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The Lucifer Time Code

Part 2

By Goro Adachi
June 24, 2004

© 2004 Goro Adachi

As I finished writing Part 1 of The Lucifer Time Code, I scratched my head wondering why I ended up emphasizing Arnold Schwarzenegger so much, which was certainly not something consciously planned. It just came out that way for some reason. As certain events unfolded in the subsequent weeks, however, I realized that it could not have been more appropriate. Schwarzenegger, the 'Terminator', had turned out to be a central figure, if still hidden, in the major 'drama' being played out on the global stage at the present time. In a sense, the current phase of the drama could be labeled 'Enter Antichrist'.

I'm not using the term 'Antichrist' too literally in a typical Christian way, but it may well be that those behind the scenes responsible for the 'script' of the 'Endgame' are consciously following the biblical 'end times' scenario in a self-fulfilling prophecy - or propaganda - sort of way. And everything so far suggests that Schwarzenegger has been 'chosen' to play a big 'Antichristic' leadership role - his political rise in California last year being just the first phase of this 'plan'.

Serious developments such as this seem to create a ripple effect in the matrix of time, moving both forward and backward, expressed mostly through symbolism. And Etemenanki has been a uniquely dedicated and thus sensitive 'radar' for detecting this kind of 'advance warning' signal reaching our space-time locality giving us some hints as to what is coming ahead. And right now one of the strongest 'signals' on the 'radar' happens to be Schwarzenegger. It's building up to a set of high-impact events coming sometime in the near future.

It's not only about him, of course. We are actually, in a sense, nearing the end of history and this is a time for the ultimate endgame. The biggest 'shift' in human history is beginning to take place - the 'elite' must be aware of it - and it appears they are making their strategic moves accordingly and quietly. There are naturally many levels to this. Some are just trying to ensure their survival; some are trying to take advantage of the situation; and some are probably making 'apocalyptic' events happen, following a certain timetable. But for many of us, the general public, it will increasingly be like swimming in a violent storm. We can easily start to lose all sense of direction and begin to panic.

Reading the 'signs', or symbolic foreshadowing, would therefore be a much needed 'compass' with which we could anchor ourselves in times of chaos. It is increasingly in this spirit that this Lucifer Time Code series is written.


To many, the earthshaking events of 9/11, 2001 came without any warning. And to many, the disastrous outcome of the US invasion/occupation of Iraq was unforeseeable. Major events and developments such as these, they would readily surmise, are not predictable. True, the more informed segment of the population could easily discern the danger inherent in the imperial US adventure, but even many of those were surprised by just how badly the occupation phase in Iraq went as the whole thing just steadily collapsed into a total nightmare.

From the multicontextual perspective of Etemenanki, however, these were predictable developments and they were fully anticipated beforehand - because the 'signs' were clearly there. While the key to 'reading the signs' is contextual superimposition - i.e. finding symbolic parallels and coherence - which involves numerous observations coming from different angles (that get unified), sometimes we'd encounter a single event whose symbolism alone can constitute an 'omen' that is powerful/resonant enough to give us pretty good glimpse of what's coming.

For 9/11, it was the destruction of the Russian space station Mir - decommissioned on March 23, only several months before 9/11.

Here is what I wrote in The Message of Cycle 23 (May '02):

[T]he controlled demolition of the Russian space station Mir in spring 2001 was eerily prophetic in that the name Mir means 'peace' and thus the end of Mir symbolically denoted the 'end of peace', which indeed was to be the case just several months later on 9/11. I was actually very much aware of this doomy symbolism... as early as 1999. In the Two Suns article, for example, I wrote: "since the name Mir means 'peace', the end of Mir has the ominous symbolic implication of the 'end of peace'". [...]

And in Endgame IV (May '03):

[T]he world-changing events of 9/11 were preceded by the fiery descent of the Russian space station Mir in March. 'Mir' means 'peace', as well as 'world'. The decommissioning of Mir thus symbolically signaled the 'end of world peace' - which was of course dramatically actualized later in the same year.

[It has now also been brought to my attention that, amazingly, September 11, 2001 was the UN-sanctioned International Peace Day!]

As for the Iraq 'disaster' that followed the US invasion, the 'foreshadowing event' was the destruction of space shuttle Columbia on Feb. 1, '03, immediately preceding the start of the Iraq war. Only hours after Columbia's demise, I wrote the following:

While many people are saying how the imagery invokes the '86 Challenger explosion, I am personally seeing an eerie parallel between Columbia and the former Russian space station Mir, which was decommissioned in March '01. I can recall how Mir's controlled descent burned the sky the same way Columbia just did. [...]

The fiery descent of Columbia carries a similar symbolic message. The name 'Columbia' relates to 'Columba', the constellation of 'The Dove'. And the dove is of course the universal symbol of peace. Just like Mir, then, the violent end of Columbia can signify the 'end of peace'.

But there is a double meaning here too. Obviously, 'Columbia' is another name for the United States; so, while the Mir demolition was the 'end of peace and the world', the space shuttle incident was in effect the 'end of peace and the United States'.

A little more refined interpretation was provided, not for the first time, in June '03 in my article Endgame V:

It is quite telling that the Iraq war was immediately preceded by the space shuttle Columbia falling from the sky... As the dove is a universal symbol of peace, the Columbia disaster can be interpreted as an omen for the destruction of 'American peace'.

Amazingly, 'American peace' is exactly what is meant by 'Pax Americana' - the [term used to describe the] US global domination envisioned by the neo-conservatives now in power in the Bush administration. The invasion of Iraq was the first major step toward achieving the Pax Americana. So the symbolic implication of the space-shuttle omen would be that the Bush administration's global ambition will lead to a major disaster.

And so these major 'end of peace' omens I was able to detect and interpret effectively. There have been many others, after all Etemenanki specializes in this approach, but examples above are noteworthy in that the events involved were so dramatic and the symbolism involved stayed essentially the same.

Indeed 9/11 and the Iraq mess are inseparable (politically). And we see that besides the themes of 'end of peace' and crashing spacecraft, the two have the following in common: 1) highly destructive event foreshadowed; 2) very damaging to the US; and 3) the spring equinox involved (the fall of Mir and the beginning of the Iraq war came on/around that time).

Now, the basic pattern continued in 2004. Another symbolically significant event, the 'third omen', was detected. It contained many of the familiar themes, but it was outwardly very different. The encoded 'message' also seemed to have taken a different turn, probably having a lot to do with the fact that 2004 is the first - or second - US presidential election year of the millennium. Accordingly there appears to be more political elements in the symbolic 'message'. And it doesn't take a prophetic sign to see that the political battle is going to be very intense this election year, to say the least. It's not even an exaggeration to say that the survival of the US itself may be at stake here.

Much has already been done with the latest 'omen' at Etemenanki this year, and as of June ('04) we are still carefully tracking world and celestial events in that context generally. Already we've seen enough to confirm the 'prophetic' nature of the 'omen', and the picture emerging is both amusing and alarming. As far as we can tell at this point, it's building up toward some kind of culmination in the near future.

Patriot Games

The latest 'foreshadowing event' in question was the Super Bowl held this year on February 1 in Houston, Texas - coinciding with the first anniversary of the shuttle Columbia disaster. More specifically, the 'omen' was the entertainment themes that accompanied the biggest American sport event. The main attraction was Janet Jackson who performed with Justine Timberlake during the game's half-time show.

Janet Jackson did the unthinkable: Her stage performance overshadowed the game itself - by exposing her right breast! As everyone probably knows, this became a huge controversy that people - at least those in the US - were unable to stop talking about for weeks afterwards. As silly as it was on the surface, I soon realized that this was a high-impact event that had profound symbolic implications.

Here are key points taken from what I wrote on Feb. 3 (two days after the game/show) regarding the basic symbolism involved:

  • "At first, I didn't think too much about the show and the controversy. I only wondered a little about the youthful and rebellious tone of the entire extravaganza, thinking it might be on some level a voice of dissent directed at the Bush administration." [...] Then I saw a couple of posters in the Etemenanki forum observantly comparing Janet Jackson's stunt to the national lady of France, Marianne, who is also comparable to Lady Justice (as well as the Statue of Liberty). She represents the true spirit of the United States - liberty and justice. As it happens, Marianne/Lady Justice/Liberty is traditionally depicted with her right breast exposed. It was also her right breast that Jackson graciously put on display for us."

