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October 2005



 October 18, '05   Deep Impact Judgment: Part 1

This is 'Part 1' of a series of posts titled 'Deep Impact Judgment' which will discuss in detail what I call a 'Deep Impact' situation that seems to be coming, starting as early as late October and a 'peak' likely in November, if not November-December... And all indications so far are that this will likely involve a major 'Judgment' event. Exactly what that will be is still a matter of speculation, but we're beginning to see its silhouette...


'Imbolc' is February 1, and on this 'ritual date' we have seen:

  • February 1, '03: Space shuttle Columbia destruction during reentry.

  • February 1, '04: Super Bowl XXXVIII held in Houston, featuring Janet Jackson and her bare breast at halftime which spawned one of the biggest stories of the year ('Nipplegate').

  • February 1, '05: Pope John Paul II suddenly fell ill in Rome and was hospitalized, which signaled the imminent end of his long reign, to be finalized two months later on April 2, paving the way for the rise of the next pope ('Glory of the Olive').

There is a common thread running through these events besides the date - namely the theme of the dove... or 'Columba'. More specifically Noah's dove released at the end of the Great Flood. To recap quickly: 'Columbia' derives from Columba; Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl was clearly 'designed' to signify Lady Justice/Liberty, Marianne, or Mary Magdalene ('Black Madonna') and 'Magdalene' means 'place of the dove'; Pope JPII's successor Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) is identified in St Malachy's prophetic list of popes as 'Glory of the Olive', olive being a universal symbol of peace as is the dove.

It is also heavily intertwined with other themes and dates/numbers in the 'Super Torch Ritual'. A portion of which is illustrated in this collage.

The recent 'Great Flood' situation in the US (caused by two major hurricanes) constituted a local climax of this symbolic pattern. It was a literal great flood that nearly destroyed the whole city of New Orleans.

In terms of timing, I cannot emphasize enough that February 1 is 'Imbolc', a pagan holiday that celebrates one of the four 'cross-quarter days', marking the midway point between the solstices and the equinoxes. This observation sets the proper context for the rest of the pattern decoding.

Interestingly, 'Imbolc' means 'in the belly', as if in reference to an unborn baby in the mother's womb. The human gestation period is 9 month, thus the baby 'in the belly' would be born on/around November 1 if counted from February 1. (Pregnancy/birth is a repeated theme, so this is not an isolated case but part of a larger pattern.) And November 1 happens to be another traditional cross-quarter day known as Samhain. The night before that is popularly known as Halloween (All Hallow's Eve)...

The questions is, what is about to be 'born'?

There is much momentum building for the final cross-quarter day/period of 2005. I've been mentioning the November timeframe for months. We've closely tracked the growth of the 'baby in the belly' and it could be said that the 'water broke' around the end of August (i.e. the great flood) - and now the mother is on her way to the hospital to deliver the Sun-king... Well, that's the kind of imagery probably descriptive of the current situation.


'Beltane' is the the cross-quarter day following Imbolc. The name means 'bright fire' and is traditionally celebrated on May 1. In Europe the festival coincides with Labour Day (May Day) which has the effect of alluding to the 'Sun-king (Judgment)' theme... We know, for instance, Pope JPII, a major 'Sun-king' figure, is dubbed 'of the Labor of the Sun' in St Malachy's pope list. 'Day' and 'Sun' are practically interchangeable, thus JPII transforming into a 'Labour Day' pope. By beginning his final 'fall' on Imbolc, the pope single-handedly managed to unmistakably highlight the relevance of cross-quarter days - because, being a 'Labour Day' pope, JPII's hospitalization coming on Feb. 1 juxtaposed TWO cross-quarter days (Imbolc and Beltane).

Reinforcing the emphasis was the United Kingdom general election held merely 4 days after Labour Day, which was won by... the Labour Party led by Tony Blair.

True, May 5 is not Beltane/Labour Day (May 1). But it does actually turn out that May 5 is a cross-quarter day. Here is why: While May 1 is the traditional cross-quarter day, May 5 is the astronomically accurate cross-quarter day. So the Labour Party winning on May 5 was a crafty way of reproducing the Beltane-Labour Day coupling; and in so doing it made clear that the emphasis was squarely on the CQ days - both the traditional and astronomical types.

In the US, of course, Labor Day is celebrated much later in the year. In 2005 it came on September 5 - the anniversary of Hurricane Frances's Florida landfall last year. As already discussed, Frances was a symbolically encoded precursor to the 'Great Flood' hurricanes. 'France' is now 'officially' a key STR theme having much to do with Lady Justice/Liberty and thus also with 'Judgment'. New Orleans devastated by Katrina, to give just one example, is French-flavored city sometimes called the 'Paris of America' that has as its center French Quarter. Even the state Louisiana in which New Orleans resides took its name from a French king, and not just a French king but a bona fide 'Sun King', Louis XIV (known as 'The Sun King'). I actually had specifically projected a major 'Sun-king Judgment' event for the window around the end of August...

But more strikingly, Louis XIV 'The Sun King' was deeply involved in the design of the 'Historical Axis' of Paris, the most prominent part of which is the Champs-Elysées. Its alignment with the Sun was an essential part of the the 'coded message' of the Discovery mission...

The Paris axis is angled 26 degrees from due east/west so that it aligns with sunrise/sunset on the cross-quarter days, four times a year! (Three with astronomical CQ days and one with a traditional CQ day.) In other words, the boulevard is a bona fide cross-quarter-day marker!

To those aware of the underlying context, the pattern is quite unmistakable.


After Beltane comes Lughnasadh (meaning 'Lugh's assembly'), traditionally celebrated on August 1st. It is dedicated to the Sun God of Celtic mythology named 'Lugh'.

The astronomical-accurate CQ date here is August 7. Of all the CQ days, this is the one most stressed by the Paris Axis. The sunset on ~August 7 takes place directly behind the world-famous Arc de Triomphe standing at the western edge of the Champs-Elysées. While it is true that the alignment also takes place around May 5, it is only around August 7 that there is an additional alignment involving the brightest star in the night sky Sirius (the star of Isis-Mary).

