon through the solid associative link, 'argent => silver => moon'.

The final 'MJ judgment day' was June 13, and as you may remember it was triple-marked albeit not by lunar periods. First, it is 112 (-1) days from the 2/22/04 Iran quake (Zarand), both '112' and the Iran quake being a well-established component of the time codes with emphasis on the 'Judgment' theme. Second, it is celestially marked by a 'Double-Sun Orange Alignment', another STR theme. And third, a Venus orbital period of 225 days would pinpoint 6/13/05 if counted from 10/31/04 highlighted by another 'orange' event, the Ukraine election spawning the 'Orange Revolution'. (For those new here, the time code scheme has been very Venusian from the beginning.)

So... it's all there. The main point being that the MJ 'Judgment' was a 'well-designed' STR event.

Other than that, I would just add that California (struck by an unusual series of earthquakes mid-June) is ~180 degrees away from Iran (in longitude), repeating the heavily encoded notion of 'antipodal'/opposite or 'balance'. In fact, Iran was having its own electoral 'Judgment' period this June (17-24). In other words, Iran is continuing to assert its relevance in all this, and we would have to suspect that this is going to intensify.

Note: I'm still working on at least two more major articles, including Part 2 of the 'Pole Shift' series, in case you're wondering. So much to discuss and so little time!


 June 15, '05   Beyond Straw Man
Alright, so the Michael Jackson thing happened on Monday and the circus trial is finally over. Enough of that silliness indeed... But there is that the 'hidden side' of this development so... a little more on that here. Let's take a quick look back at my last (pre-verdict) post. Some quotes:
  • Getting back to Michael Jackson, it's not very clear how he will fare in his 'Judgment Day' scenario due to the uncertainty as to his guilt. Would he still be 'judged' if he was actually innocent (just speculating here), just to keep the storyline going, or...? Taking all the contexts and patterns into consideration, it seems likely that Jackson is in for a 'Great Flood', but who knows... we'll see. Unexpected twists and turns happen all the time. [...]

  • As you can see, the latest 'orange alignment' pinpoints mid-June (June 12-13) - i.e. right now - which reinforces the 'Sun-king falling' nature of the Michael Jackson 'Judgment Day'. The implication of this is fairly clear. But this doesn't necessarily single out June 13 as the 'MJ Judgment Day'. [...]

  • So, basically we have a June 12-16 window going here...

  • This time, following this little hypothetical pattern, the finality point would be June 13, which would put 5 days on each side of June 8. Something to consider, I'd say.

The fact that MJ didn't exactly 'fall' (at least legally) was interesting in terms of the underlying symbolic STR pattern we're following here, but not unexpected either. As far as the timing issue, it was spot on - precisely coinciding with, for instance, the 'orange alignment' discussed previously involving (primarily) the 'two suns', i.e. the Sun and Venus, and Mercury (June 12-13). Rather than going over all the 'time code' elements relevant here, I'll just let the following diagram summarize the multicontextual situation (see previous post for background):

(Some readers have written in to tell me that M. Jackson was in a 1978 Wizard of Oz film called 'The Wiz', playing the role of the Scarecrow. Needless to say, this beautifully conforms to the 6-month echo pattern discussed linking the 12/8 Damageplan shooting, heavily encoded into it was the Oz theme, and the MJ trial 'judgment'.)

Well, having done this, I'm now ready to move on to the next issue, an ominous one, a symbolic or literal precursor to which we may already be seeing in the recent major quakes, one in Chile (7.9, June 13) and one off California (7.0, June 14). (In light of the above time code, I kind of wonder if we'll see another major quake today to 'fulfill' the triple-day 225-based apparent echo scheme.) I'm of course referring to the 'Sumatra echo point' coming up later this month. Chances are that the 'tabloid Sun-king Judgment' event, now presumably completed, will interact with the next potentially very high-impact 'ritual' as well as many STR events that came before that, and from what I have 'decoded' so far (quite a lot of it just the other night) it's looking pretty intense... my finger is tapping near the red-alert button. So, I'll post some new information on that soon.


 June 13, '05   'Judgment Day' Déjà Vu

[The following was posted at 9am EDT, before the MJ trial jury reached a not-guilty verdict late afternoon.]

