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August 2005



 August 26, '05   Message In 'Equation of Time'

Okay, first a quick Q&A session...

Did I write last month that the latest mission of the space shuttle Discovery (STS-114) was on a symbolic level a 'ritual' reenacting the magical conception of Horus the sun-god (sunrise) via the union of Osiris (Discovery) and Isis (ISS space station)? Yes. Did I write that the major component of the 'ritual' was the notion of 'cross-quarter' days'? Yes. Did I write that the symbolism was probably designed to be an omen signaling the 'judgment of a Sun-king'? Yes. Did I write that airpIane crashes are an integral part of all the symbolism? Yes. Did I point out that August 23 (+/- 1) was a key 'cross-quarter' date that was likely to interact with the all this August 'ritual'? Yes (see screenshot below).

082505-13.gif (57985 bytes)

Did a jetIiner crash on August 23? Yes - in Peru.

Was the crash symbolically consistent with the Sun-king/Horus theme? It appears so. Peru's currency, for instance, is called nuevo sol or 'new sun' which is the exact concept denoted by the birth of Horus, a rising sun born. The name is also 'a (not-so-)subtle way of connecting the new currency (nuevo sol) to the old inti currency, which was named after Inti, the Sun God of the Incas'. [source].

Did the crash continue the theme of Peak Oil, i.e. the end of the age of cheap oil and thus also the collapse of the current world financial system? Apparently yes. In addition to the currency link already cited, the name Peru comes from a Quechua word implying 'land of abundance' thus a crash there could imply the end of abundance. Peru is also well known for Machu Picchu, the 'Lost City of the Incas', and the name means 'Old Peak'.

So... there you go. Pretty interesting. And now, on to the main discussion...

Cross-Quarter Sunrise

Something puzzled me greatly as I was checking the 8/23 celestial configuration that eventually led to a significant breakthrough, which I'm about to discuss here. (This is not the 'Contact/Grail revelation' mentioned before. That one is coming in another post soon.)

First of all, it was a Sun-Regulus conjunction that initially brought my attention to August 23 (+/-1) - Regulus being Leo's brightest star on the ecliptic traditionally considered the 'kingly star'. It's the 'star of the lion-king' so to speak and as such this conjunction could easily be considered symbolic of a 'Sun-king'. Regulus was in fact associated with Horus, and its annual union with the Sun was specifically associated with the birth of Horus. (Adrian Gilbert, Signs In the Sky, p.97, p.144.) Coming just two weeks after the completion of the Discovery mission, the timing was highly suggestive of there being an underlying pattern, and this made the date deserving of careful monitoring. And we saw what happened (the pIane crash).

What caught my attention even more, however, was the sunrise angle accompanying the special conjunction - the azimuth around August 23, I found, was to mark the midpoint between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere), strictly in terms of sunrise angles on the horizon. This meant ~8/23 was the 'cross-quarter' sunrise' day - 'cross-quarter' being a major theme woven into the August/Discovery 'ritual' design.

I stumbled across this fact (I'm pretty sure it's a fact...) while checking the angle manually using my astronomy software. While common sense would tell you that the cross-quarter sunrise would be around August 7 - i.e. a cross-quarter day as defined by the position of the Sun along the ecliptic - it just didn't turn out to be the case. The big offset of more than 2 weeks was clearly there, and for a while it left me scratching my head.

To me, there was no question that this was a key issue. Why? Largely because of the 'birth of Horus' theme attached to ~8/23, which I felt was inseparable from the Great Sphinx at Giza, traditionally considered a form of Horus, facing due east where equinoctial sunrises would take place. A causeway angled 14 degrees south of due east links the monument to the 2nd great pyramid - an angle designed to align with the cross-quarter sunrise at Giza. Sunrise is traditionally the embodiment of Horus, or even the birth of Horus, and so together with the encoded cross-quarter alignment there, the message was clear: We were to pay attention to the cross-quarter sunrise, its peculiar timing, and the celestial mechanics responsible for it.

So I did.

Equation of Time

I'm actually not yet 100% certain (because this was a lot to figure out in a short time) but the factors responsible for the timing mismatch appear to be (the movement rate of) the 23.5 degree tilt of Earth's axis relative to the ecliptic (the pIane of Earth's orbit around the Sun) and to a lesser degree Earth's elliptical orbital path. And these turn out to be also closely related to what is called the 'Equation of Time'.

The Equation of Time has to do with certain hard-to-visualize, relative movements arising from the aforementioned configurations which have the effect of pushing the Sun's position ahead or behind clock time as viewed from Earth. That is to say that the Sun can be, as it actually does throughout the year, seen to be ahead or behind where it should be in the sky according to our own clock, and the difference can be as much as whopping 16.5 minutes. (So, very rarely does the Sun actually cross the meridian - or its highest position in the sky - at noon; usually it's somewhat ahead or behind 12 o'clock when reaching 'culmination'.)

Sun's positions at noon (vertical line) [Graph from]

The first encouraging sign we detect here is an echo of the August 'ritual' symbolism - namely the emphasis on the 'cross-quarter' point - found in one of the factors behind the Equation-of-Time. Turns out, in the solar time-aberration cycle caused by the axial tilt of Earth, and discounting the effect of the other factor, the Sun's position would match terrestrial clock time on the equinox/solstice days (4 such points in a year) and go behind or ahead when transiting between these points - meaning the deviation is greatest at the midpoints or on/around the 'cross-quarter' days.

[Graph from]

The axial inclination ('obliquity') causing this and the elliptical orbit, and these only, are responsible for the Equation of Time - a grand-sounding but obscure phenomena referring to the oscillation of the Sun's position relative to clock time. These two factors are combined together to produce the final product.

[Graph from]

I will say that seeing the term 'Equation of Time' was an 'ah ha!' moment - for I immediate saw in it 'balanced time', as in our heavily used 'balanced time codes/timelines' which is part of the 'Judgment/Justice' theme. This August has been particularly filled with a series of overlapping balanced (equidistant) timelines and anchoring these were largely cross-quarter days such as August 7.

Enter Analemma... Again

Perhaps what I find most striking about the 'Equation of Time' is its role in  creating the figure-8 shape of the analemma - the plotting of the Sun's position at the same time and location each day for a year. (There is an excellent site explaining this phenomena - try here.) The Equation of Time in a sense is the analemma, given the direction connection.

'Eight' is a key component of the 'sub-channel communication' in this period, its importance made evident through recent 'Super Torch Ritual' events - such as the cross-quarter days along with the equinox and solstice days dividing the year into exactly eight parts.

We also had the Live 8 concerts on the middle day of the year (i.e. balanced => 'equation of time'), July 2, which in turn was organized to put pressure on the G8 summit held on 7/6-8 (overlapping the London bombings). These events were all associated with London located on the noon-marker longitude (i.e. Greenwich Prime Meridian), just as the Equation of Time has to do with measuring the Sun's offset from the noon meridian in the sky.

The Live 8-G8 combination was also 'designed' to prefigure the '8-8 time code', used to decipher the Discovery-driven 'rituals' in the eighth month of the year. The pIane crashes of early August and such were equidistant from 8/8 as well.

Seemingly essential to the bisected timing has been the idea of the torch, most dramatically expressed by Olympic ceremonies such last year's in Athens. The closing ceremony there on 8/29/04 was found to interact with the recent traditional cross-quarter day (eve) just weeks ago, facilitated by a balanced time code bisected by another major major 'torch' event, the Madrid Windsor Tower fire. (See previous post for more discussion on this.)

