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October 2004



 October 30, '04   Rise of the Dead
Tomorrow is Halloween, the day of the dead. It brings to mind typical images of witches, evil pumpkins, and all that good stuff. Well, it suddenly occurred to me that the Athens Olympics, as often discussed here, began on August 13 to coincide with the special day for the witch goddess, Hecate, to whom the torch is a prominent symbol. The Games signified the climax of the 'super torch ritual' and gave us major 'sci-fi' themes involving Contact, Mars, 'stargate', and such (see Stargate Cipher 2012)... which leads to the next coincidence.

Not one, not two, but three 'Contact' movies involve Halloween in their storylines! We have ET - The Extraterrestrial (ET and friends stroll through the streets on Halloween), 2) Contact (there is one scene showing Halloween), and 3) The Arrival (the main character goes to Mexico around the time of their Halloween, the Day of the Dead).

This year's Halloween even coincides with the end of Daylight Saving Time in the US, when time 'jumps' back 60 minutes. It's in a way a form of 'time travel' - another stargate-related major theme associated with the Athens/torch ritual! Personifying these themes is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who as the 'Terminator' comes from the future through a stargate machine... He is of course the 'occult star' of the 'super torch ritual' (see my articles) whose first major political speech on a national stage came two days after the Olympics at the end of August. Here at Etemenanki it was anticipated and practically confirmed as yet another step forward toward becoming the leader.

Well, the idea of Arnold becoming president has been pushed all year by the media, little by little but steadily. We've of course tracked it closely. Now, Schwarzenegger is finally beginning to state clearly that yes, he does desire to be president. CBS reported this just yesterday, quoting him from an interview done for 60 Minutes to be aired on Sunday... that is, Halloween! The day time travels back 60 minutes - as in the program '60 Minutes' on which his interview will be shown...

October 31 is thus emerging as a key day for the continuing 'ritual' for the 'Torch Bearer'. It marks 'Project Schwarzenegger' entering a new phase where his presidential ambition will no longer be ambiguous in public. In this context the election coming up November 2 is but a prelude - only a set up for the 'occult leader' whose time has not yet come. It is instructive to note that Mexico's Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1 and 2, therefore directly connecting Halloween and Election Day...

Update (10pm EDT): Oh yeah, Halloween is also 'trick or treat', making it relevant to the 'false gift'/Trojan Horse theme we've been discussing.

 October 27, '04   MM Rebellion
With Election Day looming just a week away, I'm compelled to point out the following concerning the '2004 omen' from February this year. As discussed in LTC pt. 2 (June '04) this involves the Super Bowl in which the New England Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers. The 'omen' itself I detected then had more to do with the halftime show featuring Janet Jackson and Justine Timberlake (the 'nipplegate'), and an accompanying Pepsi commercial featuring three young female singers (Beyonce, Prink & Britney). The symbolism was of a youthful rebellion coming - against oppression/Patriot Act, and for liberty. My interpretation has been that it was a foreshadowing of what was to transpire later in the year. In particular the Athens Olympics and the US presidential election were considered big part of the February 'omen'.

The Pepsi commercial, naturally carrying the notion of 'the choice of a new generation', seemed to say it all with regard to the nature of the upcoming election. The ad's storyline takes place in a Greek/Roman coliseum where three female gladiators find themselves being forced to fight each other for the entertainment of a young 'king' watching from his throne. The visual setting alludes to the Olympic Games in Greece and the 'meaningless fight for the king' theme evokes the Iraq situation. The gladiators representing the young, females, blacks, and soldiers refuse to fight and rebel against the 'king' as they sing 'We Will Rock You'. At the end the 'king' is dethroned and threatened by an approaching lion.

This was in February. Now in late October we're seeing the scenario playing out right in front us. Young and black people are evidently fired up - especially as rumors of a military draft heated up - and registering to vote in record numbers, becoming the big 'X' factor in this year's supposedly dead-heat election.

