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From Sep 27, 2011- December 18, 2011
[Later Updates]

Dec 18:

As you may have noticed, last week our ~Dec 14 window produced a set of highly significant if understated events/signals unmistakably conforming to our previously inferred patterns based on certain time codes.

The most direct manifestation has to be the the Gulf of Mexico reopening for oil business and drilling including BP on December 14 for the first time since the 2010 BP Gulf oil disaster i.e. the "origin" event anchoring our "Mayan Phi-nix" time code.


Dec 14 US reopens Gulf Of Mexico for oil business, BP
Dec 14 BP awarded $ 27 million in leases for Gulf oil & gas

This was accompanied by at least two historic world events...

End of Iraq/9-11 War

The Iraq War officially ended on December 15, 2011 almost 9 years after it began with a "Shock & Awe" offensive on March 20, 2003 supposedly in response to 9/11...

Dec 14 Obama speech at Fort Bragg marks end of Iraq war
Dec 15 U.S. officially shuts down war in Iraq
Dec 18 Last U.S. troops leave Iraq as war ends

...naturally intertwined with Osama bin Laden the architect of 9/11 tracked down and killed in Pakistan earlier this year just a couple of days after the Royal Wedding right at the other phi (golden ratio) point mirroring ~Dec 14, 2011:

The combination of "War" and "9/11" is an echo from the other time code we talked about which is based on the orbit of Mars - the traditional planet/god of war - producing an alignment with the 9/11 perihelion of Elenin and YU55:

Mars also points back to the Iraq War. Both the beginning of the war and Mars' closest approach to Earth in recorded history happened in 2003. The latter closely coincided with the Rise of Arnold the politician, announcing his candidacy for governor of California in the circus-like recall election which he would win in November. One of Arnold's popular movies is Total Recall all about the resurrection of Mars. Not missing a beat a Total Recall remake will be released in August 2012 right around the time of the London Olympics and the landing of NASA's giant "Curiosity" rover on... Mars.

Schwarzenegger is also connected to the Venus Transit of 2004 (discussed many times over the years) which is a very rare celestial alignment where Venus travels across the disk of the Sun as viewed from Earth. The second/last one of the current "Mayan pair" (they come in twos) will take place in the summer of 2012. The first Venus Transit (June 8, 2004) coincided with the death/burial of former American president Ronald Reagan. As you may recall the burial ceremony in Simi Valley near Los Angeles was a major ritual starring Arnold (anagram of "Ronald"; both Hollywood actors turned California governors) who magically ended up (after waiting in line) standing right in front of the coffin precisely at sunset - the time of Osirian death/transition - symbolically becoming "Horus" (reincarnated "sun" king) in effect "receiving the spirit" of the dead king/father/Osiris. Ancient Egyptians called Mars "Horus of the Horizon", "Horus the Red" etc.


So you can see that from many angles the "Martian arrow" points to the year 2012. And a key sub-theme here is that Mars is "pregnant" (=> "water breaking"/"great flood") a la Kate Middle who is theoretically is or will be pregnant in 2012 per our long-running projection. As noted previously, "life on Mars" and William/Kate union (pregnancy/baby) are two heavily entangled ideas in the multicontextual matrix.

Dec 07 NASA rover finds convincing evidence of Mars water
Dec 15 Large parts of Mars 'habitable'

LHC, Grail Bloodline & Moon

Another key event witnessed during the same ~Dec 14 window was CERN scientists' tentative announcement that they may have seen the first glimpses of the "Holy Grail" of modern physics or the "God particle", Higgs boson. If confirmed, this would be the biggest scientific breakthrough in many decades. That's no trivial matter.

