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The View From the Tower


Current Focus At Etemenanki

We are closely monitoring the 'stargate window'.

Latest: Although we are now beyond the originally projected 'stargate window', newly detected patterns have given us various secondary windows to watch - especially during November and December. The emerging perception is that there is a tapestry of interwoven patterns encoded into the entire year 2003, centered around Aug./Sept. You can follow this development from the Oct. 12 entry below.


December 19, '03   Projection Review
In this update I'd like to take a more in-depth look back at what I've said in the past regarding Saddam being one of the 'Babylon leaders' projected to 'fall', how the projection was associated with the mid-December period, and also what the fulfillment of the projection implies in terms of what may be coming in the near future.

First, the issue of Saddam being a 'falling Babylon leader'. Given that Saddam was the leader of of Iraq occupying the ancient land of Babylon (Babylonian empire), this link is actually a no-brainer. Back in Oct. '02 - before the Iraq war - I was already discussing this very connection in Endgame II:

'Babylon falling' - this seems to be one of the key themes of the current time window in history. [...and the historical Babylon] was in Iraq (Mesopotamia), of course - where, today, the reign of Saddam Hussein appears to be in its final hour, due to the impending aggression from the New-World Babylon, the United States!

Presently, therefore, 'Babylon' is indeed collectively falling.

Although lately I have been focusing more on Bush and the Pope as the 'Babylon leaders', I usually note that there are others like Saddam, as I did in my June 9 post:

...the fall of Bush - a 'Babylon leader' along with Saddam, the Pope, etc. - is one of the likely  scenarios projected to manifest in, or in association with the 'stargate window'...

Next, it was as early as October of this year that I began to point to mid-December as a key time window. In my Oct. 16 update I wrote:

Whatever the case, I'm actually looking at mid-December as a sort of climax window for the coming events...

And about a month later I specifically attached the 'Babylon leader falling' theme to the December window. I wrote on Nov. 12:

...(I don't think [the solar eclipse of Nov. 23] will coincide with the Pope's exit but I strongly suspect that it will signal his reign coming to an end in the very near future... probably before spring, with December being a particularly interesting period [...])

Of course, the exit of the Pope belongs to the larger theme of 'Babylon leader falling', which is closely attached to the 'stargate window' of 2003. As mentioned many times before, the 'Babylon leader' is an epithet applicable to the leadership of the US, UK, Israel, and such.

Before December, I also detected certain other dates as being relevant to the same theme, the most significant being the time around November 20. This coincided with Bush making his unwelcome state visit to London (Nov. 18-21) and the symbolically intriguing 'fall' of Michael Jackson. As discussed in my Nov. 12 and Nov. 15 posts, this window was celestially pinpointed by such phenomena as a solar eclipse (Nov. 23) and a precise Mars-Earth-Jupiter alignment (Nov. 20).

In the Nov. 15 update I specifically associated this window with Bush:

The more I look into it, the more it appears that the 'fall' of Bush may hit the fan probably as early as this month in some form. Not sure whether it will begin or complete in November, but I'd have to say there is much to suggest, in terms of symbology, that the 'fall' is a prominent possibility in this period.

The 'fall' was of course still applicable to other 'Babylon leaders' who can interchangeably be called 'Sun-kings' (= Horus, Phaėthon, etc.). Thus I also wrote:

So, on many levels, the next anticipated event in the very near future is the 'fall of Phaėthon'...

Not surprisingly, what took place during that period was more symbolic than literal. The most striking was the toppling of a Bush statue by the massive anti-Bush protesters in Britain. This was obviously meant to mirror the fall of the Saddam statue during the war in Iraq.

Shortly after the end of the Iraq invasion, I wrote the following in Endgame V (posted June 22, '03) regarding the Saddam statue event:

There was another ominous event emerging from Iraq. This was the toppling of the Saddam statue in Baghdad (another staged event for the media), which was meant to signify the fall of the Saddam regime. The 'Babylon leader' parallel we have been detecting between Saddam and Bush was seemingly acknowledged here by the US military personnel placing a US flag over the statue's head before bringing it down to the ground. The Saddam statue was soon 'decapitated' and the detached head was dragged through the streets. Was this foreshadowing what will happen to Bush?

So it can be said that I had anticipated the fall of the Bush statue, which indeed took place during the mid-November window I had specifically associated with the same theme.

But I didn't stop there. I addressed this issue in the Nov. 22 post and went on to express my view that the same theme would be 'echoed' during mid-December:

Previously I speculated that the 'fall' was quite likely to be that of Bush, our 'Sun king'/Phaėthon (a 'Babylon leader'), or his administration. So far it seems that the manifestation of the detected pattern is remaining largely symbolic (including the dramatic toppling of the Bush effigy in London, a la the Baghdad statue of Saddam back in April, who is/was the literal 'Babylon leader'). [...]

...my projection pointing at mid-December as a period to watch (I've called it the 'Hall of Records window' before... but it could also be dubbed the 'holy sh*t window' :) ). [...]

This inevitably makes us wonder about the prevalent 'echo effect' we've been witnessing this year. I'd say get ready for a more dramatic manifestation of the same theme around mid-December/winter solstice.

In other words, by November 22 I was already projecting an event for mid-December that would echo the Bush-Saddam parallel and the 'Babylon leader falling' theme.

Then came December 13 and, to most people's surprise, Saddam Hussein was captured by the US military! Saddam's statue fell back in April, but this time it was obviously a much more literal fall of Saddam.

There was another echo, though a subtler one. In my Nov. 15 update I discussed how Apollo 11's historic mission to the Moon was symbolically and celestially intertwined with the solar eclipse of Nov. 23 and the attached themes including 'Babylon leader falling'. As I wrote:

And finally there is the Apollo 11 connection. It turns out that most of the key themes discussed above are somehow encoded into the historic mission to the Moon. [...] So it could be said that the Apollo 11 symbolism, involving the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, and Scorpius' head, was a precursor to the coming alignment (of Nov. '03) involving the very same celestial bodies... This tells us that we are again standing at the threshold of another historic moment right now.

Because of the echo effect manifested in mid-December through the 'fall of Saddam', we would have the implication that the Apollo 11 association could also be echoed at around the same time. And an echo we did find!

As we entered the final month of 2003, we suddenly began hearing rumors that the Bush administration was planning to start a program to send man back to the Moon (and then Mars); and that Bush was planning to make this announcement on December 17. As reported in the news:

When President Bush delivers a speech recognizing the centenary of heavier-than-air-powered flight December 17, it is expected that he will proffer a bold vision of renewed space flight, with at its center a return to the moon, perhaps even establishment of a permanent presence there. If he does, it will mean that he has decided the United States should once again become a space-faring nation.

If this isn't an echo of 'Apollo 11', I don't know what is! (Even though Bush decided not to make the announcement on that particular day after all, the buzz was there and it is anticipated that he'll make the announcement early next year, probably during the State of the Union speech in January.)

Next, I'd like to point out some very interesting numerical correlations. One is that the day of the ominous solar eclipse (Nov. 23) and its 'echo day', i.e. the day Saddam got captured (Dec. 13), are separated by 20 days, which happens to precisely match the duration from the start of the Iraq war (March 20) and the toppling of the Saddam statue (April 9). Both the numbers and themes correspond nicely.

Another one involves Venus. In the Dec. 11 post I described December as the 'month of Sirius', making it one of the reasons why we should consider this December a key time window. And via the shared five-pointed star symbol and such, Sirius conceptually overlaps Venus. This establishes Venus as a planet pertinent to this period. And we recall that Venus' orbital period was found to be linked to the 2-year cycle pattern behind the 'stargate window' theme that has led to the current December window. Well, it just happens that the time between Saddam's capture and Bush declaring the end of the war (more or less) on May 2 (Iraqi time, if I'm not mistaken) matches the orbital period of Venus, 225 days! (Also note: 2001-1776 = 225.)

Finally, let's do our checking with Revelation. :) The pattern we have already found to be useful in the past is the conversion of the date into an index number of the Book of Genesis or Revelation ('alpha and omega') normally using the format of 'day:month'. I thought about checking the date of Saddam's capture because Iraq is the historical land of Genesis (Eden, etc.). But it was Revelation that yielded pretty intriguing results.

Using the index number 13:12 (i.e. 13 December)

And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

Oh boy... 'the Beast'! If you haven't already, read my past posts (starting from August) and you'll see why this is so uncanny.

Just in case, I also checked 12:13 and this is what I found:

And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.

What is this 'dragon'? Let's look at Revelation 12:9 for clarification:

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

So we have the beast and we have the dragon/Satan... Lovely! :)

I should also mention that there was a similar 'December window' last year with the same 'Babylon leader falling' theme. As discussed in Endgame IV and elsewhere, in this case the theme manifested in the form of twin resignations of leaders, Cardinal Bernard Law (archbishop of the Boston Archdiocese) and Trent Lott (Republican leader in the Senate). It was Law instead of the Pope and Lott instead of the President - i.e. slight transpositions occurred. But what's intriguing here is that Law's resignation came on December 13... yes, the very date of Saddam's arrest. Lott on the other hand stepped down as majority leader on December 20. Perhaps this will be echoed as well? For amusement I went back to Revelation and looked up 20:12 and I found this:

And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

Like... Judgment Day? Why not, this complements the 'beast' and 'dragon' well! :)

This 'book of life' is actually evocative of something like the 'Hall of Records' - and I have called the current window the 'Hall of Records window' before. The 'Hall' corresponds to the underground 'secret chamber' supposedly somewhere beneath the Great Sphinx (presently expressed by Jupiter situated at the '9/11 solar position' just under Leo, the celestial sphinx). And the imagery of an underground chamber in turn brings to mind the 'spider hole' where Saddam - the 'ace in the hole' - was found... along with some 'MARS' candy bars prominently placed in the underground room (shown in the video). 'Mars' in ancient tradition was 'Horus the Red' and analogous to the Great Sphinx which too was a form of Horus. (It would make sense for the 'Hall of Records' to be on the Red Planet.) And of course, Mars Express is arriving there on Christmas Day...

Perhaps Santa/Saturn has some more surprises in store for us this month.

