Solstice Hellgate Activation

By Goro
January 3, 2014 (orig. Dec 25, 2013)

The original version of the following article was posted on my Super Torch Ritual Underground (STRUG) blog site back on December 25, 2013. I just decided to post the piece as-is without making any adjustments (with few exceptions) and as such some links going to posts inside STRUG will not work for non-members and there are also some references that will not be familiar to those outside of STRUG. Nevertheless overall it shouldn't be much of a problem for readers here.

Contact... with the Devil?

In the buildup to the highly-charged temporal window, all indications were that Winter Solstice 2013 would produce major events... something "deep impact" and/or something deeply meaningful in the multicontextual reality matrix that would go perfectly with the various interconnected patterns we've been following. Already, a cluster of heavily intertwined world events with significant multicontextual implications have caught our attention...

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But the "big one", which I was saving for this post, was Winter Storm "Gemini". Making big headlines right around December 21-22...

Dec 21 Severe and strange weather sweeps US
Dec 23 Christmas in the dark? Icy storm knocks out power
for hundreds of thousands

I had specifically stated that Orange/Golden Apple Alignments (pinpointing ~Dec 21) tend to coincide with "earth changes" type events...

...and that's what we got here as well, except this wasn't a super major, deadly quake or a hurricane/typhoon as you might have expected but a little more understated variety in the form of a powerful winter storm. What it lacked in physical impact, however, it made up for in scale and precision.

Shown on a map (see below), Winter Storm Gemini was a visually striking straight line, moving up diagonally from the Gulf of Mexico to the US Northeast...

It was observant reader Mithras who first brought it to my attention, that this storm line was perfectly tracing a certain esoteric "ley line" connecting many major cities along the US East Coast known in the past, apparently at least according to one source, as "Satan's Axis". (I have talked about it many years ago.) Thus, a clear and unsettling continuation/escalation of our "devil" motif/communication [that had been discussed on STRUG].

From The Labyrinth of the Grail by William F. Mann (pp.74-75):
If the inner secrets of Masonry do not lie in Hell where do they lie? Of course, they lie in Heaven. But Heaven needs Hell. Thus, through Craft Masonry the initiate learns that the original columns of the temple were hollow and each supported a globe, one representing a map of the world and the other a map of the heavens. In many ways the "mappamundi" produced in the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries reflects this notion where one ring or circle illustrates what was known of the eastern world at that time and the western circle represents the New World - L'Arcadia. Could mappamundi refer to a world created by the Cathar god of evil - Rex Mundi, "King of the World?"

If true, then it goes a long way to explain why the lands of the New World purportedly fell along what was considered in the sixteenth century to be SATAN'S AXIS, that line beyond what was known of the world at the time. Satan's Axis not only runs lengthwise through Nova Scotia but also extends through Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and along the Allegheny Mountains - all renowned areas of early occult and witchcraft practice.

Beyond coincidence is the fact that the largest manganese and coal deposits within Nova Scotia lie along this so-called Satan's Axis. And there is the evidence presented by Barry Fell in America B.C. that the majority of pre-Columbian relics and remnants found in North America also relate to this axis.
It's also been my observation that if Satan's Axis is extended beyond the New World towards Europe, it pinpoints... Paris. Making the great-circle axis not only "Trojan" but also Sirian. (Remember, Paris is semi-officially an Isis-Sirius city.) Symbolically perfect in this way, as the ISS (Isis) was making big headlines simultaneously on the solstice/Dec 21...

Dec 21 Spacewalking Astronauts Remove Faulty Space Station Pump

And this was just a couple of days after another very Sirian signal event, the Apollo Theatre ceiling collapse, where the play "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" was being performed.

Dec 19 London's Apollo Theatre's roof collapses

Dec 19, 2013 The Apollo Theater Code

At the time of the roof collapse at ~20:15 GMT in London, Sirius - aka the "Dog Star" - was rising right at the horizon!

Not only that, to reflect the play which revolves around a dog pierced by a garden fork, directly below London (nadir) at the time of the roof collapse was Centaurus piercing Lupus...

Now this nadir-based configuration is something that reminds us of this year's Super Bowl Galactic Center/Dark Rift alignment that was being formed at the time of the blackout incident following the Beyonce/Destiny's Child halftime show...

Feb 03, 2013 Super Bowl halted by power outage at Superdome
Feb 04 Jokesters, advertisers pounce on Super Bowl power outage

Winter Storm Gemini also caused massive power outage...

Dec 23 Ice Storm Leaves Tens Of Thousands In The Dark
Dec 23 Christmas in the dark? Icy storm knocks out power
for hundreds of thousands

Dec 25 Christmas weather: Ice storm leaves many
without power across U.S.
Dec 26 Tens of thousands likely without power until Saturday

This happened on the winter solstice when the Sun was aligned with/closest to the Galactic Center i.e. the exact spot that was directly below New Orleans (where the Super Bowl was being played) during the stadium blackout.

