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The View From the Tower


 April 12, '04   Revelations of 'Black Madonna'
Well first, National Security Adviser Condi Rice's testimony before the 9/11 Commission last Thursday turned out to be quite a big deal just as anticipated. Here is an excerpt from my 4/6 update (two days before Condi's testimony):

...we are anxiously waiting to see if Condi will expose the reason why the White House didn't want her to testify. ...Condi may be forced to reveal things that'll put Team Bush in a deep hole from which there will be no escape. [...] Will Condi expose something momentous...? The symbolism suggests that the potential is there. ...[S]he is certainly in a position to be able to deliberately or accidentally expose big secrets.

In addition to common sense, this anticipation had largely derived from certain symbolism I had observed. It had to do with a curious parallel seemingly existing between Janet Jackson - already interpreted to signify the 'Black Madonna'/Mary Magdalene - and Condi Rice. I wrote previously on Apr. 6:

Janet the 'Black Madonna' exposing her breast also seems to have foreshadowed the next big political event in the US, i.e. National Security Adviser Condi Rice's public testimony... Will Condi expose something momentous just as Janet exposed her breast...?

I'm sure some/many readers felt making this parallel was bit of a stretch, but just two days after Rice's testimony we were given an in-your-face 'acknowledgment' of this idea. On NBC's popular Saturday Night Live program (Apr 10), Janet Jackson - who happened to be guest-hosting it - was shown playing the role of none other than Condi in the opening skit which comically reenacted the 9/11 hearing! Not only that, at the end of the skit Janet self-mockingly flashed her right breast (blurred on TV) before the 9/11 Commission members!

The point here is not that Janet, the comedians, or the writers were consciously aware of the symbolism involved (they most likely weren't). There was perhaps some kind of conscious effort at some level to push this parallel theme, but the point is that the amazing 'coincidence' did happen regardless of what led to it behind the scenes. Obviously, it was as if the skit was based on what I happened to write in the 4/6 post, and this raises our confidence level that we're tracking a valid 'pattern'.

Previously we compared Janet's infamous 'Super Bowl flash' to what Condi might reveal in her 9/11 testimony - the implication being that the National Security Adviser was likely to drop a 'bomb' that would have a big political impact, something that would 'put Team Bush in a deep(er) hole from which there will be no escape'. Well, I don't have to point out that this is indeed pretty much what took place as a result of Condi's 9/11 testimony.

I'm of course talking about Bush's PDB (Presidential Daily Brief) from August 6, 2001 (one month before 9/11). First, Condi was pressured into revealing the nature and title of the PDB memo during her testimony (made public for the first time). The bluntness of the title of the pre-9/11 memo shocked many people: 'Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US'. Basically:

Two and a half years after 9/11, the American public learned... that President Bush received explicit warnings that Osama bin Laden was planning to attack the United States including activities "consistent with preparations for hijacking." Yet, there was no domestic follow-up by the Bush administration. No high level meetings. No sense of urgency. No warnings to FBI agents across the country.

This was 'the bomb' (one in a series, past and future) that has greatly intensified the political firestorm now surrounding the White House. Now it has finally become more or less 'official' that the White House 'knew and did nothing'. This is now an inescapable perception. And I have observed that the 'allowed to happen' theory of 9/11 generally considered too conspiratorial is currently receiving increasing attention in the more mainstream circles.

Given the seriousness of the implications, the 9/11 panel and the public pressured the White House to declassify the PDB. And, seeing that they were cornered, they did release the memo two days later on Saturday - the same day as the airing of the Saturday Night Live show guest-hosted by Janet Jackson.

And while the White House appears to be in deep denial over this, the memo clearly shows that the Bush administration was warned about bin Ladin/al-Qaeda's intention to attack inside the US. This was not a mere 'historical' document as Rice insisted during the 9/11 hearing; it was a warning about a plausible al-Qaeda attack - and you can tell that simply from looking at the PDB title. There is no spinning this away. The White House now finds itself hopelessly trapped - especially since more revelations and troubles are coming.

