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From December 13, 2010~
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Dec 13: Since it's her birthday today...

Taylor Swift's Speak Now released on Oct 25, 2010...

Chart positions:
Nov 20 #1 - Nov 27 #2 - Dec 04 #9 - Dec 11 #4 - Dec 18 #2

...coinciding with Venus entering 'Underworld' (invisible in glare of Sun) at Chile mine latitude (~Oct 26) before reborn just days later as 'Morning Star' AKA Lucifer. Goddess.


Coincidence? Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night...

  • First single from Speak Now was 'Mine'.
  • 'Mine' was released on August 4, the day before Chile mine collapse (Aug 5).

Happy birthday, Taylor.

[Hap tip to reader P.]

Next pentagrammic point... winter solstice.


Dec 18: The multicontextual significance of the very rare coincidence coming up of a total lunar eclipse taking place on the winter solstice (Dec 21)...

  • It marks the final pentagrammic orbital contact point of the year; the previous two points in the sequence were Prince William's engagement announcement (Nov 16) and the successful rescue of the 33 Chilean miners (Oct 9-13).
  • It marks the opposite point from Prince William's birthday (summer solstice), the eldest son of Diana, a 'moon goddess'.
  • The Moon will turn reddish during the eclipse. In Japanese 'red moon' might be called 'aka-tsuki' (aka = red, tsuki = moon), a homonym of 'akatsuki' meaning 'dawn' - the name of a Japanese (JAXA) spacecraft recently sent to Venus the 'Morning Star' (= 'Lucifer' = 'son of dawn'); the Akatsuki probe failed to enter Venus orbit on Dec 6, two days after Venus reached peak brightness (coinciding with an equinoctially aligned pentagrammic date).
  • The same day (Dec 6) saw NASA's Nanosail-D spacecraft being ejected from the launch vehicle (later failing to unfurl its experimental solar sail), echoing Japan's Ikaros solar sail spacecraft launched with Akatsuki back on May 20 when the Sun was closest to the Pleiades star cluster AKA (mythologically) 'seven daughters of Atlas' or 'Atlantides'; 'Pleiades' means 'sailing (ones)'. Sun + Pleiades (sail) = 'solar sail'. May 20 was also the day the 'Dawn' module (=> akatsuki), delivered by space shuttle Atlantis (=> Atlas), opened its hatch for the first time at the ISS (space station).
  • 'Solar sail' implies 'solar wind' which in turn alludes to the House of Windsor, the British Royal Family. Windsor => 'winds-or' => 'winds-gold/sun' (as or in French means gold which is traditionally interchangeable with the Sun) => 'solar wind'.
  • Also worth mentioning: New film 'Gulliver's Travels' starring Jack Black to be released on December 22nd - a 'giant' story prominently featuring the Bermuda/Devil's Triangle... the same combination we had been seeing in our 'The Event' alignment scheme...

Bermuda_Tri-alignments-3b.gif (132615 bytes) 



Dec 26: An important postscript on the solstice eclipse...

The Moon turned blood-red exactly (and necessarily for any total lunar eclipse) 180 degrees away from the solstice Sun so as to become in effect the 'torch of Orion' at/near the Galactic Anticenter or the intersection of the Galactic Equator and the ecliptic (see picture above). It's where the Sun annually finds itself on the summer solstice, ~June 21, the date of Prince William's birth in 1982 from the lunar womb of Diana (= Roman moon goddess) which was also marked by a partial solar eclipse.

Viewed from London or anywhere along the Prime Meridian, this particular solar eclipse would have produced a precise alignment and/or greatest eclipse during culmination at the meridian or when the Sun reached its highest point in the local sky. London in this way was a 'Chosen City' that day... for the 'Chosen One' Prince William, born there that day at 9:03 pm (DST).

His fiancé Kate Middleton was also born with an eclipse on January 9th that same year (1982) - a total lunar eclipse, like the one we just had on the winter solstice.

Combined with the observations included in the previous post (Dec 18), it should be enough for you to start sensing the cosmic significance of the Royal Engagement and Wedding which will be one of the biggest events in 2011. So significant is it, in fact, that you are going to find that it's quite literally 'earthshaking', big time, this one. But anyway...



