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Damage Plan 2: Alchemical Inferno
Hidden Path of Thor's Hammer

by Goro Adachi
April 6, 2006

The graphic above is a heavily compressed view of the 'Damage Plan 2' storylines. (The timeline is obviously incomplete and should extend into the 2nd half of 2006.) 'Storyline' means it's mostly about patterns rather than literal, one-dimensional 'predictions'. This is a discussion about patterns and related discoveries. Not about trying to foresee the future. There is that 'future' aspect, but it's more of a 'by-product' of seeking multi-contextual coherence in reality.

The storyline is based on an extensive web of multicontextual patterns and because of that I won't be able to go into all the details and overlapping contexts in this article. So let me just briefly touch on some key points that should give you a rough picture of the collective pattern of 'Damage Plan 002' and how it may be expressed in reality in the near future.

This particular alignment below is perhaps a good entry point for our discussion. It pinpoints 'targets' in both time and space and gives us a rough clue as to the nature and cause of the potential 'Damage'.


The North Magnetic Pole - slowly but continuously moving near the geographic North Pole - is used above to indicate a timeframe, which is nothing new in the 'Communication'. For instance, one of last year's key earthquakes/epicenters (Iran, 2/22/05) produced this very similar alignment slightly offset from the geographic North Pole, self-referentially marking the 2005 position of the North Magnetic Pole (NMP).

The current 2006 NMP position is slightly different and aligns with San Francisco, Mt. St. Helens, Seattle, and the geographic North Pole. This is significant, for the North Pole has been a consistent anchor point for many of our 'Super Torch Ritual' alignments, starting with the geodesic line going from Columbus, Ohio to Sumatra's 'Great Flood' epicenter. (This was as major component of 'Damage Plan #1'.)


The Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, etc.) and the San Francisco/Sacramento area (or generally California) are clearly pinpointed in the design - not just in this scheme but in many related STR/DP designs.

This does not necessarily mean that they are literally targeted for 'Damage events', but it's not really in doubt at this point that they are major 'Damage Plan' anchor points.

It's also clear that the design places special emphasis on volcanoes - namely St. Helens and Rainier. But why? Are they about to explode? Or is it a signal for something else? Hard to say, but it is a prominent storyline. I've been tracking this since at least early January this year.

The signal/storyline was clear before Super Bowl XL (2/5/06) and the Turin Olympics opening ceremony (2/10/06) which are two of the biggest STR 'Communication' events this year (like other years), both coming around Imbolc '06, i.e. one of the cross-quarter days/windows heavily woven into the whole scheme.

This year's Super Bowl and Olympics were particularly special because of the way they interacted with each other...

First, there was this polar alignment involving Super Bowl '06 (Detroit), Columbus, and Sumatra epicenter #2 (biggest quake in '05) - a configuration screaming 'Damage Plan'.

On the anniversary of Sumatra #2 this year (3/28/06) came the massive national strike/riots in France. Cars, again, were burning...

This was a familiar sight echoing last fall's intense urban riots in/around Paris that lasted about 2 weeks and peaked right around the astronomical Samhain cross-quarter day (Nov. 7). (Traditional Samhain day is Nov 1; a cross-quarter 'day' is actually more of a window.) Thousands of cars were set on fire...

'Burning car' translates to 'fire arc' ('car' being a simple anagram of 'arc') which in turn would signify a meridian (longitude) which is a 'great circle' line going through the poles. In the book Hamlet's Mill (pp.321-2) it is explained that the mythological Promethean 'fire' is a reference to a meridian. So the combination of 'fire' and 'arc' (car) would be a strong allusion to a polar arcing line, i.e. the meridian!

The cross-quarter connection is also underscored by the fact that the 'Historical Axis of Paris' (Champs-Elysées, Arc de Triomphe, etc.) is a cross-quarter day marker. It aligns with the (astronomical) cross-quarter sunset on August 6-8 (Lughnasadh) and May 4-5 (Beltane).

