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In the Ring of Fire

Enki's Secret Communication

By Goro Adachi
June 22, 2005

© Goro Adachi


After many weeks or even months of having to deal with very heavy and obscure symbolism brought forth by recent world events, I'm pleased to be writing this piece which I view as sort of a culmination point (a local one anyway) that presents something more substantive. This is where the flood of disjointed signals in the noise finally begins to transform into a grand synthesis of 'magical' multicontextual coherence. Anyone can do 'connecting the dots', but taking it to the level where the countless dot-connecting lines start to collectively form a picture of the Mona Lisa is something quite different. By carefully tracking and processing statistical 'anomalies' - or 'coincidences' - in all things surrounding us, the 'hidden design' or the 'secret communication' can be fleshed out. This is the manifestation of the 'Matrix', if you will, and in a sense this is Contact.

'Contact' is a big term but let's ask ourselves honestly: Would a 'higher intelligence' (physical or otherwise, including the sub/unconscious) be so predictable and so humanly unsophisticated as to come down from the sky in a 'flying saucer' or transmit to us some coded radio signals saying 'hi, nice to meet you, take me to your leader'? No, 'Contact' is more likely to come in the form that requires our possessing a certain level and balanced combination of intellect, creativity, and curiosity. There would certainly be a built-in mechanism designed to prevent those not capable of operating in that kind of delicate balance from accessing the 'source code' of 'the Matrix', so to speak. Like nuclear technology, it is not something to be transferred lightly - not without heavy screening and testing done first. It's definitely not something to be spoon-fed; it's something to be earned.

And so in this light it is instructive as well as alarming to see the Iraq situation which in my perspective is a contextually transposed 'Contact' story. The weapons of mass destruction would correspond to the 'Matrix source code', the people of Iraq to the human race on this planet, and the US ('coalition') to the 'higher power'. In this model we are to identify with the Iraqi people because in a larger planetary and trans-temporal picture our position would reflect theirs. Sophisticated technologies such as harnessing of nuclear energy is a Promethean 'fire' that in itself is neither 'positive' or 'negative' per se but is a powerful force that can be both constructive and destructive depending on how we used. So it's a tricky thing.

This is why Prometheus giving fire to mankind was such a controversial act in the eyes of the gods as told in Greek myth. And indeed the gift of fire was followed by great corruption and suffering in the world, a process retold through the tale of Pandora's Box - another 'gift' - which came soon after mankind's procurement of the divine fire. These are the events that shaped the 'Silver Age'. And the combination of 'fire' and 'silver' here should remind you of the central symbolism of the recent Super Torch Ritual event, the Indy 500, in which the central figure Danica Patrick's car was marked by the big sponsor logo of Argent, meaning 'silver', featuring a big all torch. 'Danica' means 'morning star' which is Venus as well as Lucifer, just as Pandora is a Venus/Eve figure and Prometheus the giver of fire is essentially Lucifer the light-bearer. And just as Pandora/Eve was the first woman, Danica was heralded as the first female to lead the 'Greatest Spectacle in Racing' (Indy).

053005-2.jpg (27039 bytes)

In biblical tradition, the story is told in the form of 'sons of God' coming down and mating with daughters of men, resulting in the 'giant' race of the Nephilim and great corruption ensued. This was the immediate cause of the Great Flood, unleashed by 'God' to wipe out the bad seeds and restore the original Eden-like condition. This basic sequence is repeated in the tale of Eve eating the forbidden fruit and the tale of mankind trying to build the Tower of Babel.

These stories (Eve and the Tower) retain some essence of the moral ambiguity surrounding the the Promethean 'Contact' event. The people were working together in harmony to build the Tower of Babel and yet the project was blocked by a 'higher power'. Curious Eve merely sought knowledge and was severely punished for it.

The same type of moral ambiguity is inherent in the US invasion of Iraq; the Bush administration obviously possessed ulterior motives for crushing the sovereign nation that occupies the historical land of Genesis and Eden. Iraq had no WMDs, and yet the 'Great Flood' or the 'lightening' came down hard anyway and... well, it's a big mess over there as a result. It can be seen as a microcosm of the state of human civilization as a whole.

Even the 'genesis' of the development that led to the Iraqi 'Judgment' supports this perspective. It was 9/11 - when the Towers in the modern (economic) city of Babel were destroyed. That was the opening shot in the 'Judgment Day drama' that we now find ourselves in, at the beginning the 21st century. That's the archetypal storyline underlying today's world events - a carefully coordinated sequence of events likely designed to interact with the 'end of the age' Mayan calendar date, December 21, 2012.

A new age is set to begin shortly and for that to happen the old world has to be 'terminated' (literally or symbolically) - just as the Great Flood was needed to bring about a new beginning. And so this is again the time of the Great Flood - the time of Judgment. This indeed appears to be the picture painted by the 'Super Torch Ritual' closely tracked on this website, as regular readers here would concur.

The Super Torch Ritual (STR) encodes sophisticated interlocking patterns that manifest through various key world events, both major and relatively minor. But particularly emblematic are the Olympic Games inseparable from the torch symbol. That Olympic torch signifies the gift of Prometheus but ironically the sporting event itself is held in honor of Zeus/Jupiter, the punisher of the fire-giver and the bringer of the Great Flood. This combination alone is enough to warrant the Games' prominent role in the STR.

The first Olympics to be held after 9/11 were the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was in the Utah desert that a NASA space capsule named Genesis, returning from the Sun, crash-landed in September 2004, only days after the closing of the Athens Games. The capsule was bringing back a sample of solar wind, or pieces of the Sun's 'fire', paralleling the tale of Prometheus bringing celestial fire to mankind.

Speaking of bringing the light of the Sun, in the film 2010: The Year We Make Contact, a sequel to the classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, the climax is the planet Jupiter turning into a second sun, which would subsequently be called Lucifer. So right there we have all key ingredients: 2001, contact, the Sun, Jupiter, Lucifer-Prometheus, bringing light/fire, etc.

