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  Oct 19, 2015 - Feb 10, 2016
Blackstar Shockwave
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Blackstar Shockwave

David Bowie, Super Bowl & Gravitational Waves

Marco Rubio's Martian destiny
I'm paying a lot of attention to this as Marco Rubio is someone I've been watching very closely as a near-future presidential figure since 2010 (specifically highlighting 2016 as the big year for him since 2011)...


MARS RISING: Here comes Marco Rubio, our "Martian" candidate, nearly passing Donald Trump for 2nd place in yesterday's Iowa caucuses behind the winner Ted Cruz (who definitely will not win nomination), making it a 3-way race on the Republican side. The establishment will now rally around Rubio, taking a lot of (hesitant, anti-Cruz) support away from Trump. Rubio is now officially a legitimate contender. Regardless the leading news headlines at the moment, THAT is the biggest news coming out of Iowa/Feb 1.
Here are some of my past predictions concerning Rubio (I will stick to my publicly available Etemenanki/Facebook/Twitter posts, omitting my 100+ posts discussing him over the years on STRUG):

On Jan 21, 2011 I wrote:

...Rubio should be watched closely over the next two presidential election cycles. [i.e. 2012 cycle and 2016 cycle]

On Aug 29, 2012 I wrote:

...a future presidential figure, someone I've been tracking since November 2010, named Marco Rubio... meaning (name) "Mars Red." [...]

Though my initial thinking back in 2010 (when Rubio was still a relative unknown) was that Rubio would be selected as the Republican Vice President nominee in 2012 and then become president in 2016 [...] His theoretical "destiny" ultimately has to do with 2016 and presidency. [...]

The Romney/Ryan ticket will most likely lose, leaving Rubio to continue to rise as the new face [...] and he'll likely run for the White House in 2016 and win per my original projection.

On Nov 7, 2012 I wrote:

At this point it's a no-brainer to expect him to become the Republican presidential candidate in 2016. As I've been suggesting since 2010, this appears to be his "destiny"... Martian destiny. It will likely be during his presidency that mankind will set foot on Mars. ("Marco Rubio" means "Mars Red".)

On April 13, 2015 I wrote on Facebook:

...he's someone I've been closely tracking since 2010 as a Martian presidential figure, projecting his 2016 presidential destiny.

On Sept 20, 2015 I tweeted:

Remember when echo chamber was so sure Sept = doom & I kept saying (correctly) August? People so focused on Trump etc., I keep saying Rubio.

NOTE 1: Symbolically speaking, Marco Rubio's presidential destiny is intertwined with mankind's journey to Mars a la JFK's moonshot. Since Elon Musk/SpaceX will attempt to put a man on the Red Planet in mid/late 2020s, Rubio can still fulfill his theoretical destiny by getting into the White House in 2020. So winning the nomination/election in 2016 is not a must per se.

NOTE 2: 2016 is a fitting year for Marco Rubio/"Mars Red" to rise to prominence, as Mars will be shining very brightly in the night sky this spring reaching its closest point to Earth since since 2003 (when the Red Planet made its closest approach to Earth in recorded history).

NOTE 3: My highlighting Rubio shouldn't be taken as my support. I'm not political and this is all about patterns for me.

NOTE 4: Upcoming "Golden Super Bowl" will feature at least two "Martians" during the halftime show: Chris Martin, Coldplay's front man, and Bruno Mars.

UPDATE: Not too surprisingly, Rubio has dropped out of the race. He's done more than enough to become a household name in this cycle, setting things up for 2020 when Mars will be really hot (via SpaceX etc.). There may be a bit more drama left in this unpredictable 2016 cycle so let's keep watching.

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Dark/Black Star  Contact signal
Respected scientists just announced they found strong evidence for "Planet Nine" aka "Planet X".

My multicontextual take on this (just the tip of the iceberg)...

"Planet X" - or "Dark Star" as it's also sometimes been called - in the popular mind cannot be separated from Zecharia Sitchin's "The 12th Planet" (1976) which along with Erich von Däniken's "Chariots of the Gods" (1968) is a cornerstone of the ancient astronaut theory...


...something not so subtly evoked in the Blackstar music video by David Bowie who passed away just 10 days before the Planet Nine/X/Dark Star announcement.