Extending the Paris Axis westward will reveal its 'secret alignment' with Houston and Corpus Christi as discussed before (the Super Bowl 'Communication' highlighted Corpus Christi as well).

Drawing a straight geodesic ('great-circle') line from Corpus Christi to Pittsburgh, home of the Steelers (winner of the '06 Super Bowl), and extending it further will pinpoint Turin, where the Imbolc Winter Olympics began days after Super Bowl XL.

Turin is pinpointed by another Paris-based alignment - a great-circle line going from Edwards Air Force Base to Paris and then to Turin.

As noted, the 'Historical Axis of Paris' marks the Lughnasadh cross-quarter sunset August 6-8. And it was right during that window in 2005 that the space shuttle Discovery returning from its special 'Return to Flight' mission landed at... Edwards AFB (Aug. 7-9)! (There is so much more magical stuff encoded there.)

These are just the tip of the iceberg of the hidden, grand design of which the Detroit Super Bowl and the Turin Olympics were key components ('rituals').

It's no coincidence that both Detroit and Turin are 'car cities'. Detroit ('Motor City') is home to General Motors, Ford, etc. and Turin to Fiat. (The Super Bowl was played in Ford Field.)

And both Ford and GM are financially getting 'burned' this winter/spring and workers are being 'fired' - a precursor to something greater... a 'crash'. But that's another story....

This February/March saw Ford showing a new TV commercial in which a car is burned. There was nothing ambiguous about it as you can see:

The masked guy striking a car (metal) with a hammer had a clear echo in this opening act of the Turin Olympics opening ceremony (this is how the show began):


This is very 'alchemical'. As I pointed out before the these games, we were looking at an underlying alchemy theme (which first came to our attention via NASA's Stardust landing in mid-January) - i.e. the concept of turning a base metal into gold. The Steelers' triumph in Ford Field was a major expression of the theme: steel/metal becoming 'gold' via fire (=> fire stone = Benben Stone = Holy Grail = Philosopher's Stone that facilitates the magical transformation). The involvement of Corpus Christi/'Body of Christ', Paris, and Turin in the Imbolc design had produced a very 'Grail' context conducive to the alchemy symbolism. (Turin is known for its 'Shroud' of Jesus often associated with Leonardo da Vinci who in turn is closely associated with the Grail).

But Turin's blacksmith imagery was 'communicating' much more than just that. So much so, I can't go into all of it (especially the aspect that has to do with trigonometry which is a little too 'next level' for this article).

What's relevant here though is the fact that the imagery evokes Vulcan (Hephaestus) the Greco-Roman god of iron, fire, and blacksmiths...

The term 'volcano' comes from... Vulcan.

So, the 'storyline' already on the radar was reinforced in subtle ways like this (I'm keeping it really simple here). Note, too, that 'Helen' as in 'Mt. St. Helens' means 'torch'. That relates not only to the Super Torch Ritual but also to the Olympic Torch etc.

Latest: Tom DeLay, aka 'The Hammer', just announced on April 3rd that he would not seek re-election and that he would resign from Congress in May or June. The Hammer came down, in other words. To be followed by...?

Area 51 & HAARP:

So what's with the use of Area 51 in the alignment schemes?

Make no mistake: Area 51 is a major anchor point in the geodesic and symbolic design currently active. It first came to my attention last October and has been extensively discussed since then (on STRUG).

The two alignments above, a) Area 51-St Helens-HAARP and b) Area 51-Rainier-Seattle, are definitely not arbitrary. Area 51 makes this very clear when examined closely.

As you can see, Alignment 'b' is perfectly aligned with Area 51's runway!

And this bizarre scene from Turin's Olympic closing ceremony on February 26 featuring a 'dragon harp' shooting fire into the air...

Can you say HAARP ('harp')? You know, that 'ionosphere heater' up in Alaska transmitting electromagnetic energy into the sky?

