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December 2004



 December 31, '04   Shades of Great Flood
The piece I'm presently writing on the hidden symbolic nature of the Asian earthquake/tsunami is getting to be lengthier than anticipated (as always) so here is a quick one before the calendar turns to '2005' (!). Just some key points this time...

First, I'm finding it rather interesting that people are not seeing shades of the 'Great Flood' in the tsunami catastrophe. Were not all these places around the Indian Ocean flooded like there was no tomorrow?

Well, on this website this biblical comparison becomes important in light of the great emphasis placed on the term or concept 'Columbus/Columba' within our 'super torch ritual', the latest manifestation of which before the Asian 'great flood' was the concert shooting incident in Columbus Ohio on December 8 that fatally wounded the guitarist of the band Damageplan/Pantera. This was an intensely symbolic and 'ritualistic' event as extensively discussed in my 12/22 post (if you have you read it yet, go read it!). In that post was also discussed the near-future 'window', the days 'around Dec. 28/29', that I projected would interact with the Columbus 'ritual' in a way that would make the latter (and the whole ritual complex preceding it) something of a literal 'damage plan' - i.e. clues dropped before a big 'damage event'.

Although my sense was that the 'fall of the Sun-king' theme, particularly that of the Pope, was strongly pushed by the clues, the tsunami disaster actually fits well into the tapestry of conceptual patterns woven by the foregoing 'rituals' of 2004.

The name 'Columbus' for instance derives from Columba, or dove, more specifically the dove that Noah released from the Ark to see if the Great Food had ended as told in the Book of Genesis. This connection is intensified by the name 'Ohio' being said to derive from a term meaning 'great water'. The place 'Columbus Ohio' therefore symbolically paints a picture of a dove over a great water/flood, i.e. the tale of the Great Flood. (The capital of Sri Lanka, a nation hit hard by the tsunami, is called Colombo, deriving from the same root, Columba).

The 12/8 shooting in Columbus was also a 'echo event' stemming from the Madrid train bombings ('Spain's 9/11') 9 months earlier on March 11 - a predictable timing scheme as per the 'Venusian pregnancy time code' I posted on December 3 (and so the timing was predicted). Here too is found an allusion to water/flood as Madrid derives its name from Mayrit (referring to the River Manzanares), meaning 'source of water' or 'rich in abundance of waters'.

It's also noteworthy that the date of the Madrid bombings (near the world's only statue dedicated to Lucifer/Venus) was precisely 'prophesied' in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines featuring Schwarzenegger the 'occult star' of the 'super torch ritual', released mid-2003 as I explained on page 4 of Stargate Cipher 2012. The film was all about 'Judgment Day', the archetype of which is none other than the Great Flood with which the gods judged mankind and cleansed the earth.

Next, there is the Sun/Benben/Genesis Stone connection - the 'heavenly stone' that seeded Earth, a process known as panspermia. Noah's Ark is in many ways (I won't go into them here) interchangeable with the other Ark, the Ark of the Covenant, which in turn is sometimes considered interchangeable with the Holy Grail, which beneath the surface is a form of 'stone fallen from heaven' (comparable to 'Philosopher's Stone' and such). So there is a strong parallel between the Genesis story of Noah's flood/Ark and the heavenly stone that theoretically became the 'genesis' of life on this planet. This mode of thinking had already been promoted heavily when NASA's space capsule named Genesis returning from the Sun, making it analogous to a heavenly 'Sun Stone', crashed into a Utah desert when its parachute failed to open on September 8 - another ritualistic timing pinpointed beforehand here at Etemenanki.

The heavenly stone is, or at least is signified by, the Egyptian Benben Stone or the capstone of the pyramid. On the back of the dollar bill we see this capstone as the infamous 'All-Seeing Eye'. This Masonic symbol was very recently promoted by the popular Hollywood film National Treasure. Curious timing...

More directly relevant however is the the state flag of Ohio which, if rotated 90 degrees, shows the same capstone/All-Seeing Eye symbol with the added 'M' allusion - an esoteric reference to Mary Magdalene or Venus-Lucifer - made by the irregular outline of the flag. (See it in the 'negative space' around the flag.)

And then there was this story reported in the mainstream media right before Christmas and the tsunami catastrophe:

Dec 24: Scientists study orbit of newly found asteroid

There's a 1-in-300 chance that a recently discovered asteroid, believed to be about 1,300 feet long, could hit Earth in 2029, a NASA scientist said Thursday, but he added that the perceived risk probably will be eliminated once astronomers get more detail about its orbit.

Quickly retracted right after the Asian 'great flood':

Dec 29: Asteroid Earth impact in 2029 ruled out

Additional observations have ruled out the chance that a recently discovered asteroid, believed to be about 1,300 feet long, could hit Earth in 2029, NASA scientists said.

Right before this was another similar news item about an apparent meteor event in Indonesia (Ground Zero of the tsunami disaster):

Dec 19: Jakarta shaken by 'meteor blast'

Reports of unexplained explosions caused alarm on Sunday morning in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

Indonesia is on a heightened state of alert following warnings that militants may be planning an attack over the Christmas period.

However, Sunday's blasts may not have been made by man but by an extra-terrestrial phenomenon - a large meteor breaking up in the atmosphere.

Some residents reported seeing a large object falling from the sky.

Add to these the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics held this summer which, as discussed in Stargate Cipher 2012, was almost all about the idea of cosmic seeding by a heavenly rock. The opening sequence involved a rock coming from the sky hitting the lake in the stadium which then gave rise to fiery Olympic rings upon the lake.

Rings of fire... Well, Sumatra/Indonesia where the huge earthquake occurred on Dec. 26 is part of the 'Ring of Fire' - i.e. 'a zone of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that encircles the basin of the Pacific Ocean'.

Ah yes... Can you smell what the rock is cooking? A grand 'ritual'! Maybe...

The earthquake/tsunami disaster, based on all this surrounding symbolism, appears to me like yet another version of the 'Sun/Benben/Genesis Stone striking Earth' simulation, this time with an added element of the ocean being Ground Zero thus the mimicked cosmic collision creating massive tidal waves in all directions.

