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Stargate Cipher 2012

Athens Olympics, Contact, Life On Mars,
Holy Grail, Ultra Technology
& Mayan Calendar

By Goro Adachi
Oct 23, 2004

© Goro Adachi

Thus Spake Ziusudra

'Contact' is taking place... right now. SETI radio telescopes can't detect it, UFO enthusiasts won't see it, Sci-fi fans don't realize it, the general public doesn't have a clue - because it's coming like a thief in the night. It's designed to be a stealth process and a riddle. There is a built-in screening mechanism that makes it a gateway, through which advanced knowledge can be transmitted to those who pass the 'test'. But those who fail it are to face 'Judgment'. Sounds cliché, but the emerging 'Contact' situation does, artificially or not, seem to carry the essence of the 'Judgment Day' storyline. On one level, the process is quite sick; on another level, it can be quite natural. Natural because the primordial 'survival of the fittest' process embedded in nature itself is already a test; but rarely are the stakes this high as apparently are in this 'Contact' case...

Let me put it this way, human civilization is about to go off-planet - namely to Mars. Mankind is finally advanced enough to defy the gravitational pull that has kept us firmly under the sky all through known history. The way things are moving, the new Columbus is likely to reach the next New World out there before 2020 if not 2015. For the receiving planet, this is to be a 'Genesis' moment - extraterrestrial seeds arriving and giving life force to a desert planet. It's the creation of a whole new world and we are the Creator. In other words, it's a big deal - a cosmic event.

If there is a 'higher intelligence' carefully monitoring mankind's development, this is where a major decision would have to be made otherwise it would be too late. 'Abortion' would be considered unpleasant at any level. It's like parents seeing their teenager child about to become sexually active and feeling the need to talk to him/her about the risks and responsibilities involved. If they don't think their child is mature and wise enough, they would have to step in and make sure he/she does not engage in an 'act of creation'. And that's the point where human civilization - the 'teenager' - appears to find itself at this time in the 21st century.

The 'Contact' scenario is shaping up to be a test to determine how wise we are, so that the supposed 'Watchers' - whoever or whatever they are - would be able to take appropriate actions as needed. This brings to mind the story of Eden and the Flood in the Book of Genesis - and it's becoming increasingly apparent that we're in a way actually living it right now. Human civilization may well be 'aborted' within decades if not years depending on how well we do on the 'test'.

In the Sumerian version of the story ('Eridu Genesis'), the gods led by Enlil decide to wipe out mankind, but one god - Enki - finds a way to warn Ziusudra, a Noah figure, instructing him to build a boat in which to survive the coming cataclysm. Enki does this by ostensibly 'talking to a wall' as Ziusudra listens nearby thus technically avoiding direct communication. In other words, the important instructions for building an ark, for going through the 'stargate', come in secret... in code, to be received by the wise only.

That's how it's done... apparently since the 'time of Genesis'. And as was then, so is now. The warning and instructions are to be hidden between the lines; they are to be in disguise so as not to become an open public announcement. The purpose is not to inform everyone, but to inform only those who deserve it, so to speak.

Depending on who does the judging, this can be a sick and dangerous process. Think Hitler, think 'Final Solution'... Think genocide. The process may be about saving 'worthy people', but it can easily be twisted into being about killing off particular groups of people, or races, deemed 'undesirable' by those playing God.

In this article will be presented findings - some of them dark indeed - that may well turn out to be the modern version of Enki's secret communication - a warning, a test, transmitted by the 'Enki faction' of a certain 'cabal' in anticipation of the coming 'end of time'...

Mission To Mars

Lines from a trailer ad for the 2000 sci-fi film, Mission to Mars:

"For 25 years, the government has concealed evidence of a life-like formation on Mars..."

"...the conspiracy will be exposed."

"...'it's the Face. It's real. Somebody put that thing there, and it's NOT us'..."

"But SOME secrets should never be uncovered ..."

Basic storyline of Mission To Mars:

When the first manned mission to Mars ends in disaster, a second mission heads to Mars to rescue the survivor, continue the exploration of the planet, and investigate what went wrong. They find out that there's something on Mars that relates to the origin of life on Earth...