Combined with this - a volcano allusion - from Turin (opening ceremony)...


...you can feel that the alignment of HAARP-Mt. St. Helens-Area 51 begins to tell a story.

Tellingly, Area 51 was also a central component of the 'Golden Triangle' design highlighted by this year's Super Bowl - continuing the 'alchemy' (metal into gold) symbolism.

A 'Golden Triangle' is based on the 'Golden Ratio' (phi) and it is also a nickname given to the downtown area of Pittsburgh or the home of the Steelers who won the Super Bowl. As you can see below, the combination of Pittsburgh (Steelers) and Seattle (Seahawks) was carefully 'designed' to highlight a hidden Golden Triangle covering much of the northern portion of the United States. And, yes, the triangle utilizes the same Area 51-Mt. Rainier-Seattle alignment as one of its sides.


To rule out any involvement of 'happy coincidence here, we can add the fact that one of Area 51's taxiways is perfectly aligned with Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. This is amazing especially because the taxiway's angle measured from the main runway is not exactly 90 degrees (which would be natural enough) but slightly offset so as to be in perfect alignment with Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

We're dealing with a hidden but real design... A 'Grail' design. (Again, we're only scratching the surface in this article.)

Cross-quarter Sequence:

The 90-degree angle is indeed a big 'signal'. The theme was already emerging last summer through London's 'Deep Impact' events. Remember this celestial configuration discussed in Babylon Transit?

Around May 5 this year will see the 90° theme merge with another major theme, that of cross-quarter days. Early May is the 'Beltane' cross quarter window (traditional May 1; astronomical/Paris Axis alignment ~May 5) and at that precise time Earth and Mars will be forming a 90° angle: Earth at the Beltane CQ point and Mars at (Earth's) Imbolc CQ point!

Tellingly, on last year's (astronomical) Samhain cross-quarter day, i.e. when the Paris riots were peaking and cars were burning everywhere, Mars was aligned with Earth along the Samhain CQ line...

This is just one of many data points highlighting Beltane early May (associated with secondary key pre-July anchor dates, ~April 21, ~May 24, and ~June 6.). I should point out that I was not one of those (many) out there who were all excited about (late) March being the window (for high-impact events). I actively stayed away from that crowd/thinking. And it was a rather quiet, slow-news period.

By February, in fact, I was already looking ahead to the April-May period (pretty much ignoring March). On Feb. 23, for instance, I wrote (on STRUG):

[...] I'm looking more at April-May... that's like to be a really interesting period based on my data/decoding. (And at this point people are just not talking about that particular time frame.)

My view at this point is that we are likely going to see an intensification of collective pattern, which may potentially take the form of a literal expression of the Pacific Northwest volcanic eruption theme and such. If not literally, then some major Communication events pertaining to the same themes are to be expected. (In other words, don't go screaming 'the volcanoes and earthquakes and nukes are gonna destroy the west coast - we're gonna die!!'... you know. :) Treat it more as a continuously evolving game/code. It's a good opportunity to exercise your creative brain!)

This illustration should be viewed in that 'decoding game' context...

To the pre-July timeline we can actually add this astronomical correlation...

Meteor Showers


Peak Date


January 3


April 22

Eta Aquarids

May 6

Delta Aquarids

July 28


August 12


October 21


November 17


December 14

Why pay attention to meteor showers? Because of the Grail/Benben - 'stone fallen from heaven' - theme (panspermia/'Sin') inseparable from 'Judgment'/Damage Plan. Meteors express that concept. And Thor's Hammer ('Mjolnir') of Norse mythology is said to have come down to earth as a meteorite.

The Lyrid meteor shower peaking on April 22 is even evocative of harp/HAARP because the name 'Lyrid' derives from the Lyra constellation which in turn is a lyre - a harp-like instrument. And Lyra is even connected (via its star Vega) to what's called the 'Summer Triangle'.