  • "There were two big female black singers featured in the Super Bowl event, Janet Jackson (the main attraction of the halftime show) and Beyoncé Knowles who sang the national anthem. This creates a conceptual overlap between them and thus would attach the notion of 'American spirit' (represented by the anthem) to Janet as well, reinforcing the Lady Justice/Liberty connection. [UPDATE: Janet prominently performed the song 'Rhythm Nation' from her 1989 album 'Rhythm Nation 1814'. The number '1814' is said to be a reference to... the year that Francis Scott Key wrote... the words to the national anthem!]"
  • "The pre-game show, which featured Beyonce, focused on the theme of space/NASA because of the location and timing. This year's Super Bowl was held in Houston (as in 'Houston, you have a problem') and coincided with the anniversary of the Columbia disaster. It turns out, the name 'Columbia' has sometimes been considered to refer to a symbolic figure who could be seen as 'Lady America' i.e. another version of Lady Justice/Liberty Lady."
  • "[T]his makes it rather clear that Janet Jackson, via exposing her right breast and her juxtaposition with Beyonce (representing the American spirit), was 'designed' to embody Lady Justice/Liberty - signifying or prompting the rebirth of the spirit of 'Columbia'. The prevalent 'blackness' additionally alludes to the pertinence of another related figure Mary Magdalene, recently made popular by the huge success of the book The Da Vinci Code, as this biblical/esoteric 'wife' of Jesus - embodying the feminine and sexuality - was sometimes portrayed as the 'Black Madonna'."

I then went on to talk about the symbolic relevance of the Patriot Act and Attorney General John Ashcroft:

  • "During his pathetic State of the Union speech last month [Jan. '04], George W. Bush shamelessly declared that the Patriot Act, scheduled to expire [next year], needs to be renewed. The Patriot Act is of course anti-freedom, anti-justice, and yes, unpatriotic. It is indeed a big step toward a police-state New World Order."
  • "It's certainly curious that one of the teams in this year's Super Bowl held in the Bush/Cheney state of Texas was the Patriots, who won the game. So the sport event was a 'Patriot Act' of some sort. This link is strengthened further by the fact that the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was somehow invited to attend Bush's State of the Union speech..."
  • "And of course the big supporter/enforcer of the... Patriot Act is Attorney General John Ashcroft. He famously covered up the right breast of the lady justice statue (named 'Spirit of Justice') in the Justice Department's ornate Great Hall. [...] Well, it goes without saying that this is the exact opposite of what Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake did. [...] Hence the message of the performance becomes even clearer: it screams 'Fuck you Ashcroft, your Patriot Act, and your fascist buddies in the administration'. [...] This idea is strongly echoed by the [lyrics of], 'Rhythm Nation'."

Two weeks later (Feb. 17), I went on to discuss the 'extended symbolism' detected in a Pepsi commercial that debuted during the Super Bowl:

  • "To me, [the commercial] represents an interesting continuation of the... Super Bowl halftime-show stunt. More specifically, the ad seems to back up my interpretation... Back then I discussed the subtly embedded message of anti-injustice, anti-Patriot Act, anti-Establishment, anti-Bush administration and such, as well as that of pro-femininity. [In the commercial you find] the very same themes - and it's not even subtle."
  • "First of all, Beyonce is featured in it as one of the female gladiators who refuse to fight each other for the 'king'. They are for peace, not meaningless staged war - as also suggested by the doves (universal symbol of peace [and associated with Columba/Columbia]) shown released near the beginning of the commercial. Beyonce's performance in [this year's] Grammy show also involved a dove, strengthening the link. The dove not only represents peace, it is traditionally associated with Mary Magdalene."
  • "Another well-known esoteric shorthand for Mary Magdalene is the letter 'M' (as her initials are MM, for instance). And you'll clearly see a row of 'M's on the inner walls of the coliseum surrounding the female gladiators."

  • "The fact that the theme song to which the gladiators (Beyonce, Pink, and Britney) sing is 'We Will Rock You' by Queen reiterates the point, as MM is widely considered to be a version of Isis, the ancient Egyptian Queen-goddess."

The Pepsi-commercial 'message' was interpreted further in my March 12 update. The next key was the allusion to Caesar (i.e. the 'king' who gets dethroned):

In the ad, three rebellious female gladiators (Pink, Britney, and Beyonce) causes the fall of a Greco-Roman-looking king, played by Enrique Inglesias. Here, even the religious/Jesus theme returns. As I was informed by a couple of observant readers, the name 'Enrique' means 'home ruler' and 'Inglesias' means 'church'. So the Roman 'king' in the commercial... would be the 'home ruler of the Church' - i.e. the Pope in Rome. (The Pope is one of the figures I've dubbed the 'Babylon leader'.) This may be a quite specific hint of things to come... soon.

Indeed, the long-running 'Babylon leader falling' theme - which includes figures like Bush/Cheney, Blair, British royal family, Sharon, Saddam, Pope, etc. - was to become a significant part of what the world would be facing...

The Line of 'Antichrist'

Caesar was killed on the 'Ides of March' (March 15) - a date indirectly associated with the death/crucifixion of Jesus. Here is what I wrote on March 12 regarding this interesting connection:

As long-time correspondent Glenn recently told me:

...March 15th a.k.a. 'The Ides of March'. Shakespeare (better known as Sir Francis Bacon) slipped in the clue in his play 'Julius Caesar' - "Beware the Ides of March" - in which Caesar was warned that his friends would take him out. ...it is also known as the Catholic Feast day of St. Longinus. The same Longinus whom pierced the side of Christ with the Spear of Destiny!!

And this 'Spear of Destiny' takes us right back to the Pepsi commercial because we have already talked about (Feb. 23) the symbolism of the three ladies in the ad being a reference to the 'three goddesses of fate' in Norse mythology called Norne. 'Fate' and 'destiny' are pretty much interchangeable words, after all.

What's more, we've already discussed how the reverse of 'Norne' is 'Enron' and how Schwarzenegger is linked to this energy company. So we are again back to Arnold, the messianic 'Antichrist'. And sure enough, Spear of Destiny is said to have been possessed or at least sought by various messianic and antichristic leaders throughout history like Herod the Great, Constantine, Hitler, etc. The Spear represents the power that Antichrist must obtain in order to be successful. So obviously there is a coherent symbolic pattern here.

Let me now point out that Arnie's most recent film was Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines released just last year... [...] As you can see in the Terminator 3 graphic shown left, the Arnie Terminator has only one active red eye. We can easily view this as an allusion to 'HAL', the AI machine in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey which similarly has only one glowing red 'eye'. And of course HAL rebels against its human masters. Thus the story of 2001/HAL is very much about the 'rise of the machines'. And '2001' being the year of 9/11... [we can sense the underlying context].

But the real punch line here is this: as Glenn correctly pointed out to me, Longinus who pierced the side of Jesus with his 'Spear of Destiny' had only one eye! (He was blind in one eye, but was healed by Jesus' blood.) And, in the film The Passion [of the Christ, a controversial film about the final 12 hours of Jesus, released soon after the Super Bowl fiasco], Jesus is mostly... you guess it, one-eyed.

Needless to say, this... relates to the Eye of Horus, or the 'All-Seeing Eye' of the pyramid capstone that you see on the back of the US dollar bill. It symbolizes Osirian resurrection, seed/sex, Mars, New World Order... etc. etc. all very relevant. Birth of Horus, birth of Antichrist - that would probably the strongest concept conveyed by all this.

At this point, I introduced a new piece of the puzzle - an astronomical one - that would become increasingly important:

...we are likely in for some very significant 'antichristic' events in the near future - as early as this month. Key dates coming up are March 15 (Ides of March, feast day of St. Longinus) and around March 20 (spring equinox/'Super Mars Day') and/or March 22 ('322'/'Skulll & Bones day').

I'd say there is a high probability that the spring equinox window coming up will produce some significant event(s) that will conform to the pattern discussed above. Because not only is March 20 the 'Super Mars/Sphinx/Horus Day', the spring equinox is traditionally the day of the rebirth of the Sun (-king), i.e. birth of Horus/Christ/Antichrist. Furthermore, ~March 20 this year is astronomically emphasized in a very meaningful way. As Gary, a close observer of the heavens, recently informed me:

...the Sun , New Moon and both comets [Linear and Neat] will be aligned along the 0h right ascension/meridian point.