Key scenes from Mission To Mars:

The 'Face On Mars' discovered

Astronauts inside the Face watch a simulation
of a comet hitting Mars

Impact destroying the Martian ecosystem

Ships/seeds leaving the planet for survival

An alien being emerges

...and shows a model of the DNA double-helix

A ship is shown to have carried the DNA 'seed' to...


[Special thanks to 'lomovsky' for posting
many of the pictures in the Etemenanki forum.]

The story was 'retold' four years later, on August 13, 2004, in front of a global audience at the Athens Olympics...

It was more shrouded in symbolism to be sure, but clear enough for those capable of multicontextual thinking. So much so that I found myself commenting on it the day before the opening ceremony:

There is an intriguing... potential connection between life on Mars and the Athens Olympics. If the rumor is correct that the open ceremony will feature a simulated comet striking a lake, a pregnant woman, and a DNA projection, I'd say that would have be considered an allusion to the scientifically plausible and increasingly popular theory that life here on earth was seeded by rocks from Mars. Turns out, [Athens' patron goddess] Athena (also known as 'Pallas Athena') is associated with 'a stone fallen from heaven' - as we learn:

The epithet Pallas applied to Athena is commonly explained as meaning "young woman, virgin", by quoting pallax, "young man" and pallakis, "concubine" (pileges in Hebrew); but it is significant that the Greeks did not feel that the name Pallas had such a meaning and looked for other explanations. Pallas is associated with the palladion which is a stone fallen from heaven.

...NASA's 'Athena' [MER] rovers are exploring... Mars right now! I'd say the message would be quite clear. [emphasis added]

The Olympics-Mars connection actually emerged as a key themes months earlier. From my article The Lucifer Time Code: Part 1 (May 3, '04):

...August 13/the Olympics, is a symbolically momentous period that carries a lot of ominous themes such as 9/11, Iraq, Osirian resurrection, Schwarzenegger/Horus, 'Antichrist', nuclear, blackout, Lucifer, Isis-Magdalene, Mars, and such. [...]

It is the womb of Isis-Mary-Venus that facilitates the continuation of the Osirian seed. This is the key element of the story of the Holy Grail - or the 'Blood Royal'. What is curious here is that the combination of Mars and the notion of seeds invokes 'Panspermia', the theory that life may be transferred from one planet to another through, for example, meteorites. Since NASA claimed they found evidence of life in a Martian meteorite in 1996 (on August 6/7, of course), scientists have come to take seriously the idea that life on Earth was originally 'seeded' by rocks from outer space, particularly Mars.

This makes us wonder about the possibility of the historic 2003 Mars flyby being a simulation of Martian seeds reaching Earth. In other words, we may have a symbolic story going right now where Earth was seeded by Mars-Horus back in August 2003, and the birth of a new life is imminent in 2004...

So as far as I was concerned the Mars/Panspermia theme had already firmly established itself by spring, pointing ahead to the Athens Games.

But in terms of astronomy, more than Mars the year 2004 has been he 'year of Venus', thanks to the 'Transit of Venus' back in June when the brightest planet in the sky moved across the Sun's disk - a very rare phenomenon that repeats every 100-120 years and always in pair; the last pair in 1874 and 1882, and this time 2004 and 2012. This has much to do with the 'Lucifer Time Code' that I've talked a lot about this year, after all Venus is traditionally identified with Lucifer ('light-bearer') though also equatable with Mary Magdalene/Virgin and the whole 'goddess' complex. My interpretation has been that this prominence of Venus is inseparable from the 'life on Mars' situation and on a more earthly level, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The key here is a complex of associations deriving from ancient Egyptian tradition: Venus-Mary corresponds to Isis the Egyptian goddess par excellence; Mary's son (or 'husband') Jesus becomes Horus, the royal child of Isis and Osiris; the typical depiction of Mary suckling baby Jesus is often compared to Isis suckling Horus; and Horus was practically interchangeable with Mars, called 'Horus the Red' by the ancient Egyptians.