Amazingly enough, Sirius always rises 26 degrees south-of-east as seen from Paris (alt = 0°, no atmospheric refraction) - which is already impressive as this means Sirius' daily rising point on the horizon is precisely aligned with the Paris axis. But around August 7 Sirius even rises together with the Sun, known as the 'cosmic rising' of Sirius (Bauval & Hancock, Talisman, 2004, p.371)!

This is where the space shuttle Discovery joins the 'ritual'. I won't go over the issue in detail here, but the shuttle's shifting landing dates (August 7-9) were apparently  'designed' to coincide with the 'Paris CQ day'. It was a major 'Super Torch Ritual' event (more to be 'disclosed' soon enough) - projected beforehand and confirmed as such afterward.

Note that the STS-114 mission was the very first shuttle flight since the destruction of Columbia on the Imbolc CQ day (2003). What Columbia failed to do on a CQ day Discovery successfully accomplished by safely returning to earth in one piece... on another CQ day.

There were other 'clues'. For example, on the first 'morning' of the mission, NASA somehow chose to play a song from the movie Groundhog Day to wake up the astronauts. The significance? Groundhog Day is essentially another name for Imbolc! Another clue was the unplanned and unprecedented spacewalk repair mission done on Aug. 3, involving 'gap fillers' in the belly of the spacecraft. 'In the belly' as in... the very meaning of 'Imbolc'. Yes, there was certainly an abundance of cross-quarter references...

Torch At Crossroads

And then there was the mission patch...

By July 15 I had discerned that the insignia contained a multicontextual allusion to the 'Great Flood'. I also pointed out that the cross in the design was an 'X marks the spot' highlighting where Columbus (=> Columba/Columbia) 'discovered' the New World. The same spot would actually become the origination point of both Katrina and Rita... i.e. the 'Great Flood' hurricanes.

Katrina began its life in that region merely 14 days after Discovery's landing. The landfall came late August (8/29) closely followed by the New Orleans Great Flood the following day. This unmistakably high-impact event coincided with one of those 'Orange Alignments', involving Venus, Sun, and Mercury, forming in the heliocentric heavens. 'Orange Alignments' are a very potent STR time-marker scheme with a impressive track record. The color orange, of course, was prominently featured in the insignia.... (More here.)

In essence, one Super Torch Ritual event ending in early August 'passed the torch' to another STR event later that month and the coded 'blueprint' for this design was in the symbol of the mission.

Riddle of the Sphinx & Samhain CQ Day

Continuing with the patch design, we see a curious red disk on the blue 'ring'. As discussed before, this stylized 'O' in the Japanese name 'Noguchi' signifies the rising sun or 'Horus'... From my 10/6 post (emphasis added):

The Great Sphinx is a form of Horus, the Egyptian sun-god identified with the sunrise. The Sphinx therefore faces due-east and it's been called Horatkhi or 'Horus in the Horizon'. It's the 'Sun on the horizon', in other words. In the STS-114 insignia is found exactly that, in the form of a red disk signifying the 'o' in the name 'Noguchi', i.e. an astronaut from Japan, the 'Land of the Rising Sun'. As you can see, this 'rising sun' is even right 'on the horizon'...

Combined with the roughly latitudinal orientation of the ring, we have here a cunning reference to the Sphinx latitude, 30°N., which is of course also the latitude of New Orleans.

By having the 'rising sun' not on the eastern horizon but on the western horizon, the red disk would also be an allusion to Osiris, Horus' father, who embodies the setting sun. Combined together, what seems to be conveyed here is the concept of resurrection (cycle of birth and death) which is also the phoenix. The phoenix is depicted in the flag of San Francisco by the way...

In addition, the setting sun is compatible with the solar alignment of the Paris' 'historical axis'. Recall that it was an alignment with the setting sun on the August cross-quarter day that coincided with the landing of Discovery.

Now, getting back to the Sphinx, we simply cannot ignore the fact that this enigmatic ancient monument too marks a cross-quarter point! It does so by having its causeway (running between the Sphinx and the 2nd pyramid) aimed at the halfway point between the equinoctial sunrise (due east) and the winter-solstice/southernmost sunrise on the horizon (14 degrees south from due east). This midpoint between the equinox and the solstice is exactly what 'cross quarter' denotes.

In actual timing, however, the 'cross-quarter sunrise' at Giza does not exactly coincide with the astronomical CQ day (based on the position of the Sun along the ecliptic or the apparent path of the Sun). This, I presume, is mostly due to the fact that the Sun's declination (i.e. the angle from the celestial equator or the outward projection of Earth's equator), which has 23.5 degrees as the maximum angle and has a one-year cycle, does not change at a uniform rate but increases and decreases following a sine-wave pattern.

Because of this, sunrise at Giza aligns with the Sphinx's 'cross-quarter causeway' about 2 weeks before the celestial CQ day and a week before the traditional CQ day.

The Giza CQ-sunrise alignment takes place on October 25-26, followed by the Samhain CQ day on November 1, followed by the astronomically-determined November 7 (& perhaps 8) CQ day.

Deep Impact Activation

My view at this time is that these dates, or the period covered by them, cannot pass without a set of very significant 'signature' events. The pattern leading up to this period more or less dictates that this be the case. It seems clear that this is the window for the beginning of an intense 'Deep Impact' situation. This is the window for the cross-quarter pattern 'giving birth'.

Remember, the 'corner stone' of the pattern has been February 1/Imbolc; and November 1/Samhain marks the 9-month point, signifying the end of pregnancy. And November 1, along with Nov. 2 (last year's electoral 'Judgment Day' in US), happens to bisect the CQ 'period', producing a 'balanced' time code (related to the 'Justice/Judgment' theme). It has the Sphinx's 10/25-6 on one side and the astronomical 11/7-8 on the other, 7-day or 6-day separation each.

Oct 25-26  <=[6/7]=  Nov 1  =[6/7]=>  Nov 7-8


  • Mars, a form of Horus/Sphinx, reaches opposition on Nov. 7 (i.e. a Sun-Earth-Mars alignment).