I'm keeping this very short but let me also point out that the 'Great Flood simulation' would heavily interact with the underlying 'messianic pregnancy time code' if the 'flood' is viewed as the pregnant woman's water breaking. In other words, Venus/Mary, prominently featured at the Olympic opening ceremony, is now in labor... The Christmas connection (the tsunamis occurred on Dec. 25 US time) also underscores the 'messianic' nature the 'birth'.

So things are progressing almost right on schedule; at least the sequence of the symbolic events have been right on target. In this context coming up shortly is the momentous 'birth' and the time of the 'Dragon' and the 'Beast'... 2005 here we come!

A much more detailed piece will be posted here soon, so stay tuned.

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 December 24, '04   P. S.
Uh oh - I just saw a big spike in the visitor numbers to this site. Apparently my last post about Damageplan etc. got some attention from more 'mainstream' places. I feel a bit uncomfortable because it's difficult for such new visitors - probably many metal/rock fans - to just show up, read the post, and really understand all the underlying contexts involved. I mean, when I use phrases like 'super torch ritual' (and, yes, I am aware of the Superjoint Ritual connection!) and 'Babylon/Sun king', there is a very extensive system of information behind them that a new reader would have to dig into my past writings to really understand... (But basically what I call the 'super torch ritual' is a long series of 'rituals' - or at least coincidences - observed this year that surrounds the special positioning of Venus, Mars, the rapid rise of Schwarzenegger, and the Athens Olympics featuring the traditional, and Nazis-inspired, Olympic torch.)

The reality is that I wrote recent posts with the assumption that most readers were generally already familiar with the background contexts. Still, I was aware of how unreasonably 'out there' the discussions might appear to some and that's why I noted repeatedly in the last post about my own awareness of the strangeness of what's being discussed. But even that was for visitors who were less 'mainstream' than, say, straightforward music fans who know just about nothing about the kind of 'symbology game' normally tracked here that requires at least some multicontextual thinking ability that your public school doesn't teach you. So... well, it can be an awkward situation.

So... if you happen to be a bona fide everyday music fan who just ended up on this site, well, reading further is likely to give you an inexplicable experience leaving a big question mark above your head, or worse, your brain might actually explode! So there is your warning. :)

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 December 22, '04   Damage Plan - Paul Is Dead?

Few hours late... but happy Winter Solstice! Ahhh... can you smell the dark rituals in the air? :) Well, for me it certainly was an unusual day - inexplicable power outage, the website getting hit by a page-replacing worm, etc. which is why this posting got delayed a little.

In any case, this being near the end of the year I will do a fairly detailed and 'out there' (or fun/obscure) discussion in this post - how we got here, where we are now, and where we are likely going next... in the surreal context of the ongoing Venusian 'super torch ritual'. It will go into some mind-bending places, so be warned! :)

'Omen' Scheme:

As you know, it was on Dec. 3 that I suggested Dec. 8/9 was a key date to watch, probably designed to 'echo' the Madrid train bombings taking place 9 months ago on March 11 ('9 months' being a pregnancy period). I pointed out that the December 'echo window' was to be celestially marked by the Sun crossing the Galactic Meridian as it did back in early June along with Venus (i.e. the Transit of Venus on June 8 which is central to the 'Venus/Lucifer time code' tracked closely here). In the same post I also emphasized the relevance of one of the biggest controversies discussed to death in the mainstream US media this year - the Super Bowl 'nipplegate' halftime-show incident instigated by Janet Jackson (accompanied by various other symbolic 'clues') coming on the anniversary of the shuttle Columbia disaster and in Houston, Texas (a 'NASA/space city').

Soon after that I expressed my view that it was an 'omen event' comparable to the fiery decent of the Russian space station Mir in 2001 and that of Columbia in 2003 - the former symbolically foreshadowing 9/11 and the latter the disastrous Iraq invasion by the US. (See The Lucifer Time Code Part 2.) This time, I postulated, the Super-Bowl 'omen' was pointing ahead - through the encoded symbolism involving the Venus transit, Milky Way, Mars, and such - to the Athens Olympics in August and the US election in November.

Sure enough, the Olympics turned out to be a worthy climax to the Venusian/Martian 'super torch ritual' as extensively discussed in Stargate Cipher 2012. The 'Contact' communication transmitted there was just amazing in its elegance, cleverness, and depth. Even Venus and Mars were very much part of the 'message'.

As for the election, 'so far' it hasn't been that interesting except for the continuing vote irregularities/fraud allegations. But this is not unexpected since the symbolism stemming from the Super Bowl 'omen' suggested the ultimate outcome would be the triumph of the 'Patriots' (signified by the winner of the Super Bowl) as in the police state-readying Patriot Act, the second installment of which is now moving through the Senate. And I have also maintained that this election would be a mere stepping stone for the rise of the real 'Monarch' waiting in the wings - Arnold Schwarzenegger. So this is still a development in progress and we'll continue to monitor it closely in the coming weeks and months.

Already noteworthy, however, is the fact that this election's 'Florida' was Ohio, the capital city of which is Columbus where Schwarzenegger campaigned for Bush in person just before Election Day. Ohio became the decisive state in 2004 and Columbus so far has been more or less Ground Zero for vote fraud issues, and of course the name 'Columbus' derives from the same root as 'Columbia'.

New Twists:

An increasingly interesting and important development is the secondary 'omen' complex surrounding the initially foreshadowed events discussed above that push forward the underlying theme with added twists. This is different from the pattern followed by the previous two cases where two identified 'omens' were 'answered' by unmistakable major developments, 9/11 and the Iraq war/aftermath. Perhaps the fact that the 'third omen' only indirectly involved a falling object from the sky - via the Columbia anniversary connection - was already a hint that this one was going to have a more complex 'answering' mechanism.

As it happens the 'fallen from heaven' theme was to reemerge - this time without any ambiguity - just days after the closing of the Athens Olympics (Aug 29) on Sept 8, a date I had already pointed out as being important (see SGC2012 Part 2), when NASA's 'Genesis' capsule returning from the Sun failed to open its parachute and crash-landed into the Utah desert.