Jan 05: So what could birds ominously falling from the sky in Arkansas and seemingly all over the world...

Jan 02 Arkansas game officials probe mystery of falling birds
Jan 03 Dead fish cover 20-miles of Arkansas River
Jan 04 'Stress event' blamed after birds rain from sky
Jan 04 Louisiana Latest Place to Rain Dead Birds

...have to do with the Royal Wedding coming up on April 29? Sounds absurd, but the answer is "everything." More or less. Which also implies some serious "earthshaking" or as I'd like to call it a "Birthquake," per my previous declaration...

...the cosmic significance of the Royal Engagement and Wedding which will be one of the biggest events in 2011. So significant is it, in fact, that you are going to find that it's quite literally 'earthshaking', big time, this one.

A preview of the preview flashed in the October 8, 2009 episode of FlashForward...

...in which a flock of crows falls from the sky at the time of the mysterious "Global Blackout" event during which people all over the world have "flashforward" visions of their lives as they will exist on April 29, 2010 AKA "FlashForward Day."

In 2011, April 29 = Royal Wedding Day.

No earthquake there per se, but for that we go to The Core... a bona-fide "Underworld" movie also containing a fairly long bird collision/death scene during the opening sequence which takes place in London and woven into the whole scene is a double-decker bus which at one point flashes the magic number "429" as in "4/29" or "April 29"!

Add to these the fact that The Core as a whole tells a story of extreme earth changes caused by a secret military "earthquake machine" dubbed "Project DESTINI" (Deep Earth Seismic Trigger INItiative)... I think you can see why (though this is only one of many reasons) I've been emphasizing for months now the potentiality of the "Big One Birthquake" (San Andreas Fault, US west coast, Ring of Fire, and so forth) for 2011 in conjunction with the "Day of Destiny" (4/29).

[Note: In case you're wondering, I started paying attention to both The Core and FlashForward, highlighting them repeatedly down in the Underground/STRUG restricted area, back in November. Pattern-wise we were very much ahead of the curve on this.]

To top it all off, in Arkansas and apparently most other places which had similar incidents of birds falling from the sky, they were mostly "Red-winged Blackbirds" scientifically known as Agelaius phoeniceus. As noted by a reader, "phoeniceus" stems from the same root as "phoenix"! The phoenix embodies that which "Rises from the Underworld" a la the Chilean mine rescue where a capsule/elevator dubbed "The Phoenix" miraculously brought up all 33 miners out of the abyss safely as the whole world watched... multicontextually foreshadowing the Wedding/Rise of Prince William (among other things) who in turn is simulating the Resurrection of King Arthur, interchangeable with the Rebirth of the Phoenix. (See previous posts for all that.) It was a major "pentagrammic" event... (Note: "Core"/"Kore" is another name for Persephone the Greek goddess of the Underworld and is closely associated with the pentagram.)

We are quickly approaching the next such pentagrammic point - the first one of 2011 - coming up around January 8th.

While I'm not expecting the "Birthquake" there (or on April 29 for that matter), we should see an unmistakable "signal" that should continue the ongoing pattern/communication.


Jan 08:

Congresswoman Giffords shot in Tucson

Jupiter explodes into "second sun" ("two sun"/Tucson) at end of Arthur C. Clarke's "2010: The Year We Make Contact" (sequel to "2001"), dubbed "Lucifer" (in book version)

2010-Jupiter_explosion.gif (68212 bytes)

2010-phoenix.gif (111620 bytes)

2nd/rescue mission to Jupiter in 2010 partly dubbed "Phoenix" (i.e. resurrecting HAL) 

Congresswoman (Giffords) from Tuscon, Arizona

    • Tucson = "two sun" = "Lucifer" (in Arthur C. Clarke's "2010: The Year We Make Contact" Jupiter explodes into a second sun dubbed "Lucifer")

    • Giffords married to NASA shuttle astronaut - the film "The Astronaut's Wife" is about extraterrestrial possession/baby

    • Arizona capital = Phoenix; Arizona flag = pentagram

Jan 15 Update : David Bowman...