Well, I must say I'm not exactly thrilled that I have to continue to talk about Michael Jackson, exoterically such a tabloid story, but given its symbolic significance in the 'Super Torch Ritual' (STR) I guess there is just no way around it. So just don't get me wrong here, and keep in mind that my focus is the pattern behind the 'Judgment of the King of Pop' and not the surface story.

Now, previously we looked at the 'Antipodal Judgment Day Time Code' in which the time around June 8 is shown to be a 6-month echo point of December 8, 2004, marked by the 'ritual' event of the Damageplan concert shooting in Columbus, Ohio, which in turn was an 'antipodal'/6-month echo of the Venus Transit (6/8/04).

judgmentday-antipodal.gif (19967 bytes) pregnancy-timecode.gif (12148 bytes)

The Columbus 'ritual' was also a 9-month 'Venus pregnancy' echo point from the train bombings in Madrid, Spain on March 11 ('311'), coming exactly 911 (+1) days after 9/11/01. This in turn was foreshowed one month in advance by the 2004 Super Bowl that featured at halftime Janet Jackson's infamous 'Nipplegate', a seemingly silly event that was actually very rich in symbolism and something I quickly interpreted as prefiguring key future events, including (some of them recognized in hindsight) Madrid '311', Venus Transit, and the 'Judgment' theme now playing out so prominently around us. (Pepsi's Super Bowl commercial even alluded to the fall of the Pope, as I pointed out back then, which did begin to manifest exactly 1 year later on February 1, 2005.)

Nipplegate was all about 'indecent exposure', the police code # for which happens to be '311'. The same number lurks behind the Damageplan 'ritual' coming 9 months after Madrid '311' as it took place exactly 311 days after the Super Bowl. And it is notable that 'Columbus' has the same root as 'Columbia', one of the names for America and the name of a doomed space shuttle demolished during reentry exactly one year before the 2004 Super Bowl.

You can see then why I quickly view the event in Columbus as a ritualistic STR-driven 'omen'. Obscure as it was, it clearly encoded significant clues as to what was happening and was about to happen. For instance, the geodetic position of Columbus combined with the symbolism of the Ohio flag's Benben-Stone 'All-Seeing Eye' (note the state's nickname 'Buckeye', as in 'dollar eye') was found to pinpoint, using geodetic 'great circles', the epicenter of the Sumatra mega-quake/tsunami that was to come later in the month. (See here and here.) Although this was noticed after the fact, there was another encoded 'damage plan' signaling the exit of the Pope, which I did discern about 6 weeks before the John Paul II's first hospitalization (2/1/05), a sudden health deterioration from which he never recovered.

It was also a major manifestation of the STR's long-running 'Sun king falling' theme. I'll note again that the core members of Damageplan was originally in a more famous heavy metal band called Pantera - in Talmudic tradition 'Pantera' is the father of Jesus (thus the latter was referred to as 'ben Pantera' or 'son of Pantera'). Tracing 'Pantera' back to its ancient Egyptian origin we learn that 'Pa-ntr-ra' was 'the god Ra' or the Sun god. There was also the fact that the term 'pope' means 'father', resonating with the last name of the band's guitarist murdered in Columbus, 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott, which is a variant of 'abbot', the head of an abbey, deriving from abba meaning 'father'.

Next we have the Beatles connection. The initial 'clue' here is the killing of Dimebag coming on the 24th anniversary of the murder of John Lennon, like Dimebag shot to death by a deranged fan. In this context it becomes curiously pertinent that the Beatles' 1969 album is called 'Abbey Road' and was recorded in Abbey Road Studios, especially in light of the Abbott-abbey link. The Pope/father theme also finds an echo here: the Beatles' core songwriting team was John Lennon and Paul McCartney - i.e. John and Paul, as in John Paul II.

The Beatles is making its presence known yet again through Michael Jackson's 'Judgment Day' development. It is quite well-known that Michael Jackson actually owns, jointly with Sony, most of the Beatle's songs - an issue now emerging in the news relating to his financial troubles.