After the Utah Olympics came in 2003 the phenomenon called The Da Vinci Code which, as I predicted a year or so in advance, initiated the rise of the 'Goddess' or the public awareness of the Gnostic 'underground stream' - the Grail - represented by Mary Magdalene who is the New Testament version of Venus-Pandora-Eve. The popularity of The Da Vinci Code, still going strong, has been so monstrous that it induced a paradigm shift that set the contextual stage for the exit of Pope John Paul II in 2005. This is all very interconnected, not just vaguely but with a surprising amount of intensity and sophistication as you're about to find out.

The first Summer Olympics after 9/11 were held in 2004 in the historical home of the ancient sporting festival - Athens, Greece. As already discussed extensively on this website, the opening and closing ceremonies performed there were intensely Venusian - that is to say that they took the torch ignited by The Da Vinci Code, celestially expressed two months prior by the very rare phenomenon of the Venus Transit (i.e. Venus passing through the disk of the Sun as seen from Earth) which will be repeated in 2012, and ran with it. It was about cosmic seeding, eugenics, 'stargate', Mars, and the messianic pregnancy and birth of the Grail 'bloodline' - i.e. the saga of the Promethean fire woven into human history.

Water was another major theme in Athens...

Combining the themes of water and the 'forbidden' marriage of Heaven and Earth, expressed by the Promethean fire, the Nephilim, Tower of Babel, Eve, the Grail (Jesus-Magdalene union) and such, we had there an eerie foreshadowing the Great Flood - the next major event in the archetypal Judgment sequence.

And a 'Great Flood' was exactly what the world witnessed only 4 months later in southeast Asia - the Sumatran mega-quake and the ensuing devastating tsunami on December 26 killing over 200,000 people, one of the deadliest disaster in modern history.

Sumatra is at the western edge of what is called the 'Ring of Fire', an earthquake belt responsible for most of the world's largest earthquakes. How fitting is it that Prometheus is not only the giver of fire but also the very figure for whom humans are said to have begun wearing rings to honor what he did for mankind? And how fitting is this imagery transmitted at the opening ceremony in Athens? If these weren't 'rings of fire' burning in water...

The modern Great Flood came exactly 360 days after New Year's Day (2004, a leap year), '360' being the number of degrees in a circle, reinforcing the ring connection. Not only that, the Sumatran quake came exactly one year after another deadly quake in Iran (Bam), Dec. 26, 2003 - the duration of one year here signifying Earth completing its circular orbit around the Sun (the source of 'fire').

The areas struck by the modern 'Judgment' event was notorious for sexual exploitation of children, which intensifies the parallel with the Genesis narrative concerning the shadowy activities of the 'sons of God' that directly led to the Great Flood.

Sumatra was the third major 'Judgment' event in our time - the first being 9/11 and the second being the Iraq invasion.

Now, what is missing in this archetypal pattern? What's the big piece of the puzzle not yet directly addressed? One word: Noah. Indeed, in various ancient traditions a key ingredient in Flood tales is the figure who receives secret communication from a 'god' figure regarding the coming catastrophe, and manages to survive by building an Ark.

In the Sumerian version, it is Enki who breaks the rule and saves humanity. He corresponds to Saturn-Prometheus, the force opposing the Olympian group led by Zeus-Jupiter. Enki discloses what's coming to Ziusudra (a Noah figure) but does it in such a way - ostensibly 'talking to a wall' while Ziusudra listens nearby - that it is technically not an outright violation of the 'non-disclosure' rule among the gods. So, as I wrote in Stargate Cipher 2012 last year, the ultimate 'warning' is traditionally transmitted very quietly, or in code, so as to not become a public announcement by any means. There is an in-built screening mechanism here that in effect filters out those who are not considered ready. And there are many levels.

And this, again, is a form of Contact. This connection may seem strange to many readers at this time, but this is an important concept in this period of 'Judgment Day'. The next-level information matrix is placed before us, freely available, but each of us has to actively make the decision to pursue it with a balanced mindset capable of combining logic and creativity. It is in a sense a quest for the Grail. It's a game that most people haven't even begun to play or realized that it even exists. (How consciously aware are fish of the nature of water?)

So, it seems that this... what I've been calling 'Super Torch Ritual' - a series of multicontextual 'omen' events that are often 'prophetic' - would easily constitute this 'secret communication' from 'Enki'. In this sense, while many people are looking skyward for any sign of extraterrestrials or higher intelligence lurking in space, 'Contact' is already taking place right here in cyberspace... :) You can almost hear the devious chuckling of that trickster, Prometheus-Enki, reverberating through the etheric atmosphere. And remember, it's not the fire itself that's 'good' or 'bad' - it's how we use it.

Let's get more specific - more precision found in the 'secret communication'. Because events are happening so rapidly these days I've been somewhat overwhelmed, finding it difficult to go into the 'next level' findings that possess the rare combination of undeniable facts and seeming impossibility. The uniqueness is how the intensely symbolic ('Philosopher's Stone') makes a lightening-fast, 'alchemical' transformation into an 'impossible' system of facts ('gold').

When dealing with symbolism, most people just formulate an interpretation, get satisfied by the fact that they could come up with one, and move on and/or leave the whole thing in a 'maybe, maybe not' state. Coming up with an interpretation (or for me usually multiple interlocking interpretations) is actually just the beginning of the process that would quite often lead to something concrete and 'magical'.

Let's begin with, what else?, the Sumatran 'Great Flood'. This has been discussed before so we'll go through it very quickly here.

How clear was the 'warning from Enki' about this Flood? The Athens Olympics symbolism was one and the contextual framework was presented there beautifully, if lacking in detail (as far as could be detected). As most here should know by now, it was the very 'ritualistic' concert shooting event in Columbus, Ohio on December 8, just weeks before the catastrophe, that disclosed the 'damage plan' with an 'X marks the spot' accuracy... quite literally.