And now comes an anti-Bush music video just released by Eminem, 'Mosh', already starting to create some buzz on the web. It sends a clear message to young voters who are already concerned about all that is going on under the Bush presidency. This is the 'go sign'. Even MTV - risking controversy - played the video yesterday, seemingly continuing its role in the 'foreshadowed scenario' - the Super Bowl halftime show was produced by MTV. MTV is the TV channel of the young generation just as Pepsi claims to be the 'choice of a new generation'. And so, successful or not, this epitomizes the anticipated youth rebellion that is designed to 'dethrone the king'.

'Eminem' is 'M&M' - the 'MM' theme that was prominent in the Athens Games symbolism as just discussed in Stargate Cipher 2012. 'MM' is 'Mary Magdalene', an alter ego of Venus, the 'planet of 2004' very much part of the underlying context behind the 'super torch ritual' that climaxed during the Olympics. It was also anticipated by the Pepsi 'omen', as a row of 'M's was clearly seen on the inner walls of the coliseum as shown in this picture...

It is only fitting that it would be Eminem/MM who rises to champion the 'rebellion against the king' in the final days leading up to the election.

Am I saying that Bush will be defeated? Well... almost. The potential problem with this interpretation is what the Janet Jackson's halftime stunt symbolically adds to the scenario.

As I've pointed out numerous times before, her breast-baring 'accident' was an allusion and giving support to Lady Liberty/Marianne, another alter ego of Venus/MM. It was symbolically (regardless of Janet's conscious awareness of it) a jab at Attorney General John Ashcroft who famously covered up the naked breast of Lady Justice.

Ashcroft as the law enforcer personifies the Patriot Act, passed in chaos after 9/11 to raise the importance of security above justice, liberty, and civil rights. Though scheduled to expire next year, Bush's State of the Union speech coming only 12 days before Super Bowl suggested the survival of the Patriot Act is apparently high on the agenda of whoever is really in control of the nation. Indeed, the fact that it was the Patriots who narrowly won the football game tells us that the ultimate winner of the election will be the Patriot Act or what it represents, the rapid march toward a police state. The connection between the Patriots and the Patriot Act is supported by the following: 1) the Super Bowl was held in the Bush/Cheney state of Texas, 2) the Patriots quarterback Tome Brady attended Bush's State of the Union address where Bush pushed for the renewal of the Patriot Act.

So I'm not quite ready to declare Kerry the winner. It's almost as if no matter who wins, the real winner will be the 'Patriot Act' in the end. Still, based on the totality of the '2004 omen' the scenario should involve the 'youth/black rebellion' having a big impact in this election and appearing to dethrone the 'king' (at least temporarily), after which will be a road to a police state one way or another...  (Let me also throw in the date Nov. 7...)

I'd also like to mention one other thing - the last circle. The symbolism of the Olympics closely interacted with the unprecedented string of four major hurricanes hitting Florida during the period of August through September (see SGC2012, though still unfinished). It seems the symbolism has been left incomplete in that the Olympics are signified by five circles (i.e. the official flag) and there have been only four Florida hurricane 'circles' so far - Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne. One more is needed... unless this, coming on Sept 2 at the RNC in NYC, was one:

Standing at the center of the concentric circles was George Bush who became president through the 2000 Florida fiasco. In that context it makes coherent symbolic sense. But was this also a foreshadowing event in itself... of another 'circle', the promised last circle, hitting Florida/US to affect the election in some way? (Electronic voting may be a factor as well...)

In any case, in the Etemenanki context the next 'king' is likely to be a mere stepping stone leading to the rise of another king (perhaps through the convenient path of vice presidency).

Okay, let me get back to finishing up SGC2012...

 October 23, '04   Stargate Cipher 2012 - first half
Here it is, folks - Stargate Cipher 2012! Well, the first half of it anyway. Took long enough, eh? :)

Man, this is like writing a freaking book. Four webpages already and still at the midway point... It's crazy. [...]

Update Oct. 26: Took a short break and I'm now fully engaged in writing/editing the rest of the article...




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