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Peak Impact

Countdown to Columbian Demolition

March 06, 2006

by Goro

Now that we are clearly past the Imbolc and Olympic period, I'd like to summarize in this article the current status of the 'Deep Impact' pattern, the nature of which is now much more in focus and largely confirmed. This is necessary before we move on to the next phase... which we'll do very soon.

Deep Impact & Peak Oil

On Feb. 11, 2006 Kenneth Deffeyes, a Peak Oil expert and a former colleague of M. King Hubbert, announced the arrival of Hubbert's peak:

In the January 2004 Current Events on this web site, I [Deffeyes] predicted that world oil production would peak on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2005. In hindsight, that prediction was in error by three weeks. An update using the 2005 data shows that we passed the peak on December 16, 2005.

(Graph: Dr. C.J. Cambpell/Petroconsultants)

Update (news):

In our 'Super Torch Ritual' (STR) context, the significance of Peak Oil derives from it being the ultimate 'midpoint' event, subtly evoking the idea of 'Judgment Day'. Midpoint is balance, and balance is justice or judgment - which has been a central STR theme.

Peak Oil may actually be 'Judgment Day' quite literally. On the other side of the peak the 'torch' of modern civilization will dim and go out rather quickly. As Deffeyes cautioned:

Since we have passed the peak without initiating major corrective measures, we now have to rely primarily on methods that we have already engineered. Long-term research and development projects, no matter how noble their objectives, have to take a back seat while we deal with the short-term problems. Long-term examples in the proposed 2007 US budget (Feb. 9, 2006 New York Times page A-18) include a 65 percent increase in the programs to produce ethanol from corn, a 25.8 percent increase for developing hydrogen fuel cell cars, and a 78.5 percent increase in spending on solar energy research. The Times reports that solar energy today supplies one percent of US electricity; the hope is to double that to 2 percent by the year 2025. By 2025, we're going to be back in the Stone Age.

And as Matt Savinar explains on his website:

The issue is not one of "running out" so much as it is not having enough to keep our economy running. In this regard, the ramifications of Peak Oil for our civilization are similar to the ramifications of dehydration for the human body. The human body is 70 percent water. The body of a 200 pound man thus holds 140 pounds of water. Because water is so crucial to everything the human body does, the man doesn't need to lose all 140 pounds of water weight before collapsing due to dehydration. A loss of as little as 10-15 pounds of water may be enough to kill him.

In a similar sense, an oil-based economy such as ours doesn't need to deplete its entire reserve of oil before it begins to collapse. A shortfall between demand and supply as little as 10-15 percent is enough to wholly shatter an oil-dependent economy and reduce its citizenry to poverty. [...]

Fortunately, previous price shocks were only temporary.

The coming oil shocks won't be so short-lived. They represent the onset of a new, permanent condition. Once the decline gets under way, production will drop (conservatively) by 3% per year, every year. [...]

The long-term ramifications of Peak Oil on your way of life are nothing short of mind blowing. As we slide down the downslope slope of the global oil production curve, we may find ourselves slipping into what some scientists are calling a "post-industrial stone age."

He also adds this important point:

If Peak Oil is "Big Oil propaganda" (as some claim), why did Sonoma State University's Project Censored declare it one of the most censored stories of 2003-2004? Surely, if "Peak Oil is Big Oil propaganda", Big Oil would have found a way to get it off the pages of under-funded publications like Project Censored and onto the pages of the mainstream papers and into the 24/7 cable news cycle years ago.

Likewise, if "Peak Oil is a myth propagated by the greedy oil companies to justify high prices", why didn't any of the greedy oil company CEOs offer "the peaking of world oil production" as a partial justification for high gas prices when they testified before Congress about high gas prices?

Yet "Peak Oil" was never mentioned during the hearings by either the executives or the Senators questioning them. Given the obvious importance of the issue, any reasonable person can't help but to ask, "Why the heck not?"

The answer is simple: the true consequences of Peak Oil cannot be acknowledged in such a highly public forum without crashing the financial markets...

So you can see that the arrival of Peak Oil is a big deal. It's industrial civilization's midpoint-crisis point and according to Deffeyes we just passed it on December 16, 2005. While it did not come as a surprise, it made me do a double-take because it was unexpectedly... precise. The 'Deep Impact time code', extensively discussed on this website, had pinpointed practically the very same date and the term 'Deep Impact' had been largely a euphemism for Peak Oil (as made clear on numerous occasions). The date pinpointed by the time code was ~Dec. 17, '05 - just one day 'off' Deffeyes' Peak Oil date!