Dec 13 LHC: Higgs boson 'may have been glimpsed'
Dec 13 Scientists reveal first tantalising glimpses of 'God Particle'

The Higgs boson - or what it may be replaced with if shown to be non-existent - could be symbolically (if not literally) viewed as a ripple from the "other side" or hyperspace, i.e. a form of the "Underworld". (Remember, the whole royal wedding/Grail baby drama, per our unique interpretation, has to do with the idea of the phoenix/Lucifer/King Arthur rising from the Underworld.) A very similar kind of imagery is evoked by the BP Gulf oil leak, i.e. "dark matter" coming out literally from underground or underworld. Not just any underworld but specifically lunar underworld. That's because "Mexico" (as in "Gulf of Mexico") can be etymologically interpreted to mean the "place at the center/core of the Moon". Moon as in Diana the moon goddess and Princess Diana, the mother of Prince William who - like the Monolith - came out of her to perpetuate the Stuart/Jacobite strain of the "Grail bloodline" (Sangraal/Holy Grail).

Telling, then, that "Mexico" (lunar core) is where the Mayan civilization flourished centuries ago and the "Mayan year" 2012 is set to open with the arrival of NASA's twin spacecraft GRAIL at the Moon on New Years Eve/Day whose mission is to look inside the Moon. GRAIL was even launched on September 10, 2011 to coincide with the pentagrammic and Mars-aligned perihelion of Elenin and YU55.

My speculation is that we may see significant developments in these areas directly or indirectly in mid January 2012 based on for instance the end date of the BP Gulf oil leak, July 15, 2010 which via our "Mayan Phi-nix" timeline points (i.e. golden ratio) to January 16, 2012. Symbolically this will close the lunar/underworld portal. (Perhaps implying in part the confirmation/refutation of the Higgs boson.)

- BP Gulf oil leak: Apr 22-Jul 15, 2010
- Mayan phi points (duration): Dec 14-Jan 16, 2012

Mars is again a key component here, this time in the form of Russia's failed Mars probe Phobos-Grunt which is projected to fall back to Earth around mid-January 2012.

FlashForward - Day of Destiny

The elevated excitement over CERN/LHC/Higgs is inter-contextually intertwined with the Royal Wedding. In the recent sci-fi TV show FlashForward which ran on ABC from Sep 2009-May 2010, everyone on the planet sees a future vision during a mysterious global "blackout" caused by a particle accelerator specifically identified in the original novel as the LHC running an experiment to find the Higgs boson. As discussed before, these future visions were all specifically of April 29, 2010, dubbed "FlashForward Day". Day of Destiny... exactly one year before the Will/Kate Royal Wedding!

Not surprisingly there were other, more conspicuous clues... like this Saturday Night Live skit on December 10, 2011 focusing on Kate's pregnancy (rumors)...

["Kate" & "Pippa Middleton" On SNL]

...followed by NBC's 1-hour primetime special "William And Kate: Inside The Royal Marriage" on December 13.

So on and so forth. You get the point (more or less).

Other Notable Events

Dec 15 Large parts of Mars 'habitable'
Dec 15 Comet Lovejoy Survives Plunge Through Sun
Dec 17 Pope heads into Christmas season tired, weak
Dec 17 Philippines flood toll rises past 400
Dec 18 Russian drilling rig sinks off Sakhalin, 49 missing

Dec 19 (17) North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has died


Jan 13~ Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster
Jan 15 Failed Russian Mars Probe Crashes Into Pacific Ocean



Nov 30: Life on Mars and Royal/Grail baby...

As hinted not so subtly in our "Turkey window" trigger which was decidedly "Martian"...

... the most outwardly significant world event lasting the entire duration of the window was a "Martian Uprising"... in Cairo, Egypt.

Mars = Cairo

"Cairo" (al-Qahirah literally meaning "victorious") happens to be an ancient Arabic name for the planet Mars.

This was a direct continuation from the original Revolution period, late January-mid February 2011 (culminating in the ouster of president Mubarak on February 11), when Mars was "burning" with the Sun.

"As above, so below", and intensely "pentagrammic", expressing our mega-theme - "rising from the underworld":

  Earth-penta-Egypt-seq-2b.gif (87512 bytes)       Egyptian-resurrection.gif (71185 bytes)

The trigger date November 22 was additionally marked by another Martian event in the form of "Phobos-Grunt", Russia's Mars probe, re-establishing contact with the controllers for the first time after going dark in low-earth orbit early November...