And this year's Super Bowl, coming a year after Michael Jackson's sister exposing her breast, featured at halftime a former Beatle Paul McCartney. It was as expected a highly symbolic and ritualistic event filled with obscure but highly sophisticated 'clues'. Particularly relevant here is the fact that by mid-May I was detecting connections between the Super Bowl and the Indianapolis 500, with emphasis on the female rookie driver Danica Patrick who did emerge as a star on May 29.

I was unaware at the time but the interplay between the two sporting events was already setting the stage for the 'Judgment Day' of Michael Jackson, who is fittingly another 'Sun king' figure (perceived as such on this site since 2003). While I had no idea that the MJ trial was in its final phase by late-May, I somehow still managed to discern that Indy, and through which the Super Bowl, was somehow to interact with the early-June period. As I wrote late May (24th & 31st):

And I don't think we have to wait long to see the next major development likely foreshadowed in some way by the interlocking themes now attached to Indy. Early June (including May 31) is already a potent window for this. Among the most notable here is the fact that the Sun and Mercury will come together (as seen from Earth) on June 3-4. Previous occurrences of this configuration, denoted by the 'orange' theme as explained before, have produced highly ritualistic events, including the Windsor Tower fire/'Orange Gates'. Here again is what I wrote [May 24] before Indy about this 'orange' configuration:

And looking back, I see that the recent 'ritualistic' Sun-Mercury conjunctions were all answered on earth by violent events - a lot of deaths (Damgeplan, Terri Shiavo, Pope) and a great fire (Windsor Tower). The next Sun-Mercury union is coming up soon June 3-4 and I'd have to wonder if this is moving in the direction of the US financial system finally showing undeniable signs of running out of gas... ready to crash and burn.

Perhaps the Indy 500 coming just few days before is to directly and symbolically interact with this storyline.

The jury of the Jackson trial began deliberating on June 3 - that's when the 'Judgment' of the 'King of Pop' began. (The economy stuff mentioned above is becoming a major issue but we won't go into that in this post.)

This 'Judgment' is yet another such event involving child abuse/molestation, starting with last December's 'Great Flood' in southeast Asia which struck regions notorious for child exploitation/trafficking.

In the Book of Genesis and other related ancient writings, the Great Flood is preceded by heavenly beings ('sons of God') mating with human daughters and creating a 'giant' race of the Nephilim - the 'fallen ones'. This is followed by great corruption on earth and then the Great Flood unleashed to wipe it all out. This would be the archetypal 'Judgment Day sequence'.

The papal transition was another recent 'Judgment Day'-related event that followed this sequence, the Church being notorious for its members engaging in and tolerating sexual molestation of children. Just in time for St. Malachy's prophecy, therefore, the Church is being set up for its own Great Flood. It appears the institution will pay dearly for what it did to children. But the US, or at least the Bush government, is perhaps not far behind in this storyline, judging from recent clues...

Getting back to Michael Jackson, it's not very clear how he will fare in his 'Judgment Day' scenario due to the uncertainty as to his guilt. Would he still be 'judged' if he was actually innocent (just speculating here), just to keep the storyline going, or...? Taking all the contexts and patterns into consideration, it seems likely that Jackson is in for a 'Great Flood', but who knows... we'll see. Unexpected twists and turns happen all the time. [Update: Jackson was found not guilty on all charges this late afternoon - so the point seems to be not so purely about wrathful 'judgment'.]

I'd like to add here that Michael Jackson famously sees himself a Peter Pan, which provides another subtle but suggestive tie-in with Damageplan/Pantera. There is, for instance, our 'Pan-Terra' interpretation, giving us the notion of 'whole-earth', alluding to the geodetic aspect of the ongoing 'game'. The key here in terms of symbolism is the idea/imagery of a 'stone fallen from heaven' such as the Benben Stone or the capstone of the pyramid (traditional geodetic markers), which is a prominent part of Ohio's flag. And I've also made note of the fact that the fall of a 'metal rock star', i.e. Dimebag, was expressive of a 'stone fallen from heaven' (meteorites often contain iron)...

