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From May 10 ~ Oct 18, 2009
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May 10:


May 13: It's almost here: a golden (phi) point of a radioactive golden star (Venus)!

What happened last time:

In addition, 'Moloch' is active for the rest of May...

Brace for impact?


May 19: There, it, is. Whisper Screaming of Bigfoot...

May 16 Primate Fossil Could Be Key Link in Evolution (ABC)
May 16 German Fossil Found to Be Early Primate (NYT)
May 19 Scientists Unveil Missing Link In Evolution (everywhere)
(May 25 'The Link' airing on History channel)

'Bigfoot' has been our codeword for 'evolutionary missing link'...
Key theme we've been closely tracking for months
(see latest 'Whisper of the Fifth Sun' - 5/5/09)

'Missing link' ('Bigfoot') officially revealed right around May 17
coinciding with Venus Transit phi/golden point which was also closely monitored - see previous post (May 13)

~May 25 is the other May 'epicenter' (orbitally mirroring Mumbai terror attacks ~November 26/27 expressing 'Moloch') - when History will air 'The Link' discussing the same 'missing link' fossil... saying 'This Changes Everything'

A major 'signal' this is...


May 28: You may have noticed the May 25 impact...

As per my previous post (May 19)... 

~May 25 is the other May 'epicenter' (orbitally mirroring Mumbai terror attacks ~November 26/27 expressing 'Moloch') - when History will air 'The Link' discussing the same 'missing link' fossil... saying 'This Changes Everything' A major 'signal' this is...

(Note: May 25 was already considered a temporal epicenter before 'The Link' was announced, not because of it.)

Unmistakable was the interaction between May 25 and ~April 4 (our previous MLK window)...

  April 4-6, 2009 May 25, 2009
N. Korea 4/4-5: N. Korea launches rocket - international controversy 5/25: N. Korea (2nd) nuclear test - international controversy
'Bigfoot' 4/5-6: Italy ('Big-foot/boot'-shaped country) earthquake disaster 5/25: 'The Link' (Ida the 'missing link' fossil) aired on History channel
MLK 4/4: MLK/Martin Luther King assassination anniversary - 'Ida' the missing link = skeleton/death of child/girl (Molock/MLK associated w/ child sacrifice)
- Orbital mirror ~11/27/08: film 'Milk' (MLK) released
Orbital Mirror Oct 8-10, '08: 2nd anniversary of N. Korea 1st nuke test 11/27/08: Mumbai terror attacks; film 'Milk' (MLK) released


Earth Orbital Mirrors
44_MLK-mirror-3.gif (44076 bytes) MLK_Mumbai-mirror.gif (31234 bytes)


Mumbai terror
NK rocket test
11-26-2008-Mumbai_terror.gif (127285 bytes) 04-04-2009-KN-satellite.jpg (118007 bytes)


'Milk' release
'The Link' on History
Milk_film.jpg (17104 bytes) The_Link.jpg (40330 bytes)

Enough said (though that's just part of the story).


June 10: Brace for lunar impact...

Japan's Kaguya/SELENE spacecraft to impact the Moon on June 10/11. [India's Chandrayaan-1 impacted the Moon last year Nov. 14/15 shortly before major terror attacks in Mumbai (Nov. 26-29).
NASA's LCROSS mission, scheduled for launch on June 17 (together with Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter), is going to strike the Moon near the south pole (date undetermined) in search of signs of water.
ABC mini TV series June 21 & 28 'Impact': 'The most spectacular meteor shower in 10,000 years results in a direct hit to the moon, leaving it on a collision course with the Earth.' [preview video]

Princess Diana (= name of moon goddess) was killed in a car crash (lunar impact) in Paris - the destination of Air France Flight 447 (crash June 1, '09) from Rio...


June 18: From spaceweather.com:

GREAT RED SPOT RIVAL: Astronomers are monitoring a new red spot forming in Jupiter's northern hemisphere--a brick-red storm nearly as large as the Great Red Spot itself. On June 17th, amateur astronomer Christopher Go of the Philippines photographed it using an 11-inch Celestron telescope:

The Great Red Spot = 'Eye of Jupiter'. This is the stuff of 'Whisper of the Fifth Sun' and '2010'.


June 25:

Lunar Impact

End of


July 02: This was yet another 'Moon Impact'...

