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Stargate Cipher 2012
Part II

Athens Olympics, Contact, Life On Mars,
Holy Grail, Ultra Technology
& Mayan Calendar

By Goro Adachi
November 24, 2004

© Goro Adachi

...continued from page 4 of Part 1:

Closing the Loop

As discussed in Part I, the opening ceremony in Athens was a mesmerizing event both in terms of visuals and symbolism. The encoded message was so 'multidimensional', however, that there were further 'clues' to be introduced as part of the secret communication. This, though not unexpected, became clear two weeks later as the Olympics' closing ceremony unfolded on August 29. There the gaps in the message were filled, completing the special 'Contact transmission'.

I posted the following commentary on September 7 covering many key points, making it an appropriate place to start our exploration of the new dimension, the second half of the Athenean Stargate Cipher:

Lucifer's Downward Spiral
[Edited throughout for clarity but no change in content]

To understand the esoteric aspects of the ending ritual in Athens, we need to go back and review the special celestial configuration observed on August 10 which lays the foundation for the rest.

First, Venus the 'light-bearer' planet was seen crossing the Galactic Equator (i.e. the center line of the Milky Way, or galactic latitude zero) where Venus became the 'torch' of Orion. This was accompanied by Mars joining Regulus, the heart star of Leo the celestial Sphinx.

Venus, when rising in the morning situated precisely due east as viewed from Giza, coincided additionally with the moment of sunrise (altitude 0 on the horizon)! (Sunrise azimuth = 72 deg.)

A similar configuration a week earlier (August 3) commemorated the reopening of the Statue of Liberty, an earthly 'torch bearer'. In Athens' dawn time on August 4, which overlaps New York's August 3 (6-7 hours behind Greece), Venus crossed the heavenly due-east line exactly when Sirius - a star largely interchangeable with Venus in symbology - was rising right at the horizon.

The 'due east' theme was amplified by the Aug-10 configuration alluding to the Great Sphinx, a monument famously facing due east. The allusion derives from 1) Mars being a form of Horus, thus also of the Sphinx, and 2) Mars uniting on Aug 10 with Regulus the heart star of Leo, the lion constellation interchangeable with the Great Sphinx. Interestingly Regulus interacts further with Venus - the planet/goddess of love - in that love and the heart symbol are traditionally inseparable.

These observations then led to the following revelations...

Venus had been crossing the due-east line everyday at exactly the same time in the morning around August, the month of Olympics! As viewed from Athens, for example, Venus reached due east at about 5:10 am everyday starting around July 25 and ending around September 8. As viewed from Giza, the daily due-east alignment took place at ~5:24 am beginning around July 17, ending early September. (Here is an animated illustration, and here is an unanimated version.)

The reader needs to understand that this is highly unusual. Planets are always in motion, moving at different speeds. In order to stay in one position relative to Earth's rotation as expressed in the due east sky, a celestial body has to carefully keep up with the continuously shifting sky configuration. Staying in one place, as this Venus has been, doesn't mean it is 'stationary'; it means it is moving at a very specific rate to maintain its position in the Earth-based local sky. In other words, its movement can be seen as almost 'intelligent'.

Venus in this unique way highlighted the time around August as a special period.

Now let's see how this context interacts with the symbolism of the closing ceremony which on its surface was not as flashy as the opening one though I had no trouble detecting its multi-leveled 'messages'.

The centerpiece was a strange golden wheat field in the shape of a spiral, connected by a long, straight causeway with the Olympic-flame tower standing at the edge of the stadium.


This, I eventually inferred, was a reference to the 'Fibonacci spiral' - deriving from something called the Fibonacci squares which in turn are based on the Fibonacci number sequence.

The Fibonacci spiral is everywhere in nature - even in the layout of the Giza monuments which I felt was evoked by one of the traditional dances performed during the show featuring three flames and dancers forming a semi-circular shape. The term 'pyramid' is etymologically related to 'fire', so the three flames could signify Giza's three great pyramids.

The Fibonacci sequence/spiral is also related to phi, known variously as the 'Golden Ratio', 'Golden Mean', etc., numerically expressed by the ratio 1:1.618... And this reminds us of the golden color of the wheat spiral - seemingly a subtle confirmation in effect stating 'yes, this shape does allude to the Fibonacci spiral'.