He's right. Those four celestial objects will closely align along the 'zero longitude' of the sky grid on March 20/21. What I find particularly interesting here is the potential connection [we see] between the term 'longitude' and the name 'Longinus'. I don't think it's a mere coincidence that Longinus is associated with a lance, i.e. a straight line... such as a longitudinal line (meridian), especially since Jesus' blood/bloodline is esoterically associated with a meridian called 'Rose Line' (more or less equated with the Paris Zero Meridian). And this certainly increases the symbolic depth of the longitudinal celestial alignment formed around the spring equinox coming up shortly.

A week and a half later on March 26, I analyzed what had taken place during the spring equinox window:

Well, March 20 was last Saturday and like most Saturdays it was a relatively uneventful day. But this was not surprising because 3/20 being the first anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war, there wouldn't have been enough 'twists' to the timing symbolism. And there was also the 'Skull and Bones day' of March 22 ('322') coming only 2 days later. This is why I had treated the timeframe as a 'window' rather than a 'key date'.

Things began to heat up on Sunday (3/21). Let's start with The Passion. It was reported Sunday that the Jesus movie was dethroned from its #1 box-office position by the new film called 'Dawn of the Dead'. The symbolism there is quite intriguing as 'Dawn of the Dead' can easily be viewed as an allusion to Horus, the (rising-) Sun-god and the son of Osiris the god of the dead. Passion depicts the death of Osiris; and as if to reenact the mythological story, the death is immediately followed by a rebirth - i.e. the 'dawn of the dead'... the birth of Horus.

Next, the birth of Horus is something we have long seen in the rise of Schwarzenegger; indeed, Arnold was quickly identified as a major 'antichristic' figure here at Etemenanki (see past posts). Arnie was specifically mentioned in the 3/12 post when discussing the key March/Mars dates. We've talked a lot about the seeming 'destiny' of Schwarzenegger becoming a US president before and this 'plan' finally began to be detectable this winter/spring as one of the news headlines on Feb. 22 ('222') was: 'Schwarzenegger Argues for White House Run'. (See my 2/23 post.) And the media helped pushing this idea again several days later by inexplicably throwing in the 'Arnold amendment' question during a Democratic presidential debate televised on CNN.

Well, guess what happened on Sunday 3/21... One of the news items bore the title: 'Kennedy would back law enabling Schwarzenegger to run for US president'. Arnie is married to former journalist and Kennedy heiress, Maria Shriver, a niece of Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy. I see this marriage as a key element of the symbolic role - if not a literal one - Arnie now appears to be playing - i.e. Horus/Messiah/Antichrist. Note that the JFK presidency was called 'Camelot', which makes JFK an Arthurian figure who is inseparable from the tales of the 'Holy Grail'. And the Holy Grail largely represents 'Blood Royal' or the supposed bloodline stemming from the union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. And the Messiah/Antichrist has to possess this Davidic royal blood - just like St. Longinus' legendary 'Spear of Destiny' that pierced Jesus' side while on the cross is believed to represent something that 'Antichrist' must obtain in order to be successful... [...]

[Longinus' likely connection to] 'longitude' and 'meridian'... creates an amazing correlation with the event we introduce next.

Although not March 20 (equinox) or March 22 (Skull & Bones/'322'), March 23 was also a symbolically significant date included in the 'Super Mars Day' window. Since 'Super Mars Day' is analogous to 'Super Tuesday' as discussed [before], it is natural to view the Tuesday closest to March 20/22 as carrying the same theme. This happened to be March 23. The previous 'Super Tuesday' on March 2 was marked by the NASA announcement of Mars' past water. On the second 'Super Tuesday', March 23, pretty much the same thing happened! On that day, NASA held a special press conference to triumphantly announce to the world that the landing site of the Mars rover Opportunity was once the shore of a salty sea. [...]

...I saw the name of the area where Opportunity landed - 'Meridiani Planum'. That is, 'Meridian Plane' - so called because the site is near the Prime Meridian, or longitude zero, of Mars! Very unexpected, but this certainly seems to confirm my symbolic interpretation regarding Longinus, i.e. the relevance of longitude zero/Prime Meridian/Rose Line.

The above also has the implication of attaching the messianic 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' theme to the Red Planet. This happens to be a fully expected development. As early as Nov. 2002, I was already propounding this connection; as I wrote in Endgame III back then:

... I'm sure this is the first time that all the different subject matters, especially Cydonia [/Mars] and the underground Gnostic tradition, have been put together and viewed as aspects of the same 'game'. Strange stuff, yes, but this is where the 'game' is going, so people should get used to it.

And now we are seeing the 'game' getting there indeed. This is still only the tip of the iceberg, and I'm sure I will be talking more about this 'game' in the future.

And then we entered the month of May...

MAY:  Mary & Oak King

This is where the timeline catches up with The Lucifer Time Code: Part 1 - posted on this website on May 3. Naturally there was a lot of anticipation here that May would be a very interesting period - and it indeed was.

It began with the Iraq prison torture scandal that first emerged late April and then just exploded in May. This was such an appalling revelation that the Bush administration was finally brought to its knees and it has not yet recovered from the fallout, and probably never will.

I'll reproduce below my blog posts from May as they should do a good job of tracking the events and discerning their potential implications:

May 06, '04   Rumsfeld & the 'Time Code'
It appears we may be fast approaching one of those 'Etemenanki moments' as we witness the fast development that seems to lead to the exit of the Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, the US war chief. The big issue here is the timing. In my new article The Lucifer Time Code (Part 1), I highlighted the significance of the month of May, particularly around May 8 and May 20-5. And based on the underlying symbolic pattern I presented in the article some potential future-event projections that included the following:
  • Major development involving or associated with 9/11 and/or Iraq.
  • Major event that has to do with the fall/exit of one or more of the 'Babylon leaders' (which include figures such as, and those closely associated with, Bush/Cheney, Blair, Sharon, and particularly the Pope).

The fall of Rumsfeld who leads the US war effort in Iraq would certainly fit those projections nicely. What makes this really intriguing is that Rumsfeld heads the Pentagon. As I made clear in the article, the 'time code' has much to do with Venus and Sirius - both traditionally signified by the 5-poitned star symbol, or pentagram. Needless to say, geometrically the pentagon is just another expression of the pentagram.

So at this point we can't help but anticipate the exit of the Defense/Pentagon Secretary...

If the Iraq prisoner abuse is a systemic problem, as it likely is, then it would mean that this story won't go away anytime soon as new photos and evidence will keep popping up to keep it in the news cycles. The Bush administration obviously wants the scandal to blow over as soon as possible before it does irreversible damage. So they have a big decision to make soon. [...]


May 11, '04   Time of Reversal
Let me quickly make additional comments on the Iraqi abuse scandal in the context of the 'time code'. So far, things are moving along pretty much as expected in terms of how the story is still going strong, assisted by the newly revealed existence of more photographic evidence, along with continuing calls for the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. But I must say I [was surprised] that Rumsfeld did not make his exit during the weekend which I considered very possible based on reasons stated in my previous entry.

So it is now necessary to step back a little and reanalyze the timing issue. As far as the general 'May window' goes, the 'opposition force' discussed in the 'Time Code' article does appear to be manifesting itself in a major way at this point. On this, I think Mark, an Etemenanki reader, expressed it nicely:

... I see this period in early-mid May as the "anti-9-11", in that the karma of our response to that "attack"; the PNAC plan to invade and occupy the Mid-east oil fields, is coming to fruition. We see this especially in the torture scandal and the calls for Rumsfeld's resignation. The dark side of Amerikan power is finally seeing the light of day. Since the official story of 9-11 is one of deception, recent events, alluded to in the celestial events you bring our attention to, the counterpoint will be one of facing the consequences or reaping the fruits of that deception. We can only hope that this can occur without the "nuclear" connection you also describe.

As for the more specific timing issue involving the window of/around May 8, I'm not yet sure how to interpret that, and there is no need to rush it. [...]

Some have suggested that the latest appalling scandal is comparable to, or even worse than, 9/11 in its impact. Only this time, it was not some physical buildings that was destroyed, but the tower of US credibility (or what was left of it) in the eyes of the rest of the world. So it could indeed be said that this recent development represents the ultimate 'anti-9/11' situation, as the superpower-nation that had all the support it wanted from the rest of the world after 9/11 did the unthinkable and has now finally lost all that and much more. [...] And it's about to get worse...

