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Aurora Code 2012
Aurora Massacre & Rise of Martians

by Goro (goroadachi.com & supertorchritual.com) 
July 21, 2012

Mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado
 July 20, 2012

Jul 20 Batman US cinema shooting: 12 dead in Colorado

Multicontextual Interpretation

As Above, So Below (Aurora):

First and foremost, it was right there in front of us... Aurora's deep impact coinciding with a aurora outbreak in the sky energized by a recent X-class solar flare, as if reflected in a mirror. Aurora above, Aurora below...

As Above, So Below (Torch-Bearer):

"Aurora" is Latin for "dawn" as in "Bringer of Dawn" i.e. one of the names given to the Morning Star (Venus/Lucifer). Venus is a Morning Star this summer, reaching its brightest point around mid-July, heavily interacting with the space shuttle Enterprise which just went on public display at Manhattan's Intrepid museum mere hours before the Aurora massacre.

The Morning Star is Lucifer who is a "light/torch bearer". On the day of Aurora's mass shooting, a Olympic torch bearer arrived in London, making quite scene.

2008 Solar Minimum & Beijing Olympics:

The Aurora massacre occurred at a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, a sequel to The Dark Knight released back in 2008 at the trough of the 11-year solar cycle, called "Solar Minimum". We are currently entering "Solar Maximum" projected to peak around 2013 (shifted from the original projection of 2012).

2008 was the year of the previous Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China where the main motif was a fiery or auroral "Lucky Cloud" foreshadowing the "Mayan" Solar Maximum and next Summer Olympics.

Project Babylon:

A "Tower of Babel" - officially called "Memory Tower" - was erected during Beijing's closing ceremony on August 24, 2008. Per traditional symbolism, the Babylonian "gate of the gods" unites heaven and earth.

Five days later, a film starring Vin Diesel called Babylon A.D. was released in theaters.

Originally titled (novel) "Babylon Babies", the story revolves around a mysterious girl with supernatural powers named... Aurora.

Her big secret is that she's been technologically modified to become a "virgin" mother who miraculously gives birth to messianic twins. This is eventually revealed to be a fake miracle planned and orchestrated by a power-hungry religious group to boost membership.

August 29 - Babylon A.D. release date - adds to the pregnancy/birth theme as it is the birthday of the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, associated with the Milky Way/Nile and the flood ("water breaking") and considered a herald of imminent birth.

In 2005, August 29 was the exact date of New Orleans' "water breaking" impact moment when Hurricane Katrina made landfall there... right at the midpoint of a Galactic-Mayan timeline directly involving the year 2012.

"Katrina" means "Catherine" as in Catherine "Kate" Middleton, i.e. the UK princess whose pregnancy/childbirth we've been long projecting for the Mayan window of 2012-2013 on our sites (Etemenanki/STRUG).

August 29 is also Judgment Day in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The series is all about an inter-temporal battle over the pregnancy, birth and survival of a "messianic" figure, John Connor, the son of Sarah whose name means "princess".

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles October 20, '08 episode
"The Tower Is Tall But The Fall Is Short"

Catherine Weaver (in charge of Project 'Babylon'):
"I'm building something..."

In the most recent installment in the Terminator film series (Terminator Salvation) the messianic protagonist John Connor is played by actor Christian Bale, who back in 2008 also became... Batman ("Bruce Wayne"). Christian Bale is Batman in The Dark Knight Rises (2012). The Aurora shooter reportedly claimed he was The Joker, Batman's nemesis.

Martian Grail King Rises:

"Terminator" is also an astronomical term referring to the dividing line between light/day and shadow/night on the surface of a celestial body. The only "terminator" we can see in everyday life is that of the Moon (i.e. the phases of the Moon) which is Diana (Moon goddess). Kate Middleton married Princess Diana's first son, Prince William, a messianic figure in the mold of the Once and Future King ("Arthur"), whose first child she should be pregnant with soon if not already.

It was a potent sign, right at the start of the year 2012, that NASA's "GRAIL" twin spacecraft entered orbit around the Moon/Diana (on New Year's Eve/Day).