The Sun was crossing the Galactic Meridian on that day, and it was 9 months (pregnancy-birth) after Madrid's '3/11' and exactly '311' days after the 2004 Super Bowl that more or less kick-started the STR via Janet Jackson's indecent exposure (= police code '311') - obviously '311' being a key 'Judgment number. By last summer it was recognized that the GM-crossing was a critical factor in the 'ritual' scheme and so I publicly forecasted a new 'ritual' coming around 12/8/04, which did come in the form of the shooting that left a famous heavy mental guitarist 'Dimebag' Darrell, playing in Damageplan at the time, among the dead. Since then the heavily 'Oz'-driven 'ritual' has been one of the most active sources providing us with symbolic frameworks and themes.

'Columbus' derives from 'Columba' or 'dove', and in the sky specifically the dove of Noah (constellation Columba). Ohio's flag bears a stylized depiction of the All-Seeing Eye capstone, or in the ancient Egyptian context the Benben Stone, which is also the omphalos (navel) stone closely associated with geodesy (measurement of the earth) and said to mark the center of the world. Surely it's no coincidence that Ohio is the 'Buckeye State' or 'dollar-eye state' i.e. the All-Seeing Eye infamously printed on the back of the US dollar bill. And when turned 90 degrees, we find an 'M' in the negative space around the flag - 'M' being an esoteric shorthand for Mary Magdalene and such.

Here is what I wrote before about this:

It is of critical importance that an 'M' accompanies the cosmic rock as this is a slightly encrypted form of the ancient iconography involving the omphalos, or navel, stone... [...] Flanked by two doves, which is a symbolism alluded to by the name of Ohio's capital city Columbus, it becomes the standard glyph meaning 'to lay out parallels and meridians' and closely associated with the tradition of the Ark/Flood...

A cosmic stone surrounded by doves is conceptually the same as a cosmic stone surrounded by an 'M' in that the title 'Magdalene' has as one of its possible meanings 'the place of the dove', and the goddess and the dove are generally considered equatable.

As revealed previously, this omphalos glyph connection - thanks to its geodetic implication (i.e. the grid of the planet) - would then lead to the astounding demonstration of the elegant design we're dealing with there. The intersection of the meridian (longitude) running through Columbus Ohio extended into the other side of the globe, which is also geodetically called a 'Great Circle', and the latitudinal (= parallel) Great Circle that is necessarily always fixed at the equator and nowhere else, pinpoints a region just west of Sumatra, i.e. the epicenter of the 'great flood' earthquake!

Even the timing was found to be well coordinated with the STR-related celestial dance involving the Galactic Meridian and Equator. So much so that I was able to point ahead to that period, saying it was an important window that would more or less echo the window of Dec. 8-9.

As I'm sure you have noticed, the use of 'great circles' in the cipher - the shortest route between two points on a sphere - intelligently interacts with the 'ring' theme involving Prometheus (ring, fire), calendars (360 days/degrees), and earthquakes (Ring of Fire). In fact, it is suggested in Hamlet's Mill, widely regarded as a seminal work on mythology, that the Promethean fire was originally none other than a great circle, a longitudinal one in the sky! From the book (pp.321-2):

It was stated earlier and should be re-stated here that "fire" was thought of as a great circle reaching from one celestial pole to the other, and also that the fire sticks belong to the skambha, as an essential part of the frame. Among the things which helped us to recognize "fire" as the equinoctial colure, only one fact needs mention here, that Aztecs took Castor and Pollux (alpha beta Geminorum) for the first fire sticks, from which mankind learned how to drill fire. This is known from Sahagún. Considering that the equinoctial colure of the Golden Age ran through Gemini (and Sagittarius), the fire sticks in Gemini offer a correct rhyme to a verse in a Monogolian nuptial prayer which says: "Fire was born, when Heaven and Earth separated"; in other words, before falling apart of ecliptic and equator, there was no "fire," the first being kindled in the Golden Age of the Twins.

So this was quite 'magical' stuff happening here...

Now for the newer findings (and we'll get to the really new findings in a moment), let me first remind the reader that the Damageplan shooting in Columbus encoded allusions to The Beatles - the event taking place on the 24th anniversary of John Lennon's murder for starters - which in turn pointed ahead to the 2/06/05 Super Bowl halftime show featuring Paul McCartney. Combined with the Super Bowl being the setting for the original big STR event (J. Jackson's 'Nipplegate'), there was clearly great 'ritualistic' momentum going into America's favorite sporting event and I clearly said so by December '04. (Note that the 2005 Super Bowl was held in Jacksonville and most of the Beatles' songs are owned by Michael Jackson.)

The big twist there was that there were two halftime shows - a real one and a fictional one in the special episode of The Simpsons that immediately followed the game. The latter could not make more obvious the theme of the Great Flood. The following screenshots from the episode (thanks to 'Bhang' again for these) are enough to make the point. It was 'in your face'.

051605-18.jpg (136595 bytes)

So that was a big confirmation of the hidden design - I mean, forget for a moment about the continuously perplexing issue of who made this happen, and just consider the intensity of the coincidence here. It's off the scale!

Paul McCartney's halftime on the other hand was very subtle, which is understandable. Remember, this is a game of riddles. It's the wrathful Sphinx, ready to devour, asking us a question.

I will delve into the incredible cipher system of the Super Bowl in the near future but here it is enough to point out two things: McCartney wearing a shirt with a 5-pointed star on the chest, and the 'coded' meaning of his name.

A 5-pointed star traditionally signifies Venus (as well as Sirius), the goddess star, and thus naturally also Mary Magdalene and such. So that's the entry point of the cipher - letting us know that there is something going on here. Then as we look at 'Paul McCartney' we get the idea that it's also a 'Paul star' or 'pole star' (Polaris). This is confirmed by his last name 'McCartney' meaning 'son of the bear', as in Ursa Minor the 'Little Bear' constellation, to which the Pole Star belongs.

A meridional great circle, or the 'fire colure', necessarily goes through the poles, but there are two amazing further correlations employed here. One is that the function of stopping the Flood water ascribed to the Benben/Omphalos Stone, which is a capstone or in effect a 'pole stone' symbolically used to pinpoint the Sumatran Great Flood, was also given to the Pole Star. As noted in Hamlet's Mill (p.219):

According to the Mongolians, the Pole star is "a pillar from the firm standing of which depends the correct revolving of the world, or a stone which closes an opening; if the stone is pulled out, water pours out of the opening to submerge the earth."