Though long anticipated... it's still pretty sad to see the hard fall of the US before our eyes. Day by day it is becoming increasingly apparent that this thing is going down. [...]


May 14, '04   Prefiguration Ritual of Oak King
The regulars here will recall that it was mid-April that I put up a little note in the 'What's New' box that said 'Significant event expected in May; new article coming soon'. The article is now available and called The Lucifer Time Code, but I wasn't able to finish it until May 3. The article discussed the significance of the the month of May as it was found to have key dates/windows that could be linked to major events such as 9/11, the Iraq war, and even the 'rise of Schwarzenegger'.

Turns out, by the time Time Code was posted some of the projected future patterns were already unfolding. Here is the list of projections from the article:

  1. Major announcement concerning Mars, such as the discovery of life or present water of Mars.
  2. Major development involving or associated with 9/11 and/or Iraq.
  3. Major event involving Arnold Schwarzenegger and/or other Horus ('Antichristic') figures.
  4. Major event that has to do with the fall/exit of one or more of the 'Babylon leaders' (which include figures such as, and those closely associated with, Bush/Cheney, Blair, Sharon, and particularly the Pope).
  5. Some kind of nuclear event.

It was near the end of April (4/28) that the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal first erupted as CBS (in '60 Minutes II') aired disturbing photos [showing] US military officers humiliating the prisoners. The scandal grew in intensity during the following days [and forced Bush to] appear on two Arab TV programs and try to apologize (May 5). [...] The scandal became so big that it has even been compared to 9/11 in terms of the level of damage done to the US. It is still quite likely that Rumsfeld will be forced to step down this month.

So the situation is so far conforming to Projection B and D. The only catch is that the 'B' event (the abuse scandal) was already underway when the Time Code article was posted. This is also the case for Projection C involving Schwarzenegger.

Before going into the Arnold thing, let me discuss some new findings that can refine our perspective on the timing issue. Because I was in a great hurry, I missed some key information that could have helped me establish a more effective context.

First, May happens to be the traditional Mary's month in many cultures. It's associated with an old tradition called Tricesimum, or 'Thirty Day Devotion to Mary', originally held from August 15 to September 14 (closely overlapping the period of the Athens Olympic Games this summer). Because of the central role the Venus-Isis-Mary (or Venus-Sirius) complex plays in the 'Lucifer Time Code', it is very fitting that this particular month should be dedicated to Mary (= Isis). No wonder I was already moving in this direction as I commented in the previous update on May 11: '...perhaps it's really the entire month of May...'

So this begins to explain why there appeared to be no overwhelming emphasis placed on the ~May 8 window with a high-impact event. The May-timing issue is turning out of be more of a 'month' thing rather than a 'day' thing. So it actually makes more sense to emphasize the beginning of May, for instance, just as the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal did... as did Schwarzenegger - by visiting Israel.

Over the weekend of May 1-2, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made his first foreign trip since taking office. As reported in the news:

Schwarzenegger agreed more than a year ago to attend the groundbreaking for the $200 million museum, a project of the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center. Designed by architect Frank Gehry, it will be called the Center for Human Dignity-Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem.

Schwarzenegger, who has depicted Nazi atrocities as the darkest chapter in Jewish history, will be in Israel for about 24 hours to attend the ceremony -- and scout for business opportunities for California's ailing economy.

The governor also plans to meet with government leaders, including Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. [...] The museum, expected to be completed in 2007, is intended to promote unity and respect among Jews and with people of all faiths.

Arnie in Israel - so what? Well, while seemingly not very important, this event appears to have been an important 'ritual' set up for him - preparing the way for his near-future role as a messianic/'antichristic' figure - not unlike Bush but with more charisma and more serious consequences for the fate of the US... The target date for the completion of the museum, 2007, may be hinting at the timetable 'they' are working with... i.e. when Arnie is to become the (final) President of the United States. (Normally 2008 would be the election year, but we shouldn't expect any normalcy in the coming years.)

The ritualistic aspect of Arnold's Israel visit begins to emerge when seen in the light of his symbolic identity - the 'Oak King'. As I noted in The Lucifer Time Code:

...Schwarzenegger entering politics on August 6 [2003]. ...Aug. 6 is or represents the actual day on which Sirius' heliacal rising occurs in our epoch. Through Sirius, June 21, Sept. 11, and Aug. 6 are but different expressions of the same archetypal date!

This calendrical link is reinforced by one of Schwarzenegger's nicknames being 'The Oak'. In pagan tradition, the 'Oak King' is associated with midsummer which is also reflected in the fact that the Christian version of the Oak King, John the Baptist, has his feast day on June 24, intended to mark the summer solstice (~June 21).

In pagan tradition, the reign of the Oak King begins on winter solstice and ends on summer solstice. The other half of the year is ruled by the 'Holly King'. (The Oak-Holly duality has a very interesting parallel to the Arnie-Bush duality.) It turns out that the peak of the Oak King's strength is said to come at 'Beltane' or May Day, which is May 1... the very day Schwarzenegger the 'Oak King' went to Israel! Beltane is also when the Holly King - or 'Shrub/Bush King' - is in its weakest state... perfectly reflected by the potentially deadly political mess Bush now finds himself in.

In the Time Code article I emphasized that the 'rise of Schwarzenegger/Oak King' last year on August 6 was designed to coincide with the heliacal/dawn rising of Sirius and/or the alignment of the historical 'Paris axis' (Champs Elysees) with the angle of the sunset (which also matches the angle of the rising point of Sirius). And based on this I pinpointed the time around May 8 as a key period for Arnie and associated 'antichristic' themes because ~May 8 is another day that produces the same street-sunset alignment in Paris. It was something of an anti-8/6 point (i.e. the 'reversal/opposition' theme). It is the date 'May 1', however, that carries the same but greater symbolic significance.

In addition to the Oak-King peak connection, May 1/May Day/Beltane represents the 'opposite' of New Year, as we learn:

There are four great festivals of the Pagan Celtic year and the modern Witch's calendar, as well. The two greatest of these are Halloween (the beginning of winter) and May Day (the beginning of summer). Being opposite each other on the wheel of the year, they separate the year into halves. Halloween (also called Samhain) is the Celtic New Year...

What this means is that May 1 symbolically signifies the opposite point of August 6 in that the latter, viewed as the date of Sirius heliacal rising, would mark the New Year's Day as per ancient Egyptian tradition! So, while the 'Paris axis' Solar/Sirian alignment gives us ~May 8 as the 'anti-8/6' date, the combination of ancient Egyptian and Celtic traditions makes May 1 a more effective 'anti-8/6' day - and it was on that very day (May 1/2) that Schwarzenegger paid a visit to the biblical land of Israel.

The Lucifer/Venus theme that figures prominently in the 'Time Code' is also present here since the term 'Beltane' (= May Day/May 1) means 'Bel-fire', or 'the fire of Bel' (the Celtic god of light). Bel is the Celtic Lucifer, the 'light bearer'.

Lucifer/Bel also corresponds to Prometheus, the Greek god who gave fire to mankind. (Beltane is considered the 'day of fire'.) This then leads to the following... creepy connections.

The event that shocked people around the world, associated with the other already-unfolding shocking development, the prisoner abuse scandal, was the release of a video on the internet (May 11) showing the beheading of a 26-year old American named Nick Berg in Iraq . He owned a communication tower maintenance company called Prometheus Methods Tower Service Inc. So 'Prometheus' pops up here again. Now add this to the coincidence: the Beltane/May Day festival originally involved animal and even human sacrifices. We learn:

Supposedly, animal sacrifices would be made each Beltane to ensure the fertility of their crops, however, every five years the Highland Celts would sacrifice humans, the numbers being made up of convicted criminals and prisoners of war.

Berg was a 'prisoner of war' indeed... So, this does smell like a 'Beltane ritual' that interacts with Schwarzenneger's Oak King ritual on Beltane/May Day.

The 'Tower' part of Berg's job/company is also suspiciously relevant. Mary Magdalene, as a form of Venus-Isis/Sirius-Lucifer, is very much part of the Time Code themes underlying this period of May and beyond. And the name 'Magdalene' can denote... 'tower'. In particular it is relatable to the Tower of Babel as explained in the article.