We also talked before about the name 'Peter' having the meaning of 'rock' - a idea found particularly applicable to Peter VII, Patriarch and Pope of Alexandria, who was killed last year in a helicopter crash on September 11, coming  just 3 days after NASA's Genesis capsule 'ritualistically' crashed into the Utah desert like a stone fallen from heaven. (Recall that early-June 2005 marks the 9-month 'birth' point from that 'seeding ritual'.) The combination of a 'pope and Genesis coming back from the Sun here (both key STR events) quite clearly conveys the idea of the 'fall of a Sun king'.

And then there is Michael Jackson's 'Neverland' ranch. This one interacts with the mysteriously prevalent 'Wizard of Oz' theme - Oz being a fantasy land - inseparable from the Columbus 'ritual'. This theme was initially promoted at the closing ceremony in Athens (8/29/04).

Around the time of the Columbus shooting The Wizard of Oz was inexplicably in heavy rotation on TV - so much so that I actually forced myself to watch it on the TNT channel... the very night of the Damageplan shooting. What screamed 'ritual!' here was the creepy coincidence involving the shooter's name (killed during the incident). It was 'Nathan Gale' - 'Nathan' meaning 'gift from God'. Notice the main character in The Wizard of Oz 'Dorothy Gale' having the same last name - which is just half of the story. Turns out her first name also matches that of the crazed shooter, as 'Dorothy' just like 'Nathan' means 'gift from God'! In other words, the two essentially share the same name...

So, Neverland and Oz - a coherent combination to reinforce the Antipodal Time Code that links the Damageplan 'ritual' to the current Jackson trial,  the 'tabloid Judgment' that began June 3. Not enough? How about this: the actual video of the shooting was suddenly released by the police on... ah yes, June 3. (Thanks to 'Barbara' for bringing this to my attention.)

Now let me go back to the timing issue. While lately I have been treating the 'Sun-Mercury conjunction' (or an alignment of Earth, Mercury, and Sun) as a key STR time-marker, recently I discovered something else that bears much relevance to the pattern matrix.

As you may recall, a big clue for the 'Sun-Mercury conjunction' motif was the persistent 'orange' theme starting last year and still continuing to this day. That color has been emphasized by key events and places, way too often and congruently to be by mere chance. To name just a few: the Orange Revolution, Titan (Saturn's moon), the NYC Central Park 'Gates', the protest movement in Israel, etc.

To go over this again, what I did was divide it up into 'or' and 'ange', that gave us 'gold' and 'angel' in French. Since gold and the Sun are both denoted by the same 'circle with a dot at the center' symbol and 'angel' means 'messenger', I got 'Sun' and 'Mercury' (god of communication). This combination then revealed the timing of Sun-Mercury conjunctions closely interacting with STR events such as 1) the Damageplan shooting, 2) the Windsor Tower fire in Madrid and the NYC 'orange gates', 3) the Sumatra deadly quake #2, death of Terri Shiavo, and death of Pope JPII, and 4) the start of the Michael Jackson trial deliberation. I would say #2 was particularly helpful in determining the theory's viability as that one coming on Feb. 12-13, '05 brought together a Sun-Mercury conjunction and a major 'orange' event in NYC.

The next little breakthrough made recently was the notion of 'gold' being applicable to not only the Sun but also Venus. This 'planet of love', central to the STR, happens to be known as 'gold planet' in Far East (Japan, China, etc.), making it as much a part of the 'orange' scheme as the Sun. Then I saw that the #4 events above, including the death of the Pope JPII, which is a really big one, was marked by not only a Sun-Mercury conjunction (or a Earth-Mercury-Sun alignment) but also an extended Jupiter-Earth-Mercury-Sun-Venus alignment - i.e. Venus (and Jupiter) thrown into the mix, which made the configuration even more 'or-ange' and created a 'double sun' situation (i.e. Sun + Venus).

Furthermore, I remembered this Nostradamus quatrain (IV-28):

When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form:
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
Through warlike noise it will be insulted.

I've already talked about the first line's apparent allusion to the Venus Transit (June 8 last year), an important celestial event anchoring the Super Torch Ritual - i.e. the very rare phenomenon of Venus passing directly in front of the Sun as seen from Earth. The 'hidden form' in line 2 would be the 'passing of the torch' ritual witnessed down here on earth at the time, i.e. the burial ceremony of Ronald Reagan giving rise to the 'hidden future king' Schwarzenegger, a major STR figure. The quatrain then mentions Mercury, which I linked to Reagan being the 'Great Communicator'. But now we see that it's signaling something more.

