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Sept. 5, '02   Eventful September?
This September promises to be an very intriguing month. First, there will -- finally -- be a televised event (live, on FOX) of opening the "Secret Chamber" at the end of the 'Sirius shaft' emanating from the Great Pyramid's so-called Queen's Chamber. The existence of the hidden chamber (well, at least the door) was discovered by a German engineer in the '90s using a special robot. There is a great controversy surrounding the whole thing (establishment vs. independent researchers) and there is the inevitable question as to the genuineness of the carefully staged event, but it is nonetheless a welcome step forward for the long-stalled revelation that may turn out to be quite earth-shaking (I kind of doubt it though, because it does not seem likely that such a momentous and esoteric revelation would be made so publicly). What we will get from it is probably not a 'smoking gun' of some sort but yet another piece of the puzzle. Ah, the baby-step process... isn't it just frustrating and getting old?

Another much anticipated event this September is Richard Hoagland's release of what he has described as an "H-bomb" (in terms of its impact on the whole 'Monuments of Mars' issue). The new findings, scheduled to be revealed tonight (Thursday, 9/5) on his Enterprise Mission website and on the Art Bell radio show ('Coast To Coast AM'), promise to be the biggest breakthrough since the Viking probes took the first picture of the 'monuments' in the Cydonia region of the Red Planet in 1976. I'm personally trying to not get too excited about this, but if Hoagland is excited enough to call it his 'H-bomb', I'm pretty sure there is something to it. Will it be enough to shock the general public? Who knows... But that's at least the hope of all those who have followed the Cydonia investigation. Let's wait and see.

Coming up soon also is the first anniversary of '9/11', of course. While my symbolic and pattern analyses have not indicated that it is a date to watch this year, it is still obviously an important day of remembrance. As far as the year 2002 is concerned, my focus is on December, which is not far away now (see The Message of Cycle 23 for a detailed explanation). On a more conventional level, however, I do see September 11 as a window of opportunity... particularly for Saddam Hussein. By now, it should be very clear to the ruler of Iraq that his regime is about to be toppled by the seemingly inevitable US military actions against Baghdad. And after his crushing defeat in the Gulf War initiated by the first President Bush, Saddam should easily realize that there is no way he can withstand the fury of the US military. So the unruly monarch of Mesopotamia now has his back against the wall; he feels he is cornered. This is when man tends to do extreme things, as the primal 'fight or flight' switch clicks toward 'fight', the last attempt at survival. But what can he do? Any form of direct aggression would only help US make its case for a preemptive strike against Iraq, so this can be quite safely ruled out. What then? A possible scenario here would be that Saddam takes advantage of the fact that it is essentially only the Bush administration that is strongly pushing for an attack on Iraq. To Saddam, then, the best and perhaps the only way to save his butt would be to remove the small but powerful portion of the US government at the top. I think you get my drift. And, importantly, it would be almost necessary for Saddam to create the appearance that Iraq had no involvement in the event so that there wouldn't be anymore political fuel added to the fire (i.e. anti-Iraq sentiment). To accomplish this aspect of the (hypothetical) scheme, there would have to be a scapegoat. Well, who better to put the blame on than Osama bin Ladin's terrorist group Al Qaeda? And when better to do this than on 9/11, the date forever associated with Al Qaeda? In other words, Saddam may potentially use the 9/11 date if he decides to covertly preempt US's preemptive strike. Of course, this is just a wild speculation, and I'm not suggesting that this is likely to happen.

Now, I'd also like to add a little update to the pattern projected in The Message of Cycle 23. As mentioned, the period I've come to view as a significant 'window' is December 2002, and it has been associated with (the potential exit of) Pope John Paul II, i.e. the prophetic 'labor of the sun'/'solar eclipse' pope. It has now come to my attention that there will actually be a total eclipse in December '02 (Dec. 4). Synchronicity just seems to keep mounting for this particular window. As discussed in Cycle 23, intimately intertwined with this issue is also the cycles of the sun (spots) and Venus in the context of the mysterious Mayan calendar which pinpoints the year 2012 as the end of the current age. I have already pointed out in the article how the next sunspot cycle maximum ('Cycle 24') will coincide with the fateful year of 2012. Now I have also learned that Venus - another celestial body inseparable from the Mayan calendar - will be nicely marking the time of 2012 as it will make its very rare transit across none other than the sun in that year.  This will take place in 2004 also, but this celestial configuration is known to happen in pairs and only three sets have occurred since the invention of the telescope (1631/1639, 1761/1769, and 1874/1882). Very interesting stuff...