The Babel tower in the Bible represents mankind working as one using one language. God, seeing this, went down to earth and confused man's language - as a result they could no longer communicate well with each other. So the Tower of Babel has much to do with the idea of 'communication', just as Nick Berg's job specifically involved communication towers.

Furthermore, the idea of decapitation is something very much attached to John the Baptist (this is how his life ended). And as mentioned earlier John is often considered the Christian version of the Oak King (= Arnie) and his feast day (June 24) marks/represents the summer solstice which in early ancient Egyptian times coincided with Sirius' heliacal rising and thus also with New Year's Day. In other words, John - and through him Berg - is very much linked to the 'antichristic' Aug. 6 date and conceptually an 'opposite' of Beltane/May Day!

The date of the gruesome video's posting,  May 11, is also suggestive in that there are exactly 322 days from the last John the Baptist day (June 24, '03) to May 11, '04. You may recall that '322' is the numerical signature of Skull and Bones, the Yale secret society to which both Bush and John Kerry belong. The 'Shock & Awe' event of 2003 - i.e. the US air assault on Iraq - began on March 22/23 (i.e. 3/22 => '322'). And we had this year's 'Shock & Awe', i.e. the decapitation video, also coming with the signature number...

Next, we find that the Beltane/May Day festival traditionally involved the virgin goddess:

Many communities elected a virgin as their "May Queen" to lead marches or songs. To the Celts, she represented the virgin goddess on the eve of her transition from Maiden to Mother.

It turns out the constellation of Virgo, associated with the Mary-Venus-Isis goddess complex, has been considered a headless constellation (Star Names, p.462).

Finally, the horrific 'Beltane ritual' of Nick Berg may have been an 'omen' for Donald Rumsfeld, the head of the Pentagon (Defense Department). In my May 6 update I wrote:

What makes this really intriguing is that Rumsfeld heads the Pentagon. As I made clear in the article, the 'time code' has much to do with Venus and Sirius - both traditionally signified by the 5-poitned star symbol, or pentagram. Needless to say, geometrically the pentagon is just another expression of the pentagram.

So at this point we can't help but anticipate the exit of the Defense/Pentagon Secretary...

In other words, the Berg video, the month of May, and the Department of Defense are all closely associated with the Mary-Venus-Isis/Sirius goddess complex. The head of Nick Berg has been cut off (boy... I really don't like talking about this); so, will this be the case for the 'head' of the Pentagon as well?  I view this symbolism as suggestive of the exit of Rumsfeld in the near future (either stepping down and getting fired).

Now, getting back to Schwarzenegger's trip, let's address the question of 'why Israel?' First, we can see that for a 'messianic' figure it would be quite natural to go there... to get 'baptized' (or whatever). Note that the Oak King is 'born' on the winter solstice/Yule, historically associated with Christmas, thus also with the birth of Jesus. In other words, the Oak King is an alter ego of the 'Messiah'. And the acting Oak King, Arnie, just went 'back' to the Holy Land...

But more interestingly, the name 'Israel' comes from a biblical figure who was originally called Jacob. He is associated with something akin to the Tower of Babel (Babylon/'gate of god') or 'stargate', as we read in Genesis:

And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and he said, Surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not. And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful is this place! This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven. (28:16-17)

The line 'How dreadful is this place!' is thought to be connected to Rennes-le-Chateau in south France where, at its church's entrance, the visitor would encounter a strange Latin inscription that reads 'TERRIBILIS EST LOCUS ISTE' ('This place is terrible'). Thanks to the great success of The Da Vinci Code, now many people recognize that Rennes-le-Chateau is inseparable from the underground tradition of Mary Magdalene (= 'tower'). Not surprisingly, the subsequent Genesis passages mentions 'pillar':

And Jacob rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put for his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and poured oil upon the top of it. And he called the name of that place Beth-el...  And this stone, which I have set for a pillar, shall be God's house... (28:18-19, 22)

This 'pillar' is easily interchangeable with the Tower of Babel in Babylon, the 'gate of god'. This is a 'stargate' theme. Isn't it intriguing, then, that Schwarzenegger's most popular movie character, the Terminator, is a cyborg that comes from the future through a 'stargate' machine?

This 'stargate' is also traditionally called 'Jacob's ladder', which has been identified with the Milky Way. Those who have read The Lucifer Time Code will recall that the significance accorded to the month of May this year has much to do with celestial configurations directly involving the Milky Way [and its 'stargate' points]!

Jacob's 'stargate' pillar-stone is also associated with the 'Stone of Destiny' which is related to Grail/Arthurian tradition. This reminds us of the fact that Arnold has a shadowy Enron connection (the corrupt energy company that imploded in 2001-2) and 'Enron' spelt backwards is 'Norne', the name of the three goddesses of fate (or destiny) in Norse mythology as discussed before.

Here is one of Nostradamus' quatrains often associated with the 'Antichrist' (I-76) that specifically mentions 'destiny' and alludes to Norne:

The man will be called by a barbaric name
that three sisters will receive from destiny.
He will speak then to a great people in words and deeds,
more than any other man will have fame and renown.

Schwarzenegger indeed has the 'barbaric' epithet, 'Terminator', but before he was the Terminator he was literally Conan the Barbarian!

So, all combined, the symbolism of Arnold's 'presidential' trip to Israel (= Jacob) over the Beltane/May-Day weekend is quite telling and meaningful.

Peak Oil is arriving. Chaos will ensue. And Arnold Schwarzenegger will be right there to assume leadership and forcefully maintain order even as the Titanic sinks into the abyss. A scenario that is becoming less and less improbable...

Okay, one more thing. This week saw a very unusual development of all the major US cable news networks (CNN, MSNBC, FOX) carrying a remarkable story involving UFOs - how they were witnessed and acknowledged by the Mexican military - in a quite serious manner. I see this as a precursor to the coming announcement of the 'discovery' of life on Mars - i.e. my Projection 'A' for May (and beyond).

The way I see it, those 'UFOs' are probably 'ours', as in non-extraterrestrial (something out of very deep military-industrial black projects). I can actually detect a parallel between the Nick Berg video and this UFO news (both came out just about at the same time). The 'shock & awe' video, on a practical level, had the very convenient function of softening the impact of the Iraq prisoner abuse photos. (Who benefited the most from the public display of extreme savagery?) Rumsfeld is certainly feeling less pressure at this time, and Cheney is happy that Rumsfeld still has his job since without him at the top of the Pentagon the neoconservative network that Cheney uses to run his 'shadow government' would quickly collapse.

By showing the extreme, people's threshold of tolerance is easily changed. So, by implying in the mainstream news, at least temporarily, that there may really be ETs visiting this planet in flying saucers, the general public's 'tolerance level' gets adjusted and thereby becoming ready mentally for the 'life on Mars' announcement that may be in the works now.

The fact that the ESA guys (Europe) are apparently getting ready to make such an announcement in July or September this year tells me that NASA/US may now have a motive to make its own 'life on Mars' announcement' before them. Chances are NASA already has more than enough evidence. So why let the Europeans steal the limelight? The limelight outweighs secrecy at this point, I would think.

It will be interesting to see how/if these scenarios will unfold in the coming weeks.

JUNE:  Venus Transit & Osirian Resurrection

As we entered June, many of the major themes began to converge and culminate in a sequence of remarkable, ritualistic events.

First, my comments from June 1:

In Part 1 of the Time Code article was discussed the importance of Venus (= Lucifer) and its alter-ego star Sirius which is inseparable from the idea of summer solstice and New Year via ancient Egyptian tradition. Well, June is the summer-solstice month (June 20/21) and this year there will be a very rare 'Transit of Venus' - the 'Lucifer planet' moving directly across the disk of the Sun - on June 8. [...]

Two key points here: The idea of opposite/reversal attached to the ~May 8 window relative to August 6 (which is also calendrically analogous to 9/11 [and summer solstice]) makes the following fact quite intriguing. The 'reverse' of August 6, or 8/6, is 6/8 - that is, June 8... the day of the Venus transit.

And Venus in May was positioned at the Sun's summer-solstice point. In fact, specifically around May 8 the summer-solstice point was precisely marked by Mars. [...]

So you see that the events of May are heavily intertwined with the month of June and its two key dates, June 8 and June 20/21 (summer solstice). Remarkably, even those two dates are 'intelligently' arranged. I've discussed before the importance of comparing the Julian and Gregorian calendars which now have 13-day difference. Well, June 8 and June 21 (summer solstice) are separated by 13 days! In other words, these key dates are calendrically equatable.

