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May 2005



 May 31, '05   For Whom the Indy Tolls

So there it was - Danica Patrick finishing fourth in the Indy 500 Sunday after coming so close to actually winning it as if by magic. She almost 'miraculously' managed to lead the race inside the final 10 laps, before fading near the end due to an empty gas tank. More than anyone, Danica was the star of the big race - evidenced by the ABC camera rushing to her car, not even bothering to show any of the top 3 racers immediately after the finish.

There was a big media frenzy over Danica and, this time, there was no disappointment. After making two rookie mistakes that pushed her back to as low as 16th, she somehow, inexplicably, recovered and found herself leading a good portion of the final 30 laps. She could have easily won it, if it wasn't for the fuel trouble. It was pretty exciting to watch.

As you probably know, I began monitoring Danica before the eruption of the media frenzy, identifying her as a key (symbolic) 'torch carrier' - a Lucifer/morning star figure - in the Super Torch Ritual that we've been tracking here for more than a year now. (See my May 17 entry for my in-depth discussion on Indy.) In the intensifying game of symbolism, there was much seemingly pointing in her direction, or the Indy 500 in general, and so naturally I had to pay attention to that. Danica is well on her way to becoming a household name, but back then - early May - practically no one knew who she was outside of the racing world.

Her first name means 'morning star' (= Lucifer/Venus) and she did become a bona-fide star at Indy. The fact that she came in fourth and not first was actually pretty fitting, especially the way she lost her #1 spot near the end. It was something I had considered a potential scenario.

There were at least two reasons for me to downplay my initial speculation that she would be victorious. First was the new context added by the 'Argent' (silver/money) symbolism discussed previously, interpreted to interact with our Sun-Mercury theme (see my May 24 post). If economy-related stuff was somehow in play here, it was rather difficult to infer Danica's triumph from that, given the state of the economy which is increasingly on life-support. And thus this comment from the same post:

The next Sun-Mercury union is coming up soon June 3-4 and I'd have to wonder if this is moving in the direction of the US financial system finally showing undeniable signs of running out of gas... ready to crash and burn.

Perhaps the Indy 500 coming just few days before is to directly and symbolically interact with this storyline.

I highlighted 'running out of gas' above to make the point that not only was it, as it turned out, quite descriptive of what happened but it was also intentionally chosen to allude to the looming threat of Peak Oil (essentially the end of cheap oil). And for me Peak Oil, a topic to be brought up in Part 2 of the 'Pole Shift 2005-06' series I'm currently working on, was the second reason for doubting the 'Danica win' projection. The Indy 500 almost being an epitome of excessive gas-guzzling, I figured that the oil scarcity theme had to be reflected somehow - thus leading me to the storyline of Danica coming close to winning but dramatically running out of fuel at the very end. And this is essentially what ended up taking place. (Judging from the emails I got, a lot of readers here noticed this implication as well.)

Though I must say the further twist of the suspiciously timely last-lap yellow flag saving her from fading completely was... well, pretty twisted. It accomplished two things simultaneously - the birth of a torch-carrying 'star' and creating an 'omen' relating to Peak Oil. The latter point was reinforced when the winning car (Dan Wheldon) ran out of gas during its cool-down/victory lap and was unable to join his pit crew celebrating his own big win.

Another 'clue' in this regard was the mainstream press (AP) finally addressing the threat of Peak Oil not tentatively but very directly and openly on the very day of the Indy 500. The story was distributed widely... and that's just not 'normal'. The following screenshot of the MSNBC website should sufficiently illustrate the point. Indy/Danica and Peak Oil... together.

Next, Danica finishing fourth finally shed light on the encoded, if not 'accidental', meaning of '0 to 60 under 5 seconds'. As discussed in my May 17 post, this catch-phrase from Cadillac car commercials debuting during the 2005 Super Bowl (a major Super Torch Ritual sporting event preceding Indy) seemed to have the hidden/subconscious function of alluding to Danica who does a little 60-second segment on Spike TV called 'Zero To Sixty'.

051605-17.jpg (23675 bytes)

'Car' being an anagram of 'arc', we have the continuation the 'ark'/Flood theme as I've already mentioned elsewhere. The car-arc link is obvious in the ad which mostly shows a car entering and exiting a complex of arcs making up the tunnel. I mean, this is pretty elementary stuff - 'symbolism for dummies' kinda thing. And to strengthen the allusion to Danica, the term 'ark' (if I'm not mistaken) is etymologically related to the word 'argent' or silver. Argent Mortgage, which prominently features a torch in its logo, is Danica's team's main sponsor.

Now that the race is over, we find that '0 to 60 under 5 seconds' makes even more sense. We knew that the phrase could be translated as 'Danica under 5 seconds', but it was still enigmatic. Here we finally see that Danica's car finished just 'under 5 seconds' from the leader - 4.5515 seconds to be precise. And her fourth position was also certainly 'under 5'. (In some versions of the ads, the 'seconds' part was omitted). It's hard to imagine this being a result of some kind of careful scheming... but the 'coincidence' is there nonetheless.

I'm also intrigued by this year's Indy ending under a yellow flag, evoking the prevalent 'orange' theme and in this case particularly the enigmatic orange 'Gates' art display in NYC Central Park witnessed February this year.

As the 'gates' were erected on February 12, countless people walked through/under the countless 'orange flags'. The same day (Feb. 12-13) also saw the great fire in Madrid, Spain, the Windsor Tower turning into a big 'torch'. That this was a STR event was suggested not only by the visual, the location (Madrid's '311' train bombings being a significant marker in the STR), and the fact that the city is competing for the honor of hosting the 2012 Summer Olympic Games (to be announced in June), but also by the fact that Feb. 12-13 was exactly 6 months after the opening of the Athens Olympics - an antipodal placement that has become an important element in the STR's 'Judgment Day' theme. (For instance, Madrid's 3/11 - a prominent 'Judgment Day' - was exactly 6 months away from 9/11; and the 6/8 Venus Transit and the highly symbolic 12/8 Damageplan shooting 'ritual' in Columbus, Ohio were also 6 months apart.)

That 'Danica' is a 'morning star' and thus also Venus as well as Mary Magdalene (= biblical Venus) yields an additional link, in that the name/title 'Magdalene' means 'tower' (as in the Windsor Tower), reinforced by her car # '16' corresponding to the 'Tower' card of the tarot (#16). And like the Windsor Tower, Danica's race car had become a 'torch' (the Arngent logo) and the most meaningful part of the race - the ending when the cars went through the 'gate' of the finish line - was accompanied by a yellow flag, echoing the yellowish 'Gates' in NYC. And let me add here that the state flag of Indiana is... as shown below, a big and yellow torch.

Now, the combination of 'Windsor', 'torch', and 'car' brings to mind Princess Diana who was married to Prince Charles of the House of Windsor and killed in 1997 in a car crash. Charles of remarried recently; his engagement to Camilla Parker Bowles officially announced on Feb. 10, just two days before the Tower fire/torch event, and their wedding day originally scheduled for April 8, a day marked by a solar eclipse, was pushed back a day due to Pope JPII's funeral. (This led to the 'birth of the next pope who turned out to be another 'XVI' or '16'.) So here we can't help but wonder about the name 'Indiana'... which is 'in Diana'. (Even 'Danica' is slightly reminiscent of 'Diana'.)

Sure enough, Diana, named after a moon goddess, is now forever associated with a torch. At the site of her fatal car crash now stands as a memorial a big torch sculpture called the 'Flame of Liberty'.

This site is at the heart of Paris, which has further congruent symbolic implications. The mythological figure named Paris, for instance, was perceived as a torch in his pregnant mother's dream, and he was largely responsible for starting the Trojan War by abducting Helen whose name denotes, again, 'torch'.

Further, last year's anniversary of the car crash was marked by a key STR event featuring perhaps the most prominent 'torch carrier' figure, Schwarzenegger aka 'the Olympian', who gave a widely watched speech at the Republican National Convention in NYC (8/31). (Arnie is also the Terminator character in the films about 'Judgment Day', inseparable from the Madrid '311' code.)

Collectively these symbolic associations reveal the Indy 500 to be a 'ritual event' in the STR. This was my view weeks before the race and it certainly continues to be so now.