Its ritualistic implication was made clear by its predictable timing based on the celestial configuration and the nature of the event itself being a direct echo of one of the main themes expressed at the Olympics (which in turn was also anticipated beforehand), i.e. the 'stone fallen from heaven' (Grail) theme associated with the panspermia (cosmic seeding) process conceptually or literally involving the Egyptian 'Benben Stone' aka 'Sun Stone'.

So in a sense it was the 2004 'omen' itself that saw its culmination there, thus collectively still pointing ahead to some high-impact future event. The nature of this newly 'foreshadowed event' was already hinted within the extensive symbolism of/surrounding the Olympics' closing ceremony, particularly through the aforementioned celestial configuration's interaction with former president Clinton's heart problem (bypass surgery) in early September which closely coincided with Bush's speech at the Republican National Convention (which was a continuation of the Athens Games' 'super torch ritual'). Long story short, my interpretation there was that there was a familiar message of the 'Babylon/Sun king falling', often discussed here at Etemenanki. As was expressed back then:

This is probably too speculative at this point - but is some kind of sacrificial king-killing intimated here?

That we may be counting down to something literally or symbolically related to Clinton's heart problem is perhaps also hinted by the fact that the fast-moving planet Mercury is getting ready to unite with Regulus. Mercury traditionally signifies a 'messenger' - and in this case potentially a messenger of bad news sent from Saturn. Let us recall that another former US president Reagan died in early June, becoming a key part of the 'super torch ritual'. Reagan was known as the 'Great Communicator' - a perfect epithet for Mercury.

...Mercury joins Regulus on September 10, completing the delivery of a message from/for the heart, whatever that might be.

On September 11 (overlapping Sept 10 US time) a 'king' did perish in a helicopter crash in Greece after leaving Athens - but he was Petros VII, the Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa. This was a symbolically coherent development in that the 'Babylon/Sun-king' figure in my model corresponds to those associated with the US leadership and its close allies (politically), the Church (religiously), and Iraq (geographically, i.e. the historical land of Babylon). As a matter of fact, although Petros VII was not the Pope of Rome, I had been detecting an emerging theme of the exit of the Pope in connection with the period of the Olympics, the most recent comment made just days prior on Sept 3:

...the extensive symbolism seems to point to the imminent exit of the Pope... US presidents belong to our 'Babylon/Sun King' group that includes the Pope. I have long pointed out that there is a symbolic parallel between the American presidency and the papacy.

The fall of Pope Petros VII was very much in line with this view . And it was supplemented by the Genesis crash coming 3 days earlier (and vice versa): not only do we have him falling from the sky after leaving Athens, we have his name 'Petros' (Peter) denoting 'rock' and thus making the whole incident analogous to a 'stone fallen from heaven', i.e. the same Benben/Sun Stone seeding theme expressed by Genesis and within the Olympics' ceremonies earlier, especially since Athens' patron goddess 'Athena' is associated with a stone fallen from heaven. (All this and more is discussed in SGC2012.)

'Messianic' Pregnancy Time Code:

At the beginning of December I began exploring the 'explanded' omen scheme, probing its future as well as past implications primarily using the 'pregnancy' theme emphasized in the 'rituals'. The union of Venus and the Sun on June 8, which was prefigured by the Super Bowl 'nipplegate', clearly carried the notion of messianic conception (Venus/Janet being analogous to Mary Magdalene and the Sun/Sun-shaped ring being interchangeable with Jesus' father if not himself), which was then amplified at the Athens Olympics where the messianic/Grail pregnancy and resultant birth was a central theme during the opening ceremony. The 'stone fallen from heaven' theme was of course also essentially a reference to a cosmic 'seeding' process thus various 'fall' events such as Petros VII and the Genesis capsule would become instances of a new life being conceived/seeded, creating a 'pregnancy' period of 9 months following them. The fact, for instance, that exactly 9 months after the Genesis crash (9/8) and the Pope Petros helicopter crash (9/11) will be the anniversary of the Venus transit (6/8/05) and Ronald Reagan burial (6/11/05), the latter signifying the conception of the next 'Monarch' Schwarzenegger, attests to the plausibility of this timecode interpretation.

On Dec. 3 I pointed out that Election Day (Nov 2) came almost exactly 9 months after the Super Bowl/nipplegate to reinforce the original 'omen' interpretation, and went on to note that a big 'birth/echo day' was coming up around Dec 8/9, nine months after the March 11 Madrid train bombings - a major Venusian event that was seemingly 'prophesied' by the 'Terminator Code 311' (see SGC2012) geographically involving a site, the Retiro park, featuring the world's only statue solely dedicated to Lucifer (= Venus). This was considered a particularly significant projected 'birth' date since the Sun was to cross the Galactic Meridian (= longitude 0/180 deg of Milky Way) on Dec. 8/9 just as it did at the time of the Transit of Venus (June 7/8), the central 'conception' event of 2004.

Sun crossing Galactic Meridian (Dec. 8/9, '04)

As I speculated back then:

My sense is that because the Madrid event came before the Venus transit and that event wasn't exactly a 'seeding' event conceptually, we may not have a strongly expressed 'echo/birth' this month, but the surrounding coincidences are enough to warrant close monitoring.

We didn't have to wait long to get the answer: Just hours after this posting on Dec 3 came the news report of bombings in Madrid, the first significant terror activity since March 11. Then on Dec 6 came another series of bombings hitting Spain which in turn was followed on Dec 12 by an unprecedented event of more than 70,000 people being evacuated from Real Madrid's Bernabeu stadium after a credible bomb threat was received during a soccer game. The 'echo' effect representing a birthing process, in other words, not only came but came with an exclamation mark.

This development alone would have been enough to constitute a startling confirmation of the 'pregnancy' time code. Yet, there was much more. Indeed, the events in Spain would seem almost trivial in comparison...

Columbus Shooting - Fall of Metal Star:

Late December 8, precisely when the Sun was at the Galactic Meridian, a deadly shooting incident took place at a rock/metal concert of Damageplan in Columbus Ohio leaving five people dead including the former guitarist of the popular '90s metal band Pantera which had recently evolved into Damageplan. This was one of the top news stories of Dec 8/9 - significant enough to be reported even overseas, owing largely to the fact that as a well-known metal group (especially as Pantera) it had fans or former fans all over the world.

