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ELENIN: Lucifer's Comet
Contact via "Hidden Form"

 by Goro  - September 27, 2011
(goroadachi.com & supertorchritual.com)

Quatrain IV-28
When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form:
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
Through warlike noise it will be insulted.

- Nostradamus

"Occult" Communication

Magic is in the air... It's called Elenin (c/2010 X1). Not just a comet, it's a "messenger". Except no one is getting its message. But it's not too late. This article will help change all that.

There are three sides to Comet Elenin: First, there is the inexplicable hysteria ("Nibiru!" "Brown dwarf!" "Deep Impact!"); second, there is the dull reality ("it's just an insignificant comet"); and third, in the grey area and unbeknownst to most, there is the hidden communication. The first two are just your normal wild claims vs. science and for the uninitiated. The last one... is an entirely different animal, a form of "disclosure" intended for a small target audience and is the real reason Elenin exists at this time to, in essence, initiate "Contact." Indeed "something wonderful," something extraordinary, is quietly underway and I'm writing this article to disclose the fact that Comet Elenin has a "hidden form" that is demonstrably intelligent. Many levels to it, all of which persistently pentagrammic... as if to open a Gateway to the Underworld.

Sounds as irrational a claim as any out there, except here I can prove this "hidden form" actually exists, even though it should not be possible. I will present geometric evidence the clarity of which will be such that you see it and you get it. You see it...

...you get it. Because geometry speaks louder than words and you don't argue with geometry. Besides, the groundwork has been laid in my previous article "Lucifer's Destiny" (4/18/2011) which stressed the significance of pentagrammic configurations often identical to the one you see above. If your recall...


[2010 Chile earthquake - 6th largest quake on record]


Venus/Morning Star/Lucifer :
(Inferior Conjunction)

[Venus = Morning Star = "light-bearer" = Lucifer]

"I should tell you, watch Prince William...
It's coming soon
- Goro/Etemenanki, Oct 20, 2010

  • Oct 20, 2010: Prince William proposes to Kate Middleton in Kenya in total secret

  • Nov 16, 2010: Engagement announced to world

[animated - orig. source - video simulation]

...and so on.

The point being, Comet Elenin appears to highlight "Lucifer's birthplace" i.e. where Venus was reborn/conceived as the Morning Star...

...thereby identifying itself as "Comet Lucifer".

"Lucifer's Hammer" (1977) - Doomsday Comet


Or perhaps a "messenger from Lucifer," practically a "Monolith"... Mysterious, silent, understated...

[Elenin discovered in "the Year We Make Contact" - "2010"]

...something of a Stargate Initiator and a "hidden/occult form" a la Quatrain IV-28.

Quatrain IV-28
Lors que Venus du Sol sera couuert,
Soubs l'esplendeur sera forme occulte:
Mercure au feu les aura descouuert,
Par bruit bellique sera mis l'insulte.
When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form:
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
Through warlike noise it will be insulted.

- Nostradamus

Extraterrestrial clues....

B: [...] "During the time of troubles, at a point when the sun is between the Earth and Venus (and thus from the earth's point of view Venus will appear to be hidden by the sun) there will be a visitation from the Watchers, those who have kept an eye on mankind's development. They will approach from the direction of Venus so they too will be temporarily hidden by the sun, but they will be exposed through the power of Mercury, that is, through the powers of observation and communication. The scientists who are involved with radiotelescopy and its similar disciplines will find an anomaly that will catch their attention. As they study it they will come to the realization of a strong indication of what they would refer to as a UFO. This is actually the instrument used by the Watchers to observe mankind." [...]

...from Conversations With Nostradamus Vol. 1 (1991) by hypnotherapist and author Dolores Cannon; one of her subjects in deep hypotonic trance interpreting Quatrain IV-28 (p.262).

["E.T." - music video (2011)]

Not to be taken too literally, of course. These are fractally resonating expressions delineating an inter-contextual framework.

August 16, 2011

Another reality-fiction intersection of note is the date "August 16"... In Deep Impact (1998) it was the day of impact.

In reality, specifically this year (2011), it was the day of superior conjunction of Venus with the Sun, aligned again with the "hidden form" (pentagram)...

      "Stargate Sequence":

  • "Venus Stargate Activation (covered by sun)" #1: Morning Star born shortly after Venus inferior conjunction (in front of Sun as seen from Earth) in November 2010.

  • "Venus Stargate Activation (covered by sun)" #2: Morning Star "dies" shortly before Venus superior conjunction (behind Sun as seen from Earth) around August 2011, then reborn as Evening Star in September.

Mercury was part of the second alignment, making it all the more significant...