And I don't think we have to wait long to see the next major development likely foreshadowed in some way by the interlocking themes now attached to Indy. Early June (including May 31) is already a potent window for this. Among the most notable here is the fact that the Sun and Mercury will come together (as seen from Earth) on June 3-4. Previous occurrences of this configuration, denoted by the 'orange' theme as explained before, have produced highly ritualistic events, including the Windsor Tower fire/'Orange Gates'. Here again is what I wrote before Indy about this 'orange' configuration:

And looking back, I see that the recent 'ritualistic' Sun-Mercury conjunctions were all answered on earth by violent events - a lot of deaths (Damgeplan, Terri Shiavo, Pope) and a great fire (Windsor Tower). The next Sun-Mercury union is coming up soon June 3-4 and I'd have to wonder if this is moving in the direction of the US financial system finally showing undeniable signs of running out of gas... ready to crash and burn.

Perhaps the Indy 500 coming just few days before is to directly and symbolically interact with this storyline.

And June 8 will mark the anniversary of the Venus Transit, last year's celestial event of the year that anchors the STR. It will also be exactly 6 months after the Damageplan 'ritual' in Columbus which has much in common with the symbolism of the Indy 500. June 8 will even coincide with the 9-month 'birth' point from last year's Genesis 'cosmic seeding' event (9/8/04).

So... much momentum building there.

June 11 will similarly echo last year's Reagan/Arnold 'passing of the torch' ritual (6/11/04) and the fall of Petros VII, 'Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa' (9/11/04)... A very 'Sun king' day.

There is also another little window around June 26-27, potentially very high-impact, but basically we're now entering a high-voltage early-June portal that is projected to confirm and/or enhance the pattern discussed here. (I haven't talked about it too much yet, but Iran is a major player in all this; and don't forget the Sun thing... etc. etc.) The whole month should be interesting... I might even call it a 'damage month'. And there is something else looming later this year, but that's for another time.

Well, that's it for this update and 'Pole Shift 2005-06 Part 2' is coming soon which I'm hoping to see posted here before next week. Anxious to get to the more substantial stuff there...


 May 26, '05   Opening the Gate

Here is what's happening right now in the sky... (Venus crossing the Galactic Meridian):

And here is what's happening right now in terms of our phi time code...

Together the implication would be that we're at a key point on the timeline of the 'Super Torch Ritual', marking the beginning of the late May-early June window (see previous posts).


 May 24, '05   Silver Lining or Crash & Burn?

Let me just add few more 'coincidence' items to what was discussed in the previous 'pole shift' post... I'm of course working on Part 2 of that series which I'm hoping to finish and post this week. My plan now is to reveal some key findings in there that I've been saving for the long-delayed 'next level' article as I feel the developing context is ready for the 'red pill'. So I guess I should advise you to prepare yourself for that. There is no turning back after taking the 'red pill'! :) (That means Kansas is going bye bye, Dorothy.) I'm actually quite anxious to go there after Part 1 to show the uniqueness of the thinking process driving this website - how it can take things from extremely symbolic/subjective to highly precise/objective through the 'magic' of multicontextuality.

So anyway, I was informed by a reader that ABC played U2's 'Vertigo' video last Thursday during the halftime of a NBA game - between Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers. This was merely 2 days after my last post in which was extensively discussed the symbolism of halftime and U2/Vertigo. That it was between Detroit and Indiana also makes this an intriguing coincidence in light of the 'car' theme also heavily discussed. Detroit is of course the 'Motor City' and Indiana is the home of the the Indy 500 now underway there (practice & qualifying). The main Indy race is coming May 29, exactly 9 months after the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympics during which was featured the big (Fibonacci) spiral - a major theme (in the form of concentric circles) also carried by U2/Vertigo. The race cars forever going in circles at Indy is thus considered a fitting setting for the 'birth' coming after the 9-month gestation period (as part of our 'Venus pregnancy time code'). Etc. etc. So the reemergence of Vertigo on network TV during prime time seems to be another little 'nod' acknowledging this pattern.

'Car' is an anagram of 'arc', thus also denoting 'ark', which interacts with our long-running (geodetic) 'great circle' and 'Great Flood' (Ark) themes and all that. Noah's ark and the Ark of the Covenant are in many ways interchangeable symbolically and therefore it's quite fitting that, as 'Jim' has pointed out, the name 'Indiana' gives us 'Indiana Jones' of the popular film 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' etc.

I forgot to mention this previously but the days immediately following the closing of the Athens Olympics were some other events considered key 'markers' in the Super Torch Ritual. On August 31, for instance, came a key Schwarzenegger event - who is of course our occult torch-bearer figure - as he gave a charismatic speech before the big crowd of the Republican National Convention. It was there that 'The Olympian' firmly established himself on the national political map. Aug 31 brings us to May 31 this year (9-month separation).

Closely following that on September 2 was Bush's speech at the convention, where he stood on a platform prepared specifically for him that night, which was a stylized replica of the Athens spiral in various ways. Sept 2 goes to June 2.

After this we had Clinton's heart problem/surgery (September 2-6) which already had its 'echo' exactly 6 moths later in March, becoming big part of the 'Judgment Day' theme which is still going strong at this time. The first heart surgery also closely coincided with the arrival of Hurricane Frances in Florida (hurricanes being anther manifestation of the spiral/circle theme). Here we have June 2-6.

Then after that came the 'in your face' event of the Genesis space capsule returning from the Sun which after failing to open its parachute crashed into the Utah desert. It was a major 'seeding ritual' and we've already talked about its symbolic significance many times before. It goes to June 8 - the anniversary of the Venus Transit (the celestial/original impregnation event in the Super Torch Ritual).

And it was closely followed by the symbolically similar event of Petros VII, 'Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa', falling from the sky to his death in a helicopter crash on September 11 after leaving Athens. This, as was interpreted then, foreshadowed the fall of the Pope, that of Rome. This one corresponds to June 11 - the anniversary of the burial 'ritual' day of Ronald Reagan (when the 'torch of kingship' seemed to have ritualistically passed on to Schwarzenegger - 'Ronald' becoming 'Arnold'). This has 'Sun king' written all over it.

Combined with a series of astronomical alignments intertwined with the Super Torch Ritual taking place in this period around early June, we are here very likely looking at a window for a major 'ritual event' - either high-impact or carrying powerfully 'trans-temporal messages'.

Next, I'd like to bring to your attention a very amusing and almost expected 'coincidence' that further enhances the ominous Sun (or 'two suns') theme discussed previously. Well, The Simpsons - yes the cartoon series, as well as the singing sisters - that somehow found its way into the multicontextual coded 'clues' from, shall we say, 'Enki', happened to encode in its name... the Sun(s). While 'Simpson' means 'son of Simon', if interpreted to be a form of 'Shimshon' (Samson/Sampson) it would mean, simply, 'sun'. So, Simpsons - plural - would carry the idea of (two) suns.

So you know, that's... amusing stuff. :)

Well, orange - another strange but important theme. Previously I presented my interpretation, which went like this: 'or-ange' (French) => 'gold-angel/messenger' => 'Sun-Mercury'. We've found that the conjunctions of the Sun and Mercury have indeed been timed (and vice versa) to coincide with key STR events down here on earth in recent months. Most notable example would be the Windsor Tower fire in Madrid and the raising of the 'Orange Gates' in NYC Central Park, both on February 12-13 this year. As 'Linnie' has pointed out elsewhere, 'tower' in addition to being analogous to 'Magdalene' corresponds in the tradition of tarot cards to #16 - probably the most ominous card, imagery on which is reminiscent of the events of 9/11.

We already have the new pope Benedict '16', but I have also brought into the storyline Danica Patrick, the sole female driver - a 'goddess' figure so to speak - in this year's Indy 500 whose car # is 16. Her car also carries a big 'torch' on the side of the car which happens be part of the sponsor logo of 'Argent' (Mortgage). And 'argent' means 'silver', and on an fast Indy car it's 'quick silver' (isn't it?) - 'quicksilver' being another term for the mercury.

Now, the combination of Mercury and the notion of commerce coming through Argent Mortgage is something that had me think about our economy. Mercury (or Hermes) is not only the god of communication but also that of commerce. And looking back, I see that the recent 'ritualistic' Sun-Mercury conjunctions were all answered on earth by violent events - a lot of deaths (Damgeplan, Terri Shiavo, Pope) and a great fire (Windsor Tower). The next Sun-Mercury union is coming up soon June 3-4 and I'd have to wonder if this is moving in the direction of the US financial system finally showing undeniable signs of running out of gas... ready to crash and burn.

Perhaps the Indy 500 coming just few days before is to directly and symbolically interact with this storyline. Previously I wondered about the chances of Danica the torch-carrier (and Lucifer the morning star) in her Argent car becoming triumphant to offset the male dominance represented by the other #16, Pope Benedict. But now it also seems that her safety is an issue. The fact that the word 'mortgage' means 'death pledge' is rather... ominous. And since her name 'Danica' means 'morning star' she is also Venus (= Lucifer) who is essentially interchangeable with Mary Magdalene. And 'Magdalene' means 'tower' - the very thing that was destroyed in the Madrid fire on February 12-13 while taking place in the sky at the time (~2/14) was the Sun-Mercury union...

