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Dec. 23, '02   New Stuff
For those always hungry for more information, the first issue of The Adachi Report is now available for purchase! It should satisfy your hunger... at least for a while :)  The Report is in PDF format, 37-page long (so it's a semi-eBook), and contains new revelations with deep implications.

As I explained before, The Adachi Report is designed to be an occasional newsletter-like medium where I disclose some unique information. This first issue of the Report is also a precursor to the release of my book, The Time Rivers, and there is actually some information in the report that comes directly from the book. If you are into the topics discussed on this website, well, why not check out both the Report and the book!

Coming soon also is the next installment of the 'Endgame' series, Endgame IV. Although I initially hoped to finish it by mid-December, due to a lot of distracting occurrences (my computer crashed for one thing!) I was just unable to meet the self-imposed deadline. I will write it up as soon as I can and post it here.

I should also mention that the recent stepping down of Trent Lott, Senate Republican leader, was another intriguing confirmation of the pattern-projection made for the 'December window'. Note that when I specifically mentioned Lott here on Dec. 13 and suggested that he was part of the 'pattern', the prospect of the senator stepping down was not yet considered a strong possibility in the media. Even during the days immediately preceding Lott's final decision, the prevalent view was that his fate will be decided in early January in a special meeting. In the end, however, the major leadership change not only took place, it came quickly in 'December'. And, of course, this has to be viewed together with the resignation of Cardinal Law. I wonder if this means the Pope and the US President are to be considered 'off the hook' now.

At any rate, there is still a considerable possibility that the days/weeks immediately ahead  will be 'too eventful'. Will the 'anti-Santa' appear?

(Before ending this update, I'd like to thank Shawn at Interspeed for helping me set up the Etemenanki Store... Thanks!)

Dec. 17, '02   'December Window': Interim Report
As we have now entered the second half of the December window, let's summarize the situation so far. (Indications are that the second half is likely to see something hit the fan.)

The main theory formulated in The Message of Cycle 23 (May, '02) for the Dec. '02 window was the exit of two 'Babylon leaders', namely the Pope and the US President. I wrote:

Based on the empirical observations, it may be inferred that the 2000 US presidential election will have an 'echo' exactly 2 years later and this is scheduled to take place at the end of 2002.

What can this anticipated event be? Obviously, the implication is that there is to be some kind of election/voting that involves a major leader, or simply a change of leadership. One possibility is that the US will have a new president at/around the end of 2002. Another possibility, which I consider more likely, is that we will see the exit of Pope John Paul II and the election of the next pope. This derives from the close parallel detected between US presidency and the papacy at this moment in history... [emphasis added]

So far in this December, we have seen the fall of Cardinal Law of Boston Archdiocese, and the seemingly inevitable exit of the Republican Senate leader Trent Lott (i.e. the leader of President Bush's political party). And we also saw the 'exit' of Al Gore as he just made his major announcement that he won't run for president in 2004. Certainly, then, we are indeed experiencing "a change of leadership" in the US and the Church this December - though the ones at the very top, the President and the Pope, are so far shielded from the projected shift.

...the historic impeachment of President Clinton [...] was the little 'preview' of the succeeding events in the 2-year cycle [including December 2002].

Now, what is important here is what led to Clinton's impeachment. It was, of course, the president's sexual misconduct (involving a young intern, Monica Lewinsky), the news of which broke in January of the same year (on Drudge Report). Therefore, if we are to expect an amplified 'echo' in/around December 2002 of the 'impeachment'...

Actually, so far, we have seen that the 'echo effect' in this December window is not 'amplified' but downgraded (by just one step). Did the number of people aware of the pattern reached a critical mass to slightly alter the pattern? Who know... is reasonable to theorize that it [i.e. the echo event] is also to be preceded by a similar (but more serious) development, i.e. a serious sexual scandal. Could it be just coincidence that we are currently having the developing story of the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests? The current scandal even began in January when Father Geoghan was convicted of sexually abusing a boy on January 18 (the news of Clinton's sex scandal broke on Jan. 19, '98). This strongly suggests that things are moving toward the 'impeachment' (i.e. the end) of the leadership of the Church, i.e. the Pope, near the end of 2002. Although it is also possible to interpret the 'leader' as an American Cardinal (namely Cardinal Law of Boston). [emphasis added]

So, I did actually anticipate the possibility of the downgraded version of the pattern projection, specifically involving Cardinal Law who did step down in December.

