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November 2005



 November 20, '05   Deep Impact Judgment: Part 3

Part 2 of the Deep Impact Judgment series discussed the 'Judgment/Contact weather' formation and how it interacts with the Mayan calendar theme. We discussed the apparent 'hints' encoded in the EQ Pegasi 'Contact' hoax in 1998 which enabled us to discern the electoral 'Judgment Day weather' on November 2nd, 2004 (US presidential election). The EQ Pegasi hoax happened exactly when the Galactic Equator and the solstice Sun aligned precisely - a configuration now popularly associated with the 'end' of the Mayan calendar even though the latter won't come until December 21, 2012. In that year, not too far a way now, there will be the second of the Venus Transit pair, the first one having come as the 'astronomical even of the year' in 2004. It was in 2004 that our 'Judgment/Contact weather' came, and was apparently 'repeated' just a couple of weeks ago on the Samhain/Halloween 'cross-quarter day' (1031-11/2) projected beforehand as a key date.

Part 3 will discuss just how the November-December 2005 window fits into the scheme as a significant and ominous time period.

Midpoint Judgment & Contact

The idea of 'Judgment' or 'Justice' has much to do with the concept of balance. This is especially so as treated in the Super Torch Ritual, i.e. in the 'Contact communication' closely tracked on this website since early 2005.

'Judgment Day', therefore, is analogous to 'Day of Balance', i.e. a day signifying equal parts, prominently expressed through bisected timelines. Tellingly, a film all about Judgment Day, Terminator 3, was released on July 2, '03 - which was the midpoint of the year.

It was on the same 'midpoint day' in 2005 that Live 8 called for 'justice' (and an end to extreme poverty) around the world, as expressed through its slogan 'The Long Walk to Justice', and made a discernable impact. Again, a clear 'Judgment' reference.

That it was about communication through music relates back to the 'Contact' theme. It is through music, for instance, that Contact is made in Steven Spielberg's popular film Close Encounter of the Third Kind. Music becomes the 'test' before Contact, i.e. 'Judgment'.

The archetypal 'Judgment' expression would be the 'Great Flood'. It's the ultimate destruction event. Sumatra in 2004 and Katrina/New Orleans in 2005  expressed this theme rather literally, and these Floods could be, and were, projected beforehand to a great degree, because there was/is an underlying 'Judgment' time code.

New Orleans' 'Great Flood' was not only a 'Judgment' event but also a Sun-king Judgment' event, which is the 'signature' of what I've been calling the 'Orange Alignment' (an alignment of Venus, Mercury, and the Sun). A special Orange Alignment was indeed highlighting late-August and it certainly helped me focus on that timeframe back then and project the timing and general nature of what was coming. The fall of Pope John Paul II, a major 'Sun-king' figure, was highlighted by Orange Alignments as well - both his first hospitalization (2/1/05) and his passing (4/2/05). This too was projected beforehand.

Another Terminator connection here is the date August 29. Katrina made landfall on that date, which also happens to be the same date mentioned in Terminator 2: Judgment Day as Judgment Day itself...

Crossing Space-Time

We just had another 'Orange Alignment' on November 17-18. This has to be considered a time-marker likely signaling another 'Sun-king Judgment' event.

It may be important to notice here, that the American 'Great Flood' this summer was preceded and foreshadowed by a 'cross-quarter day' landing of space shuttle Discovery (Aug. 7-9) which in turn was a continuation of the symbolism transmitted through early-July events - Live 8, NASA's Deep Impact, and such - as discussed extensively in the past. And the definite beginning of Pope JPII's final days, i.e. his first hospitalization on Feb. 1 this year, was also one of those 'cross-quarter days'. The same cross-quarter day on which the spaces shuttle Columbia met its fiery demise in 2003, the last mission preceding the Discovery mission (2005). Discovery was 'Lughnasadh' and JPII/Columbia was 'Imbolc'.

The Katrina 'Orange Alignment' in late August closely followed the Discovery cross-quarter window of early August. And we see that a similar configuration exists this November: A 'Samhain' cross-quarter window in early November closely followed by an 'Orange Alignment' in mid-November... There is also the related time-marker scheme of the 'Equation of Time', which has its biggest 'peak' at the beginning of November and the final zero-point crossing near the end of December. (The crossing points have pinpointed both New Orleans and the death of the Pope this year.)

To understand the implications of this, we can reexamine the 'clues' presumably dropped during the Samhain cross-quarter 'peak' window.

It was an active period... Various key events (such as the tentative Plamegate climax that was the Libby indictment). But the signature event was the burning of Paris, i.e. the Paris riots.

It was a definite 'cross-quarter event'... Because, as (re-)explained in Part 1, the 'historical axis' of Paris, a major portion of it being the Champs-Elysées, happens to be a very potent cross-quarter day marker. (It does this via solar alignments.)

More than the others, the 'axis' highlights the Lughnasadh (astronomical) cross-quarter (CQ) day, which is ~August 7 (alignment Aug. 6-8). So it had much to do with Discovery's 'landfall ritual'... and I repeatedly stressed this point since before the landing.

But why did Paris 'explode' during the recent Samhain/Halloween window instead of the summer Lughnasadh CQ window which is more Paris-driven?

To understand what's going on there, it's instructive to ponder the following point...

The summer/Discovery CQ window associated with the Paris axis foreshadowed the Great-Flood Judgment event (Katrina/New Orleans). New Orleans is exactly on latitude 30°N., which is the same as Giza's, where the Great Sphinx sits gazing due east, thus in effect, looking at New Orleans in the far distance.

The causeway of the Great Sphinx, angled 14 degrees from due east, signifies the midpoint between the equinox and solstice sunrise angle, thus pinpointing a cross-quarter sunrise angle. It corresponds to the Samhain CQ day around the beginning of November. In other words, the Great Sphinx, even though geodetically/spatially highlighting New Orleans, temporally highlighted the next CQ window which produced the Paris riots.