The "Holy Grail" is obviously of great significance to not only Prince William but the whole British Royal Family, having to do with the semi-historical issue of the messianic "Grail bloodline." (Holy Grail = Sangreal = Royal Blood.) The GRAIL mission ("Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory") is all about mapping the gravitational field of the Moon or in effect scanning the interior or "womb" of Diana, or interchangeably, "womb of Kate Middleton." The word "gravity" is related to the Latin word gravidity (meaning "heavy") which is a scientific term for the state of... pregnancy. You get the point.

Aurora in Babylon A.D. gives birth to twin "Babylon Babies". NASA's GRAIL consists of twin lunar spacecraft.

Another telling clue is the date of the Aurora massacre itself, "July 20," the anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Though often overlooked, it's also a Martian date as it was on July 20, 1976 that NASA's Viking 1 mission made history by successfully landing on the Red Planet for the first time.

The Aurora tragedy took place in "Colorado," a name meaning "colored red" in Spanish. The shooter dyed his hair orange-red.

For more blatant Martian signals, we have a remake of Total Recall coming mere 7 days after the start of the London Olympics. The original 1990 version starring Schwarzenegger was all about (resurrecting) Mars. The new version is set in... UK/London.

Then two days later on August 5, NASA's MSL/Curiosity will attempt a dramatic landing on... Mars.

This will make huge headlines around the world, seriously challenging the Olympics for the media's attention. This will in effect telegraph the notion that the underlying idea of the royal Grail/Babylon baby and bloodline are somehow "Martian" in nature. It's no coincidence that Disney film John Carter was released early March - a story set on Mars, based on the novel... A Princess of Mars.

John Carter
- 3/9/2012

Mars was at its closet point to Earth at the time (i.e. Sun-Earth-Mars alignment)...

...accompanied by a major solar storm. 

Mar 05 Sunspot Shoots Powerful Solar Storm Toward Earth
Mar 07 Sun Fires Off 2 Huge Solar Flares in One-Two Punch
Mar 07 Solar storm headed toward Earth may disrupt power
Mar 08 Biggest Solar Storm in Years Is Bombarding Earth Now
Mar 10 Two More Solar Flares Erupt on Active Sun

As if those weren't enough, A Princess of Mars was originally titled "Under the Moons of Mars"...

...alluding to the destination of Russia's failed Phobos-Grunt mission (Phobos = biggest moon of Mars)...

...which plunged back into the Earth's atmosphere on January 15, just two weeks after GRAIL's arrival at our own Moon.

Jan 15, 2012 Failed Russian Mars Probe Crashes Into Pacific Ocean

A phi-based Mayan time code connects all this to the Royal Wedding and (the Gulf of) Mexico where the Maya lived/live.

"Maya" is today Mexico and the name "Mexico" via Mextli refers to a "god of war" which in Roman mythology is Mars. "Mexico" via Mexihco means "Place at the Center of the Moon" implying "in the womb of Diana". Or, "In-Diana"... i.e. Indiana.

Between January's GRAIL/Phobos-Grunt and March's John Carter (of Mars)/Mars close encounter, we had a bigger "ritual" in the form of the Super Bowl featuring Madonna at halftime (February 5)... in Indiana.


If you knew the hidden context, you could see that Madonna was being a "Princess of Mars".

[Scene in John Carter]

["Princess of Mars"]

All about the Rise of the Martian Queen/King/Prince.

I can already hear the grumblings: "Why should the royals be so special as to be considered extraterrestrial?" "Are we expected to worship them as gods?" "This is bullshit, I refuse to accept their disgusting elitism!"

Relax. It's a story. A movie. You're being fed information in coded form. It's not being force-fed. Only you can prevent yourself from broadening your knowledge and understanding.

Symbols help us think. A "king" or "queen" as a leader represent the people. The nature of the people is ideally reflected in the one on the throne. Where the leader goes, the people go. As the leader, so the people. In concept at least.

So the suggested extraterrestrial, "Martian" nature of the royal Grail/Babylon bloodline, particularly the upcoming royal baby, would also apply in some way to the rest of mankind. The story of us. Our Genesis. That's where Prometheus comes in, another massively hyped movie released this year at the time of the Venus Transit early June. All about mankind's extraterrestrial origin.

The mythological figure Prometheus, a titan, created humans and gave them fire. The Olympic flame officially represents this Promethean fire.

"A king has his reign, and then he dies..." - quote from Prometheus

Humans... Martian DNA... or "MDNA" (title of Madonna's new album released this year)...