By shortening the segments by just two days on each side, it would pinpoint Arnold the 'Olympian' - a major STR torch-carrying figure.

August 31 and the '10th planet' coming together in this scheme is significant. Seen as an allusion to Nibiru, i.e. the mythical 'Planet X' or '12th Planet' popularized by Zecharia Sitchin, the yet-to-be named 'planet' 2003 UB313 gives us the idea of 'crossing place' which is the meaning of 'Nibiru'. As pointed out previously, the 'crossing point' of the 8-shape analemma happens to pinpoint... ~8/31 (and ~4/13).

We'll also have a special 'orange' alignment (Mercury-Sun-Venus) around August 30.

Orange is a key STR theme of course. For instance, it is already associated with the 'Judgment' theme thanks to last year's very volatile Ukraine election starting on 10/31, an electoral 'Judgment Day' that developed into the 'Orange Revolution', which also closely coincided with the US presidential election on 11/2.

And then there was the strange 'orange gates' display in NYC Central Park starting February 12, '05 - the same day as the Windsor Tower fire/torch in Madrid (2/12-13) - which came exactly 6 months after the 'torch' opening of the Athens Olympics (8/13/04).


6 months represent exactly half of one year which makes it another expression of the balanced/equal timing theme. It also finds an echo in one of the components of the Equation of Time which has a 6-month cycle.

[Graph from]

Now check out the other component of the 'Equation' - the noon-time oscillation caused by Earth's elliptical orbit around the Sun.

[Graph from]

This is a 1-year cycle (1 orbit = 1 year) and one of its 'zero-misalignment days' - or the 'midpoint' days - comes early July (~7/3), i.e. the time of the middle day, Live 8, G8, and the London bombings. (The other one comes around 1/2). The peaks mark ~4/2 and ~10/2 - the former pinpointing the death of Pope John Paul II (4/2/05).

These are enough to tell us we are onto something here. And all combined, we can't help but infer that we are in for another major 'Sun-king judgment event' not unlike the Pope in the spring and M. Jackson in June, both marked by a celestial 'orange alignment'.

Sun-king Crescendo

Again, the Equation of Time is the result of the two cycles combined into one - those of obliquity and the elliptical orbit.

Here is the actual Equation of Time graph...

There are four no-deviation (or 'midpoint') days, which are ~12/25, ~4/15, ~6/14, and ~9/2. These are all associated with the Sun-king/Judgment theme:

  • ~09/02/04 - Bush/'Sun-king' RNC speech in NYC (9/2)

  • ~12/25/04 - Sumatran earthquake/tsunami (12/26; 'Judgment' event)

  • ~04/15/05 - Papal/'Sun-king' transition (4/2-24); analemma 'crossing'

  • ~06/14/05 - M. Jackson/'Sun-king' acquittal/'Judgment Day' (6/13)

  • ~09/02/05 - [Another 'Judgment' event?] ; analemma 'crossing'

The significance of last year's Bush RNC speech has already been discussed in depth, but basically it came just 4 days after the Athens closing ceremony and was the latter's symbolic continuation (in terms sage designs and such). The 'center of the spiral' imagery was an allusion to The Wizard of Oz (the beginning point of the 'Yellow Brick Road') and it produced a clear echo on 12/08/04, coming in the form of a concert shooting event in Columbus, Ohio, where the shooter's name, Nathan Gale, was virtually the same as the main character in the story/film, 'Dorothy Gale' (both 'Nathan' and 'Dorothy' means 'gift of God', which mythologically corresponds to the fire Prometheus gave to mankind, represented by the Olympics torch).


Columbus, the cite of the 'echo', is on latitude 40 deg. N. where the earliest sunset occurs around December 8, the very day of the concert shooting, due to the Equation of Time! Madrid, Spain - the site of the Windsor Tower fire, which is the midpoint time anchor point that produces various 'equal time segments' - is also at about 40 deg. north latitude. And this year the Olympic torch relay is scheduled to begin on... December 8th, which will continue until the opening of the Winter Games in Turin, Italy next spring.

So we are seeing much coherence emerging here.

The Damageplan concert incident also helped us decode and anticipate the exit of the Pope JPII, the 'Sun-king', which I did correctly point out less than 2 months before his sudden hospitalization on 2/1/05.

There is in fact a equalized timeline composed of the Pope's death, Bush election, and the coming 8/31 'crossing' day. The first two being major 'Judgment' events, thus hinting that we may indeed see another major manifestation of the theme around the beginning of September.

Checking the dates of the peaks/troughs emboldens this view.

  • ~11/02/04 - Ukraine 'Orange Revolution' (10/31~); US election (11/2)

  • ~02/12/05 - NYC 'Orange Gates' (2/12~); Windsor Tower fire (2/12-13)

  • ~05/13/05 - Indy 500 (5/8-29) [?]

  • ~07/26/05 - Space shuttle Discovery launch (7/26)

These are all key Super Torch Ritual events and there seems to be emphasis on the 'orange' theme... You may view the Indy 500 as not being so 'orange' but it does closely interact with 2/12-13 - as illustrate here.

The Indy 500 also marks the 6-month point before the biggest deviation point in the Equation of Time around November when the Sun's culmination at the meridian will be about 16 minutes before noon. '16' is: the car # of Danica, the star of this year's Indy and a major STR torch-bearing figure; the new pope ('Benedict the 16th'); and the number of the 'Tower' tarot card reminiscent of the Windsor Tower fire ('torch').



There is certainly an ominous sense of 'climax' attached to the big peak, and let me remind the reader that for sometime now I have been bringing up the November-December timeframe as something of a 'deep impact' period, with emphasis more on November. Here is what I wrote just last week:

Potentially related to this, I'll state again... is that I'm already looking ahead at the November-December timeframe, and particularly mid to late-November, as a likely window for THE midpoint event. Deep impact indeed.

The last key point before the Equation-of-Time crescendo toward that big climax should give us a clearer idea as to the level of seriousness and nature of what we're seeing here. So it's going to be interesting to monitor the events of the coming days (including Labor Day).

I'll have a lot more on the Nov-Dec 'deep impact period' and of course the 'Contact'/'Grail'-level findings are coming soon as well.




 August 18, '05   Discovery In Arc of Light

[For background, see Contact: In the Ring of Fire, previous and July posts.]

There is no denying the fact that the first flight of the 'resurrected' space shuttle program - a 'ritualistic' reenactment of Isis resurrecting Osiris and conceiving Horus - was a big event... and the media made sure that it was so. Certainly the perceived danger facing Discovery's reentry did much to demand attention - a storyline that has come to define STS-114. Though it was just that, a storyline. While many feared or even predicted that Discovery would be a repeat of Columbia, it became increasingly clear that the whole storyline was more a carrier for a 'thought tool signal' being transmitted on a 'sub-channel' rather than a sign of something literally going bad for Discovery.

As noted previously, there was a pIane crash in Toronto on August 2 that was apparently 'designed' to, in effect, whisper subaudible messages into our ears, in a subtle attempt to make 'Contact' as part of the 'hidden communication'. (Done conscious by someone or not, who knows...). The Air-France flight had originated from Paris the 'Isis city', which symbolically made it a preview of Discovery undocking from the ISS ('Isis') before reentry. A clear parallel was there to be noticed. And perhaps the crash 'preempted' or 'pre-vented' the Discovery storyline.

The shuttle came back safely and landed in pre-dawn darkness at Edwards Air Force Base (5:11am, 8/9  local time) - a day later than originally planned (supposedly due to weather).