Perhaps this graph ('seasonal variations of meteor rates') is relevant as well...

Seasonal Variations of Meteor Rates

As for beyond June, I'll just mention one 'signpost' event already scheduled -  European Space Agency’s SMART-1 spacecraft slamming into the Moon around September 1-2. This will be a major 'omen' like Genesis, Huygens, Deep Impact, Hayabusa, and Stardust before. The Moon is 'Sin' (i.e. that which precedes 'Judgment') in that the Babylonian moon god is called Sin...

Pumping Iron:

Another important symbolism attached to Damage Plan 2 has to do with the fact that the combination of California and its governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is highly 'alchemical'. California is the 'Golden State' and 'Schwarzenegger' is a 'double-black' name (first half and the second half). It just screams 'black'. The term 'alchemy' denotes blackness (chem/kem = black), and one of the phases of Prima Materia (Philosopher's Stone) that facilitates the magical transformation into 'gold' is 'negredo', obviously implying blackness.

So Schwarzenegger would be analogous to this negredo/Prima Materia in the Golden State, presumably going through the alchemical 'transformation' process from a base metal into gold'. Schwarzenegger is synonymous with Pumping Iron, is he not?

Pumping iron...

'Striking Iron/Iran'...

Interestingly, 'al-Qaeda' means 'the Base'... as in 'base metal'. If associated with Iran (a la Iraq before and during the US invasion), then we'd have 'Iran al-Qaeda' or 'Iron Base' or... 'Base Metal'. So... you get the idea.

Another thing I should quickly mention concerning 'Damage Plan 2' is the idea of 'crash'. It's a major theme and likely relates to, among other things, an economic/market crash (largely signifying the collapse of the US dollar and the idea of gold vs. fiat money) that looks set to begin/intensify this year. The arrival of Peak Oil would naturally be a key factor as well. (I would also add Israel/Sharon to the 'Judgment' list.)

These are basically the same themes I already mentioned back in mid-January in Babylon Transit - Part 2 (near the end).

I am already heavily into the process of decoding the 'Communication'... a massive amount of sub-channel and multi-contextual information processing, and starting to see a silhouette of the scheme.

Generally speaking, it seems likely to involve things nuclear/radioactive along with certain volcanoes directly or indirectly. [...]

The US West Coast (particularly the Pacific Northwest apart from S.F. etc.) is where things seem to be heavily entangled. Another key factor is Schwarzenegger [...]

Political 'deep impact' events are still on the radar as well... Let me point out that the US midterm elections this year will be held on Nov. 7th or the (astronomical) Samhain cross-quarter day. Add to that the implication of the phrase 'midterm election' being analogous to 'midpoint Judgment', a redundantly-expressed Justice (balance) theme, you can see the relevance of the political stuff.

A bigger context would be the 'Trojan War' or World War III. More people are talking about WW3 especially after Iran's nuclear move early January '06 ('nuclear' again). For months I have been hinting and mentioning that the key theme active in this period seems to be that of 'Judgment of Paris' and other related events in mythology that precede the great Trojan War or the ancient 'World War'. Again, it could be said that 'seeds' are being sown.

Etemenanki/STRUG is more about patterns/themes/contexts than about projections/predictions which are 'by-products' and not the main focus. It's just a tool in the process of learning, testing, and refining. All the discoveries we make along the way are the good stuff - the quiet Monolith. So, the inevitable fear factor that comes along with concepts like 'Damage Plan 2' can be seen as a way of 'motivating' us or a way to get our attention, since typical humans do respond quickly to fear. But if you can't get out of that mode and see what's beyond, you're stuck and you'll just go in circles, reaching nowhere.

The Grail is outside the circle, outside the cycle of time. When that 'extra dimension' is ignored or disrespected, the 'Hammer of Judgment' does come down and smacks us hard, so to speak. :)

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