Tucson-DavidBowman.jpg (54403 bytes)- "Main" character in 2001/2010 is "Dr. David Bowman" who is reborn as "Star-Child" before  Jupiter's "Lucifer" ("two-sun")  explosion
- First doctor at scene of Tucson/"two-sun" shooting (going first to Congresswoman) was named "Dr. David Bowman" [video interview]

Foresight in hindsight - from JAN 5 post:

"We are quickly approaching the next such pentagrammic point - the first one of 2011 - coming up around January 8th. ...we should see an unmistakable 'signal' that should continue the ongoing pattern/communication."



Jan 20Almost time for the next pentagrammic contact point, ~January 26-27, of the solstice-aligned variety. Whereas the previous one (equinox-aligned, giving us the Tucson shooting) was temporally anchored by  the Venus inferior conjunction (Oct 29) and such with main focus on Lucifer/Morning Star, this one stems directly from the Chile mine rescue, i.e. "Phoenix" out of the "Underground." It has a very similar, interchangeable theme but with emphasis slightly more on the royalty aspect of the narrative identifying Prince William as the "Morning Star King" (i.e. Lucifer). No coincidence, in fact, that North (& South) Korea was all over the news around the winter solstice; the country's heir presumptive (prince) Kim Jong-un has the nickname "Morning Star King" and his birthday happens to be January 8 (Tucson tragedy).

V-solstice-Devil_DVD.jpg (62494 bytes)For good measure the Devil himself said "hi" on the winter solstice, which actually makes a lot of multicontextual sense (see graphic right).

Makes us wonder... Congresswoman Giffords is miraculously recovering from her head wound in Tucson - near Phoenix (= resurrection) - as if to reenact the tale of the Beast in the Book of Revelation who is described as doing just that, miraculously 1-14-2011-Maddow_Ophiuchus.png (165593 bytes)recovering from a severe head wound. Note that the shooter's last name "Loughner" means "healer," which finds further resonance in the recent Ophiuchus/"new Zodiac" buzz on the web and in the mainstream news as Ophiuchus is normally identified with Asclepius, a healer.

Looking ahead, a big event already scheduled for the window coming up (~Jan 26-27) is Obama's State of the Union address on January 25 (where we may see more "healing" gestures as the members of the two usually dueling political parties may sit together this year, breaking tradition in response to Tucson). Apart from the seating arrangement, my main interest there (for now) would be to see if the customary GOP response speech coming right after the presidential address will be delivered by one Marco Rubio from Florida. He's someone I'm watching very closely (since November) just as I did with Obama starting in 2004 and also Palin starting just days after her debut (i.e. projecting her 2012 presidential ambition). Rubio may well be picked to run as the Republican vice presidential candidate in 2012... a possibility made more realistic if he gave the GOP response speech on January 25.

[UPDATE Jan 21: Nope, it's gonna be Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) who will do the GOP rebuttal. Interesting. Regardless, Rubio should be watched closely over the next two presidential election cycles. He can still say "hi" to the nation in January 2012 doing the rebuttal then.]

More generally speaking, however, based on the pattern we've seen thus far we should be on the lookout in the main for "Morning Star King" events/signals.

[Hat tip to readers Nick, Barley, XH, et al.]


Egypt in historic/pentagrammic uprising
Jan 25: Protests started
Jan 28: Point of no return reached

Jan 25 Three killed in Egypt protests
Jan 25 State of the Union 2011: Obama hails 'Sputnik moment'
Jan 26 Egypt protests: Demonstrators 'face prosecution'
Jan 26 Thousands defy Egypt's leader in fresh protests
Jan 26 Astronomers Discover Oldest Galaxy Yet Seen
Jan 27 Egypt unrest: ElBaradei 'ready' to lead transition
Jan 27 Yemenis join protest wave
Jan 27 Egypt Protests Force Dialogue With Ruling Party?
Jan 28 Egypt sends army into streets amid mass protests
Jan 28 Mubarak Maintains Power, Asks Cabinet to Resign

Detailed explanation coming...


Feb 07Super Bowl, "2012," and "pole shift"... somehow woven together by Wisconsin.