See what's happening there? Some kind of space-time... swapping?

Again... The summer 'Great Flood' associated timing-wise with Paris' CQ alignment was spatially pinpointed by the Great Sphinx which in turn temporally highlighted the Samhain/Halloween CQ window which was spatially marked by major unrest in Paris.... (I know it can be a little confusing.)

A possible implication here is this: Just as the Sphinx was in alignment with New Orleans along the 30th parallel, the what may be ahead (?) in this late-2005 period could produce some kind of alignment with the Paris axis.

This is where the 'Judgment/Contact weather' phenomenon begins to come back. Because, as you can see below, the cloud/precipitation line is almost perfectly aligned with the great-circle 'straight' line aligned with the  Champs-Elysées axis! And we see that it is Houston, one of the key cities in the Super Torch Ritual, that appear to have the function of anchoring this extended line from the Paris axis.

What's more interesting, there was another 'repeat' (so soon!) of the Judgment/Contact weather formation on November 15-16. Very clear and meaningful-looking formation... And see where the southern tip of the line touches... Texas... roughly the Houston area.

Another fascinating development was the geodetically 'aware' high-impact event on Nov. 9 (11/9 or '9/11') in Amman, Jordan - simultaneous, multiple hotel bombings.

How was it 'aware' of where it is? Like this:

The green great-circle (or shortest distance) line is very similar to the Paris-Houston line, only slightly shifted. It happens to align with the fuzzier/implied eastern side of the precipitation line observed in the 11/02/04 'Judgment/Contact weather'.

It's actually 'Satan's Axis'... but we won't go into that here, for now.

It's important that the alignment involves both Katrina's landfall and Paris. And it is equally important that November 9 marked by the bombings was the specific date when the Paris axis precisely aligned with the Sun on the horizon! (It's one of the CQ alignments of the Paris axis.)

So, it could actually be said that the projected Paris alignment (spatial) for an event in November-December, echoing the Sphinx's New Orleans alignment, has already been fulfilled here through the Amman bombings, at least partially.

Mayan Judgment Day

We wouldn't be talking about the 'Judgment weather' formation now if it weren't for the EQ Pegasi Contact 'hoax' in late-October 1998, which was apparently timed to coincide with the 'Mayan galactic alignment' (~10/27/98), popularly associated with the Mayan-calendar 'end' date, December 21, 2012.

1998 and 2012... After going through all the 'midpoint' discussions, it would be remiss if we did not address the issue of where the midpoint of these anchor dates is in the timeline.

So... where is it? Which date?

Using the specific dates 10/27/98 (EQ Pegasi/galactic alignment) and 12/21/12 (Mayan 'end' date associated with the same galactic alignment), the 'midpoint' falls on...

November 23, 2005. Or, taking the date of Paul Dore's first EQ Pegasi 'Contact', Oct. 22, 1998, we would have November 21, 2005 as the midpoint.

It's practically the same window highlighted by the Orange Alignment, and of course we're in it right now. This has to be a rather significant time-marker.

Now... turns out, there is an 'alternate' Galactic Alignment date besides 10/27/98 (the latter reportedly calculated by the Nautical Observatory). This is May 1998. My Starry Night program actually agrees more with this one.

So what do we get as the midpoint date, using May 1-31?

We get: August 26-September 10, 2005. And that coincides exactly with Katrina and the New Orleans Great Flood!

An elegant and chilling design...

So this could easily mean that the grand 'midpoint Judgment event' happened already. In other words, August-September instead of November-December. Of course, we may be looking at some kind of echo effect between the two windows. Was Katrina/New Orleans the 'first half' of the 'halftime show'? That would create ominous implications...

Contact via Crop Glyphs

The 'Contact' theme, heavily intertwined in all this, proves to be a helpful guiding hand again...

After the EQ Pegasi saga, there was another unmistakable 'Contact' communication... coming in the form of a series of crop formations separated by exactly one year. Like EQ Pegasi/Paul Dore, this is to be viewed with a perspective beyond the primitive 'real' vs. 'hoax' model. That mentality is based on a presumptuous context not fit for something that may well involve a form of higher intelligence ('alien' or not).

It was on or around August 14, 2001, that a pair of 'crop glyphs' appeared near Chilbolton Radio Observatory in Hampshire, England. It was obvious that the glyphs were intended to be a stylized 'response' to the well-known interstellar SETI radio message transmitted back in 1974 from the Arecibo radio telescope.

© Steve Alexander

(You can read Hoagland's analysis here.)

This was an 'in your face' Contact event - regardless of whether it was from big-headed aliens or not (almost certainly not). The message was clear. It seeded the idea of Contact in that particular time window - August 2001 (curiously a month before the 9/11 event).

The idea of a 'hoax' seems to be an intended part of the 'message' as well - prompting the thought that it may be an allusion to the EQ Pegasi 'hoax'.

Richard C. Hoagland himself made this same connection, stating:

There are now unmistakable overtones of this infamous 1999 “EQ Peg Affair” … surrounding the current 2001 Chilbolton glyphs.

The idea was encouraged by the appearance of another crop glyph exactly one year later, found just few miles away...

Picture source: Crop Circle Connector

Very cartoon-like, very 'terrestrial' in style... and showing a typical 'alien' holding up a disc, as if in response to the SETI golden disc sent into space onboard the Voyager spacecraft 25 years ago (1977). 

So, another 'hoax' directly addressing the idea of Contact...

The disconnect between the 'extraterrestrial' nature of the message and what appears to be an intentionally terrestrial stylization of the glyphs deepens the sense that there is a sub-channel signaling taking place here... i.e., signaling that being a 'hoax' itself is a message, evoking the EQ Pegasi affair...

Twisted? Sure - but you'd better get used to it.

Through the Looking-Glass

Contact... in the year 2001...

Does that ring a bell?

Well, does it?