So something going on there. Crash and burn? [Note 5/25: Forgot to mention that May 29 is also the day France will vote for or against the EU constitution, and much is riding on this 'judgment' for the future of Europe.]

The silver reference also got me curious and I thought I'd go back to the ALTA web bot data, made available to subscribers at Half Past Human (I'm being given special access by Cliff who is also kindly allowing me to quote a reasonable amount from the reports), and see if there was anything about silver. Here are some interesting excerpts from ALTA 605 Part 3 (5/1/05):

Out in our modelspace is a small, tight, apparently cohesive and totally self contained little entity that is focused on Silver as a primary subject. It arose as was reported some weeks back, purely spontaneously. It then decided to go skip-about and headed off toward the upper limits of the modelspace as it was progressed forward. [...]

Further we find supporting aspects/attributes of 'renew', 'rebirth' as well as 'shedding restraints'. [...]

At this point the entity clearly states through its image that 'common man will have no understanding of the emotional life gathering around'. Further we note that 'females will flock to their new riches', but that unfortunately 'many will cry disappointing tears'.

And from Part 6 (5/22/05):

In spite of price indicators to the contrary, our Silver entity continues to separate from Markets entity, traveling off on its own. [...]

Not sure how to interpret but... that's from Half Past Human.

Also let me remind you that Venus is getting ready to cross the Galactic Meridian on ~May 25. This has been a very special configuration for the Super Torch Ritual and in my view this marks the beginning of the window that continues into early June.

In any case, as I said earlier I'm working on Part 2 of the Pole Shift series which will likely include information that will be beyond the normal 'maybe, maybe not' level. Symbolism, like in this post, is usually a very loose 'language'; but you will see that it can lead to something both undeniably 'magical' and incredibly precise. Take this 'red pill' and there won't be no going back to your 'reality' because the impossible 'game' will be made undeniable. So get ready for the next level...


 May 17, '05   Pole Shift 2005-06: Part 1

May 13th, which was just four days ago, marked the point exactly 9 months after the opening day of the Athens Olympic Games where we witnessed the theatrical climax of the 'Super Torch Ritual', as detailed in my Stargate Cipher 2012 series. The main theme there spawned a key decoding mechanism I've dubbed the 'Venusian pregnancy time code' - a multi-layered time code involving the human gestation period of 9 months, anchored most notably by the astronomical event of 2004, the Venus Transit (June 8), when Venus passed directly in front of the Sun disk as seen from Earth. The Transit was preceded by the Madrid train bombings on March 11 and Janet Jackson's 'Nipplegate' during the Super Bowl halftime show on February 1. The latter more or less kick-started what I call the 'Super Torch Ritual', a series of highly 'ritualistic' world events with prophetic qualities. Nipplegate was a heavily encoded 'omen' that transmitted symbological 'clues' concerning near-future events, including Madrid's '311' bombings ('311' happens to be the police code for 'indecent exposure', which Nipplegate was all about), Venus Transit, US election, Athens Olympics, fall of the Pope, and such.

The Super Torch Ritual simply cannot be separated from Venus (or Mary Magdalene, Goddess, etc.) and the 'torch'. This was clear pretty much from the beginning, but the 9-months pregnancy theme came to the forefront only when heavily promoted through the storyline and imagery transmitted at the opening ceremony in Athens.

I had no problem getting the 'message' as I was already mindful of the underlying Venusian context of the Games. It was that the Venus Transit, the union of the Sun and Venus, was to be perceived as the latter getting impregnated by the former. Nine months after this conceptionpregnancy-timecode.gif (12148 bytes) event would therefore come the birth of the 'messianic'/'Grail' child. I subsequently came up with the 'Venusian Pregnancy Time Code' in which key events are neatly separated by 9 months, sort of like an echo effect. An example would be Nipplegate/Super Bowl giving rise to the US (as well as Ukraine) election 9 months later, or Madrid '311' followed 9 months later by the Sun crossing the Galactic Meridian (echoing the configuration of the Venus Transit), and such.

It was indeed largely thanks to this time code that I was able to easily identify a key 'ritual event' on Dec. 8 last year that added more depth and focus to the Super Torch Ritual. It was the deadly shooting incident at a heavy metal concert in Columbus Ohio that left among the dead the former guitarist of Pantera. Pantera had transformed into an ostensibly new band called Damageplan and this name seemed to have much to do with the symbolism of the 'ritual', along with an obscure but unmistakably encoded theme of the Wizard of Oz, as well as the Columbus/Columbia theme already heavily promoted by the preceding key events such as Nipplegate that came on the anniversary of the space shuttle Columbia disaster.

As obscure as it was, the Damageplan event was a major ritualistic 'omen' event. It was indeed a 'damage plan' disclosed beforehand, and there is no need to go over again how it enabled me to discern the imminent exit of John Paul II in advance and to a lesser degree the Sumatra quake/tsunami using the event's symbolism (I projected that a 'damage' event was coming later in December but the nature of the event was left vague).

Again very obscure, but one aspect of the symbolism had to do with The Beatles and particularly the 'Paul is dead' urban legend which I naturally correlated with the theme of the exit of the Pope which I did project as imminent. It's worth noting again that the Dec. 8th shooting in Columbus came exactly 24 years after the death of John Lennon who was similarly shot dead by a deranged fan. And that the core songwriting team of The Beatles was John Lennon and Paul McCartney - John and Paul... or 'John Paul' as in Pope John Paul II.

Naturally then I went on to point out back in December that the 2005 Super Bowl's halftime show would feature Paul McCartney and that this was a highly significant coincidence especially given the nature of the previous Super Bowl (Nipplegate). I made it clear that this game on February 6 was to be viewed as a key 'ritual' portal. And of course, it ended up coinciding with the first hospitalization of Pope JPII, a sudden and fateful development that began February 1. So, you know, can you say 'prophetic'?

Indeed, I reiterated my projection regarding the impending exit of the Pope the day before his first hospitalization. (See this link to see how this transpired.) There, my point was largely based on the idea that the Sumatra tsunami catastrophe was a modern 'Great Flood', which gave us the storyline of the Flood continuing for '40 days and 40 nights' as per the Book of Genesis, the end of which would be signaled by the dove bringing back an olive branch to Noah. Counting 40 days from Dec. 26 would point to early February as the 'olive branch time'. The olive branch is a universal symbol of peace and a theme shared by the prophetic motto St. Malachy gave to the Pope who comes after John Paul II - 'Glory of the Olive'. The implication, therefore I contended, was that JPII's time was up and that the 'olive branch' represented by the next pope was set to arrive.

The papal development gave us all the more reason to expect something out of the ordinary from the Super Bowl. And it certainly didn't disappoint. So much so, in fact, that I haven't yet talked about its 'hidden messages' publicly - and I still won't fully delve into it here. But there is an emerging need to touch on at least some aspects of the symbolism, so here goes...

First, there was much detected in the expensive ads during the game that clearly carried the implication of acknowledging the underlying theme of the 'Great Flood' and 'Noah's Ark' extensively discussed on this website after Sumatra. The most straightforward of such acknowledgements was the Budweiser commercial. The following visual comparison alone should be enough to make the point.

Noah's Ark Budweiser ad

Perhaps even more 'in your face', though very much twisted, was the special episode of The Simpsons aired right after the game. While Paul McCartney's halftime performance was way too obscure for most to even begin to decipher, the cartoon halftime show was indeed 'in your face'. Yes, the storyline of The Simpsons had to do with Homer producing a Super Bowl halftime show - thus in effect turning the whole episode into a second halftime entertainment! And because of this big twist, the 'clues' in it were incredibly straightforward (it's a give and take kind of thing).

Basically, what Homer ended up putting together for the fictional Super Bowl audience was a direct reenactment of the story of the Great Flood! It had the Ark, the dove (played by a dog), and everything. Thanks to 'Bhang' in the forum (currently offline) we have the following screenshots:

051605-18.jpg (136595 bytes)

These alone, while just the tip of the iceberg, are enough to establish that there was 'omenic communication' taking place there, just as anticipated.

Now, where am I going with this? Well... Indy 500 for starters. Turns out, the 3-week period covered by the 'Greatest Spectacle in Racing' in May, coming 9 months after the Athens Olympics, very closely matches the latter in duration. The 2004 Olympic Games were August 13-29 and Indy 500 including days of orientation, practice, qualifying, and all that takes place May 8-29. The separation of 9 months between the two big sporting events is highly suggestive of Indy 500 being an optimal setting for the projected 'birth' of the messianic 'child of Venus'.