Like Venus, Horus is heavily woven into the fabric of symbolism enveloping this time period, and expressed prominently through the figure of Schwarzenegger, aka 'The Olympian'. He is famous for appearing in films like Total Recall - all about Mars (= Horus) - prefiguring his political career facilitated by the infamous 'total recall' election in California last summer/fall when Mars was at its closest point to Earth. And there were 'rituals' as well, the most significant I've detected so far being Ronald Reagan's funeral service early June this year, which overlapped the time of the Venus Transit (June 8).

It was on the final day of the week-long funerary proceedings, June 11, when Reagan was finally laid to rest at Simi Valley near Los Angeles, that the Governator's powerful 'occult' presence became undeniable. In short, the 'ritual' was designed to symbolically transfer Reagan's 'sprit of kingship' to the next incarnation embodied by Arnie. This was in accordance with ancient Egyptian tradition in which Horus is conceived by Isis at the time of his father's death. ('Arnold' is even an anagram of 'Ronald', and both were a Hollywood actor who became governor of California.)

Because Horus in a more astronomical context was signified by the rising Sun and Osiris by the setting Sun, it was very telling that the burial ceremony was openly coordinated with the Sun setting in the background. As I've mentioned many times before, in an astonishing moment of 'magical coincidence', Schwarzenegger saying final goodbye in front of Reagan's coffin precisely coincided with the Sun disappearing under the horizon. In addition, at that same moment was the Sun rising at the horizon as viewed from Giza/Cairo (Egypt), as if to commemorate the birth/conception of the new king 'Horus', where the Olympic torch was passing through calendrically on that very day (June 11)!

Here is my comment at the time:

Make no mistake: Schwarzenegger will soon be the leader of the United States, if not the entire world. Probably sooner than we think. And his leadership will likely bring about the termination of the the United States as we know it.

In other words, a 'messianic' king was conceived through an occultic ritual, celestially marked by the unification of Venus and the Sun. And through Horus' interchangeability with Mars it also insinuated life being given to the Red Planet as well as the idea that a 'life on Mars' revelation which should come in the near future would be analogous to the 'birth of Horus'. My past comments related to this context included these:

It is the womb of Isis-Mary-Venus that facilitates the continuation of the Osirian seed. This is the key element of the story of the Holy Grail - or the 'Blood Royal'. [...]

Based on the duration of human pregnancy, the birth of the Martian Horus-Antichrist is to be expected in... May/June 2004!

And from May 14:

May happens to be the traditional Mary's month in many cultures. It's associated with an old tradition called Tricesimum, or 'Thirty Day Devotion to Mary', originally held from August 15 to September 14 (closely overlapping the period of the Athens Olympic Games this summer). 

It was almost certainly no coincidence that the Games began on August 13, exactly 225 days after January 1, 2004, which matches Venus' orbital period around the Sun... 225 earth-days!


...NASA's Mars probes/rovers Spirit and Opportunity [exploring the alien planet since] winter/spring ('04) are called Mars Exploration Rovers or 'MER'. It's... fitting that 'mer' relates to 'Mary' and water. The rovers just recently made headlines as it discovered evidence of past Martian water in March. [...] Further, 'mer' has the meaning of 'love' and... relatable again to the love-goddess complex of Isis-Mary-Venus... the mother of Horus.

It was in this overall symbolic context that Athens' opening ceremony was unveiled. Sure enough it was all about Mars, Panspermia, Holy Grail, messianic birth, Venus-Isis-Mary, and more. The message was surprisingly obvious - so much so that it seemed to suggest we are rapidly approaching a threshold of some kind in this period.

Here is my commentary from Aug 14, a day after the ceremony:

I just watched the pre-taped Olympics opening ceremony on NBC. Really beautiful. Great stuff Greece put together...

[T]he leaked information was very accurate. All the elements, including a comet, lake, pregnant woman, and DNA projection, were there...

[It's interesting that we had a bizarre mainstream news story] just prior to the Olympics, [stating] that fragments of an alien ship [were] found at the site of the famous Tunguska explosion (1908) widely thought to have been cause by a meteorite. The story certainly 'seeded' the idea [of there being a potential connection between] a space rock and ET life [as per my 'Martian seed' interpretation of the opening program].