I will likely do more updates this busy month, so stay tuned.

Aug. 19, '02   Updates
Here is a couple of things I've been meaning to mention here. First, as discussed in the 'Cycle 23' article, Venus (the orbital period of which is 225 earth-days) is very much relevant via the Mayan calendar to the post-9/11 world at the present time. More specifically, I pointed out the existence of a strong correlation between the ancient calendar scheme and the US as well as the papacy. To give more support to the idea, I can now add that 2001 - the year of the '9/11' paradigm shift - was exactly the 225th year counting from 1776, i.e. the birth of the United States! (In other words, it was the 'end of the cycle' for the US in terms of Venusian counting.)

Venus is also known as the 'Morning Star' and this is also the epithet of Lucifer ('light-bringer), the embodiment of the 'fallen angels' or the 'Shining Ones'. In Genesis 6:4-7 is a brief reference to the strange deeds of the 'fallen angels', called the 'sons of God'/'Nephilim':

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.  And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.  And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.  And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth

This baffling biblical passage tells us that the fallen 'sons of God' came and had an improper sexual relationship with man's children. Now, 'sexual misconduct' reminds us of the current crisis of the Church created by the sexual abuse cases of the pedophile Catholic priests. Isn't it terribly synchronistic that priests are the (self-proclaimed) mediator/messenger between God and the people, i.e. 'sons of God'? And of course, this dark Church crisis is something I have already made inseparable from the '9/11' period in the prophetic context, as explained in my previous writings.

Another theme found to be intertwined with the whole issue is that of the Great Flood (see articles). Please note that the said cause of this global catastrophe facilitated by 'God' was the aforementioned sexual misconduct of the 'sons of God'. Needless to say, it can be easily inferred here that the current Church sex scandal is to lead to a conceptual "Great Flood" by which the world of the Catholic Church will be totally destroyed. This is yet another strong indication that the 'ship of fools' will sink - an inevitable and needed event at this point in history to cleanse the civilization and the human mind. This is likely to unfold rapidly after the imminent end of the current Pope's reign.

By the way, the book I've been working on seemingly forever will finally be available for purchase later this year or early next year if everything goes smoothly. (I may decide to put a small portion of it here on this website before that.) The book contains momentous revelations that have never been made public anywhere before. I'm sure many of you have read or heard about Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods, a groundbreaking book about the hidden history of mankind. Well, for Hancock the title was a metaphoric overstatement, but it would be quite literal for the discoveries presented in my book. They are at least the closest thing to being 'fingerprints of the gods'; and the 'fingerprints', or the ultimate 'script', were left here so that man could one day find them and understand the hidden story behind history and reality itself. Well, the time is here. Fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for the wild ride!

June 28, '02   Ship of Fools
Hey, after all, this is the nation that elected (supposedly) Bush as the leader - this is to be expected. I'm of course talking about the big controversy over the court decision to consider the phrase "under God" in the pledge of allegiance unconstitutional (as it violates the separation of church and state). I agree with the court's decision - not that I really care about the issue itself. What has disgusted me, however, is the resultant reaction of the majority of the US citizens. Among the major TV personalities, just about the only one who was capable of thinking about it rationally was Bill Maher of Political Incorrect (ABC), a fiercely independent thinker. It is sadly telling that his show was cancelled by ABC (this is the show's final week)...  what a shame! At any rate, most people just want to keep the reference to 'God' in there - a natural human response due to the notion of 'God' registering as a 'friend' in their primitive 'friend or foe' radar. 'If not an enemy, why shoot it down?' - is the conditioned thought running through their minds, and they simply choose to ignore the constitution - that religion and state are to be kept separate, period. This is typical: If inconvenient for you, the rules can be bent; if beneficial to you, the rules must stand. Oh, the weak, weak minds. The 'God' reference is just a general inclusive idea and thus not a big religious deal? Then why get so worked up about the decision?  Tradition? The 'under God' part was added to the pledge only in 1954 when the US was fearing the communists - and people don't make good judgments when in fear.