Reinforcing the connection is Venus' traditional symbol, the pentagram, which encodes phi/Golden Ratio within in its geometry. And there is the fact that the Olympics began on the day corresponding to the Golden Section point of the year. The latter was quite possibly acknowledged by the causeway bridging the wheat spiral and the Olympic flame, lit there on the opening day (Aug 13).

The 'Official Guide to the Closing Ceremony' not only encourages these interpretations, it insinuates something more. The Guide (reportedly) states:

The spiral wheat field was chosen because, in Greek folklore, golden wheat is the "fruit of the marriage between the earth and the sun".

In Greek festivities, "wheat symbolised the fertility of the earth, the awakening of life that arises from death".

According to the Technical Director of the ceremony, "The spiral represents the notion of infinity, a form that frequently recurs in nature. Our galaxy is spiral in form." [source: 1, 2]

The resurrection idea relates to our 'birth of Horus' theme. The earth-heaven connection, and in particular the galaxy-spiral association, are directly relatable to the underlying 'Venus due east' alignment in that the Milky Way (our galaxy) was a key component of the Aug-10 configuration. Here is the illustration again (the blue band is the Milky Way):

This was when Venus crossed the centerline of the Milky Way, accompanied by a Mars-Regulus conjunction and Venus reaching Giza's due east at the moment of sunrise...

Well, the Milky Way is in reality a starry spiral!

Here we begin to see another meaning... The Athens spiral's causeway can signify celestial lines such as the Galactic Equator/Meridian (going through the center of the galaxy) and/or the due-east column highlighted by Venus. Using the latter example, Venus the 'light-bearer' would be fittingly represented by the Olympic flame aligned with the causeway (= due-east line)... A crafty manifestation of the archaic concept 'as above, so below'! And the return of Eros the god of love during the show certainly hinted at the continued relevance of Venus the goddess of love.

This context also sheds some light on the extinguishing of the Olympic flame...

Before getting extinguished, a little girl came, procured a piece of the fire, and carried it away, walking down the steps and along the causeway. The sequence is reproduced below:

---- 1 ----

---- 2 ----

---- 3 ----

---- 4 ----

---- 5 ----

---- 6 ----

---- 7 ----

She then blew out the flame like a candle...

No more light on the tower - symbolic of Venus finally moving away from the due-east column. Indeed, Venus did just that in early September merely days after this ritual!

Here is where things begin to get more 'prophetic'...

Venus' dismounting of the due-east line coincided with, or overlapped, Hurricane Frances making landfall in Florida, Sept 4/5 - coming '80 days' after the ritualistic opening of the film 'Around the World In 80 Days' (June 16) in which Schwarzenegger plays a minor character. It should be recalled that the opening ceremony also came with Hurricane Charley reaching Florida...

And hurricanes are spirals of wind!

So the removal of the Olympic flame was accompanied by a wheat spiral; and the 'removal' of Venus was accompanied by Frances, a wind spiral.

Further, the tradition of the Olympics was resurrected in modern times by a French man - as in 'Frances' - and the Statue of Liberty the torch-bearer was a gift from France. The Statue stands in NYC where the Republican National Convention was held for four days beginning 8/30, a day after Athens' closing ceremony.

The seamless succession suggested a continuation of the torch ritual. Both, in fact, carried a '9/11' theme: the Olympics' end date (8/29) calendrically corresponds to 9/11 in that the modern Gregorian calendar is 13 days ahead of the Julian calendar (already a key part of the 'Lucifer Time Code'); and the Convention (especially the first day, 8/30) was all about (exploiting) 9/11. On the second day in NYC was featured the 'occult' star of the torch ritual Schwarzenegger, giving a charismatic speech, who in turn was followed by George Bush's on September 2, only a day or two before the arrival of Hurricane Frances.

Certainly the indications were that the 'super torch ritual' made a quick jump from Athens to NYC.

Indeed, the connection became startlingly clear on the final day of the Convention which saw the stage and seats rearranged specifically for Bush's appearance. Suddenly there it was. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

The spiral, the causeway, the fireworks... were all there! Even the jumbo screen and the torch tower were reproduced as shown below (the flame represented by the Statue of Liberty):

The reality of the 'ritual' had risen to a new level and at the same time seemed to confirm my long-held view that the 'ritual' had much to do with the American presidency, particularly the upcoming election.