The first thing I noted was that it happened in Columbus - an initial clue that it had 'ritualistic' implications. The second thing that arose my curiosity was the fact that the shooting incident involved members of Pantera whose name I had long (many years) noted was evocative of 'Ben Pandira' ('son of Pandira') as Jesus is sometimes referred to in the Talmud and its ancient Egyptian form, a royal eipthed, 'Pa-ntr-ra', or 'the god Ra' - Ra being a prominent Sun-god. In the previous post I commented:

This is fitting in multiple ways. First, not only do we have the 'pregnancy' theme's 'messianic birth' (Horus-Jesus) aspect prominently expressed here, we also have a strong echo of the fact that the same theme primarily emanates from the rare Venus transit of June 8 when Venus (= Mary/Isis) joined, or mated with, the Sun - thus making the Sun, or Ra, the father figure of the messianic pregnancy. Second, the 'father' aspect emphasized by the term Pantera/Pandira and its biblical nature together evoke the Pope, the father figure of Christianity, whom I happened to bring up as potentially being relevant to the window.

The guitarist shot dead in Columbus was named 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott and the last name as 'abbot' would refer to the spiritual father heading an abbey - from the Syriac abba meaning 'father' - which is a Christian monastery. This reinforces the Pope connection and relates back to the pattern expressed recently through Pope Petros VI.

Though this does not technically conform to the '9 month' echo scheme, the manifestation of the Pope - or 'Sun/Babylon king' - theme was explicitly mentioned as something we could expect for this window in my Dec 3 post, though it was perhaps more an 'intuitive' comment than a strictly pattern-driven one. 

It's also fitting that the guitar hero's death was a 'fall of a metal/rock star', metaphorically expressing the heavenly stone theme - particularly appropriate when added that meteorites are well known for sometimes containing iron or... 'metal'. A meteorite would therefore be a 'fallen metal rock star' which Dimebag's death was.

Through the city's name 'Columbus' we are also guided back to the starting point of the 2004 'omen', the Super Bowl on the anniversary of the space shuttle Columbia disaster, as well as to the Nov 2 election for which Columbus/Ohio became the most important capital/state (in terms of electoral college). This connection is intensified by 'Pantera' being a Italian/Spanish word for 'panther' since the Super Bowl this year was between the Patriots and the Panthers, and the game was held in Texas where the Pantera guys were based.

A 'ritual', therefore, the Columbus shooting was... apparently. Its coincidence with the the Sun crossing the Galactic Meridian was most likely 'by design'. When people started to comment it came exactly 24 years after the murder of John Lennon, similarly shot to death by a deranged fan... well, there was almost a sense of expectedness.

But I did not expect where this was taking me next... tumbling down the rabbit hole...

To the Dark Side of Oz:

As mentioned in the previous post, the shooter in Columbus was named Nathan Gale. I wrote:

'Nathan' means 'gift from God' - relatable to the Olympic/Promethean fire which is at the center of the grand 'super torch ritual' complex we've been closely tracking here. (The 'fire' Prometheus gave to mankind is the ultimate 'gift' in Greek mythology.) More chilling, however, is the following: just recently I discussed the symbolic relevance of The Wizard of Oz in Stargate Cipher 2012 Part 2 (Nov 24) involving the issue of mind control - a link initially transmitted at the Athens Olympics' closing ceremony (a big part of the 'super torch ritual'):

In SCG2012 Part 2 these spirals were ultimately associated with our galaxy, the Milky Way - an important component of the 'super torch ritual'. Indeed, I expressed previously that the window around Dec. 8/9 was special particularly due to the fact that it was when the Sun would cross the Galactic Meridian (represented in the second picture above by the causeway), exactly 6 months after it did so at the time of the Transit of Venus (June 7/8).

...the name of the main character in The Wizard of Oz, 'Dorothy', means none other than 'gift from God' - same as 'Nathan'. Intriguing coincidence? Sure - but that's not all. Dorothy's last name in the movie is... Gale! She is 'Dorothy Gale' - making her practically the same figure as Nathan Gale, the shooter in Columbus!! (Obviously, then, we begin to wonder about the potential involvement of mind control in the strange shooting...)

What's more, around that time - and perhaps even now - The Wizard of Oz had been in heavy rotation on various TV channels; most notably it was played on TNT (Turner Network Television) the very night of the 'ritual' shooting. The media emphasis on Oz was such that on Dec 8 I actually had myself sit down in front of the TV and study the movie... the night of the shooting! In other words, I was watching The Wizard of Oz on TNT specifically to scan for 'ritualistic clues' probably right when Dorothy Gale's 'alter ego' Nathan Gale was performing a 'ritual' by shooting 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott on stage... And that's just eerie.

That it was on the 'TNT' channel is also appropriate in light of the front cover of the band Damageplan's CD released earlier this year showing a big explosion. As you know, the term 'TNT' (or trinitrotoluene) is practically synonymous with 'explosives'...

And the name 'Damageplan' seemingly hints at the event's omen-type nature. That is to say that in the 'Oz ritual' may be found coded information concerning what's being planned for the near future... and it is certainly suggested to be 'explosive'.

Along the same line, there may be something to the coincidence of 'drop a dime' being slang for 'To make a telephone call, especially to the police to inform on or betray someone'. The guitarist 'Dimebag' was often called simply 'Dime' and he was certainly 'dropped' on Dec 8.

So what could be the 'plan' covertly telegraphed through the Columbus shooting? This is very speculative stuff to be sure but I did a bit of research and thinking on this, and all the clues kept yielding a surprisingly consistent 'message' and it was none other than the 'exit of the Sun-king' theme with particular emphasis on the Pope.

The following points collectively constitute a good starting point:

  1. The pre-Damageplan band Pantera is relatable to the father of Jesus ('ben Pandira'/'son of Pandira') who through its Egyptian version 'Pa-ntr-ra' is 'the god Ra' or the Sun god. The word 'Pope' means 'father' and John Paul II in particular is a form of 'Sun king' (more on this later).