Within two hours of touchdown, I found that the mission duration was exactly 333 hours, 33 minutes, which was a subtle but clear enough 'signal', and something almost expected from 'NASA' and particularly from this intensely 'ritualistic' and high-profile 'resurrection' flight. (The mission's prominent symbolic theme was messianic copulation, expressed by the 'sexual' docking of the phallic shuttle and the ISS... which was also intensely 'Templar'.)

As for the shifting of the landing date from the all-important '8-8' point, perhaps it was deemed productive to add an extra twist and encode further information. It is my view that how we interact with this kind of apparent incoherence is often, if not always, a key factor in determining where we end up going or not going in terms of getting closer to the 'Grail' information. You're going to see a demonstration of this as we go forward and deeper into this latest 'communication'. To 'communicate' is to be in 'heat-seeking' mode rather than 'linear trajectory' mode. That makes a big difference.

Going through a convoluted decoding process can easily drive us into an ocean of mass confusion and/or self-deception, but do it in the 'heat-seeking' mode and you can and often will be led to a 'magical' discovery - a special moment of revelation I'd like to call 'Contact'. This is when the hidden design that you sensed and almost knew was there becomes undeniably real - impossibility into possibility into undeniable evidence. This is where imagination turns into reality. This is, indeed, the stuff of the 'Grail'.

My playfully-labeled 'black projects' are generally on that level. The 'Time Rivers' material available elsewhere on this site can be cited as a good example of this 'magical' stuff. I can tell you that we're moving right in that direction here, in terms of the level of discovery that is to be unearthed. The shuttle was not named 'Discovery' for nothing! :)

So you're in for that kind of heavy activity here in the coming days/weeks. This particular post will kick-start the process by laying down the contextual foundation, setting the stage for what's coming next. (This may be the last time I will publish 'black project'-level stuff in an unfiltered way, however. More on that later.)

Following Deep Impact

We had quite a lot of notable events early August... So much so that it actually became insufficient to just 'connect the dots' because... well, there would be just so many possibilities to deal with, which translates to a weak 'signal'. We can connect the dots all we want and squeeze some enjoyment out of that, but that would soon be like a dog chasing its own tail, going in circles, not really going anywhere. Dots are there, but we need to figure out how to connect the dots and flesh out 'the Mona Lisa' so to speak. Many dots doesn't automatically represent a clearer 'roadmap' to the 'next stage of the game'. Maximum coherence in the flood of signals is what we are going for here.

So let's see the list of key events in the timeframe of late-July and first half of August:

There were fairly flexible and overlapping windows populating this period, with emphasis placed on August 6, 7, and 8. There was also a slightly larger framework stemming from the '8-8' time code - a 16-day window bisected by 8/8 (i.e. July 31-August 16), the symbolism of which comes from early-July events, namely Live 8/G8, NASA's Deep Impact, the London bombings, and such. It's important to note that August 16 is (I'm pretty sure) 'impact day' in the 1998 film 'Deep Impact'. And 2005 is the midpoint between 1998 and the Mayan 'end year', 2012. (Seven years on each side, like the 7-7 halftime score of the Super Bowl '05 and the 7/7 London bombings last month...) Both 1998 and 2012 are associated with a Galactic alignment - the former literal and the latter more conceptual. The predominant 'midpoint' theme this year has much to do with this configuration.

It was in this kind of context that we were monitoring events around 8/7. What emerged was a little 'twisted'. It was a collection of significant events that did not seem to mind going a little outside the 8/6-9 window. But Peter Jennings, the long-time anchor of ABC News, did die of lung cancer on August 7th, which was a high-impact event. And on the same day CBS decided to show Deep Impact as its Sunday night movie. So there was enough signal coming in to more or less acknowledge the projected pattern. In fact, a coherent 'balanced' timeline emerged on the theme of Deep Impact...

Seeing this, I felt I understood why - at least on one level - the 'discovery' of the '10th planet' was announced on July 29. (And there were curious circumstances surrounding the announcement). 'Planet X' is often associated with Zecharia Sitchin's 'Nibiru', a celestial body mentioned in ancient Mesopotamian texts which Sitchin has famously interpreted, rather subjectively, as the home of the Anunnaki alien race (the Sumeran 'gods') and the '12th Planet' that comes this way every c. 3700 years, potentially becoming a source of great havoc. Regardless of credibility, this is certainly a popular theory out there outside of the mainstream press and academia. The Nibiru storyline is very much like that of 'Deep Impact', which is why the above timeline can be considered beautifully crafted.

In a more biblical context, the same 'Deep Impact scenario' is expressed in the Book of Revelation (chapter eight, of course) in which is written:

...a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood... [8:10-11]

It is popularly thought, although not entirely accurate, that 'wormwood' is the meaning of the name 'Chernobyl' - a city in northern Ukraine notorious for its 1986 nucIear power plant disaster.

So it now becomes highly significant that August 6-8 closely coincided with a 4-day window marked by the Hiroshima (8/6) and Nagasaki (8/9) anniversaries. (Discovery's reentry on 8/9 also highlighted Nagasaki.) Japan is the 'Land of the Rising Sun' and that directly relates to the STS-114 shuttle mission which was symbolically about the conception of Horus - and Horus is traditionally considered the embodiment of the rising Sun.

Also, in both Deep Impact and its 'alter ego' film, Armageddon (1998), humans try to destroy/move the incoming rock by... nuking it (successful in Armageddon, unsuccessful in Deep Impact).

So we have here a well-arranged tapestry of themes, though the implications are getting rather ominous. We'll go into that a little later on.

Fallen Tower

By August 14 I was beginning to see a solid unifying theme, the catalyst here being two key events - one on 8/13 and another on 8/14. The Olympics opening ceremony, the big moment for the Super Torch Ritual last year, was on 8/13. But 2004 was a leap year, which means not only 8/13/05 but 8/14/05 could also be considered the anniversary of the 'torch ritual'. (If we count 225 days forward from 1/1/05 and we arrive at August 14... Not 13 as was in 2004.) So... these neighboring dates become 'alter egos' in this context.

August 13 was particularly 'hot' this year, being a 6-month 'antipodal' echo point from 2/13, 'bookmarked' by the Madrid Windsor Tower fire, a huge 'torch event' representing one of the most heavily used 'midpoint' anchor dates in the STR time codes. A recent example was one 'balancing' the Olympic closing ceremony and Imbolc Eve (in Southern Hemisphere). (All these events share the torch/candle ritual theme.)

So what happened on 8/13? It was quite predictable - a Danica Patrick event, the kind already familiar to us and known to be a STR theme. The event was Danica winning the pole (i.e. #1 starting position) for the 'Amber Alert Portal Indy 300'. (When it comes to Danica, the emphasis has been on the 'pole' concept, foreshadowed earlier this year at the Super Bowl halftime.) You may recall that I made it abundantly clear in my last post that Danica and Indy racing in general are inseparable from the Olympics. (And 'Danica' means 'morning star' which is Venus, or Mary Magdalene. 'Magdalene' denotes 'tower'.)

Here is how it fits into the time code... if you can follow it!

Yes, it is getting ridiculously tough to illustrate the massive and still growing interconnectivity in a comprehensible way... (But it's like pregnancy - some pain and suffering before birth... Not that I would know anything about that personally!)

As for Aug. 14, we had another major pIane crash, this time in Greece... near Athens... the site of last year's Olympics! It was a Helios Airways flight from Cyprus to Prague carrying 121 people, apparently experiencing a drop in cabin pressure that ultimately led to the crash. This was a clear 'signal' that gave us another balanced timeline bisected at 8/8.