Next came the hospitalization of former president Bill Clinton. The news of his heart problem surfaced on Sept 3, merely a day after Bush's acceptance speech and right before Hurricane Frances' arrival in Florida. Clinton began experiencing discomfort on Sept 2 and had bypass surgery on Sept 6.

Curious timing... And there is a connection here.

One, Clinton is a former president and therefore, like Bush, a form of the 'Babylon leader'/'Sun king' whose 'fall' is a theme associated with the super torch ritual. Two, he resides in New York City. And three, his wife Hillary is the senator of New York.

Next I scanned the sky over NYC for more clues... And I was amazed. Here too the Venus-due east alignment had been occurring, about 5:30 am EDT every morning around August. While this was expected, I found extra components added to the mix on September 3-4. In light of Clinton's heart condition this was very meaningful... and possibly ominous.

On Sept 3, the day of Clinton's hospitalization, Regulus the 'heart star' was seen rising right at the eastern horizon when Venus was due east (~5:30 am). Immediately above Venus was found Saturn almost at the due-east point (they did meridionally align precisely the next day).

Regulus is not only the 'lion's heart', it's also traditionally a 'kingly' or 'royal' star. So a former American 'king' having a heart incident on the day of the 'kingly heart star' crossing the horizon was an 'as above, so below' event - especially since Venus, which anchors the celestial configuration, is also a 'heart star' (in that love traditionally signifies the heart).

But what of Saturn? This is where we begin to see potentially ominous signs. Saturn after all is the planet/god of death and time. Combined with the fact that 1) the horizon is symbolically where the realms of life and death meet, and 2) Venus begins dismounting the due-east column right after the Sept 4 alignment with Saturn, there seems to be a message of 'heart failure' (directly or indirectly) involving 'death'. Even though Clinton's heart operation on Sept 6 went smoothly, the theme seems to be still in motion, perhaps counting down to some finality.

The imagery of the little girl carrying a piece of the fire (= Venus) away from the torch tower (= due-east line) and snuffing out the original flame now seems to take on a rather dark connotation. This is probably too speculative at this point - but is some kind of sacrificial king-killing intimated here?

That we may be counting down to something literally or symbolically related to Clinton's heart problem is perhaps also hinted by the fact that the fast-moving planet Mercury is getting ready to unite with Regulus. Mercury traditionally signifies a 'messenger' - and in this case potentially a messenger of bad news sent from Saturn. Let us recall that another former US president Reagan died in early June, becoming a key part of the 'super torch ritual'. Reagan was known as the 'Great Communicator' - a perfect epithet for Mercury.

So a rather heavy context is involved here, though I'm not sure what it specifically entails.

The period of September 8-10 may bring some answers: on Sept 9, Venus (in the early phase of getting off the due-east column) will vertically align with a crescent Moon. This is potentially significant because just such a Moon was displayed during Athens' closing program (though it was a full-Moon night).

The due-east alignment is to be much more special at Giza on Sept 8. The alignment will additionally involve Saturn and the Galactic Center (antipode/anti-center)!

Recall that the center of the Athenean spiral was aligned with the torch tower through a causeway (representing the due-east line). The wheat spiral viewed as representing the galaxy/Milky Way, Athens' arrangement would signify an alignment of Venus, due east, and Galactic (anti-)Center - thus recreating the celestial configuration above!

Finally, Mercury joins Regulus on September 10, completing the delivery of a message from/for the heart, whatever that might be.

So there you have it. These findings and observations represent only a small portion of what I've been able to 'decipher' to various degrees so far.

Indeed there was much more to the symbolism of the closing ceremony. For starters Athens' wheat spiral was an obvious reference to... crop circles! (See Part 1 for significance of 'crop circles'.) It's more than an insinuation - it's in your face!

Fasten your seatbelt and let us delve into the rest of the story...

Sun Stone From Heaven

First up is the issue of the September 8-10 window related to Clinton's heart problem. I wrote:

The imagery of the little girl carrying the fire (= Venus) away from the torch column (= due-east line) and snuffing out the flame now seems to take on a rather dark connotation. This is probably too speculative at this point - but is some kind of sacrificial king-killing intimated here?

