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May impact windows (UPDATED)
As soon as it started we knew, because of the timing...

I'll just copy below my STRUG/hidden post from May 8th which provides some details on the May windows...

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May 08, 2017 "May (potential) impact dates"

We are now well into the month of May which has a few big key dates coming up around the middle of the month. One we've already discussed (May 15); the other one we'll discuss in this post for the first time.

A quick review of May 15th...

It will be ~9 days later on May 24th that we'll have another, potentially even more intense window involving not one but two mega Birthquakes (huge earthquake + huge tsunami). We are talking two modern "Great Flood" events in the form of Sumatra (2004) and Japan/Fukushima (2011). On May 24, 2017, it will be temporally equidistant from these two events:

~ Sumatra Birthquake (12/26/2004) ~

~ Japan Birthquake (3/11/2011) ~

To see the relevance of the equidistant time structure here, we can take a look at the other equidistant point inside the two Birthquakes, February 2, 2008.

Guess what happened almost precisely that day? A series of deadly earthquakes in the Rwanda-Congo region of Africa (at least 39 dead).

This tells us the equidistant timeline anchored by the two mega Birthquakes is an active one and is likely to produce an echo on/around May 24, 2017.

The combination of the two mega Birthquakes has also already produced another impact event via the Golden Ratio, pinpointing January 9, 2015 like this:

It precisely coincided with the "3 Days of Terror" in Paris, France:

Jan 09 Raids kill 3 suspects in Charlie Hebdo attack
Jan 09 Dramatic climax to standoff outside Paris
Jan 10 3 days of terror: Key events in Paris
Jan 11 France: 3.7 million attend unity rallies, setting record

It's a very potent pattern that we are dealing with here.

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It's not just the month of May. 2017 is no ordinary year...

UPDATE (May 19):
  • James Comey may still testify before a committee in an open hearing on May 24th. Since it coincides precisely with our key date it seems more likely than not that this will happen, and some things would be revealed there that will cause a tectonic shift
  • President Trump is scheduled to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican on May 24th. The symbolic significance of this is clearer in a certain context which we won't go into here.

UPDATE (May 22):

Impact event is here...

...echoing the January 2015 Paris terror event which I had pointed out was relevant to this window.

"Deep Impact" was a major message encoded in the event via Ariana Grande's music video "One Last Time" released back on February 15, 2016 or the 2nd anniversary of the Russian (Chelyabinsk) meteor impact event (2/15/2013).

[Ariana Grande's "One Last Time" music video
released on Feb 15, 2015]

Feb 11, 2013 Pope Benedict XVI to resign this month
Feb 11 Pope Benedict to resign on February 28
Feb 15 Russia Meteor Blast is Biggest in 100 Years
Feb 28 Benedict XVI leaves Vatican on final day as Pope

The simultaneous Pope resignation event there was echoed by Trump's meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican which just happened on May 24th.

May 24, 2017 Trump meets Pope Francis at the Vatican

There is actually another major piece of the puzzle here we can't discuss yet which will dramatically increase the overall coherence and foreshadowing effects. There are still big things coming in 2017...

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9/11 Golden Ratio [UPDATED]
I'm gonna go ahead and share this bit of timely temporal (potentially predictive) information:

~ 9/11 Golden Ratio timeline ~

...On Tuesday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is expected to attend the country's Supreme People's Assembly, a high-profile gathering of the nation's leading political figures.

The meeting comes days before North Korea celebrates the April 15 birthday of deceased leader Kim Il Sung, Kim's grandfather -- amid speculation that Pyongyang will mark the occasion with by testing missiles or possibly a nuclear device. [...]

Many analysts believe the movement of US warships is likely defensive in nature, setting the stage for a scenario in which the Vinson strike group could be called upon to perform a missile intercept. [...]
*    *    *

This is a minor component of a much larger ongoing STRUG discussion on the explosive "2017: The Year We Go Nuclear" pattern detected early April. Can't say it's looking good this year.

--- UPDATE April 12 ---

As noted by reader Naomi, the USS Carl Vinson (Carl Vinson Strike Group) currently headed to North Korea (Korean peninsula) is the warship from the deck of which the body of Osama bin Laden was buried at sea in May 2011!


It got pretty intense...

And the USS Carl Vinson kept making big headlines...

This is still an ongoing situation and as my time code indicated this is going to be very serious. Nuclear serious. With some key dates ahead this year...

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