December 17, '03   The Lord of Time
The final installment of The Lord of the Rings (The Return of the King) began playing in theaters today. As mentioned before it happens to be part of the 'pattern' underlying this particular period's events (i.e. the 'December window'). In a sense, The Lord of the Rings is comparable to 2001: A Space Odyssey in that both are very much relevant now symbolically and there is the curious fact that the destination planet in Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 story was originally Saturn, the ringed planet, not Jupiter as in the film version. Saturn is the 'lord of the ring'. And of course it is no coincidence that Saturnalia, the 7-day festival of Saturn, starts today.

There is some buzz on the internet now about this article by Jay Weidner (and Sharron Rose) titled: 'Tolkien at the End of Time; Alchemical Secrets of The Lord of the Rings'. Weidner is one of those people who seems to have that inner/esoteric grasp of things. I enjoy reading his stuff, as evidenced by the fact that I have already referred to his '2001' article back in my Oct. 16 post.

I can certainly recommend this LOTR article, especially for those who have read my book The Time Rivers. You'll be surprised to see how much overlap there is between what he says there and what I have uncovered through the 'map' of the Time Rivers (especially the part concerning the ages of man). But I'm not personally surprised by this kind of correspondence since my position is that the Time River system is the 'Rosetta Stone' of human history... (What I discuss here on Etemenanki is necessarily speculative stuff but the Time River Theory is a totally different animal.)

Weidner comes from an 'alchemical' perspective while the Time River scheme has to do primarily with the Nile, the river of time/Saturn. Soon enough we'll see it is no coincidence that both the term 'alchemy' and the Nile (along with Saturn and Egypt) relate to the color black. The Nile, the black river, is the ultimate 'alchemical' device... And it is, again, no coincidence that Iraq is the focus of the world at this time, the land of the Tigris-Euphrates river system which has been revealed as a 'transposed' version of the Nile's 'trans-temporal' tributaries in Ethiopia/Sudan (the 'stargate' rivers). The revolution/revelation is only beginning...

Okay, an update on the Saddam situation soon.

December 14, '03   'Babylon Leader' Fallen
Saddam Hussein, the former leader of Iraq, was finally captured yesterday. This marks the end of an era in Iraq, the ancient land of Babylon.

Saddam is/was the literal 'Babylon leader', especially considering that he reportedly saw himself as the reincarnated Nebuchadnezzar, the legendary Babylonian king. And of course, in my post of Dec. 11, I projected that the theme of 'Babylon leader falling' should manifest this month, with 'mid-December' especially being a key period.

[Note: Saddam being a 'Babylon leader', paralleling Bush etc., is something I have discussed many time in the past. See for example: Endgame II, V, and my Nov. 22 update. Also in the June 9 update I wrote: 'the fall of Bush - a 'Babylon leader' along with Saddam, the Pope, etc. - is one of the likely  scenarios projected to manifest in, or in association with the '"stargate window"'.]

Here are relevant quotes from my Dec. 11 post:

- '...the mid-December window coming up shortly.'

- 'The 'Sun-king death' theme is again echoed clearly here'

- '...the 'death of the Sun-king' theme or the 'Babylon leader falling' theme (pretty much the same thing). [...] It will really be interesting to see how the 'Sun-king/ Babylon leader falling' theme will manifest this winter and particularly this December.' [emphasis added]

The US military operation that captured Saddam was code-named 'Red Dawn'. Well, this screams 'Mars'. Mars is the Red Planet associated in ancient Egyptian tradition with Horus the sun-god who was specifically signified by the rising sun (and the Great Sphinx). This is meaningful here because I noted in the same Dec. 11 update the relevance of Mars in conjunction with Iraq. Here is the pertinent paragraph:

One of the key dates found is December 16. On that day [Dec. 15/16, to be more accurate], the Moon will pass right over Jupiter (at the 'solar 9/11 position'); and at the same time Mars, situated on the opposite side of the sky, will be positioned at the vernal equinox point where the ecliptic and the celestial equator intersect. (See image below.) Recall that the equinoctial points are inseparable from the Great Sphinx (Leo) which, facing due east, aligns with the rising sun on the days of the equinoxes. And the Great Sphinx was also a form of Mars in ancient Egyptian tradition in that both it and the Red Planet were considered representations of the sun-god Horus. What's more, this year's spring equinox coincided with the beginning of the Iraq war (Mars is the god/planet of war). [emphasis added]

So that's the quick update for now.

Bottom line: the projected 'Babylon leader falling' theme is manifesting in a major and direct way during the pinpointed period of mid-December.

More later...

December 13, '03   War...
This is what war does.

Something to think about....

December 11, '03   Santa's Special Delivery
So already the year 2003 is almost over. Here at Etemenanki we can look back and see that it was a remarkable year in terms of finding 'signs' in the sky. Many key events, especially those related to the Iraq invasion, as well as the rise of the 'Terminator', were celestially acknowledged as per the notion of 'as above, so below'. The year 2003 being the 'echo' of 2001 in our 2-year/Martian cycle pattern, it's only fitting that we witnessed all the elegantly 'coordinated' celestial dance - just as hinted in the film '2001: A Space Odyssey' - to accompany the 'echo events' of 9/11.

The idea of 2003 being the 'sequel' of 2001 was also acknowledged by a strange event this fall that closely mimicked the scenario of the film '2010', the sequel to '2001'. This event, of course, was the Galileo spacecraft carrying plutonium plunging into Jupiter's thick atmosphere which was followed a month later by the appearance of a mysterious dark spot on that planet's surface. Prior to the decommissioning of Galileo, there was a lot of talk about the possibility of its plutonium material onboard causing a nuclear explosion and as a result turning Jupiter into a second sun a la 2010. While this was a pretty farfetched theory, it appears that perhaps there was indeed a nuclear detonation on Jupiter caused by Galileo, creating the mysterious dark spot.

Real or symbolic, the event was a strong confirmation telling us that Jupiter plays an important role in creating 'signs in the sky' relevant to what's taking place on earth. And this in turn leads directly to the mid-December window coming up shortly.

During mid-December, Jupiter will be positioned just 'under' the constellation of Leo, the lion/sphinx. The Sun and Leo/lion are closely associated in tradition. The combination of Jupiter and the Sun resonates with the theme of 'Jupiter as a second sun' discussed above. But what's remarkable here is the fact that Jupiter's position during this period will precisely mark where the Sun was on 9/11, 2001. (See image below.) This not only strengthens the Jupiter-Sun connection, it conforms to the 2-year cycle theme.

One of the key dates found is December 16. On that day, the Moon will pass right over Jupiter (at the 'solar 9/11 position'); and at the same time Mars, situated on the opposite side of the sky, will be positioned at the vernal equinox point where the ecliptic and the celestial equator intersect. (See image below.) Recall that the equinoctial points are inseparable from the Great Sphinx (Leo) which, facing due east, aligns with the rising sun on the days of the equinoxes. And the Great Sphinx was also a form of Mars in ancient Egyptian tradition in that both it and the Red Planet were considered representations of the sun-god Horus. What's more, this year's spring equinox coincided with the beginning of the Iraq war (Mars is the god/planet of war).

After this the Moon will move quickly along the ecliptic (the apparent path of the sun/planets) to reach the Sun. The Moon and the Sun will be aligned on December 23. This is only a day after the winter solstice and the Sun will be at one of the 'stargate' positions where the Milky Way and the ecliptic cross.

The last time the Sun and the Moon were aligned was on November 23, producing an ominous solar eclipse symbolically suggesting the death of the Sun/Sun-king. We discussed the symbolic implications of this in depth previously. The 'Sun-king death' theme is again echoed clearly here in that the winter solstice is traditionally when the Sun - being at the lowest position in the sky - 'dies' and is 'reborn'.

The death/rebirth of the Sun is also the story of Osiris' death and resurrection - i.e. the prominent theme attached to our 'stargate window' of 2003. It is also intimately linked to Saturn, the Roman death-god (just as Osiris is the Egyptian death-god). In fact, the festival of Saturn, 'Saturnalia', is traditionally closely associated with the winter solstice and Sol Invictus discussed on Nov. 22. The period of the Saturnalia festival, Dec. 17-23, also closely corresponds with the period defined by the Moon's alignment with Jupiter (Dec. 16) and the Sun (Dec. 23).

As if the above weren't enough, we have the following as the icing on the cake:

On New Years Eve the Lord of the Rings will be closer to Earth and brighter than at any time in three decades. All month long skywatchers can enjoy Saturn at its finest. A similar opportunity won't come again for another 30 years.

If in 2003 we had the Summer of Mars, this will be the Winter of Saturn. [from Space.com]

In other words, this December happens to be a 'month of Saturn' that comes only once in 30 years! And of course, the final installment of the 'Lord of the Rings' film series will open this month on the 'Saturnalia day', Dec. 17. It will be subtitled 'The Return of the King'. Well, the theme of the resurrection/return of Saturn (Osiris), i.e. the lord of the ringed planet, is obviously reinforced here.

There is more. Previously we've talked a lot about George W. Bush symbolically being Phaėthon/Horus, a 'Sun-king'. He would therefore be very much relevant to the December window and its symbolic themes. So how fitting is it that there is/was a lot of buzz going around about the possibility of Bush announcing a plan to send man back to the Moon and then to Mars? And note the date of the scheduled speech during which Bush might announce this: December 17 (in North Carolina), of course! :) (The current speculation is that the announcement will likely come early next year, perhaps during the State of the Union speech.)

Let me remind you that as early as the fall of 2001 I was already expecting the Bush administration to look to outer space and particularly Mars, as I wrote  back then (October 25) in Mystery, Babylon the Great:

The 911 event being a symbolic reenactment of the Flood (i.e. destruction of 'Atlantis'), wouldn't the pattern dictate that the next event be a mass 'Exodus'? Could it be just a coincidence that I conceptually equated President Bush with Moses in The Two Suns of Election MM [article] last year?

But where would be the destination of this 'Exodus'? Where is our 'Promised Land'?

You guessed it: Mars.

The world events today appear to be symbolically anticipating mankind's imminent migration to the Red Planet on which will likely be found enough water to sustain a full-blown civilization soon...

We are going back to our Genesis, the First Time, the Golden Age, the Age of Osiris.

But I must also add that I'm not necessarily expecting the US to reach and triumphantly claim the Red Planet. See my Oct. 10 post, for example, on this issue.