A rather obvious connection, once pointed out. The title is '2001' and it's all about 'Contact'... Not the superficial, typical 'take me to your leader' Contact, but something more profound.

We now begin to get the inference: the glyphs were the 'Monolith'...

The Monolith suddenly appears, quietly sits there, and asks us who we are through its deafening silence.

It's the inquisition of the Sphinx... A time of Judgment...

Magically facilitating the birth of a Starchild...

Only, the Birth... Contact... is to take place in a different year.

The ''year we make Contact' is more explicitly... 2010.

The basic idea here is to give us two 'Contact' dates/years, 2001 and 2010, just as EQ Pegasi gave us 1998 and 2012. What's the purpose behind that? Apparently, on one level, to reiterate or clarify the 'Mayan galactic time code' - in particular the midpoint concept.

From August 14, 2001 to November 21, 2005 is 1560 days. That is, the duration from the appearance of the 'Arecibo response' glyph to the previously established midpoint using the Mayan 'end' date and EQ Pegasi.

By adding another 1560 days to the midpoint date (11/21/05), we can find out whether or not there is a potential 'Contact' message here...

And what do we find? We find that it does, in fact, 'pinpoint' the Contact year, 2010! (More specifically February 28, 2010.)

But perhaps more telling is this next version, where we use the first day or January 1st of the two 'Contact years' (2001 and 2010) to calculate the halfway point. Just a different approach to finding the midpoint.

There are 3287 days from 1/1/01 to 1/1/10. Half of that is 1643.5 days. And that pinpoints... July 2, 2005!

So the midpoint of 2005 highlighted by the Live 8 'ritual' was actually, in effect, the 'Mayan Contact midpoint'. No wonder it had to be commemorated in such a elaborate fashion... in a way that implied balance or... Justice. Live 8 obviously had that important function in the grand scheme.

No wonder I sensed 'Contact' in the event...

In Contact: In the Ring of Fire posted June 22 (before Live 8), I wrote (emphasis added):

...London, the site of a Live 8 concert featuring McCartney, U2, and others on July 2 or the midpoint of the year. [...] This is the stuff of the Super Torch Ritual. By design this is, and this is 'Contact'. And Contact is 'Judgment'.

It is no coincidence that music is heavily woven into all this.

I reiterated the point the day after Live 8, saying:

Well, Live 8 was a great success in spite of getting not much help from the corporate media. Indeed there was seemingly a hidden greater force propelling the event, so much so that it was in a sense, at least in my view, a form of 'Contact'. The 'game', or 'test', is definitely on. [More in July 8 post]

Remember, it is already in our collective consciousness that 'First Contact' - the first communication - is to be done through music, i.e. 'Closer Encounter of the Third Kind'...

Contact, as intimated through the Athens Olympics ceremonies and such, is also about panspermia, or cosmic seeding by space rocks. It's about genesis of life on the planet - just as it was NASA's appropriately-named Genesis probe returning from the Sun that crashed into the Utah desert like a meteorite, only days after the closing of the Athens Olympics where the same theme was expressed more metaphorically.

Utah... where the Olympics preceding the one in Athens were held (2002). And the 'seed of life' - ultimately the DNA - was a common theme stressed in both Athens and Salt Lake City...

Athens, Greece

Salt Lake City, Utah

The transference of genetic material is the ultimate 'communication'... thus the ultimate 'Contact'.

A collision with a space rock signifies this momentous, 'deep impact' event. This is also a grand concept intimated by the pyramidal capstone symbolism...

In ancient Egypt this 'Genesis stone', traditionally the capstone on a pyramid or obelisk, was called the Benben Stone. The world 'benben' basically denotes 'sex', acknowledging the 'seeding' nature of the 'stone fallen from heaven'.

The traditional home of the Benben Stone was Heliopolis, the 'City of the Sun'. It was therefore a 'Sun Stone'. NASA's Genesis, a high-tech 'heavenly stone' if you will, was from the Sun... It was a 'Sun Stone' that simulated the process of seeding Earth.

Another such 'seeding simulation' took place in 2005 through NASA's Deep Impact hitting a heavenly stone called Comet Tempel 1.

While there was no collision with Earth itself in this case, the message was made clear enough through its Hollywood association ('Hollywood' basically implies 'widely-known contexts'). The film Deep Impact - released in the 'Contact year' 1998 - was all about a doomsday comet hitting Earth...

And NASA's own Deep Impact came only two days after Live 8, on July 4th... Independence Day.

'Contact' indeed...

Going Hollywood again... there is that Independence Day 'Contact' movie (July 4th is historically associated with the legendary 1947 Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico).

Independence Day is a major 'torch day' - the celebration of the torch of liberty, held up by the Statue of Liberty. It's essentially the same fire signified by the Olympic flame which as we just saw has been identified with the DNA, the ultimate seed... from 'heaven'.

So this is the story of Genesis. Naturally, then, it's found in the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament.

In passages 6:4-7, a brief story is told that essentially amounts to a tale about 'Contact'. The 'sons of God' come down from heaven, mate with the 'daughters of men', create 'giants' (Nephilim), and Earth is corrupted. It's another expression of the panspermia process, a heavenly intruder seeding the planet... or injecting an 'alien' seed into the 'Garden of Eden'.

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth

The dramatic end result of this 'Contact' is the Great Flood - said to be unleashed by 'God' to cleanse the earth... This is, again, the very tale told in Deep Impact.

And less than 2 months after the symbolic 'Contact' of the 'real life' Deep Impact, a 'Great Flood' befell the United States. New Orleans...

And right now, this November representing a major Mayan/Galactic/Contact midpoint window, we are witnessing another clear 'Contact' event in the sky. A clear 'echo' of the Deep Impact mission...

The Falcon Has Landed

Japan's Hayabusa probe was sent to land on an asteroid named 25143 Itokawa.

The 'Contact' is taking place as I write this article... The first landing was to take place on Nov. 20 (today), but it apparently failed. Hayabusa will try again on November 25 (?) or so.