All this prompted me to check for more alignments within the timeframe of the past 1.5 years that involved the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. And I did come up with a strong pattern, found to be closely interacting with the 'Sun king falling' theme. See this chart:

As you can see, the latest 'orange alignment' pinpoints mid-June (June 12-13) - i.e. right now - which reinforces the 'Sun-king falling' nature of the Michael Jackson 'Judgment Day'. The implication of this is fairly clear. [Update: The verdicts did came later today, June 13, so right on time. As for the 'falling' aspect of the pattern, it's not clear how or if it's still applicable.]

But this doesn't necessarily single out June 13 as the 'MJ Judgment Day'. Turn out, there is a cluster of key dates mid-June, or for that matter this whole month. For the uninitiated here, there are various key numbers driving the 'Judgment Day Time Code' woven into the STR matrix such as 311, 112, 225, 911, 253, 618, etc. While I'm sure the 'Judgment numbers' 311 and 911 are simple enough to understand, it is '112' that's coming to the forefront at this time. This is Europe's emergency number, i.e. Europe's '911', as well as the number of popes in the prophetic list of St. Malachy, recently made famous by seemingly 'accuracy' describing the name chosen by the new pope. This number is significant in the time code because of the following:

  • Adding 112 days to 9/11 gives us New Year's Day, just as 9/11 usually marks the first day of the Coptic calendar.
  • The deadly Iran (Zarand) quake on 2/22/05, a major event in the 'Judgment' scheme, came exactly 112 days after the 2004 US presidential election held on a '112' day (i.e. 11/2).
  • Indy 500 (5/29) took place exactly 112 days after Super Bowl (2/6) [Note: This one, obviously important, was added to the list 6/14; somehow I forgot to mention it before!]
  • The Jackson trial jury began deliberating on June 3, which was the 112th day countering from 2/12/05, the day of Madrid's Windsor Tower fire and NYC's 'orange gates'.
  • 112 days in between:
    • Damageplan shooting (12/8/04) and Terri Shiavo death (3/28/05)
    • Sumatra #1 (12/26/04) and beginning of papal election (4/18/05)
    • New Year's Day 2005 and official installment of the new pope Benedict XVI (4/24/05)

And along the same line, adding 112 days to 2/22/05 (Iran quake) gives us 6/14/05.

'225' on the other hand is a 'Venus number' - corresponding to the planet's orbital period around the Sun. Last year's theatric climax of the STR, the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics, came exactly 225 days after 2004 New Year's Day. Adding 225 days to the 2004 US electoral 'Judgment Day' brings us to 6/15/05.

'618', besides being a phi-related number (phi ratio = 1.618:1 or 1:0.618), is one of the 'Judgment Day numbers' found encoded in Terminator 3, which are 618 and 253 (from '6:18pm' and '2 hours 53 minutes'), both pinpointing the 3/11 date, one year apart, 2004 and 2005. (This is achieved by simply adding those numbers to the release date of the Terminator film - July 2, '03.) This is obviously heavily tied in to the whole Schwarzenegger situation who was elected governor of California October 7, '03 - another electoral 'Judgment Day'. Adding 618 days to the 'total recall election' day gives us 6/16/05.

So, basically we have a June 12-16 window going here, and of course chances are that this will coincide with the conclusion of Michael Jackson's little 'judgment day', or something similar in concept. But who knows... we'll see.

Again, because there is such a cluster of key dates this month I must say it's becoming somewhat meaningless to talk about this and that 'window' inside June. Having said that, :) I previously talked about a celestially-emphasized June 7-8 window, sort of echoing last year's 6/08 Venus Transit. The latter was straddled by a string of Reagan death/funeral events from June 5 through 11, 3 days on each side of June 8. The Jackson jury deliberation began June 3 and I've noticed that it's beginning to mirror what happened last year. This time, following this little hypothetical pattern, the finality point would be June 13, which would put 5 days on each side of June 8. Something to consider, I'd say.