  • August 31 (date anchoring the 'American Great Flood' and Schwarzenegger's '04 Republican National Convention speech) is the 311th day from Oct. 25.

  • Adding 311 days to New Year's Day gives us Nov. 8.

  • Schwarzenegger is holding a statewide special election on Nov. 8 this year in California (a 'judgment day')

'311', often expressed as 'March 11', is a major Super Torch Ritual motif inseparable from Arnold Schwarzenegger (a major STR 'torch bearer' figure) via his Terminator 3 film in which the numerical 'Judgment Day' code was found. It's been observed to play a significant role in various time codes and it has even interacted with a cross-quarter day, namely J. Jackson's 'Nipplegate' Super Bowl (Feb. 1/Imbolc, '04) where the notorious unleashing of her breast was a '311' incident as that is the police code for 'indecent exposure'. And merely several weeks later came the Madrid train bombings... on 3/11.

Schwarzenegger is also notable for his leading role in the film Total Recall, which deals with Mars. Even without this association, it is highly significant that Mars is to align with Earth and the Sun on the 11/7 cross-quarter day after coming closest to Earth on Oct. 29. This rare configuration clearly echoes the Sphinx's CQ-sunrise alignment. The symbolism involved here is quite amazing.

A list of more date-markers:

  • Mars is closest to Earth on Oct. 29.

  • Venus crosses the Galactic Meridian (as seen from Earth) on Oct. 29. This configuration has long been a key STR time-marker (associated with the Venus Transit of 6/8/04 and Jackson's 'Nipplegate').

  • 311 days after the Sumatra 'Great Flood' (12/26/04) is Nov. 2 - the anniversary of the US electoral 'Judgment Day'.

  • The biggest 'peak' of the 'Equation of Time' wave comes on Nov. 3-4. One of the two cycles contributing to the 'Equation' (produced by Earth's tilt) peaks on ~Nov. 5.

Basically, there is a dense cluster of key dates populating the later-October/early-November period. The cross-quarter days are the corner stones in the scheme but what we have here is essentially an intense period of 'activation sequence'. Activation of 'Deep impact'.

Just as the Discovery 'ritual' around a CQ day prefigured the Katrina 'Great Flood' later that month, it may well be that we are looking at here something similar in November-December. I say this because what I consider to be the 'Deep Impact window' or the 'Midpoint window' is coming up (or starting) a little later in November. Monitoring the primary cross-quarter period starting in a week might therefore give us a clearer view on the situation and where the pattern is leading.

It's interesting to note that the Equation of Time scheme, before reaching the biggest peak time, seems to have put some emphasis on the late-September timeframe This was when the CIA leak case ('Plamegate') which could easily become a 'Watergate-level event' suddenly started to heat up as Judith Miller was free from jail to testify before a grand jury. The 'tilt wave' in the Equation was at the zero deviation point ('midpoint') and the other contributing cycle based on Earth's elliptical orbit was peaking late September...

[graph source]

The combined wave - the definitive 'Equation of Time' - then crescendos toward the biggest peak in the whole graph at the beginning of November.

Given the deeply embedded 'Sun-king Judgment' theme here, we can easily theorize that the late-September development was a hint of what's coming - or at least one aspect of it. The rapidly sinking Bush/Cheney 'Sun-king' administration appears to be - along with the energy crisis issue etc. - very much part of this latest 'Judgment' window as I have been mentioning for months.

To get a better sense of what we may be in for, it is perhaps instructive to look at the second biggest peak in the wave which, as you can see in the graphs, came early-to-mid February - i.e. when Pope John Pope II's fall began (Feb. 1). This was also highlighted by an 'Orange Alignment' forming late January.

More detail:

  • The combined 'Equation' wave peaked around Feb. 12, a major 'Judgment anchor date' in '05, when we had the Windsor Tower fire in Madrid and the beginning of the 'Orange Gates' art display in NYC's Central Park.

  • The earth-tilt wave peaked around Feb. 5, closely coinciding with the first hospitalization of the Pope (2/1) and the 2005 Super Bowl featuring Paul McCartney at halftime (which was a major 'Enki communication'; 2/6).

  • The elliptical-orbit wave did not peak around that time but it did so two months later at the end of March (~3/31), coinciding with the actual passing of JPII (4/2) as well as Terri Schiavo (3/31). (They were like E.T. and Elliot... living parallel lives, or dying parallel deaths.) This event was again marked by an (particularly intense) 'Orange Alignment' forming in the sky.

So it was clearly about 'Sun-king Judgment' indeed... How will this be reflected in the biggest peak of the Equation wave? I guess we'll see...

For your information, there will be an 'Orange Alignment' on Nov. 17-18. I can tell you that so far this year there hasn't been an 'Orange Alignment' that didn't closely coincide with a major 'Sun-king/Flood Judgment' event. The Pope hospitalization #1, his death/Sumatra #2, the legal 'judgment day' for Michael Jackson ('Sun-king of Pop'), and the Katrina 'Great Flood' were all celestially indexed by this particular alignment. So that's obviously a major data point to keep in mind.

Lastly, I would point out that the term 'Equation of Time', used by astronomers, actually manages to express the notion of 'Judgment Day'. After all, 'judgment' has to do with achieving balance/justice ('Maat'), or 'equation'; and 'time' is interchangeable with 'day'. Therefore, 'Equation of Time' = 'Judgment Day'. And since the Equation of Time has to do with the position of the Sun, we can see why 'Sun-king Judgment' is the central theme running through the marked events. The 'Equation of Time of the Sun' is... 'Judgment Day of the Sun-king'.

Much more in the next installment of this series...

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 October 08, '05   After the Deluge...
Ahh... we had to know this was coming, didn't we? Another catastrophic earthquake, this time in Kashmir...