Another reason why I view the Aug. 6 PDB as important has to do with the attached date. As long-time Etemenanki readers should quickly recall, 'August 6' is the Sirius-Paris-Antichrist day. It is the date of the star Sirius' heliacal rising as seen from Giza/Cairo; and the astronomical alignment of the Champs-Elysees, the 'Historical Axis of Paris', involving Sirius and the Sun, also pinpoints the same date Aug. 6. Both Sirius and Paris ('Par-Isis') are closely associated with the goddess Isis, who is traditionally speaking the ancient Egyptian equivalent of Mary Magdalene, i.e. the 'Black Madonna' (= Janet/Condi)!

August 6 is also the date of the nuking of Hiroshima and the date of Schwarzenegger dramatically announcing his decision to run for governor of California last year. Indeed, one of the big reasons why we've been closely following Arnie on this website since Aug. 6 last year and theorizing that he is an 'antichristic figure' is because of the prominent involvement of this very ominous date.

At any rate, let me also say that since I have long applied our 'Babylon leader falling' theme to the Bush White House (since 2002), I'm not at all surprised to see the sudden sinking of the US leadership this year. And all this is indeed much more serious than Watergate. This White House has so many deplorable wrongdoings under its belt that it was really just a matter of timing. It survived this long because it had the support of the very high-level elite apparatus which wanted to see the neocons' imperial PNAC/Pax Americana plan realized - because, for instance, the dire Peak Oil situation is now arriving. But because there were no WMDs found in Iraq to the dismay of the clueless neoconservative ideologues like Wolfowitz, Perle, Libby, Feith, etc. their master plan simply collapsed. By the fall of 2003, just months after the Iraq invasion, it was clear that the neocon Pax Americana ambition had no real hope of going forward beyond Iraq (eg. Syria, Iran, etc.).

The US military forces were simply stuck in Iraq. It's such a mess over there at this time because there was no planning for this kind of situation. The neocon cabal, including Cheney and Rumsfeld, had no intention of idly sitting in Iraq after invasion - the PNAC-based plan was obviously to move on to the next 'rogue nations' like Iran and Syria. The 'preemptive' US aggression was not really about protecting America; it was much more about oil and helping Israel. This should be common knowledge by now.

And it is my view that the elite support for the Bush administration was withdrawn by last November. The strange timing of the Saddam capture last December may be linked to this shift. The White House surely would have liked to come up with the big capture much later, closer to Election Day as it would have had much more direct impact on Bush's chances of being reelected. The fact that they weren't able to delay the Saddam capture - which could have easily be done - into the election year seems to suggest the Bush administration had already lost the elite support.

And without the strong, fascism-like support system (including the media), the ship of the White House just has too many holes to keep it from sinking. This is what we are witnessing today. The way I see it, the powerful force of the 'New World Order' that had previously been helping them is now working against them - probably because the Bush administration is no longer 'useful'. Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, another member of the Yale secret society Skull and Bones (Bush is also a Bonesman), would apparently be a more useful puppet leader to them.

Of course, there is also the chance that the dark element inside the Bush administration may, like a cornered animal, decide to do something drastic (eg. 'another 9/11', 'capturing' Osama, nuclear detonation, etc.) to stay afloat. Create a crisis, declare martial law, and cancel the election. That's certainly a quite plausible scenario, and perhaps this is something the higher NWO crowd would not mind. They may just want to see the Cheney crowd either go down or go crazy...

In any case, the fact is that the White House is now in deep trouble and their situation is likely to worsen unless interrupted via the above scenario. I mean, we're talking indictments, resignations, or even jail time here. I'm very interested to see how long people like Karl Rove, Condi, and especially Cheney will stay afloat in the White House. 9/11 negligence and Iraq intelligence manipulation are serious issues threatening Team Bush but I'd have to say keep your eye on the development of 'Treasongate', i.e. the White House outing of a CIA spy last summer. Its ongoing investigation should produce some quite serious results in the near future.

Even Condi Rice's testimony before the 9/11 Commission was rather troublesome in terms of legality. It was done under oath and yet Condi made many false claims - i.e. lies. As Michael Ruppert put it:

Ladies and gentlemen, what you witnessed today, on every major network, was perjury - a felony... The revolution may not be televised. But it may have begun as a result of what was televised today.

So, again, the 'Black Madonna' Condi's appearance before the Commission was a big event that exposed - or at least began to expose - the dark side of the White House in a very public way, just as Janet Jackson exposed her breast and caused a big controversy. The projected pattern was realized.