[Packers based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.]

Feb 06 Green Bay Packers Win Super Bowl

[Wisconsin somehow a motif in movie 2012]

[Inexplicable cluster of "Wisconsin" events Jan-Feb 2011]

  • On Jan 14, 200 cows were found dead in Wisconsin

  • On Jan 23, Green Bay Packers from Wisconsin advances to Super Bowl

  • On Jan 24, Oprah Winfrey revealed her long lost sister who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • On Jan 25, Obama hails "Sputnik moment" in State of the Union speech (piece Jan-2011-Wisconsin.jpg (174621 bytes)of Soviet's Sputnik 4 fell in Wisconsin in 1962); customary Republican response to SOTU speech delivered by congressman from Wisconsin (Paul Ryan)

  • On Jan 26, Obama's first visit/speech after his SOTU speech in Manitowoc, Wisconsin where piece of Sputnik 4 fell in 1962

  • On Jan 26, American Idol episode in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • On Feb 06, Green Bay Packers from Wisconsin wins Super Bowl

*    *    *


  • The next pentagrammic window is around February 11-12, coming directly from Jan 8 Tucson shooting (Giffords) and with the consistent theme so far of Venus/Morning Star/Lucifer.

  • I will do a more thorough review of the previous penta window (~Jan 26-27) which gave rise to the Egyptian uprising (still unfolding) probably after Feb 12. It's more meaningful than you realize...


Feb 13As promised, a new article "Risen in Egypt"... to fill in the gaps. Should answer a lot of questions, most notably how the Egyptian Revolution ties in with the "Morning Star/Lucifer out of the Underworld" motif which it does indeed quite dramatically.


Feb 19: Even more 2012-esque now (than before) with the Sun & Wisconsin erupting simultaneously this week...

Feb 16 Thousands protest Wisconsin anti-union bill
Feb 17 Mega Solar Flare Fuels Earthly Disruption and Light Shows
Feb 17 Solar Flare: Communications, Grids Could Be Disrupted
Feb 18 Democrats flee Wisconsin Senate to slow anti-union bill
Feb 18 Union showdowns spread across the country
Feb 18 Tea Party to rally for Wisconsin anti-union bill
Feb 19 Lawmaker: Gov's plan has torn Wisconsin apart

[Wisconsin/2012 motif noted on Feb 7 before protests began there]

[In 2012 (film) we see powerful solar flares heating up the earth's core (a la The Core already discussed) and moving the south magnetic pole to Wisconsin.]

The timing here is important. Without going into detail, let's just say we'll like have an "interesting" - very interesting - Easter/Resurrection sequence this year peaking mid/late April (in a way stemming from last year's Deepwater Horizon opening a "portal" into the "underworld"). The Royal Wedding is naturally part of it along with the theoretical "Birthquake" but not exclusively so. The sequence may begin as early as early- March. That's it for now on that.


Feb 26: Coming up next in our pentachronometric sequence...

- Apple to introduce "iPad 2" on Mar 2
- Apple introduced iPad on Jan 27, '10
- Successive pentachronometric hits
- iPad dimensions = pentagrammic
- Apple core = pentagram-shaped
iPad-penta-orbit-seq.jpg (67899 bytes)

[Related pentachronometric progressions]

Earth-penta-MorningStar_Seq.gif (66602 bytes)       Earth-penta-Egypt-seq-2b.gif (87512 bytes)

(Gaddafi removal or some other major development in Libya around March 2-3? It would fit the pattern quite well.)


Mar 07: UPDATED...

Pentachronometric Progressions
Solstice-aligned Equinox-aligned Solstice-aligned
iPad-penta-orbit-seq.jpg (67899 bytes)
~March 2-3 window Lucifer, NASA alien & two suns  Apple/iPad sequence


Mar 02 Steve Jobs shows up (resurrected) for iPad 2 release
Mar 02 Steve Jobs' surprise appearance a 'big deal'

Mar 3/4 China's 'Two Suns' Video Unexplained By Science

Mar 4/5 NASA scientist: Evidence of alien life on meteorite
Mar 4/5 Life in meteorites? Study stirs debate




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