On September 11, a 'king' did perish in a suspiciously typical helicopter crash in... Greece. (Greece's 9/11 overlaps 9/10 US time.) The 'king' was Petros VII:

...the 115th Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa... was the man widely believed to have been responsible for the resurgence of the Greek Orthodox Church in Africa.

He was elected in 1997 to lead the oldest Christian group on the continent, which traces its origins back to St Mark, who was said to have established it in the 1st century AD. In the early days of the church, the influence of the bishop of Alexandria was second only to that of the Pope in Rome, though it started to wane in the 4th century after the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as its only religion.

It is significant that he was a Pope even though not the Pope (of Rome) as my view has long been that the Papacy and the US presidency are often symbolically interchangeable. I accordingly commented on Sept 3:

...the extensive symbolism seems to point to the imminent exit of the Pope... US presidents belong to our 'Babylon/Sun King' group that includes the Pope. I have long pointed out that there is a symbolic parallel between the American presidency and the papacy.

Petros VII, the head of the (Greek) Orthodox Church, was one of the three 'Popes' in existence today:

The heads of the Coptic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church of Alexandria are also called "Popes" for historical reasons, with the former being called "Coptic Pope" or "Pope of Alexandria" and the latter called "Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa"...

The Greek-ness of Petros VII certainly resonates with the Olympics theme, underscored by his helicopter going down after leaving Athens!

The name 'Petros' (= 'Peter'), meaning 'rock' or 'stone', is also congruent, rendering the event analogous to a rock falling down from the sky a la the Panspermia/Grail theme highlighted at the Olympics. Recall that Athena, the patron goddess of Athens, is traditionally associated with a stone fallen from heaven.

The involvement of a helicopter is similarly suggestive: 'heli' usually means 'Sun' and 'Copt' would refer to an ancient Egyptian. One of the most sacred cities in ancient Egypt was Heliopolis, the 'city of the Sun', where the Benben Stone, the Egyptian version of the 'stone fallen from heaven', was traditionally worshipped. (The Benben Stone was typically placed at the top of an obelisk/pillar, very much like the capstone of the pyramid.) So the fall of Petros VII in a way reenacted the fall of the Benben Stone or the 'Sun Stone' (from the sky). Incidentally Florida is the 'Sunshine State', hit by Hurricane Charley on Athens' opening day featuring a simulation of the same Panspermia theme...

Panspermia is the process of cosmic seeding and as such it is essentially a story of 'Genesis'. And Petros VII's helicopter crashed on September 11. Putting the two together yields a virtual 'instruction' encouraging us to look up Genesis 9:11 or Genesis 11:9 in the Old Testament. Verse 11:9 would be more consistent with my other findings that involved this type of 'date-verse conversion' coding, and I was already very familiar with Genesis 11:9 - talking about the Tower of Babel, comparable to the Twin Towers destroyed on 9/11, the modern version of the archetypal Tower. Here is the scriptural passage:

Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

WTC-towers.jpg (10756 bytes)Three points: 1) the Tower of Babel was built in Babylon - 'Babel' and 'Babylon' being practically interchangeable terms - where 'the people is one and they have all one language' (Genesis 11:6); 2) in modern times NYC is the new Babylon, the ultimate melting-pot city of all races and the home of the United Nations; 3) the name Babylon/Babel means 'gate of the god'.

The gate of the god... the 'stargate' theme again. This association is confirmed in Contact (a story about constructing a 'stargate') since we find that the enigmatic financier in the story who guides Ellie along her path is named 'S.R. Hadden' who in the original novel owns an adult amusement park called 'Babylon' and his name 'S.R. Hadden' was a coded reference to Esarhaddon, King of Assyria from 681 to 669 BC. Assyria like Babylon/Babylonia was in Mesopotamia now known as Iraq and it was this Esarhaddon who rebuilt Babylon including the Esagila (Etemenanki), i.e. the historical Tower of Babel!