Around the beginning of October was a pregnancy/birth window associated with Sumatra (9 months) and Pope JPII's passing (6 months) as was just discussed here. And then there was the '8-8' code as well... So, October being the original 8th month (octo = 'eight'), 10/8 is in effect a 8/8 date... AND it's exactly 6 months from JPII's big funeral that coincided with a solar eclipse (April 8). We just had the 'ring' (annular) eclipse on Oct. 3, almost exactly 6 months after the pope's passing, thus pointing ahead to the 10/8 date...

The graphic of 'The Ring' shown on the main page was placed there early 10/7, by the way...

The obligatory '7 days' countdown from the 'Ring' eclipse, as per the storyline of the film, goes to 10/10, or Columbus Day (the Columba/Columbia theme previously discussed, obviously). And 10/12, the actual date of Columbus' First Contact with the New World, is equally significant as well (Comet Tempel 1 of NASA's Deep Impact crosses the Galactic Meridian).

New Orleans is the Crescent City, and Houston (which saw the largest evacuation due to Hurricane Rita last month) is prominently symbolized by a 5-pointed star as is the entire state of Texas. Pakistan's flag features both of these - i.e. a crescent moon & a 5-pointed star. The name 'Pakistan' means 'Land of the Pure'; one of the possible meanings of 'Katrina' is 'pure'. (Tip of the had to 'Rock' for these two quick observations.)

But it is the meaning of the name 'Kashmir' that puts an exclamation mark on the 'ritualistic' connection between the Super Torch Ritual context and today's quake...

Two days after we talked about the symbolism of Discovery and Katrina/Rita, i.e. how the safe return of the space shuttle (inseparable from the '8-8' theme via its landing date) actually signaled the continuation of the 'Great Flood' condition initiated via Sumatra late last year, and how the 'omen' was actualized via New Orleans (there is a remarkable geodetic interaction between the Kashmir epicenter and New Orleans encoded into the design also, as already being discussed in STRUG), we now seem to be getting the message that the Flood is finally ending. Because, 'Kashmir' is said to imply 'land desiccated from water' - or, in effect, 'land drying after the Flood'! (Ka denotes 'water' and shimeera denotes 'to desiccate'.)

There is no telling where the Genesis/Revelation 'story' will go next, as we're not dealing with a linear progression here, but...

Let me remind you again that Oct. 8 is an '8-8' day, and Genesis 8:8 is a passage describing Noah releasing a dove (Columba) to see if the Flood had ended:

Also he sent forth a dove from him, to see if the waters were abated from off the face of the ground... [Genesis 8:8]

I'm sure you can see how the name 'Kashmir', i.e. 'land drying after the Flood', was used, apparently, to directly address this very passage.

Genesis then describes God approaching Noah after the Flood, i.e. the segment of the story that we're now prompted to pay attention to...

And God spake unto Noah, and to his sons with him, saying, And I, behold, I establish my covenant with you, and with your seed after you; [Gen 9:8-9]

[...] And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations:

I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.

And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:

And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.

And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.
[Gen 9:12-16]

The hopeful sign of the beginning of a new world after the Flood is the rainbow...

Now, which one specific place did I single out in my last post dealing with this very theme - the Great Flood - as an important component in the pattern relevant to what's coming?

San Francisco.

It's a rainbow city... is it not?

The Flood may have 'ended', but the 'Damage Plan' still forges onward... toward Deep Impact.

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 October 06, '05   Sine of Deep Impact

So, after Katrina and Rita, we're now more or less in an interim period in terms of the underlying 'time wave' design we've been tracking on this website... which is now presumably in a 'crescendo' mode climaxing toward the end of the year. This month I'll be posting some key information concerning the upcoming major window/development.

Let me point this out: My position since even before 9/11 has been that the biggest event in 2000-2001 ('one of the biggest events the US has ever experienced' as I put it in 2000) would signal in effect the end of the United States; and by Oct. 2001 I inferred that the symbolism of 9/11 had to do with the 'dimension of air' and the 'Great Flood'. Sounds familiar? Here is an excerpt from Mystery, Babylon the Great I wrote back then (emphasis added):

On the Etemenanki website, I have long pointed out the persistent symbolic connection that apparently exists between high-impact world events -- especially airplane crashes -- and the theme of the Ark-Grail [...]. The '911' event... fits the pattern very well.

After some contemplation, I have now finally found a reasonably sound explanation as to why such a symbolic link exists. An 'airplane' is a perfect vehicle to carry the notion of the 'air-plane' as in the 'dimension of air' that is sandwiched between the planes of earth and heaven. Its relative position therefore is implicative of the familiar theme of the unification or 'gate' of earth and heaven. In support of this interpretation, we find that in ancient Egypt it was conceptualized that the air god Shu was sort of a pillar that held the vault of heaven above. This imagery is strikingly evocative of Atlas of Greek mythology who was condemned to bearing the heaven on his shoulders for eternity after the great war with the Olympians. Atlas, in turn, is said to have been the first king of Atlantis and in effect the embodiment of this legendary civilization!

Airplane crashes would therefore be analogous to the destruction of the antediluvian world, i.e. none other the the Great Flood, which may be conceptually thought of as the collapse of great pillars/towers/gate -- and that is exactly what took place at the World Trade Center in NYC!

Katrina/Rita was another expression of this very theme. Much more literal this time - i.e. an actual spinning air system (hurricanes) causing a 'Great Flood' (New Orleans). The fact that its timing was anticipated, or predictable, does much to support the notion that there is an underlying pattern here. (The timing of Sumatra, another major 'Great Flood', was projected beforehand as well.) So this is not some hindsight-driven babbling. It's a combination of hindsight and foresight done in the present.

Much suggests that what we witnessed on 9/11 was a controlled demolition of the Twin Towers; or at least this is a popular enough view out there. Certainly the towers came down in a very clean, seemingly calculated manner. Similarly, there is presently a lot of talk out there concerning the seemingly artificial nature of the recent hurricanes. Perhaps not mainstream (yet), but actually getting pretty close to it. The catastrophic storms, according to the theory, were 'steered' by some secret 'weather-control' technology to inflicted damage on the United States.