["Ancient astronaut" in Blackstar (= "Dark Star")]

Jan 08: David Bowie birthday, turns 69
Jan 08: David Bowie's Blackstar album released
Jan 10: David Bowie dies of cancer
Jan 20: Strong evidence for "Planet X" announced

[Blackstar album released on Jan 8/Bowie birthday]

The ET/Contact storyline is underscored by David Bowie's famous "Starman" alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, a rock star who acts as a messenger for extraterrestrial beings.


You may recall I also alluded to the idea of Contact in the previous update to kick-start the new year. Because there is something big going on with it now and this is just the tiny tip of the iceberg...

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Super Torch Ritual 2016 - Dubai tower inferno

This is only the beginning... (Over on STRUG - "Super Torch Ritual Underground" - we’ve been waiting for this “contact".) So much more beyond the entry-level implication of the Dubai tower fire symbolism above. Boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon moon moon...

UPDATE - January 18
"Dubai" can mean "market"/"money". The year 2016 began with a dramatic skyscraper inferno in Dubai (New Year's Eve/Day). Dubai + fire = money burning = financial crisis. Sure enough...

Black December Decoded (intro/timing clues)
[Last updated - Dec 18]

We'll keep it simple for now. Just a few timing clues...

First and foremost, the solar illumination of the Dark Horse Nebula at the foot of Ophiuchus around mid December. So much is going on with it multicontextually and the intensity of the surrounding patterns is off the charts (in a way reflected in the great global anticipation for the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens opening on Dec 18).

And so it begins... The FORCE awakens as CERN/LHC seems to have made CONTACT with the "DARK SIDE" (a potential mystery particle announced on Dec 15). DARK matter/energy says hello from the other side... The December 15th announcement during our DARK (Horse) window of Black (Knight) December... "This is only the beginning."

Dec 15 CERN Finds Tantalizing Hints of a Mysterious New Particle
Dec 16 CERN's potential new particle discovery "a total game changer"
Dec 16 Potential New Particle Shows Up at the LHC,
Thrilling and Confounding Physicists

[end update]

It's closely followed on ~December 23 by an Orange/Golden Apple (+Mars) Alignment, continuing from July 20...

Heavily resonating with the Golden Apple of Discord and Trojan War involving chaos (Golden Apple/Eris) Paris ("Judgment of Paris") and Turkey (Troy/Trojan War).

Very intense...

Another notable window coming up soon, December 7-10, is based on our decoding of the CERN LHC "Orion stargate"...

Firstly, the Moon will occults Venus on December 7th, resonating with a key configuration decoded from the LHC:

Venus was actually right at the center of the SPS circle back on October 26th. As previously discussed there was a massive, deadly earthquake (Afghanistan/Pakistan) on that very day. We might perhaps see an echo from that.

UPDATE: Indeed, a clear echo... a major earthquake on December 7th near Afghanistan/Pakistan:

[end update]

Secondly the above interpretation is strengthened by the fact that the Earth's orbital position on ~December 8th - i.e. at the time of the Venus-Moon conjunction - will correspond to the location of the ATLAS particle detector where the LHC and SPS make contact:

Already we are seeing a reflection of this in the imminent launch of Orbital ATK's Atlas V/Cygnus (ISS resupply mission) which should take place within days likely during the Dec 7-10 window.

*    *    *

Like I said, just some bare minimum temporal contexts for now, not meant to convince you of anything (yet). In a wider context, we're seeing 2010 in 2015 (& into 2016), the "Year We Make Contact"... Ignition in December, awakening the Force and raising the djedi black knight. Dark Horse whispering "deep impact". Stay tuned...


P.S. I know I haven't discussed (outside of STRUG) recent big world events including the Paris terror attacks. It's such a big can of worms it's hard to just start talking about it without writing a whole book. It all interacts with December so I'm sure I'll touch on those eventually.

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CERN LHC, Oct 26 & Deadly Earthquake

If you thought CERN's Orion Stargate I posted here early October wasn't a significant revelation, how about the incredibly synchronistic fact that today's (Oct 26) major deadly quake in southern Asia was pinpointed by it to the day?

On October 26, Venus was at its ascending node which as shown in my aforementioned article is right at the center of the LHC's SPS "Moon" circle, and it coincided with a Full Moon "supermoon" (Oct 27)!
  • 10/25: Venus-Jupiter conjunction ("Star of Bethlehem" repeat from late June; less precise but Mars nearby)
  • 10/26: Venus reaches greatest western elongation
  • 10/26: Venus at center of LHC's SPS loop [= Venus at its ascending node]
  • 10/26: Moon perigee (closest to Earth)
  • 10/27: Full Moon supermoon
And how about the fact that this was foresee in advance? Behind the scenes, i.e. STRUG (members area), I was quite explicit about the timing. Quoting from STRUG posts:

Oct 05 October ignition - target date [restricted link]

...there is something coming later this month, probably starting mid October, that just might be one of the most significant events of the year. [...]