Following the same symbolic pattern, I'm now looking at the potential significance of Attorney General John Ashcroft's testimony before the 9/11 Commission coming this Tuesday (4/13, 3:30pm EDT). Given the symbolic connection already found between Janet's Super Bowl stunt and Ashcroft (and his Patriot Act mentality) explained in my Feb. 3 update, we are encouraged to look forward to further high-impact revelations coming through or relating to Ashcroft. Should be interesting to watch all this development.

 April 6, '04   Parallel Disclosure of Genesis
Jesus is everywhere! He's in movie theaters, The Passion of the Christ of course, and many special programs/stories about him are shown on CNN, ABC, NBC, Time, Newsweek, etc. etc. Even though there was already a growing public interest in finding out the true nature of Christianity last year thanks to the big bestseller book The Da Vinci Code, this year's release of Mel Gibson's Passion has really made it into a full-blown phenomenon.

The timing here is important. Last year was the 'year of Mars' as the Red Planet made its historic close approach to Earth in summer, and this winter/spring ('04) put Mars right back into the spotlight as NASA's Spirit and Opportunity rovers arrived there early January and went on to find evidence of past Martian water. But 2003, the 'year of Mars', was also the 'year of The Da Vinci Code'. And the 'time of the Mars rovers' this winter/spring has also been the 'time of Jesus'.

This parallel is significant because since long before 2003 we here at Etemenanki were talking about the link between Jesus/Mary Magdalene/Grail and the Red Planet. It's a long-running Etemenanki theme. The theme came alive especially after 9/11, as I quickly explored the biblical and 'Martian' symbolism found encoded in the world-changing events of that day in Mystery, Babylon the Great (Oct. '01). But a more interesting piece that deals with the theme is Rex Deux (March '02). In it is discussed, among other things, Nostradamus' Quatrain VI-97 which goes like this:

Forty five [or 'five and forty'] degrees the sky will burn,
Fire to approach the great new city
In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,
When they want to have proof of the Normans.

After explaining how this poem is eerily applicable to the events of 9/11 (see the article), we also discussed how it relates to Mars/Cydonia and the Grail/messianic tradition. I wrote:

"Normans" [mentioned in Line 4] is essentially another name for the Vikings (or 'Norsemen'). "Viking," in turn, was the name given to the twin space probes NASA sent to Mars in 1976 (Viking 1 & 2). [...] Line 4... then, would have the implication of people wanting to know the truth about Cydonia and/or more generally about the existence of life on Mars. [...]

And through symbology, we also detected the relevance of the Grail/messianic tradition. I theorized:

...the phrase 'When one will want to have proof of the Normans' would come to mean 'when people become aware, and want proof/'resurrection', of 'Rex Deus' or the 'Grail'/messianic bloodline... [or] 'when people want to find out the truth about the origin of Christianity, about the suppressed messianic legacy...

A year later in 2003, this became an undeniable reality as The Da Vinci Code became a phenomenon - a book about the hidden story behind Christianity, i.e. the story of the Holy Grail... the 'Blood Royal' stemming from the supposed union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

This 'dynastic' union is the Christian version of the story of Osiris and Isis, the ancient Egyptian god and goddess par excellence. Just as with Jesus and Mary Magdalene (as told in Gnostic tradition) more or less, Isis' impregnation by Osiris took place concurrently with Osiris' death. So the key period of Jesus in the context of the 'Grail' - the messianic bloodline - is the time of his death, the crucifixion. And this is the very period vividly depicted in the film currently in theaters, The Passion of the Christ (the last 12 hours of his life). So you can see the continuation of the theme of The Da Vinci Code here.

And of course directly overlapping the time of Passion is the discoveries made by the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. At this time we are finally being given the 'proof of the Vikings', i.e. the proof that Mars once had life! Well, at least water. NASA has not yet claimed to have discovered evidence of past life per se, but in March they did triumphantly announce - twice - that Mars once had a lot of water. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that water implies life and that NASA's 'life on Mars' announcement may come in the near future. 'When one will want to have proof of the Vikings/Normans' indeed...