As the Athens show progressed from the comet strike scene we were shown the god of love Eros overseeing the evolution of man and... civilization, sometimes giving a helping hand. [It was clear to me that] Eros was a replacement for Venus the goddess of love [probably because using] Venus here would have made it all too obvious.

But the idea of Eros/Venus watching over mankind is an odd one - not really supported in terms of mythology. [So what was the message here?] Well, since Eros/Venus is the god/goddess of love or sex, his/her assistance would have involved... breeding. Using breeding to better mankind - this is called 'eugenics'. And the field of eugenics was pioneered by, you guessed it, the Nazis.

Near the end of the... storytelling, the progress... finally leads to the pregnancy of a single woman. This would be the 'perfect child' created through the careful eugenics program known as 'history'. A gigantic DNA double-helix is then projected above the lake - the perfected DNA... It's a 'messianic' child - the Holy Grail. [In] addition to being Mary's womb, the Grail - as 'lapsit exillis' - is a form of 'stone fallen from heaven'.


This form of perfection is what the divine fire given to mankind by Prometheus naturally strives to achieve. And... this fire is what is represented by the Olympic flame.

Prometheus is considered very much comparable to Lucifer. And Lucifer is Venus... Eros. Bingo.

...The passing of the torch is the passing of the Promethean genetic material. It's the process of eugenics. In the 20th century, this originally 'divine' process was mimicked or 'hijacked' by the dark forces of the Third Reich, later absorbed by the US (via Operation Paperclip etc.), in an attempt to realize their own vision of a 'master race'.

The 'messianic child', then, would be an 'anti-messianic', or 'anti-Christic', child in the Nazi scenario.

Enter Arnold Schwarzenegger - 'The Olympian'.

You know, I've been actually trying not to take it too literally. But the repeated hints are becoming quite insistent...

We know about Arnold's familial Nazi background and his admiration for Hitler (recorded on video). Arnie, a legendary bodybuilder supposedly having a 'perfect' body, is also a genetically-engineered advanced human in the film 'Twins'. [And we don't have to go over] how he becomes associated with Mars (Total Recall), the Antichrist/Beast (Apollyon = 'Destroyer' = 'Terminator'), etc. through movies.

...the Nazis are closely associated with the 'Holy Grail' technology of antigravity - if not time manipulation - that can be viewed as a form of 'stargate', a hyperdimensional gateway. ...Arnie's Terminator character comes from the future through a stargate machine.

As popularized by researcher Richard Hoagland, hyperdimensional physics (inseparable from the Cydonia...) prominently involves the tetrahedral angle/latitude of 19.5 degrees, or more accurately 19.47 degrees. The coincidence [involving] the number '19.47' and Arnold's birth year '1947' is certainly amusing.

[And take a look at the 'stargate' machine from the film Contact. Does it not resemble this strange structure from the opening ceremony?]

So... what are we to think? While these connections don't have to be taken so literally, I think the gestalt of the suggested context can be taken quite seriously - not that that wasn't the case already.

One thing is for sure: there is no question that the 'super torch ritual' involves Arnold, as a Nazi legacy, prominently. A 'false gift' from the Third Reich... The Manchurian Candidate opening on Arnie's birthday (July 30)... A 'life on Mars' announcement likely coming soon... Well, pretty heavy stuff to wonder about. [...]

Arnold is scheduled to give his televised primetime speech at the Republican National Convention on August 31, just two days after the conclusion of the Olympic Games. He will probably give a memorable speech and place himself on the national political map more firmly...

Soon after this posting came an email from reader 'John', informing me about an intriguing possibility supportive of my eugenics interpretation:

I heard on talk-radio in Toronto about Olympics. A registered nurse (RN) called & said the overhead shot looked like an ovum with red colour. The RN said the long torch looked like a medical instrument for injecting a [fertilized egg] in an ovum.

He also mentioned 'The Bourne Supremacy', a film with an evocative title released only weeks before the Olympics; and another called 'Code 46' dealing more openly with the subject of eugenics that was released on August 6, a special day marked last year by Arnold's announcement to run for governor.