Nov 09 Russian Engineers Race to Save Troubled Mars Probe
Nov 09 Phobos-Grunt 'most toxic falling satellite ever'?
Nov 12 Russian Probe Will Likely Come Crashing Back to Earth
Nov 14 Russia Mars probe may fall to Earth in January
Nov 16 Shooting down Russian Mars mission an option?
Nov 23 It's Alive! Russia's Phobos-Grunt Probe Phones Home

Then a few days later (Nov 26) it was NASA's turn to launch a probe to Mars (called Mars Science Laboratory/Curiosity)...

Nov 26 Giant NASA rover launches to Mars

This one was "designed" to coincide with another, heavily interconnected (we won't go into that here) alignment of the two recent "doomsday" space rocks, asteroid 2005 YU55 and Comet Elenin, with the Sun, like this:

Made extra special by an additional, pentagrammic alignment simultaneously produced by Venus. (I hope the readers are fully cognizant of the fact that all these pentagrammic alignments of the Turkey window are intrinsically major confirmations of what I had shown in ELENIN: Lucifer's Comet as the underlying message of the ongoing "extraterrestrial contact".)

If you take a look at the YU55 orbit, you can see that it and the Mars orbit are tangent, expressing "Martian contact".

The asteroid is also "Martian" in that it almost hit Earth on November 8, the exact day (in GMT) Russia launched Phobos-Grunt to Mars (still stuck in low-earth orbit).

Nov 08 Huge Asteroid 2005 YU55 Zips by Earth

In a sense, 2005 YU55 became a "double" for Phobos-Grunt as it "came out of the Earth" simultaneously on launch day (of Phobos-Grunt) and is now headed toward the "Mars contact point"... which approximately coincides with one of the apexes of an upright pentagram inscribed inside Mars orbit... where Mars will find itself around December 14, 2011.

It becomes "magical" as we discover that this exact date pops up in a conceptually highly compatible "Mayan Phi-nix timeline" (phi = golden ratio = 1:1.618) employing as a temporal anchor the date of the BP Deepwater Horizon sinking in the Gulf of Mexico ( start of the terrible oil leak disaster - oil "rising out of the underworld")...

As you can see, the relevancy of this particular time code is made very evident in the fact that the inverse of the golden ratio pinpoints the Royal Wedding (Will & Kate) which is another major "rising from the underworld" (or phoenix-Lucifer-King Arthur out of Avalon) ritual event of cosmic significance per "Lucifer's Destiny". So among other things, we continue to wonder about Kate's pregnancy situation, i.e. seemingly imminent announcement, multicontextually intertwined with the whole "Birthquake" scenario.

Speaking of that, Mars is "pregnant" as well... via the infamous "Face on Mars":

Mirroring each side of the "face" reveals a combination of a hominid face and a leonine face (as pointed out by researchers like Hoagland).

Taking it one step further, the hominid face could actually (also) be, as I revealed on this site back in ~ 2003, a pregnant human body.

We are talking "Martian Sphinx"...

Multicontextually speaking, it's been increasingly apparent to me that there is a growing correlation between the Royal Couple pregnancy/birth potentiality and that of Mars, i.e. life on Mars... "Martian (ET) Contact".

Enough for now...



Nov 21:

This is the trigger for the Turkey/Thanksgiving window (~Nov 22-28) we're entering now...



Nov 09November 9 Turkey quake...

Nov 09 5.7 quake in Turkey topples earlier damaged buildings
Nov 09 Turkey earthquake 'topples hotel'

...striking the same area devastated by the more powerful quake on October 23...

...together fulfilling our pattern projection, from Nov 4:

"... the quake disaster in "Turkey" (Oct 23/Norway phi point), there may potentially be another such event or some other form of "echo" around ~Nov 7."

