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Atlantean Terror

Atmospheric Destruction
at the Gate
of Atlantis

August 11, 2006

by Goro

Aug 10: UK terror 'plot to blow up planes' foiled


  • Terror plot to blow up multiple planes in flight

  • Targeted planes: trans-Atlantic flights from UK to US

  • Plan foiled on August 10th


In the context of the Super Torch Ritual/Damage Plan 'Communication', this situation would have much to do with our 'US Golden Transit Line' which is presently in its 'Timeline C' phase. The 'clock' is now counting down to around the beginning of September, coinciding with the space shuttle Atlantis STS-115 mission.



But most relevant here is the fact that US-Golden Transit Timeline C-2, a secondary parallel timeline emerging out of Timeline C at the 'Genesis crossroads', had pinpointed around August 10, i.e. now, which seems to have been 'acknowledged' yesterday...



That's basically the context in which I'm viewing the UK plane terror plot situation along with other recent world events such as the Philippine volcano, Castro/Cuba, etc. And you see above that the same 'Tower Axis'/Timeline C-2 line continues toward Edwards AFB where Discovery STS-121 landed last year on August 9th, corresponding on the timeline to 8/31-9/04 which will see the space shuttle mission Atlantis STS-115 as well as SMART-1 crashing into the Moon. My view has been that these two windows (plus one more around August 23) are 'designed' to interact and express a destructive 'Atlantean' storyline. Atlantis STS-115 may well be in for a rough ride if not utter destruction and/or it might be expressed down here on earth in some way ('as above, so below').


Atlantean Transit Strike:


'Transit Strike' is a key theme closely tracked here since last year - the train bombings of London July 7/21 and Madrid's 3/11 have been two prime 'Transit Strike' events. The pattern engendered the 'US Golden Transit Timelines' and had recently turned heavily toward the idea of 'Atlantis'.

The mythological figure Atlas who is interchangeable with Atlantis and the Atlantean pillar(s) separating heaven and earth (Atlas mountains, 'Pillars of Hercules'/Gibraltar, etc.) is analogous to the atmosphere in between those two realms. Atlas thus personifies the air dimension or 'air plane'.

'Airplane' explosions in 'midair' above the 'Atlantic' Ocean - i.e. the terror plan foiled yesterday - would therefore imply the destruction/Flood of Atlantis, a key theme this summer already expressed through various recent world events since July.

The motif seems to be crescendoing toward Atlantis STS-115 or the time window represented by the space shuttle. Another important factor here is NASA's Genesis probe which crashed landed back in 2004 on September 8th. It was a major 'Ground Zero' event inseparable from the Damage Plan scheme. I won't go into it here but it's been steadily gaining momentum again and it doesn't seem like coincidence at all that the return of Atlantis STS-115 from space will closely, if not exactly, coincide with the Genesis crash anniversary (assuming the current mission schedule will hold.) It's quite telling that September 8 will be exactly '911' days from March 11, '04 or the Madrid 'Transit Strike' day. And didn't the film 'World Trade Center' open just hours before the news broke about the plane terror plot... on the anniversary of the Discovery STS-121 landing at Edwards AFB? And weren't the World Trade Center twin towers the New World version of the Pillars of Hercules, i.e. the 'Atlantean pillars'? ...That were destroyed?



August 10th was the 222nd day of the year, '222' being very much part of the 'Damage Plan 2 Communication' which was made clear back in February...

Turin is aligned with the Paris 'Tower Axis' (Champ de Mars/Eiffel Tower) which is also precisely aligned with Edwards AFB...

If you recall, the Turn Olympics opening ceremony on February 10th began with a metalsmith striking an anvil:


This was a major 'sign' or a 'sine' in that 'anvil' means 'folded' as if in allusion to 'sine' - one of the trigonometric functions - which similarly denotes 'fold'. (Sine is normally written 'sin', relatable to the archetypal 'Sin => Judgment' sequence heavily incorporated into the Damage Plan scheme.)

Geometrically the red line above represents sine. For Turin, the sin line equals ~4512 km, which happens to precisely match the distance between Turin and Iran's 2/22/05 deadly quake epicenter (a '222' date).

Sure enough, this was to be answered by a major destruction event in Iraq, that of a sacred golden dome...

- The golden dome of al Askariya mosque destroyed
- Mosque Attack Pushes Iraq Toward Civil War

A similar event took place in Iraq yesterday. The news juxtaposition was very suggestive:

The '222' Golden Dome bombing in turn implied a 'Golden Dome Alignment'.

It's a very telling alignment indeed, especially with the current conflicts involving Israel at this time. Iran is obviously a big part of what's going on and what's ahead... The Dome of the Rock is a key component of the STR/DP 'Communication' and has been so for many months now. It's particularly notable for heavily interacting with Deep Impact.

Deep Impact:

Deep Impact - the NASA version - was/is a space probe that successfully struck Comet Tempel 1 with an impactor last summer on Independence Day (a 'torch day', July 4th). Independence Day this year saw the launch of the space shuttle Discovery STS-121.

Amazingly STS-121 was also designed to interact - even more unquestionably - with the Dome of the Rock (among other things). First, there is the telling contextual fact that the STS-121 mission (July 4-17) coincided with the start of the Israel-Lebanon war or the first spark of the modern 'Trojan War'. But the big 'secret code', revealed here for the first time 'aboveground', is this:

[Dome of the Rock]

[Dome of the Rock floor plan]

Shocked? Well, a real 'shock'... or 'deep impact' may be still ahead, judging from this 'Deep Impact Clock' first discussed months ago...

'Deep Impact Time Zero' is still months away, but note that 6-6-06 or 'Beast Day' was the halfway point of the countdown which was magically pinpointed by the orbital positions of Deep Impact and Mars. Beast Day also coincided with an 'Orange Alignment', the long-running 'minute hand' of the Super Torch Ritual. (Orange Alignment = Sun, Mercury, and Venus lining up.)

The next Orange Alignment is coming up around August 22 and it marks a special window around August 23. The date/window has already sort of gone 'mainstream' the other day...

August 8: Iran Hints at Aug. 22 Doomsday for Israel
August 8: Does Iran have something in store?

So now I'll have to emphasize the fact that I was there before this (after all it's highlighted by an Orange Alignment, and practically no one was talking about that date/window back then). For example, here is what I wrote on Aug. 2:

I'm now projecting this to be an important date (Aug. 23 +/- 1 day). It's indeed one of those 'shifted' cross-quarter day - i.e. shifted from the traditional/astronomical Lughnasadh early-August CQ window. And it's a major 'anchor point' - quite literally as you'll see soon. While it's not yet clear how this one will interact with the nearby 'Atlantean/Genesis crossroads' window around early September, they most likely will. [...]

Much more on all this coming up soon. It's pretty 'nuclear' but... that's a storyline and it can easily stay that way.

The basic time structure here is that ~August 7, ~August 23, and around beginning of September are very much interconnected and very 'Atlantean' in nature... and also quite 'nuclear'. (Because of the mainstream attention it has attracted, the ~8/23 window will now probably produce something more twisted/coded and subtler in nature than would have otherwise.) The destruction of Atlantis is a major theme along with the 'Trojan War/Golden Apple', Transit Strike, volcano, Moon crash, etc. and it's worth noting that the 'Golden Apple' - which in the form of the 'Apple of Discord' caused the Trojan War - is exactly what the the term for 'orange' comes from in various languages.

There is much more but that's the general underground context for this period.



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