And speaking of going to Mars, this December will see Europe's Mars Express arriving on the Red Planet. More specifically, the scheduled arrival is on Dec. 25, Christmas... i.e. a holiday that at least partly evolved from Saturnalia. Mars Express is also significant in that it is planned to take a look at the so-called 'Face on Mars'... the Martian 'Sphinx'.

The fact that the lander of Mars Express is named 'Beagle 2' is also intriguing as this subtly brings to mind Nostradamus' Quatrain II-41 (often discussed on this website). This quatrain is the one dealing with the pertinent 'two suns' theme (a la '2010'):

Quatrain II - 41 
La grand' estoille par sept jours bruslera,
Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir:
Le gros mastin toute nuit hurlera,
Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.
The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make double sun appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes his abode.

Our 'December window' is marked prominently by Jupiter, the cinematically expressed 'second sun', thus making this quatrain relevant to this particular period. Now, notice Line 3 mentioning 'large mastiff'... This canine reference may be correlated with the name of the Mars lander, 'Beagle'. It's not a strong link but at least it's enough to prompt some of us to pay attention to Quatrain II-41.

For many years, my view has been that II-41 is 'the Sirius quatrain' - Sirius being the 'Dog Star', the brightest star in the night sky (excluding the planets). The first line mentions 'the great star' together with 'burning' and 'seven' (originally written 'sept'). Well, Sirius, the 'great star', is closely associated with the notion of 'scorching' and was called 'Sept' in ancient Egypt. So the first line is already enough to make plain for us that the quatrain has much to do with Sirius.

The reference to 'seven days' subtly alludes to Saturnalia, the seven-day proto-Christmas festival in December (especially combined with the mention of the Pope in the last line). But it is Line 3, 'The large mastiff will howl all night', that gives us a strong acknowledgement that the pertinent timeframe is December. Taking the 'large mastiff' as a reference to Sirius the Dog Star, the part about it howling 'all night' would point to the period when Sirius is seen in the sky all night. That's none other than December! (Or December-January.)

Moreover, Line 4 correlates nicely with the 'death of the Sun-king' theme or the 'Babylon leader falling' theme (pretty much the same thing). As I have noted many times before, the Pope, like Bush, is symbolically a 'Babylon leader'. And he is quite clearly a 'Sun-king' also in that Pope John Paul II's motto given by St. Malachy's prophetic list of popes is 'of the labor (or eclipse) of the Sun'. (Indeed, his birth coincided with the solar eclipse of May 18, 1920.) It will really be interesting to see how the 'Sun-king/Babylon leader falling' theme will manifest this winter and particularly this December.

I'm also curious to see if the Pentagon (Department of Defense), home to many neo-con chickenhawks, will play a key role in the events of December-January. Symbolically its significance is difficult to miss. First, the five-pointed star, i.e. the pentagram inseparable from the pentagonal form, is traditionally associated with Sirius (as well as Venus). Second, the 'defense' aspect resonates with the 'mastiff' of II-41, i.e. a 'guard dog'. And thirdly, there is the connection to Mars, the planet/god of war, as the Pentagon is of course the war department. All the themes we are tracking are directly related to Mars (and the 'stargate window') and as already mentioned we'll have the arrival of Mars Express at Mars on Christmas.

What's more, this December may witness some further discovery related to the air/star-shaft(s) of the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid (Giza). As first pointed out by Robert Bauval (The Orion Mystery, The Message of the Sphinx), the southern shaft of the Queen's Chamber is designed to align with Sirius during the Pyramid Age! Here is what Phenomena/Daily Grail reports:

He [Mr Skinner-Simpson] also passed on some other news of interest mentioned during the lecture. Apparently Dr Hawass told the audience that he is hoping to investigate the Queen's Chamber "airshaft doors" further in 2005 - which seems to go against current reports that further work will be done in December 2003. Dr Hawass did say, however, that he is about to begin the search to see if the shafts emerge on the exterior of the pyramid.

The archaeoastronomical findings of Bauval, namely the 'Orion Correlation Theory', is notorious for the implication that the extremely ancient epoch of 10,500 BC is somehow pinpointed by the layout of the Giza monuments in conjunction with the stars. In The Message of the Sphinx (originally called Keeper of Genesis), Bauval and Graham Hancock further speculate (pp.265-7) that by superimposing the Leo of 10,500 BC upon the Great Sphinx at Giza, a 'Genesis chamber' (i.e. the 'Hall of Records') may be pinpointed by the vernal point, where the Sun resided at the time of the spring equinox (the time of solar alignment for the Sphinx). Well, this vernal point (of c. 10,500 BC) was just beneath Leo and corresponds very closely to the '9/11 solar position' where Jupiter will be during mid-December.

Finally, let me again point out that the semi-mythical Priory of Sion, made famous (again) this year by the best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code, is now reportedly becoming active again and a subtle clue was given which suggested the significance of December '03 - as I wrote in my Nov. 4 post:

It is worth noting that the Priory of Sion - the supposed secret society closely associated with the Grail/Magdalene - is apparently being resurrected this year. A letter allegedly sent out by Sion's Secretary General Gino Sandri has recently surfaced, which claimed 'On the threshold of this fateful year (2003), all is ready for the emergence of Sion...' [...] [The Priory] exists in the 'gray area' between reality and myth. It is a game - a game set up to lead us to discoveries.

So for example, the letter in question is dated December 27, 2003, which would normally be considered a typo (as it should normally be '2002'). But in the realm of the Grail 'game', that's obviously a clue hinting at something...

And so there you have it.

All this is why I had been pointing to the 'December window' for many weeks as a key period. It should be quite interesting to watch.

Waiting for Santa's special delivery...

December 5, '03   Probing the Matrix
Since my the last update, there were some notable events. George W. Bush pulled off his surprise (some say cowardly) visit to Iraq to get some quality air time on TV during the Thanksgiving weekend. Well, you gotta give it to his handlers: this was a brilliantly conceived and executed piece of propaganda. There should be some spike in the polls for Bush... But it's only a temporary psychological effect that won't last that long - after all the fact is in plain sight that Iraq is a major disaster for the US, and that the Bush administration (more specifically Cheney's neocon cabal) is largely responsible for it. But I guess they'll keep propagandizing as long as necessary to keep Bush politically afloat and electable. Oh well.

This ridiculous state of affairs is made possible by the spinelessly controlled mainstream media. Currently there are no checks and balances in the US and corporate/fascist America headed by Bush/Cheney has been moving fast to push their agenda forward as fast, and as much, as they can while they can. And the longer the current administration as it exists today stays in power, the less likely that the US will recover from the massive damage done by the counterfeit leadership. It may already be too late now... But as far as I'm concerned, the US is in its sunset with or without the Bush administration. Still, 'death' doesn't have to be painful.

Another significant development was the apparent resurgence of US economy. Well, personally I don't buy it. The 'recovery' looks like artificial media hype creating an illusion/bubble. (There are signs...) While I'm no economist, I have a unique little data point on this that gives me some clue as to what's taking place.

As you may know, I've been doing some 'psi work' behind the scenes and recently made some tangible progress. As a result of this, I've been doing a lot of 'psi sessions' (aka 'remote viewing') lately and, because the period of November and December was of particular interest to me due to all the symbolism analysis discussed on this website, I did multiple sessions back in early/mid November with experimental cues like 'Most significant event during November and December 2003'. And while there were a number of themes apparent in the sessions, the most prominent was the theme of economy.

What surprised me was the data suggesting the economy 'moving up'. This notion was very prominent in two sessions done just before Thanksgiving with the following cues: ''Thanksgiving (2003)/significant event' and 'Next significant event associated with the Bush administration (in 2003)'. This was a classic case of the (transcendental) unconscious mind contradicting the conscious assumption (that the economy is about to collapse) - which meant the data was likely psi-driven and accurate. But accompanying this data, in both sessions, was the idea of 'false picture', 'empty', 'hot air', 'dire situation hidden', etc. In other words, the psi data suggested that the economical improvement would be all appearance and no substance.

I should also mention that there was a lot of data dealing with 'behind the scenes' 'manipulation', 'ignoring danger', and 'imminent threat'. In my session done on Nov. 8, the suggested secret activity/'communication' was accompanied by the repeated mentioning of the idea of 'handing/passing on' along with some war imageries - which is very applicable to the surprising policy reversal made by the Bush administration, reported just few days after the session, on the issue of handing over control to the Iraqi people due to the increasing chaos there.

There was also a curious theme of UFOs/Contact in one of the sessions but I'm not sure what that was about... My subconscious associated it with the military guy in charge of the UFO/reverse engineering operations in Steven Spielberg's TV mini-series, 'Taken', on Sci-Fi Channel (and also with 'MJ-12').

At any rate, this is just a little preview... as I think I'm ready to incorporate more and more psi stuff on my website. So prepare for that next phrase of the evolution here. :)

Let's see... Well, there was of course the total solar eclipse on Nov. 23 which I had interpreted as a very ominous 'sign' for the 'Sun king'/'Babylon leader' like Bush. We'll see how this will play out in the coming weeks or months. But there was already a very curious event on the day of the eclipse - namely the revolt and leadership change in Georgia (the country at the eastern edge of the Black Sea). While the toppled Georgian president wasn't really a 'Sun/Babylon king' per se, the timing of his fall and the name 'Georgia' (closely resembling 'George') kind of make us curious about its symbolic implications. Was it a subtle foreshadowing ('pre-echo') of what's potentially ahead for 'George' (Bush) in the US? Perhaps almost exactly one year (= one 'Sun') later, in conjunction with the Presidential election in November '04?

The 'revolution' in Georgia was about the triumph of 'people power' assisted by TV/media. Certainly, if nothing else, the event highlighted what is grossly lacking and needed in the United States...

Georgia is also intriguing geographically in that it overlaps the site of 'Colchis' where the legendary 'Golden Fleece' was kept. This relic, mythologically woven into the tales of the Argonauts, is quite comparable to the Ark-Grail and equated with Aries/Ram and inseparable from Ares/Mars. Georgia also overlaps the Caucasus Mts., said to be the mountain to which Prometheus was chained to for the transgression of giving 'fire' to mankind. Prometheus embodies the 'fallen angels' - the link between heaven and earth - and has much to do with Mars the 'fire planet' (this is acknowledged by NASA's 'Project Prometheus' which will send man to Mars in the near future). I don't have to explain the significance of the Red Planet any more... It's the planet of 2003 and the new 'New World' now rising on the horizon.