Consequently my general view is that this June will be an 'echo month' of May, probably an echo with more intensity. So naturally I will continue to watch for things like the fall/exit of Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and/or Cheney and their neo-conservative minions

The Super Bowl 'omen' would really come alive at this point - almost certainly by design.

Here is what I stated back on Feb. 23:

While so much has already been said about Janet Jackson 'nipplegate', there is still an important symbolism that no one as far as I know has really detected in the whole thing. This has to do with the 'nipple ring' or whatever it's called that partially covered Janet's exposed right breast. As has been commented in many places, it's in the shape of a 8-pointed star - or the Sun. [...]

As already explained, Jesus Christ is [traditionally] very much comparable to Horus-Osiris. And it happens that Horus is a prominent sun-god. And the Jesus-Horus connection is most recognized through the almost identical traditional depictions of Mary/Isis suckling the baby Jesus/Horus. (The Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene are sometimes considered interchangeable, especially in the esoteric/Grail context.) So, the 'Sun' on Janet's breast would quite easily relate to Horus-Jesus; and mythologically the baby's birth implies the death of Christ/Osiris...

Then on March 12 I went further:

Because Mary Magdalene, or Isis the sister-wife of Osiris, is traditionally identified with Venus and the breast is decidedly a feminine symbol, we can easily interpret the Sun nipple-ring on Janet's breast as signifying the Sun covering Venus. And the direct conjunction of Sun and Venus is exactly what will take place on June 8 this year!

The above connection is intensified by the following:

  • Breasts produce milk.
  • The summer solstice point in the sky is right on the path of the Milky Way.
  • The Transit of Venus took place at the edge of the Milky Way.

So, all combined, what we have here is a clear message - that the Venus Transit on June 8 is the event, or at least one of the events, pinpointed by the Super-Bowl 'omen'. And it signifies the time of the Osirian Resurrection, the death of Osiris and the birth of Horus. Judging from the events of May, the role of Osiris was likely to be played by the US leadership and the role of Horus by Schwarzenegger.

This projection was to be dramatically fulfilled by the death of Ronald Reagan on June 5.

Here is what I wrote on June 8:

June 08, '04   Venus Transit & 'Hidden Form'
So we're now seeing the second 'deep impact' event - or a precursor event - of June, the death/mourning/funeral of former President Ronald Reagan. (The first one was the surprising resignation Tenet, the head of the CIA.) This one is directly overlapping the key date of June 8, celestially marked by the Transit of Venus. And it even correlates strongly with the 'Babylon leader falling' theme projected for this period, though I'm still closely monitoring the Pope, the current US leadership (Cheney/Rumsfeld/neocons etc.), and such for this theme. [...]

It's interesting that Reagan's death should take place right before the Venus transit [...]

...on this website I have long been talking about the interchangeability between the 'Babylon leader' and the 'Sun-king', both epithets considered applicable, among others, to US presidency (especially Bush). So the death of a former President, i.e. Reagan, immediately preceding the Horus/Grail event of the Venus transit is symbolically quite fitting. This is the story of the death of Osiris and the birth of Horus. [...]

[Now let me bring up Nostradamus' quatrain] Quatrain IV-28:

When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form:
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
Through warlike noise it will be insulted.

The first line makes the quatrain relevant [to] the Transit of Venus [as the transit] is indeed 'when Venus will be covered by the Sun'. I had been aware of this potential connection for some time now, and one of the reasons I mentioned 'Contact' in my previous update (June 1) has to do with the fact that in Dolores Cannon's book 'Conversations With Nostradamus'... quatrain IV-28 is interpreted by a hypnotized subject to involve some kind of ET Contact. This is supposedly alluded to by the 'hidden form' mentioned in Line 2. This 'Contact' can easily involve the anticipated 'life on Mars' announcement - especially since the Red Planet was considered a form of Horus by ancient Egyptians. The 'hidden form' may also relate to our 'Antichrist' theme.

The third line - well, it has suddenly become meaningful and supportive of the Venus-transit association due to the timing of Reagan's death. He was widely known as 'the Great Communicator' - and that's exactly what Mercury/Hermes represents in mythology, who is known prominently as the messenger of the gods!

Now we can't help but anticipate the suggested 'exposing' of the 'hidden form'. Aside from the 'Contact' theme, it may well involve all the serious investigations presently dogging the Bush administration - or more specifically the treasonous neoconservative crowd - namely the CIA/Plame leak probe, the Chalabi/Iran leak probe, the Iraq torture scandal probe, etc. This is interesting especially since the neocons worship Reagan, and the current Bush presidency is (unsuccessfully) patterned after Reagan's in many ways. [...]

Well, at the time I didn't quite realize just how significant Reagan's death really was. Obviously it was a huge event especially for the US media which covered the week-long proceedings like there was no tomorrow. I frankly stopped watching TV news during this period because the coverage had quickly become overkill.

Still, I was compelled to watch the funeral ceremony on the final day - which fell on Friday, June 11. I was astounded by what I saw.

I jumped up and excitedly wrote the following...

June 12, '04   Witnessing Once and Future King
Did you see it? Did you feel the 'deep impact' of June 11, 2004? I can't recall witnessing a 'ritual' so powerful like this one, climaxing late yesterday as the Sun set on the California horizon. The energy emanating from the ceremony was so great that I found it unsettling. It was all beautiful on the surface - indeed near perfect - and yet underneath it there was an esoteric ritual taking place simultaneously. It was unmistakable.

Previously on June 8 I wrote that the death event of Ronald Reagan signified the death of Osiris (Egyptian god of the dead) - something projected beforehand here at Etemenanki:

...the death of a former President, i.e. Reagan, immediately preceding the Horus/Grail event of the Venus transit is symbolically quite fitting. This is the story of the death of Osiris and the birth of Horus.

I explained that the death/funeral was a ritual designed to interact, or commemorate, the Transit of Venus that took place on June 8, right in the middle of the national mourning period. Venus being a form of Isis (or Mary Magdalene) and Osiris being symbolic of the sunset, the rare union of the two celestial objects reenacted the mythological event of Horus being conceived by Isis, as she is said to have received the seed of her husband Osiris concurrently with his death. Hence I anticipated that an event analogous to the conception/birth of Horus would emerge following or together with the presidential death ritual. I previously wrote:

It's interesting that Reagan's death should take place right before the Venus transit as the Venus-Sun union is symbolic of the Mary-Jesus (as well as Isis-Osiris) union and the resultant birth of Horus, the 'Holy Grail' (the seed of Christ/Antichrist). 

Since the very beginning, August 2003, I have been viewing the political rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the new 'Messianic'/'Antichristic' king, Horus, being born. Etemenanki has been the only and certainly the first place, as far as I know, to make this interpretation - though I should note that Alex Jones and the LaRouche camp expressed more or less similar views at the time of the California 'Total Recall' election last year (both compared Arnie to Hitler).

I noted just recently in the June 8 update:

The 'hidden form' [which I associated with the Venus transit] may also relate to our 'Antichrist' theme.

And in The Lucifer Time Code (May 3, '04) I listed the following as one of the projected events that might manifest in this very period:

Major event involving Arnold Schwarzenegger and/or other Horus ('Antichristic') figures.

As Reagan died, things began to form into a perfect-storm ritual designed to 'inaugurate', in an occultic fashion, the New King, the 'Antichristic' Terminator. Is it just a coincidence that both Reagan and Arnold were an ex-Hollywood actor who became [Republican] California governor? Conceptually they can be viewed as alter egos, just as Osiris and his son Horus were. And so as Reagan died, we could easily expect that Schwarzenegger - in his new role - was to be conceived/born.

Indeed, the finale of the week-long Osirian ritual brought Reagan's dead body and along with it the attention of the entire nation from Washington DC to California, the land governed by Arnold, to be buried at sunset as requested by Reagan himself.

All the major TV channels in the US showed this grand finale in such a way that it was openly intimated that the fading Sun was symbolic of the former president himself - which was indeed clearly the case.