And there was another major crash on 'Deep Impact day' (August 16), really putting an exclamation mark on the pattern. This was a Colombian airliner (West Caribbean Airways) going down in Venezuela. In 'Colombia' we can easily see 'Columbia' - deriving from the same root. Like Air France (8/2), it encoded a clear enough space shuttle connection.

AirpIanes dropping like flies also brings to mind the 'Atlantis' theme already seen in the Discovery mission. As I noted on July 27:

Along with the Promethean fire and Flood allusions detected in the insignia, it resonates strongly with the underlying symbolic theme of this period, with emphasis on Atlantis. And 'Atlantis' is of course the name of one of the space shuttles. In fact, Atlantis (STS-121) is to go up right after Discovery, already scheduled for a mission in September.

So, we have here 'Discovery (of) Atlantis'. A key symbolic context to keep in mind in this period then...

Just how are airpIanes related to Atlantis?

Let me quote from articles I wrote years ago:

An 'airpIane' is a perfect vehicle to carry the notion of the 'air-pIane' as in the 'dimension of air' that is sandwiched between the pIanes of earth and heaven. Its relative position therefore is implicative of the familiar theme of the unification or 'gate' of earth and heaven. In support of this interpretation, we find that in ancient Egypt it was conceptualized that the air god Shu was sort of a pillar that held the vault of heaven above. This imagery is strikingly evocative of Atlas of Greek mythology who was condemned to bearing the heaven on his shoulders for eternity after the great war with the Olympians. Atlas, in turn, is said to have been the first king of Atlantis and in effect the embodiment of this legendary civilization!

AirpIane crashes would therefore be analogous to the destruction of the antediluvian world, i.e. none other the the Great Flood, which may be conceptually thought of as the collapse of great pillars/towers/gate -- and that is exactly what took place at the World Trade Center in NYC! [article link]

The most tangible geographical clue as to the position of Atlantis is the Pillars of Hercules. These can be conceived of as twin towers marking the Strait of Gibraltar, the narrow gate between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The location is immediately north of the Atlas Mountains in northwestern Africa which has been identified with Hercules. This mountain range is also personified by Atlas in Greek mythology, the first king of Atlantis, who was condemned to support the sphere of heavens on his shoulders for eternity. And yet another alter ego of these is the air god of Egyptian mythology, Shu, who was visualized as a pillar connecting (or separating) earth and the sky. So, clearly, the notion of a tall pillar is deeply embedded here in association with Atlantis. Or more specifically, the idea being conveyed seems to be twin towers considering the twin Pillars of Hercules and the fact that Hercules himself was a twin (Robert Graves, The White Goddess, p.125). Further reinforcing this view are the Masonic 'Antediluvian Pillars' -- interchangeable with the two pillars of Jachin and Boaz --that are said to have come from the time before the Flood, or from 'Atlantis'. Since these Antediluvian Pillars (or Enoch's Pillars) were originally constructed for the purpose of preserving the knowledge of the pre-Flood realm, they are analogous to the Atlantean 'Hall of Records'. The Atlantean 'black box' and twin pillars are therefore clearly inseparable. [article link]

Shu had an inseparable twin sister named Tefnut who in turn along with Shu was identified with Maat, the goddess of truth and balance. We already discussed Maat back in March or so when the 'balanced' time code was first discovered. It was definitely in the imagery of the 'Hall of Maat' between this world and the other world, or earth and heaven, in which the newly deceased have to face the 'weighing of the heart' judgment, that we saw the main meaning behind the 'balanced' timeline scheme... in this year of 'midpoint' or, indeed, 'balance'.

We also have a character named 'Atalanta' in Greek mythology, close to Atlantis/Atlas, which means 'balanced'.

So the context was there and ready for the balanced pIane crashes in August. Anticipation was followed by manifestation.

Outside of this time code, we've had at least two other events to reinforce the same theme. One was the demolition of a rocket launch pad on August 6th at Cape Canaveral. From this 'tower' many Atlas rockets were launched into space...

A Cape Canaveral launch pad tower with a long history was wiped from the spaceport's skyline Saturday, knocked to the ground by 171 pounds of explosives as part of a $5 million environmental cleanup project.

The 179-foot tall mobile service tower -- erected in the early 1960s to help ready Atlas rockets for blastoff from Complex 13 -- was toppled at 12:09 p.m. EDT because of worries about the structure's weakened state and contamination. [...]

NASA took control of the complex from the Air Force in 1966, leading to launches of several Lunar Orbiter craft to map the moon's surface as a precursor to Apollo.

"We had seven successful Atlas-Agena launches from Complex 13 and five of them were Lunar Orbiters," NASA spokesman George Diller said. "They are sort of the unsung heroes of the Apollo program because they orbited the moon, and during those five missions took thousands of pictures that helped NASA identify the six Apollo landing sites. [

A 'destruction of Atlas' this was. Conceptually it was the same as the pIane crashes. What was different about this one was how it highlighted the tower/pillar aspect of Atlas-Shu, the realm between heaven and earth.

And for good measure, NASA on August 12 successfully launched the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) on an Atlas-V rocket.

It should also be noted that the early-August timeframe for Discovery was all about the issue of reentry - that is, the shuttle coming back into the Earth's atmosphere...

Atmospheric Refraction

The Helios Airways crash was important (apart from the loss of many lives) for having the function of bringing into focus a piece of the puzzle that had been missing. This was the combination of air... and the Sun. (Helios is the Greek Sun-god.)

In ancient Egypt, Horus along with Ra was a major sun-god, embodying the rising sun. Horus is also the Great Sphinx at Giza, connected to the 2nd Great Pyramid via a causeway, angled just right so that it aligns with the (southern) cross-quarter sunrise twice a year. The Sphinx/Horus was also identified with Mars - both called Horakhti or 'Horus of the Horizon'. (Mars was also 'Horus the Red'.)

We can infer here that the Atlas rocket (MRO) launched on 8/12, i.e. leaving the ground to go to Mars, was another allusion to sunrise... and its significance in the hidden context. Same with the Atlas/Apollo launch pad demolition: Atlas signifies air, and Apollo is the Greek sun-god.

Even Peter Jennings' passing on 8/7 - a 'deep impact' event - follows the pattern for he died of lung cancer. Lungs are for breathing the air. Like the airpIanes and the towers, the 'destruction of air' (lungs) led to his death.

There is also an astronomical correlation: the Sun transits the constellation of Cancer late-July, early-August, coinciding with Jennings dying of cancer.

All becoming unified as if by magic. Except... what's the 8/8 midpoint doing in this 'air'-driven time code? Shouldn't it be also carrying a unmistakable 'air' theme?

It does, in fact, relate to air through its Live 8 connection (the double-eight symbolism). Live 8 was on July 2, the 'middle day' of the year (like the middle position of 8/8), and it was a day of music. Music is nothing but harmonic vibrations traversing the atmosphere.

But much more consequential is the alignment of 'the Historical Axis of Paris' (the Champs-Elysees) with the Sun. This is an important time-marker discussed (not for the first time) previously. Remember, Discovery's 'copulation' was with the ISS, representing the Egyptian goddess 'Isis', and Paris is traditionally an 'Isis city' (Paris is 'Par-Isis', or 'near Isis', for instance).

Angled 26 degrees north of west, the world-famous boulevard is designed to align with sunset on August 6. While sunset is not sunrise, a setting Sun is still positioned on the horizon; and the idea of opposite/antipodal is a key theme anyway. (August 6th marks the anniversary of Hiroshima, the Atlas launch pad demolition, etc.)