After The Message of Cycle 23, I continued to build on the themes associated with the December window in my subsequent articles (the Endgame series), so there are actually various other elements incorporated into the pattern - including Mars/Cydonia and Iraq (Saddam being yet another 'Babylon leader'). (See Endgame I and II for more on these.) And of course, the US is moving quickly at this time to unleash the Gulf War II.

As for the Red Planet, there seems to be a significant movement in that front presently as well. As discussed in Endgame I, Richard Hoagland's investigation of the Cydonia monuments and the Odyssey probe currently in Mars orbit is quite a big part of the on-going projected drama. And just few days ago, after a long relative silence, Hoagland finally posted on his website his anticipated paper "Revealing the True Colors of NASA…" and Mars.

It is a quite remarkable article revealing the big deception concocted by NASA, but what I found particularly intriguing personally was his mentioning of December and the allusions that he sees it as a key time window, as the following excerpts show:

And, if there’s one thing we have learned in trying to understand why NASA does anything surrounding Mars … it is that everything must happen on a "timetable." [...]

[...] Is Gorelick saying here (again, between the lines) that, by December of 2002, the "timetable" finally will be "ready" for Odyssey’s true color … and the flood of deeper questions that will follow?

For, if Odyssey has quietly confirmed the signature of chlorophyll on Mars, if the "muted green tones" that Heald has now produced are any indication of what we can expect when the THEMIS Team decides to officially announce … the implications are indeed profound.

[...] Just as we were finishing this analysis of Odyssey’s expected THEMIS color, JPL finally released precisely such an image, right on cue, in total conformance with their self-imposed "December 2002 deadline" (strongly hinted at by "Bamf," several days ago).

It's as if Hoagland might be aware of my work (well, maybe), and it apparently confirms the speculation presented in Endgame (Sept. '02) regarding Hoagland's potential awareness of the 'timetable' involving December. But regardless of his personal knowledge, the convergence occurring here, in this time window, is quite remarkable and may well develop into something much more in the coming weeks.

As I stated, the second half of December is likely to be a more eventful period, so... fasten your seat belt :)

Dec. 16, '02   Coming Soon... 'The Adachi Report'
My book should be available soon here, but I'd like to announce now that I will also publish an extensive report this week, before the book comes out. It will have more information from my 'black project' than the online articles I've written so far - the level of its 'blackness' being somewhere between those articles and my upcoming book.

It will be called The Adachi Report (issue #1), and will have about 40 pages (in PDF format). The underlying theme is going to be the 'cosmic' implications of the '9-11' event and the hidden legacy/fate of the United States (...and Mars, of course). This is a pretty serious report as it will include major revelations that are not disclosed on this website or even in my book. So, get ready!

My plan is to make The Adachi Report an occasional medium where I 'leak' information that goes beyond the online articles here in quality and impact. The report won't be free, but it's better than not releasing any information from my 'back project', right? :)

Dec. 13, '02   Here We Go...
Today, Dec. 13, Cardinal Law finally resigned as archbishop of Pedophilia Central, Boston Archdiocese. I am quite amazed that this is happening - that the pattern I presented in The Message of Cycle 23 back in spring is really playing out as projected during this December window. Note that no one back then was really speculating that Law would step down in this timeframe, and I am not what you would call a psychic. And yet, the technique of detecting a subtle pattern and carefully projecting it forward managed to make a valid prediction. (This is a pretty special development; I mean, how many times have you seen someone's world-event prediction of this nature come true?) I hope this will cause people to ponder the nature of reality.

Now, it is also interesting that Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott is in big trouble right now. Cardinal Law's resignation was the downgraded form of the 'Babylon leader falling' theme (i.e. a Cardinal instead of the Pope), so could it be that Lott is also following that pattern and taking the fall for the other 'Babylon leader', the US President? (Lott heads the Republican party - Bush's party - after all.) Although Lott is currently saying he won't step down, the symbolic coherence suggests that the scenario is a valid possibility.