Continuing with the book, we have the following concerning the cubic shape (pp.222-3):

The cube was Saturn's figure, as Kepler showed in his Mysterium Cosmographicum; this is the reason for the insistence on cubic stones and cubic arks. Everywhere, the power who warns "Noah" and urges him to build his ark is Saturn, as Jehovah, as Enki, as Tane, etc.

This brings to mind a strange scene from the opening show in Athens pictured below. We'll soon see that Saturn is indeed a key time-maker in the 'Great Flood' time code coming into effect right now. [Note: I forgot to mention that the Sumatra 'Great Flood' took place on 'Boxing Day'!]

Let us now jump ahead to the Indianapolis 500 - another big US sporting event. (No time to deal with the pope stuff here but if you're new, go over to this page and see how I was able to anticipate that development.) Indy, the entire thing lasting May 8-29, marked the 'birth' point from the Athens Olympics, the main event on the 29th in particular coming exactly '9 months' after Athens' closing ceremony which in turn was where the Wizard of Oz theme first came to the forefront.

The 'star' of this year's Indy 500, Danica Patrick, was redundantly a 'morning star' or Venus-Lucifer as mentioned before, matching the main symbolic theme of the Athens Olympics and Paul McCartney (5-pointed star). I was quick to identify Danica as a key STR figure based various clues, particularly those transmitted via the Super Bowl (see my May-June posts).

The symbolism then brought us into the early-June period. Even though Indy was in late May, the surrounding STR celestial sequences had made it abundantly clear that the pattern would continue into June. Most importantly, there was to be a combination of Venus crossing the Galactic Equator and a Sun-Mercury conjunction on June 3-4. The latter was what I had come to recognize as an 'orange' alignment - orange being a mysteriously prominent STR theme that emerged last year. The coming together of the Sun and Mercury had somehow created the pattern of coinciding with key STR 'ritual' events. And June 3 was no exception - the jury of the Michael Jackson trial began deliberating on that very day.

This was followed by my realization that the 'orange alignment' would be more intense if Venus was included as warranted by this symbolism illustrated below:

I've come to call it the 'Double-Sun Orange Alignment', and it was due on June 12-13. The alignment had a rather impressive track record of pinpointing key STR events with emphasis on the theme of the 'Sun king' (the pope and such) to which Michael Jackson happens to belong symbolically (viewed as such for years here). And indeed the unexpectedly-long jury deliberations came to an end on Monday, June 13!

In addition to the the celestial clock at work here, we had the key STR number '112' pinpointing not only June 3 and 13, but also the Indy 500 (May 29).

Studying the chart carefully will show you that the 'tabloid Judgment Day' - June 13 - was stemming from 2/22 or the deadly quake in Iran (Zarand) which was the first catastrophic quake since Sumatra and a major player in the 'Judgment Day' time code. As with Columbus, Iran/Zarand was found to geodetically interact with Sumatra via a great circle. Timing-wise, it was very much in tune with Sumatra #1, Sumatra #2 (March 28), the Windsor Tower fire (2/12-13), the start of the orange 'Gates' display in NYC (2/12), and the papal transition.

judgmentday-atalanta.jpg (94305 bytes)     judgmentday-papal.gif (196746 bytes)

The interplay between the Iran quake and the 'Gates' art display, an enigmatic 'orange' ritual prefiguring the celestial 'Orange Alignment' pinpointing June 13, is important. It develops further into a deliberate, intelligent design when seen together with the 'Orange Revolution', which was a very long and heavily contested Ukraine election that began October 31, two days before the US presidential election. Adding 225 days, a key STR/Venus number, to October 31 gives us... June 13. (Venus takes 225 days to go around the Sun.)

And what began around June 13? A series of big earthquakes - certainly abnormal enough to make people and the mainstream media pay attention!

061905-6.gif (71548 bytes)

It was only natural that California was the main 'target' of the sudden earthquake cluster during the 4-5 day 'Orange/Judgment' window. The MJ trial was being held in California, for starters. California is the 'Golden State' just as 'Isle of Gold' was Sumatra's original name; 'orange' is more or less interchangeable with gold (and the 'or' part in French means 'gold'); Venus is called 'Golden Star' in East Asia and traditionally symbolized by a 5-pointed star which geometrically encodes the 'Golden Ratio' (phi); and even The Wizard of Oz, symbolically attached to the Olympic closing ceremony, the Damageplan ritual, and the MJ trial, alludes to gold, 'oz' being the gold ounce. Further, California is governed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the central 'torch-bearer' figures in the Super Torch Ritual (if you don't why, you're seriously behind the curve!).

Indeed the idea of 'Judgment Day' here had originally come from Terminator 3, released just before the 'Total Recall' California election that made Arnie governor in 2003 - a film about Judgment Day and how one cyborg from the future, played by Schwarzenegger, saves an eventual savior of mankind from a nuclear holocaust. (Can you say Enki and Noah?) In the film were a couple of specific time references to Judgment Day that turned out to pinpoint 'March 11' (both 2004 and 2005), in effect 'predicting' Madrid's train bombings and such, using the numbers 253 and 618.

Election days in the STR being electoral 'judgment day', I naturally thought about applying these numbers to the California election, October 7, '03. This, using 618, turned out to pinpoint June 16, '05 (+/- 1 day), obviously energizing the mid-June 'Orange-Judgment Day' window. As seen above, there were two big quakes in the Golden State that day that were widely reported in the already puzzled and a little worried mainstream media, making a lot of people really nervous and wonder if the 'big one' was near.

061905-7.gif (118021 bytes)    061905-8.gif (88485 bytes)

Please note that I started talking about this window before the recent earthquakes or even the Jackson verdict. In other words, what I'm doing here is a combination of foresight and hindsight... Polishing it up, so to speak.