Don't they see even after 9/11 that religion is extremely dangerous and essentially a form of mind-control? The more the people are passionate about their 'God' in a non-thinking religious sense, the more they are not that different from the Allah-loving terrorists. That they don't murder people doesn't make them any better in essence, as if born in the Mid East instead, the very same mentality will make a good terrorist.

All the religiously motivated hatred in the Mid East and elsewhere is something taught to them since they were very young, when the minds were vulnerable, when they could be brainwashed. It's a cult, and that's what 'religion' is. Real education in school should act as the antidote to this kind of mind-programming, so that people may actually think on their own with reason, rationally. In other words, school should be a sacred place where the young can be sheltered from and learn to fight against the oppressive force of non-thinking beliefs, faiths, and traditions that plague the world. It's bad enough that the schools are now where children are programmed to think in certain ways (that benefits the 'system'), at the very least, school should do its best to eliminate any element of religion from its environment. As revealed recently, religion (Churchianity) had fun raping the children, the most innocent and vulnerable members of our society; isn't it time we realized that we need to stop the religious raping of the vulnerable minds also?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not particularly passionate about the issue of the pledge itself. I don't care about it that much personally. But I do get emotionally involved when reasoning is disregarded in favor of convenience and comfort. It pisses me off. Hypocrisy pisses me off. Truth/logic simply doesn't give a @#$% whether the stupid majority agrees with it or not. It is not a place for sentiment, popularity, or patriotism. For me, it is the seeing of the people getting upset about their 'God' being dissed and justifying their conditioned sentiment with various faulty logics that upsets me. Those people are not thinking for the purpose of getting to the truth; their thinking is instead largely a conditioned reaction to a perceived threat to what they have been programmed to consider sacred and most important above all others. The programmed people trying the protect a device of religious programming... you see how the cycle perpetuates itself. Just as the victims of child abuse are more likely to become abusers themselves, heinous activities can be highly infectious.

Fortunately, even the brainwashed can be shaken back to the rational world (if only temporarily) when challenged by the notion of the safety and well-being of innocent children. This is what it took for the followers of the Catholic 'cult' to finally begin to seriously question their religious authority and system. It was a great wake-up call that let some of them realize that they were on a ship of fools, which was destined to sink to the bottom of the abyss soon. The new pledge controversy should probably be viewed as another subtler message, or test, that challenges the people of the New World by making them choose between rational thinking and raping of the innocent (i.e. religoin)

America is indeed "under attack." This is the 'final test' for the New World. Is it worthy of moving into the new millennium? Unfortunately, the results so far do not look good. It began with the 2000 presidential election where the key principle of democracy was disregarded. This seemed to have given the 'go' sign for the dismantling of the US, in a cosmic/karmic sense. Another pillar of the US, the capitalist economy, came under attack on 9/11 both symbolically and literally. It was soon followed by the collapse of the giant corporation Enron (and now Worldcom) which had been exposed to have defrauded the people. And then came the collapse of another pillar, religion. The Catholic Church, it turned out, was an organization that tacitly supports, not ethics or spirituality, but sexually abusing children (wow, there can't be no talking their way out of that one... or so one hopes). And now we have this pledge thing with the issue of the separation of church and state - another key fundamental societal rule of the US coming under scrutiny. Interestingly, a day after the court decision came another one by the Supreme Court that ruled that it is okay to use tax payers' money to help religious schools. Obviously, the message of the justice system is mixed and effectively producing two paths in front of us. It's a "test" in a sense and the US is not likely to pass it. (Apparently most people would rather have their children's minds raped.)

No, not looking good at all. But at least there is still freedom and individual rights... er, well, these are slowly but surely shrinking too thanks to the great fear generated by 9/11. Note that, as someone once said, if people are willing to sacrifice freedom for security, they don't deserve either of them. Frankly, I think the combination of the current unstable situation and the current administration headed by an intellectually-challenged leader selected by the conservative judges of the US Supreme Court is capable of badly wrecking the country (likely by design).