The Tower of Babel further correlates with the heavenly stone theme in connection with the so-called 'fallen angels' mentioned in Genesis, i.e. the 'Nephilim'. In Isaiah 14:12, it is made evident that the 'fallen angels' would collectively correspond to Lucifer (Venus): 'How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!'. With this in mind, here are some of my ideas from 2001:

In Genesis, the cause of the biblical Flood is - rather mysteriously - associated with 'fallen angels', or 'giants'/'sons of God', more properly called the 'Nephilim':

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. And God saw that the wickedness was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth...

This is a typical English translation of Genesis 6:4-7 that contains some errors, including the last phrase, 'men of renown'. It may be more accurately [translated] as 'the people of the shem'. What, then, is the 'shem'? Zecharia Sitchin writes:

The persistence of biblical translators to employ "name" wherever they encounter shem has ignored a farsighted study published more than a century ago by G. M. Redslob… in which he correctly pointed out that the term shem and the term shamaim ("heaven") stem from the root word shamah, meaning "that which is highward."  (The 12th Planet, pp.147-8)

The shem was also [associated] with fire and a stone; the shem thus was a 'highward fire-stone'. It is... apparently a reference to a meteorite. This is strongly corroborated by the fact that:

Shems were particularly associated with something called an-na, which meant 'heavenly stone', a term that was also used to define a shining metal. The use of the word shem in respect of its 'shining' aspect is apparent in the alternative name for Prince Utu, brother of Inanna… His epithet was Shem-esh: the Shining One.  (Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, p.120)

So, what we have here is this: the shem was a 'heavenly shining fire-stone' while the Nephilim, i.e. the 'fallen angles' (also called the 'Shining Ones'), were the 'people of the shem'.

The shem also figures in the tale of the Tower of Babel:

…let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a shem, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

Again, the shem is directly associated with heaven, and here it is additionally linked with the top of a tower – which makes the shem very much comparable to the Egyptian Benben Stone which too is thought to have been a meteorite and was placed at the very top of a pyramid or obelisk. [T]he Babel story conceptually parallels the saga of the 'fallen angels' who were punished by 'God' for overreaching just as [were] the builders of the Tower.

So a chain of symbolic associations has been established: Petros VII's helicopter crashing on 9/11, representative of seeding by the Benben Stone, alludes to 'Genesis 11:9' - concerning the Tower of Babel comparable to the Twin Towers and the stargate theme - which in turn relates back to the heavenly stone theme again. We certainly detect a coherent underling context here.

Further, the word 'tower' is etymologically related to 'turn' as discussed before - 'turn' as in the Tour (turn/tower) de France and as in the turning of Venus, both of which highlighted Independence/Torch Day (see Part I) thus also highlighting the Statue of Liberty in the new Babylon where the Twin Towers stood. Here we find that the term 'Babel' itself, said to mean 'confusion', further implies the notion of turning/twisting; for example, 'Kablah' deriving from the Arabic root KBL denotes both 'to twist' and 'confusion'...

On the main 'torch day' of 2004 marking the start of the Olympics (8/13), a system of turning winds called Hurricane Charley arrived in Florida the Sunshine State. It was the beginning of Florida's nightmarish hurricane season comprised of unprecedented four major direct hits in the short time span of August through September. Someone, it seemed to many of us, was trying to make a statement.

A 'message' indeed began to emerge with Hurricane Frances, the second in the series, making landfall on September 5 - just days after the end of the Athens Games and just days before the Petros VII's fall from the sky. Hurricane Frances, viewed as 'turning Frances', would become an 'in your face' reference to the 'Tour de France' theme! (The 'French Revolution' is also hinted here but that's for another time.)

Just three days later on September 8 - the day marked by the Venus-Saturn-Moon-Galactic Center-due east alignment at Giza - came another 'in your face' signature event.

It was quite remarkable... the coherence and the sheer obviousness of the 'ritual' by NASA, an agency historically built upon Nazi leadership (Wernher von Braun) and technologies. So much so that it seemed to carry the message 'if you don't get this, you just don't get it'.

The event was the crash landing of NASA's Genesis probe returning from the Sun:

It had it all: 'Genesis', the Sun, a heavenly stone, seeding, Contact, 2001, spinning, wind, Florida, helicopter, DNA, and Mary-Isis-Venus.