The timing is 'perfect'. And what's more, Hayabusa was formerly named 'MUSES-C'. Muses are Greek goddesses of poetic art. The term 'music' derives from 'Muse'. So just as Deep Impact's Contact was accompanied by the music of Live 8, Hayabusa's too is clearly associated with music, signaling to us that this is 'Contact'. (Even if Hayabusa fails to make contact with the asteroid again, the idea would be still there... though it would probably require us to modify our interpretations somewhat.)

Now the question is...

Will another 'Great Flood' follow the 'Contact' as per the Genesis model?

And how soon?

It was merely 3 days after the Deep Impact 'Contact' that London - the site of the Live 8 'Contact' - experienced an earthly deep impact event, the 7/7 bombings... And within 2 months after that came Katrina and a literal 'Great Flood' (8/29~).

How will the pattern be echoed in this period? Or have the events in Paris and Amman already expressed this pattern?

It is interesting to note that the Watergate is opening now and leaks - as in the CIA leak case (Plamegate) - are turning into a flood in Washington DC sitting on longitude '77' West. The Iraq issue is getting very hot as well. It has 'Deep Impact' written all over it...

We may be in for another event/development representing a crafty fusion of 'Sun-king Judgment' and 'Great Flood'...

And don't forget, what is Peak Oil about? It's about world oil production reaching its... midpoint.

(Graph: Dr. C.J. Cambpell/Petroconsultants)

An energy crisis is looming. And it is designed to challenge and 'test' us.  Curiously, geologist Kenneth Deffeyes, author of Beyond Oil: The View from Beyond Hubbert’s Peak, has semi-seriously picked one specific date as Peak Day - Thanksgiving 2005. That is, November 24, 2005.

On so many levels, the world is at a tipping point at this time, and our hearts are being weighed... to determine our 'worthiness', to see if we deserve an Ark...

Whatever it is, it's being 'activated' at this time... this year. And it's now probably a matter of how much we can decode before the 'Flood' comes.

And what we are decoding is the 'Ark' itself, which is also a 'stargate'. The key to the gate is placed before us, and it is up to us to pick it up and make the decision in our heart to access the Grail... and initiate Contact.

'Wanna take a ride?'

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 November 07, '05   Deep Impact Judgment: Part 2

Take a look at these weather satellite/radar images and see what you think. By the time you reach the end of this post, you'll probably never see them the same way again . :)

It seems the cloud/precipitation formation is more linear than normal. Few people, however, would find it strikingly anomalous. Natural things sometimes look unnatural. That's natural. But, when seen within a certain context, a subtle anomaly could suddenly represent something more. Being obvious takes less intelligence than being stealth and coded.

'Contact', then, comes in this form - like a thief in the night. This was expressed at the very beginning of Stargate Cipher 2012 I posted back in October 2004:

'Contact' is taking place... right now. SETI radio telescopes can't detect it, UFO enthusiasts won't see it, Sci-fi fans don't realize it, the general public doesn't have a clue - because it's coming like a thief in the night. It's designed to be a stealth process and a riddle. There is a built-in screening mechanism that makes it a gateway, through which advanced knowledge can be transmitted to those who pass the 'test'. But those who fail it are to face 'Judgment'. Sounds cliché, but the emerging 'Contact' situation does, artificially or not, seem to carry the essence of the 'Judgment Day' storyline.

These assertions are not meant to skip the reasoning part because the concept of 'Contact' is rather abstract to begin with. What is 'Contact'? Figuring that out is a form of Contact in itself. The term is a hyperlink that leads one down the rabbit hole. It's a Pandora's box; it's a stargate; it's the Yellow Brick Road; it's knowing thy self; it's the 'edge of forever'. It's a riddle. It's a matter of seeing the hidden side of what is already in front of you...

'Contact' is a riddle, and it's a test... and 'Judgment'.

The weather maps are from November 2, 2004 - Election Day or electoral 'Judgment Day' in the United States.

I made a point of monitoring the weather that day. There was a context there to make subtle anomalies mean more than usual. And that context had its genesis years ago - in 1998.

Contact Through Hoax

In late October 1998, there was a 'Contact' event. A hoax, of course. A 'hoax', however, potentially designed to be a signal in itself. Twisted? Well, you'd better get used to it. :) Here is the synopsis:

On Thursday, October 22, 1998, at 21:13 UTC (9:13 p.m. UK time), Paul Dore, an engineer with Siemens Corp., reportedly picked up a strange signal emanating from the constellation Pegasus.

In an Internet post, Dore stated that he had been doing SETI research for "a year and a half," using the company's 10-meter (30-foot) dish antenna, plus "Inmarsat LNA with about 25db gain." [...]

After a careful check of the equipment, Dore began scanning again at approximately 21:17 UTC on Friday, October 23. "The same signal was picked up, and it was at the same right ascension and declination."

Once Dore posted his information, a lively debate ensued on the Internet. [...]

While the debate raged, Dore logged three more hits, on Monday, October 26, at 5:58 and 6:45 UTC and on Tuesday, October 27, at 7:15 UTC, all from the EQ Pegasi system. He said he had picked up the signal on frequency 1453.07512Mhz, plus or minus 400hz Doppler.

While proponents claimed that a similar anomalous signal had been detected coming from EQ Pegasi on September 17, 1998, the SETI League branded the incident a hoax. [...]

In an official statement, Dr. Paul Shuch of the SETI League said, "The non-profit, membership-supported SETI League has been analyzing this claim since Friday night (October 23). None of our 63 active stations around the world have been able to confirm it."

"The 'signal' has been discredited by a host of radio astronomers, amateur and professional, who have analyzed the GIFs posted to the Internet," Dr. Shuch said, "The person who reported the alleged signal has violated every principle of responsible science. He has not fulfilled the carefully-crafted SETI League signal detection protocols to which all of our members are signatory."