The icing on the cake here is that 9/11, the other major theme emanating from Quatrain VI-97, is again a front-page news story at this time - coinciding with Passion and the Mars revelations - due to the intensifying investigation of the 9/11 Commission which is currently conducting a series of high-level public hearings. (We also had 'Spain's 9/11', the Madrid bombings, on March 11.)

So the projected pattern is definitely manifesting before our eyes... again.

Now let me project the pattern forward a little. It seems this can be done effectively by adding another big incident that the current 'window' produced, namely the breast-baring stunt by Janet Jackson during the Super Bowl halftime show (Feb. 2). We've talked a a lot about its remarkable symbolism here since Feb. 3 - mainly that Jackson (along with Beyonce) was symbolic of Lady Liberty/Justice, Mary Magdalene ('Black Madonna'), etc., and that the message transmitted on a symbolic level, along with an accompanying Pepsi commercial, was that of a coming 'rebellion'... against the Bush administration.

Well, sure enough we are presently witnessing dark secrets of the White House finally coming out of the closet, largely through former counter-terrorism chief Richard Clarke's disturbing insider revelations and the associated 9/11 Commission hearings. (And there are many more potential big problems coming for the White House this spring and summer.)

Notice that Janet Jackson's exposed breast, symbolic of the feminine, managed to foreshadow the Martian revelations that were coming soon (a month later). Just as Jackson revealed her life-giving breast, NASA revealed the past existence of life-generating water on Mars. Intensifying this parallel is our interpretation that Janet was symbolically made analogous to Mary Magdalene/'Black Madonna'. As already discussed, Mary Magdalene or the Grail is closely associated with Mars. Just to be sure, here is what I wrote in Endgame III (Nov. '02):

The Sphinx and Mars... represent the sacred union of Jesus and Mary, or Osiris and Isis. In other words, the Sphinx/Mars is the Grail, the Blood Royal, and the Shroud. 

Let me also add that the main theme incorporated into the pre-game and halftime shows of this year's Super Bowl held in Houston was that of NASA/space! So the Mars connection above is certainly well supported conceptually.

Janet the 'Black Madonna' exposing her breast also seems to have foreshadowed the next big political event in the US, i.e. National Security Adviser Condi Rice's public testimony to the 9/11 Commission coming this Thursday (Apr. 8). The White House strongly resisted allowing her to testify under oath, but under great public pressure they caved and now we are anxiously waiting to see if Condi will expose the reason why the White House didn't want her to testify. If the Commission does its job properly (which is a pretty big if), Condi may be forced to reveal things that'll put Team Bush in a deep hole from which there will be no escape.

The key here in terms of symbology is of course that Condi is the highest-ranking black woman in the White House who is very close to George W. Bush. Many religious people see Bush as quite literally a messianic figure, and strangely enough we here at Etemenanki also happen to see him as an Osirian figure that does symbolically make him a messianic figure... a 'Christ' (or 'Antichrist'), so to speak. So we have Condi, a black lady, as someone closest to the symbolic 'messiah' in the White House. This prompts us to consider the possibility of Condi Rice being symbolic of the 'Black Madonna', like Janet.

And she is about to give her testimony before the 9/11 Commission...

Will Condi expose something momentous just as Janet exposed her breast and just as Mars began to reveal its secrets? The symbolism suggests that the potential is there. It may not necessarily come from her upcoming testimony, but as the National Security Adviser who is not quite competent and not wholly 'in the loop' of the Cheney/neocon network, she is certainly in a position to be able to deliberately or accidentally expose big secrets.

Etemenanki opened the year 2004 with a post in which I emphasized the importance of watching the parallel between the developments of Iraq and Mars. And I view the ongoing Mars revelations and the revelations about the Bush administration's wrongdoings as a clear continuation of this parallel. The Iraq situation stems directly from 9/11, and so the secrets of 9/11 are inseparable from Iraq. Indeed we should be able to find out that the Iraq war didn't come about because of 9/11 but it's actually more that 9/11 came because of the desire to invade Iraq in the first place. And the key figure in all this is Vice President Cheney.

Judging from the significant Mars announcements made by NASA regarding its past water and the dramatically increased chances of finding evidence of past (or even present) life there, the direction of the overall development at this time is clearly towards 'disclosure'. We should watch this closely - as the parallel development should continue to give us clues as to what's coming next.


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