There was something I did not fully realize until just a week ago. It was that the Paris alignment doesn't take place solely on 8/6. It also take place on 8/8!

But how can that be? The Sun's horizon position doesn't move back and forth in August, and so the alignment cannot repeat in just two days. Two separate alignment days in August is therefore impossible - unless... we take into account an optical phenomenon known as atmospheric refraction.

This is the bending of light rays passing through the atmosphere, much like the bending of light passing through a lens. This effect is most noticeable near the horizon - where celestial objects like the Sun appear higher in the sky than they actually are.

The original Paris alignment date I used (which was brought to my attention years ago by one of Robert Bauval's books) was based on the actual position of the Sun, not taking into account refraction.

Let's examine the situation a little closer. At the time of the solar alignment in the City of Light, the Sun sets directly behind the Arc de Triomphe monument at the western edge of the boulevard. The Sun, the Arc, and 'Light', combined together here, quietly conveys the idea of 'the arcing of sunlight', i.e. atmospheric refraction of the Sun!

And the '8'-8'-bisected time code's emphasis on 'air' makes it clear that we are to pay attention to all things atmospheric - i.e. atmospheric refraction should be taken into account.

So instructed, we are to now figure out the alignment date using the refracted position of the Sun. And you already know the answer - it's August 8... (or August 7-8)! (Sunset point = 50 arcminutes below the horizontal pIane.)

So there is no question that the balanced time code we have here is coherent.

All three time-markers in the time code involve the atmosphere; all involve the Sun (traditional cross-quarter day around 8/1, sunset, & Helios); all involve Isis (Paris, Paris, & '225/Venus day' which is also 'Isis day' via Venus-Isis interchangeability); and all involve a 'fallen' trajectory.

There is also the 'death' theme of the pIanes and Jennings. Sure enough, sunset, like Horus and sunrise, is signified by Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead. Not only that, Champs-Elysees (or the 'Elysian Fields') in Greek mythology is the land of the dead. That's a very clear correlation.

Well, so at this point we are also able to infer that the 2-day shift of Discovery's reentry (8/7 to 8/9) was in a sense a reference to the 2-day shift of the refracted sunrise/sunset alignment. In other words, the shuttle's reentry may be viewed as a metaphor for sunlight passing through air, getting bent, and causing a 2-day shift.

This process of discovery is a form of 'initiation'... and the rabbit hole goes much deeper...

Midpoint Crisis

The combination of the Sun and air brings to mind something else already identified as a key STR theme. The key is the 'tower' symbolism, archetypally expressed by Atlas-Shu separating earth and heaven, i.e. the intermediary 'air pIane', or the 'Tower' tarot card. The latter 'came to life' earlier this year in the form of the Windsor Tower fire, marking the 6-month point from the Athens Olympics opening ceremony, etc. The Tower fire is the midpoint marker in the time-code scheme, so very relevant here, and the following from my past writing (May '05) should shed some new light on the foregoing Sun-air-death-nucIear amalgamation.

Let's take a look at the Windsor Tower fire. It coincided with the raising of the 'Orange Gates' in Central Park and has been treated as something of an 'anchor' for the 'Judgment Day Time Code' that was found to be driving key events of the winter/spring period. As you can see in the picture..., it was a major 'torch' event visually. Its ritualistic significance was reinforced through Prince Charles' wedding - a highly significant development for the House of Windsor - that was originally scheduled to take place April 8 before it was pushed back a day due to Pope JPII's funeral taking place on that day, which 'just happened' to be celestially marked by a solar eclipse.

Clearly, then, the term 'Windsor' had emerged as a commonality linking up key 'ritual' events. Taking a closer look at 'Windsor', we realize that it can be seen as a combination of 'Winds' and 'or'. Following the familiar equation of 'or = gold', we'd get 'winds gold'. Further, through the gold-Sun interchangeability, we'd have 'winds sun', or 'sun winds' - yes, 'solar wind' again.

[...] Anyway, the key message coming through generally concerns the the winds from the Sun driven by energy ultimately generated by the nucIear fusion process taking place inside the star. [...] But that's not to say that the theme doesn't have more earthly implications, particularly the situation involving Iran, which is clearly part of the 'omen message' as well. It's, again, 'as above, so below'. [original post]

So that's... self-explanatory. We should pay attention to the Sun in the coming months.

Here is something else - an ominous scenario. Another level of interpretation utilizing the combination of air, bending, and 'midpoint'...

For quite a while now I've been mentioning the significance of Peak Oil - a constantly growing blip on the radar. These days you don't need to read symbolism to see that oil prices are getting very high and beginning to put pressure on the economy. But strangely the real concept of Peak Oil is still largely unknown to the general public, which is a situation many Peak Oil critics - i.e. the one-dimensional 'it's just propaganda nonsense!' types - don't seem to fully comprehend. If it's just propaganda, why is it that we almost never hear the term or concept of 'Peak Oil' in the mainstream media? That's one pathetic propaganda...

Let me (over-)quote from Life After the Oil Crash website:

Oil will not just "run out" because all oil production follows a bell curve. This is true whether we're talking about an individual field, a country, or on the planet as a whole. 

Oil is increasingly plentiful on the upslope of the bell curve, increasingly scarce and expensive on the down slope. The peak of the curve coincides with the point at which the endowment of oil has been 50 percent depleted. Once the peak is passed, oil production begins to go down while cost begins to go up.

In practical and considerably oversimplified terms, this means that if 2000 was the year of global Peak Oil, worldwide oil production in the year 2020 will be the same as it was in 1980. However, the world’s population in 2020 will be both much larger (approximately twice) and much more industrialized (oil-dependent) than it was in 1980. Consequently, worldwide demand for oil will outpace worldwide production of oil by a significant margin. As a result, the price will skyrocket, oil-dependant economies will crumble, and resource wars will explode.

(Graph: Dr. C.J. Cambpell/Petroconsultants)

The issue is not one of "running out" so much as it is not having enough to keep our economy running. In this regard, the ramifications of Peak Oil for our civilization are similar to the ramifications of dehydration for the human body. The human body is 70 percent water. The body of a 200 pound man thus holds 140 pounds of water. Because water is so crucial to everything the human body does, the man doesn't need to lose all 140 pounds of water weight before collapsing due to dehydration. A loss of as little as 10-15 pounds of water may be enough to kill him.

In a similar sense, an oil-based economy such as ours doesn't need to deplete its entire reserve of oil before it begins to collapse. A shortfall between demand and supply as little as 10-15 percent is enough to wholly shatter an oil-dependent economy and reduce its citizenry to poverty.

The effects of even a small drop in production can be devastating. For instance, during the 1970s oil shocks, shortfalls in production as small as 5% caused the price of oil to nearly quadruple. The same thing happened in California a few years ago with natural gas: a production drop of less than 5% caused prices to skyrocket by 400%.

Fortunately, previous price shocks were only temporary.

The coming oil shocks won't be so short-lived. They represent the onset of a new, permanent condition. Once the decline gets under way, production will drop (conservatively) by 3% per year, every year. [...]

Some geologists expect  2005  to be the last year of the cheap-oil bonanza, while estimates coming out of the oil industry indicate "a seemingly unbridgeable supply-demand gap opening up after 2007," which will lead to major fuel shortages and increasingly severe blackouts beginning around 2008-2012.

The long-term ramifications of Peak Oil on your way of life are nothing short of mind blowing. As we slide down the downslope slope of the global oil production curve, we may find ourselves slipping into what some scientists are calling a "post-industrial stone age."

