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 March 6, '06   Predicting 'Crash' Oscar Upset
From AP:

LOS ANGELES - The ensemble drama "Crash" pulled off one of the biggest upsets in Academy Awards history, winning best picture Sunday over the cowboy romance "Brokeback Mountain," which had been the front-runner.

Here are a couple of excerpts from my recent STRUG posts (March 2 & 4):

From March 2:

One major Imbolc-driven event that I haven't really talked about yet is the Mohammed cartoon fiasco. I actually have a lot to say on that subject and I think I'll start later today. I wanna get it out before the Academy Awards... (Yes, sounds strange but I see a little connection there.)

It'll lead to very unexpected places and foreshadow something quite... well, kind of interesting but inevitably dark as well. (Timing-wise I would tentatively place it in that April-May timeframe prominent in the time code).

From March 4:

Okay, a little behind schedule, as usual... so let me just quickly mention what's interesting about this year's Academy Awards to be held tomorrow. I'm looking to see if 'Crash' will be the film of the night. The surrounding 'underground' pattern is suggestive of 'Crash' being a big 'signal' in this phase of the STR/DP2 and this does relate back to recent major STR events... and what may be ahead.

More on the 'crash' issue later...

On March 5 (results in):

And the Oscar for best picture goes to...


So, I'd say 'signal confirmed'...

The Oscar prediction was of course just a by-product of something much bigger - an 'underground' pattern matrix. I call it the 'Communication'...

[Don't forget to read Peak Impact posted today...]




 February 24, '06   'Deep Impact' Time Code Update

I don't have new graphics for this yet, but here is a table showing the diametric time echo scheme driven by the Deep Impact theme based on the positions of Comet Tempel 1 and Mars... (This is different from the table I posted a few weeks ago which looked similar.) As you can see, the date echoing Katrina/New Orleans ('Great Flood') is coming up shortly and will actually coincide with the Olympic closing ceremony in Turin. As was the case early July last year, there is actually a window around the beginning of March...

Deep Impact Diametric Echoes
(Based on positions of Comet Tempel 1 & Mars)

Origin Date
Origin Event Echo Date
Echo Event
July 04 Deep Impact 'impact' ~Dec 17

- Peak Oil  (Deffeyes)
- Sharon stroke #1

July 07 London transit bombings ~Dec 21

 - NYC transit strike
- Patriot Act extension #1 

Aug 09 Discovery landing ~Feb 01 Imbolc (many events)
Aug 29 Katrina/New Orleans
(Athens closing ceremony in 2004)
~Feb 26 Turin Olympics
closing ceremony

[Diagram from last year]

Related timing data:

  • In 2004, August 29 was the closing ceremony day of the Athens Olympics - where a big 'Oz spiral' was displayed (hurricane association).
  • Feb. 29, '06 [Note: Oops, no 2/29 in '06... so that would be March 1 instead] is the 6-month echo point from Katrina/New Orleans.
  • There will be a Sun-Mercury-Mars alignment on Feb. 27. The previous time this happened was ~Nov. 23, '05, when the  Hayabusa probe - 'Japan's Deep Impact' - was making contact with an asteroid. Around Nov. 23 also marked the 180 deg. point (in the Tempel-Mars interaction) from June 14 highlighted by a major Alaska quake which was 180 deg. away from London (and equidistant from the N. Pole). London would become the site of the earthly Deep Impact events early July.
  • The midpoint between the current pair of Orange Alignments (Feb. 1 and Apr. 1), which is a curious 'repeat' of last year's, is ~March 1st.
  • Mars' position on March 2, '06, exactly 180 deg. away from Tempel 1's September 2 position, will also coincide with the 6-month echo point from September 2.

Chances are, we'll see Katrina/New Orleans, or generally the 'Judgment' theme, echoed in some form around the beginning of March. It may be direct/high-impact or highly 'stylized' like the NYC transit strike (echoing the London 'transit bombings').

Since the Patriot Act renewal deadline is March 10, somehow a big factor in the STR pattern, we may be looking at a terror-related situation, perhaps involving, finally, the US west coast?

Possible, but it may be a little too early for a full-fledged 'Damage event'. For that, I'm looking more at April-May... that's likely to be a really interesting period... [...]

[This was cross-posted from STRUG; Original post date Feb 23, '06]


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