That's an amazing 'coincidence', if not an outright 'fulfillment'.

The scheme had to do with a celestial alignment involving Comet Tempel 1 and Mars, deriving from NASA's space probe 'Deep Impact' striking Tempel 1 on July 4, '05. (The comet at the time was traveling right along the orbital path of Mars, hence the involvement of the Red Planet.) That was 'Ground Zero' from which 'time echoes' could be calculated, according to my interpretation.

I focused on the diametrical interaction between the 'impact point' and Mars - an approach encouraged by certain terrestrial 'Deep Impact' events around the time of Deep Impact's heavenly collision - namely Live 8 in London (7/2), London getting the 2012 Summer Olympics (7/6), and London's multiple transit bombings (7/7). These were all part of London's chaotic '8 Days In July'.

For context, here is from my post on July 27:

2005, and perhaps 2006 as well, is the halfway point of the 'Judgment' period, important especially in the context of the 1998-2012 Mayan 'end of time' segment often discussed here. The notion of midpoint - applicable also to Peak Oil - denotes 'balance' and thus also the idea of 'justice', related to 'judgment'. It is in this context that current world events, particularly those of June-July (the halfway point of the middle year), become symbolically meaningful.

As you can see, the earthly 'Deep Impact' events were already associated with Peak Oil.

The London window was also preceded by an 'intelligently' timed and positioned major earthquake near Alaska. As explained in Contact: In the Ring of Fire, it had produced an equidistant polar alignment with London, very much like the Deep Impact alignment in space. There was an apparent 'as above, so below' design seemingly attempting to 'communicate' something.

It is important to point out that in the 'Contact' article posted in June '05, both London and early July were pre-highlighted as a special point in the pattern. The big theme attached there was Justice/Judgment - prominently expressed through the equidistant or bisected nature of the geodesic alignment (=> balance => justice) and through the Live 8 concert held on the 'middle day' of the year, with the slogan 'Long Walk to Justice'.

Deep Impact making noise in space during that same window was a rather blatant way of signaling some kind of connection. So I took basically the same approach to decoding the heavenly impact. I theorized that just as the Alaska quake epicenter 'diametrically' prefigured the London impact events, there was also to be a similar sequence in space - in this case Deep Impact being the prefiguration event. Its 'echo' event could then be calculated using the positions of Comet Tempel 1 and Mars.

That's how the 'December 17' date (and a 'window' surrounding it) was pinpointed - which ended up coinciding with one expert's Peak Oil date.

The Great Flood

The energy crisis, now 'officially' underway (which inevitably begets economic and geopolitical crises), could be viewed as something of a 'Great Flood' about to engulf the entire industrial civilization on this planet.

To repeat what I've written in the past...

From March 5, '04:

...chances are we will have World War III and/or nuclear detonations soon after Peak Oil. It's not like industrial nations will just sit back and deal with severe oil/energy shortage, as we can easily imagine.

From November '04 (Stargate Cipher Part 2):

It is instructive to compare the situation to the sinking of the Titanic. The 1997 film by James Cameron (who also directed two Terminator films) vividly depicted the disturbing reality of our world - the elite easily getting their seats on the lifeboats while many of the poor folks, mistreated, were left behind to die with the doomed ship.

Like the United States being the world's only superpower, the Titanic at the time of her launch was the largest passenger steamship in existence and was considered a pinnacle of man's technological achievement. Mirroring today's American mentality, people back then commented 'Not even God himself could sink this ship'. Well, as the saying goes, 'pride goes before a fall' - i.e. the 'Lucifer' scenario.

As people begin to realize the Titanic is sinking, in panic they rush to the exit... or the lifeboats. There aren't enough, so they start fighting - among themselves and with the elite. Anarchy ensues.

The synarchists would seek to maintain order and for this they would set up, in effect, a police state - Nazi-style. The Ark will be heavily guarded - because, sadly, it's not for everyone. It's for only those 'on the list'.

The rest, they are on their own - left to die...