Quatrain IV-28
When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form:
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
Through warlike noise it will be insulted.

- Nostradamus

So where was Comet Elenin?

While not directly aligned, Elenin was clearly cognizant of what was happening. The comet's "ascending node" - where it crosses the ecliptic or the plane of the solar system from below - was placed right on that Aug 16 alignment line. (Elenin was there on September 14.)

On August 16 itself, Elenin was seen producing an equally telling set of alignments:


Remarkably intelligent... And just the tip of the iceberg.

Shock Wave

We knew going in how intense August was going to be thanks in large part to the alignment. We saw it coming, and we definitely felt it...

~ Foresight in Hindsight ~

The window we are entering right now... generally "around
August"... we will feel it
- from July 26 post

From March 11 post: "I should tell you, there is going to be a 'Deep Impact' period this summer, a key window around late July (anchor date July 27) and then probably more intensely, around August 16. You will feel the impact, particularly the latter date/window. (You heard it here first.)"

From April 18 article: "There are a couple of very intense 'deep impact' windows coming up around late July and mid August that may well come into play."

From April 26 post: "There is also an 'eventful' window in late July-August (mentioned before a few time already)..."

From June 27 post: "Personally though I continue to be more interested in the coming period closely matching the traditional Dog Days with a number of anchor dates including ~July 27 and ~August 16. We're looking at some sirius stuff there."

["It Wasn't Just You: August Was a Huge Month for News"]

 News Links:
8/3 Mubarak's trial begins in Cairo
8/4 NASA Data Suggest Water Flowing on Mars
8/4 Dow free falls 512 points
8/5 Major geomagnetic storm as CMEs hit Earth
US credit rating downgraded for first time
8/6 Israelis stage mass protests over rising living costs
8/7 22 Navy SEALs dead in Afghan chopper crash
8/7 Emergency talks to calm global financial crises
8/7 Syrian tanks attack eastern city of Deir al-Zour
8/8 London riots: Looting and violence continues
8/8 Asian stock markets dip on global economic growth fears
8/8 Markets volatile following European Central Bank move
Wall Street rocked by downgrade of U.S. debt
8/8 London riots spread across England
8/09 Sun unleashes largest flare (X7) in years
8/10 Dow plunges 519 pts as fear grips Wall Street
8/13 Texas Gov. Rick Perry jumps into 2012 presidential race
8/13 Stage collapse at Indiana State Fair kills several
8/18 Syria unrest: World leaders call for Assad to step down
8/18 Share markets plummet as fear returns
8/21 Gadhafi regime on verge of collapse
8/23 Rebels 'breach Gaddafi compound'
8/23 5.8 Quake: Evacuations in DC, NYC
8/23 How the quake affected U.S. landmarks
8/24 End of an era: Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO
8/26 Hurricane Irene: Obama warns of 'historic' storm
8/31 Irene floods in North Carolina and New York 'disaster'

Virgin Birthquake

Particularly revealing, I thought, was the earthquake in Virginia...

Aug 23 Virginia earthquake felt in Washington and New York
Aug 23 D.C., N.Y. buildings evacuate as quake felt across East
Aug 23 Earthquake shuts down Virginia nuclear plant
Aug 23 How the quake affected U.S. landmarks

Clearly a made-for-TV "Birthquake"... signaling the imminent rebirth of Venus (as the Evening Star). Sequentially it was a follow-up to the Japanese quake & tsunami catastrophe which in turn was a "water breaking" event for the Royal Wedding watched by the whole world less than 2 months later, signifying the rebirth of the Once and Future King (or King Arthur-Lucifer-phoenix)... The main topic, of course, in Lucifer's Destiny.

[Flag of San Francisco]

The "smoking gun," as it were, was in the latitude. Virginia's epicenter was aligned with Japan's ground zero as well as San Francisco. In other words, smack right dab in the middle of what we had come to view as the "Birthtquake Zone" - 37-38.3N.

[5/11/2011 Spanish quake was another one in same zone.]

Tantalizingly close to the pentagrammic angle 36 degrees, but just a bit off.

The reason is "eccentricity." Earth's orbit is an imperfect circle slightly off-center relative to the Sun, which means a pentagram inscribed inside it (all apexes touching the orbit) would also be off-center, shifting the angle from ~36 degrees to... ~38 degrees (+/- 0.5)!

So here we have Virginia's epicenter on the globe viewed squarely from the side...

...now lining up perfectly with the eccentricity-adjusted pentagram! (Sun anchored to Earth's center.)

Not just Virginia but also Japan's disaster area, San Francisco, etc. In other words, the whole "Birthquake Zone".

Chilling precision, unfathomable intelligence. That's the stuff of Contact.

