Mayan Goat Surprise

DSCOVRY, Super Bowl, Mayan/Solar Doom

By Goro

February 13, 2015
[The following is based on Part 9 & Part 13 of my "Super Bowl decoding" series I've been doing on STRUG/Super Torch Ritual Underground.]
Let's get you started...

Feb 11 SpaceX Launches DSCOVR Space Weather Satellite,
But No Rocket Landing

Now that NASA/NOAA's DSCOVR has been launched into space (by a SpaceX rocket), I'd like to bring your attention to one of this year's Super Bowl commercials... namely the Discover card one (video).

It's not just the name (Discover/DSCOVR) that draws our attention to it, but also the goat in it.

The Sun is in the constellation of Capricorn/Goat from Jan 20 through Feb 16, and the Chinese Year of the Goat will start on February 19th. The "Birthday" surprise seems to allude to the latter (birth = beginning) and hints that we are in for a "surprise" event around that time. We've already discussed how there's a lot going on around that date [...]

The timing of DSCOVRY's launch (Feb 11) confirms the pattern: Goat => Baphomet => pentagram => ~February 11...

Also telling, the same day DSCOVR was launched, February 11, the captain of the doomed cruise ship Costa Concordia was found guilty for his role in the disaster off the shore of "Goat Island" (Isola del Giglio).

Feb 11 Costa Concordia captain convicted in deadly shipwreck
Feb 11 Costa Concordia captain sentenced for deadly wreck

That was in 2012 (January 13-14), resonating with the movie "2012".


It's not just the ships. The catastrophes in this 2012 story are ultimately caused by... the Sun.

DSCOVR is all about monitoring the Sun (solar wind, coronal mass ejections) for potential danger to Earth!

Not only that, "2012" - the Mayan year - is also identified with undeniable precision in the Discover card commercial with the number "773" displayed on the phone.

If you count back "773" days from and including February 1st, 2015 (Super Bowl day), you'll arrived at December 21, 2012... the "end" date of the Mayan calendar!


12/21/2012 was also the winter solstice, the angle of which is marked by the "Tropic of Capricorn". "Capricorn" is the (horned) Goat.

[Rio de Janeiro in 2012 poster]

The "solar doom" storyline is also something we had found encoded in the DSCOVR launch timing via the late October 2014 X-class solar flares and the movie Knowing.

Feb 06 Super Bowl decoding - Part 9 (Venus, SpaceX,
solar impact, Knowing)
Feb 07 Super Bowl decoding - Part 10 (Columbus, Deep Impact/
Big One omen)

Oct 19, 2014 X1.1 solar flare from sunspot region 2192
Oct 27 Giant Sunspot Keeps Firing Off Huge Solar Flares
Nov 03 Largest Sunspot in 24 Years Wows & Mystifies Scientists

February 2015 "super solar filament"
Feb 11 Sun Frowning After Scrubbed Launch of DSCOVR?

It's fascinating as well as chilling how many Knowing-related world events we've seen of late, right around the time of the Super Bowl and DSCOVR's launch...

First of all, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl...

New England includes the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. But the team itself is based in the Greater Boston Area including Lexington. That's exactly where the story of Knowing is set.

There the story begins with a time capsule... just as in real life a time capsule was discovered and opened in Boston just recently (Dec-Jan 2015).

The 2015 Super Bowl was played in Phoenix (Glendale)...

...a city repeatedly mentioned in Knowing (conceptually what the story is about, i.e. Earth destruction and New Earth).

Even more compelling, not one, not two, but three major world events of February 3rd, 2015 collectively alluded to Knowing.


Feb 03 Seven killed as New York train hits vehicle

[Video of the scene]

The train crash in Knowing *also* happened in New York.


Three... (warning: disturbing images)

Feb 03 ISIS video purports to show Jordanian pilot burned alive
[Feb 04 Jordan executes 2 prisoners after ISIS killing of pilot]
[Feb 04 Jordan vows 'earth-shaking' response to ISIS]
[Feb 05 Jordan jets 'strike Islamic State' after pilot's death]

Katy Perry also wore a fiery outfit during her Super Bowl halftime show.

Quite... disturbing. What the hell is going on?

Well, for one, it tells us very loudly that the pattern we've been tracking is real... scary real. And two, it tells that we are probably still in for some deep impact event, comparable in magnitude to Sumatra/Pope shift. Something potentially momentous is underway, a certain big "surprise" in/for the Year of the Goat. We'll see soon enough...

This is only a small portion of what's happening in this year of... many things.


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