As the next New World rises, America the old New World has to fall. And much of the discussion on this Etemenanki website has been directly or indirectly about this momentous 'passing of the torch'. I began mentioning this coming 'end of the US' in early 2000, suggesting that this 'termination' process would begin in 2000/2001. Of course, 9/11 came in 2001 and the US has changed drastically. The combination of 9/11 and the Bush administration proved devastating for the true spirit of America. It's presently on life support.... and it's dying.

In 2003, the notion of the death of the US, practically unthinkable before 9/11, is increasingly entering the mainstream consciousness. Recently, for example, Bob Fitrakis wrote in a Free Press article:

As the year ends, 2003 will be remembered by future historians as the year the pretense of democracy in the United States ended. [...] Most Americans are intent to stick their heads in the sand on Bush’s vote-rigging and our troops in the sands of Iraq. Future historians will record that while the facts and documentation of the end of American republic mounted, many believed the babbling of a low-IQ’ed well-scripted son of the new aristocracy.

I've been vocal about my opposition to the Bush administration partly because I could easily see that it was in a sense a 'terminator' sent in to facilitate the 'endgame'. Although I don't actually see the 'termination' process itself in terms of 'good' or 'bad' (as 'everything that has a beginning has an end', i.e. it's natural), it's my view that the inevitable does not have to be painful if treated respectfully and truthfully. The Bush administration, of course, is doing everything it can to pave the way for a very hard fall (for the US), which kind of makes it hard for me to just sit back and watch.

Or perhaps it takes something so mindless and arrogant like the Bush administration to bring down the American 'Babylon', the powerful nation of Isis/Virgo/Magdalene. The 'beast' was unleashed to end the culture of prostitution, so to speak... Here are some pertinent passages from Revelation chapters 17-8:

And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

...Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

Bush's role is/was to carelessly navigate the 'Titanic' into a big iceberg. See the movie 'Titanic' by James Cameron and you'll see today's America.

Some see the force of 'karmic' entanglement between the Bush administration and JFK:

Historians recognize that there is an inherent balance of forces to the ebb and flow of history. The actions that tyrants generate over time create an indestructable counterforce. [...] In this case the attack occurred on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. It was more than just the murder of a statesman but the heinous ambush of the People's government of the United States by the forces of evil. An American fascist movement went to war and overthrew the democratically elected government of the People of the United States and seized power in a coup d'etat. This was most certainly in response to the fact, you'll remember, that the U.S. government and it's Courts ruled that Prescott Bush and his partners had financed the Nazi-Hitler WWII movement in Germany. The Bush Crime Syndicate has ruled over the People of the United States from then till now. [...]

Today, we are living witnesses of the counter-force to that felony in Dallas. It is in disguise and is an equal and opposite countervailing force. It is so powerful that neither the Bush Crime Syndicate nor anyone else can prevent. Regardless of the number of troops employed; it is the Bush karma. A curse that this Crime Family has brought upon America. [...] Like it or not, history and nature are on the side of these terrorists as they ride that equal and opposite tidal wave to dethrone these American fascists who seized control of the White House with JFK's murder. After all, one mans terrorist is another counter-tyrants revenge. [...] So, prepare yourself to be witness to these counter-tyrants revenge against the Bush criminals who also stole the 2000 Presidential election in fine Nazi style.

Generally I can agree with this sentiment. Note that the solar eclipse of Nov. 23 that symbolically portrayed the fall of the 'Sun king' (applicable to Bush) closely coincided with the 40th anniversary of the JFK assassination (Nov. 22), thus seemingly acknowledging the link made above.

Okay, anyway here is a list of articles worth checking out:

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In my next update, which should come soon, I'll discuss in detail the very interesting mid-December window coming up that I've been mentioning for some time now.

November 22, '03   Sol Invictus
First of all, I was very much looking forward to watching the US mainstream media being forced to cover the massive anti-Bush protest demonstration in London during Bush's state visit there (Nov. 18-21). The Bush administration is about engineering desired images/impressions and thereby managing popular opinion. Karl Rove, Bush's influential propaganda specialist, is a master at this manipulation game. The US corporate media have obviously been a big and necessary part of this scheme. (Let's face it, without the pathetically unquestioning and uncritical media, the Bush administration could have never been able to sell the Iraq war to the American public who still largely trusts the mainstream news media.)

True, I was expecting some distraction to pop up to draw people's attention away from Bush's unwelcome visit to Britain which is supposed to be America's strongest and pretty much only ally. People like Karl Rove could've easily understood the power of this imagery in the news. Seeing so many Britons passionately hating Bush as demonstrated by the mass anti-Bush rally joined by 150,000 participants in London this week, many Americans would have easily started to question their perception of the leader, carefully engineered by the controlled media.

If our 'friends' hate the Bush administration so much, that's something that makes us think. And real thinking and questioning is the last thing the puppet masters want their lowly subjects to be doing. And so Bush's state visit was an event with great potential - a chance for more Americans to wake up from their illusion.

To say that I was frustrated by the virtual media blackout, enabled by the tabloid news about Michael Jackson's arrest, would be an understatement. Bush's trip to London began on November 18. The stupid media coverage of Michael Jackson began exactly the same day as the California police raided MJ's 'Neverland' ranch. The historic anti-Bush demonstration in London took place on November 20. Michael Jackson was arrested on the very same day and the media covered the development like it's 9/11. On CNN and everywhere else, we were forced to watch the wall-to-wall coverage of the Michael Jackson situation and practically nothing else!

Now, was this a carefully orchestrated event designed to hide the events in London surely damaging to the Bush administration? Perhaps, perhaps not. All we know is that it was timed perfectly and Michael Jackson's arrest was one of the few sure options available that were capable of creating the kind of virtual media blackout we saw this week. (The notion of 'blackout' is actually expressed well by the figure of Michael Jackson - a black man artificially transformed into a white man...)

And so I was exasperated. An excellent opportunity for an 'awakening' went straight down the toilet. But you know me - after releasing my frustration by expressing my disgust in various forms :), I got back into my more normal 'impartial observer' mode and began to detect some very interesting symbolic clues embedded in the blatant 'distraction'.

The first thing I found potentially significant was Jackson's last CD which was titled 'Invincible' (2001). I knew that the term 'invincible' was associated with the Sun in esoteric tradition, and the 'Sun' is of course the big theme I have attached to the period around November 20 (see previous post). More specifically, the theme was 'the death/fall of the Sun'. So if Michael Jackson was related to the Sun, his dramatic fall now in progress could be seen as a twisted manifestation of the said theme.

Previously I speculated that the 'fall' was quite likely to be that of Bush, our 'Sun king'/Phaėthon (a 'Babylon leader'), or his administration. So far it seems that the manifestation of the detected pattern is remaining largely symbolic (including the dramatic toppling of the Bush effigy in London, a la the Baghdad statue of Saddam back in April, who is/was the literal 'Babylon leader'). All the recent specials on the JFK assassination in the media (a particularly long and controversial one aired by ABC on Nov. 20), owing to this year's Nov. 22 being the 40th anniversary, are also helping 'expressing' the pattern and thus seemingly reducing the 'pressure' built up in the 'matrix'. While I don't think the American 'Sun king', or other 'Babylon leaders' like the Pope, is out of the woods yet, it seems that the threat level may have been reduced or at least delayed.

So let us now discuss, though I'm somewhat hesitant, the connection between 'Invincible' and the Sun (and by implication Michael Jackson and the Sun/Sun-king) from which we can learn much. We'll see that under the surface it is no mere accident that the MJ media circus perfectly coincided with the small window celestially pinpointed by the Mars-Earth-(Moon)-Jupiter alignment - which will be capped by the total solar eclipse tomorrow (November 23).

First, that Jackson's music CD is relevant is hinted by the strange fact that November 18, when the police first raided the 'Neverland' ranch, was the very day his new greatest hits album 'Number Ones' was released. The title 'Number Ones' is curious in that it relates not only to November the '11'th month but also the familiar theme of 'II' - two or eleven, i.e. two 'number ones' - associated with the Sun (having a 11-year sunspot cycle) and the current window stemming from 9/11 (two towers) two years (or 'two suns') ago.

Furthermore, there is a subtle but meaningful linkup with the JFK assassination here since it's quite possible that John F. Kennedy was murdered partly or largely because of his 'Executive Order 11110' (see all the 'ones' there?), signed on June 4, 1963, which was designed 'to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest... [and] returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve'. We learn:

This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury's vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation. In all, Kennedy brought nearly $4.3 billion in U.S. notes into circulation. The ramifications of this bill are enormous.
With the stroke of a pen, Mr. Kennedy was on his way to putting the Federal Reserve Bank of New York out of business. If enough of these silver certificates were to come into circulation they would have eliminated the demand for Federal Reserve notes. This is because the silver certificates are backed by silver and the Federal Reserve notes are not backed by anything. Executive Order 11110 could have prevented the national debt from reaching its current level, because it would have given the government the ability to repay its debt without going to the Federal Reserve and being charged interest in order to create the new money. Executive Order 11110 gave the U.S. the ability to create its own money backed by silver.
After Mr. Kennedy was assassinated just five months later, no more silver certificates were issued.

We also recall that the number '11' is closely associated with the notion of 'bankruptcy' (federal statutory law Title 11 Chapter 11) as discussed here on Oct. 12. And I mentioned back then that the period of November/December was potentially related to this theme. (I wrote: 'We already know how bad the US economy is right now. But is the bottom about to drop out in November/December this year?')

In any case, Michael Jackson's last CD was called 'Invincible' and at first all I could recall was that the Sun and the term 'invincible' were linked in some esoteric way. During my email conversation with a fellow seeker up in Canada, Glenn, I mentioned this and he came back with the answer that Sol Invictus, or 'Invincible Sun', was one of the Tarot cards [or at least associated with the concept]. Although the tarot wasn't where I heard the term 'Sol Invictus' from, it became clear that the Sun and Michael Jackson were indeed, through 'invincible', linked together.