Now let's examine the giant DNA that was projected above the lake inside the Olympic stadium...

I'm pretty sure most people didn't know what to think of this puzzling display. Without the 'Martian Panspermia' context, the strange sequence of a comet strike, a giant face, a centaur, Eros, a pregnant woman, and DNA would have made little sense. The context had to be there - which actually had been subtly suggested through an unofficial 'prelude' phase leading up to the day of the ceremony. For example, we had the strange Tunguska-ET story along with other supplementary news items like 'Alien message 'may be in our DNA' telling us:

Forget waiting for ET to call -- the most likely place to find an alien message is in our DNA, according to an expert in Australia.

Professor Paul Davies, from the Australian Centre for Astrobiology at Macquarie University in Sydney, believes a cosmic greeting card could have been left in every human cell.

The coded message would only be discovered once the human race had the technology to read and understand it.

Writing in New Scientist magazine, Davies said the idea should be considered seriously.

These stories, the type normally shunned by the mainstream news media, were actively being promoted around the time of the Olympics - presumably to give us contextual clues.

But more importantly the contextual primer was the film Mission To Mars. Even though there are similar ones like Total Recall (1990) and Red Planet (2001), athens-m2m-merpage.jpg (200325 bytes)only Mission To Mars goes into the Panspermia/rock-seeding theme and also I found it telling that the official website for the Athena/MER rovers gives the title 'Mission To Mars' to all its webpages - see screenshot.)

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words... Well, three pictures in this case:

Beyond this visual connection, Mission To Mars also contains a lot of allusions to Mary-Venus-Isis - prominently expressed through the 'M' symbolism, the esoteric shorthand for Mary Magdalene, related to her initials being 'MM'. It's likely no coincidence that in Roman numerals 'MM' denotes '2000', i.e. the year Mission To Mars was released. It was also insinuated by the semi-official shorthand for the film - 'M2M'. Some ad graphics were actually quite blatant in suggesting a genetic connection between Mars and 'MM'.

The 'MM' signature was also used earlier this year in Pepsi's big-budget Super-Bowl commercial featuring warrior 'goddesses'. Back in February I interpreted the ad as part of a '2004 omen' associated with the 'Lucifer time code' designed to guide our attention toward the Athens Olympics - the gladiator/ancient Olympic stadium setting suggestive of this for instance. (See The Lucifer Time Code: Part 2.)

A row of 'M's seen on the inner walls of the Greco-Roman coliseum.

Within the M2M movie itself, there is one particular scene in which one of the astronauts playfully makes a model of DNA using M&Ms candies and comments 'this is the DNA of my perfect woman'. A perfect 'MM' lady naturally being Mary Magdalene. Coincidence? Very unlikely.

I immediately understood the (not so) hidden message of this scene as I was already looking into something like this in 2000. I knew of no one else investigating the 'MM' aspect of Mars back then (or perhaps even now) and so I remember finding it an encouraging, and of course mysterious, sign. Not directly caused by this, but I made the following 'declaration' on March 11, '02 on this website:

...I will say that Mars/Cydonia anomalies and the Grail-Ark-Shroud-Fisher King theme are to merge in a startlingly direct and elegant way.

The Quest for the Grail is an interplanetary saga.

Later in Endgame III (Nov 24, '02):

...both Jesus and Mars are associated with Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis... Horus being the embodiment of the 'Blood Royal' (stemming from the union of Osiris/Jesus and Isis/Magdalene), this lets Mars analogous to the Grail. [...] The basic implication... is that Mars-Horus is connected with the Grail tradition involving Jesus and Mary.

Critical to this interplanetary connection is the so-called 'Face on Mars'...

'Face On Mars' & the Sphinx

There was no way we could ignore the giant face sculpture at the center of the Olympic stadium, notably accompanied by an intensely red centaur. My first reaction was 'maybe this is a stylized Face on Mars' - i.e. the anomalous face-like 'monument' in the Cydonia region of Mars, popularized by researcher Richard Hoagland, author of 'The Monuments of Mars'. (His group originally called itself 'Mars Mission'.)