From the foresight department, a critical piece of the puzzle not yet addressed here is the 'Antipodal Judgment Day Time Code' - which is a surprisingly potent 6-month echo scheme recently detected in the STR matrix.

judgmentday-antipodal.gif (19967 bytes)

It projected a 'Sun-king Judgment' event for around 6/8/05 that would echo the 12/8/04 Damageplan 'ritual'. Found encoded in the latter was the long-running theme of the fall of a 'messianic' Sun-king/stone, and I've noted that the crazed shooter in Columbus was an alter ego of The Wizard of Oz's main character 'Dorothy Gale', in that the shooter, Nathan Gale, had not only the same last name but also essentially the same first name, which has the same meaning as Dorothy - 'gift from God'. (The ultimate 'gift from God' would naturally be the Promethean fire and/or Pandora and her box.)

Michael Jackson's 'Judgment' fulfilled the projected 'Sun king' event theme. In terms of timing, I noted that the 13-day deliberation/judgment period nicely straddled June 8 (five days on each side just as Reagan's death/funeral period had 3 days on each side of June 8 in 2004). But the 6-month echo effect was perhaps most pronounced in the area of Oz symbolism, as Jackson himself played the Scarecrow in a 1978 Oz film 'The Wiz'. (The issue of Jackson not 'falling' like his predecessors will be address elsewhere.)

Having witnessed this fulfillment, we now look ahead with some trepidation to the next projected 'antipodal echo point' stemming from the Sumatran 'Great Flood' - the biggest 'Judgment' event thus far. According to the time code, this particular echo is due around June 26... which is now just days away.

Earthquakes we already experienced this month... mid-June. What does that mean?

Well first of all, it's eerie that people are suddenly forced to talk about earthquakes particularly in the US. (Again, remember, the 6-month echo scheme had been all mapped out before the June quakes.) Because of this, I'm actually finding it trickier to anticipate what's coming. For instance, how likely is it to have a feared, widely-anticipated event actually take place? Based on my experience/model, not very likely. And yet, the fairly rigid 6-month pattern is there - with extra emphasis placed, which we'll go into shortly.

In a sense, though, the 'Sumatra echo' projection has been fulfilled already through the recent earthquakes. And no, I'm not injecting vagueness to make this point. On the contrary, this is actually another case of witnessing something very 'magical' taking place right under our noses.

Check this out: When we say 'month', that usually refers to the normal calendrical month (~30 days); however, there is also what is called the sidereal month, the Moon's orbit relative to the background stars, having a duration of 27.3217 days. Using the latter, six (sidereal) months from December 26, 2004 is not June 26, 2005 but June 8, '05 - i.e. the exact date pinpointed by the calendrical 6-month counting from December 8, '04 (Columbus shooting)! That certainly justifies the pushed-up timing of the California quakes. The date 6/8/05 was highlighted by 2004's astronomical event of the year, the Venus Transit, and is annually marked (except in leap years) by the Sun crossing the Galactic Meridian.

[Dec. 08, '04] + [6 calendrical months] = June 8, '05
[Dec. 26, '04'] + [6 sidereal months] = June 8, '05
[Dec. 08, '04] + [6 synodic months] = June 3, '05

In terms of earthly event manifestations, June 8 was 'merely' a midpoint time-marker for the MJ 'Judgment period' (6/3-13), but when what is called the 'synodic month' (29.5 days) is applied, which is relative to the position of the Sun and more 'normal' than the sidereal month, we get as the 6-month point the exact date June 3, '05, or the very day the MJ jury deliberation period began! As already noted, that day saw Venus at the Galactic Equator and the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, which was an 'orange alignment'. The end point of the MJ Judgment period (6/13) was similarly marked by a 'Double-Sun Orange Alignment' (Venus-Mercury-Sun), creating a nice symmetry. This was also when the 'ritualistic' earthquake cluster began to emerge (starting in Chile).

[Note: Above two paragraphs were revised on 6/25/05.]

There is another chain of coherent symbological reasoning underlying the mid-June timing. The emphasis here is the 'antipodal' spacing denoted by '6 months' which in turn corresponds to Earth moving 180 degrees around the Sun (i.e. diametrically opposite). The MJ 'Judgment' event was particularly associated with this concept because its 'pre-echo' found in Columbus 6 months prior was also spatially 'antipodal' (not a technically correct term here but you get the point) as Sumatra's epicenters are exactly 180 degrees away from the longitude of Columbus. Add to this the fact that Sumatra occupies the very opposite side of the Ring of Fire - which is a 'stylized' great circle - relative to California which sits on the earthquake belt's eastern edge. Again, 'antipodal' or diametrically opposite. And the MJ trial/judgment was in California, immediately followed by the big quakes. Makes pretty good sense, doesn't it?

judgment-antipodal-jun05.gif (157423 bytes)

Now get ready for more 'magic'...

The mid-June quakes were 'designed' to interact with the Sumatra epicenters (12/26/04 & 3/28/05) via great circles. In other words, these quakes were 'strategically' positioned so that they would draw a very clear great-circle line on the planetary surface, the extension of which would pinpoint the Sumatran epicenters! This repeats the Sumatran and Iranian quake encoding method.

To be sure, since major quakes usually occur along the Ring of Fire, the upper half of which is a quasi-great circle (which itself is a very curious phenomenon), a rough alignment could naturally take place. However, the precision, close/meaningful timing, and nicely wide spacing seen here do make this one something different and special.