Note that the main race there is scheduled for May 29, corresponding to August 29 (exactly 9-month apart) that saw the Olympics' closing ceremony. The symbolic centerpiece of the ceremony was an enigmatic orange spiral placed at the center of the stadium about which much has already been discussed here at Etemenanki. It was this spiral - interpreted as an allusion to the 'Fibonacci spiral' - that really promoted the phi or Golden Ratio-driven nature of the time codes underlying the ritual complex. The relevance of Wizard of Oz, reinforced later by the Damageplan event, originated here as well.

Going round and round... And that's what the Indy 500 is all about, isn't it? Fast cars on an oval track going round and round ad nauseam.

Curiously, last year's Indianapolis 500 featured Jessica Simpson singing the National Anthem...

Possibly related to The Simpsons? Farfetched? Well, check this out. Jessica Simpson performed at the 2004 Orange Bowl halftime show, which was followed this year by her sister, Ashlee Simpson, taking the stage in Miami on January 4- even making news by managing to draw a chorus of boos from the big crowd.

So the idea of 'football halftime' and 'the Simpsons' had become closely linked even before the 2005 Super Bowl... And the characters in The Simpsons are of course decidedly yellow/orange, which does help to fill the gap between the Orange Bowl and the Super Bowl. (The Athens spiral and the Wizard of Oz spiral are both orange as well.)

Another bridge here is the general shape of the stage and the surrounding design that accompanied both halftime shows. In each case, the wide-angle shots revealed a cross or X shape.

Orange Bowl Halftime

Super Bowl Halftime

But there was more justification for bringing the Orange Bowl into all this. This was the theme of the color orange that began to emerge last year, seemingly beginning with the orange jumpsuit that stood out in the shocking videos showing gruesome beheadings in Iraq, most famously that of Nicholas Berg. And then there was the 'Orange Revolution' of the Ukraine presidential election that closely coincided with the election in the US last November. This year saw the orange alien world of Saturn's moon Titan where the Huygens probe landed January 14, and then the enigmatic art project that invaded NYC Central Park in February featuring a massive 23-mile long orange 'Gates'.

It's no coincidence in terms of symbolism that Saturn's moon Titan is involved here, Saturn being the planet/god of time and the leader of the Titans. The combination of time and orange here has the effect of evoking A Clockwork Orange, a 1962 novel by Anthony Burgess later made into a movie directed by Stanley Kubrick of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Why the allusion? First, the Kubrick/2001 connection... but that's for later. Second, the storyline involves a form of mind control (aversion therapy) which has become a key theme in the Super Torch Ritual. We have, for example, the Wizard of Oz symbolism that has much to do with government MK-ULTRA-related mind-control programs like the trauma-based conditioning operation called Project Monarch.

The third encoded 'signal' there would be... U2. Yes, the Irish rock group. We're about to see that it is by design that the 'hidden communication' seems to prefer music/musicians as carriers of the information at this time. Turns out, the Royal Shakespeare Company's theatrical version of A Clockwork Orange used songs composed by U2 (Bono & 'the Edge') especially for the production. Now consider this: U2 performed at the 2002 Super Bowl halftime show and U2's new video for their single All Because of You debuted during halftime of the 2005 Orange Bowl - where the second of 'the Simpsons' also performed. Almost certainly by design, U2's music was featured prominently at key points of the 2005 Super Bowl broadcast.

Why U2? Oh, where to begin... Look at the art design of U2's latest CD for instance - concentric circles. It continues the spiral theme pushed at the Olympics (closing ceremony). The Oz association that came along with it was reinforced by the Damageplan/Columbus shooting 'ritual' early December '04 and it was exactly around that time that the first single off U2's 'How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb' CD  was topping the pop music charts. I've commented before about the 'atomic bomb' theme that's ominously shared by the title of the U2 album and the cover design of Damageplan's CD, said to be in reference to atomic bombs. But it is U2's music video for the single Vertigo that really speaks to us... in code.

In it, the centerpiece is a big concentric circles in a desert, on which U2 is shown performing their song. The ground starts to shake violently and it gets very windy, somehow causing visually-striking streaks of black smoke to come out of each members of the band.

The violent movement of the earth (=> imbalance => vertigo) becomes significant when seen in the context of the Sumatra catastrophe that came later that month (December). The concentric circles actually being a 'target' symbol, and that combined with the notion of 'damage plan', we get the sense that Sumatra was a carefully targeted event.

  • The Sumatra quake (Dec. 26) came exactly 360 days after New Year's Day - a number expressive of a circle.

  • The Sumatra quake came exactly one year after another catastrophic quake, in Iran (Bam) - corresponding to Earth's orbit around the Sun, completing a full circle.

  • The Sumatra quake epicenter can be pinpointed using the meridional 'great circle' going through Columbus and the equatorial great circle (the only possible latitudinal great circle). 'X marks the spot.'

  • The 'target' symbol in U2's video can also be interpreted as the alchemical symbol for gold.

  • The name 'Sumatra' means 'Isle of Gold'.

Here we also come back to 'orange' as, if split into two words 'or' and 'ange', it would mean 'gold angel/messenger' in French - as if to say that the 'gold' is the encoded 'message'. And of course I have already talked a lot about how phi or the Golden Ratio (1:1.618) is a vital element in the time codes underlying the Super Torch Ritual (see my previous posts). This directly interacts with the fact that Venus is traditionally and with good reason represented by the pentagram, a symbol which encodes within its geometry the phi ratio.

Now recall the orange world of Titan and the prevalent theme of music. Turns out, the Huygens probe sent all the way to that moon of Saturn carried onboard a CD recording of music - a 'fun' project dubbed 'MUSIC2TITAN'. Its logo should strike you as undeniably familiar...

More on U2 later, but at this point we have established quite solidly, as far as symbology is concerned, the coherence exhibited by the fabric of secret communication surrounding the Orange Bowl and, even more, the Super Bowl. There is of course much more to all this, but already enough for the purpose of this particular post. In this one I'd like to focus more on the Super Bowl clues and the significance of the Indy 500.

As said at the beginning, the great car race in Indianapolis will be held exactly 9 months after the appearance of the big spiral - analogous to concentric circles - at the closing of last year's Athens Games. And it is my view that 'omen' aspect of the 2005 Super Bowl, whose symbolism too can be traced back to Athens as just demonstrated, communicated much that has to do with Indy. It is comparable to the way last year's Super Bowl pointed ahead to the Olympics. And we already know how that one turned out. The Games in Athens were a treasure trove of 'prophetic clues'. Indeed, I'm writing posts like this because of the unnerving 'riddle of the sphinx' game initiated and detected at the Olympics.

In any case, what I thought was strange about Paul McCartney's SB halftime performance was his song selection - particularly the opening song, which was 'Drive My Car'. A song not special in anyway, not well known, not that inspiring, and... well, it's frankly a boring song. So why did Paul choose 'Drive My Car' (I'm not implying McCartney's conscious participation in the 'ritual') to open his set at the big event, which was clearly not a place to be experimental? That was an anomaly and anomaly usually means opportunity in the game of symbology.

Here is the beginning portion of the song lyrics:

Asked a girl what she wanted to be
She said baby, can't you see
I wanna be famous, a star on the screen
But you can do something in between

Baby you can drive my car
Yes I'm gonna be a star
Baby you can drive my car
And baby I love you

So we have here - a girl, a star, and driving a car. The 'star' reference is reinforced by the shirt McCartney wore on stage which bore only one symbol on it - a five-pointed star, or the pentagram. The symbol of Venus associated with the Golden Ratio. But it's also the Pole Star (Polaris) not only because it's a 'Paul Star' but also because the name 'McCartney' means 'son of the bear' which gives us Ursa Minor or the 'Little Bear' constellation to which the Pole Star belongs. As viewed from Earth, all the stars appear to circle around this star just as Indy Cars do running on the circular course.

Now meet Danica Patrick, a 23-year old rookie IndyCar driver who is currently the sole female participating in the series. The name 'Danica' means 'morning star', which is another name for Venus or Lucifer the light bringer. If you take a look at her race car, you'll see that the most prominent symbol visible is a torch - highly suggestive of the (Olympic) torch theme running through our Super Torch Ritual.

So here we have all the key ingredients including the three elements suggested by 'Drive My Car' - i.e. girl, star, and driving/car. Add to this the fact that Danica is literally a 'rising star' who nearly won the pole position (= #1 starting spot) in the IndyCar race in Japan immediately preceding the Indy 500 where she led 32 laps. There was even a realistic chance that she would get the pole position at Indy (she came in fourth as determined on 'Pole Day', last Saturday/Sunday).