Just think about it. The president arrogantly says, 'if you're not with us, you're with the terrorists' and takes the stand that anyone who supports or harbors terrorists are terrorists themselves. And yet, on Sundays the president along with many other Americans go and give money to the church, the very organization that knowingly terrorizes the vulnerable and unsuspecting children. For the president's philosophy to be consistent with his actions, Bush and any Americans who support his view have to consider all church-goers and financial contributors pedophile rapists. If you give money to the church, you're supporting the raping of children. Come on, let's be consistent, or else the US becomes a nation of hypocrisy (not that it's not already).

The Church is a sinking ship of fools, and unless the ship of America wisely separates itself from it, the former will drag the latter along when it finally sinks to the bottom of the ocean. But in essence, the current situation is about the struggle between knowledge and ignorance. Western religion as it exists today is, without sugar-coating, is about the promotion of ignorance. If you're happy in your ignorance, good for you, but you're not to be part of the coming New World, the next major update for the software of human civilization.

I can almost hear the faint but stern voice from above, saying: "The ship is sinking fools; you can still choose to stay on or get off, but know that the time is short."

May 24, '02   'The Message of Cycle 23'
A new article, 'The Message of Cycle 23', is now available. It has to do with the sun, the Mayan calendar, today's events, and the "end of the world". Fun stuff! :)

May 13, '02   Mayday, Mayday...
May Day -- May 1st, that is -- was a key date specifically mentioned in Rex Deux (3/11/02) as having a strong symbolic link to 9/11 and the pope. While the date did overlap the current crisis of the Church (the revealed seriousness of which shook the nation soon after 'Rex Deux' was posted -- just to get the timeline straight), May Day itself did not necessarily turned out to be a day of great significance -- though it did see massive Labour Day demonstrations in Europe and it was the day when Yassar Arafat's confinement in his Ramallah compound ended. It is now revealed, however, that according US intelligence sources, as reported by The Washington Times (May 13), Islamic terrorists were/are planning to attack a nuclear power plant, and:

"the attack... was initially scheduled for May 1, but no attack was carried out on that date. Later intelligence reports indicated that the mission was set to be carried out July 4."

Whoa... So there indeed was a high potential for another major terrorist attack against the US on the symbolically pinpointed date, May Day. Kinda freaky, isn't it?

In Rex Deux, subtitled 'Resurrection of the Dragons', was also discussed the significance of the dinosaurs in conjunction with the underlying themes of Atlantis, Messianic tradition, heavenly stones, and such for the present time period. With that in mind, isn't it curious that ABC is airing two TV specials this month -- taking up four prime time slots -- that directly deal with the dinosaurs? Starting May 12 was the 3-day Disney TV movie series 'Dinotopia', and this is followed in a week by the Disney film 'Dinosaurs'. As those who have watched Dinotopia may have noticed, the depicted paradisical realm where the dinosaurs and humans live together peacefully is very 'Atlantean' in many aspects, and this feeling is reinforced by the movie's close resemblance to another Disney animation film, 'Atlantis'. Especially intriguing is the fact that in both Dinotopia and Atlantis, the life-force of the mythical culture are sacred stones, comparable to the ancient Egyptian Benben stone (or 'omphalos'), i.e. a heavenly stone, thus producing a nice correlation with the association complex presented in Rex Deux. The timing of this is quite meaningful since as I wrote in the same article: "the resurrection of the hidden [Messianic] bloodline/tradition [represented by the dinosaurs] would...imply the fall of the Church".

As for the mailbox bomber discussed in the last entry, we now know who the perpetrator is -- a 21-old college student (art major) named Luke Helder. The media people and professional profilers were apparently surprised to find who the bomber was as they obviously did not expect a guy so young and almost universally described as 'intelligent' and 'nice'. For me, Helder was very close to my suspicion -- intelligent, young, a philosophy or art-type student, etc., though I didn't really expect him to be a white American. And so people are now puzzled and asking, 'how could such a seemingly harmless person turn into a terrorist?' This of course echoes my pre-capture sentiment (i.e. "I'm having a hard time coherently reconciling [his] message...with the violent actions. I'm just finding it very strange...").