It was also pointed out by him that the Sun card (Sol Invictus) is preceded by the 'Moon' card (#18) and coming before that is the 'Star' card and before that the 'Tower' card. The Tower card unquestionably invokes the WTC twin towers destroyed on 9/11. And the Star card is relatable to the Pentagon partially destroyed on the same day. ('Pentagon', or pentagram, is a five-pointed star symbolizing Venus/Sirius, the brightest planet/star in the night sky.)

The next two cards being The Moon and The Sun is very interesting because we have been talking a lot lately here about the importance of celestial alignments in 2003, especially those involving the Sun and the Moon, the most dramatic display of which being a total solar eclipse (scheduled for Nov. 23). Since 2003 is our 'echo window' of 9/11 or 2001 separated by 2 years/suns (see my previous posts/articles), the tarot sequence is certainly suggestive of some kind of a symbolic pattern relevant to what's happening in the world today.

And as Glenn told me, in this context it's rather ominous that there are only two more cards left after the Sun, and they are called 'Judgment' and 'The World'. Given the foregoing pattern, it could be inferred that those two cards go together and would thus come to imply 'the judgment of the world', or simply 'Judgment Day'... Well, at least we already have Arnold Schwarzenegger beginning to play, in the real world, the role of the 'Antichrist', or 'Terminator', as discussed before. If you recall, the second installment of the Terminator movie series was subtitled 'Judgment Day', and the third installment released just months ago this year, 'Rise of the Machines', was also all about 'Judgment Day'...

Eventually, I recalled that I knew the term 'Sol Invictus' from its association with Constantine the Great, the fourth-century Roman emperor. He was a follower of the Sol Invictus cult. Indeed, Constantine was a 'Sun king'. Since Michael Jackson is often called the 'King of Pop', he too symbolically becomes a form of 'sun king'...

With Constantine, we also begin to see the reemergence of the 'Holy Grail' theme which, as recently discussed, is now entering the mainstream public consciousness through this year's best-selling novel The Da Vince Code.

It was none other than Emperor Constantine who, to a great extent, engineered the creation of Christianity as it is known today. This was a form of 'New World Order'. It was Constantine's politically-driven Nicea council that formulated Christian orthodoxy which has survived to this day. Indeed, it was the Council of Nicea (325) that decided by vote that Jesus was divine! What's more, today's Bible owes much to Constantine. As written in Holy Blood, Holy Grail:

...a year after the Council of Nicea, he (Constantine) sanctioned the confiscation and destruction of all works that challenged orthodox teachings - works by pagan authors that referred to Jesus, as well as works by "heretical" Christians. He also arranged for a fixed income to be allocated to the Church and installed the bishop of Rome in the Lateran Palace (It was not until 384 that the bishop of Rome called himself Pope for the first time). Then, in A.D. 331, he commissioned and financed new copies of the Bible. This constituted one of the single most decisive factors in the entire history of Christianity and provided Christian orthodoxy with an unparalleled opportunity.

In A.D. 303, a quarter of a century earlier, the pagan emperor Diocletian had undertaken to destroy all Christian writings that could be found. As a result Christian documents - especially in Rome - all but vanished. When Constantine commissioned new versions of these documents, it enabled the custodians of orthodoxy to revise, edit, and rewrite their material as they saw fit, in accordance with their tenets. It was at this point that most of the crucial alterations in the New Testament were probably made. The importance of Constantine's commission must not be underestimated. Of the five thousand extant early manuscript versions of the New Testament, not one predates the fourth century. The New Testament as it exists today is essentially a product of fourth-century editors and writers.

And it is this Roman form of (pseudo-)Christianity that has suppressed the importance of biblical figures such as John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene who signifies the feminine principle - i.e. the main theme of The Da Vinci Code. Groups that held on to the purer form of (proto-) Christianity were driven underground and became secret societies. (Orders such as the Knights Templar, Cathars, and Freemasonry are very much linked to this 'underground stream'.)

Now, the relevance of Constantine and Sol Invictus also meshes well with my projection pointing at mid-December as a period to watch (I've called it the 'Hall of Records window' before... but it could also be dubbed the 'holy sh*t window' :) ). It turns out that it was also Constantine who designated December 25 (or the winter solstice) as the day of Christmas in order to combine Christianity with his Sol Invictus worship. The winter solstice is the Sun's lowest/weakest point, signifying the death and rebirth of the Sun. This of course corresponds perfectly with our theme of the death and resurrection of the Sun - reenacted in politics by Bush (Osiris) and Schwarzenegger (Horus) - i.e. the very theme deemed underlying the current period around mid-November.

This inevitably makes us wonder about the prevalent 'echo effect' we've been witnessing this year. I'd say get ready for a more dramatic manifestation of the same theme around mid-December/winter solstice. Recall that on October 16 I wrote: 'I'm actually looking at mid-December as a sort of climax window for the coming events' (see also the Nov. 12 post) and associated it with the Pope in particular, who is one of the 'Babylon leaders'/'Sun kings'.

Finally, while I was making the above associations about two days ago on Nov. 19/20, I came to wonder about the city Istanbul in Turkey - because it was originally Emperor Constantine's city and named Constantinople. If all the associations I had made were valid, I reasoned, a significant event involving Istanbul could take place soon, if not already. Of course, it was only hours later on Nov. 20 - the day of the precise Mars-Earth-Jupiter alignment - that a major double bombing (against British targets there) occurred in Istanbul that killed about 30 people and injured hundreds...

So I can quite confidently state that the pattern is indeed there. And it's not over. An ominous solar eclipse is just a day away now and mid-December is just around the corner. Will that which went up fall back down... as does the Sun?

November 15, '03   Death of the Sun

The more I look into it, the more it appears that the 'fall' of Bush may hit the fan probably as early as this month in some form. Not sure whether it will begin or complete in November, but I'd have to say there is much to suggest, in terms of symbology, that the 'fall' is a prominent possibility in this period. This projection parallels that of the Pope in accordance with the close presidency-papacy correspondence we've been discussing for a long time now here at Etemenanki.

Okay, where to begin... This is a heavily interwoven web of symbolic connections. And it involves many of the key players discussed in the previous posts, namely Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Bush, Moon/Diana, the British monarchy, and such.

Let's start with the Mars-Earth-Jupiter alignment mentioned in the previous update. This precise planetary lineup will take place around November 20, and from the viewpoint of Jupiter the conjunction of Mars and Earth will be placed in the constellation of Aquarius. More specifically, the position of the Mars-Earth unification will mark where the water is imagined to flow out of the jar held by the 'Waterman'. In other words, it will be at the 'water gate'.

Aquarius has been associated with Moses who was 'saved from water' (Allen, Star Names, p.46), as well as with the Nile. Moses, of course, is a biblical figure we have already identified with Bush (see The Two Suns & Endgame V); and the Nile in ancient Egypt was personified by Osiris who in turn also corresponds to Bush in the model we've been following (see Endgame V). Together with the 'water gate' symbolism, we begin to wonder about the intensifying investigations into the White House's role in 9/11, the manipulation of pre-war intelligence on Iraq, and other related Watergate-like matters. It is also noteworthy that in Mesoamerican culture, the term tl or atl means both 'water' and 'war', as in Mars the planet of war.

By adding the Moon into the planetary alignment (i.e. so it's Mars-Earth-Moon-Jupiter), the pinpointed date becomes Nov. 18. This closely coincides with Arnold Schwarzenegger - our 'antichrist'/'Beast' - taking office as governor of California. Because the rise of Arnie in the political scene is analogous to the birth of Horus as discussed before, we have here another omen for the Osirian king, Bush, since mythologically the birth of Horus and the death of Osiris are designed to take place simultaneously. As Horus is born, Osiris dies, and vice versa.

That the name 'Arnold' means 'the eagle rules' also meshes well with the prominent role Jupiter plays in the celestial alignment because Jupiter and the eagle are very closely linked in myth. Napoleon, the first so-called 'Antichrist', had 'L'Aigle' (the Eagle) as one of his nicknames...

The effective inclusion of the Moon in the alignment also becomes pertinent to Bush's upcoming visit to London, the home of Princess Diana (= Moon-goddess), to meet with Blair and the Queen. The recent news stories stemming from Diana's secret records make this connection rather easy to detect.

Note the dates of Bush's unwelcome trip to Britain - November 18-21. It starts with the aforementioned Mars-Earth-Moon-Jupiter alignment on Nov. 18 and then directly overlaps the precise Mars-Earth-Jupiter alignment occurring around Nov. 20! The timing of this 'Babylon leader' visiting another Babylon leadership situation is very... well, not a good sign, especially given what immediately follows next.

On Nov. 23, which is only about two days after Bush's visit to Britain, there will be a total solar eclipse. Not only is it traditionally thought to be an omen, a 'black sun' is also associated with Osiris... and Bush is our Osirian figure.

Solar eclipses can be perceived as the Moon overpowering, or 'killing' the Sun for obvious reasons. Bush is comparable to Moses, and Moses is likely a mythologized version of the ancient Egyptian king, Akhenaten, who is often called a 'Sun king'. So Bush too would be a form of 'Sun king'. This solar quality of Bush is also reflected in our association of Bush with Phaėthon, the son the Sun/Helios (see Endgame V). So... I don't think I have to spell out the implication (which doesn't have to be literal).

The notion of the Moon killing the Sun is striking here also in that, in Greco-Roman mythology, it is Diana the Moon-goddess who ends up killing Orion. The constellation of Orion represents Osiris, thus also Osirian figures like Bush. And the god who tricks Diana into killing Orion is Apollo, a sun-god. Apollo is even traditionally sacred to the British Isles...

Further, in another version of the story, Orion is killed instead by a scorpion that Diana had conjured up. Now this is remarkable. The total solar eclipse will take place right at the head of the constellation Scorpius, i.e. the Scorpion!

Ah, but there is more...  It is also this very Scorpion in the sky that is said to have scared the horses of the Sun-chariot that Phaėthon was trying to ride across the heavens. As a result of this, Phaėthon's Sun-chariot (= Sun) began to run out of control and became a threat to the world below. In Endgame V I compared this story to Bush's careless neocon/PNAC/Cheney-driven foreign policies threatening to 'set the world on fire' very much like Phaeton's chariot.