Jun 30 Yemen jet crashes in Indian Ocean

It crashed near its destination the Comoros Islands (capital Moroni) which derives its name (Comoros) from the Arabic word qamar meaning 'moon'!

(Hat tip to Azazel.)


July 16: Brace for phoenix impact...

[The phoenix lifespan typically said to be 500 years]

July 15:
Space shuttle Endeavour TS-127 launching with
500th man in space

July 15:
Crew of Mars-
500  project  completing 105-day mock Mars mission

July 15:
Caspian Airlines plane crash in Iran (168 dead) - logo featuring

July 17:
500 Days of Summer
limited release (US)

It was back on May 25, 2008 that the phoenix and 500 converged via Mars and Indiana.


May 25, 2008 - NASA Phoenix Mars landing

May 25, 2008 - Indianapolis 500 race in Indiana/In-Diana

Implying: 'Resurrection of that which was/is in Diana/Moon'...

...now with emphasis more on the younger one - Prince Harry...

Jul 15 release:
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

A sequel to...

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

You get the point. (If not, please see 'The Moonwalker Prophecy'.) 

The next several days (centered around the 18th) should be very interesting...



July 27: Pointing things out before they happen is the best and quickest way to demonstrate the validity of a pattern. This is important especially when dealing with such unconventional, multicontextual patterns as we do around here.

Back on July 16, a Phoenix Impact 'alert'...

[July 16 post]

Right on time on July 19, a Jupiter Impact....

...a la 2010

     2010-Jupiter_hole.gif (148024 bytes)

...in which HAL's resurrection at Jupiter is dubbed...

'Chandra' means 'moon' as in Diana...

[July 16 post]

...whose death/aftermath is depicted in The Queen,
main character played by 2010's Helen Mirren

You get the point. (See 'The Moonwalker Prophecy' for larger context.) I know I haven't explained the timing aspect, i.e. how it was pinpointed, but maybe we'll go into that another time.


Aug 08: Coming up in space (marking a key window)...


Aug 13:

fire_orange_align-081009.gif (42693 bytes)
Feb 10 'Fire Alignment' Mar 31 'Orange Alignment' Aug 10 'Orange Fire Alignment'

Feb 10 Russian and US satellites collide
Mar 28 Red River Has Peaked, Experts Say

Aug 08 Helicopter, Plane Collide Over Hudson
Aug 09 Mysterious object in Saturn's ring
Aug 10 Earthquakes shake Tokyo and Indian Ocean
~Aug 10 'Hundreds lost' in Taiwan typhoon


Aug 18: We now know when and where Michael Jackson will be buried - the final piece of the Moonwalker puzzle...


08-18-2009-MJ_burial-date.jpg (51973 bytes) Aug 18 Michael Jackson will be buried on his 51st birthday

Jackson will be buried Saturday, August 29, on what would have been the singer's 51st birthday... The private ceremony will take place at Holly Terrace in The Great Mausoleum at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California...

Aug 18 Hurricane Bill expected to become Category 3 soon

Hurricane Bill churned toward the west-northwest Tuesday as it teetered on the brink of becoming a major hurricane... Tuesday night or Wednesday, it will become a Category 3 hurricane.

08-18-2009-Hurricane_Bill.jpg (49609 bytes)
08-18-2009-Novak_death.jpg (49827 bytes) Aug 18 Columnist Robert Novak dies at 78

Conservative columnist... Robert Novak has died after a yearlong battle with cancer, his family said Tuesday. He was 78... He was dubbed "The Prince of Darkness" by friends for his pessimistic persona...

...dramatically confirming interpretations presented in 'The Moonwalker Prophecy', i.e. the phoenix storyline in the form of a Moon-Diana Impact/Resurrection embodied by Prince William. (Hurricane Bill/William and Robert Novak AKA 'Prince of Darkness' accompanying the MJ burial news are meaningful in this context. Hat tip to HWB.)

MJ will be buried - the ultimate expression of death - on his birthday (August 29). Death and birth together like the phoenix that rises from its own ashes. August 29 is also the birthday of John McCain, the former Republican presidential candidate from Phoenix... whose running mate Sarah Palin was introduced on August 29 last year. Palin is symbolically all about birth/rebirth as discussed in 'Mayan Palingenesis' (Palingenesis = 'rebirth', associated with fascism)...