It's potentially an ELE - 'extinction level event'. The incoming rocks in Deep Impact and Armageddon are ELE. In Armageddon the main characters are all oil drillers. And in both the desperate solution is to nuke the rock. ('A rock nuked'... 'Iraq nuked'? Hmm...)

These films came out in 1998 - making 2005-6 the midpoint using the Mayan date of 2012 at the other end. And just last month NASA's own 'Deep Impact' probe crashed into a comet (7/4) two days after the 'middle day'. This month the Discovery mission highlighted Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We even had widespread rumors this month (e.g. here & here) warning about a supposedly imminent nucIear terror attack.

Now, let's put those together with 'bending in air', midpoint, and such. Notice that air is a form of gas, and gas is also a colloquial term for gasoline. 'Bending in air/gas' is therefore also 'bending in/of oil. Add the notion of midpoint, and we'd have 'midpoint of the bending of oil' - or in other words... Peak Oil.

Chances are, world oil production is peaking this year, right now. (If not, it will by 2012.)

As the reader may recall, the 'signs' were already detectable in the context of the STR by May. For instance, we had Danica dramatically running out of gas near the end of the Indy 500. My commentary from May 31:

The Indy 500 almost being an epitome of excessive gas-guzzling, I figured that the oil scarcity theme had to be reflected somehow - thus leading me to the storyline of Danica coming close to winning but dramatically running out of fuel at the very end. And this is essentially what ended up taking place. (Judging from the emails I got, a lot of readers here noticed this implication as well.)

Though I must say the further twist of the suspiciously timely last-lap yellow flag saving her from fading completely was... well, pretty twisted. It accomplished two things simultaneously - the birth of a torch-carrying 'star' and creating an 'omen' relating to Peak Oil. The latter point was reinforced when the winning car (Dan Wheldon) ran out of gas during its cool-down/victory lap and was unable to join his pit crew celebrating his own big win.

Another 'clue' in this regard was the mainstream press (AP) finally addressing the threat of Peak Oil not tentatively but very directly and openly on the very day of the Indy 500. The story was distributed widely... and that's just not 'normal'. The following screenshot of the MSNBC website should sufficiently illustrate the point. Indy/Danica and Peak Oil... together.

This was followed by Discovery getting grounded for 2 weeks due to a mysterious, unsolved fuel-sensor problem.

It was followed by the death of Saudi King Fahd on the traditional cross-quarter day (S. Hemisphere Imbolc), August 1. The timing of Peak Oil, and along with it the fate of the industrial world, largely depends on Saudi Arabia's capacity to produce oil, being the biggest oil supplier on the planet.

Following that came the heavy news coverage of Discovery's reentry issues - reentry being a metaphor for atmospheric refraction which in turn would be the 'bending of gas' or Peak Oil.

And around the key date 8/8, we had: 1) CBS showing 'Deep Impact' on 8/7, Discovery's original reentry date; 2) Iran restarting its nucIear program on 8/8; 3) Bush signing into law a massive energy bill on 8/8; 4) 'Credible' threats leading to U.S. closures in Saudi Arabia 8/8-9; 5) high oil prices making news around 8/8; and then 6) Discovery landing at Edwards Air Force Base on 8/9. (Iran is a major player in all this, which does involve nucIear stuff and oil - see 'Petrodollar Warfare: Dollars, Euros and the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse'.)

Soon after that was the launch of the Atlas-V-powered Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter getting cancelled on 8/10 and 8/11... due to another mysterious fuel tank sensor-related problem. (Successfully launched on 8/12.)

Low-level signals individually, but collectively there was a remarkable consistency. The bottom line here, as indicated by symbolism, is that things are moving toward Peak Oil. This might as well be considered an 'omens'.

Potentially related to this, I'll state again... is that I'm already looking ahead at the November-December timeframe, and particularly mid to late-November, as a likely window for THE midpoint event. Deep impact indeed.

Crossroads At the End of August

I also sense something serious going on with late-August (30-31). For this one let's take another look at the balanced 'torch ritual' time code...

By shortening the segments by 2 days on each side, we get a 'hit' involving Schwarzenegger, the Olympian 'torch bearer' in the STR. His last major Hollywood film, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was released shortly before his Reagan-like rise as a politician, on July 2, the middle day of 2003. Most of the time codes discussed here stem directly or indirectly from that film - which is ominously all about 'Judgment Day'. (Yes, this is where the theme of balance/judgment was first hinted.)

As the 'Governator', his speech at the Republican National Convention in NYC (which was an 'extension' of the Olympic closing ceremony) was a big moment in terms of establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in US politics. And it is this event that the balanced timeline highlights.

So we certainly find it fitting that August 31 may be considered an 'Olympic' date - thanks to the date's Diana association.

It was on August 31, 1997 that Princess Diana was tragically killed in a car crash. It took place, of all places, in Paris and near the Champs-Elysees. And at the crash site stands... the 'Flame of Liberty' monument, same as that of the Olympics, Lady Liberty, etc.

So that's how Diana, 8/31, and even the Olympics became forever associated with each other. That this is no ordinary coincidence is clear from the the Windsor Tower fire that's anchoring the time code. Not only was it a big 'torch' set alight exactly 6 months after Athens' opening ceremony, the tower was 'Windsor'... as in 'House of Windsor', i.e. the British Royal Family, of which Diana was obviously a prominent member by marriage!

And here is how Diana is associated with August 13, the day of the Olympic torch. The Roman moon goddess Diana was celebrated on... August 13, which was called 'Diana's Feast of Torches'.

Diana also made her 'ritualistic' presence known in various other ways...

On July 6, or a day before the London bombings, the 'Diana city' (London) was selected to host the 'Mayan' 2012 Summer Olympics, beating France, which is another 'Diana city', in the final round of voting. This was prefigured by the Indy 500, where Danica became a torch-bearing star, in the sense that Indianapolis is 'In-Diana-city' and its flag is one big torch.


It's also notable that August 31, 2005 will mark the 8th anniversary of Princess Diana's passing - '8' being a key number.

That date is extra-special this year thanks to a number of astronomical configurations pinpointing the date: 1) Mercury at perihelion (closest to Sun); 2) Venus at an equinox point; and most importantly, 3) a 'Double-Sun Orange alignment', i.e. a Mercury-Sun-Venus alignment, involving the two planets from #1 and #2. This strikes me as very special.

The orange alignment, or the color orange in general, has been a key component of the Super Torch Ritual for many months now and it has a remarkable track record of pinpointing 'judgment of Sun-king' events - including the hospitalization and death of Pope JPII.

As if in anticipation of the coming orange alignment, we are already seeing a lot of orange this August...

It was for the 'Amber Alert Portal Indy 300' that Danica won the pole, on 8/13, which was also a 6-month echo from the Windsor Tower fire which in turn coincided with the start of the enigmatic orange 'Gates' display in NYC Central Park. 'Amber Portal' and 'Orange Gates'... same thing.


Beginning on Aug. 13-14 was also the official start of Israel's historic Gaza pullout, the deadline falling on Aug. 16, the 'Deep Impact' day. (The settlers had until the beginning of 8/17 to leave Gaza.) The symbol adopted by the anti-withdrawal camp? The color orange - like last year's 'Orange Revolution' in Ukraine.

There is even more to 8/30-31 found encoded in the time code...