What's coming next? What's the next 'atmospheric' destruction event? This is a little twisted, but my view has been that it would involve energy/oil... or 'gas' - which is a riddle/pun hinting at the arrival of Peak Oil (this interpretation was done before Katrina). It is already no secret that the US is facing a looming energy crisis thanks to the hurricanes... a critical window being this coming winter. Without cheap energy, there is no bright future for the last superpower left on this planet. Already gutted by the burden of the Iraq invasion/occupation (remember Desert Storm?) and such, the US economy, like the WTC twin towers that proudly symbolized capitalism, would quickly crumble to the ground as energy becomes (artificially or truly) scarce. This would be the 'controlled demolition' of the United States. A major 'Judgment' process that is testing the US like it has never been tested before. I'd say it does not have to be all about doom and gloom, as it is also a form of 'Contact' - but it appears we're not responding so well to the ' test' so far and that would likely lead to a more literally destructive ending of the New World, paving the way for the birth of the next New World... Mars. The birth of the 'Star Child', so to speak.

To me this is what the Super Torch Ritual is essentially about. The death and rebirth of the New World a la the phoenix. Human civilization is currently 'pregnant', you might say.

Pregnancy/Birth Window

Attached to the idea of pregnancy/birth is the notion of 'water breaking' and that quite directly relates to the prevalent 'Great Flood' theme. This is a very important connection that we've been discussing since last year. The Sumatra tsunami was the first major expression of this - consequently creating the concept of an echo coming '9 months' later (i.e. gestation period). This would be around the end of September (where we were just days ago). The same window also happened to mark the 'antipodal' (6-month) echo point from the late-March/early-April window highlighted by Sumatra #2 and the very public deaths of Terri Schiavo and Pope John Paul II. We find that Rita, via its timing and symbolism, fits right into the pattern. ('Rita' is etymologically linked to Saint Margaret the Virgin who is traditionally considered the patron saint of pregnancy.)

The illustration is from before Rita's landfall. We can now add to it the heavy symbolism surrounding the October-3rd solar eclipse and the fact that using two average human pregnancy periods, 266 days (counted from the day of conception) and 280 days (counted from the first day of the woman's last period), we would have from about Sept. 18 through Oct. 2 as the 'birth window', stemming from the Sumatran 'water breaking'. Hurricane Rita made landfall comfortably inside this window on Sept. 24.

Between Sept. 24 and Oct. 4, there were other 'signature' events seemingly foreshadowing things to come. Particularly interesting was the clustering of judgment/justice-related events during this window, namely, 1) the indictments of US House Majority Leader Tom Delay, 2) an official probe into US Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's insider trading allegations, 3) NYT reporter Judith Miller freed and testifying in the CIA leak case, 4) John Roberts officially becoming the 17th chief justice, and 5) Bush nominating Harriet Miers to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (#4 & 5 taking place on the same day of the solar eclipse).

- Rita lashes Gulf Coast
- Bush says oil reserve can be tapped again
- Bush urges motorists to conserve gas
- Rita causes record damage to oil rigs
- Katrina, gas prices batter U.S. consumer confidence
- DeLay indicted, will step aside as majority leader
- SEC upgrades stock sale probe of Senate Majority Leader Frist
- Roberts confirmed as chief justice
- Natural-gas rates boosted to record levels
- No easy fix for Rita-damaged oil works
- NY Times reporter testifies in CIA leak probe
- "We could be looking at 10 dollar-a-gallon gas this winter"
- Bali bombs 'were suicide attacks'
- Scientists discover 10th planet's moon
- Gas prices may last six months
- Giuliani says he will consider 2008 presidential run
- Bush nominates Harriet Miers to Supreme Court
- DeLay faces money laundering charge (2nd indictment)
- Louisiana ecological harm called unprecedented
- Slowing is seen in housing prices in hot markets
- Bush calls for more refineries

The Oct. 3 eclipse was of the 'annular' type that creates a 'ring'... a 'ring of fire' so to speak.

As a reader recently told me, 'ring of fire' is a phrase sometimes used to refer to a sensation the mother feels when giving birth to a child. We find it fitting that Sumatra is part of the Pacific 'Ring of Fire' earthquake zone...

Descent of the Dove

Looking back now, we can see that the summer drama that was the space-shuttle mission of Discovery - considered a big STR 'ritual' - was a major omen analogous to Noah's dove. That the STS-114 flight was an important 'ritual' was clear from the beginning, associated particularly with the prevalent '8-8' motif which stems from Live 8/G-8 and such (underlying which is the 'Judgment' theme).

8/8 was a key date expressed through the shuttle's landing date (NASA initially selecting 8/7, then 8/8, and finally 8/9), and there were many other clues in this direction, including a 'balanced' Discovery timeline and such... ('Balanced' denoting justice - a major time-code pattern.)

Thanks to it being the very first mission since the disaster of Columbia, destroyed in 2003 during reentry killing all onboard, Discovery naturally received a lot of media coverage. It's important to note here that 'Columbia' derives its name from 'Columba' meaning 'dove' and relates particularly to Noah's dove. 'Columbia' is also a poetic name given to the US.

As I stated many times before, Columbia's fall was a form of 'omen'. Indeed the implicit coupling of the Flood and the US was exactly what was expressed through Katrina/New Orleans this summer. It conveys the idea that America - or 'Columbia' - is in its 'reentry' phase and that it's set to go down like the Titanic... and that the hurricane-induced 'Great Flood' situation is to be a key catalyst for this process.

The proximity of Discovery's landing (early August) and the hurricanes/Flood (starting late August) thus made a lot of sense within the STR context. If you read my August posts, you'd see that the underlying pattern led directly from Discovery to the late-August window (timing projected long before Katrina). It was a window for a 'Sun-king Judgment' event associated with Sumatra, and it turned out to be so.