...with an implied connection to the British Royal Family. Sarah Palin is reportedly a distant cousin of Princess Diana and 'McCain' means 'son of Cain' insinuating 'Dragon/Grail bloodline' linked to the biblical figure Cain which Diana's bloodline (Stuart) appears to represent, with Prince William seemingly embodying the Once and Future King, Arthur.

Palin is a 'Mayan' figure... someone I projected (soon after her debut) to figure heavily in the 2012 presidential election cycle as a twisted expression of pregnancy/birth/rebirth at the 'end' of the Mayan calendar, 2012, which is also the year of the Summer Olympics in London, the city of the British Royal Family... including Prince William who is getting ready to be 'born' or 'resurrected' - now reportedly planning to get married by 2012 (!) - from the womb of the Moon (Diana) a la the Monolith... which is a 'tomb' i.e. August 31, the date of Diana's death in a car crash back in 1997 (Moon Impact), coinciding with the Sun right at the crossroads of the analemma figure-8...

...which in turn was evoked by one of this year's crop circles discovered on May 25, the first anniversary of the successful Mars landing by NASA's Phoenix.


May 25, 2008 - NASA Phoenix Mars landing

May 25, 2009 - Figure-8 crop circle discovered in England

August 29 is also ancient Egyptian (Alexandrian) New Year's Day inseparable from Sirius (heliacal rising) and the start of the annual life-giving flooding of the Nile which was a resurrection/rebirth event signifying the revitalization of Osiris, the god of the dead and underworld. The five days preceding the New Year's Day are calendrically days 'out of time' and we should see something interesting if not dramatic there around August 26.


  Projections Ted Kennedy (etc.)
Aug 26 '... we should see something interesting if not dramatic there
around August 26
August 25/26:
Senator Ted Kennedy dies
King Arthur '... the Once and Future King, Arthur.' Kennedy's death marks the end of Camelot
Aug 29 '[MJ's] birthday (August 29). Death and birth together like the phoenix that rises from its own ashes.' Kennedy Laid to Rest at Arlington
Aug 29 & Moon Impact '...the phoenix storyline in the form of a Moon-Diana Impact/Resurrection...' Aug 29: India loses Chandrayaan-1 (Its Moon Impact Probe striking Moon back in Nov '08)


Aug 24: So we learned Michael Jackson's burial will not take place on August 29 as originally scheduled but a little later on September 3. It was back on September 3, 2006 that the lunar satellite SMART-1 deliberately crashed into the Moon. (Kaguya and LCROSS - both lunar impact probes - preceded MJ's death in June.)

On September 3 last year, Sarah Palin officially became the Republican vice presidential candidate at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

Princess Diana was buried on September 6. So in a sense she would be 'resurrected' from there... via Prince William. As noted by reader HWB, the story of this 'Grail Resurrection' inevitably brings to mind Jesus who had his Last Supper three days before his resurrection, i.e. 'Maundy Thursday' and 'Resurrection Sunday' (Easter). Three days before September 6 is September 3... which is Thursday (thus September 6 = Sunday = Resurrection day). A perfect parallel.

Not only that, as HWB also noted, Michael Jackson's burial place, Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, has an amazing reproduction of Da Vinci's Last Supper in the Great Mausoleum which is precisely where MJ will be buried!

So, rather than invalidate, the little date shift of MJ's burial ends up confirming our original interpretation.

UPDATE: MJ had his own 'Last Supper' painting with him taking the place of Jesus...


Sep 08: The key to understanding the esoteric side of the health care reform debate - which has been the predominant political news over the summer in the US - is the pentagram. For whatever reason the Pythagoreans called it 'Hygieia', meaning 'health' (also name of the goddess of health) as in health care. And so it is that President Obama is set to give his make-or-break speech on the issue in the form of an address to Congress tomorrow, September 9, 2009 or 9/9/09, an unmistakable 'pentagram day'!

Here is how it works: The traditional symbol for Venus is the pentagram; Venus orbits around the Sun almost exactly 13 times as Earth completes 8 revolutions or 8 years, which results in a remarkable celestial dance (orbital interaction) literally drawing a near-perfect pentagram inside the inner solar system. (See graphic.)

[image source]

Strikingly precise - almost 'intelligent' (as it may well be) - but there is a small, incremental 'drift' along the ecliptic resulting in a minus ~2 day shift for an 8-year pentagram. 8 years minus 2 days... From 9/9/09 and going backwards, you arrive precise at the fateful day of terror... September 11, 2001!