All this is essentially a continuation of the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics, the symbolic communication we witnessed there. Greece is the birthplace/genesis of the Olympic Games. 2004 was the year of the previous Transit of Venus (2004 & 2012). Martian panspermia, Martian pregnancy, Martian birth... The Holy Grail. I should know, I wrote all about it in 2004.


At this point I should remind the reader that I accurately predicted (and I don't use that term lightly) the William-Kate royal engagement almost to the day in 2010 (see Lucifer's Destiny). A full year before that, I had already started projecting what would be happening in 2010-2012. This was back in 2009 when there was no sign of a royal engagement:

Is this it? The long-awaited moment of the resurrection of the phoenix? A somewhat ironic rebirth of 'King William'? [...]

It's as if we are in for a major shift in the British Royal Family starting 2010 just in time for the 2012 London Olympics. [...]

A straightforward interpretation would be that Prince William will become King William in or around 2012. If not literal, then this should at least be a major symbolic storyline set to (if not already) drive key world events in/around 2010-2012. [red emphasis added]

Well, here we are in 2012 and things are indeed in motion as far as the British Royal Family per our prognostication.

The Olympic ceremonies are a "mega-ritual," not doubt about that. So many people out there are shouting: "Oh my god, alien invasion! Project Blue Beam! False flag attack!" It's understandable but most are just new at this. I've been at this for more than a decade. I was heavily into this it before 9/11. I can point to the fact that I wrote an article on the 9/11 attacks in October 2001 from a multicontextual perspective that's not so different from what I talk about today... including Mars.

From experience I can say that foresight is not something easily attained. Our reality is not static, it's dynamic. The future is fluid and influenced by what we do, see, and are aware of in the present. The future reacts to our actions and perception so as not to "reward" the unworthy with the gift of foresight. The more purely you align with truth, the more you are "worthy", that is to say, the more you resonate with the future (unrealized possibilities). Most "conspiracy theorists" don't have this quality in them which requires a great sense of balance, lots of self-examination and ego-control. That's why 99.999% of the time they can't foresee anything correctly. Their uncontrolled ego magnet screws up the truth compass. If you can't start from a place of no assumptions and no preconceived worldview, you won't get far. If you go "I'm a Christian" or "I'm an atheist", or "I'm looking for conspiracies by the NWO, the stinking Illuminati!" for instance, you're immediately done right there before you even start, a dead-ender. Talk about self-sabotage. It's so easy to contaminate our reality/future vision with our conscious and subconscious preconceptions. So, while listening to folks like Alex Jone might initially help you deprogram yourself from the mainstream unquestioning mindset, constantly listening to the endless stream of their version of "I hate my parents, they ruined my life, bahhhh!" day in and day out, well, now that's just another worldview programming, another religion, yes, "mind control." It's very unhealthy. You need to stay balanced so as not to get stuck in a fixed line of thinking. That just makes you a robot.

Back to "King William 2012"... Here we are in 2012, just days away from the London Olympics, and "signs" such as the Aurora mass shooting keep pointing to the same storyline, the focus more on royal pregnancy than coronation per se though that's exactly what we see depicted in the London Olympic logo (as I interpreted it back in 2007):

- Prince William turns
30 (= XXX) in 2012
- 2012 Olympics = Games of the
XXX Olympiad

"Coronation" of course has its celestial counterpart in corona, meaning "crown". Corona is the plasma atmosphere around the Sun (or other celestial body) that you can see during a total eclipse.

Though technically not identical, a "solar atmosphere" is conceptually interchangeable with "solar wind"... which in turn encodes the name of the British Royal Family, "Windsor".

It is also the "atmosphere/wind" of the Sun, in the form of solar flares and CMEs bombarding the Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere, that produces auroras.

In this context, a "coronation ritual" can take place celestially via "solar wind" and auroras around the earth, in effect crowning the entire planet or all of us. Martian king... Martian race... here on earth. And we are apparently about to get an opportunity to have a "total recall" of our forgotten ("Martian") genesis, how we began.

The entire period of the London Olympics is "radioactive." But I'm going to go ahead and say that I see the latter part of August as a window for big things. Anchor dates ~August 24 and 29.

Just scratching the surface but that's it for now.

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