The announcement of the '10th planet' was an unmistakable allusion, at least in part, to the Nibiru/Wormwood mythology (i.e. a version of the 'Deep Impact' story). 'Nibiru' in Akkadian means 'crossing place' or 'place of transition', which seems to imply that the period around 8/31/05 is to be viewed as a crossroads... for a 'Sun king'?

There is a secondary crossroads connection through Diana. August 13 is not only a feast day of goddess Diana but also that of another lunar goddess named Hecate. Hecate is sometimes identified with Diana and is traditionally associated with crossroads. So through Princess Diana, Hecate becomes relatable to August 31, and so does her crossroads association.

And there is actually a third crossroads connection attached to August 31...

This one directly involves the Sun... as in 'Sun king'. It turns out that the movement of the Sun may be seen as forming a figure of '8' when tracked through what is known as analemma.

The analemma is a term in astronomy used to describe the plot of the different positions of the Sun in the celestial sphere recorded at the same time of day (at 24 hour intervals) and from the same location on successive days through the calendar year. This appears as a figure of eight.

The patterns observed so far demand that we pay attention to this 'eight'. Remember, 8/31/05 will the eighth anniversary of Diana's death.

Obviously, then, the big question is: When does the Sun transit the crossing point of the 'eight'... or the 'crossroads'?

You guessed it - at the end of August! (August 30-31.) What's more, it was on 4/12-13 that the Sun was previously at the 'crossroads' - right at the time of the high-impact papal transition (4/02-24)!

So this is pretty intense. Much momentum building for ~August 31, signaling some kind of 'Sun-king judgment event'. Who or what will be the 'Sun-king' figure to be 'judged' this time? The Pope? Bush? Blair? Sharon? Saddam? Or someone more 'tabloid' like Michael Jackson who fulfilled the previous 'Sun-king judgment' pattern in June? As always, we should expect a surprising twist in the plot that'll carry the pattern forward and deeper.

The Monolith

Here is how I concluded my last post on August 5 [emphasis added]:

Alright, so that's enough for this update. I think I've sufficiently covered the hidden contexts surrounding this period, particularly the dates 8/6, 8/7, and 8/8. Unlike many out there (or because there are many out there anticipating this), I'm not particularly worried about a nucIear attack and such (well, not just yet). While 'nucIear' is a key theme, it is Peak Oil that seems to be emerging as the central component in the 'omen' aspect of the 'Contact communication'. If nothing else, I expect the 'Contact' transmission to continue, and probably intensify dramatically, in the coming days. The Deep Impact Sequence continues...

I'd say the contextual framework expressed there was effective in anticipating the nature of the coming 'Contact communication' (which is still continuing).

Let me stress, however, that we have so far gone through portions of the multicontextual 'communication' that are not yet 'next level'. This post was merely setting the stage for the next revelation. It will give you a glimpse of the 'hidden design', the solidity of which encroaches into the realm of undeniability. This is the stuff of 'Contact'... from the 'Grail'.

The anticipation was for the 'Contact transmission to... intensify'. And it certainly did. What it is, is beyond 'remarkable coincidences'; it's clearly deliberate and thus will force those encountering it to choose between denial and acceptance of a new - and ancient - reality. This is 'Contact from the hidden'... and an 'Initiation' process.

Obviously, the sense is that this stuff is to be treated very carefully, as per the 'Great Flood' analogy I applied to the 'Contact' theme before. The opening of the 'water gate', or 'stargate', has to be tightly controlled or else the result would be a catastrophic 'Great Flood'. Do we teach little children about sex? No, (normally) we wait until they're older and deemed ready for the sensitive 'disclosure'. Is sex 'evil' then? Well, let's see, is 'love making' something you consider 'evil'? Probably not. It's actually what most people regard as one of the greatest experiences in life. But rape is also sex, isn't it? Same act, completely opposite mentality and consequences. I'm sure you can figure out what makes the dramatic difference.

The nature of 'Contact' seems to be quite like that. It is 'fire', and the question is whether we are capable of handling the powerful tool with respect, integrity, and without burning down everything around us through selfishness, fear, and arrogance. If faced with a choice between self-interest and truth/balance (i.e. 'Maat') that are in direct conflict with each other, which would you choose? That is the ultimate test of the Grail. Beauty is the state of having an advantage, being aware of it, and not using it for the advancement of ego-based self-interest. Of course, it's the very opposite of the mentality capitalism needs from people to keep the system moving forward.

To survive in the system, since we're basically trapped in it, we cannot avoid playing the ugly game to some extent. But there is a big difference between playing along just to survive knowing it's something to be avoided if at all possible, and playing it without questioning the ugly system. The difference is so huge, the two groups might as well be categorized as two different species!

Self-interest is the fuel and the cage, and our society is on that path to nowhere, slowly but surely moving toward the only destination - insanity. There comes a time when all there is left to do is to end it all - because denial can't last forever and truth never stop exerting pressure upon that which is not true.

Truth/balance is often a bitter pill, certainly not to be equated with happiness. I mean, forget happiness. In physical reality, it's retarded to regard happiness as the ultimate goal. To escape the 'prison', the only exit door is to seek beauty that is truth.

And the beauty is the Grail - which is hidden.

The age of denial - the age of illusion - is coming to an end, just in time for the 'end' of the Mayan calendar (2012). Indeed, the term 'Maya' can mean 'illusion'.

Oil would be the material reflection of what we are facing - i.e. the oil crash is the illusion crash. The harder we try to hang on to the old, skewed reality, the harder the fall - including the possibility of extinction. The 'Grail' is there but it's up to each of us to knock on its door and decide to go through the 'Initiation' process, the 'stargate', which is 'Contact'. The blockage is within us and only we can remove it for ourselves. Anything else would be self-deception.

So, 'Contact' is a self-discovery and filtering process. 'Judgment Day', in a sense - where we essentially judge ourselves. Ah... sweet justice...

Now, more on a personal level here, I'm finding it very interesting that just as 'Contact discussions and findings have been intensifying and moving closer and closer to the 'next level', a combination of certain developments began to force me to make the decision to take some of this stuff 'underground'. It's just fitting conceptually, and there is almost a sense of a hidden design guiding the situation... even on this personal level. You know... the 'Matrix' kind of invisible design, if you will. The sharing of information on Etemenanki will continue, of course, but there is also this growing need to have a less exposed place (an 'ark'?), so... that's about to be activated and I will explain in detail soon.

In the meantime, coming up next (I think) is the 'next level' revelation that may well send shockwaves beyond the confinement of the immediate readership of this site. We'll see.

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 August 05, '05   Discovery's Imbolc Time Code

[For background, see Contact: In the Ring of Fire and July posts.]

Watching the heavy TV coverage of the unprecedented repair of Discovery in orbit on August 3rd, featuring a spacewalking astronaut with the grandeur of space and Earth in the background, I kept hearing the term 'gap-fillers' and it just somehow - call it 'intuition' - struck me as 'coded'. The 'gap-fillers' they were referring to were of course the little stuff on the shuttle's belly that the astronaut was trying to remove due to safety concerns and, to NASA's delight, all the delicate maneuvers went smoothly, accomplishing the task without any problem.

It's just that I sensed something there - but couldn't quite put my finger on it. It wasn't until the next day, when I read Richard Hoagland's blog entry, that I finally pieced it all together. Well, I shouldn't say 'all' but I can say that I've detected a coherent and consistent theme woven into the space activities that's quite fascinating.

Those relatively new here may have to concentrate hard to comprehend the following, and I encourage the new visitors to do some background reading to get a better sense of the contextual scheme we're calling the 'Super Torch Ritual' (STR), a series of symbolic theme-driven, encoded events tracked on this site.