What I should have noticed or emphasized, however, was the idea that Discovery was a form of Noah's dove. Columbia' Noah/Flood allusion transmitted in 2003 was amplified earlier this year via the fall of Pope JPII that began on the 2nd anniversary of the NASA disaster (Feb. 1). Discovery was the first shuttle flight since Columbia ('dove') and Sumatra ('Great Flood'). As per the Genesis storyline then, Discovery's 'return to flight' was symbolic of the dove Noah released to see if the Flood had ended. This is told in Genesis 8:8...

Discovery returning to the 'ark' (Earth) would mean the continuation of the Flood, and not returning would mean the end of the Flood. Discovery, amidst much speculation and worry, did safely return home and landed at Edwards Air Force Base on Aug. 9. Almost like the groundhog prognostication on Groundhog Day, the high-tech 'dove' in effect told us that the 'Flood' was not over yet. We didn't have to wait long to witness the implication, did we?

There is more to the underlying symbolic pattern - as illustrated below:

      Supplementary information/links:

- Space Shuttle Columbia disaster
- STS-114 Shuttle Discovery mission
- Genesis mission to the Sun & crash
- Sun's String of Fury from Sunspot 808 (aka 798)
- Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show controversy ('Nipplegate')
- Pope 'Gloria Olivae' following Pope 'De labore Solis'

Discovery's X Marks the Spot

Back in July we discussed the highly intriguing symbolism of the Discovery/STS-114 mission patch. With our updated, post-American Flood perspective, or hindsight, we now begin to realize that there was much more to the insignia in terms of 'hidden meaning'. Indeed, it practically predicted - albeit very much shrouded in symbolism - what was about to happen soon after the shuttle flight.

To refresh our memory, here is an excerpt from my pre-flight July 15 post in which I did pick up on a 'Great Flood' theme...

Now, is that in the STS-114 mission patch a stylized great circle that I see? And an orange meridional great circle? [...]


The blue 'great circle' makes the planet more like Saturn and the orange color alludes to Saturn's orange moon, Titan. The Flood theme reemerging again? Indeed, we see that inside the shuttle outline in the patch is depicted the constellation of Columba (Noah's dove) and the shuttle is even marking the North Pole, which is mythologically associated with the heavenly (cubic) stone having the function of stopping the Great Flood! Here is what I wrote in Contact: In the Ring of Fire:

A meridional great circle, or the 'fire colure', necessarily goes through the poles, but there are two amazing further correlations employed here. One is that the function of stopping the Flood water ascribed to the Benben/Omphalos Stone, which is a capstone or in effect a 'pole stone' symbolically used to pinpoint the Sumatran Great Flood, was also given to the Pole Star. As noted in Hamlet's Mill (p.219):

According to the Mongolians, the Pole star is "a pillar from the firm standing of which depends the correct revolving of the world, or a stone which closes an opening; if the stone is pulled out, water pours out of the opening to submerge the earth."

Continuing with the book, we have the following concerning the cubic shape (pp.222-3):

The cube was Saturn's figure, as Kepler showed in his Mysterium Cosmographicum; this is the reason for the insistence on cubic stones and cubic arks. Everywhere, the power who warns "Noah" and urges him to build his ark is Saturn, as Jehovah, as Enki, as Tane, etc.

And where are the great circles marking on the globe, as per 'X marks the spot'?

Well, we can now easily see that the 'X' in fact pinpoints... the origination area ('genesis') of both Katrina and Rita! There are no other hurricanes in the past 2 years (at least) that originated in this particular 'Columbus First Contact' region (you can check here).

The significance of this 'prophetic' marker, this 'crossing', increases dramatically when seen in the light of what was behind the ~8/31 anchor date projected in advance of the 'Great Flood'. The key ingredients were:

  1. The Sun reaching the crossing point in its 8-shaped analemma path

  2. Diana's car-crash/death anniversary (which through Diana the moon-goddess was associated with Hecate who in turn is etymologically related to 'Katrina'!)

  3. A special 'Orange Alignment' in the sky (closely associated with 'Sun-king Judgment' in the STR)

  4. The 'Equation of Time' code

  5. The anniversary of Schwarzenegger's RNC speech in NYC

The analemma crossing (#1) and the Hecate connection (a 'witch' goddess identified with a crossroads), #3, directly relate to the ' crossing' in the insignia. The 'orange' celestial alignment (i.e. involving Venus, Mercury, and the Sun), #3, relates to the orange 'exhaust' of the shuttle making up one of the crossing lines. And Diana's Moon association, #2, interacts with the Titan allusion already noted, i.e. the orange moon of Saturn.

To this moon of Saturn, Titan, was sent a music project called Music2Titan, arriving there in January this year. Its logo had made it quite clear that it was to be considered pertinent to the STR 'ritual' in which this concentric circle theme is prominent.


As you can see, it even closely mimics last year's stage design for Bush's Republican National Convention speech. The political convention itself began a day after the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympics - the STR event of 2004 - during which another hurricane-like spiral was shown at the center of the stadium.

This, in fact, came exactly one year before Hurricane Katrina's landfall (8/29)! August 29 is even 'Judgment Day' itself in Schwarzenegger's Terminator 2: Judgment Day...

The golden spiral was on another level an allusion to the beginning point of the 'Yellow Brick Road' in the film The Wizard of Oz, a story that has much to do with a twister...

To put the icing on the cake, Bush's speech on 9/2 closely coincided with Hurricane Frances reaching Florida... seemingly foreshadowing Katrina.

Location Clues

So we covered the timing aspect of the STS-114 patch design. But what about the location - i.e. New Orleans?

First, I would point out that Hurricane Frances may be associated with the 'Paris of America' that is the French-flavored city of New Orleans. The state of Louisiana, in which New Orleans resides, is even named after the French monarch Louis XIV, the 'Sun King' himself. It was the reign of this king that sow the seeds of the French Revolution. Notice how his legacy resembles George W. Bush's:

Louis's efforts did not bring prosperity to the common people of France. His numerous wars and extravagant palaces effectively bankrupted the nation, forcing him to levy high taxes on the peasants. As the nobility and clergy had exemption from paying these taxes, the peasantry came to resent them. The peasantry also opposed the royal absolutism established by Louis. The French Revolution picked up on such sentiments in 1789.

