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Risen in Egypt
Galactic Underworld & Pentachronometry

 by Goro (goroadachi.com) 
February 13, 2011

In this article I want to quickly and conclusively show that there was an unmistakable esoteric undercurrent flowing through the Egyptian Revolution January 25-February 11, 2011... revealed through "pentachronometry" or a pentagrammic temporal rhythm underlying key world events...


Pentachronometric Progression
Earth-penta-Chile-William-seq-ud3.gif (105285 bytes) Earth-penta-MorningStar_Seq-Feb.gif (59473 bytes)
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[From Feb 7 post]

Two back-to-back Egyptian bulls-eyes - impressive and surreal... except unlike before it didn't necessarily have that "in your face" clarity in terms of continuing the predominant multicontextual theme of the season, "Lucifer-Venus-Phoenix rising out of the Underworld" aka "Morning Star". It was all there, of course. You had to know where, when and how to focus your attention and start digging for the treasure... the Hall of Records.

Mayan Galactic Underworld

Why Egypt and why now? It was "written in the stars." In particular... Venus aka the "Morning Star" aka "Lucifer" (original meaning) all about being pentagrammic...

Nothing says "Out of the Underworld" like the Morning Star rising over the horizon, evoking Lucifer escaping chthonic prison - a narrative amplified during the Egyptian Revolution (Jan 25-Feb 11, 2011)...

[Above graphic first posted on February 1st, full 10 days before Egyptian Revolution ended on Feb 11.]

...as Venus made its way across the Milky Way near the Galactic Center immersed in what is called the "Dark Rift," a series of overlapping black "clouds" running through a significant portion of the Milky Way. The Maya considered it the "road to Xibalba," their underworld (popularly thought integral to the Mayan calendar ominously counting down to "2012"). 

Venus in the Dark Rift = Lucifer in/rising from
the Underworld

Ophiuchus was also there accompanying Venus in the abyss, adding an extra layer of "prophetic" meaning...

The Serpent Holder

The obscure constellation few knew how to pronounce - Ophiuchus - went viral out of nowhere mid-January 2011, becoming an overnight sensation...

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Jan 15 Ophiuchus: suggestion of 13th sign becomes internet sensation

Many sensed "something" being signaled. Something wonderful, something "dark". It was for all intents and purposes an "omen" prefiguring the Underworld opening its mouth in the "Black Land" (Egypt originally kemet meaning "black land"). Venus was the timing aspect of the "prophecy"; Ophiuchus was there to provide spatial information through an orbital "mirror"...

...through Orion, exactly on the opposite side from Ophiuchus, signifying a hidden path to the Egyptian Underworld.

The Duat

In ancient Egypt they called their underworld the "Duat". It was ruled by Osiris the god of the dead identified with Orion whose "Belt Stars" are memorialized in the arrangement of the Giza pyramids ("Orion Correlation Theory") standing right next to Cairo or Revolution ground zero...

  • Pyramids are "tombs" analogous to the underworld
  • Giza once called "Rostau", originally referring to the deepest section of the Duat
  • The Duat traditionally denoted by a circumscribed 5-pointed star i.e. a "pentagram" or "pentacle"

It all came together in Egypt. The country's "pentagrammic rebirth" was perfectly timed to mirror Venus-Lucifer making its way out of the galactic "womb" aka the Dark Rift (Xibalba).

Behold, Osiris has risen through fire...


The phoenix represents the essence of Osiris - all about resurrection. Osiris = Orion = Giza pyramids... which are in essence extensions of the "Benben Stone," the archetypal/original capstone, closely linked to the "Bennu" bird (bennu and benben stemming from the same root) which is simply the Egyptian phoenix.

Fiery Planet

NASA's "Phoenix" (successfully landing on Mars in 2008)...


...was built and operated (scientific portions) by the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory based in Tucson, Arizona, the same city where Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords - a NASA "astronaut's wife" - was shot, and for a short time thought killed, by a disturbed young man Jared Lee Loughner. She is now making a miraculous "beast"-like recovery - or "resurrection" - from her "beast"-like head injury (Revelation 13). That was back on January 8th, 2011, making it the event that pentachronometrically paved the way for Egypt's Rebirth.

Earth-penta-MorningStar_Seq-Feb.gif (59473 bytes)        01-08-2011-Tucson_shooting.jpg (142292 bytes)

Mars was in the mix to put the icing on the multicontextual cake or the capstone on the pyramid. Because...

The Egyptian capital Cairo derives its name from al Qahir, ("the victorious") referring to Mars - a fiery planet we saw "burning"; intensely with the Sun during the Revolution in the "Martian city" Cairo... also burning.

Then out of the Martian ashes rose...

...a New Dawn.

Which is so bright, it just might wake up Atlantis...

2011 goroadachi.com