And it is Zeus, or Jupiter, who finally strikes down Phaėthon with his thunderbolt to protect the world. Of course, not only is Jupiter a key planet in the underlying celestial alignment, it is also the planet into which the plutonium-carrying Galileo probe crashed and potentially caused a nuclear detonation in mid-October... evoking the 'thunderbolt of Zeus'. And immediately following this bizarre (real or symbolic) event came, around the beginning of November, the record-breaking solar storm which hurled many CMEs (coronal mass ejections) directly at Earth. In other words, the Sun surprised us by suddenly going crazy as if to echo the theme of Phaėthon losing control of the Sun-chariot. And the sunspots that produced the biggest sun flares are schedule to come back to directly face Earth again around the time of the total solar eclipse!

So, on many levels, the next anticipated event in the very near future is the 'fall of Phaėthon'...

And finally there is the Apollo 11 connection. It turns out that most of the key themes discussed above are somehow encoded into the historic mission to the Moon. Besides the name 'Apollo' being a reference to the sun-god responsible for the death of Orion and sacred to Britain where Bush will be visiting just days before the coming solar eclipse (symbolic of the death of Osiris/Orion), the destination of the 'solar' mission being the Moon also conjures up the notion of a solar eclipse, i.e. a Sun-Moon conjunction. And the '11' part correlates with November the 11th month, and with the 11-year sunspot cycle that regulates solar flares/CMEs. In addition '11' is evocative of 9/11 when the '11'-shaped WTC twin towers were destroyed - especially since 2003 is 2 years (or 'two suns') after 2001, '11' seen as 'II' (i.e. two).

Furthermore, the lander that touched down on the lunar surface was named 'Eagle', which of course relates to Jupiter and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 'black eagle'. That the allusion to Jupiter here is no coincidence is seen in the fact that around the time of Apollo 11's arrival on the Moon (touchdown on July 20, 1969, 4:17pm EDT), Jupiter and the Moon were practically touching each other in the sky. Or, in other words, as people around the world were looking up to the Moon with wonderment, they were also necessarily looking at Jupiter hovering right next to the Moon! What's more, the Moon-Jupiter close encounter was taking place at a very special place in the sky, the point of the autumnal equinox!

As if this wasn't enough, we even find next that at the time of the 'one small step for man' on the Moon, Mars was positioned at the head of Scorpius - i.e. the very place where the coming total solar eclipse will take place on Nov. 23!

So it could be said that the Apollo 11 symbolism, involving the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, and Scorpius' head, was a precursor to the coming alignment involving the very same celestial bodies... This tells us that we are again standing at the threshold of another historic moment right now.

And it appears that this time we're not looking at a bright moment for mankind, but a very dark point in history. The antichristic figure emerging right now, Schwarzenegger, the 'black eagle', is hinting at the nature of the coming events. Indeed, we find that 'Apollo', or 'Apollyon', is one of the epithets of the biblical Antichrist/Beast... the 'Terminator'. As I wrote in the post of August 20:

It turns out that there is an allusion to the emergence of an antichrist in the Book of Revelation 9:11 (yes, 9-11):

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

The two names given here, 'Abaddon' and 'Apollyon', both mean the same thing - 'Destroyer'. And 'destroyer', or 'terminator', is exactly what the name 'Napoleon' has been interpreted by some to mean. And of course... Shwarzenegger is none other than the 'Terminator'! Not just a Terminator, in fact, but because of the third installment of the 'stargate' movie series currently played in theaters, he is the 'Terminator 3' - that is, 'Destroyer 3' or, indeed, the 'third antichrist'! [I was just told that Arnie also starred in a movie called Conan the Destroyer (1984).] (Note, too, that 'Apollyon' is most likely related to 'Apollo', i.e. the sun.)

So... there you go. 'Enter Antichrist 3' is the name of the game about to be ushered in. And the endgame of this will be the termination of the United States... and the Church. It is my position that, one way or another, the US will end within a decade or or so.

Horus is rising, and so Osiris will fall... The ageless story of life and death.

November 12, '03   Nuclear Perspective
Well, it looks like my assessment of the Nov. 8/9 window was pretty much accurate. It turned out to be a relatively quiet period. The biggest news was probably the al-Qaeda attack in Saudi Arabia, which was while significant not that big an event compared to the California fires and the major solar flares that came with the Oct. 25/26 window. Note that unlike the latest one, I did not play down the expected impact of the Oct. 25/26 window.

In the Nov. 6  post I expressed my view that the so-called 'Harmonic Concordance' period marked by a total lunar eclipse (Nov. 8/9) was likely to produce events that would largely be symbolic in nature as opposed to high-impact events like the California inferno. There was indeed a development that conformed to this assessment. The gossipy rumor now coming out concerning the British Royal Family fits the pattern quite well.

Notice that this is the second big international story to emerge in recent weeks that involves the British monarchy. The first was the revelation that Diana had suspected she was going to be killed. This story coincided with the 'Mars day' window of Oct. 25/26. I wrote the following in the Oct. 29 post:

Notice that 'Diana' is the name of a mythological Moon-goddess. This makes her death analogous to the 'death' of the Moon which in turn would be expressed by a total lunar eclipse, i.e. when the Moon suddenly disappears from the night sky. And we'll indeed have a total lunar eclipse on Nov. 8/9. Hmm...

In other words, I suspected that the Diana story might be 'echoed' around Nov. 8/9, the date I had connected with the Oct. 25/26 window. And the still-developing story concerning Prince Charles - that he might be bisexual, etc. - did begin to break just before Nov. 8. The story even stems from the secret tapes of Princess Diana.

It almost seems as if the Royal Family is being haunted by the 'ghost' of Diana... the princess named after the Roman Moon-goddess. The timing is certainly appropriate - the Moon is a key player in the series of celestial alignments marking our significant windows. For instance, the Oct. 25/26 window was pinpointed by an Earth-Moon-Sun alignment, and the Nov. 8/9 window was marked by the 'death of the Moon', a total lunar eclipse, i.e. a precise Moon-Earth-Sun alignment. What's more, we are about to see a total solar eclipse - a precise Moon-Sun conjunction - on Nov. 23 closely marking the end of Ramadan.

The solar eclipse also brings to mind the Pope, who corresponds on St Malachy's prophetic list of popes to the motto, 'of the labor (or eclipse) of the Sun'. Intriguingly, we already know that the birth of Pope John Paul II coincided with the solar eclipse of May 18, 1920. And this makes us wonder if his exit will also be marked/signaled by a solar eclipse.

This is an increasingly pertinent question because the familiar theme of 'two suns' is now being intensified by the recent events involving Galileo/Jupiter and sunspots (see previous posts ). As you should know, the 'double sun' theme stems largely from Nostradamus' quatrain II-41 which goes like this:

The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make two suns appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes his abode.

I have already discussed this quatrain very extensively in my articles, but here I'd just like to point out that Line 2 and Line 4 directly tie together the double sun theme and the changing of the papacy, thus giving the coming solar eclipse, the symbolic death of the Sun, rather ominous implications. (I don't think it will coincide with the Pope's exit but I strongly suspect that it will signal his reign coming to an end in the very near future... probably before spring, with December being a particularly interesting period, as far as I can tell at this time. More on this in future updates.)

Of course, the exit of the Pope belongs to the larger theme of 'Babylon leader falling', which is closely attached to the 'stargate window' of 2003. As mentioned many times before, the 'Babylon leader' is an epithet applicable to the leadership of the US, UK, Israel, and such. Although I've never specifically mentioned it before, the British monarchy, in addition to Blair (already in political trouble), would clearly represent 'Babylon leadership' as well. So the growing controversies currently threatening the Royal Family, thanks to various information left behind by Diana, can easily be viewed as a fitting manifestation of the symbolic theme.

Now, let me quickly talk about the mid-November period. Because of the recent Galileo 'nuke' event evoking the '2010' scenario of turning Jupiter into a second sun, we now have Jupiter as a big component of the double sun theme. The nuke theme now attached to Jupiter then brings our attention to the 'antichristic' figure who emerged during the 'stargate window', Arnold Schwarzenegger (elected governor of California), whose dramatic announcement, revealing his decision to run, came on August 6, the 58th anniversary of the nuking of Hiroshima. ('58' is a curious number...)

What's really interesting here is the fact that the position of the Sun (a celestial body powered by nuclear reaction) on September 21, i.e. the day of the plutonium-carrying Galileo probe falling into Jupiter that potentially caused a nuclear detonation there a month later, coincided with the position of 'Zavijava', one of Virgo's stars. It turns out that this was the very position of Jupiter on Aug. 6, 1945, when the first atomic bomb was used on Hiroshima. So we observe here a Jupiter-Sun overlap and this jives well with the foregoing 'Jupiter turning into a second sun' storyline.

After detecting these correlations, I eventually arrived at the thought that the union of Galileo and Jupiter, as occurred on Sept. 21, was on some level a instruction telling us that we should view the planets and stars from Jupiter. After all, the astronomer Galileo, after whom the NASA probe was named, is famously known for his heliocentric claim (i.e. the theory, now a fact, that the planets orbit around the Sun and not the Earth). So, I had to infer that the Galileo probe going into Jupiter was potentially an allusion to a Jupiter-centric perspective.

Thanks to astronomy software like Starry Night, we can now easily 'go to Jupiter' and see what the heavens look like from that perspective. So I duly followed the symbolic 'instruction' and began to observe the sky as seen from the surface of that giant gaseous planet. And soon I was surprised to discover that Earth and Mars have stayed very close to each other since April when viewed from Jupiter. Mars is of course the planet of 2003 and it is inseparable from Schwarzenegger/the California recall election in that Arnie's popular film Total Recall is all about the Red Planet.

Upon further examination, I found that Mars and Earth will unite perfectly (i.e. a precise Mars-Earth-Jupiter alignment) around November 20. Now, this will not only closely coincide with the coming solar eclipse and potentially more major solar flares, it will also overlap Schwarzenegger finally becoming the governor of California (Nov. 17), i.e. the completion of the 'Total Recall' election process. The timing here can be calibrated further by adding the Moon into the mix. It turns out that the Moon will pass over Jupiter on Nov. 18 - thus producing a Mars-Earth-Moon-Jupiter alignment!

There is more to all this, but I guess the above is enough for this update.