And I would be remiss if I didn't bring your attention to the momentum building for late-June. The most important aspect here is that in the 'antipodal' time code, tracking a 6-month echo pattern, June 26 would be the echo point of last year's Sumatran 'Great Flood'. It is indeed quite disconcerting, seeing the MJ Judgment situation conforming to the pattern and confirming the time code's effectiveness. In a way, this is the most meaningful implication of the Jackson trial circus, that it is acknowledging the pattern.

It is ominous, moreover, that in late-June will be a period of Venus and Mercury moving together as one, just as the 'Great Flood' period of late-December through mid-January saw just such a celestial dance. It was actually on December 26, the day of the mega-quake, that Venus and Mercury began to coalesce as they aligned along the Galactic grid.

This time, the two planets start coupling about June 25 or so continuing into early July. And as if to make a point Saturn the planet of time and death will join them June 26-27 which will be exactly 6 months from the Sumatra 'Great Flood'.

So... still a lot happening this month.


 June 06, '05   Dead Man Moonwalking
A 'live report' on the progress of the current early-June window..

The 'orange' conjunction of the Sun and Mercury (or-ange = gold-angel = Sun-Mercury) was June 3, activating a celestial sequence considered a key time-marker in our Super Torch Ritual. To refresh your memory, one of the underlying contexts here is the hypothesis that the symbolism of the Indy 500 is designed to interact with this window in some way.

We have also talked about the star of Indy, Danica (= 'morning star'), being Venus the light/torch-bearer, a notion reinforced by the torch symbol on her car as part of the Argent sponsor logo. 'Argent', meaning silver, was interpreted as applicable to the Milky Way variously known as 'Silver River', 'Silver Circle', etc., sort of a celestial reflection of the oval Indy course. Venus was right at the centerline of the heavenly river, i.e. crossing the Galactic Equator, on June 3 - a coincidence enhanced by the fact that mercury is closely associated with silver (called 'watery silver' and such), and by Venus' position turning the planet into Orion's 'torch'.

Coming up next is Mercury crossing the Galactic Meridian on June 6... or today. This configuration last year coincided with the Sumatra 'Great Flood' quake, which is I guess a little ominous. And the next two days following that will bring the Moon into the mix as shown below:

This is highly significant due to our underlying context. First, silver/argent is closely associated, even more so than mercury, with the Moon and was called luna by alchemists. Second, the Indy 500 was held in Indiana, which I have already interpreted as 'In-Diana', and we've seen that its state flag prominently features a torch. As it happens Diana, the moon goddess, was traditionally celebrated on August 13, the opening day of the Athens Olympics last summer when the torch was ceremonially lit at the stadium in front the worldwide audience. The Roman feast day for the goddess was in fact called Diana's Feast of Torches.

Princess Diana is similarly associated with a torch via the memorial erected at the site of her fatal car crash. We even find that Sumatra alludes to the Moon, in that the name becomes 'Artamus' when read backwards to closely resemble Artemis, Diana' s Greek equivalent.

So, the symbolism surrounding Danica, her car, and Indy has given us the following five elements: 1) torch, 2) Venus, 3) Mercury, 4) Moon, and 5) Milky Way.

On June 7-8, all of them come together in one small area in the sky, inside the Milky Way and marked by Orion's 'torch'. June 8 is also significant for marking the 9-month 'pregnancy/birth' point from NASA's Genesis capsule crash, an important STR event, and the 6-month 'antipodal' point from the equally important Damageplan concert shooting 'ritual' in Columbus last December shortly before the 'Great Flood' in southeast Asia.