  2. Dimebag's last name 'Abbott' as a variant of 'Abbot' would refer to the head of an 'abbey' (Christian monastery) deriving from the term abba meaning 'father'.

  3. Dimebag Darrell Abbott was shot and killed on the 24th anniversary of John Lennon's death who was similarly shot by a deranged fan.

  4. The Beatles' 1969 album is titled 'Abbey Road' and was recorded in Abbey Road Studios.

  5. The Beatles' core writing team was John Lennon and Paul McCartney - or John and Paul, as in Pope John Paul II. 'Abbey John Paul' is interchangeable with 'Father/Pope John Paul'.

  6. The fourth song on Abbey Road is 'Oh! Darling', seemingly echoed by the name Darrell (i.e. Dimebag) which means 'darling'. The seventh song is George Harrison's 'Here Comes the Sun', and the 10th song composed by the John-Paul team is, simply, 'Sun King' (i.e. the Pope, etc.)

  7. On The Beatles' 1967 album 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' is a song titled 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'. 'Lucy' is Lucifer-Venus, which is at the center of the ongoing 'super torch ritual', and 'Diamonds' interacts with 'Dimebag' as before adopting the nickname he went by 'Diamond Darrell'.

  8. The cover photograph of Abbey Road is associated with the widespread 'Paul is dead' rumor.

A little more on Point #8:

That cover photograph has since become one of the most famous and most imitated album covers in recording history. The cover also supposedly contains clues adding to the "Paul Is Dead" phenomenon...

About the phenomenon:

The Paul Is Dead rumor started with a series of events in the 1960s that led fans of the popular rock band The Beatles to believe that bassist Paul McCartney was actually dead and replaced with a look-alike. McCartney remains alive, as of 2004.The rumor began in earnest in 1969, when Russ Gibb, a radio DJ from WKNR-FM in Detroit, Michigan, announced that McCartney was dead. Other DJs, television news reporters, newspapers, and magazines picked up on the story and began to look for clues.

The rumor eventually became a full-fledged conspiracy theory as members of the media and Beatles fans searched album artwork and song lyrics for clues to the cover-up and McCartney's supposed death. Believers eventually decided that McCartney had died in a car accident that happened at 5 a.m. on a Wednesday morning... According to believers, McCartney had been replaced with the winner of a McCartney look-alike contest...

And as for the 'clues' according to the urban legend:

The front cover of Abbey Road is a representation of Paul's funeral procession. Lennon is the clergyman or priest (dressed in white), Ringo the funeral director or pall bearer (formally dressed), Paul the corpse (bare feet and cigarette [Sicilian symbol of death] and out of step with the others), and George the grave digger (denim working clothes). Furthermore the licence plate of the white car says LMW 281F. LMW is said to stand for "Linda McCartney Widow (or Weeps)", and 28IF suggests Paul would have been 28 if he had not died. (At the time of the album's release September 26, 1969, Paul was in fact 27.) Additionally, the cigarette in the picture is in Paul's right hand, even though Paul is left-handed. On the back cover, a strangely configured and placed "3" in front of the Beatles name indicates three "remaining" Beatles. Also, the name Beatles has a crack running through the letter S, making it imperfect. Also, if you look at the girl in the blue dress, some people claim that it makes a profile of Paul's face.

It's intriguing that in this urban legend John Lennon as portrayed in the Abbey Road picture represents a clergyman just as Dimebag Abbott was an 'Abbot'/clergyman. And the 'replaced with a look-alike' aspect provides us with an amusing possibility for the current Pope situation. Not necessarily plausible but a possibility nonetheless.

Now, on to the next level...

Turns out, the legendary progressive/psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd also appears to have played a role in the Columbus 'ritual' symbolism. (Accidental or deliberate design, who knows?) For starters, their famous Dark Side of the Moon album recorded at Abbey Road Studios carries a famous urban legend - yes, another one - telling us that the music was secretly designed as an alternate background music to the movie... here it comes, The Wizard of Oz.

When news of this claim hit the major media outlets in 1997, it sparked a widespread interest in the phenomenon. A small community sprang up around various sites ( to further explore this idea. Whether the correspondences are real or imagined, fans of the album often enjoy the experience of seeing Dark Side of the Rainbow, as the combination is sometimes called. The synch is created by pausing the album (Preferably the CD version) at the very beginning, and unpausing when the MGM lion roars for the third time. The members dismissed any relation between the album and the movie on an MTV Special about Pink Floyd in 2002.

It's a strange story but the phenomenon itself appears to be real enough. Certainly the cover art of Dark Side of the Moon showing a beam of light going through a prism filter to turn into a rainbow can be seen as alluding to The Wizard of Oz which features the famous song 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.

My initial breakthrough moment of realizing its realistic significance was when I found that the Columbus shooting was preceded just the day before on Dec 7 by a rare 'occultation' event involving the Moon passing directly in front of Jupiter, clearly visible in the dark sky of eastern/central North America. It was a special cosmic configuration when Jupiter - the planet/god traditionally honored by the Olympic Games and the planet that turns into a star dubbed 'Lucifer' (= Venus) in Arthur C. Clarke's '2010', a sequel to '2001' - was directly on the 'dark side of the Moon' (not a scientifically accurate description, but it fits the intended meaning, the farther side as seen from Earth). Jupiter is also the Greco-Roman king of the (Olympian) gods and comparable on an earthly level to the Roman kingship now embodied by the papacy.

The term 'church' derives from circe from which also comes the word 'circle', strengthening the symbolic Jupiter-papacy connection since the Jovian sporting event that is the Olympics has as its symbol five multicolored rings/circles. Well okay, that may be a little tenuous, but there is also the fact that Pope John Paul II carries the motto 'of the labor of the Sun', or 'of the eclipse of the Sun', as given in the prophetic list of popes supposedly written down by St. Malachy from centuries ago. John Paul II is thus not only a 'Sun king' but also an 'eclipse pope', especially since he was born under a solar eclipse, and solar eclipses are when the literal 'dark side of the Moon' facing Earth becomes the main attraction in the sky...