Another hidden implication behind 'Drive My Car' would be its function as a clue hinting at the significance of car commercials during the game. I don't want to go deeply into this subject, but one of the recurrent catch-phrases was Cadillac's '0 to 60 under 5 seconds'. As it happens, since last August Danica has been doing a regularly scheduled 60-second news segment on Spike TV called 'Zero To Sixty' which covers everything automobile.

051605-17.jpg (23675 bytes)

So needless to say I'm now monitoring her and the Indy 500 in general closely. It's still difficult to project a storyline but if Danica makes history by becoming the first woman driver to win the race, and it appears quite plausible, we'll have the birth of a (morning) star which can be correlated with the pregnancy time code stemming from the Venusian Olympics 9 months ago. Her win would also counterbalance the 'birth' of Pope Benedict XVII last month which, as we've discussed here before, transmitted the symbolic concept of imbalance. This was first indicated by means of the 'Judgment Day' time code, apparently suggesting that his ultra-conservative and anti-female mentality goes against the balance that the 'matrix' of reality now seeks to achieve ('or else...'). In this context, Danica Patrick's unprecedented triumph in men's sport would certainly be a fitting way of offsetting the excessive patriarchal push. She would in a sense represent an 'anti-pope'. In this light it's certainly appropriate that Danica's car # is '16' to challenge Pope Benedict's own 'XVI' (16).

But as always we should stay open to other storylines. Perhaps, especially now that its ritualistic nature has been brought to light, we're in for one of those subtle and convoluted 'omen'-type signaling sessions.

Now, obviously through the notion of 'balancing', the 'Judgment Day' theme comes into play here. Just as anticipated this was the biggest symbolic storyline woven into the fabric of world events this spring. But it was also coming alive via the presidential elections in the US and Ukraine ('Orange Revolution') last fall/winter - the ultimate political 'judgment day'. The numeric value of Election Day in the US (November 2), '112', has been one of the key numbers found encoded in the multi-leveled time code complex we have going for the Super Torch Ritual. It is actually an alter ego of '911' for two very good reasons: 1) in Europe/EU the emergency #, which in the US is 911, is '112', and 2) adding 112 days to 9/11 brings us to New Year's Day (9/11 in the Coptic calendar is usually the first day of the year).

judgmentday-atalanta.jpg (94305 bytes)To demonstrate the 'Judgment Day' concept attached to '112' in the ritual system, we can try adding 112 days to Nov. 2, '04 (in effect adding 112 to '112'). This gives us Feb. 22, '05 - a date heavily used in the 'Balanced Judgment Day Time Code' that's inseparable from the idea of balance vs. imbalance (see illustration right; see also this entry).

And then we have the following:

1)  12/08/04 + 112 (+1) = 03/31/05
2)  12/26/04 + 112 (+1) = 04/18/05
3)  01/01/05 + 112 (+1) = 04/24/05

The '+1' adjustment is consistent with the usual '+/-1' buffer zone that seems to be employed in the codes frequently. In this case there is also the additional factor of '113' being the reverse of '311' which is yet another major, and original, 'Judgment Day' number backed up by Terminator 3 (a film about Judgment Day) and the Madrid train bombings on '3/11' that was widely compared to 9/11.

#1 above is from the Damageplan/Columbus shooting event (coinciding with the Sun crossing the Galactic Meridian) to the death of Terri Shiavo whose near-death days in March closely paralleled those of Pope John Paul II and it was widely viewed as such. The high-profile death coincided with a major planetary alignment in the solar system and followed immediately in a day or two by the passing of the Pope. It was also closely preceded by the second deadly Sumatra quake three days earlier (March 28).

#2 is from the Sumatra quake/tsunami to the beginning of the papal election which saw black smoke rising from the chimney signaling unsuccessful voting sessions. (The black smoke directly interacts with the 'black wind' of U2's Vertigo video.)

#3 is from New Year's Day to the official installation of Pope Benedict XVI.

And here is the 'kicker'... (pun intended): Add 112 days to the Super Bowl day this year, which was February 6, and we get May 29 - the day of the Indianapolis 500! So again, if nothing else, Indy seems to have the function of a time marker and chances are that it will produce significant clues in some way that conform to the ongoing pattern.

'As above, so below': Let me bring your attention to a series of significant celestial configurations coming up this May and June:

  • May 25 or so will have Venus crossing the Galactic Meridian (GM) - a 'signature configuration' of the Super Torch Ritual.

  • Several days later Venus will reach the Galactic Equator, which is the centerline of the Milky Way, on ~June 3. This is made more special by the coincidence of being accompanied by the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury taking place simultaneously. (Mercury's role in the STR cannot be underestimated.)

  • On ~June 6 Mercury will be at the GM, which is an echo of the 12/26/04 Sumatra configuration. During this window of 6/6-7 we'll also see a tight gathering of Mercury, the Sun, and the (New) Moon.

  • On the anniversary of last year's Venus Transit, which would be June 8, the Sun will again cross the GM. (Mercury crosses the Galactic Equator June 11.)

  • Venus, Mercury, and Saturn will be together around June 27.

  • Venus and Mercury will be moving together from late June through mid-July. This configuration mirrors a similar planetary dance that began around the time of the Sumatra 'Great Flood'.


So a collection of key dates coming up, and it can easily be inferred that we're now entering a pretty big window capable of producing 'major shift' events.

It's worth noting that orange, or 'or-ange', carries a strong allusion to the combination of the Sun and Mercury. 'Or', as we've already discussed, means 'gold', which in turn is symbolized by the 'circle with a point at the center' pictogram. But the same is also a traditional symbol of the Sun. Gold and the Sun are in effect interchangeable - and this is a major key to deciphering the puzzle. 'Ange' on the other hand denotes 'angel'/'messenger' thus also Mercury, the Roman messenger god. 'Or-ange', therefore, is 'Sun-Mercury'.

Check this out:

  • The Sun and Mercury were united around 12/9/05, closely coinciding with the Damageplan 'ritual' event (12/8) and the Sun crossing the GM.

  • The two were reunited around 2/14/05 which saw the Windsor Tower fire in Madrid, a major event in the Super Torch Ritual, as well as the beginning of the orange 'Gates' in Central Park (Manhattan).

  • The next meeting was also joined by Venus at the end of March, making it even more special. It saw Sumatra #2 (3/28), the death of Terri Shiavo (3/31), and the death of the Pope (4/2).

  • The next Sun-Mercury conjunction is June 3-4, accompanied by Venus crossing the Galactic Equator. This same date (June 4) is also yielded by the '112' code, as adding 112 days to 2/12/05 (the beginning date of the NYC Orange Gates and the Madrid fire) gives us June 4th.

So it is around the beginning of June that seems to be particularly intense in terms of pattern manifestation. The Indy 500 should play a part in this, though it probably represents just one piece of 'damage plan' puzzle here.

Now, I will reveal what is likely the 'main event' of 2005...

Let's begin with this image, from U2's Vertigo video:

Once unlocked, the 'message' becomes painfully clear. They key is the aforementioned gold-Sun interchangeability. Both are denoted by the same symbol - the very same 'circle and a dot in the middle' configuration depicted in the Vertigo video. Now combine this implication with the enigmatic black smoke/winds. The Sun and wind. Get it?

What we have here is, unmistakably, an allusion to the solar wind! The same solar wind/flare that disturbed the geomagnetic field of Earth just this Sunday.

051605-9.gif (12821 bytes)

This geomagnetic storm came well after I had formulated my 'solar wind' interpretation and I'm not exactly happy about the timing because it took novelty out of this information. But this was in my view just a little precursor to what's about to hit our planet... hard.

Let's take a look at the Windsor Tower fire. It coincided with the raising of the 'Orange Gates' in Central Park and has been treated as something of an 'anchor' for the 'Judgment Day Time Code' that was found to be driving key events of the winter/spring period. As you can see in the picture below, it was a major 'torch' event visually. Its ritualistic significance was reinforced through Prince Charles' wedding - a highly significant development for the House of Windsor - that was originally scheduled to take place April 8 before it was pushed back a day due to Pope JPII's funeral taking place on that day, which 'just happened' to be celestially marked by a solar eclipse.

Clearly, then, the term 'Windsor' had emerged as a commonality linking up key 'ritual' events. Taking a closer look at 'Windsor', we realize that it can be seen as a combination of 'Winds' and 'or'. Following the familiar equation of 'or = gold', we'd get 'winds gold'. Further, through the gold-Sun interchangeability, we'd have 'winds sun', or 'sun winds' - yes, 'solar wind' again.