As I watched the farewell speeches given by his sons and daughter, a familiar face emerged into view.... someone sitting right behind the Reagan family. And there he was: Arnold Schwarzenegger... the 'hidden form under the splendor' (a la Quatrain IV-28/Nostradamus discussed before). The camera work was subtle but it unmistakably made the point of acknowledging his presence repeatedly. And it became abundantly clear to me that he was the hidden star of this extraordinary ritual, the biggest one in recent memory.

I was transfixed by all this, as I knew the momentous implications of what I was witnessing. The torch of 'kingship' - or 'Antichristship' - was publicly, yet covertly, being passed on to The Next - Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As the proceedings approached the ending, virtually all major channels began to focus more and more on the setting sun hovering just above the mountainous western horizon. People were now moving in procession slowly toward the casket holding Reagan's body, paying their respect for the last time. But the TV cameras stayed with the Sun which was finally disappearing into the horizon.

As I was observing this sequence, I just knew that at the moment of the Sun's disappearance, signifying the death of Osiris, Arnold would be highlighted in some way, as symbolically the Osirian 'death' had to give rise to the next incarnation embodied by his son Horus (= rising sun). If Schwarzenegger was indeed the 'occult star' of the whole ritual as suspected, this 'coincidence' had to take place. And if it indeed magically did, that would have to be considered an incredibly powerful confirmation of the hidden design.

I didn't have to know the exact local sunset time since the TV did a good job of tracking the fading Sun. I had detected the presence of Arnold in the line moving toward the coffin and almost instinctively I began to anticipate what was coming next: the 'death' of the Sun precisely coinciding with Arnie standing in front of the dead 'king'. (This would be only about a 20-second window).

By this time, my hands began to sweat and my heartbeat began to race. Something to do with 'knowing' what is coming and knowing its momentous implications. Chances of it taking place so small, and yet the certainty of the coming 'magic moment' overwhelming. As the TV showed the last seconds of the fateful sunset taking place on the horizon and the commentator saying '...and the Sun is now history', the camera went right back to the casket. It showed a couple approaching the casket, saying final goodbye.

The man was Arnold Schwarzenegger....

At the 'moment of death', Arnie was right there 'face-to-face' with the dead president, as if to receive the 'spirit of kingship'.

This is exactly what happened. I witnessed it with my own eyes. The predicted 'magical coincidence' took place just as described above...

Make no mistake: Schwarzenegger will soon be the leader of the United States, if not the entire world. Probably sooner than we think. And his leadership will likely bring about the termination of the the United States as we know it.

It is not apparent yet, but it seems the US has now esoterically become an 'Arnold Country'. From this point forward we are unlikely to see any calm period until the 'termination', just several years away.

At this time I must say: put your seatbelt on. Horus has arrived and we are in for a wild ride... Chaos and the rise of a (Martian) new world order.

As you can see, what I saw impressed as well as worried me greatly. The 'magical ritual' was... well, magical... in a rather dark sense. But soon I realized that there was much more to the hidden design that would make it even more 'magical', and seemingly impossible.

Tracing the Line of Fire

The new revelation began to unfold as I began to wonder about the literal counterpart of the sunset itself, i.e. sunrise. No doubt the sunset of June 11 at/near Los Angeles was ritualistically very important and designed to mark the death of Osiris as well as the conception/birth of Horus. If the sunset itself was symbolic of the death of Osiris/Reagan, I thought, there ought to have been a sunrise somewhere to signify the simultaneous rise of Horus - the sunrise-god/king - embodied by Schwarzenegger.

As the Sun went down in Los Angeles (or Simi Valley), the Sun was seen rising on the horizon somewhere - more or less the opposite side of the earth. Then I remembered a comment posted by an Etemenanki reader 'Alfredo', pointing out that the Olympic torch currently going around the world was at Giza/Cairo on June 11, i.e. the same date as Reagan's funeral. I found this intriguing because of its relevance to Schwarzenegger. As noted in Part 1, the 'rise of Arnold' cannot be separated from Giza/Cairo, the notion of fire, and the Olympics:

  • Schwarzenegger's dramatic election announcement on Aug. 6, 2003 was apparently designed to coincide with the heliacal rising of the star Sirius as seen from Giza/Cairo - a celestial event that signaled for ancient Egyptians the beginning of the annual life-giving flood of the Nile, signifying the resurrection of Osiris/birth of Horus.
  • The term 'Sirius' is linked to the notion of 'scorching' (thus also with fire); the term 'pyramid' is also etymologically linked to fire.


  • One of Schwarzenegger's nicknames happens to be 'The Olympian' (he won the 'Mr. Olympia' bodybuilding competition six times).
  • Venus - or Lucifer the 'light bearer' - has an orbital period of 225 earth-days. The Athens Olympic Games, the destination of the torch, will begin on the 225th day of the year 2004 [after Jan. 1] - August 13.


  • The name 'Cairo' denotes Mars, and both Mars and the Great Sphinx at Giza were thought to have been a form of Horus in ancient Egypt.
  • The California 'Total Recall election' last summer/fall coincided with Mars coming historically close to Earth (closest in 60,000 years), peaking around August 27. The film Total Recall, featuring Schwarzenegger, is all about Mars.

And so naturally I decided there was good enough reason to check the position of the Sun as seen from Giza/Cairo at the moment of the LA (Simi Valley) sunset (~8 pm local).

I quickly fired up my Starry Night Pro program and reproduced the Californian sunset as seen on June 11. I then instructed the program to jump to Cairo. What emerged next was both shocking and satisfying.

The Sun was rising right at the horizon of Cairo/Giza!

Hence came the inevitable conclusion: the 'rise of Horus/Schwarzenegger' was designed to be 'acknowledged' by the Egyptian/'Martian' sunrise at Giza/Cairo - coinciding perfectly with the fall of Osiris, the sunset, taking place at Simi Valley/LA!

I found this mind-boggling. The level of sophistication and precision demonstrated by the design/coordination was off the scale. (We wonder who could set all this up so perfectly.) This was a powerful 'passing of the torch' ritual indeed.

The 'ritual' didn't end there, of course.

Technically speaking, the Olympic torch and the sunrise at Giza/Cairo didn't literally coincide. That's because the 'Antichristic' sunrise found above took place on the morning of June 12 (a day 'ahead' of California due to the time-zone difference) while the torch was passing by Giza on June 11 local time. Between June 11 and 12, the torch was actually traveling from Cairo to Cape Town at the southern tip of Africa.

As the illustration above shows, the torch's movement from June 11 to 12 closely followed the course of the Nile river.

The Nile is an unusually 'vertical' river that flows northward from the equator to Giza/Cairo (30°N latitude). It can easily be seen as a meridian - a longitudinal line - carved directly on the earth's surface.

Now consider the following: Today's official International Prime Meridian is the longitude going through Greenwich; more esoterically the Zero/Prime Meridian would be the one going through Paris, sometimes called the 'Rose Line' and associated with the Grail/messianic bloodline; and an even more esoteric Zero Meridian would be the one going through or near the Great Pyramid of Giza. Even beyond that - i.e. the most 'esoteric' - would be the 'Nile anchor meridian', 33°E longitude, of the 'Time River scheme' revealed in my book, The Time Rivers. {The latter two are close enough to make no difference in our discussion here.)

In other words, the longitudinal line marked by the Nile is a form of esoteric 'Zero Meridian'. This then relates right back to the earlier Longinus/Spear of Destiny discussion stemming from the Super Bowl/Pepsi-ad symbolism, and linked to the Transit of Venus, the Messianic bloodline, and, as noted before:

Birth of Horus, birth of Antichrist - that would probably the strongest concept conveyed by all this.

Now let us review the key points made earlier:

  • "What I find particularly interesting here is the potential connection between the term 'longitude' and the name 'Longinus'. I don't think it's a mere coincidence that Longinus is associated with a lance, i.e. a straight line... such as a longitudinal line (meridian), especially since Jesus' blood/bloodline is esoterically associated with a meridian called 'Rose Line' (more or less equated with the Paris Zero Meridian). And this certainly increases the symbolic depth of the longitudinal celestial alignment formed around the spring equinox..."
  • "...I saw the name of the area where Opportunity landed - 'Meridiani Planum'. That is, 'Meridian Plane' - so called because the site is near the Prime Meridian, or longitude zero, of Mars! Very unexpected, but this certainly seems to confirm my symbolic interpretation regarding Longinus, i.e. the relevance of longitude zero/Prime Meridian/Rose Line."