I would further point out that Hurricane Frances is in effect a 'turning (wind) Frances' or 'revolution France' or... 'French Revolution'.

The city seal of New Orleans, furthermore, is very orange.

Next, what stands out about the location of New Orleans, as already pointed out, is its latitude being exactly 30°N, the 'stargate latitude' marked by Giza and most pertinently by the Great Sphinx whose gaze, fixed on the due-east horizon, conceptually passes through New Orleans.

The Great Sphinx is a form of Horus, the Egyptian sun-god identified with the sunrise. The Sphinx therefore faces due-east and it's been called Horatkhi or 'Horus in the Horizon'. It's the 'Sun on the horizon', in other words. In the STS-114 insignia is found exactly that, in the form of a red disk signifying the 'o' in the name 'Noguchi', i.e. an astronaut from Japan, the 'Land of the Rising Sun'. As you can see, this 'rising sun' is even right 'on the horizon'...

Combined with the roughly latitudinal orientation of the ring, we have here a cunning reference to the Sphinx latitude, 30°N., which is of course also the latitude of New Orleans.

New Orleans is 'N.O.' and that is exactly the set of letters we see 'above horizon' in the design. What's more, the 'below horizon' portion, 'GUCHI', has the meaning of 'mouth' which is easily relatable to the fact that New Orleans sits at/near the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Sin City

New Orleans is known as the 'Crescent City', making it relatable to the crescent Moon. And the city's 'Great Flood' this summer has been associated with the Moon through Diana, Titan, and such. New Orleans thus becomes a 'Moon City' of sorts. (See here for more lunar connections.)

The Moon in Babylonia and Assyria was personified by the moon-god Sin. As such, we begin to see here a reflection of the 'Judgment' theme - the 'Great Flood' being the ultimate 'Judgment' event that befalls the Sin-ful.

New Orleans' French connection adds more weight to this interpretation in that Mary Magdalene (more or less equatable with Marianne), who according to tradition went to southern France with the Holy Grail/Royal Blood after the crucifixion of Jesus, embodies the feminine, or the 'Goddess', archetypally embodied by Eve. In Christian tradition, both Mary Magdalene and Eve are closely associated with the concept of sin (Mary supposedly being a former prostitute and Eve having partaken the forbidden fruit in Eden).

Of course, the point here is not that New Orleans was a 'Sin City' that 'God judged' - that's only a storyline that encodes further ' clues' that would lead us to a bigger picture... the 'next level' design that brings us deeper into rabbit hole. The 'rabbit hole' is almost analogous to STRUG around here these days :) but let me sort of 'leak' some of that stuff here as I feel the potential real-world implications involved here may outweigh other concerns.

This has to do with the fact that we have what appears to be an emerging 'damage plan' for the next or near-future event that would push the 'sinking of the Titanic' further. And it is likely to involve San Francisco. I'm not saying that the city is the 'target' per se, though it may well be, but that it is heavily involved in the underlying 'hidden design'.

Apart from its religious implications, the allusions to 'sin' could easily be pointing to the trigonometry function, sine, or... sin. This turned out to be a big key.

The rest, I'll just quote from my Enki's Warning series just commenced in STRUG (Super Torch Ritual Underground):

[...] New Orleans is a decidedly 'geodetically aware' place. Not only is it on the Sphinx/stargate latitude, it's also right on 90 deg. W longitude and approximately marks the end point/segment of the Mississippi River, which in the Time River Theory encodes within its layout the timeline of the United States. (New Orleans itself pinpoints ~1970 or the time of Apollo 11, i.e. mankind reaching the Moon... or Sin.) [...]

The combination of the emphasis on geodesy and the notion of 'sin' was very telling. Indeed, the idea of the 'Great Flood' itself is traditionally very geodetic as those who have read Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery would know. The 'Ark' is an allusion to an 'Arc' - i.e. the grid lines drawn on the planet. The doves associated with Noah and the heavenly stones also have much to do with geodesy. (For instance, the birds, once released, flew in the opposite directions and where they ended up meeting was taken to mark the center of the world.)

So we are talking spherical geometry, trigonometry, and such here. Mathematics, basically. [...]

The key here is 'sin' being a standard abbreviation of sine - a trigonometric function.

From Wikipedia

In the illustration above, if you know the angle D-O-A, you can find the lengths of all the marked/colored segments using trigonometry. Latitude 30 deg. N (= New Orleans) means '30 deg. above the equator', and so in the above illustration, that would mean, since the line O-D corresponds to the equator, Point A would correspond to New Orleans, thus making D-O-A a 30 deg. angle.

Next, since New Orleans is a 'Sin City', we are prompted to find the length of the 'sin' segment. Using a calculator - enter '30' and then hit 'sin' - you get '0.5'.

sin 30°= 0.5

This means that this particular vertical line is 50% of the radius of the circle (i.e. '1' in the illustration). Since we're dealing with Earth in our case, we replace that '1' with the planet's radius, which is 6356.78 km. (This is the polar radius which is slightly shorter than the equatorial radius since Earth is not a perfect sphere.)

By the way, isn't it interesting that both '50%' and radius carry the familiar 'midpoint/halfway' concept? Actually since we are in effect bisecting Earth's radius here (i.e. 50%), we even get the notion of 'quarter' - relative to the diameter (= radius x 2) - as in 'Cross-quarter' or 'French Quarter'.

Anyway, we are to find the 50% of Earth's radius, which turns out to be 3178.39 km. This is the length of the 'sin' segment based on the position or latitude of the 'Sin City'.

What could that distance mean?

Turns out, that's exactly the distance between the region of New Orleans and... San Francisco! I said 'region of New Orleans' because there is a little further twist here that involves the fact that the site of Katrina's landfall is somewhat to the south of the 'Sin City' (see the first image above). Its latitude is ~29.25 deg. N; the sine of 29.25 deg. is 0.4886... which means the sine 'segment' would be 3106 km... a little shorter than New Orleans'.