(Oklahoma's largest quake Nov 5-6 figures into this as well.)

Now all (golden ratio-based) eyes are on the Turkey Day/Thanksgiving window (~Nov 22-27 or essentially around late November), stemming from the 2010 Chile mega-quake, where we can expect another if not the impact.

"... its possible that key event(s) around November 6-7 will end up resonating with what's coming up around November 24 or Thanksgiving/Turkey Day." [From Nov 4 post]

I can also tell you that there are other intersecting time codes making it something of a temporal nexus window (~Nov 22-27). Keep in mind, too, the underlying idea of "Birthtquakes". ~November 8 was the anniversary of the major "omens" - California "Mystery Missile" & Carnival Splendor - discussed in my article "Lucifer's Destiny"...



Nov 05

2009 ABC TV miniseries Impact (watch trailer)

  1. Asteroid (piece of brown dwarf) collides with the Moon

  2. Collision causes non-Newtonian, implicitly "hyperdimensional," gravitational anomalies on earth

This should be of great interest to Richard Hoagland who is:

  1. Currently entertaining the possibility that the incoming asteroid 2005 YU55 might hit the Moon on November 8/9 (extremely unlikely)

  2. Known for talking about "hyperdimensional physics," already associating it with both Elenin and YU55

It's all quite metaphorical (for me anyway). "Moon Impact" = "Diana Impact"... having much to do with the continuation of the "Grail bloodline" via William, Kate and their baby.


Something projected, something seemingly starting...

Oct 28 Royal shake-up: Firstborn daughter will have
equal rights to throne
Nov 04 Kate Middleton Sparks Pregnancy Rumors



Nov 04: I should mention that we are currently passing through a series of notable "Mayan phi points" (golden ratio) stemming from late 2009-early 2010.

Those involve two deadly quakes - Haiti and Chile - both of which unmistakably pentagrammic thus alluding to the Golden Ratio fractally expressed in the geometry of the pentagram.

Haiti-Chile-align-penta.gif (92741 bytes)    pentagonal-quake-overlays-2.gif (104305 bytes)

Because Haiti & Chile were also designed to align and work together, its possible that key event(s) around November 6-7 will end up resonating with what's coming up around November 24 or Thanksgiving/Turkey Day. Or, since the latter is already resonating with the quake disaster in "Turkey" (Oct 23/Norway phi point), there may potentially be another such event or some other form of "echo" around ~Nov 7. Quite speculative, but worth monitoring.

There is of course a larger context and Comet Elenin/Lucifer's remarkable "punch line" is yet to be revealed... but that's for another time.


Oct 28:

Oct 28 Royal shake-up: Girls given equal rights to throne

This is all about the baby of William & Kate...

Right on Time

...per ELENIN: Lucifer's Comet (Sep 27):

...My expectation in this area [i.e. Royal pregnancy/birth & Birthquake] is that a set of interconnected world events of the ~August-October 2011 time frame will be seen to have foreshadowed momentous, "Mayan rebirth" events coming up in 2012.

Based on Elenin's "time map," around mid-October 2011 could be considered a primary window for the first "shock wave" or an "official preview" of what's to come next season (possibly Kate's pregnancy announcement)... which should be very interesting to watch. [...] (red emphasis added)



Oct 16:

[For more on Comet Elenin pentagram see ELENIN: Lucifer's Comet]

Oct 15 Occupy protests spread around the world
Oct 16 "Doomsday" comet swings by Earth
Oct 16 Calif. Governor Declares Oct. 16 'Steve Jobs Day'
Oct 16 Thousands attend MLK memorial dedication
Oct 16 Indy 500 winner Wheldon dies in 15-car crash



Oct 05:

Apple impact = pentagram/Venus impact = Elenin impact

[For more on Comet Elenin pentagram see ELENIN: Lucifer's Comet]

Thank you Steve. Mankind will miss you greatly.
Rest in peace.



Sep 27:

ELENIN: Lucifer's Comet


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