My casual hypothesis was to eventually turn into something much more. The surrounding symbolism was indeed unmistakable...

Geometric shapes projected onto the Athenean Face... which together with the red centaur creating a wonderfully perplexing scene for the audience.

The mathematical diagrams were almost certainly meant to evoke - among other things on other levels - what makes Cydonia remarkable, i.e. the elegant geometric scheme encoded into the layout of the 'monuments' including the Face.

And the red centaur? Was it compatible with the underlying 'Martian' allusion?

Well, sure enough, yes. I recalled that: 1) like the centaur, the Great Sphinx at Giza is a mixture of man's head and a beast's body; 2) in ancient Egypt the Sphinx was a form of Horus (Horakhti or 'Horus of the Horizon') and so was Mars ('Horus the Red'); 3) like the centaur and Mars, the Sphinx was originally painted red; and 4) the name 'Horus', through the ancient Egyptian term heru, could mean 'face'.

And more along these lines (from Endgame III):

...according to Greek tradition, the sphinx - an alter ego of Horus/Mars - was a mixture of Leo's body and Virgo's head; or to use another terminology, the Sphinx is a combination of Horus and Isis, or Jesus and the Virgin! Complementarily, it just happens that Leo and Sirius/Venus, the star of Isis-Mary, were both associated with Virgo in ancient tradition...  Note that Jesus himself, like Horus, is clearly a leonine figure in that he was a direct royal descendant of King David, the 'lion king' (the Davidic tribal symbol was the lion).

The Sphinx and Mars, therefore, represent the sacred union of Jesus and Mary, or Osiris and Isis. In other words, the Sphinx/Mars is the Grail, the Blood Royal, and the Shroud. Furthermore, in light of our foregoing discussion, the Martian counterpart of the Shroud, i.e. the 'Face on Mars', would become a monumental embodiment of the Jesus-Mary union.

And then on to the next level:

But here is a new discovery revealed for the first time [that] will begin the process of bringing the whole field of Cydonia investigation into a new dimension, and I think a lot of the researchers will not be able to keep up with the shift and will soon find themselves 'out of the game'.

This involved the mirroring of each side of the 'Face' to create two faces, one hominid and one leonine, a coding/decoding process first suggested by Hoagland.

Here we already have an echo of the Sphinx - a mixture of a man and a lion. (Mars is Nr-Simha, the 'Man-Lion', in ancient Hindu myths.) Then came the next revelation. From Endgame III:

I took another look at the image – and... there it was, a human torso. It was rendered with apparent nipples, a navel, and hands clasped at the genital area. What caught my attention next were the seemingly accentuated breasts and the swollen belly. I [had to wonder]: "Is this a depiction of a pregnant woman?"

Then it hit me. This was the body of Virgo, the Virgin, and it was pregnant with Horus-Jesus! Indeed, just as is the torso image, Virgo traditionally "is a headless constellation, the stars marking the head being very faint."

It was becoming surreal. I added:

...the 'Face on Mars' produces a lion head and the pregnant body of Virgo - i.e. the mirror image of the Sphinx,  which traditionally has Virgo's head and Leo's body! (It must also be recalled that the cosine of the Giza latitude equals the tangent of the Cydonia structures' latitude – both equaling e/pi.)

A 'pregnant', Martian Sphinx/Grail... Well of course, the Athens story did feature a pregnant woman, giving 'birth' to a 'messianic' child or a perfected DNA, the Grail! (This was one of the most dramatic scenes of the opening ceremony.)

The parallel was reinforced when the Athenean Face broke apart, revealing a headless and legless human body inside (mimicking the left/torso side of the Martian Face).

As if these weren't enough, the head-body duality has another surprise in store - and this is from my 'black project'. For the 'lion head' created from the Cydonia Face to proportionally match the size of the 'Virgin body', the former has to be made smaller, and it's not to be done arbitrarily but in accordance with the underlying Earth-Mars connection. I discovered that the Earth-Mars diameter ratio, 1 to 0.53, is perfect for the Martian Sphinx!

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