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"The explosive truth had been hiding in the shadows for millennia - patiently waiting for its time to rise back into the light... At the beginning of the third millennium, the secret is finally out. We have found the 'fingerprints of the gods'."

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Table of Contents:

Prologue  A Matter of Time
Chapter 1  A River of Time
Chapter 2  The Winding Waterway
Chapter 3  The Nile Timescape
Chapter 4  As the World Turns
Chapter 5  Fallen Angels
Chapter 6  Interaction: Nile & Tigris-Euphrates
Chapter 7  Displaced Realm
Chapter 8  Time in Stone
Chapter 9  The Path of the Holy Ark
Chapter 10  Cyclical Nature
Chapter 11  The Sirius Connection
Chapter 12  The North-American Time River
Chapter 13  Timegate: Mars
Chapter 14  The Differential Pendulum Scheme
Epilogue  The Sphere of Knowledge


An Ancient Map of Time Revealing
the Secret Legacy and Destiny of Human Civilization

The Time Rivers by Goro Adachi reveals a momentous secret that is so "impossible" that it threatens reality itself. Indeed, the revelation may ultimately herald the last tick of the "time bomb" that is history.

The book presents the long-sought "smoking gun" - the proof of the existence of higher intelligence that has left an unmistakable and shocking "message" here on Earth.

Those who think the Egyptian pyramids at Giza represent the grandest "message in a bottle" are in for a big shock.

Try major river systems in the world. They are apparently not 'natural'. They have been intelligently designed.

They represent a planetary 'Rosetta Stone', and it changes everything. Now we can find out where we came from, who we are, and where we are going. This is about man, the "gods," and Genesis.

We are indeed in the "Matrix." Reality is a "game." And The Time Rivers discloses its blueprint.

It involves:

  • a grand system of literal "rivers of time" flowing on our planet, created by some mysterious, higher intelligence.
  • the intricate "Time River scheme" produced by the Nile, Tigris-Euphrates, Mississippi, etc. - showing us the entire timeline of human civilization, both past and future.
  • the discovery finally unlocking the deep mysteries of ancient Egypt, Sumer, and even Mars.
  • the decoded information revealing extraterrestrial and extra-temporal origins of human civilization.
  • the 21st century being specifically pinpointed as the edge of time, when a "timegate" opens up to bring mankind back into the realm of "Genesis".
  • the biblical tales of Genesis - Creation, the fallen angels, the Great Flood, the Ark, etc. - finally explained in a very elegant and tangible way.
  • one of the encoded timelines clearly anticipating the event of "9/11," which is suggested to mark the "end" of the United States.
  • etc. etc.

Let the Revolution begin...


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