Importantly, the quakes used above (not counting Sumatra) were not 'cherrypicked' to conform to any preconceived notion. With one little insignificant exception (the 6/19 California quake), these were only and all of the 'significant earthquakes' listed by USGS on this page for June (as of 6/22), all of which were within the mid-June 'Orange Judgment' window. These were the quakes that people talked about. Here is the full list of 2005 'significant quakes' provided by USGS:

January 01 -- Off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra -- 6.6M
January 16 -- State of Yap, Micronesia -- 6.6M

February 05 -- Celebes Sea -- 7.1M
February 08 -- Vanuatu -- 6.8M
February 10 -- Arkansas -- 4.1M
February 19 -- Sulawesi, Indonesia -- 6.5M
February 22 -- Central Iran -- 6.4M
February 26 -- Simeulue, Indonesia -- 6.8M

March 02 -- Banda Sea -- 7.1M
March 06 -- St. Lawrence Valley, Reg., Quebec, Canada -- 5.4M
March 20 -- Kyushu, Japan -- 6.6M
March 28 -- Northern Sumatra, Indonesia -- 8.7M
April 10 -- Kepulauan Mentawai Region, Indonesia -- 6.7M
April 11 -- Southeast of the Loyalty Islands -- 6.6M

May 01 -- Arkansas -- 4.1M
May 06 -- Central California -- 4.1M
May 14 -- Nias Region, Indonesia -- 6.8M
May 19 -- Simeulue, Indonesia -- 6.7M

June 12 -- Southern California -- 5.2M
June 13 -- Tarapaca, Chile -- 7.8M
June 14 -- Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska -- 6.6M
June 15 -- Off the Coast of Northern California -- 7.2M
June 16 -- Greater Los Angeles Area, California -- 4.9M
June 17 -- Off the Coast of Northern California -- 6.6M

Here is more precision. As seen in the above graphic, there is some approximation involved in the alignment. Certainly exact enough to make the point but still not machine precision... or is it? Well, yes. There are at least three epicenter combinations, all involving Sumatra, that produce incredible accuracy. See these illustrations below. This is uncanny stuff... We're dealing with facts here - facts that seem to defy conventional explanation.

QUAKES-summer05-2.gif (65986 bytes)    QUAKES-summer05-3.gif (81096 bytes)    QUAKES-summer05-4.gif (72813 bytes)

Clear once pointed out. Detecting this kind of 'hidden design', however, is very difficult without first going through all the multicontextual symbolism, time codes, and such. Hence outside of this Etemenanki website you just don't see anyone engaging in this 'Contact game'.

Another sign of 'intelligent design' is the position of the Alaskan epicenter. It almost exactly marks the 180° longitude, meaning it's on a meridional great circle that on the other side of the globe becomes the Greenwich Prime Meridian or Longitude 0°.

QUAKES-summer05-5.gif (84096 bytes)

The Galactic equivalent of this is the Milky Way's longitude 0/180° - or the Galactic Meridian - which is a major STR component. The Sun annually crosses the GM on June 8 and December 8, which alone is enough to demonstrate its importance. But also Mercury was at the Galactic Meridian, aligned with Venus in the grid, on the day of the Sumatran 'Great Flood', followed by Venus crossing it three days later.

A prime meridian as the esoteric 'Rose Line' is usually associated with the Paris Zero Meridian in its capacity as the geodetic embodiment of the Holy Grail or at least its 'Royal Blood' aspect. Last year's Venus Transit or the union of Venus and the Sun very close to the Galactic Meridian, resulting in 'messianic pregnancy', was expressive of this theme.

It then becomes highly significant that a (Venus) star named Danica Patrick was born at the Indianapolis 500:

  • Danica's car is numbered 16, which corresponds to the Tower tarot card (#16) - 'tower' being denoted by 'Magdalene' the title of the biblical Venus figure often considered the embodiment of the Holy Grail/Rose Line.

  • Danica's car bears a big torch and silver (= 'argent') that not only evokes the great gift of fire Prometheus brought to man (likely at the beginning of the Silver Age) but also relates to the idea that the 'fire' was originally a meridional great circle or indeed the prime meridian - a connection reinforced by the decidedly circular nature of Indy.

  • The flag of Indiana shows a torch.

  • 'Car' is a simple anagram of 'arc', as in the great arc that is the great circle or meridian.
  • 'Indianapolis' can be interpreted as 'In-Diana-city', giving us two such cities - London where Princess Diana lived and Paris where she was killed in a car crash. This then reiterates the notion that we have a connection between Indy and the June quakes, as was hinted by the Alaskan quake's longitudinal position.

More Diana connections:

  • The Diana crash site is commemorated by the 'Flame of Liberty' monument, a torch-shaped sculpture.

  • Diana in mythology was a Moon goddess traditionally celebrated on August 13, called Diana's Feast of Torches. It was on this date last year that we saw the Olympic torch set alight on the tower. Incidentally, a reader commented a while ago that 'Sumatra' written backwards ('Artamus') closely resembles 'Artemis', the Greek version of Diana.

  • At the moment of the Sumatra 'Great Flood', the Moon was at the 'Orion torch'  position, where the Galactic Meridian, G. Equator (approximate), the summer-solstice Right-Ascension line (18h), and the ecliptic come together. This is more or less where the Promethean fire is suggested to have come from according to Hamlet's Mill.

  • Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles of the House of Windsor. The 112-day time code connecting events of February '05 to those of late-May and early/mid-June '05 (including Indy) involves the great Windsor Tower fire in Madrid (2/12-13) which also coincided with the orange 'Gates' project in NYC Central Park (2/12~). Just a couple of days before the fire/Gates, Prince Charles officially announced his engagement to Camilla Parker Bowles (2/10)

Yesterday June 21 was the summer solstice when the great heaven fire known as the Sun arrived at the Orion 'torch' position, which is also a Moon-Sumatra position.

Indeed, it is my view that June 21 marked the beginning of the Sumatra-echo window as constituted by the antipodal/6-month pattern time code.

While '6 months' from 12/26/04 would normally be 6/26/05, all the clues I've carefully examined point to June 28 as a central date of this (calendrical month-based) 'Great Flood' window. Both June 26 and 28 are stressed celestially by a tight gathering of Venus, Mercury, and Saturn. This is one of those 'orange alignments' - though in this case the Sun is not directly involved (one of the 'gold' stars) and instead we have Saturn in the mix.

The three planets are most tightly gathered on June 26 but Venus and Mercury (i.e. 'or' & 'ange') are closest to each other on June 28.

The last time Venus and Mercury were in conjunction was at the end of March, coinciding with two very public deaths - Terri Shiavo (3/31) and Pope JPII (4/2) - and the second major Sumatra quake (3/28) which I did anticipate in advance. The alignment included the Sun so it was actually one of those powerful 'Double-Sun Orange Alignments'.