[NOLA picture source]

The 'Great Flood' in New Orleans was a 'Mayan/Galactic Midpoint Event'... prefiguring Peak Oil.

Based on our celestial alignment scheme, that Flood was to have a 'echo' point around the beginning of March '06...

On cue, Katrina/New Orleans was back in the headlines...

1) New Orleans' biggest annual event, Mardi Gras, coincided with Katrina's echo window late February. Feb. 26 saw its biggest carnival parades while in Turin on the same day was held the Olympic closing ceremony with the main theme of 'Carnivale'.

2) The previous Olympic closing ceremony in Athens was on August 29, '04 - exactly one year before Katrina's landfall. And the center piece there was a big yellow spiral (the beginning of the 'Yellow Brick Road') from the classic film The Wizard of Oz in which a twister (=> hurricane) plays a key role. (August 29th is also 'Judgment Day' in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.)

3) On March 1, The Associated Press released video tapes exposing Bush's non-existent leadership (to put it mildly) at the time of Katrina. This was big news and made headlines everywhere.

Video shows Bush got explicit Katrina warning: President, Chertoff were clearly told of stormís dangers numerous times

Like the dead on Halloween, the Katrina/New Orleans issue sprang back to life around March 1.

The Patriot Act

March 1st was significant for another reason - the USA Patriot Act.

As you can see below, the Deep Impact alignment/echo scheme had a solid history of tracking key developments of the renewal of the Patriot Act - and the latest was no exception. It was indeed the culmination point, reflecting the intensity of the 'origin' event (New Orleans Flood).

Deep Impact Diametric Echoes
(Based on positions of Comet Tempel 1 & Mars)

Origin Date
Origin Event
(key STR markers)
Echo Date
Echo Event
July 04 Deep Impact 'impact' ~Dec 17

- Peak Oil  (Deffeyes)
- Sharon stroke #1
Vote on Patriot Act (12/16) fails to end debate

July 07 London transit bombings ~Dec 21

 - NYC transit strike
Patriot Act delay #1 (12/21-22)

Aug 09 Discovery landing ~Feb 01 Imbolc - many 'Justice' events including Patriot Act delay #2 (Feb 1-2)
Aug 29 Katrina landfall
(Athens closing ceremony in 2004)
~Feb 26 - Turin Olympics closing ceremony ("Carnival" theme)
- Mardi Gras "carnival" in New Orleans
~Sept 1 New Orleans
"Great Flood"
~Mar 1 - Katrina tapes exposing Bush released by AP
- Patriot Act renewal virtually assured (3/1-2)

[The 'origin events' are well-established key events/dates in the 'Super Torch Ritual]

NOTE: The Katrina echo point was a 'window' centered around March 1 based on the timing of the Flood and other time clues such as:

  • ~March 1, '06 was the 6-month echo point (solar 180 deg.) from Katrina/New Orleans.

  • Mars' position on March 2, '06 was exactly 180 deg. away from Tempel 1's position on September 2 - the separation equaling exactly 6 months.

  • March 1 was the midpoint of the current pair of planetary Orange Alignments (Feb. 1 and Apr. 1) which is a curious 'repeat' of last year's pair that closely interacted with the fall of Pope JPII.

It's telling that the 'Great Flood' and the Act renewal have become so entangled. The coupling seems to foreshadow the Patriot Act coming into full force after the next 'Flood' event that may be just around the corner.

Let's not forget the Patriot Act's chilling resemblance to the Nazis' Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of People and State (Reichstag Fire Decree) and Enabling Act with which Hitler seized control of Germany...

Columbia Is Lost

Back on February 1, 2004, 'Justice' and the Patriot Act were identified as key themes in the ongoing 'Communication' we've been calling 'Super Torch Ritual. On that Imbolc day came the Super Bowl infamous for what happened during the halftime show - Janet Jackson's so-called 'wardrobe malfunction' that exposed her right breast in front of the biggest audience imaginable, quickly setting off a huge controversy that went on for weeks.

Aside from being a 'preview' of the Transit of Venus, the symbolism of the Super Bowl was all about Justice/Judgment. Janet was Lady Justice/Liberty... The game was won by the Patriots.

  • Janet Jackson plays a character named 'Justice' in the film 'Poetic Justice'.

  • Janet Jackson performed 'Rhythm Nation', a song about social injustice.

  • Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction' exposing her right breast made her comparable to (the traditional depiction of) Marianne or Lady Justice/Liberty.

  • 'Indecent exposure' is '311' in police code. On March 11 (311), just weeks after the 'Nipplegate' Super Bowl, came the train bombings in Madrid, Spain - an event described as 'Spain's 9/11'. There are 911 days in between 3/11/04 and 9/11/01. In Terminator 3, released on the middle day of 2003 (July 2) thus expressing midpoint/balance/justice, there is a coded time reference to 'Judgment Day' which happened to be 'March 11'.

  • The Super Bowl game was between the Patriots and the Panthers. John Ashcroft, head of the Justice Dept. at the time, personified the Patriot Act. Ashcroft famously covered up the breast of the Lady Justice statue.

  • Houston, which hosted the Super Bowl, is the  'Space City' associated with the Moon (Apollo/NASA). The Babylonian Moon god was Sin. Houston is therefore a 'Sin city'. Judgment traditionally befalls the sinful.

'Columbia' is Lady America... practically interchangeable with Lady Liberty/Justice. And exactly one year before Janet became 'Lady Liberty', a space shuttle named Columbia was destroyed during reentry on Imbolc '03. The fiery demise took place over Texas...

Columbia was not just a space shuttle but an embodiment of America itself. The destruction of Columbia was in effect the destruction of the United States. An 'omen', it was...

This year's Imbolc window around Feb. 1 was, again, all about Justice and the Patriot Act. It was a repeat of Imbolc '04.

Imbolc is a cross-quarter day (~Feb 1) also known as Groundhog Day. In the movie 'Groundhog Day' the same day repeats over and over, trapping the main character in a time loop.

In our Imbolc time loop...

on January 31, right-wing Justice Alito was born and 'presented in the Temple' as Bush gave his State of the Union speech where he suddenly urged America to end addiction to oil. On the same day civil rights leader and widow of Martin Luther King Jr. passed away - as if to signal the death of Lady Justice... The following days saw the Senate and House giving the Patriot Act another short extension as they struggled to renew the controversial legislation (the deadline was Feb. 3, and Dec. 31 before that). It was of course largely the right-wing side of Congress that pushed for the Act's renewal

The destruction of Columbia was caused by a damaged left wing...

Controlled Demolition

A more conspiratorial view is that Columbia was destroyed by HAARP - officially a harmless, experimental ionospheric heater but often theorized to be involved in things like weather modification. Literally true or not, it's an important storyline seemingly embedded in the STR Communication.

Here is a 'dragon harp' from Turin's closing ceremony just the other day on Feb. 26... or Katrina's Deep Impact echo day.

[image source]

After Katrina, Rita, and Wilma it was not uncommon for one to come across stories (even in the mainstream media) addressing the issue of weather manipulation. It was part of the public reaction to the wrath of the 2005 hurricanes that nearly brought the US to its knees. Note the 'encoded' parallel here. Columbia 'destroyed by HAARP', and the US mercilessly whipped around by HAARP-controlled hurricanes. (Again, these are storylines and not necessarily literal.)

The parallel would persist even without HAARP. Columbia disintegrated when reentering the atmosphere - making it an atmospheric destruction event. The hurricanes, of course, were atmospheric events.

Even before the hurricanes, we had 9/11 which changed America - it was all about air planes flying into Towers (and the Pentagon). 'Air plane' is 'plane of air', i.e. atmosphere. And the traditional symbolism of a tower is that it signifies the intermediary realm between earth and heaven, i.e. atmosphere again.

More than Columbia, 9/11 is widely suspected to have been an 'inside job' - a 'Reichstag Fire' and a new Pearl Harbor, used to push a nation into war. The collapse of the Twin Towers did look awfully like a controlled demolition.

So there is this underlying theme of 'controlled atmospheric destruction of America' expressed through 9/11, Columbia, the '05 hurricanes, etc... Even the energy crisis involves air or 'gas' - not just natural gas but also gasoline which is colloquially called 'gas'...

The American tower is still standing, but the wrathful realm in between heaven and earth has already struck its belly and the black smoke billowing from the gaping hole is rapidly suffocating Lady Liberty to her death....

Are we hearing the final countdown to the 'controlled demolition' of the New World?

[space graphics above and below from here]

The next New World awaits...




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