BBC writer David Whitehouse catapulted the story by writing a piece on it on Oct. 29, giving it some credibility and creating a buzz on the internet. Paul Dore reportedly scheduled a press conference for November 4 ('98) but abruptly canceled it the day before. He wrote the following in his final public statement sent out in an email on November 3rd (emphasis added):

Monday, the second of November has got to be one of the worst 24 hours I've ever experienced. Here is a brief synopsis of the events that ensued. "6:00am I arrive at work, do some rather routine things and cull overnight data. [...]

7:00pm I arrive home to find three gentlemen in my residence. My wife Helen has the look of sheer terror upon her face. [...]

It turns out that what I discovered was infact [sic] a classified intelligence satellite having to do with something known as Project 415. [...]

...the details I cannot go into but I am satisfied that what I picked up was infact [sic] a secret deep space satellite for purposes of national and international (it seems) security. [...]

I had visions of going down in history as being the first human being to detect signs of other intelligence in the universe and while I found intelligence alright, it certainly wasn't the kind of intelligence I hoped to discover. I am a bit depressed now, though that could have as much to do with the weather. My family and I have decided that I should not purse this line of research any further. Should I ever discovery anything else strange in the course of my work I will be very careful about revealing it.

The possibility of this statement being a coded message has already been suggested by well-known 'maverick' researcher Richard Hoagland. (To me, even the name 'Paul Dore' seems to be an allusion to 'pole door', and I'll explain why sometime in the near future.) His final assessment, partly done in hindsight in December, was that it had to do with weather manipulation. Beginning to sound familiar? Having a sense of deja vu? Yes, RCH is back to the topic of weather manipulation after Katrina/Rita this year... big time. (RCH/The Enterprise Mission is seemingly woven into the 'Contact' pattern, as discussed in Stargate Cipher 2012.)

So there we have the first hint of the EQ Pegasi 'Contact' saga being relevant to our 2004-2005 period.

In 2004, I suggested that EQ Pegasi/Paul Dore was regaining its relevance, based on obscure but multi-contextually coherent symbolism detected in the patterns underlying the world events of that time (see Stargate Cipher 2012). Most importantly, there was a strong 'Contact' theme detected in the supreme Super Torch Ritual (STR) event that was the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics in the summer of 2004. Unmistakably encoded in the symbolism also was the Transit of Venus, the astronomical event of the year in 2004.

It refers to the planet Venus passing directly in front of the Sun as seen from Earth, which is a very rare event that comes in pairs, the two in each pair separated by several years. The esoteric view of the event would be that it was symbolic of the union of the Goddess and the Sun-king, or that of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, thus expressive of the Holy Grail or the 'Royal Blood'. (The 'pregnancy' theme often brought up on this website has its origin here within the context of the STR.) In a way, through the Athens ceremony, the Venus-Sun conjunction was rendered analogous to 'Contact'.

Venus will have another union with the Sun, the second of the Transit pair. It will take place in 2012 which happens to be a year marked by the Mayan calendar, popularly viewed as the end of a big cycle or even the 'end of the world'. Thanks to the works of researchers such as John Major Jenkins, the 2012 date is now widely thought to carry an astronomical message. It is to mark the alignment of the solstice Sun and the Galactic Equator. It's, in other words, about a 'galactic alignment'.

The funny thing is, this alignment has technically already taken place! When?

1998. Not just 1998, but, according to the Nautical Observatory, on October 27, 1998. That is, exactly when the EQ Pegasi 'Contact' saga was raging!

So through this zigzag path from the 2004 Venus Transit/Olympics to the Mayan 2012 date (2nd Transit, galactic alignment) and then back to 1998 (actual galactic alignment), it can be established that the EQ Pegasi 'Contact' hoax does relate to the specific year 2004.

Judgment Day Weather

The 2012 Mayan calendar connection also reinforce the idea that there is a curious equivalence between Contact and 'Judgment Day'; 2012 is after all popularly perceived as the 'end of the world', thus practically interchangeable with 'Judgment Day'.

The resultant combination of 'Contact', '2004', and 'Judgment Day' finds strong resonance in a big event that took place in November 2004 - the US presidential election. It was a 'judgment day' (as in a day to make a big decision). There is a real connection here, indicated by this opening sentences from Paul Dore's final public statement:

Monday, the second of November has got to be one of the worst 24 hours I've ever experienced.

The 2004 Election Day was on 'the second of November'...

And here is from the closing sentences from the same:

I am a bit depressed now, though that could have as much to do with the weather

In 1998, this was considered an allusion to some kind of weather manipulation. That was Hoagland's take at least and he did collect some intriguing pieces of evidence to support this view. But here, the 'instruction' seems to be that we were to monitor the weather on November 2, 2004. A possible implication even being that 'Contact' would be made on that day through the weather...

So, unbeknownst to you, I did actively monitor the weather on the electoral 'Judgment Day'. I didn't know what to expect, of course... And that's how I came to notice that anomalous formation shown at the beginning of this post. As I said, context is what makes the difference. A little anomaly signifies potentially something more...

To be sure, after studying the satellite pictures for a long time and coming up with very little in the direction of understanding the potential 'communication', I just put a question mark on it and filed it away, hoping something else would pop up in the near future to help me solve the puzzle.

I think that just might have happened.

Halloween Contact

This year, based on a large set of STR clues, we had good reason to closely monitor, again, the period around the beginning of November, but not Nov. 2 specifically. This year, the focus was more on the 'cross-quarter day' (Samhain/Halloween) which is the midpoint between the equinox and the solstice. And because there are different ways of determining the CQ day, we had a CQ 'window' rather than just a single day.

It came on the traditional (as opposed to astronomical) cross-quarter day of Halloween-Samhain, or Oct. 31-Nov. 1.