Dec. 12, '02   Projection to be Fulfilled?
It now appears more and more likely that Cardinal Law of Boston will step down soon. If this really happens, we're looking at the fulfillment of the projection made in The Message of Cycle 23, back in May '02. We're currently in the 'December window' projected to be a period of great significance. One of the major themes I have attached to this window was the 'Babylon leader falling' - the 'leader' being applicable to the Pope, US President, Saddam Hussein, and even Cardinal Law. The last one is not something I added to the list recently. He was already mentioned in the original article (i.e. The Message of Cycle 23), as the excerpt below shows:

Now, what is important here is what led to Clinton's impeachment. It was, of course, the president's sexual misconduct (involving a young intern, Monica Lewinsky), the news of which broke in January of the same year (on Drudge Report). Therefore, if we are to expect an amplified 'echo' in/around December 2002 of the 'impeachment', it is reasonable to theorize that it is also to be preceded by a similar (but more serious) development, i.e. a serious sexual scandal. Could it be just coincidence that we are currently having the developing story of the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests? The current scandal even began in January when Father Geoghan was convicted of sexually abusing a boy on January 18 (the news of Clinton's sex scandal broke on Jan. 19, '98). This strongly suggests that things are moving toward the 'impeachment' (i.e. the end) of the leadership of the Church, i.e. the Pope, near the end of 2002. (Although it is also possible to interpret the 'leader' as an American Cardinal namely Cardinal Law of Boston).

Does this mean the Pope will survive this window... yet again? (Somebody give him the Energizer Bunny award.) Well, things are moving fast and the window still has a lot to go, so let's wait and see what happens in the coming weeks.

Nov. 26, '02   Correction
In the opening section of Endgame III was contained a little error that I'd like to correct here. This is nothing major, but the interpretation made by 'Peter' that '1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11' represent the first prime numbers is not accurate, as '1' and '9' should not be part of the sequence. These are, instead, the first odd numbers. This correction does not affect the rest of Engame III's content.

Nov. 24, '02   'Endgame III'
Here we go, Endgame III: The Baphomet Revelation is here! This is an important piece, especially in the sense that it represents the nexus of many different threads. Various issues not considered connected in any meaningful way are here brought together coherently for the first time. Endgame III also discloses some findings from my "black project" - exciting but very challenging stuff...

Nov. 18, '02   Psi Session Revisited
I was just looking at some old Psi Sessions and one particular session I did with anonymous 'X' on September 2, 2001, which I had totally forgotten about, caught my attention. The target selected for the session was: "the crop glyphs at Chilbolton Radio Telescope (created in mid August 2001)." Because this coded 'alien' crop glyph and another similar one created exactly one year later (Aug. 2002) have recently emerged as an important piece of the puzzle - as discussed in my Endgame articles - I was obviously interested to see what 'X' had to say about it.

At the time of the session, I thought 'X' was a little 'off' than usual, but I also noted then that his psi information contained references to future events. Well, here we are in the 'future', and we see that the prophetic information 'X' provided - before '9-11' I might add - indeed seems to make more sense now. It appears that 'X''s subsoncious focused more on the encoded 'message' of the glyph than the glyph itself.

And the implication of the psi data is somewhat worrisome.

In the beginning phase of the session, 'X' was getting strong impressions of some high-tech device:

"mechanical, jet propulsion device, missile, fly, military, defense, hightech, airforce, surveillance, spy..."

"it's militaristic. involves hightech fighter airplane."

I found this intriguing because 'Ultra-Tech' was one of the key themes derived from the coded 'alien' message of the 'alien' crop glyphs. The mention of a fighter/spy plane is also interesting in that Stealth fighter planes of the US - which greatly contributed to the success of the Gulf War - are potentially associated with Nazi/antigravity technology, as discussed in Nick Cook's The Hunt for Zero Point (which has also been found to be a piece of the puzzle).

'X' gave us more impressions on the high-tech machine:

<G> any impressions on the hightech vehicle?
<X> ...well, kinda looks like X-wing in Star Wars...
<X> white.
<G> what's its primary purpose?
<X> surveillance.
<G> what's the nature of the surveillance?
<X> to monitor the opposing force's military activities.

This is now more evocative of the powerful new face effectively utilized in the current 'war on terrorism': the Predator aerial surveillance planes, which do somewhat resemble the X-wing vehicles in Star Wars, and are indeed 'white' (see picture).

To reinforce the connection, 'X' also provided the following impressions:

<G> any sense of its occupants or its purpose?
<X> no. the occupants seem to play very little roles.

Of course, what's so unique about Predator planes is that they are remote-controlled unmanned vehicles.

What's more, we had the following exchange to make it clearer that the data given by 'X' pertains to the situation at the present time:

<G> who's behind it?
<X> seems to be US force, but I can't be sure.
<X> obviously military.
<G> any impressions on who is involved in this?
<X> not really. slightly Iraq or Saddam, maybe...

Indeed, as the US decides to go to war with Iraq, the freshly operational Predator planes are likely to play a decisive role.