Just the other day it also hit me that the phrase 'dark side of the Moon' can be rephrased as 'dark side of Diana', Diana being the Roman Moon goddess. It immediately brings to mind the 'dark side' of Diana, Princess of Wales, who was killed in a 1997 car 'accident' in Paris. There are many secrets attached to Diana - including the 'dark side' of her life recorded in secret video tapes that were shown to the world via NBC Dateline for the first time on March 4 and 11 2004, directly coinciding with the Madrid train bombings (3/11/04). Its unexpected entry into the Venusian 'pregnancy' time code here then makes it eligible for the 9-month 'birth' echo scheme projected for early December, i.e. the same window as the Columbus/Dimebag shooting 'ritual'.

Well, sure enough, stories about Diana's 'dark side' were resurrected out of nowhere during that very period, again mainly through NBC's Dateline showing more of the 'secret video tapes' on Nov 29 and Dec 6!

To my considerable surprise, I felt I had seen enough to be quite 'conformable' with the idea that Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, and its interaction with The Wizard of Oz and the Columbus ritual, may indeed have been craftily woven into the 'Damage plan' message. It's become a hypothesis worthy of serious consideration at least (if nothing else, it's good for prompting creative thinking...)

Let me also add that Diana's death taking place in Paris 'continues' the central 'torch' aspect of the super ritual complex since a mythological figure called 'Paris' was largely responsible for the Trojan War by abducting Helen, whose name denotes 'torch', and just before his birth Paris' mother dreamt that he was a torch that destroys Troy. Not only that, Diana's fatal car crash took place in a short tunnel right above which stands a big torch sculpture called the Flame of Liberty which became an unofficial Diana memorial!

And I couldn't ignore the fact that the date of Diana's death, August 31, matches this year's biggest political day for Schwarzenegger aka 'the Olympian' - the occult star of the current 'super torch ritual' - when he delivered a charismatic and well-received speech at the Republican National Convention just two days after the closing of the Olympics, obviously designed to put him on the national political map more firmly and pave the way for his rapid future ascendancy, all the way to the top. It succeeded of course, just as anticipated here months ago.

Aside from these, other curious coincidences worth noting include:

  • As if in acknowledgement of the 'mind control' aspect of the Oz story, Dark Side of the Moon is a concept album about 'insanity, neurosis and fame'.
  • Another album by Pink Floyd titled 'Wish You Were Here' similarly deals with the issue of mental illness in a song called 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond', a phrase very much applicable to the Dimebag/Diamond shooting symbolism.

So, as I said, this is all quite strange and highly speculative, and yet with some hesitation I'd have to infer that this is indeed what the 'clues' are beginning to transmit rather insistently. The next phase would be to try to figure out the 'timetable' for the presumed 'planned event(s)' which may well take the form of the exit of the Pope or other Babylon/Sun-king figures. (Even someone like Defense Secretary Rumsfeld could end up playing this recyclable role.)

At this point I'm looking at December as one of the potential windows, given its exoteric 'birth of Christ' celebration (Christmas), the winter solstice, past examples (Saddam in Dec '03, Trent Lott and Cardinal Law in Dec '02, etc.), and such. In particular, I will be very closely monitoring the days around Dec 28 which will feature 1) Mercury-Venus conjunction, 2) Mercury crossing the Galactic Meridian on 12/26-27, 3) Saturn positioned on the 'dark side' of the Moon on 12/27-28, and most importantly, 4) Venus crossing the Galactic Meridian on 12/29.

More than the Sun, Venus' crossing of the Galactic Meridian is the key celestial configuration driving the 'super torch ritual': its prior crossing on June 11 just 3 days after the Venus transit coincided with the burial ceremony of Ronald Reagan simultaneously signifying the 'conception' of Schwarzenegger as the 'torch of kingship' was ritualistically passed on from the 'once king' to the 'future king', Arnold; and the next crossing on July 3-4 marked Independence Day or unofficially the Lady Liberty/torch day.

Judging from the Sun's meridian crossing giving us the Columbus event and such, the window around Dec 28/29 is likely to produce at least some symbolically meaningful event consistent with the underlying themes we have going here, if not a bona fide high-impact event like the fall of a Babylon/Sun-king.

Whatever the timeline I'm increasingly detecting the symbolic patterns and clues setting the stage for the exit of the Pope, or at least something significant to do with the Sun-king figure, seemingly treating it as a key event coming up soon to shake things up...

In closing let me bring to your attention yet another remarkably 'ritualistic' coincidence: it was announced just last month that the next year's Super Bowl coming up on Feb 6 will feature Paul McCartney during the halftime show where Janet Jackson previously kick-started the Venusian ritual scheme! The 'Paul Is Dead' theme relevant to the Pope is certainly coming alive now.

Note: To counterbalance the increasingly obscure, 'fantasy'-oriented discussions developing hard on this site lately, I'm thinking about 'disclosing' certain findings from my 'black project' that are serious and tangible enough to make waves way beyond the confines of this little underground realm of Etemenanki. Discussions on Etemenanki always have a big speculative aspect by design, but what I semi-jokingly call my 'black projects' are much more about provable discoveries that constitute a major step toward the Holy Grail. So, unless I change my mind - which I'm known to do often :) - you can expect that kind of stuff revealed here in January.

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 December 10, '04   Arcadian Ritual In Columbus
Well, I wasn't going to post comments until after Dec 11 since the projected 'Venusian pregnancy' window is still active and more 'echo events' are possible...  but here is a quick one on the significance of the shooting incident at a rock/metal concert in Columbus Ohio late on Dec 8 that left the former guitarist of Pantera dead, shocking metal music fans around the world. This followed the recent two sets of terrorism bombings in Spain (first one involving Madrid), Dec 3 & 6, that quite obviously 'echoed' the Madrid 3/11 terror event just as projected in my last post.

To be sure, these events so far are, while big enough to be included in the day's top mainstream news items, not quite 'oh my god'-type events that 'Spain's 9/11' was. But this too was pretty much what I had expected as you can see from this passage from my previous post: 

My sense is that because the Madrid event came before the Venus transit and that event wasn't exactly a 'seeding' event conceptually, we may not have a strongly expressed 'echo/birth' this month, but the surrounding coincidences are enough to warrant close monitoring.