The Sun connection here is well supported by the Pope-'Windsor' linkage established via April 8. Well, first of all, the fact that there was a solar eclipse that day is suggestive enough. But bringing home the point was John Paul II being a pope dubbed 'of the Labor of the Sun' by the now-famous prophetic motto of St. Malachy. It needs to be realized that solar flares are produced as a result of the Sun's magnetic field becoming all tangled up or 'labored', as in 'labor of the Sun'.

The solar wind-pope connection also finds resonance in the fact that the conclave for the election of the next pope, beginning on April 18, was inevitably associated with the imagery of a black smoke coming out of the chimney to signal an unsuccessful session. It was certainly evocative of the black winds in U2's Vertigo video.

Let's now go back to the Damageplan event that is heavily intertwined with Vertigo. As mentioned before, Damageplan is essentially an updated version of Pantera, well known in the heavy metal community worldwide. Aside from its 'Pan Terra' ('whole earth') insinuation which is a can of worms we won't open here, Pantera brings to mind 'Pandira', father of Jesus (thus Jesus was sometimes called 'ben Pandira'/'son of Pandira'). Its Egyptian version was  'Pa-ntr-ra', meaning 'the god Ra' - Ra being a sun god.

The death of the heavy-metal guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott was analogous to the fall of a heavenly stone, meteorite, or 'shooting star' - and Dimebag was indeed a 'star' who was 'shot' by a deranged fan. Meteorites are well known for often containing iron or 'metal' as in 'heavy metal'. In ancient Egypt the capstones of pyramids and obelisks were, or traditionally viewed as, 'Benben Stones', often thought to have been meteorites. The Benben Stone was traditionally worshiped in Heliopolis - the 'City of the Sun' - and as such it was in effect also a 'Sun Stone'. Its alter egos include the 'All-Seeing Eye' infamously printed on the back of the US dollar bill. And in a more stylized form it is also seen on the state flag of Ohio, the capital of which is Columbus where Dimebag - a 'metal star' - 'fell'.

The Benben Stone was considered to be a form of 'seed' and carried decidedly sexual connotations. It was the 'seed stone' or 'foundation stone'. It seems not accidental that 'ben' as in 'ben Pandira' has the meaning of 'son'. The name 'benben' would therefore carry the curious implication of 'son son', or should that be 'sun sun'? Sounds familiar?

The Benben Stone was for all intents and purposes a 'Genesis stone' - the original seed that, in the form of a heavenly rock, came down from heaven. The process is known as Panspermia. If you recall, this exactly corresponds with the main theme of the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics. I have also noted last year that within two weeks following the end of the Games the same theme was reenacted with more realism. This was the crash of NASA's Genesis probe coming down from outer space, falling hard into the ground of the Utah desert.

Utah, of course, hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics in 2002, which started on February 8, merely 5 days after the Super Bowl that year. Who was the halftime entertainer back then? None other than... U2! You can't make this stuff up... As if that weren't enough, the Olympic torch tower erected in Salt Lake City was a DNA double-helix... the ultimate 'seed'.

And... have I mentioned that 'U2' sounds like 'Utah'? It does, doesn't it? :) It's almost humorous, but there is actually something quite serious and highly sophisticated going on under the surface - which we won't go into in this post. (If you think this symbology stuff is about being imprecise, you're sadly mistaken.)

In any case, the Genesis probe was coming back from the Sun! Not only that, its mission was to collect and bring back solar wind particles! As the space capsule crashed into the earth, so did the solar-wind samples carried onboard. In a sense, this was the solar wind severely hitting our planet!

It took place on September 8 - a day marked by a special celestial alignment (as viewed from Giza/Cairo) associated with the Athens Games. Given the cosmic seeding (Panspermia) storyline here, the 9-month pregnancy theme also comes into play. And it's none other than the anniversary of the Venus Transit, June 8 ('05), that will mark the projected 'birth' date! The Transit was the ultimate manifestation of the Venusian 'conception', and so the 'birth' from a secondary conception event (Genesis) taking place exactly one year later makes 6/8/05 a particularly special date in the pattern.

It was immediately clear to me that the Genesis crash was a major 'ritual' event and as such I commented in Stargate Cipher 2012: 'it seemed to carry the message "if you don't get this, you just don't get it"'. I also wrote:

...on September 8 - the day marked by the Venus-Saturn-Moon-Galactic Center-due east alignment at Giza - came another 'in your face' signature event.

I highlighted 'in your face' here because... (cue Twilight Zone music) of the following scene from the 2005 Super Bowl episode of The Simpsons discussed earlier. See these images (thanks again to 'Bhang'):

051605-19.jpg (69957 bytes)

A pyramid... as Homer commented: 'Don't forget showboating. That's the cornerstone of my pyramid of success'. The 'cornerstone' is at the right corner of Homer's pyramid but more esoterically the cornerstone would correspond to its capstone, the Benben/Genesis Stone. And there we have 'IN YOUR FACE' written in by Homer. What's more, right above it is drawn... yes, the Sun. And what's written inside the Sun? 'Crotch Grabbing'. (I'm going with Bhang's comment here as I didn't get to see this particular scene.) The sexual nature of this Sun certainly reinforces the emphasis on the Benben/Sun/Genesis Stone which as already mentioned was in essence a stone of sex/seeding.

So... it begs the questions: Was the phrase 'in your face' Homer gave to the 'Genesis stone' a 'wink wink' gesture... to those familiar with this very website you're' now reading? This obscure little place called Etemenanki? Of course that sounds ridiculous. And yet there is the remarkable fact that it was only on this website that the idea of Sumatra being a modern 'Great Flood' - the Great Flood being the main theme of the Simpsons episode - was extensively discussed. Not only that, it was as far as known only this website that had pointed ahead to the Super Bowl halftime (Paul McCartney) as a 'ritual window' that should be closely monitored in this 'Great Flood' context.

Let me note again that the emerging significance of The Beatles was detected while I was looking into the Damageplant 'ritual' in Columbus, an event that came exactly 24 years after John Lennon was similarly murdered. It was a 'ritual' that came right before the Sumatra 'Flood'. I've noted that the name 'Columbus' derives from Columba the dove, specifically Noah's dove that he released from the Ark at the end of the Great Flood. The previous Super Bowl (2004) was held on the anniversary of the disaster of the space shuttle 'Columbia' - another name coming from Columba. Etc. etc.

Add to all this the fact that I used the expression 'in your face' not once but twice in the two paragraphs in Stargate Cipher 2012: Part 2 where I began to talk bout the Genesis space probe, as you check below:

A 'message' indeed began to emerge with Hurricane Frances, the second in the series, making landfall on September 5 - just days after the end of the Athens Games and just days before the Petros VII's fall from the sky. Hurricane Frances, viewed as 'turning Frances', would become an 'in your face' reference to the 'Tour de France' theme! (The 'French Revolution' is also hinted here but that's for another time.)

Just three days later on September 8 - the day marked by the Venus-Saturn-Moon-Galactic Center-due east alignment at Giza - came another 'in your face' signature event. 

[...] The event was the crash landing of NASA's Genesis probe returning from the Sun...

Cue the Twilighit Zone music again... and I guess that's enough on this particular issue. Just thought it was worth mentioning. (Amusing, no?)

Now, as hinted in the excerpt above, the summer of the Athens Olympics was also a summer of Florida hurricanes. In an unprecedented development, four major hurricanes struck Florida in 2004 in a short period time. It was from Florida that Genesis was launched in 2001 and it is in Florida (Miami) that the Orange Bowl is held annually. Further, the hurricanes and the Olympics definitely interacted on a symbolic level. For starters there was the 'spiral' connection. Hurricanes are spirals of wind, after all. And the first of the Florida hurricanes, 'Charley', made landfall on the opening day of the Athens Games as if to make a point.

And indeed there was an important point being made. This is not difficult to decipher once you realize that Florida is known as the 'Sunshine State'. So hurricanes, or winds, striking Florida was conceptually... 'Sunshine wind'... or, of course, solar wind!

It's getting harder and harder to deny that we are detecting a coherent and redundant 'message' here. And this even goes for the ALTA web bots data I've been bringing up in recent posts. Here are a couple of snippets from the most recent piece published at Half Past Human (ALTA 605 Part 5, published 5/15/05), continuing on the theme of the coming major collective 'tipping point' and the apparent relevance of the Sun:

  • While it would sort of be expected to find the short term impact values rise disproportionately along with the rise of so many tipping points, we nonetheless have an impression that the scale involved is more extreme than would be expected. An impression only. Statistical analysis does show a preponderance of immediacy values over long term that is extreme in our experience, but we have to also state that never before have we encountered this situation of so many entities engaging in tipping point behavior. That so many are involved, exiting or rising into tipping point *must* have an impact on processing, however, we are not able to quantify that impact now. Is our processing during such an active tipping point period magnifying effects? We can't say. [...]