Another equally impressive geometric message, initially hinted in the name "Golden Gate" (in San Francisco), has to do with the Golden Ratio (or "phi") which is fractally encoded in pentagram...

1 : 1.618

Turns out the Birthquake latitude is exactly 1.618 times that of the Tropic of Cancer (~23.44 North), i.e. Golden Ratio(Big thanks to reader "Azazel" for discovering this and independently noting Elenin's pentagrammic approach to Earth.)

23.44 : ~37.93 = 1 : 1.618

The Tropic of Cancer is the Sun's summer solstice angle (declination) reflected on the surface of the Earth, therefore a "hyperlink" to Prince William who was born on the summer solstice, now rising like the phoenix having gone through the "Wedding of the Century" back on April 29, 2011.

And there, too, lurked the pentagrammic "hidden form" (horizontally flipped) pinpointing Royal Wedding Day!

Lucifer's Destiny unfolding before our eyes in perfect sync with Stargate Sequence. And Comet Lucifer flies right through it...

...seemingly producing a "prophetic" timeline.

Seeing Double

Turning our attention back to Elenin's "ascending node"/September 14th....

There was a set of "Twin Events"...

September 14-15, 2011
(Venus being reborn as Evening Star)

Event #1:
Mystery light seen by many in Southwest US (from Phoenix to California)

Sep 14/15 Strange Lights In Southwest US
Sep 14/15 What Fell in Western Skies September 14, 2011?

Event #2:
cruise ship fire off Alesund, Norway

Sep 15 At least two die in fire on Norwegian cruise ship

...i.e. the same exact combination witnessed back on November 8th, 2010, when Venus was being reborn as the Morning Star (Lucifer) just days before the announcement of the Royal Engagement! This was a major topic of discussion in Lucifer's Destiny...

November 8, 2010
(Venus being reborn as Morning Star)

Event #1:
Mystery "Missile"
seen off Long Beach/LA, California

Nov 8, 2010 Mystery Missile Seen off Calif. Coast near L.A.

Event #2:
Cruise ship fire near San Diego

Nov 8, 2010 Cruise ship fire leaves 4,500 stranded near San Diego

Oct 20: Prince William proposes to Kate Middleton
in total secret in Kenya - world oblivious
Nov 16: Engagement announced - world reacts

Clearly a signal, an echo effect, from Morning Star to Evening Star...

  • Early November 2010:

    • VENUS: Birth of Morning Star

    • Cruise ship fire & Mystery "Missile" in sky

      • (Phoenix & California involved)

  • Mid September 2011:

    • VENUS: Birth of Evening Star

    • Cruise ship fire & Mystery Light in sky

      • (Phoenix & California involved)

As for the Royal Engagement, its echo has not yet arrived... but Destiny written in the Stars?

[Tabloid Star Magazine mid-September issue]

Just a tabloid (fact-free zone) there, but a "sign" nonetheless. While Kate may or may not be pregnant at this time, an increasingly gushing stream of signs, multicontextual or otherwise, points to 2012 as the designated time for the birth of their "Grail baby." (If correct, it would naturally interact with the London Olympics.) I know I wouldn't be surprised...

It's as if we are in for a major shift in the British Royal Family starting 2010 just in time for the 2012 London Olympics. [...] ...a major symbolic storyline set to (if not already) drive key world events in/around 2010-2012. - from 7/4/2009 (The Moonwalker Prophecy)

"...scenario worth watching is the royal couple conceiving and/or having a baby in or around 2012." - from 4/18/2011 (Lucifer's Destiny)

"For [something like CA/SF/San Andreas Birthquake], the general time frame I'm looking at is 2011-2012 (more refinement needed/expected), and I suspect it's designed to interact more directly with the conception/birth of the royal couple's baby." - from 4/26/2011

It would be the biggest, and literal "(re-)birth ritual" of our era... for a new era, analogous to the "Birth of Lucifer" (second/twin sun) seen in 2010: The Year We Make Contact, ushering in a new age...

...as also hinted, in the real world, on September 15:

Sep 15 Planet with 2 suns discovered
Sep 15 Planet Like Star Wars' Tatooine Discovered Orbiting 2 Suns

Macrocosm and microcosm. As above, so below.

At this point we must also pay attention to the recurrent issue of the "Big One" Birthquake potentially involving San Andreas/West Coast/Ring of Fire. The two go hand in hand if you recall from Lucifer's Destiny. Long story short, royal (re-)birth can multicontextually "trigger" a Birthquake, and vice versa.

My expectation in this area is that a set of interconnected world events of the ~August-October 2011 time frame will be seen to have foreshadowed momentous, "Mayan rebirth" events coming up in 2012.