Up until now my tendency has been to focus on the 9-month separation 'pregnancy time code' and I do still consider it highly meaningful - but perhaps not as much as I thought before. Slowly but surely a picture has been emerging, giving us a pattern more consistent with a 6-month cycle. You may recall that the 'Judgment Day' theme symbolically stressed this spring gave us the concept of 'antipodal' and 'equal in weight/length'. It was quite instructive in this regard - for instance, '6 months' is expressive of Earth moving 180 degrees around the Sun to the antipodal point. And so far the echo effect in this scheme has been quite consistent and compelling as shown in the chart below.

judgmentday-antipodal.gif (19967 bytes)

You will note that the theme attached to ~June 8 is that of the 'Sun king' (falling). It was exactly 6 months ago that the Sun crossed the Galactic Meridian, which it is about to do again on June 8, and gave us the Damageplan 'ritual' which in many ways prefigured the fall of the religious 'Sun king' Pope John Paul II. (Damageplan had evolved from a band called Pantera - a Hebrew form of an ancient Egyptian royal epithet 'Pa-ntr-ra', or 'the god Ra', Ra being a prominent Sun-god.)

In this context it becomes very fitting that Michael Jackson's 'Judgment' is now underway - the closing arguments in his child-molestation trial having concluded last Friday... June 3. It's now up to the jury to decide MJ's fate, and while I personally don't think evidence against him is compelling (not that I followed the trial closely), his 'fall' would be a form of a 'Sun king' falling.  MJ is of course the 'King of Pop' and his album 'Invincible' evokes Sol Invictus ('Invincible Sun'), a religious title used during the Roman Empire. (This connection was made on this site as early as November 2003.) And... we'll see how 'invincible' he really is, almost certainly during the current window. Innocent or guilty, this is his 'Judgment Day', and in a way this trial has already shown the world how far he has already fallen.

Oh, and MJ is of course a brother of Janet Jackson, a central figure in last year's 'omen ritual' at the Super Bowl halftime show that in effect, prefiguring Madrid '311' and Venus Transit, kick-started the Super Torch Ritual. She was symbolically made a 'Black Madonna', or Mary Magdalene, basically the same character now represented by Danica, which also made her the Egyptian goddess 'Isis'. Isis' brother (and husband) was Osiris, whose death and rebirth has been a theme considered interlocking with the Sun/Babylon king motif in the STR. And being Janet's brother, Michael Jackson would quite naturally become Osiris and a Sun-king.

I would also add that Saudi King Fahd's hospitalization late May - now said to be in stable condition - could potentially play a role in this period as well. The oil connection certainly makes it relevant and his death, should it happen, would be quite expressive of the 'Sun king/Babylon leader falling' theme.

Other than that, I saw that June 3 was a bad economic news day as the May job growth was revealed to be the slowest in two years. My recent interpretation has been that symbolic 'clues' are now hinting at the danger of an impending economic collapse (I'll be talking more about this in another post) so we'll continue to monitor that angle - the housing bubble in particular - for further clues or manifestations.

060505-3.gif (65745 bytes) 060505-2.gif (106157 bytes)

And that's it for now... Much more later.


 June 02, '05   Ritual On the Money
The title of my previous entry, 'For Whom the Indy Tolls' was obviously a play on 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' - a way of sort of asking who/what might be the target of the 'damage plan' hinted at the Indy 500 and surrounding situations. It was posted on May 31 and, amusingly enough, the very next day came the news about an anomalous event involving a 'bell'... that perhaps gave us an answer. As reported:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A communications problem halted trading on the the floor of the New York Stock Exchange about four minutes before the end of trade at 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

After reviewing the problem, NYSE officials said trading would not resume on Wednesday, and all trades that were not executed at that point will be considered cancelled.

The bell rang inexplicably at 3:56 pm, prompting confusion on the trading floor. [...]

Big Ben, or the Great Bell of Westminster, probably the world's most famous bell, also made news late last month (May 27) as it experienced an anomalous stoppage incident. (Perhaps relevant on some level, a day before that I posted a piece titled 'Opening the Gate', seemingly resonating with the big story that broke on May 31, i.e. Watergate's 'Deep Throat' coming forward at last after 31 years of secrecy. The 'water gate' was finally opened, so to speak.)

Just some amusing 'coincidences', but aptly reflective of the emergent pattern. While I'm not known to focus on financial matters and my knowledge is limited in this area, but since May the 'signal' has been increasingly getting more insistent - in its own discrete way - that there is something going with the economic stuff. The symbolism surrounding the Indy 500 (May 29) has been sort of a turning point in terms of me becoming aware of this aspect of the Super Torch Ritual (STR).