Oct 19 October ignition - Part 2 [restricted link]
...In this way we have a "ignition" window going from October 18 to October 26.

Giving extra weight to the ~October 26 timing is the fact that we'll have Venus precisely at its ascending node i.e. the center of the lunar SPS ring of the LHC on October 26th! [...]

There is actually even more to the ~October 26 key date, when Venus will be at its ascending node at the center of the SPS "Moon"...

Turns out, it will also coincide with the Full Moon "supermoon" (Oct 27)! Therefore beautifully expressing this LHC/SPS configuration from CERN's Orion Stargate...

Circle marks the spot...

Oct 24 October 26 - Venus greatest elongation [restricted link]

We've already had the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere making landfall in Mexico (="place at the center of the Moon") yesterday, but chances are we are still going to see some more significant events around October 26. Monitoring...

I tweeted this out on October 24 right after Hurricane Patricia becoming the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere and making landfall in Mexico:

What I had seen in this historic hurricane event involving Mexico was, in addition to being a bona-fide October window event itself, an allusion to the LHC/SPS/Moon/Venus/October 26 time code. Why? Because the name Mexico can mean... "Place at the Center of the Moon", a la the LHC/SPS Moon/Venus code! (Venus at the "center of the Moon" literally.)

So the pattern definitely seems to multicontextually acknowledge the LHC ("Orion Stargate") Code. And while we won't go into it here, we'll see there is more to the Afghan/Pakistan quake that relates to the LHC revelation.

As always, when you can accurately anticipate events/timing regularly, you demonstrate to yourself and others that you're onto something valid even if it shouldn't be possible. (If you're on STRUG you'll see this in action day in and day out, constantly "hacking time", always mixing and remixing the past, present and future like alchemy. For example, these October events have relevance to December; also we are now tracking certain "omens"/time code concerning the stock market, a situation that you may see manifested in reality in the near future.)

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CERN's Orion Stargate - refined version
I have updated/revised my CERN's Orion Stargate article with diagrams based on a more accurate map of the LHC that required me to add an extra step in the "Secret Design #2" section. The 3.4-degree rotation added to the decoding actually adds another layer of coherence, so the integrity of the overall theory has become even better after this refinement.

Here is the revised section...

*    *    *

Secret Design #2 - Solar System (Venus Ascending Node)

Why is the SPS loop offset from the north-south (vertical) LHC axis?

With CERN/LHC and especially after the LHC Moon code ("Secret Design #1"), we have to assume it's deliberate and represents a portal to hidden information. And that is indeed the case as shown below…

Decoding here requires that we treat the Earth orbit - instead of Earth's circumference - as corresponding to the LHC ring. We start with a straightforward setup:

  • Size: Earth orbit = LHC circle
  • Orientation: LHC north-south axis = Earth orbit solstitial axis
  • [Technical note: Like the LHC, the solar system diagram is orthographic, i.e. the point of perspective is directly above and geometrically at infinite distance, involving no 3-D perspective/distortion.]

The result:

The orbit of Venus narrowly misses the center of the SPS.

Everything does click, however, when we…

  • Rotate LHC/SPS diagram ~3.4 degrees counterclockwise
  • Use the (slightly larger) Moon size instead of the SPS

Now the orbit of Venus passes right through the center of the lunar SPS

And it is no random point on Venus's orbit: The lunar SPS center is specifically pinpointing Venus's "ascending node". That's where Venus crosses northward the plane of Earth's orbit (i.e. the ecliptic or the plane of the solar system)!

The ~3.4 degrees rotation actually makes perfect sense here because:

  • The ascending node is all about the inclination of the orbit relative to the ecliptic or Earth's orbital plane…
  • In the case of Venus, the orbital inclination is 3.4 degrees, matching the ~3.4 degree rotation required to bring the (lunar) SPS center to the Venus ascending node

Ascending nodes will play a critical role later on as well so we can be certain this is no coincidence.

The curious position of the SPS has now been perfectly explained.

[End quote]


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