So, basically a lot of 'signs'... And if we follow the '2010' storyline, it could be said that 'something wonderful is about to happen'. Well, I'd say something is about to happen, but I'm not sure it will be 'wonderful'...

November 7, '03   Ramadan Fire
As you probably know, we are currently in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which began on about October 27 and will end on November 25 or so. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, overlapping our 11th month (November). We are thus currently going through the month of 9 and 11... or 9/11. Although the period of Ramadan is not fixed relative to our own calendar, the past two years it did overlap November. In that sense the numerical significance of 9/11 observed here is not necessarily that unique or great.

What sets apart this year's Ramadan, however, is that it features a 'double eclipse'. We'll have a total lunar eclipse on Nov. 8/9 and a total solar eclipse on Nov. 23. We learn that:

Sometimes a Ramadan will contain a solar and a lunar eclipse. That inevitably provokes comment, because of traditions that such a "double-eclipse" is a portent for some unusual event.

A double-eclipse Ramadan comes every 22/23 Islamic years, but a double-total eclipse Ramadan like this year's is extremely rare. The last one was in 1786 and the next one will be in 2155. So this certainly makes Ramadan 2003 a rather special and unique 'portent for some unusual event'.

Already we've seen some 'unusual events' that can be linked to Ramadan. The biggest events of the last couple of weeks were the California wildfires and record-breaking powerful solar flares. These began around our 'Mars day' window, Oct. 25/26, closely coinciding with the start of Ramadan. I identified these as the 'signature events' emanating from the underlying symbolic 'pattern', which would be relevant to the 'second window', Nov. 8/9.

I wrote on Oct. 29:

[W]hat transpired over the weekend (Oct. 24-26) is... all about fire

I made this observation without realizing that the name 'Ramadan' (which began on Oct. 26/27) is said to mean 'scorching'!

Now, 'scorching' also happens to be what the name 'Sirius' (or 'Seirios') denotes. Recall that Sirius is a major symbolic theme found encoded in the 9/11 events. For instance, I wrote the following in Mystery, Babylon the Great:

Esoterically, Sirius is represented by a five-pointed star, i.e. a pentagonal form -- thus ending up strongly resonating with the fact that the '911' terrorist attacks hit not just the WTC towers but also the Pentagon (whose construction, by the way, began on 9-11). Sirius, moreover, may be considered a 'stargate' par excellence for in ancient Egypt 'star' was interchangeable with 'doorway'. Sirius being the brightest star in the night sky, it can thusly be viewed as the ultimate 'gate of heaven', or 'gate of the god' - which just happens to be the very meaning of the name 'Babylon'. Similarly, the name given to the historical Tower of Babel, Etemenanki, meant 'the house of the foundation of heaven and earth', i.e. a gate to heaven. This link is then further enhanced by the fact that the name 'Magdalene' (as Magdala) can mean 'tower' as in the Tower of Babel and the WTC twin towers. Reinforcing the connection even more, amazingly, is the groundbreaking date of the WTC twin towers being August 5, that is, the very date of Sirius' heliacal rising/'rebirth' in our epoch! 

Sirius represents the Egyptian goddess Isis who is also Mary Magdalene. It's curious that Mary Magdalene, and her intimate relationship with Jesus, just went mainstream through The Da Vinci Code in 2003 as well as the very recent ABC TV special on the subject just discussed in my previous update.

Isis/Mary Magdalene is also relevant here in that:

...the imagery on one of the tarot cards called the 'High Priestess' or 'Papess'... shows a high priestess/female pope along with the pillars of Jachin and Boaz marked 'J' and 'B'. The Papess almost certainly represents none other than Mary Magdalene (= Isis, Babylon, tower, etc.)... The pillars of Jachin and Boaz also nicely relate back to the themes of the Flood and Atlantis as originally these Masonic pillars represented the 'Antediluvian Pillars' [comparable to the WTC twin towers].

Further, there is a more direct link between Sirius/Isis and the date 9/11. As I wrote in The Message of Cycle 23:

...Sirius' heliacal rising - an extremely important astronomical event for the ancient Egyptians - signified 'the 1st day of the 1st month of Thoth', which was the New Year's Day of the ancient Egyptian calendar. During the early Christian times this special day took place on the Gregorian September 11th, and this caused the Coptic/Christian-Egyptian (as well as Ethiopian) calendar to fix its New Year's Day on September 11 (Gregorian), and this is the case to this day.

So, along with our underlying 2-year cycle pattern connecting 9/11 and the year 2003, all this collectively makes Ramadan 2003 a key period. And strongly attached to it is the notion of 'fiery' or 'scorching'...

As the Sun has certainly been very 'fiery', we are then seemingly introduced to the source of the 'fire'... i.e. the nuclear reaction (fusion) responsible for the energy of the Sun. This in turn reminds us of what was discussed in my Oct. 24 update regarding Revelation 8:11 (of the New Testament), theoretically corresponding to the day '8 November'. Here is what I wrote:

Now let's try Revelation 8:11...:

And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

Holy crap! :) Now, this is ominous... and it resonates strongly with the pattern we have going here.

Let's begin with the earlier nuke theme. We all know about the terrible Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. And as some of you might know, the name 'Chernobyl' means... well, 'wormwood'...

Wormwood also means 'bitterness'. That's what the name 'Mary' means as well. Mary - both the Virgin and the Magdalene - often being considered the embodiment of the Grail-Ark, this leads us right back to the Star of David/stargate/Babylon/Cydonia astrological configuration of November 8/9. It is also worth mentioning that the terms 'Mary' and 'Mars' are likely related etymologically. (I can go into this a lot deeper... but I won't.)

Wormwood being a 'star' fallen into the waters of the earth, we are also reminded of how we identified Bush with a Greek mythological figure named Phaėthon, the son of the sun-god Helios...

Well, what can I say? The nuke theme just keeps coming back. It almost seems as if there needs to be a big 'nuke' event at this time in history... i.e. it may be in the 'script'.

And this brings us to the next related subject... Jupiter.

I'm sure many of the readers remember my repeated mentioning of the film '2001' and its sequel '2010' - specifically how the scenario is now manifesting in reality in a somewhat coded form. In particular, I have discussed how the consistent 'double sun' theme underlying today's events directly relates to the storyline of 2010 in which Jupiter is transformed into a second sun ('Lucifer') using the mysterious 'monoliths'. We also discussed how the plutonium-carrying Galileo probe's suicide descent into the atmosphere of Jupiter on September 21 this year could easily be viewed as a reenactment of the 2010 scenario... especially because there was some buzz about the possibility of the Jovian atmospheric pressure causing Galileo's nuclear material to detonate and potentially turning Jupiter in to a sun.

And there was also another intriguing factor. On Sept. 23, just two days after the Galileo event, Bush addressed the United Nations and ask for international help on Iraq - making official the administration's decision to soften its unilateral war policy. This was a major geopolitical event event and it occurred on the day of the autumnal equinox (a 'Mars/Sphinx day'). As mentioned before, what's really interesting here was the fact that the UN building where Bush made his speech is almost identical in shape to the monolith of 2001/2010!

This made it quite clear that Galileo's suicide mission into the interior of Jupiter just days before was indeed designed as an allusion to the 2010/'second sun' scenario, at least on one level.

Now... until just recently the 'second sun'/nuclear detonation theme was largely a symbolic one. Well, I'm not so sure any more.

As mentioned in the Oct. 29 update, there were recently reports concerning a mysterious dark spot observed on Jupiter (discovered on Oct. 19) near the equator. Some people inevitably speculated that it could be related to Galileo... And at least the location was consistent with this theory. But it wasn't until I read Richard Hoagland's article just posted on his Enterprise Mission website that I began to seriously consider this incredible possibility - that the dark spot was the remnant of a literal nuclear explosion caused by Galileo's plutonium!

What really got my attention was his expiation for the time delay - i.e. the one month period separating Galileo falling into Jupiter (Sept. 21) and the appearance of the inexplicable dark 'splotch' (Oct. 19). Basically Hoagland showed that according to his calculation, the thick atmosphere of Jupiter had to slow down the spacecraft so much that it would have taken about one month for Galileo to reach the depth where the atmospheric pressure was strong enough to (potentially) initiate a nuclear chain reaction! Hoagland writes:

At this point, one of the capsules randomly implodes … and initiates, via the resulting shockwave and intense neutron shower, a runaway nuclear chain reaction in all the other surviving capsules, now spread in a spherical falling “cloud” a few tens of miles across ~700 miles below Jupiter’s visible “surface.”  The resulting cascade nuclear detonation of all the surviving capsules totals several tens of kilotons …

So this means the dark splotch of Jupiter happened to appear at the right location and at the right time for it to be the 'smoke' of Galileo's nuclear explosion!

While I'm not necessarily convinced, this is not something I can simply ignore either. And Just think about the implication - the first nuclear detonation in space by mankind. If true, that's a huge event indeed.

And now we wonder whether the Galileo 'nuclear event' (real or symbolic) was the primary nuclear event hinted by symbolic clues or it's still a sign of what's to come down here on earth - as per the concept of 'as above, so below'.

Well, there is much to think about here for sure...

We could go on and discuss how Quatrain II-41 of Nostradamus - the 'two suns' quatrain - might fit into all this, but that's for another time.

November 6, '03   Sign vs. Event
So we are now entering the second window, coming after the Oct. 25/26 window that produced the fiery events of major solar flares and California wildfires. Separated by 13/14 days, the window coming up is anticipated to echo the nature of the first of the twin windows. So generally we seem to be looking at some 'fiery' events in the immediate future - underlying which are Mars and 9/11.

The 'problem', again, is that the second 'fire window' - Nov. 8/9 - coincides with the so-called 'Harmonic Concordance' that is attracting a lot of attention in the astrological/New Age communities. What is becoming very tricky here is the distinction between signs and events. In other words, is the special astrological configuration produced on Nov. 8/9 a 'sign' or is it becoming an 'event' itself?

When something is recognized widely enough, it crosses the threshold and loses the subtlety that gives 'signs' their tangible 'prophetic' quality, so to speak. When something gets 'expressed' via people's recognition, the pressure exerted by the 'force' behind the 'message' is pre-vented, thus effectively 'preventing' an explosive form of expression from occurring. I know this is a very metaphysical concept, but that's the model I often employ when assessing the nature/impact of future events. When the 'force' is very strong but finds very little 'expression' - that's when the situation could be considered dangerous.