But why did the subconscious of 'X' allude to this largely passive military vehicle in particular? Judging from the following information, it appears to have something to do with preventing a major catastrophe:

" has crisis written all over it, but not catastrophic yet. the mission is to prevent crisis [from developing] into catastrophe."

"...atomic bomb explosion, it's a crisis, not a catastrophe, it's imminent, but has not occurred, or did not occur..."

Interestingly, 'X' also seemed to get an impression that it had something to do with gravity/antigravity - a key theme discussed in Endgame II:

<X> it almost seems futuristic.
<G> elaborate.
<X> seems like it's an event that has not happened yet. Almost seems scifi-like.
<X> gravity didn't seem to be involved in the flight of the 'x-wing'.

And, finally, I should mention that 'X' made the following comment: 

<X> [...] but now I have a very strong image of Space Shuttle in my head.
<G> what does that mean?
<X> I'm now thinking Explosion of Space Shuttle Discovery.

This may be potentially applicable to the impending launch of Space Shuttle Endeavor, especially in light of this recent news article (Nov. 15):

Earlier this week, NASA called off Endeavour's launch with just a few hours remaining because of a leak in the astronauts' oxygen supply.

Former astronaut Jim Lovell can't help but notice the spooky similarities between his flight, Apollo 13, and NASA's upcoming space shuttle mission, No. 113.

Lovell and his crew were almost all the way to the moon when an oxygen tank in their service module ruptured on April 13, 1970, another uncanny associated with 13, a number many consider unlucky.

"Well, you know, this is shuttle 1-1-3. One-hundred-and-13. Two people have been removed from the shuttle for medical problems. They have an oxygen leak," Lovell, Apollo 13's commander, said Thursday evening at the local gala premiere of the movie "Apollo 13: The IMAX Experience.

Well... who knows?

Did 'X' really foresee the current time period more than a year ago, or is this all just coincidence? Let's wait and see...

Nov. 11, '02   For Whom the Bell Tolls...
In Endgame II, I discussed the implication of the "Bell" mentioned in the coded message of the Aug. '02 alien crop glyph found in England. While I focused on the potential antigravity/time machine developed by Nazi Germany called "the Bell" in the article, I was also aware that it might relate in some way to Art Bell, the #1 overnight talk radio program in America - especially considering that Art's show has been the main conduit connecting Richard Hoagland, a key figure associated with the same coded message, and the public.

In October, as Art Bell announced his plan to retire at the end of this year, I realized that the correlation had indeed been intensified. In a way, Art's scheduled departure is to be viewed as the first key event revealed for the coming 'December' window discussed in my Endgame II and preceding articles. What makes the connection more interesting is the fact that the 'bell sound' mentioned in the 'alien' crop message clearly has the implication of 'the end', as 'Richard Brain' (the original decoder of the message) wrote:

The ASCII character set is the simplest of text formats dating back to 1963, at that time the common input/output device was the teletype. At the end of receiving any message a bell sound would ring to alert the operator that a message had been received.

So, the bell signaling the end may also be interpreted as signaling the end of Bell (Art).

I think Bell's retirement may be an important factor in determining the timing of 'Disclosure'. This is because it's unlikely that there will ever be anyone like Art Bell again in the foreseeable future. He was a genuinely talented and entertaining radio host who was genuinely interested in the non-mainstream 'paranormal' subjects - a rare combination. And because of this, his show has become a major force that can put considerable pressure on the establishment. It's not really an exaggeration to state, for example, that without the combination of Art's show and Hoagland, we probably would not have gained access to many of the recent Cydonia pictures released by NASA.

So, the exit of Art Bell will mean the loss of a major conduit for 'Disclosure' (if it is indeed underway). Interestingly, the last phrase before 'bell sound' in the message was "conduit closing"... Perhaps, this will cause some kind of disclosure to be made before the end of the year, especially in December, before the 'conduit closes'.

But, of course, this is only one aspect of the 'big picture' emanating from the 'alien message' (or 'Aryan message'). For instance, 'Richard Brain' (who I suspect might be an 'insider') made the following comment regarding the bell sound:

From memory the teletype in the film "The Andromeda Strain" had a jammed bell, therefore nobody was aware they had received messages.

Well, do you know what the storyline of The Andromeda Strain is? For now, let's just say it's quite remarkable in light of what was discussed in Endgame II :)

I should also mention that my book is likely to be released in December. The timing is incidental... or not :) If nothing else, my book will at least make some momentous Disclosure.