Now, let me inject a little trivia here. For some reason, there is an inexplicable connection between Halloween and 'Contact'. This is no joke, though it involves Hollywood. I've talked about this before: there is this pattern of Halloween showing up in 'Contact' movies - not one, not two, but at least three major 'Contact' movies. We have Spielberg's 'E.T.' in which Halloween is very prominent; we have 'Arrival' featuring Charlie Sheen which also prominently features the 'day of the dead', but in Mexico; and then there is 'Contact' featuring Jodie Foster, in which there is an almost unnecessary and weird scene set on Halloween.

The notion of 'Contact' was not pronounced on Nov. 2, 2004, so Halloween - coming just a day or two before the 'Judgment Day' anniversary - would have been an ideal choice within the Samhain CQ window to do a 'Part 2' of the 'Mayan Judgment Contact' communication. There would certainly be more 'depth' this way.

Now, you have to understand that I have kept my eye on the weather - cloud and precipitation formations over the US in particular - since 11/02/04. First, I wanted to see if that 'Judgment Day' weather configuration was something rare meteorologically or perhaps something common enough. Not being anything close to a meteorologist, I had little idea and needed to check this for myself. So this became part of a casual, long-term 'project' of mine...

I can now tell you after a year of monitoring, that the formation like the one observed on 11/02/04 is actually not common; it's quite rarely seen. So regardless of the significant of this, at least that part of the question was resolved. More reason to suspect that there was perhaps something interesting going on with the weather.

It's interesting but not compelling per se - unless, it was repeated, and repeated on, say, Halloween/Samhain...

I'm not saying I was expecting it. But when I saw it, I immediately grasped its potential implication... On Halloween night, and into Samhain morning (11/1), the 'Judgment Day' weather configuration was indeed... repeated.

Does this constitute more evidence of there being a 'message' in the pattern? To use terminology fitting in this context - 'Contact'. And of course it also carried the notion of 'Judgment'. The latter is a theme that has become particularly intense in 2005, coming in the form of an amalgamation of 'Sun-king Judgment' and 'Great Flood'.

Message of the Sphinx

The 'Great Flood', the ultimate/archetypal expression of 'Judgment Day', began on December 26, 2004. We all remember the Sumatra tsunami catastrophe, don't we? It was followed by the 'Judgment' of the Roman 'Sun king' Pope John Paul II (i.e. his hospitalization and passing in the spring of '05), followed by another 'Great Flood' around late August in New Orleans. And so on. (That there was an underlying 'Judgment' motif should be made apparent from the fact that I was able to project the timing of these events beforehand.)

Katrina/New Orleans was very telling indeed. The day of the hurricane landfall, August 29, for instance, happens to be the date selected as 'Judgment Day' itself in Terminator 2. (Schwarzenegger/Terminator series has been an essential STR component from the very beginning.) And New Orleans is situated right at latitude 30 deg. N, the same as that of Giza and the Great Sphinx monument facing due east. (In a sense, the Sphinx is staring directly at New Orleans.) The causeway connecting the 2nd pyramid there to the Sphinx is angled 14 degrees south of east, which aligns with the cross-quarter sunrise (Oct. 25-26). It's a CQ alignment conceptually associated with the Halloween/Samhain date (10/31-11/1), meaning it also relates to the 'Judgment weather'.

New Orleans is also a very French city (e.g. 'French Quarter'); a city in a state (Louisiana) named after a French monarch Louis XIV also known as 'The Sun King'. So the 'Sun king-Flood Judgment' concept was very much evident.

The Sun-King French monarch happens to be closely associated with (the designing of) the 'Historical Axis' of Paris or the world-famous Champs-Elysées.

Believe it or not, this 'axis', too, happens to be a cross-quarter day marker. The interaction between its angle and sunrise, like the Sphinx, accomplishes this hidden function.

Isn't it curious, then, that the Samhain CQ window, 10/25-11/11, is being highlighted by major rioting in Paris this year (right now)? This reinforces the interaction between Katrina/N.O. and the Samhain 'Judgment weather'. The 2004 election, the American 'Great Flood', and the general 'Mayan Contact weather' theme, and what's happening now in this 2005 Samhain CQ window around the beginning of November are all woven together in a well-designed tapestry.

Weather Marks the Spot

Like at the time of EQ Pegasi back in late 1998, Richard C. Hoagland of The Enterprise Mission again began championing the theory that Katrina (and later Rita, etc.) was not entirely natural, that some kind of weather manipulation technology was involved. This time the idea is not being considered so farfetched and has nearly gone mainstream. The question itself is no longer considered ridiculous.

One of Hoagland's findings was a satellite image from August 17, 12 days before Katrina's landfall, showing an anomalous formation highlighting... New Orleans. The hurricane-like... something over New Orleans cannot be clouds or precipitation because, as Hoagland pointed out, there were no clouds in that area at the time.

His interpretation was that this was some kind of 'hyperdimensional imprinting' for what was to become Katrina and the American 'Great Flood' it would cause. Hoagland wrote:

That, in fact, is exactly what our "hyperdimensional model" for Hurricane Katrina is proposing: that what we are seeing in this extraordinary radar sequence ... is the standard NEXRAD radar signal being -- somehow -- reflected back from the clear air over and around New Orleans ... air which has somehow been made "radar reflective" by the application of an otherwise invisible "energy" signature ... from somewhere.

While the precise nature of this anomalous "reflection mechanism" is currently unknown -- without further information from other sensor systems -- possibilities range from "actual ionization of the air" itself (making it more electrically conductive -- and thus radar reflective), to equally anomalous "wavelike" changes in the density of the air within the rotating radar beam ....

In the HD Model, it is this "HD imprinting" of New Orleans, by this impossible (in current physics) "energy vortex signature" which ... 12 days later ... literally attracted Hurricane Katrina right to New Orleans ... exactly like a homesick homing pigeon!

Again, Katrina, EQ Pegasi, and weather manipulation/RCH are all inseparable from the 'second of November' and the larger window of Halloween/Samhain around that date. Amazing, then, that we find the following in the Nov. 2, 2004 electoral 'Judgment Day weather'...