It is helpful to look at the most visible 'Mars event' of 2003, i.e. the planet's historic close encounter with Earth on August 27. There were two ways to interpret it: 1) it was a marker for a big event, or 2) it was itself a big event. Coming 13 days before the Mars climax was one of the 'stargate window' events, the massive blackout in the US/Canada (Aug. 14). This was the first of the 'twin windows', just as the fiery events around Oct. 25/26 coming about 13 days before Nov. 8/9 are considered the first of the twin occurrences.

Looking back, we can easily say that the 'echo' of the major blackout event came 13 days later in the form of the Red Planet making its closest approach to Earth - thus making the celestial phenomenon an 'event'. We can say this because the Mars climax was very public and receive a lot of attention around the world. So rather than a 'sign', it became an 'event'. On Aug. 26, just a day before the Mars climax day, I already alluded to this concept:

But let me say just say this. Now that Mars is a mainstream story and its climax so close, a lot of people are beginning to 'predict' war and doom, saying 'because Mars is the god of war!'. Frankly, this is a pretty strong sign that the climax will stay symbolic and/or low key.

So the question now is: Is the 'Harmonic Concordance' astrological configuration (forming the 'Star of David') giving enough 'expression' to the 'force' behind the date Nov. 8/9 and consequently making it go beyond the boundary of a 'sign'? Is the astrological phenomenon itself becoming an 'event'? Well, I tend to think so. But I also expect that a symbolic event or two will still take place in the coming days that will fit the 'pattern' at least.

In the meantime, the solar flares of the past two weeks have been really something. Starting around the first window (~Oct. 25), the Sun has continued to surprise astronomers and the rest of us by producing a long series of major eruptions (primarily from 'Sunspot 486'), including the mega flare on Nov. 4 which has now been confirmed to be the biggest solar flare ever recorded. Sunspot 486 is now moving behind the sun as seen from Earth so it no longer poses any danger to our planet, but we may still see continued fireworks on the Sun.

Since the Sun's synodic rotation period is about 27 days, Sunspot 486 or its cousins may come back on the Earth-facing side in 13 days or so. Of course, they may already be gone by then. But it is quite interesting to note that, if I'm not mistaken, the region of Sunspot 486 could be directly facing Earth again around the time of a total solar eclipse on November 23... Hmm. And also I couldn't help but notice the number '486' evoking 'RU-486', the famous 'abortion pill'. Is the Sun threatening to 'terminate' mankind before it gives birth to a space-faring civilization? :)

So in any case November should be an interesting month in many ways. It is, however, mid-December that I find particularly intriguing as I briefly mentioned before. It might be called the 'Hall of Records window'... More on this later.

November 4, '03   The Grail Code
The US was changed on 9/11/01; the United States has been hijacked by the neoconservative/neo-Nazi cabal headed by Vice President Cheney; the US has invaded Iraq as a key step toward creating a global 'Pax Americana' empire (a 'New World Order') just as outlined in the PNAC document the neocon lunatics published long before 9/11; the Bush administration is paving the way for the imminent fall of the US; the administration itself is in deep trouble because of its criminal and treasonous ways; the entire world has been destabilized; Pope John Paul II is now clearly in his final days; this Pope's exit is widely perceived to be a signal for the 'Apocalypse'; we had a historic close encounter with Mars this summer (closest in recorded history); and thanks to NASA's Mars probes like Odyssey currently orbiting the Red Planet, we're learning more and more about the likely artificial 'monuments of Mars', i.e. Cydonia, on Mars; and a book about Gnostic secrets (Holy Grail, MM, Rennes-le-Chateau, Templars, etc.) called The Da Vinci Code became an unlikely phenomenon in 2003...

These important developments have not been put together into a unified big picture... except here on the Etemenanki website. :)

I just watched on TV the ABC special 'Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci', an investigative report based on The Da Vince Code. I found it amazing that a major network would air a program dealing with this very esoteric subject in such a candid way. Frankly, it was pretty exciting to hear terms such as Mary Magdalene, Knights Templar, Priory of Sion, Holy Grail, Sinclair/St. Clair, Merovingians, and Rossyln Chapel (but not Rennes-le-Chateau) in a prime time major TV show... especially in the US. As far as I'm concerned, this was a major breakthrough and reflected the great shift presently taking place beneath the surface of our culture. Although the program was only introductory and presented nothing really new, I'm sure the content shocked a lot of Church-going Christians whose knowledge doesn't go beyond the massive Church propaganda deeply embedded in our society.

Is it just coincidence that this esoteric 'Grail story' suppressed for ages is now entering the mainstream consciousness in a major way in 2003? Was it just by chance that The Da Vince Code - which is pretty much a fictionalized version of Holy Blood, Holy Grail - became a monster hit in 2003 - the year of Mars and 'stargate'?

To me, as you know, 9/11 was a 'Martian' - and/or 'Atlantean' - event and I stated so already in October 2001 when I wrote Mystery, Babylon the Great. In that article are also found clear references to Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail - as it was quite clear to me already by then that the esoteric theme was a big part of the 9/11 symbology. Because the year 2003 is the echo window of 9/11 as explained in the Endgame series, the incredible success of The Da Vince Code and the resultant effect of the Grail story going mainstream in 2003 are actually very much in agreement with the detected 'pattern'. So, to me, what's happening with the book and the TV special is not an accident but a confirmation of the projection.

I especially encourage you to (re-)read Endgame III (2002). It is there that you find very pertinent passages like this:

The Sphinx and Mars... represent the sacred union of Jesus and Mary, or Osiris and Isis. In other words, the Sphinx/Mars is the Grail, the Blood Royal, and the Shroud. Furthermore, in light of our foregoing discussion, the Martian counterpart of the Shroud, i.e. the 'Face on Mars', would become a monumental embodiment of the Jesus-Mary union.

In Endgame III was also discussed Leonardo Da Vinci:

The startling implication here is that the Shroud image seems to be a composite of a female body and a male head - just like the Martian Face/Shroud! As if this weren't enough, we also have the theory presented in Picknett and Prince's Turin Shroud that the Shroud head is actually that of Leonardo Da Vinci. Note that with the name "Leo-nardo," it may be said that the Shroud person has "Leo's head" - just as does the Martian Shroud.

In the same article I also discussed the 'prophetic' implications of the resurfacing of this hidden knowledge:

John the Baptist, as well as the Magdalene, essentially represents the oppressed truth. When the societal system is dependent on the suppression of some truth, this creates a building pressure in the 'matrix' of reality, which increasingly becomes a "threat" to the oblivious world. The longer the truth is suppressed and the more dependent the society becomes on the negligence, the more dangerous the situation gets - as the truth becomes a ticking 'time-bomb' waiting for the time of Revelation. The 'side-effect' of this will be the 'Apocalypse'.

In light of what is taking place right now with the rise of Schwarzenegger, whom I have quickly identified as an 'antichrisitc' figure, and the imminent exit of the current Pope, the following passage from Endgame III is ominously emerging as an increasingly real scenario:

...it is certainly coherent that the fall of the Church, an aspect of the larger theme of 'Babylon falling', is an integral part of the 'endgame' as discussed in my previous articles. When the 'truth time-bomb' ticks down to zero, the Gnostic/suppressed side of religious history embodied by John/Mary comes out of the ground to cause great havoc. And this may be viewed as the apocalyptic time of the "Antichrist" who is prophesied to come just before the return of Christ.

If you haven't already, I recommend reading The Adachi Report which presents a bigger picture surrounding the 'Grail game' and how its 'endgame' relates to the United States (or how it's in the process of 'ending'). I just re-read the Report and can confirm for you that it's quite good. :) 

Conclusion: It has begun. Okay, I don't mean to be dramatic here but we can't really deny that the projected scenario is indeed beginning to unfold in 2003, the Mars/stargate year linked to 9/11.

It is worth noting that the Priory of Sion - the supposed secret society closely associated with the Grail/Magdalene - is apparently being resurrected this year. A letter allegedly sent out by Sion's Secretary General Gino Sandri has recently surfaced, which claimed 'On the threshold of this fateful year (2003), all is ready for the emergence of Sion...' I'm sure many people don't take it seriously, but as far as I'm concerned, it would be practically pointless to debate whether the letter, or the Priory of Sion itself, is 'genuine' or a 'hoax', because the Priory/Grail story is designed to be both and neither. It exists in the 'gray area' between reality and myth. It is a game - a game set up to lead us to discoveries.

So for example, the letter in question is dated December 27, 2003, which would normally be considered a typo (as it should normally be '2002'). But in the realm of the Grail 'game', that's obviously a clue hinting at something. What is it hinting? I'm not sure yet. But the timeframe of Dec. '03 does strike me as very meaningful, for various reasons which I'll be discussing in future updates.

Here I might as well divulge too that I have uncovered a lot of secrets that take the Grail game to a whole new dimension, and I have alluded to this before in some of my articles. In fact, my book The Time Rivers was originally twice as long and included many chapters that dealt with the Grail/Rennes-le Chateau theme. I cut those chapters from the final version of the book. As those who have read it know, so much (some say too much) information is contained in The Time Rivers, but the truth is that that was still only half of the story, if that. And I guess I don't have to spell out the nature of the rest of the story... It is explosive stuff that will simply demand a major paradigm shift. The 'game' is bigger than anyone could have imagined.

It was because I was already in possession of this undisclosed information that I could quite confidently state in Endgame III the following:

All this is quite a lot to digest - I'm sure this is the first time that all the different subject matters, especially Cydonia and the underground Gnostic [/Grail] tradition, have been put together and viewed as aspects of the same 'game'. Strange stuff, yes, but this is where the 'game' is going, so people should get used to it.

Am I going to reveal my discoveries? Yes. Certainly The Da Vinci Code and the related TV special have made a climate that is conducive to this kind of disclosure. I'm thinking The Adachi Report might be an appropriate medium for this... as a first step.

Perhaps the revelation will even assist the 'Apocalypse'. :) Reality works in mysterious ways...

Anyway, we are now very close to the Nov. 8/9 window linked to the Oct. 25/26 window which turned out to be very 'fiery'. I'll probably have more to say on this later.


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