Oct. 16, '02  'Endgame II'
Well, Endgame II is finally here! I must say I'm tired from writing this one. It's a pretty big piece (divided into two sections) and contains some wild (and dark) stuff so, get a cup of coffee, fasten your seat belt, and... good luck :)

Cydonia, crop glyphs, antigravity, Zero Point energy, the Third Reich... It's all there.

Sept. 30, '02   'The Martian Message'
As I'm sure there are many out there who know very little about the whole Mars/Cydonia issue, I just uploaded a new article, The Martian Message, AKA 'Cydonia For Dummies' :) This is actually a small portion taken from my forthcoming book and it should quickly explain the formation and development of the whole Cydonia controversy.

Sept. 23, '02   Another 'Door' Found in Great Pyramid
No, I'm not talking about the second 'door' behind "Gantenbrink's door" at the end of the southern Queen's Chamber shaft in the Great Pyramid (as revealed on TV just a week ago). This one is located at the end of the northern shaft of the Queen's Chamber and was discovered by the same rover that was used to explore the southern shaft.

According to Reuters:

Last week, in front of television cameras, a specially designed robot climbed about 215 feet up one of two narrow passages stretching from a chamber inside the pyramid of Cheops to peer through a hole drilled into a stone door, only to find another door behind it.

Away from the cameras, the robot was sent up the second shaft, only partially examined in the past. It found another door, which had copper handles like the one in the first shaft and was at the same distance of 65 meters, Hawass said.

"I think we'll find another door behind it," Hawass, head of Egypt's Supreme Antiquities Council, told reporters.

Pretty exciting stuff. I guess we will be watching a "Secret Chamber Revealed" sequel in the near future (hopefully it won't feature Zahi Hawass as much... but sadly we know that it will).

Sept. 17, '02 (#2)   Empty Chamber
So, I'm sure a lot of people watched the National Geographic/Fox special on the opening of the "Secret Chamber" last night. Except for too much Zahi Hawass (the crazy guy in charge of Giza plateau), the program was okay.  Could've been better but at least it was not as pathetic as the similar special Fox did some years ago. It was certainly nice to see the interior of the Great Pyramid like never before on TV.

For many people, of course, the main revelation was a big disappointment. Behind the hidden door was...(drum roll)... an empty room! (Hawass was adamant that he saw yet another door inside, but frankly I couldn't see it myself... How could Hawass so quickly make out the supposed 'door'? It's not like he had time to closely examine the chamber prior to the 'live' revelation... oh wait, he did.)

Personally, I thought the empty chamber was a very clever message from the designer of the pyramid. The silence of the empty room spoke louder than Hawass' silly babbling. What's the message? Well, at least a part of it would be that the Great Pyramid is not a 'tomb and tomb only' as religiously believed by most Egyptologists. The reason why all the rooms in the pyramid are empty, according to them, was because they have already been stolen by tomb raiders. Well, clearly no one could have had access to the 'secret chamber' at the end of the Queen's Chamber's 'star shaft'. Sept. 16/17, 2002 was the very first time the door was opened in history - that's clear to everyone. And yet, the chamber was plainly empty just like all the other chambers. Why go through all the great trouble to make a chamber and then leave it empty? Obviously, this strongly undermines the orthodox Egyptological view. The Great Pyramid now does not appear to be a mere tomb built by/for the pharaoh Khufu (Cheops).

Think about it. Building the Great Pyramid would still be an extremely difficult task even today. It would require great technological knowledge, ingenuity, and (importantly) motivation. As far as known, the ancient Egyptians had no advanced technology. So, it has to be assumed that they were primitive but very clever people driven by incredible motivation. This motivation, we are taught, was to appease the egomaniac pharaoh. I mean, this king must have had just an unbelievably huge ego and power - otherwise the construction project just wouldn't be conceivable. And yet, somehow this egomaniac king decided to put not a single carvings on the pyramid to glorify himself. Not his name, not his image, nothing. If this doesn't make sense to you, you're not alone. Only the professional Egyptologists - who do have huge egos - have been able to see no problem with this awkward picture.

Now with the latest discovery of yet another empty chamber, the case against the orthodox view is likely going to gain momentum. It looks as if the designer of the grand monument could foresee how it would be perceived in the future and as a countermeasure they decided to insert hidden messages like this.

The resultant shift of our perception will then ready us for the next revelation. Like I said before... this is a baby-step 'initiation'.

Sept. 17, '02   'Endgame'
A special report, Endgame, has been posted. It deals with Hoagland's 'H-Bomb' (i.e. the controversial IR image of Cydonia) and the controversy/confusion surrounding it.

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