Another Venus-Mercury conjunction coming before that was on January 14, '05, coinciding with the Huygens probe landing on Saturn's moon Titan. There were additional interlocking planetary alignments involving Saturn, and of course the probe revealed the alien world to be very orange.

011205-3.gif (45495 bytes)

This could be viewed as prefiguring the late-June Earth-Mercury-Venus-Saturn orange alignment which is beginning to form right now

Recall that Saturn is very much woven into the Great Flood tradition/symbolism, being analogous to the Ark (cubic stone) as well as Prometheus. Titan being a moon is another key factor here but the name itself is highly suggestive in that the Titans in Greek myth would correspond to the 'giants' in Genesis, whose supposed corruption directly led to the unleashing of the Great Flood.

Going back further past Huygens/Titan, we see that there was another Venus-Mercury conjunction on June 13, '04, just two days after the major STR ritual constituted by the burial ceremony of Ronald Reagan...

So you get the basic picture of what kind of force we're dealing with here. This window we're entering is very intense.

Now, more on the specific central date 6/28/05. Perhaps the most intriguing as well as ingenious here is the Indy symbolism. We saw that there was much encoding in the name 'Indiana'/'Indianapolis' and here I'll introduce another level that pinpoints June 28...

Reading 'In Diana' as 'in (a) month', we got ourselves a time clue. There are basically two ways to do this: one is to simply jump ahead a month from May 29 to 'June 29', and the other is to add 29.5 days (Moon's synodic period) to May 29 which brings us to June 27-28. So collectively it's June 28 +/- 1 day. Interestingly the midpoint between Indy and June 28 is anchored by Michael Jackson's 'Judgment Day' (June 13).

This 'midpoint' concept we're familiar with from the 'scale of justice/judgment' imagery heavily employed while dealing with the (Maat) 'balance vs. imbalance' theme, very prominent in the various 'Judgment Day' codes I've done this year. So this is nothing new. I'll show below at least two more rather unnerving such equidistant time schemes.

This is actually so 'in your face' that we begin to wonder if there are further twists. But simply put: the two deadly Sumatra quakes and 6/28/05 are separated by the same number of days: 92 days on each side of Sumatra #2 (3/28/05)! Similarly, there are 7 days on both sides of the summer solstice (6/21), 'balancing' the big 7.2-magnitude California quake (June 14) and June 28.

June 28 is also exactly '112' days from March 8, coinciding with Clinton's heart problem/surgery #2 (3/8-10) coming exactly 6 months after his first one last September. This was one of the two events to 'respond' to the Terminator-3 'Judgment Day' (March 11) that gave us the 'weighing of the heart' theme analogous to the equidistant timing scheme employed here.

So the emphasis on June 28 is clear. But this clarity is what fueled my suspicion that there might be further steps to be taken. This led me to additional revelations such as this below producing a wider window surrounding the key date.

This is a Sun-driven decoding utilizing the Sun's northernmost point and its furthest point from Earth. It produces a 'balanced' timing structure and its significance is amplified by the coincidence of aphelion day bringing the Moon into Orion's 'torch' region (Sun's summer-solstice position). Balanced indeed - and quite ominous, as this is where the Moon was at the time of the Sumatran 'Great Flood'.

Update 7/7/05: A major quake did hit Sumatra, almost exactly the same spot as the Sumatra #2 epicenter, on July 5! (See my 7/5 post for more discussion on this.)

Another thing I did was to explore the string of dates around the end of March marked by key STR events, creating a shiftable 'midpoint' for the Sumatran equidistant timeline. By moving up the midpoint date from 3/28 to 3/31 (Shiavo death) and 4/2 (Pope death), as well as the seemingly meaningful 1-day gap between them (4/1), I wanted to see how much the 6/28 point would be pushed outward in order to keep the equidistant balance. The result was a range of 7/4 through 7/8. (See chart below.)

I also divided up the timelines according to the Golden Ratio (phi ratio, 1:1.618) in various ways which, I was pleasantly surprised to find, ended up marking numerous key STR dates, some more precisely than others, and collectively containing no 'misses'.

So again, it appears we're dealing with a window around June 28 rather than a single day. It will be interesting to see how it will interact with the 'transposed' activities of mid-June.

The emphasis on June 28 actually reminded me of what happened earlier this year when a time code system was found to pinpoint April 21 which I initially took to mean a new pope would be elected (or something similar) on that day. The emphasis was such that I couldn't help but see it as the big day, which turned out to be not the case. There were further twists, including April 21 becoming the midpoint between the start of the conclave (voting sessions) and the official installation of the new pope, 4/18 and 4/24 respectively, 3 days on each side.

So this time, mindful of that kind of secondary encoding, I'm carefully treating the current window as being something like 6/21-7/05 [Note: It's actually more like 6/21-7/08.] and not narrowing it down too much without exploring other possibilities.

One secondary encoding I find fascinating involves July 2. Seeing that July 2 is the 'middle day' marking the midpoint of the year and seeing its proximity to June 28, I felt it was to be used as the midpoint of a secondary window. July 2 is also the release date of Terminator 3 (2003), and I noted that an apparent further clue was coming in the form of Live 8 concerts, featuring many big names around the world scheduled for July 2.

Live 8's message about helping Africa and such is also a well-known passion of U2's Bono, U2 being a major STR figure, and so I find their participation in the event very suggestive. Add to this the Live 8 slogan, 'The Long Walk To Justice', and we even have an unmistakable echo of the Judgment theme.

Furthermore, London where the main Live 8 concert will be held is on the Prime Meridian, a 'fire' great circle' alluded to by Indy/Danica ('In-Diana-city') and pinpointed by the 6/14 Alaskan quake. The latter is even on the same latitude as London (51.231°N, 51.5°N respectively)! As illustrated below, it encodes the idea of equidistant or 'balanced', with the North Pole marking the midpoint of the great circle linking the two sites!