New Orleans! The target city of the 2005 'Judgment' event associated with the cross-quarter motif - already highlighted, it seems, 10 months before it happened.

Mere coincidence? Intelligent design? Contact? Tip of the iceberg?

The Katrina/New Orleans 'Great Flood' was, indeed, a major piece of the puzzle needed to advance the decoding process. The American 'Great Flood' was not the end of the story; but the event itself, it seems, was a form of 'omen' of things to come, i.e. disclosure of a 'Damage Plan'.

One aspect of the weather 'signal' observed on Nov. 2, '04 that I couldn't quite figure out, in terms of what kind of 'message' it was trying to convey, was the sweeping cloud formation in the northwestern region of the United States, away from the 'straight edge' precipitation line produced over the eastern part of the country. I saw that the formation was most well-defined between 8 and 9 pm (US Eastern Time). Though unclear as to its meaning, the impression I got was that the cloud formation was perhaps 'pinpointing' a very specific area with its eastern tip like a finger. Beyond that, however, it left me scratching my head...

Enter New Orleans, and it was an 'ah ha!' moment. Well, at least now there was a potential answer to the unresolved question. As we have seen, there is a connection between last year's 'Judgment Day weather' and this year's Katrina-induced 'Great Flood' in New Orleans. I felt there was enough justification to look for any meaningful interaction between the latter event and the 'finger cloud formation'. And it was there, indeed.

The atmospheric 'finger' was pinpointing the longitude of New Orleans!

New Orleans is a uniquely 'geodetically aware' city, sitting on the geometrically meaningful coordinates of 30.0°N 90.0°W. Highlighting the longitude would therefore be an subtle but intelligent way of interacting with the 'Judgment event'. And the geodetic nature of 'Contact' is nothing new; it's a major channel of 'communication' I've been closely tracking (discussed frequently in STRUG).

Highlighting longitude 90°W would also have the function of bringing forth a second straight line (the longitude), the first being the straight-edge precipitation pattern.

The two lines are not parallel; therefore they inevitably cross at some point. And that brings up an intriguing question: Could this be a design implying 'X marks the spot'?

Let's take a closer look at the spot where the lines intersect...

With remarkable precision, the 'X' ends up pinpointing... the New Madrid Seismic Zone. (Even the zone's diagonal arm matches the angle of the precipitation line.) The NMSZ is responsible for producing four of the biggest North American earthquakes in recorded history... within a 3-month period in 1811-1812. It is predicted to produce more major earthquakes... And: 'The probability of magnitude 6.0 or greater in the near future is considered significant; a 90% chance of such an earthquake by the year 2040 has been given'.

Ominous? Well, I'd say so...

Rainy Madrid

Now it begins to make more sense - i.e. why 'Madrid', Spain has been such a major component of the Super Torch Ritual and particularly associated with the idea of 'Judgment Day'. Let me quote from my Stargate Cipher 2012 article (Oct. 23, '04) [some emphasis added]:

First, in Terminator 3 are given specific time references to the beginning of 'Judgment Day', to be marked by world-wide nuclear detonations. There is one particular scene containing the following conversation between Arnold-Terminator and John Connor (future leader of mankind):

Terminator: The first launch sequences will be initiated at 6:18 p.m.
John Connor: What, today?
Terminator: Affirmative.
Kate: John, what is he saying?
John: Judgment Day, the end of the world - it's today 3 hours from now.
Terminator: 2 hours, 53 minutes. We must continue south into Mexico to escape the primary blast zones.

The coding is quite simple: we can simply turn the numbers into days: i.e. '6:18' into 618 days and '2 hr 53 min' into 253 days. Based on the repeated references to 'today' or 'from now', we can count forward from July 2, 2003, i.e. Terminator 3's release date. This yields the following:

7/02/03 + 618 days = March 11, '05
7/02/03 + 253 days = March 11, '04

Both 'March 11', one year apart - leaving little doubt that the decoding is valid. [...]

Now, do you remember what happened on March 11, '04? This is chilling: on that very day came 'Spain's 9/11' - 10 bombs exploding on four packed morning commuter trains in Madrid killing 191 people and injuring 1,800... A huge, shocking event, the impact of which is still being felt today even in the US (politically mostly). Some people quickly sensed something ritualistic about it, pointing out hat there are exactly 911 days in between 9/11/01 and 3/11/04. Well, indeed, it was 'prophesied' in Terminator 3. [...] We even find that adding the encoded '253 days' to Jan 1 brings us to September 11 (Sept 10 for leap years)!

[...] very near the Atocha train station where a total of seven bombs exploded, killing about 100 people, is a park called the 'Retiro' in which stands 'El Angel Caido', said to be the world's only sculpture solely dedicated to... Lucifer the light-bearer/Venus!

There is more: Madrid derives its name from Mayrit (referring to the River Manzanares), meaning 'source of water' or 'rich in abundance of waters'. This is important in that star 311 (as well as Aldebaran) is in the Hyades star cluster and 'Hyades' means 'the rainy ones' and it's been called 'the watery Hyades', 'a watery constellation', etc. So Madrid is the 'source of water' and the Hyades is a watery/rainy star cluster! [...]

Finally, adding '311' days to the day of Arnold's California 'total recall' election (Oct 7, 2003) gives us August 13, '04 - the opening day of the Athens Olympics, the climax of the 'super torch ritual'.

'Madrid' as an allusion to 'New Madrid'. Seems plausible enough...

And it is highly significant that Madrid/'311' has symbolically much to do with water or rain. The precipitation 'Judgment Day' configuration pinpointing New Madrid (and New Orleans) is, after all, rain. Sure is temporally spread out, this 'Contact' communication...