In any case, Hoagland's writing had to do with a certain song, the 'wake-up' music for the astronauts actually, played on Discovery August 2-3, that seemed to imply something more. Valid or not, the general notion of music got my attention - which has been emerging sort of as a means of 'Contact', a la the film Close Encounter of the Third Kind (no 'grey aliens' required for this more holistic 'Contact' storyline though). Just the sort of thing we would expect from the intelligence - whatever it may be - behind the 'Contact' game. Expectedly unexpected, subtle, and so much multicontextual intelligence hiding just beneath the surface.

So it suddenly became significant to me that the Discovery crew woke up, the very first 'morning' of the mission (July 26-7), to a song from the movie Groundhog Day. Right away I detected what I would call a 'ritualistic' undercurrent. Groundhog Day is, after all, February 2 - nearly coinciding with 2/1, or the date of the space shuttle Columbia disaster (2003). In fact, Groundhog Day is an alter ego of a pagan holiday known as 'Imbolc' - which was and still is celebrated on... February 1!

I thought the link was straightforward enough, or 'exoteric', at first but the fact that NASA did not publicly acknowledge it told me, conversely, that this was a line of inquiry probably worth pursuing. Like in one of the Indiana Jones movies, it's not in the Grail's nature to advertise itself.

Presented below is the result of this little investigation and you'll see that along the way I found the answer to my original question, that of the symbolic significance of the 'gap-filler'.

August 6: As Above, So Below

Previously I pointed out that there were two, close but separate, key dates - August 6th and 8th - standing out in the STR time code underlying this period. The latter got more of my attention, a date supported from different angles, including the return of Discovery on 8/8. But let me quickly introduce here something extra for August 6, which will have the effect of elevating its significance to some degree.

As you may recall, we have applied the concept of an Osiris-Isis copulation to the docking of Discovery with the ISS ('Isis'). Well, it turns out August 6 in connection with Paris, the 'Isis city', rather craftily expresses this very theme.

The key here is the 'Historical Axis of Paris', known as the Champs-Elysees, the western end of it marked by the famous Arc de Triomphe monument. It's at the heart of Paris and we could say this place embodies the City of Light. The 'axis' is oriented 26-degrees south of east, which just happens to be the exact angle on the horizon where the Isis star, known as Sirius, rises as seen from Paris.

Mythologically the Champs-Elysees ('Elysian Fields') is a blissful land inhabited by the dead, and as such it is analogous to the 'underworld' of Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god of the dead. Here, then, we have the same combination of Osiris and Isis-Sirius currently expressed in space by the union of Discovery (Osiris' 14th piece) and the space station 'ISS' (Isis).

It is this axis of Paris that manages to pinpoint August 6. The sunset becomes 'magically' aligned with the Champs-Elysees on that day - which, If I'm not mistaken, means that if you were standing on the boulevard, you'd see the Sun sets directly behind the Arc de Triomphe.

In other words, the 'Osirian boulevard' in the 'Isis city' is designed to align with the rising point of Sirius and the setting of the Sun on 8/6. That's some heavy symbolism and it certainly cannot be taken for granted. It is made extra special this year thanks to an 'as above, so below' situation created by the Super Torch Ritual taking place in space.

As if to reinforce this and in the usual 'magically subtle' way, there was a major airpIane crash on August 2, becoming a top news item continuing into August 3, hence competing with the news coverage of Discovery's repair spacewalk on the same day (8/3). Apart from the timing, we saw that it was an Air France jetIiner from Paris crash-landing in a Toronto airport - fortunately all onboard surviving the ordeal almost inexplicably.

A pIane from the 'Isis city' crashes on landing... A space shuttle, which looks like a jetIiner, is about to leave the ISS or... 'Isis'.

Ominous? Perhaps. But I tend to view this as a downgraded 'preemptive' expression of the Discovery-disaster storyline, especially given the level of attention already paid to the possibility of a shuttle disaster. In other words, Discovery may be safe now because, symbolically, the disaster 'already happened'. Or at least, we would hope so.

Cross-Quarter Midpoint Ritual

Returning to Discovery's 'gap-filler' symbolism, we find that - amusingly enough - it alludes to a 'gap' in the time code, namely the 'gap' between the two key dates, 8/6 and 8/8. The 'gap' would correspond to August 7; and a 'gap-filler' would be that which fills this pregnant void in the timeline.

There is a good reason to highlight 8/7 in terms of advancing the STR because the date represents the midpoint between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox - technically known as a 'cross-quarter day'.

The reader will surely recall that 'midpoint' is a huge STR theme - perhaps the dominant one this year, symbolically carrying the concept of 'Judgment' as in the balanced scale of Lady Justice, or the Egyptian Maat's 'weighing of the heart' test conducted in the realm between life and death. We have already detected many expressions of this in the form of 'balanced' (or bisected) timelines. Indeed, the 8/8 date largely stems from this very time-encoding method as explained previously.

As you can (hopefully) see below, beneath the cross-quarter midpoint date is a redundantly 'balanced' designed highlighting the 'gap'. In this scheme we see that May 29, the day marked by Indianapolis 500, plays a big role as a pre-echoing 'gap'. Unless one is aware of the 'ritualistic' importance of the so-called 'Greatest Spectacle in Racing' within the STR context, as we are here on the Etemenanki website, this cipher would be difficult to crack. (Indy 500 was extensively discussed in May and June.)

'Imbolc is a proto-Groundhog Day 'candle-mass' holiday (i.e. a 'torch ritual') intended to mark the cross-quarter day. The kicker here is that the name means 'in the belly' - which cannot resonate more strongly with the astronaut removing the 'gap-fillers' from the belly of Discovery!

Next up are more Indy 500-related codes, now very much part of the 'cross-quarter day ritual'. It was at this year's Indy that a new star named Danica Patrick was born ('Danica' = 'morning star' = Venus = Mary Magdalene), and this directly relates to the current timeframe through an intricate web of symbolic inferences. You'll see that it's very much about the 'torch' - thus also the Super Torch Ritual - and in particular the Olympics, which resides at the heart of the STR.

The 6-month echo scheme employed above is another major theme driving the STR time codes - perhaps one of the most potent echo schemes we're tracking so far.

The last one listed above - very Olympic (torch) in nature - has an overlapping time code that's equidistant-based. It utilizes the Athens Olympics closing ceremony (8/29/04) and the Windsor Tower fire (2/13/05) to pinpoint the eve of Imbolc, when the 'candle light' celebration traditionally begins.

And witnessed during last year's Olympic closing ceremony - shades of Imbolc/Candlemas!

Imbolc Eve (July 31) figured prominently in my last post, where it was used as part of a time code to highlight August 8... i.e. the '8-8' symbolism associated with July's Live 8 (music), G8, and such. 'Deep Impact' is of course playing a key role here as well (8/16).

Now add Imbolc to the mix, and you'll get something quite... well, see for yourself.

'Coincidence' or not - there it is. :) 

Alright, so that's enough for this update. I think I've sufficiently covered the hidden contexts surrounding this period, particularly the dates 8/6, 8/7, and 8/8. Unlike many out there (or because there are many out there anticipating this), I'm not particularly worried about a nucIear attack and such (well, not just yet). While 'nucIear' is a key theme, it is Peak Oil that seems to be emerging as the central component in the 'omen' aspect of the 'Contact communication'. If nothing else, I expect the 'Contact' transmission to continue, and probably intensify dramatically, in the coming days. The Deep Impact Sequence continues...

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