The North Pole is the terrestrial reflection of the Pole Star which in turn is the 'plug' or cubic stone holding back the Flood water and analogous to the Ark; and it's the very star Paul McCartney's halftime - or 'midpoint' - performance at the Super Bowl alluded to as discussed earlier. And of course, McCartney will be among the performers in London...

So the Super Bowl 'Paul/pole star' at the  midpoint of the game, which through the Indy 500 relates to London, is perfectly echoed by the North Pole marking the midpoint of the great circle connecting the Alaskan quake epicenter, roughly marking the midpoint of an 'earthquake great circle', and London, the site of a Live 8 concert featuring McCartney, U2, and others on July 2 or the midpoint of the year. Whew... Overwhelmed yet? :)

This is the stuff of the Super Torch Ritual. By design this is, and this is 'Contact'. And Contact is 'Judgment'.

It is no coincidence that music is heavily woven into all this. In Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a influential 1977 Steven Spielberg film about Contact, the very first direct communication with the alien higher intelligence is done through, yes - music!

And the site of the First Contact in the film is Devil's Tower...

Now, this is a clear reference to The Tower tarot card, numbered '16', originally called 'The House of the Devil' among others. And '16' is a key number in our Judgment Day pattern this year: the new pope is Benedict XVI (16) and Danica's Indy car is #16 (the winner of race started from the 16th position). The latter is particularly intriguing as 'Danica' means 'morning star' which is Venus and thus also Mary Magdalene whose title ('Magdalene') means 'tower'. And the accompanying torch/fire symbol intensifies this, seeing that the Tower in the tarot card is typically on fire and indeed the card's old names include 'Fire'.


Of course, a 'tower on fire' is exactly what the Windsor Tower fire in Madrid was, wasn't it? Madrid, a critical component of the 'Judgment Day' scheme originally emerging through the '311' train bombings near the world's only Lucifer statue, marks the western extremity of the great-circle segment going through the Sumatra and Iran/Zarand epicenters. The Zarand epicenter closely marks the midpoint of this great-circle segment. Transferring this onto the timeline and we'd have the birth of the new '16' pope as corresponding to Madrid (i.e. 12/26/04 - 2/22/05 - 4/21/05, an equidistant 58-day separation).

061905-19.gif (101025 bytes)

And importantly both the Windsor Tower fire (2/12-13) and the Zarand quake (2/22), as well as the 3/11 Madrid bombings in 2004, have the function of marking the midpoints of various 'balanced' time codes, and closely interact with each other.

So yes, this is a highly sophisticated, creative, and beautifully crafted 'Contact' design - being 'transmitted' by a hitherto formless 'higher intelligence'.

The torch is the light of Lucifer...

Isn't it remarkable that Steven Spielberg's latest alien contact film, War of the Worlds, a storyline diametrically opposite of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (another antipodal/balance manifestation), is scheduled to open... June 29?

The Matrix is speaking...

Back to Live 8, its early-July timing is designed to closely precede G8 Summit set to begin on July 6. The 4-day separation here becomes more meaningful as we realize that June 28 comes exactly 4 days before Live 8 or the 'middle day' (July 2). 8 days in all - a fact seemingly acknowledged by the titles 'Live 8' and 'G8'. Even its logo, showing a bisected '8', appears to allude to this 'bisected' 8-day time code.

Combined with Live 8's 'Justice' reference, the 'Judgment' theme is unmistakably present here.

Independence Day (7/4) figures in this as well. Not only is it a major 'torch day' ('flame of liberty') and an 'Indy Day', thanks to Hollywood it is now closely associated with another War of the Worlds-type movie - Independence Day, directed by the same guy who did The Day After Tomorrow...

Independence Day this year is made extra special by the planned collision between NASA's Deep Impact probe and a comet scheduled for July 4. 'Deep Impact' - as in the 'Great Flood' movie by the same name...

In this film only the 'chosen people' are allowed to go inside an underground facility (or caves) called 'Ark'... So when I say it's 'a Great Flood movie', that's not my opinion but what's clearly implied in the story.

Deep Impact was released May 8, 1998. There are 14 years between 1998 and 2012, the latter being the 'end of the age' year marked by the Venus-driven Mayan calendar. The all-important midpoint of 1998-2012 is... 2005, i.e. right now, this year.

The second of the current Venus Transit pair is due in 2012 and, oh yes, the host city of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be announced this coming July 6 - the same day as the beginning of the G8 Summit! The competing cities are London, Madrid, Paris, NYC, and Moscow. Except Moscow, these are all 'Torch Cities'. In light of Indy's torch and 'In-Diana-city' symbolism, I would say Paris or London will get the honor (horror?) of hosting the 2012 Olympics. In 2012, in other words, the Olympic torch will be 'in Diana city'...

To summarize what are known to take place during the coming window so far that may be foreshadowing something:

6/28: Bush major speech (?)
6/29: War of the Worlds movie released
7/02: Midpoint of the year ('middle day'), 'Live 8' concerts
7/03: Argent Mortgage Indy 300
7/04: Independence Day, Deep Impact collision w/ comet
7/05: Aphelion, Moon at Orion 'torch'
7/06: 2012 Summer Olympics host city announcement, G8 Summit begins

The big question yet to be answered is: Has the 6 synodic-month echo from the Sumatran Great Flood been 'reduced' to symbolism or are we still in for a major Judgment/Contact event in the coming couple of weeks? Well, we'll see soon, won't we?

This much seems clear enough - Enki's discrete communication is taking place, which is 'Contact' and 'Judgment', telling us about a 'Great Flood' hitting our world and presumably how to survive it in an 'Ark'. Just to remind you, this is a multileveled 'Flood' so it is even applicable to such things as the world financial system, etc.

It seems already a given that the situation is 'Code Orange' at this time... But, oh who are we kidding, this is Contact, it's Red Alert! :)

The Enki/Contact communication is 'impossible but real' and this realization induces a big tsunami in the 'aether'... And not even a fifth of what I have on this stuff has been presented so far. So... more 'disclosure' to be done and it's just a matter of finding the time to do so.

This has been an Etemenanki exclusive - 'Where Imagination and Reality Unite'.


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