Lastly, I have updated the Introduction page which now presents some views that are 'edgier' than my usual - so if interested, check it out.

May 6, '02   You Got Mail...bombs
At first I wasn't that interested in the mailbox bomb incidents taking place at this time in the US, but now that I have read the letter that accompanied one of those pipe bombs, I am very much intrigued. While the media is describing the message as "rambling" and anti-government, frankly I think the letter -- primarily concerning the fear of death and its negative societal consequences -- delivers an important message very pertinent to the present time when the position of the Church, and religion in general, is being seriously questioned. The letter is not eloquent, but I can detect some active/solid philosophical and independent thinking behind the words, something that one normally would not expect from a perpetrator of such barbaric acts of terrorism, especially in that part of the country. If not for the violent delivery method, in fact, I would largely be in agreement with his/her view.

Underlying many, if not all, of today's major events, the 9-11 attacks, unrest in Israel, and the Church's child molestation cases, and such is religious fanaticism that arises ultimately from the fear of death and the uncertainty about the afterlife. (Let's face it, most religious believers are motivated by the fear of going to hell and/or the self-serving prospect of securing their place in heaven; 'good Christians' doing charitable work is in many cases really about buying their own seat in the heavenly afterlife; it is, in other words, essentially hypocrisy). The message of the letter addressing the issue of death is, therefore, quite relevant to the current world situation and it almost seems as if an attempt to kick the slow thinking of the general public forward. That it may be on some level part of a grand design/pattern is hinted at, for example, by the fact that around the beginning of May saw the major US TV networks aired movies/specials directly dealing with the issue of the afterlife such as 'The Sixth Sense' (ABC) and 'Living with the Dead' (CBS).

It would certainly be interesting to see who is responsible for the mailbox bombs. Personally, I don't expect him/her to be someone like the infamous Unabomber... In that guy's case, his message/mentality and his actions were compatible; but for the 'mailbox bomber', I'm having a hard time coherently reconciling the message (which is ultimately spiritual and insightful) with the violent actions . I'm just finding it very strange and thought I'd mention it here.

April 16, '02   'Proof of the Vikings'
Everyday now we are hearing and reading news about the serious trouble the Church is in due to the child-molestation scandal. For me and those who follow this website, the rapidly deteriorating situation for the Catholic institution would represent the unfolding the projected pattern discussed in my articles. Since 9/11, it had been my contention (actually an extension of my pre-9/11 ideas) that the aftermath of the historic terrorist attacks would coincide with the fall of the Church and/or the exit of Pope John Paul II. I had even pointed to the Salt Lake City Olympic Games (see Labour) and the time around the beginning of May (see Rex) -- so generally Winter-Spring 2002 -- as the key period for the this particular projected event. So, it is with great amusement and some hesitant anticipation that I am following the deepening crisis of the Church. Is this the the first plane hitting the tower of Christianity?

Running in parallel with the above theme in my pattern model has been the issue of Mars/Cydonia, or more specifically the issue of life/intelligence on the Red Planet. This is aptly expressed by the last line of the Nosty quatrain 'VI-97': "When they want to have proof of the Normans [= Vikings]" (see my articles for detailed explanations). The 'Vikings' were the first space probes to land on Mars back in the 1970s and it was the mission that started the whole Cydonia -- the 'Monuments of Mars' -- controversy by taking pictures of the enigmatic region. The 'proof of the Vikings', therefore, would imply 'proof of artificiality of the Martian structures'. Last week (April 12), the parallelism of the two issues was strengthened by NASA releasing a photograph from Mars Odyssey showing the Cydonia structures, including the 'Face' and 'D&M Pyramid', just as the issue of the Church crisis was dominating the news media along with the erupting Israel situation. (In the sky, concurrently, was space shuttle Atlantis orbiting Earth along with the ISS.) The brand new picture was particularly notable for the fact that it clearly showed the D&M Pyramid for the first time since the Viking mission -- and it still looks very much like a pentagonal pyramid! For those interested, we have just reactivated the Psi Session project and did a session on none other than this D&M Pyramid, yielding some interesting data seemingly supportive of its artificial origin.

Things are heating up -- let's see what happens next.

April 11, '02   Checking the news
Some interesting recent news items that may be relevant to things discussed here.