I'm pointing this out just to show that I'm not self-deceivingly trying to fit events to my projections. And for these particular events in Spain and Columbus, their 'modest' level of registration on the 'seismic scale' is made up for by the level of specificity produced in terms of projected contexts. For example, not only Madrid/Spain but Columbus Ohio was also explicitly mentioned in the Dec 3 post dealing with the early-December window.

So, with this framework in mind, here are quick observations and why I consider the concert shooting incident eerily 'ritualistic'.

1) The shooting took place in Columbus Ohio on Dec 8/9 (thus resonating with the projected pattern).

2) The band Damageplan is basically a new Pantera (featuring the same drummer and guitarist) and 'Pantera' evokes 'Ben Pandira' ('son of Pandira') as Jesus is sometimes referred to in the Talmud. It's even a Hebrew form of an ancient Egyptian royal epithet 'Pa-ntr-ra', or 'the god Ra' - Ra being a prominent Sun-god. This is fitting in multiple ways. First, not only do we have the 'pregnancy' theme's 'messianic birth' (Horus-Jesus) aspect prominently expressed here, we also have a strong echo of the fact that the same theme primarily emanates from the rare Venus transit of June 8 when Venus (= Mary/Isis) joined, or mated with, the Sun - thus making the Sun, or Ra, the father figure of the messianic pregnancy. Second, the 'father' aspect emphasized by the term Pantera/Pandira and its biblical nature together evoke the Pope, the father figure of Christianity, whom I happened to bring up as potentially being relevant to the window.

3) 'Pantera' in Italian/Spanish means 'panther'. The Panthers were one of the teams in this year's Super Bowl played in Houston Texas on the anniversary of the Columbia space shuttle disaster (Feb 1). The Super Bowl '2004 omen' was another theme I associated with this window, and of course 'Columbia' and 'Columbus' stem from the same root word. It's also been noted that the Pantera/Damageplan guys are Texans and 12/08 was the day of the 'Immaculate Conception' of the Virgin Mary (Janet Jackson/Beyonce performing during the Super Bowl - giving us notorious 'nipplegate' - has long been interpreted here at Etemenanki as a form of 'Black Madonna' i.e. the Virgin/Magdalene - see LCT-2).

4) The shooter was from Marysville ('Mary' again) and named Nathan Gale. 'Nathan' means 'gift from God' - relatable to the Olympic/Promethean fire which is at the center of the grand 'super torch ritual' complex we've been closely tracking here. (The 'fire' Prometheus gave to mankind is the ultimate 'gift' in Greek mythology.) More chilling, however, is the following: just recently I discussed the symbolic relevance of The Wizard of Oz in Stargate Cipher 2012 Part 2 (Nov 24) involving the issue of mind control - a link initially transmitted at the Athens Olympics' closing ceremony (a big part of the 'super torch ritual'):

In SCG2012 Part 2 these spirals were ultimately associated with our galaxy, the Milky Way - an important component of the 'super torch ritual'. Indeed, I expressed previously that the window around Dec. 8/9 was special particularly due to the fact that it was when the Sun would cross the Galactic Meridian (represented in the second picture above by the causeway), exactly 6 months after it did so at the time of the Transit of Venus (June 7/8).

In any case, The Wizard of Oz has been a hot topic in the Etemenanki forum; the most recent thread on the subject started on Dec 9, with this comment from 'jelneutron3':

The wizard off oz is on tnt. strange movie for the 8th

The 8th was the day of the Columbus concert shooting. And this comment in turn was followed by this from 'annemarie j':

Ok, check this out. The wizard of oz movie has been on repeatedly on TBS here in Toronto Canada for weeks now. My husband remarked last week or so that it was odd "timing". I agreed. For decades, I could only remember seeing this movie on tv during Easter time. But, now it's on at this time of year, and it's and on and on... Why?

Well, I pointed out in SGC2012 Part 2 that the name of the main character in The Wizard of Oz, 'Dorothy', means none other than 'gift from God' - same as 'Nathan'. Intriguing coincidence? Sure - but that's not all. Dorothy's last name in the movie is... Gale! She is 'Dorothy Gale' - making her practically the same figure as Nathan Gale, the shooter in Columbus!! (Obviously, then, we begin to wonder about the potential involvement of mind control in the strange shooting...)

I'd have to say this 'coincidence' is creepy even for me... The term 'ritualistic' cannot be more fitting here. (Especially since Dec 8 was exactly 24 years after John Lennon was shot dead by a deranged fan.) Symbolically this is certainly a big addition to the long list of 'super torch ritual' events. What's more freaky, the former vocalist of Pantera, who left the band around 2003, is now in a band called Superjoint Ritual (!) which has participated in this year's 'Ozzfest' (of Ozzy)... or 'Oz-fest'...

There's more (esoteric) stuff to discuss but I'll stop here for now.

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 December 03, '04   'Venusian Pregnancy' Time Code
This is not meant to be a complete presentation but since a key 'window' is coming up shortly I thought I should post at least the relevant portion of the 'extended Lucifer Time Code'. It's basically the continuation of all the carefully-timed 'rituals' we've been closely tracking all year having mostly to do with Venus, Schwarzenegger, Athens Olympics, the Milky Way, and such. For this update I'll just assume that the reader has read the Lucifer Time Code series and the Stargate Cipher 2012 series so I won't go too much into the backgrounds of all the key dates/events involved.

In a way, the newly developing 'time code' can be called the 'pregnancy code' (but that just doesn't sound mysterious enough so I'll have to come up with a better one later...). As you should know by now, this year's 'rituals' have been prominently about 'cosmic seeding' (particularly Martian panspermia), first expressed in early June by the Venus transit (6/8) at/near the Galactic Meridian as well as the overlapping event of the Reagan-Arnold 'torch passing' ritual (especially 6/11). The union of Venus and the Sun caused the planet or goddess of love, Venus, to symbolically become 'pregnant' and down on earth Schwarzenegger conceptually got 'pregnant' with his future 'kingship' passed on from Ronald Reagan who died June 5. And at the Athens Olympics (August), which was all about 'seeding', we were shown a dramatic scene (during the opening ceremony) involving a pregnant woman (Venus-Mary) as shown in the picture.