The 'hidden communication', or a series of 'rituals', I've been calling the 'Super Torch Ritual' is 'anchored' by the celestial event of the year in 2004, the Transit of Venus. Well, Danica Patrick is a 'morning star' (= 'Danica') which is another name for Venus or Lucifer; and her race car bears a big torch on its sides as part of Argent Mortgage's sponsor logo. After being led to Indy by following the 'time code' and such, therefore, I had quickly inferred and said so by mid-May that Danica was a key 'torch bearer' figure. And even though she didn't win, a 'star' was indeed born - the actual winner of Indy all but ignored. The media called it 'historic'.

060205-2.jpg (61796 bytes)

But it was the 'Argent' part of the signature 'torch' logo that seemingly added a little twist to the Indy symbolism. 'Argent' means 'silver' as well as, I'm told, 'money'. ('Argent' is also in all likelihood etymologically related to 'ark', via the ancient Egyptian term arq ur, which in the Ark/Flood context of the STR enhanced its relevance.) Couple that with Danica having to slow down and give up her #1 position near the end and the winner Wheldon also running out of fuel on his cool-down lap following the finish... there seems to be some hazy but emerging 'message' there as I wrote previously.

My analysis of the symbology game had also tied the 2005 Super Bowl to Indy, the former being another key STR event. Central to that one was Paul McCartney's halftime show performance, just as last year's, Janet Jackson's 'Nipplegate', was effectively treated as a major 'omen'. The following is part of what I wrote mid-May while discussing the significance of Danica (emphasis added):

So we have here [in the song McCartney performed] - a girl, a star, and driving a car. The 'star' reference is reinforced by the shirt McCartney wore on stage which bore only one symbol on it - a five-pointed star, or the pentagram. The symbol of Venus associated with the Golden Ratio. But it's also the Pole Star (Polaris) not only because it's a 'Paul Star' but also because the name 'McCartney' means 'son of the bear' which gives us Ursa Minor or the 'Little Bear' constellation to which the Pole Star belongs. As viewed from Earth, all the stars appear to circle around this star just as Indy Cars do running on the circular course.

As 'Jim' pointed out to me, 'bear'... as in 'bear market'?

A Bear Market is a phase in the life of a stock market or other financial market in which the value of most listed shares of stock fall consistently, or values in a financial market trend downward, as reflected by a downward movement of one or more key stock indexes or other financial market indices. Investors, anticipating further losses, are thus motivated to sell, and the pessimistic sentiment may feed on itself in a vicious circle.

Another thing to add is the French EU referendum that took place on the same day as the Indy 500 (May 29). French voters rejected the proposed EU constitution, followed just yesterday (June 1) by the Dutch even more resoundingly rejecting the treaty, together sending shockwaves throughout Europe. This discord was then reflected in the euro sinking to an eight-month low against the US dollar and a nine-month low against the yen.

Now, I'd like you to compare the flag of Indiana (where the Indy 500 is annually held) - yes that's a torch you see in there - and the flag of the European Union:

Well, not much to explain there... The resemblance is uncanny, especially given the underlying context.

But let me add that Holland (that's where the Dutch live, of course) is very closely associated with the color orange ('House of Orange') - a major STR theme and suggestive of, among other things, the Sun-Mercury conjunction. The two celestial bodies will unite next around June 3... so pretty much right now.

This will coincide with Venus crossing the Galactic Equator, or the centerline of the Milky Way. Venus, as discussed, corresponds to Danica the 'morning star' who drives an 'Argent'/silver car. And it just happens that the Milky Way has traditionally been called the 'Silver River', 'Silver Street', 'Silver Circle', etc. So we have here another combination of Venus and the Milky Way! Not only that, Venus' position is expressive of Orion's 'torch', as shown in the illustration below.

Finally, we think of the Milky Way as, not unlike the oval course of Indy, a circular band of stars - and that's exactly what we see in the EU flag above, isn't it? Inject Indiana flag's torch into the star-circle motif and we'd have something highly expressive of Venus inside the Milky Way, or the light/torch-bearer star crossing the Galactic Equator.

Ah... so, more 'obscure' but coherent symbolism for you to meditate on. :)

More later...


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