First, we have Comet Ikeya-Zhang, the brightest since Hale-Bopp, reaching its closest point to Earth, and a rare planetary alignment, near the beginning of May. This seems to add more significance to 'May Day' (May 1) and the Turin Shroud's feast day (May 4) discussed in Rex Deux.

Next, the Church is now a regular in the headlines thanks to... well, its true nature finally leaking out into the public. I'd say this is just the beginning -- the Church along with its mind-numbingly stupid doctrine will, or should, crumble to the ground soon. It's simply incredible how many people still blindly follow the pure BS that is Churchianity (what has been shamelessly passed off as the teachings of Jesus throughout history). It's BS, Christians, get over it. If the US is to sink into darkness like the Titanic, it would be partly because of the lingering 'Christian' mentality (worship of ignorance, fear, intolerance, hypocrisy, and guilt) deeply embedded in the culture. If you don't want to move forward, you will just be in the way of the future, and the future is now growing impatient - it'll do what it has to do to manifest itself.

Related to this is the issue of papacy. During the Easter/Passover period, there was a lot of talk about the declining health of the pope and the possibility of him stepping down (or passing away). I'd say mentally preparing for his exit might indeed be a good idea now. It is curious that the British 'Queen Mum' died at the end of March (she was 101 - an interesting number); if we recall, the previous death in the British royal family, Princess Diana, was closely followed by a major religious figure, Mother Teresa. Could there be a pattern here? This is really hard to say because Pope JPII sometimes seems to be an alter ego of the Energizer bunny... he just keeps going and going...

Of course, the fall of the Church is one of the key themes derived in my recent articles (Rex and Labour) in which I correlated the theme with the resurrection of Osiris/Fisher King (representing on one level the original esoteric tradition that 'Christianity' pretends to represent -- amazingly, the Church has lied so much throughout history that it now sincerely believes its own lies along with the unwitting followers). Fittingly enough, just recently the news broke that the Templars, the medieval warrior-monk Crusaders who were betrayed by the pope and severely persecuted, were actually found innocent in a secret papal trial and yet the Church went along with French King Philip's scheme to bring down the powerful order for political and financial reasons. For those who don't know, the Templars represented the guardian of the 'Holy Grail', the hidden Fisher King tradition.

Another recent biblical news with esoteric implications was the one about the Copper Scroll, part of the enigmatic Dead Sea Scrolls. It is now claimed that the scroll can be traced back to the court of Akhenaten, the revolutionary pharaoh of the Egyptian 18th Dynasty. I'm inclined to see this as a plausible enough argument as I subscribe to the theory that Akhenaten and Moses were essentially the same figure (an idea championed by Ahmed Osman), and my position is that this identification is relevant to today's world situation as touched on in my Two Suns (2000) article.

And of course, we continue to get new stories about more evidence being discovered for the existence of life on Mars. (Can't we just skip this frustrating baby-step approach and get right to the real revelation?)

Mars, in my developing model, is an Atlantis, so it is quite fitting that we're now beginning to get more exciting news about the deep underwater 'city' off Cuba's western coast -- popularly speculated, since its discovery was announced last year, to be relevant to the legend of Atlantis . If proven to be man-made, "it would revolutionize understanding of the history of the Americas..." if not the whole world/history.

Speaking of Atlantis, space shuttle Atlantis blasted off into space just few days ago (April 8). On the same day, the US Secretary of State Collin Powell was sent to Mid East to deal with the out-of-control situation in/around Israel -- only he didn't go to Middle East, he first arrived in Morocco. What the hell was he doing in Morocco in this critical time? There is nothing important going on there... Except, Morocco is the country directly overlapping the Atlas Mountains (i.e. the 'Atlantean' mountain) just south of the 'Atlantean gate', the Pillars of Hercules. Coincidence? Who knows.

March 11, '02   'Rex Deux'
A new article, Rex Deux, has been posted.

Feb. 15, '02   'The Labour of the Sun'
I just posted a new article, titled 'The Labour of the Sun', which continues to deal with subjects discussed in my previous articles. Notably, it finally gives an effective interpretation to the enigmatic Quatrain X-72. So, check it out!

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