Based on Elenin's "time map," around mid-October 2011 could be considered a primary window for the first "shock wave" or an "official preview" of what's to come next season (possibly Kate's pregnancy announcement)... which should be very interesting to watch.

Perihelion Marks the Spot

Another key point along Elenin's path is perihelion, the comet's closet approach to the Sun, already reached on September 10, 2011.

For a comet as "intelligent" as Elenin, perihelion simply must have an important function for the entire hidden design. And it does... big time.

For starters, there was a revealing "ritual" in the form of NASA, an agency known for its keen esoteric awareness, launching "GRAIL" precisely on September 10/Elenin perihelion...

Sep 10 NASA Launches GRAIL to the Moon

...to the Moon. That's Grail and Moon, or Diana. Evoking the Grail bloodline of Princess Diana carried by Prince William, which was a central theme in Lucifer's Destiny.

"Holy Grail" = Sangreal = "Royal Blood"


Very revealing indeed. But we are looking for something more geometric, something pentagrammic. It's puzzling, because at first glance Elenin's perihelion seems completely oblivious to the "hidden form"...

It's out of place. Too out of place. It's as if Elenin has something else on its mind. Perhaps a different pentagram... An inverted pentagram maybe. Let us check and...


Talk about "occult form"... That's certifiably Luciferic. And it takes us deeper down the rabbit hole... where we find an "inner secret" locked inside the orbit of Venus. (Remember: Venus = Lucifer.)

Pentagram inside Venus orbit

See what it does to Elenin's path...


No trickery. Pure "magic." No logical explanation except... intelligent design.

My god, it's full of stars!

Atlantean Whisper

Whether you like it or not, Comet Elenin is for all intents and purposes "intelligent" and our interaction with it easily constitutes "Contact." But who or what exactly is behind such an "intelligent comet"? A "breakaway civilization"? Secret government/space program? Ancient civilization? Aliens? Universe/synchronicity itself? God? The Devil? Lucifer? The "Overlords"? Ourselves from a different time?

I don't have an answer. And that's ok. Our focus should be on the message, not the messenger. We must be an active participant in the process of discovery. That's important for our psychological health and spiritual development. "Contact" - if it is indeed with higher intelligence - should ideally facilitate discoveries/evolution, and not involve direct intervention or inference. There is a fine line between the two. We have to do our own part and meet "them" halfway. We need to solve the puzzle ourselves and prove that we are ready... for whatever is "next."

What if we fail the "test"? What if Contact goes awry? Somehow "Atlantis" comes to mind... along with the "Great Flood." Chapter 6 of the Book of Genesis describes angelic or extraterrestrial beings directly interfering with human affairs, which quickly leads to total destruction, i.e. the Great Flood...

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.

Not exactly a comforting precedent there. But stripped of all frills and embellishments, the core story is left to convey the idea that "Contact" or "building Stargate" (Tower of Babel) is a high-stakes game that can kill you. Like curiosity killed the cat. Not because curiosity is inherently deadly, but because danger always comes with powerful knowledge. Or as a superhero once said, with great power comes great responsibility. In other words, if you're going to play with fire, you'd better be wise enough to know how to handle it properly.

Atlantis, it seems, echoes through time as a cautionary tale, whispering to our ears... "be careful." A timely advice if and when Contact/Disclosure gets underway.

It was perhaps in this context that NASA's final space shuttle, Atlantis, was launched this summer (July 8, 2011)...

Jul 08 NASA Launches Space Shuttle on Historic Final Mission

...through another pentagrammic portal opening around July 10...

Jul 21 Space Shuttle Makes Last Landing in Bittersweet Finale

...quietly acknowledged in the mission patch containing hidden pentagrams:

...also highlighting... Comet Elenin!

[Big thanks to reader "Azazel" for discovering this]

The message, perhaps, is that Comet Elenin signifies - literally or symbolically - an "Atlantean time capsule" (which I should acknowledge is a view espoused by Richard Hoagland). In effect, a coded message or warning from the "Underworld" designed to help us build a "Stargate" or the "Ark" so to speak. If, that is, we are ready for the "fire." If we are wise enough to avoid seemingly unavoidable self-destruction.

Elenin is only one piece of a much grander puzzle, and we are only beginning to realize that such a puzzle even exists. Hopefully this article contributes to accelerating the process of growing out of the increasingly outdated paradigm. There is a new reality emerging and there is going to be some birth pains. The more we are aware of the situation, the more we are prepared to deal with it intelligently.

Earth at a crossroads... Clock ticking...

Noah... and the Whisperers.


2011 goroadachi.com