Now, what happens next is that we swap those distances. [This process makes Katrina an essential part of the geodetic code.] In other words, we measure 3178 km from Katrina's landfall site, and 3106 km from New Orleans... both toward San Francisco. And we find that these pinpoint with surreal accuracy the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! (In the illustration below, the measurement is made from the Golden Gate Bridge.)

The precision is incredible. If there is any imperfection in the measurements, it's under 6 km (or 4 miles)... which is really nothing. And let's not forget that the design involves a freaking hurricane! :)

[...] This is not a one-time occurrence. This is an on-going communication.

That's why I'm not at all surprised or puzzled that it's San Francisco/Golden Gate Bridge that the design has pinpointed here. It actually reinforces what I had already decoded from earlier 'communication'... [...]

So, why San Francisco? Is it a 'target' of some 'damage plan'? That would be a good guess. However, it's not only about San Francisco. The design is much bigger than this. This is only the beginning. [...]

[from STRUG]


San Francisco, orange, gold, 'gate'...

This is still just the beginning of the 'story', but enough to get the information, and the awareness of the 'design', registered further into the reality 'matrix' and let it do whatever it is that it does...

Deep Impact

Will the 'controlled demolition' of America move on to the next phase? That's obviously an important question. And we probably don't have to wait long to find out. Earthquakes, 'al Qaeda'... stuff like that is becoming a growing blip on the 'radar'.

What's worrisome is how this interacts with the now 'officially' looming energy crisis, the effects of which are set to become... well, a bona fide crisis as early as this winter. I've been projecting a 'Deep Impact' event this fall/winter for many months now and the choice of the phrase 'Deep Impact' here is not arbitrary. In both films Deep Impact and Armageddon (having almost identical storylines) Earth is threatened by an incoming rock from space; and Deep Impact is certainly a 'Great Flood' story.

Scary scenario to be sure, but the way I see it the 'space rock' aspect is mostly just a storyline on the surface hiding a very different (metaphoric) story underneath.

This, more realistic, 'story' may be accessed if we take the rock to be a metaphor for oil... an oil/energy crisis a la Peak Oil. After all, petroleum literally means 'rock oil', and in Armageddon the main characters, the heroes who save mankind, are all oil drillers. And in both movies, the ultimate solution is to detonate a nuke...

That this storyline is coming alive at this time was made quite obvious when NASA's space probed named Deep Impact smashed into Comet Tempel 1 this summer on Independence Day... merely 2 months before Katrina/New Orleans. So the 'Great Flood' association certainly had a 'prophetic' quality. And the damage done to US energy by Katrina and Rita continues the parallel and tells us something about what's coming. There are 'time codes' involved here - giving us the ~November time marker - as well, which I will go into at a later time.

I'm also closely monitoring, as I have been for some time now, the fate of the current US leadership, particularly Cheney and/or Bush. This is part of the underlying pattern as well. Will all of them survive until the end of the year?

Bush/Cheney is a 'Sun-king' figure, the American version, and as such the 'force of Judgment' seems to be closing in on them fast in this period. The fall of the Republican leadership, DeLay (House) and Frist (Senate) appears to be a clear enough sign that this pattern is manifesting. More reason to worry about a 'shock and awe' event that would change the direction of the momentum almost instantaneously (and ensure the renewal of the Patriot Act scheduled to expire at the end of the year).

Another piece of symbolism I should briefly mention here is how the Golden Gate Bridge connection relates back to the 'Sun-king Judgment' theme with emphasis on the Pope... Sometimes referred to as the 'pontiff', the Pope is a 'bridge-maker' (the literal meaning of 'pontiff'), implying 'a bridge between God and humanity' or between heaven and earth, i.e. a gate... a 'stragate' (= 'Babylon'; theme of Deep Impact). Combine that with the fact that there was a particularly pronounced 'Orange Alignment' (Venus-Sun-Mercury-Earth-Jupiter) at the time of the death of John Paul II and we begin to detect the implication that the bridge/S.F. (both orange in color) is to interact with the Sun-king Judgment pattern which is inseparable from the Orange (Alignment) theme.

The next Orange Alignment is coming around ~Nov. 17, closely preceded by Earth's close encounter with Mars (meaningful in this context especially in light of this). This is a key part of the reason why I've been emphasizing the November timeframe (though further twists can be expected). More on the time codes in upcoming posts.




 October 01, '05   Labor of Sun King
[Note: This post has been retroactively made into a blog entry after first appearing as a bulletin note on the front page.]

What I find interesting about the coming solar eclipse is that it comes right when there is an ongoing major theme involving the combination of the Sun and the Moon (the conjunction of which produces a solar eclipse). New Orleans is a 'Crescent City' in a 'Sun-king State'. and Jackson Square, from where Bush addressed the nation 9/15, is across the river from a boardwalk called the 'Moon Walk'.

'Jackson' and 'Moonwalk' evoke Michael Jackson, our 'tabloid Sun-king' whose sister Janet is infamous for her 'indecent exposure' incident at the '04 Super Bowl halftime in Houston, the biggest city just threatened by Ri-ta. Houston is the 'Space City' associated with NASA and Apollo/Moon. Apollo is a Sun god, so Apollo 11 was a Sun-Moon merger a la a solar eclipse. New Orleans' latitude corresponds to the time of Apollo 11 reaching the Moon (1969) in my Time River Theory. And during the '04 Super Bowl was a reenactment of that very moment...

Janet's right breast was unleashed also exactly one year before the first hospitalization of Pope JPII (Feb. 1) this year, a major 'Sun king' figure who, as now well known, was given the prophetic motto 'of the Labor (or Eclipse) of the Sun' by St. Malachy. Around the beginning of October, i.e. right now, happens to represent a window associated with the 'Flood/Sun-king Judgment' theme involving the fall of that pope. Curiously, Bush's Sept 15 speech celestially interacted with the demise of that Sun-king. So I do detect a significant pattern developing here. [Update: We can add to the list 1) NASA's 'Apollo on steroids' plan revealed mid-September, & 2) a moon of the '10th planet' just discovered.]

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