This theme then gave rise to the notion of 'pregnancy period' - i.e. 9 months - naturally having the implication of there being 'echo events' separated by that amount of time. And the first of the 'echo window' is almost here - around December 8-11 - which has as its 'conception event' the Madrid train  bombings ('Spain's 9/11') that took place March 11 near the world's only 'Lucifer' statue dedicated solely to that 'fallen angel', and Lucifer is traditionally Venus. The date 3/11/04 was also 'prophesied' in Terminator 3 - see SGC2012 - featuring Schwarzenegger, a 'Horus' figure analogous to baby Jesus who was ritualistically 'conceived' under the Venus transit in June (Venus being an alter ego of Mary or Isis, the mother of Horus in ancient Egyptian tradition).

Well, anyway, on Dec 8/9 we'll see the Sun crossing the Galactic Meridian - the last time the Sun did this was exactly 6 months ago and coincided with the Transit of Venus. (This time it's even near the Galactic Center.) So you can see why this is symbolically important.

Sun crossing Galactic Meridian (Dec. 8/9, '04)

The date also almost coincides with the Pearl Harbor day (12/7) which may be significant since it was brought up as a relevant issue in SGC2012 associated with the EQ Pegasi Contact 'hoax' which also produced the US election date 'Nov 2'. Interestingly, the presidential election came almost exactly 9 months after the Super Bowl/Janet Jackson ('nipplegate') fiasco, coming on the anniversary of the shuttle Columbia disaster (Feb 1), and something I had quickly interpreted as a major 'omen event' pointing ahead to the Olympics and the US election. It has been a major component of the 'Lucifer Time Code' this year. So now finding it to have contained the '9 month pregnancy' theme is rather satisfying.

I would also note that Columbus Ohio was/is important in this year's election as Ohio became the decisive state and more controversial, or at least as controversial, as Florida with regard to voting irregularities. And it was in Columbus that Schwarzenegger did his only in-person out-of-state campaigning for Bush just before Election Day. The words 'Columbia' and 'Columbus' derive from the same root... Oh, and Columbus came to the New World (America) from Spain.

And notice that the Super Bowl 'nipplegate' obviously involved Janet Jackson's breast, which actually had a Sun-shaped 'nipple ring', and breasts are of course what produces milk, as in Milky Way. The breast baring stunt, proved too sexy for the Super Bowl audience, was therefore a symbolic precursor to the Venus transit, i.e. the planet of love/sex uniting with the Sun near the Milky Way (and at its meridian). The coming up event of the Sun crossing the Galactic Meridian is still part of this same symbolic theme. (The fact that this time Venus and Mars are to be very close to each other in Libra, which has some interesting relevance - in connection with the encoded 'Lady Justice' theme - to the Super Bowl event and through which the election, also adds more significance to it.)

Here is an abbreviated 'Venusian pregancy time code':

The date 4/15/05 is in there because of the 'Project 415' associated with the EQ Pegasi saga and the Titanic association (the sinking of which I compared to the US and the film Titanic was directed by James Cameron who has done numerous movies with Schwarzenegger including Terminator 1 & 2). The Titanic also was, like Columbus, a ship that crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to America.

I also found it interesting that the Titanic has been associated with the Pope through urban legend - 'the curse of the Titanic'. The story goes:

When Titanic sank, claims were made that a curse existed on the ship. One of the most widely spread legends linked directly into the sectarianism of the city of Belfast, where the ship was built. It was suggested that the ship was given the number 3909 04 which, when read backwards in a mirror, was claimed to spell 'no pope', a sectarian slogan attacking Roman Catholics that was (and is) widely used provocatively by extreme Protestants in Northern Ireland, where the ship was built.

The '04' part sort of catches our attention, this being the year 2004, i.e. '04. Based on this casual impression, we get the urge to turn the rest of the hull number into a date, which would require us combine the first two numbers into one, making it '12' in stead of '39'. This then gives us the date 12-09-04... Amusingly enough, the very date of the Sun-Galactic Meridian crossing.

So 'No Pope' and Dec 9, '04 - maybe something 'ritualistic' there. Maybe not. Who knows... Just thought it was worth mentioning. (You know me, I'm determined to not miss any potential 'Pope exit' windows...)

There has already been a 'death of Pope' event this year with Pope Petros VII (Greek orthodox) getting killed in a helicopter crash on Sept 11 after leaving Athens, which together with the NASA Genesis capsule crash (from the Sun) three days earlier was a symbolic 'cosmic seeding' event as discussed in SGC2012 Part 2. But the project 'birth' from this seeding is not expected until early June, the anniversary of the Venus transit and Reagan's death/funeral.

As for the 'pregancy' produced by the Transit of Venus (and the Reagan-Arnold transfiguration ritual) itself, it will 'give birth' around March 11, '05, which happens to be one of the two dates pinpointed by the Terminator 3 code (see SGC2012 Part 2), the other being 3/11/04, already 'answered' by the Madrid bombings. My sense is that because the Madrid event came before the Venus transit and that event wasn't exactly a 'seeding' event conceptually, we may not have a strongly expressed 'echo/birth' this month, but the surrounding coincidences are enough to warrant close monitoring.

Okay, that's it for this update. I'll go deeper into the more ominous future windows as well as past correlations later on.

Update: Just hours after this posting came the terror bombings in Madrid, the first significant terrorism activity (supposedly by ETA) after the 3/11 Madrid train attacks. (My post went up originally around 10am EST.)

Update 2: Another series of terror bombings just hit Spain, December 6. Now it's probably safe to say that the 'pregnancy time code' is manifesting just as anticipated.

Update 3: The shooting incident at a rock/metal concert (Damageplan) in Columbus Ohio leaving the former guitarist of Pantera dead was one of the  top news (international) of Dec 8/9, many aspects of which interact with the projected 'ritual' pattern. (12/09/04 was exactly 24 years from John Lennon's death, who was similarly shot and killed by a deranged fan.) I will comment on the event's significance in my next post...

Update 4: Yet another bombing (scare) incident took place in Madrid Dec. 12 making international news. More than 70,000 people were evacuated from Real Madrid's Bernabeu stadium following a bomb scare during a soccer game.

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