  • A curious note is the intermingling of cross links through both Populace entities back to the Terra entity where they terminate in a cluster of internally cross linked references to the 'sun'. Further we also find the word 'sun' as a bespoke value within all of these attribute sets. Within these we get images such as 'seeing the change in the south' as well as 'sun at its zenith, illumination of the destruction of the past'. And such as 'maturing situation precedes transformation'.

We also recall the previous ALTA data mentioning 'sky fire'...

Anyway, the key message coming through generally concerns the the winds from the Sun driven by energy ultimately generated by the nuclear fusion process taking place inside the star. This can explain the 'atomic bomb' theme running through the 'ritual' events such as those involving Damageplan and U2. But that's not to say that the theme doesn't have more earthly implications, particularly the situation involving Iran, which is clearly part of the 'omen message' as well. It's, again, 'as above, so below'.

The significance of the 'wind' or 'air' can also justify the prevalence of the music theme (Janet Jackson, Damageplan, U2, Music2Titan, Simpson sisters, Paul McCartney, etc.). Music is after all nothing but harmonic and rhythmic vibration of the air.

And we seem to detect further messages in the secret communication from 'Enki' that are rather unsettling. I will continue this in Part 2, but... it appears we're looking at a 'pole shift' in 2005-2006. It's not necessarily clear or perhaps not even 'decided' yet how literal its manifestation is going to be, but the pattern or 'signal' is there.

Also, have you heard of... 'chemtrails'?

Ah... nothing like the fresh smell of poison in the air, eh? Doh!

Get ready to step into the looking glass... The fire of Lucifer is contact.

To be continued in Part 2...


Running on empty... 8 donations in last 2 moths. Without reader support, Etemenanki is edging toward discontinuation this year.


 May 09, '05   Coming 'Tipping Point'

I almost forgot to mention this, but later this month we will see Venus crossing the Galactic Meridian, or longitude 0/180 of the Milky Way. Planetary crossings involving the GM have been the central and most reliable time markers in our 'Super Torch Ritual' pattern complex - a configuration stemming largely from last year's astronomical event of the year, the Venus Transit, which closely coincided with Venus and the Sun crossing GM.

You may recall that the Sun's second GM crossing in 2004 coming on December 8 gave us the Damageplan (Pantera) concert shooting incident in Columbus, Ohio filled with symbolic, prophetic 'clues' most notably relating to the imminent exit of Pope JPII and geodetically 'X marking the spot' through meridional and equatorial 'great circles' - the 'spot' being the epicenter of the 12/26 Sumatra 'Great Flood' quake. The latter event was timing-wise also closely anticipated by the other GM crossing, that of Venus, taking place Dec. 29 (the 3-day difference was wholly justifiable on multiple levels).

About three months after that, the Sun and Venus were united again around the end of March this year (though not as precisely as the '04 Transit) accompanied also by Mercury, pinpointing the death of the Pope.

And now in May '05, Venus is poised to cross the GM again - this time in the same region as the 2004 Venus Transit thus plausibly making it more significant than the previous one on Dec. 29th. But this time it is closely followed by a series of additional planetary configurations equally meaningful and all coming in the month of June. The Venus GM-crossing itself will take place later this month, around May 25.

The first of the follow-up configurations will be Venus crossing the Galactic Equator, accompanied by the Sun uniting with Mercury (passing behind the former as viewed from Earth). This will be on ~June 3.

Just 5 days after this we'll have the Sun crossing the GM on June 8 - the same date marked last year by the Transit of Venus. This will also be exactly 6 months after the Columbus Damageplan shooting event.

Collectively the June window may be viewed in the context of the 'Judgment (Day)' theme, so far expressed principally through the concept of balance and imagery of the weighing scale, as well as the idea of 'opposite points' (antipodal). So Venus and the Sun returning to this sky region not only signifies 'completing the circle' (another key theme) but also their arrival at the antipodal positioning relative to the events of last December. ('6 months' is expressive of Earth moving 180 degrees around the Sun, reaching the opposite side.) And from what I've seen so far this year - and I'll discuss this more in depth in another post - there is great potential building up for an antipodal-driven echo effect in this period.

It's certainly ominous that exactly 6 months after the Sumatra 'Great Flood' - June 27 +/- 1 day -  will come a tight gathering of Venus, Mercury, and Saturn while the Sun will be hovering nearby inside the white band of the Milky Way.

Now, to increase your anxiety level :), we can add to this the theoretically predictive data picked up by the ALTA (asymmetric language trend analysis') web bots operated by Half Past Human, an innovative project discussed previously. It seems to me, Cliff is quietly sounding the alarm through his recent ALTA reports... that something big, he calls it 'tipping points', is about to hit and drastically affect the world. According to the web bot data this development is to be triggered this month, or more generally the period of May-June. So this correlates well with our Super Torch Ritual-based projection. The curious 'double sun' theme brought up last time is viewed as a potential 'trigger' event associated with this period.

Again, Cliff at Half Past Human described the development thus: 'we feel confident in our interpretation of "tipping point" conditions as being event driven, large scale, emotional context changes'. In his latest report published this month (ALTA 605) are found more data moving in the same direction. Generally speaking, for example:

- [W]hat we have is the Populace entity staying more or less continuously in the tipping point process beginning late May and lasting at least through January of 2006.

- The various tipping points besetting the Populace entity begin with our stated May 20th all-things-financial tipping point, but this soon appears to be over taken by a series of issues arising from the Terra entity as is discussed below. We also note that there are repeated Terra based impacts on humans over the summer and into fall, but also, coincidentally with the alteration of humans view of their planet earth which is underway, we also note that some very large perceptive shifts are about to take the geopolitical world by surprise.

My latest findings to be posted soon also resonate with the ALTA projection and I would put it this way: we're about to go through the looking-glass this year, tumbling down the rabbit hole. What I'll focus on will probably surprise you... but in any case it'll involve a rather startling storyline.

So all that's coming soon and let me remind you, and myself, that there are at least two other major pieces that I'm working on, one of which will be about the extensive symbolism surrounding the election of the new pope (quite surreal) and the other one the much-delayed 'next level' article which is to be so 'next level' - closer to my 'black projects' - that it will likely mark a new phase of this website.


 May 03, '05   Half Past Time - Clues from Web Bots

As those of you who happen to regularly visit the Urban Survival website would know, where the following is often mentioned, there is a highly intriguing experimental web technology developed by 'Half Past Human' described as 'asymmetric language trend analysis' based on the idea that 'change in language precede changes in behavior'. Basically, Half Past Human aka Cliff created a highly sophisticated computer program that utilizes 'web bots' that are sent into cyberspace, programmed to send back countless texts found online (mainly interactive areas such as forums) to a central collection point (a server) which are then carefully processed by special software designed to detect linguistic shifts/trends that, presumably, reflect the normally hidden non-local awareness of the collective unconscious. Everyone has psi - psychic functioning - but rarely used beyond the minimal amount required to sustain what we perceive as functional 'consciousness'. When combined and skillfully processed, however, it seems a high enough level of psi can be extracted and, as attempted by the web-bot technology, may be used to catch some 'return echoes' from the future - i.e. predict future events, particularly high-impact ones. Sounds fascinating? It is!

Of course, it is still experimental and as with remote viewing and the like its findings tend to be vague enough to leave a lot of room for interpretation. The language of the sub/unconscious awareness is decidedly and indeed necessarily metaphorical/poetic or 'multi-contextual' - which is the sign of higher intelligence - and thus from the partially blindfolded perspective of us physical beings the 'downloaded' information would often seem to suffer from imprecision. This area happens to be the specialty of Etemenanki, where my focus tends to be. So, naturally, I had been wanting to get my hands on some rawer web-bot data, i.e. full reports published at the Half Past Human site for paid subscribers and see what I could come up with.

Thanks to synchronicity and Cliff's generosity, my wish was recently granted when Half past Human himself contacted me and gave me special access to a couple of recent 'ALTA Reports'. (Thanks Cliff!) And I'd like to briefly discuss in this post some intriguing information found in there that seems to have some relevance to what we talk about here - i.e. the Super Torch Ritual themes. This may sound strange to you, but given the mutual connection to the multi-contextual or archetypal realm lurking just beneath the surface of reality that is much less linear or local, I don't find it particularly implausible that these two sets of findings would coherently interact. In fact, from my perspective, the more congruent the interaction, the more likely that both are in tune with the fundamental rhythm of reality.