And Satan's Axis (= Winter Storm Gemini) is aligned with the New Orleans area (Super Bowl 2013), particularly the landfall point of Hurricane Katrina (2005), which was not only a storm but also a Galactic Mayan Storm, as it was pinpointing the halfway point between the Mayan calendar "end" date (12/21/2012) and the actual date of the "Galactic Alignment" (May 1998) popularly (but erroneously) associated with the Mayan "end" date.

This is rather chilling...

In the satellite map you can clearly see Winter Storm Gemini "emerging" from New Orleans/Katrina landfall!

It is certainly very fitting that the city New Orleans has its "voodoo" tradition, resonating with our "devil" motif. The Super Bowl certainly had a devil theme going as well, if you recall...

[Watch TV commercial]

Two faces => god Janus => "Janus" = name of
main antagonist in Angels & Demons (book version)

All these remarkable coincidences find another strong pattern confirmation in the fact that the Super Bowl halftime entertainer Beyonce just released her new album, digitally (iTunes) on December 13 and physically on... December 20 the day before solstice. It created a big buzz because her self-titled "visual" album Beyonce came out of nowhere and took people by surprise as it had been kept very secret, going by the code name "Lily" as in fleur-de-lis, a popular symbol of New Orleans.

At this point we can start putting the two and two together... The Galactic Center/Dark Rift and the devil/Satan... evoking the Mayan Underworld. Because the Milky Way's "Dark Rift" - a long black streak running through a segment of the celestial river overlapping the Galactic Center - was considered by the Mayans to be a road to Xibalba, their (heavenly) Underworld or Hell. ("Xibalba" means "Place of fear".) That's the domain of the devil/Satan of course.

Interestingly in Mayan tradition their Underworld had 9 levels. This is particularly meaningful in the context of Thor: The Dark World released just last month (Nov 2013) right at the time of the "Phoenix Storm" Hiayan/Yolanda. That was another big storm (if not the biggest ever). In addition to "The Dark World" evoking the Dark Rift Underworld, the movie's plot is centered around the idea of an alignment of the "Nine Realms" formerly connected by the "Rainbow Bridge".

[Thor: The Dark World - Oct 30/Nov 8]
In present-day Asgard, Loki stands imprisoned for his war crimes on Earth. Meanwhile, Thor, alongside warriors Fandral, Volstagg and Sif, repels marauders on Vanaheim, home of their comrade Hogun; it is the final battle in a war to pacify the Nine Realms following the reconstruction of Bifröst, the "Rainbow Bridge" between realms, which had been destroyed two years earlier. The Asgardians soon learn that the Convergence, a rare alignment of the Nine Realms, is imminent; as the event approaches, portals linking the worlds appear at random.
And Thor is not only the god of storms, but also the Norse version of Jupiter/Zeus. Where was the planet Jupiter during all this? In the constellation Gemini... the namesake of Winter Storm Gemini.

So as you can see, 2013 December solstice/Orange Alignment was a special time window, giving rise to events quite appropriate for the "end" of the Mayan calendar exactly one year prior (12/21/2012)... a galactic rebirth from the Dark Rift Underworld, i.e. a phoenix event. And this phoenix may well be largely equated with the "devil/Satan"... and now even with the Mayan resurrection deity Quetzalcoatl, a "feathered serpent", whom many speculated might return in 2012 at the end of the Long Count calendar. It's almost as if that's what's happening a year later in 2013-2014. Or at least the interdimensional whisper communications from the "devil" - or Enki - have been heavily relying on that storyline as a "carrier signal", transmitting a stream of inter-temporal insights and knowledge or "prophecies".

The simple fact is that us humans here on earth and in this realm we call reality we are limited beings, thus unnatural, like a dam holding back the water of a river. We are in this thing called time and yet can only see the past; the future is so much murkier, and from this condition arises everything that is earthly experience most of which not pleasant. When something is limited, it inevitably creates pressure, a force that seeks a more natural state, greater freedom and more universal truth. And thus come into existence the "whispers" or information leaks through the interdimensional "wall", from the other side, which we might call the Underworld, to our limited realm populated by temporally half-blind beings. Angels and Demons are at the dimensional portal, managing the flow of "forbidden knowledge". As the temporal and dimensional barrier collapses further as we move deeper into the 21st century, which is by design per the Time Rivers scheme, more and more responsibility will be put on us to handle the incoming "flood" of information ourselves. This is a critical moment in the evolution and for the survival of our species. The flood is coming, and it's either we take steps to deal with it and go on to the next level of existence like Noah and see the rainbow, or we falter and drown, going the way of Atlantis.

Essentially that's what's happening and what's being communicated. The question is, are we listening? Here on STRUG, I'd like to think we are.

To be continued... (In the cycle of time, it never ends.)

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