In other words, a single Venus pentagram is completed precisely between 9/11/2001 and 9/09/2009! On that fateful day, along with the Twin Towers, the Pentagon was attacked and partially destroyed... starting a 'Final Countdown', or a preview of such countdown initiated in 2004, the year of the Venus Transit (directly associated with the planet's pentagonal orbit), which was the first one of the 'Mayan' pair. The second Venus Transit is coming in 2012... the year of the 'end' of the Mayan calendar.

As above, so below. 2004 ended with a historic 'great flood' - Sumatra... on December 25-26. Jump forward one pentagram (i.e. 8 years minus ~2 days), and you'll land within 3 days of the 'end' date of the Mayan calendar!

That's the hidden context of what's taking place around the temporal 'district 9' or 9/9/09... most notably Obama's health/pentagram care speech. It will be followed by another key date around September 17th again involving a Venus Transit and the 'end' of the Mayan calendar. It's a golden ratio point... an inverted version of which marking ~September 12, 2007 coincided with major Indonesian quakes near Sumatra.

(Dan Brown's new book The Lost Symbol set for release on September 15 is a key part of the pattern as well.)

Sept 18 Earthquake strikes off Indonesian island Bali


Sep 14: Reading this portion of the NYT review of The Lost Symbol (release tomorrow):

...two highly familiar tourist stops, both rendered newly breathtaking by Mr. Brown's clever shifting of perspective. Thanks to him, picture postcards of the capital's most famous monuments will never be the same.

...makes me wonder if Brown's latest novel will make use of the following Masonic DC symbolism - something I noticed before and as far as I know not discussed anywhere as of September 14, 2009 (no Google hits):

[Washington Monument & Reflecting Pool as 'unfinished pyramid']

 Well, I wouldn't be surprised.


Sep 23: An important addendum to our Sept 8 post...

Pentagrammic  9/9/9 Ritual:

Apple, Beatles & Healthcare

Sep 09 Apple's Steve Jobs returns, introduces new iPods
Sep 09 Beatles' remastered CDs released
Sep 09 Beatlemania lives - in virtual reality

Sep 09 Obama urges health care reform in address to Congress

  • Beatles company = Apple Corps (pronounced 'apple core')
  • Apple's core = pentagram (stressed by Pythagoreans)
  • Health = Hygieia = pentagram (for Pythagoreans)

[Pentagram in apple's core]

[Pentagram drawn by Venus-Earth orbit interaction -
takes 8 yrs minus 2 days to complete]

It was a perfect convergence of multicontextually coherent events on 9/9/9 expressing 'pentagram', implying various things... some prophetic.

It's also an important fact that most of the Beatles songs were co-owned by Michael Jackson who was buried on September 3, just six days before 9/9/9 resurrection ritual day.


Oct 02:

Chicago shocked early, then Rio wins 2016 Games

'Chicago was knocked out in the first round - in one of the most shocking defeats ever in International Olympic Committee voting.'

Impact foreshadowed...


Oct 06 Scientist reproduces Turin shroud


Oct 06: If you must know...

The Pentagrammic Baphomet
Water/Lunar Impact Timecode

Related news/event links:
Mar 1: Chang'e 1 impacts the Moon
Mar 2: Mars had 'recent' running water
Oct 9: NASA's LCROSS crashes into the Moon
Oct 9: 'Moving Stars and Earth For Water'


Oct 12: As I was saying, it's the pentagram (see Sep 8, Sep 23, Oct 6)...


Oct 18: The hidden design of the Colorado saucer balloon fiasco...

  Colorado Balloon Roswell UFO NASA Genesis
'Flying saucer' O O O
Balloon O  O x
'Desert' crash/landing O O O
Southwestern US O O O
Latitude ~40.05N O x O
Longitude ~104.5W O  O x
[Media images] 10-15-2009-balloon_saucer-2.jpg (35393 bytes) Roswell-Marcel.gif (16422 bytes) 09-08-2004-Genesis_crash.jpg (60994 bytes)

  The Air Force in 1994/5 claimed the Roswell UFO was in fact a Project Mogul balloon.
This is the longitude of one of the purported Roswell UFO crash sites.

What could this mean?


Oct 24: I'm thinking ~November 4th should be interesting. There seems to be a convergence of patterns around there... with an apparent theme of 'political deep impact'. Not sure what that implies.