First off, to get the initial sense of the web bots picking up on familiar symbolic themes, check out the following passages from 'ALTA 105 Part 1' report published Dec. 30, '04 (emphasis added):

These modifiers include the [earth/terra/fundament] (is/will be) (set loose/released tension) until it [pulsates/vibrates/quivers] in a (fluid)[motion/movement] such as [waves/surf/tides]...

Further, the indications are that the area in which this will happen will be/is a gold/mineral mining area. In the process of the ground [rupture(ing)] a large deposit of minerals - gold is specifically referenced - will be (revealed)...

It is my understanding that the data collection took place around the time of the Sumatra quake/tsunami (12/26) so the mention of earthquakes is not technically predictive or at least it cannot be wholly presented as such. But what I find intriguing is the fact that the passages mentions 'gold'. As regular readers here should know, one of the key symbolic clues I've used this year is the meaning of 'Sumatra' being 'Isle of Gold', which I then linked to the Golden Ratio (phi) found to be driving the timing aspect of recent significant world events including Sumatra and other major earthquakes. It is worth mentioning that according to the ALTA reports the timeframe of spring 2005 is to interact with this theme - and the second deadly Sumatra quake did indeed strike on March 28. The same I was also able to anticipate with precision using a phi-based time-sequence pattern.

This 'encoded' nature of the events' timing found in my work, prominently involving earthquakes, seemingly finds support in a later set of web-bot data presented in 'ALTA 405 Part I' posted March 13 (though the information appears to be more interpretive/subjective):

Tides of Quakes - Associated with the references to the spring equinox {which is one of 9 main timing clues} we find several aspects whose cross linked attribute sets are also cross linked back to the Populace entity where they emerge to the aspect of [tides] with primary attributes of (wave). What is curious on the Terra side of the cross links is that these attribute sets {three of which are primary} all go toward earthquakes. One interpretation could be that the perception on the part of humans will be that earthquakes this year arrive as do the 'tides', that is with regularity, and under celestial influences.

[...] As noted with the Tides of Earthquakes above, there are indications of a rhythmic basis for the geo-events. We find references indicating that the [sun] will be the controller of the earthquakes in an [energetic] fashion ... It is also note worthy that not only is there an eclipse on April 8th, but that references to the eclipse were captured in our data gathering and survived the filtering process.

Because in my findings the earthquakes and the papal transition are more or less unified within the same time-code context, the above reference to the April-8 solar eclipse (coinciding with the funeral of JPII) is interesting - a connection reinforced by other passages in the report such as this:

An unusual occurance given our filtering techniques, we nonetheless have some few dozens of lexical structures devoted to the April 8th {presumably} eclipse. Also odd is the phrasing relative to the eclipse passage, as we find that [surrounded] by [twilight] leads to [broken bones], while another, separately arising aspect/attribute set has [surrounded] by [darkness] leads to (actions) and (conflict) in the [earth/ground].

Further, I was quite amused when I saw the web bots apparently insisting on attaching the notion of 'small' to the quake activity, which understandably puzzled Cliff. Why should a small quake be seen as significant? Two passages from the report:

... the Terra entity earthquake entries, however, the curious part is this section of the Terra entity is referencing the earthquakes under an aspect of [small].

Again, the indication here is for [small] to be predominant, as far as the earthquakes go...

Well, to me this was another indication of there being some sort of parallel between quake activities and the papal situation as suggested in the time codes. Not only did Sumatra #2 (March 28) came 5 days before the passing of Pope John Paul, which was by no means 'small', the name 'Paul' means none other than 'small'... The papal transition was a major 'quake' in the psychological realm of this planet, and thus the archetypal connection linking the two - quite natural actually.

But perhaps the most intriguing as far as familiar symbolism goes was the repeated 'double sun' (or 'sun sun') reference reported in ALTA 405 Part 3 posted March 27 '05:

But what is at the end of all these cross links? The [sun]. Yes, a strange, oddly doubled internally structure referencing the [sun] with primary aspect of [sun], a secondary aspect of [sun], and within each aspect's attribute set, you guessed it, (sun).

[...] Also within the Populace, we find a very large section of the entity that grows as we progress the modelspace forward into spring and summer. Within this section we find hundreds of cross links back to the [sun][sun] reference within the Markets entity ... [T]he surrounding aspect/attribute sets we see that they go to the idea of the Populace 'enduring' the 3 solar storms in [one/1] (solar day). The majority of the attributes relate to the emotional burden these storms put on people. 

As recently brought up again before the conclave election, for years I have maintained that the exit of Pope JPII would signify the rise of two suns, largely based on this Nostradamus quatrain:

Century II - 41
The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make double sun appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes his abode.

So... you know, what are the odds? It's not like 'double sun' or 'sun sun' is a common notion or phrase. The web-bot data however suggests the concept is pertinent to financial matters, weather, US, and such. But given the extensive interconnectivity of these things, this does not detract from the papal correlation.

Also, from my perspective the idea of 'the populace enduring 3 solar storms' mentioned above is largely metaphorical and hints at two or more major 'quakes' coming this year, and by 'quakes' I mean anything from literal earthquakes to things like the death of the pope. Which brings up a curious possibility of the new pontiff Benedict XVI perhaps making a quick exit like the one preceding JPII (lasted only a month).

What I see as likely to come into play in a major way this year (probably summer/fall) though is a violent manifestation of the black cloud/wind theme closely associated in concept with the papal transition. The black smoke traditionally signals an unsuccessful papal election, for instance, and the above quatrain suggests the (black) cloud somehow spawns the double sun (line 2). There is then a different tie-in here with the 'black wind of death', a terror threat linked to the 3/11/04 Madrid train bombings which in turn is one of the central events still echoing and driving the underlying 'Judgment Day' symbolism, time codes, and such. It is also inseparable from WMDs as well as Iran. One plausible scenario is that there will finally be a major terror event - quite possibly staged - against the US or one of its allies and that will trigger a US or Israel military assault on Iran (nuclear sites). Storylines like this have an uncomfortably high probability of unfolding or at least beginning to do so in the coming months and I will have much more on the extensive symbolism underlying this pattern soon.

It is noteworthy that the web bots' recent data (March) points to May as the trigger point of a major shift anticipated this summer described as a 'tipping point' that is with confidence interpreted as ' being event driven, large scale, emotional context changes' (from ALTA 405 Part 2). Energy issues, such as Peak Oil, are also considered relevant here. (I'd say the global oil production peak could easily come this summer/fall but we won't know for sure until some time later.)

I should probably also touch on the fact that in the reports are found references to strong/dangerous 'wind' associated with the timeframe surrounding the 'tipping point', which I'm tempted to correlate with the 'black wind/cloud' theme; and to the mid-May period is specifically attached the cryptic notion of 'cloudless skies are scrubbed loose of clings' (ALTA 405 Part 2).

Other than those, I personally find the following passages in ALTA 105 Part 1 (12/30/04) highly interesting owing to their seeming allusions to the Super Torch Ritual which is tracked closely on this site and prominently involving the theme of concentric/great circles along with the idea of 'whole earth' (Pan-Terra):

- Also note that there are frequent references to the (spreading) of the [circle/round/group] in (advance of/ahead of/fleeing from) the [need/desire].

- There are curious references within the primary [sky fire] data set to affiliated words relating to specific kinds of fire such as in [torch], [pyre], [flame/flames], and [candles].

- We do see, in spite of, or perhaps because of, the [middle earth] position of the [sky fire] that it will be able to (illuminate/light/expose) the [whole/complete/totality] of the [earth]. There are several supporting lexical sets for this idea including the more poetic [four corners] of the [world].

Could it possibly be that the collective unconscious is somehow aware of this obscure collection of patterns I happened to call the Super Torch Ritual? Who knows... but it's an amusing thought. :)

Well, in any case, let me thank Cliff again for kindly allowing me go through the reports (which are surprisingly lengthy by the way), and those interested in getting the reports should go to

While I'm at it let me also thank 'investigative mythologist' William Henry for sending me his 'Stargate 2012' DVD set last week. And also I'd like to return a link to Jay Weidner's website where on its 'Links' page, listing a small group of select sites, is found a link to this one and I just recalled that some time ago we briefly corresponded and talked about exchanging links. Now, as it happens the titles of William's 'Stargate 2012' DVD and one of Jay's articles 'The Time River' closely resemble 'Stargate Cipher 2012' (one of my articles) and 'The Time Rivers' (my book) - which might perhaps account for their managing to find their way to this obscure place called Etemenanki. :)

Okay so that's it for now, and stay tuned for some heavy posts coming next...


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