Eye of Horus

Deep Impact signals via the Oscars

By Goro

March 05, 2015

Birdman starring Michael Keaton, the Best Picture award winner at this year's Oscars (2015), opens and ends with a mysterious sequence involving a big fireball streaking across the sky...

...evoking the real-life Chelyabinsk (Russian) meteor impact back in mid-February 2013 which injured about 1,500 people. Birdman was actually filmed in the spring of 2013 immediately following the Russian meteor. It also coincided with the exit period of Pope Benedict XVI (Feb 11-28, 2013)...

Feb 11, 2013 Pope Benedict XVI announces resignation
Feb 15, 2013 Major meteor impact in Russia
Feb 28 Benedict XVI steps down as pope
Mar 13, 2013 Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) elected pope

...celestially marked very precisely by a (pentagonal) "Orange/Golden Apple Alignment" or a Venus-Sun-Mercury alignment. (What is a Golden Apple Alignment?)

Another similarly pentagonal Orange/Golden Apple Alignment pinpointed this years' Oscars (Feb 22, 2015) where Birdman was a big winner. (See here for more on this Golden Apple Alignment.)

Feb 22 Oscars 2015: "Birdman" wins best picture
Feb 22 Eddie Redmayne wins best actor for portrayal of
Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything, a story about the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, was another big winner at the Oscars. "Stephen" means "crown" and "Hawking" is "hawk-king". That would be Horus, a hawk/falcon-headed ancient Egyptian deity, the son of Osiris and Isis, who was embodied by ancient Egyptian kings.

And look, Horus is... "Birdman"!


In this context the lowercase "i" in the otherwise uppercase BiRDMAN logo stands out and becomes meaningful, as putting together "Horus" and "i" gives us "i of Horus" or "Eye of Horus". You may also know it (more or less) as the notorious "All-Seeing Eye"...


Now, unbeknownst to most, the Eye of Horus was subtly present in the mission patch of NASA's Deep Impact mission (2005). As I decoded it before:

It was a comet mission, actually impacting Comet Tempel-1, thus the name "Deep Impact" which alludes to the 1998 comet doom movie...

...thereby resonating back with Birdman/Oscars and Russian meteor impact. Quite ominous stuff. And there is a time sequence involved as well...

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