Finally, I'll point out that the Judgment Day motif, which heavily involves the concept of 'midpoint', often expressed through 'bisected' (equidistant or 'balanced') timeline codes, has habitually incorporated Madrid (namely 3/11 and the Madrid Windsor Tower fire on 2/12-13, '05 in particular) as the midpoint 'anchor', and a lot of these time codes involve major, deadly earthquakes, e.g. Sumatra and Zarand (Iran). Evoking the New Madrid Seismic Zone, seemingly...

Literal or metaphorical - who knows... But we're dealing with 'earthshaking' events here, which are somehow intertwined with the notion of 'Contact', and this November constitutes a key window for this 'Judgment' process, and the timing stretches beyond the Samhain CQ window.

Paris On Fire

Here is from Part 1 of the 'Deep Impact Judgment' series on the Samhain window (posted Oct. 18):

My view at this time is that these dates, or the period covered by them, cannot pass without a set of very significant 'signature' events. The pattern leading up to this period more or less dictates that this be the case. It seems clear that this is the window for the beginning of an intense 'Deep Impact' situation. This is the window for the cross-quarter pattern 'giving birth'. [...]

The cross-quarter days are the corner stones in the scheme but what we have here is essentially an intense period of 'activation sequence'. Activation of 'Deep impact'. [...]

Just as the Discovery 'ritual' around a CQ day prefigured the Katrina 'Great Flood' later that month, it may well be that we are looking at here something similar in November-December. I say this because what I consider to be the 'Deep Impact window' or the 'Midpoint window' is coming up (or starting) a little later in November. Monitoring the primary cross-quarter period starting in a week might therefore give us a clearer view on the situation and where the pattern is leading. [...]

Needless to say, the Samhain window, Oct 25-Nov 11 (slightly extended from the original duration), has turned into a very active period. Aside from the high-impact political development of the indictment of Vice President Cheney's chief of staff Libby on Oct. 28, and the anti-Bush 'Summit of the Americas' riot in Argentina early November, we are witnessing the ongoing major rioting in Paris emerging as an unmistakable signature STR event of this Samhain window. The riots began Oct. 27, closely coinciding with the opening of the window, and has continued and intensified since. (We'll see if the situation will quiet down or shift somehow as the window closes at the end of this week.)

If this was indeed an 'activation' trigger... what could the 'Deep Impact' development be, which is projected to follow? No doubt there are many aspects (including the New Madrid, Sun-king Judgment, etc.); in particular there is the looming energy crisis issue almost certain to play a major role during the coming months. But here is what the burning of Paris may add to the picture - from STRUG (Nov. 6):

Not only is Paris an essential part of the cross-quarter motif (the Champs-Elysées 'axis' being a carefully designed CQ day-marker), it was the French monarch Louis XIV, widely known as 'The Sun King', that we found prominently encoded in the previous major 'Sun-king Judgment' event, the New Orleans 'Great Flood', in a state (Louisiana) named after this very king. So it's all very coherent.

The current unrest there can easily be described as the 'Judgment of Paris', no? The underlying context is highly suggestive of this.

In Greek mythology, the 'Judgment of Paris' happens to be a key event that led to... the legendary Trojan War.  It was the 'abduction' of Helen by Paris (following his 'judgment'), son of Priam, king of Troy, that sparked what in today's world would be analogous to a World War. You know... 'War of the Worlds' - the title of a 'Contact' film released just this year... [Note: In the original story upon which the film is based, the space invaders are from Mars, a planet that is not coincidentally closest to Earth during the current Samhain CQ window (closest on Oct. 29 and at opposition on Nov. 7 or today, which is also the astronomical cross-quarter day).]

It almost seems as if something is coming, doesn't it?

The pattern is that the 'Judgment of Paris' is to be followed by a great war...

Troy, as in 'Trojan War', is part of today's Turkey. Now... we have Thanksgiving Day coming up later this month, on Nov. 24, and the traditional dinner for the holiday is 'turkey'... And, in Canada:

the holiday is celebrated on the second Monday in October, which is observed as Columbus Day or protested as Indigenous Peoples Day in the United States.

Columbus Day - again! Needless to say, a major part of the cross-quarter day time code has been the space shuttles Discovery and Columbia (= Columbus), together insinuating the notion of Columbus' Discovery of the New World. The potency of this motif was demonstrated again in October, as China's space mission Shenzhou 6 was launched on the date of the discovery of America by Columbus (Oct. 12), and its landing was, as projected beforehand [on STRUG], 'designed' to interact with the space-shuttle symbolism. [...]

So what am I saying? World War III is to begin later this month? Not quite (though I guess possible, and its 'seeds' may well be sown in this period).  But, as you know, mid/late-November is the 'Deep Impact window' marked by an 'Orange Alignment' and such... So, we now have more reason to suspect that 'something' high-impact is indeed coming quite soon.

We can begin to unify some of the themes here... If something like World War III is indeed in the works, then a likely driving force would likely be a major energy and/or financial crisis. Peak Oil in particular is a key concept that fits the underlying pattern very well, as I've discussed many times before. So it is interesting to find that one of the leading proponents of the Peak Oil theory, Kenneth Deffeyes, has stated (semi-seriously) he expects world oil production to peak on Thanksgiving Day, 2005... We can't make too much out it, of course. But it is one of those little 'coincidental' clues springing out of a larger pattern.

And... oh yes, there is also the 'coincidence' of the Trojan War and Paris being part of my SC2012 discussion concerning EQ Pegasi/Paul Dore (in Oct. 2004):

And Dore calling his wife 'Helen' may well have been a clue, in that Pegasus (as in EQ Pegasi) is one of the two famous mythological horses, the other being the Trojan Horse, the 'false gift'. It was the Trojan Horse that ended the Trojan War, a war caused by the abduction of a beautiful woman named... Helen ('Helen of Troy'). And the abductor was 'Paris'.

Let me say in closing, that if the 'Judgment Day weather' discussed in this post were all I had on the weather issue, I wouldn't be talking about it or least referring to it as some kind of 'Contact'. It's actually the tame part; just the tip of the iceberg.

To be continued...

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