And this:

Because Mary Magdalene, or Isis the sister-wife of Osiris, is traditionally identified with Venus and the breast is decidedly a feminine symbol, we can easily interpret the Sun nipple-ring on Janet's breast as signifying the Sun covering Venus. And the direct conjunction of Sun and Venus is exactly what will take place on June 8 this year!

The above connection is intensified by the following:

  • Breasts produce milk. [...]
  • The Transit of Venus takes place at the edge of the Milky Way.

What I didn't point out earlier is that the Venus transit of June 8, a rare Sun-Venus union, actually took place very near the galactic 'Prime Meridian' - i.e. the longitude zero (or 180°) of the sky grid based on the Milky Way! But the real punch line here is this: Venus crossed the galactic meridian more precisely on June 11, the very day of Reagan's funeral!

We thus have the following, amazing set of ritualistic 'coincidences':

  • June 11: Sunset at LA (Simi Valley) signifying the death of Reagan/Osiris
  • June 11: Sunrise taking place simultaneously at Cairo/Giza signifying the rise of Schwarzenegger/Horus
  • June 11 (local time): The Olympic torch passing through Cairo/Giza, 'commemorating' the rise of Arnold aka 'The Olympian'
  • June 11-12: The Olympic torch traveling along the Nile, an esoteric Prime Meridian
  • June 11: Venus crossing the galactic Prime Meridian

(Note: Venus crossed the galactic meridian earlier on May 8/9 also, which closely coincided with the release of the 'shock & awe' video showing the beheading of Nick Berg whose body was found on May 8.)

Well, this is still not the end of the 'ritual' design. The next 'magical coincidence' would represent the final nail in the coffin.

Get this:

  • On June 16, the Olympic torch came to Los Angeles, a prominent city in Arnold's state, California, and approximately where Reagan's funeral was held
  • On the same day, a film called Around the World in 80 Days opened in which Schwarzenegger makes an appearance
  • The title 'Around the World in 80 Days' evokes the Olympic torch 'going around the world'
  • In the film, Arnold's character - a Turkish prince - is called 'Hapi'. In ancient Egypt, Hapi was the god of the Nile! More specifically Hapi personified the annual inundation of the Nile which in turn signified the revitalization of Osiris (also a Nile god), i.e. the birth of Horus!

So, clearly, this is a super-ritual... at the center of which is Arnold Schwarzenegger. All the indications are that Arnie is destined to 'change the world' - or at least the New World - in the near future by playing the role of Horus, Messiah, and/or 'Antichrist'.

Countdown To Final Solution

Osirian resurrection, Horus, Giza, Mars, Venus, meridian, Olympics... It is truly uncanny how coherently these major themes interact with X-72, one of Nostradamus' most famous quatrains:

Quatrain X-72
L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d'effrayeur:
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois,
Auant apres Mars regner par bon-heur.
The year 1999 seven months,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to reign by good luck

My interpretation of X-72 was first presented in September '98 in an article titled 1999: Final Solution. Since then it's been updated somewhat but the basic elements remained unchanged and consistent - something quite normal for me but a rare phenomenon in the largely foresight-less field of prophetic interpretation.

Among other things, I have shown how X-72 was very much applicable to the 9/11 'terror' event - the date of '1999 seven months' being calendrically analogous to '2001 September', etc. - in my post-9/11 articles such as The Labour of the Sun (February 15, '02), Rex Deux (March 11, '02) and The Message of Cycle 23 (May 24, '02).

Here let me first point out that:

  • Osiris is called the 'Lord of Terror' in the Book of the Dead
  • The Great Sphinx, a form of Horus/Mars, is also known as 'Father of Terror'
  • Mars, directly mentioned in line 4, can be viewed as the 'king of terror' in that its two moons are named 'Phobos' and 'Deimos', both basically meaning 'terror'
  • The 'resurrection' theme appears in line 3, coming right after the phrase 'King of terror'
  • As for 'Angolmois' (line 3), there was a province in south-east France called 'Angoumois' where today we find 'Angouleme', a city notable for being at longitude 0 deg.

Let me next bring your attention to the fact that in 1999: Final Solution one of the big pieces of the puzzle used to solve the quatrain riddle was Cassini - a NASA space probe sent to Saturn in the late '90s.

Back in 1998/1999, I focused on the fact that Cassini, launched in Oct '97, was about to come back from the inner solar system to make an earth-flyby on Aug. 18, 1999. I associated it with the 'king of terror' said to come 'from the sky' a la Quatrain X-72 especially since Saturn is in many ways the Greco-Roman version of Osiris, the god of resurrection and the 'once and future king'.

Well, the Cassini mission is heating up again today. The probe is about to reach its destination on July 1, '04 - now just days away! So combined with the symbolic implications already mentioned, this ominous timing makes it clear that the quatrain is becoming very much relevant again.

Century IV-28
When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form:
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
Through warlike noise it will be insulted.

Furthermore, in 1999: Final Solution I associated X-72 with another quatrain, IV-28, i.e. the quatrain apparently alluding to the Transit of Venus. As I wrote back then ('98):

Now, what's interesting..., coming back to IV-28, is that Venus is to be "covered by the sun"... in August 1999 - the very timeframe suggested by X-72. And it's when Cassini’s Earth-flyby occurs. Only roughly 60 days before the Earth-flyby, Cassini’s Venus-flyby occurs (June 20, ’99), and consequently, Cassini is to approach from the "direction of Venus" and be "temporarily hidden by the sun". The match between this and the IV-28 information is quite uncanny, and it brings together IV-28 and X-72.

So obviously you cannot say that my quatrain interpretations are done in hindsight since much of what's emerging today was conceptually anticipated years ago. And the pattern discerned through the quatrains seems to be approaching some kind of climax at the present time.

The significance of the timing is hard to miss. Cassini's arrival on July 1 closely coincides with the 'handover' of Iraq, scheduled for June 30, (the last day of month). It represents a politically intense day and a source of much violence going on today. So this coincidence is quite ominous.

Further increasing the gravity of the timing is the fact that Venus will be crossing the galactic meridian in early July again. (Venus is going back and forth in that region during this period.) The meridian crossing will occur on July 4 - Independence Day. This could be viewed as a key date especially when added that the crossing point's galactic latitude will be -19.5 degrees, an angle said to be the 'Holy Grail' message found geometrically encoded on the surface of Mars (Cydonia).

Related to the above are the following key dates of late June:

  • The summer solstice, June 20/21, is obviously a key date for our themes.

  • June 24, the John the Baptist day, is another key date - Schwarzenegger being a form of John/Oak King, associated with decapitation, and all.

  • Cassini's Venus flyby in 1999 before heading toward Earth took place on June 24.

  • The date of Reagan's funeral, June 11, representing a big 'Osirian Resurrection' day, is calendrically analogous to June 24 since there is a 13-day difference between the Gregorian and Julian calendars. (June 11 + 13 days = June 24)

It may also be relevant that June 24 is calendrically interchangeable with July 7, separated by 13 days...

As for what can happen during this window covering late June and early July, I'll just basically repeat the potential events projected in The Lucifer Time Code: Part 1:

  • Major development involving or associated with 9/11 and/or Iraq.

  • Major event that has to do with the fall/exit of one or more of the 'Babylon leaders' (which include figures such as, and those closely associated with, Bush/Cheney, Blair, Sharon, and particularly the Pope).

  • Major announcement concerning Mars, such as the discovery of life or present water of Mars.

  • Major event involving Arnold Schwarzenegger and/or other Horus ('Antichristic') figures.

  • Some kind of nuclear event.

These themes are likely to continue beyond the June-July window and into the latter part of 2004. The Athens Olympic Games in August is obviously a key event in all this. There is also going to be a very significant celestial configuration in September. And of course we'll have that presidential election in November...

I must also say that the issue of the 'Patriot Act' is likely to be a big part of what's coming in the near future. Sparks may begin to fly by late June as Michael Moore's powerful documentary film Fahrenheit 9/11, opening on June 25, will force this controversial issue to go further mainstream. The question is: Did the triumph of the Patriots in this year's Super Bowl foreshadow the triumph of the Patriot Act, or did it foreshadow the triumph of the real patriots, i.e. the defeat of the Patriot Act? While not very clear at this point, signs leans toward the former.

In any case, these topics will be discussed in future installments of The Lucifer Time Code.

A uniquely eventful period in history is upon us... Stay tuned.

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