A probe named Genesis launched in 2001 from Florida (Cape Canaveral), very much looking like the typical UFO/flying saucer returning from the Sun after collecting solar wind samples, came crashing down to earth like a rapidly spinning heavenly stone on a day marked by a special celestial alignment involving Venus, although it was supposed to be picked up by a helicopter in midair. What it was, was a more realistic manifestation of the same theme expressed at the Athens opening ceremony!

Indeed, it was the completion of the process initiated on August 13, specifically the aspect relating to artificial insemination (AI) - the Olympic-flame tower being analogous to the medical instrument used for the insemination procedure, as discussed in Part I.

At the Olympics the flame signifying the cosmic 'seed' was lit on the AI tower/instrument but was never overtly injected into the ovum/egg represented by the Olympic stadium.

The closest it got was the simulation of a 'comet' striking the lake/stadium at the very beginning of the show before the flame was on the tower and when a giant DNA double-helix was projected above the lake, which while very suggestive did not convey the idea of 'injection' as symbolically desired by the AI symbolism.

The key to the riddle here is the date September 8 and the other prominent symbolism attached to the Olympic-flame tower, the Venus-due east alignment - i.e. the alignment that ended on Sept 8 as seen from Athens. This was a very elegant design. The Olympic flame was both the cosmic seed (or Sun Stone) and Venus in its multi-leveled symbolism, and so Venus finally dismounting the due-east heavenly line on Sept 8 (+/- 1 day) was also when the cosmic seed symbolically moved off the artificial-insemination instrument. And it was on this very day that the Genesis capsule from the Sun - making it a 'Sun Stone', a cosmic seed - got 'injected' into the earth itself, completing the insemination process!

It will be interesting to see what will come out of this 'eugenics' ritual after a 9-month 'pregnancy' period. The projected birth date based on the average human pregnancy duration would be around June 8, '05 - which remarkably is the same date marked by this year's Venus Transit, i.e. the very rare 'marriage' of the Sun and Venus! Early June '04 was also a period marked by Ronald Reagan's death and funeral (June 5-11), a death that ritualistically transferred his 'kingship to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Together with the Venus-transit symbolism, we could say it was then that Arnold got 'pregnant' with his future 'kingship'. So it seems probable that the same period in 2005 will interact with Schwarzenegger or at least the American presidency in some way, especially since Venus in early June '05 will be crossing the Milky Way (at the Galactic Equator on June 3) as if to echo the Venus transit in that general region and Venus crossing the Galactic Meridian on July 11, Reagan's burial day when Arnold got 'pregnant'.

Let me also note that Athens' DNA projection, signifying the messianic bloodline from Mary-Isis (i.e. the Grail/lapsit exillis, 'stone fallen from heaven'), interacts with the Genesis crash via its name:

Holy Grail/Holy Blood
DNA of Mary
Gene of Isis

And the date: Sept 8 was the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

The Genesis ritual was also a Contact/Stargate moment carrying a clear UFO/ET theme and was entirely fitting and predictable. It was actually amusing to see the mainstream media pushing this very theme around the time of the Olympics, evident from the following list of news stories published in early September:

9/01 CNN: Space signal studied for alien contact
9/01 BBC: Alien probe 'best way to find ET'
9/02 Is strange space signal a sign ET's mother has called back?
9/02 ABC: (Alien) Message in a Bottle
9/07 CNN: ET should write, not call
9/09 Space.com: Does ET Use Snail Mail?

Some of them were treated as the day's top news items. Here are a couple of screenshots exposing this strange behavior:

athens-code-64.jpg (232259 bytes) athens-code-65.jpg (207369 bytes)

This next one from the front page of CNN.com shows the prominence accorded to the Genesis crash on September 8:

Note the link under 'More Top Stories' titled 'Ivan devastates Grenada', a piece about an incoming hurricane that would make landfall on September 16, hitting parts of Florida right after Frances and Charley before that.

Ivan made 'contact' somewhere between Mobile and Pensacola, the latter being a place prominently featured in Contact. Indeed, the first 'face to face' contact in the story takes place on a virtual-reality Pensacola beach!

Ivan was followed by Jeanne, the fourth hurricane to hit Florida on Sept 25. 'Jeanne' is fittingly a homonym of 'gene'...

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